What was Jiraya he refering to?

What was Jiraya he refering to?

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Sexy jutsu

shadow clone jutsu

its a kinjutsu(forbidden technique)

The reverse harem jutsu. He wasn’t ready to come out of the closet.

I'm guessing sexy jutsu out of his entire arsenal of Shadow Clones and Rasengan.


Kakashi's fucking face is killing me. It's like he's so disappointed but also not surprised.




Those are actually pretty fucking hot.

Fuck off

>Not shown: Their massive boners


why was it forbidden anyways? wasn't it part of a class in ninja school?

What is this, a reverse harem for ants?

At that time he was just referencing the Kyuubi's power, specifically the 4-tail mode that caused his chest wound.


Are you fucking kidding me?
This actually happened?

Spamming is against the rules. And you've been making shitty no-content Naruto threads every 20 minutes for the last week.


Sakura biting on her lower lip gets me. Shes a cunt, but she has her moments. She should had been a plucky comic relief.

The clones they learned in school were just illusions and not solid like shadow clones.

Probably the one that ripped apart Kakuzu on a molecular level.

Gaaah! Even Sasuke is confused!

>goddess hasn't seen a cock or abs for thousands of years
>Sakura assumes she'd be unfazed

What a dumbass

The multiple shadow clone technique is specifically the one considered forbidden as it could potentially kill the user by dividing their chakra among too many copies.

Is this the first time Kakashi's seen one of Natuto's harem jutsus?

Jiraiya doesn't give a fuck if Naruto uses shadow clones ya dingus.
the real answer is this.

then why did naruto barely use shadow clones in his fights for the latter half of the series?

wtf are you talking about? He uses them all the time you idiot.

a better question is why did this guy job so hard
evern bigger shitters like sakura, gaara and kakashi somehow managed to survive the series

i'm sorry i brought this up but his death just made me really sad ok Cred Forums
he was my favorite character and i thought he would finally get tsunade in the end

why did he have to die Cred Forums
the world is so unfair

Boy this brings back memories

He was the only one of the three who wasn't trying to prolong his life/preserve his youth. Death didn't scare him, he was beyond all that

nurutu: madster strabigist

You don't get to fucking talk about jobbing without bringing up THE master jobber, senor "I have fought constantly for the past 78 years but I just got blindsided by a retarded teenager's shadow clone" Kakuzu
Fucking Kishimoto, Kakuzu deserved better. The literal definition of jobbing. Fought Hashirama and got away, gets killed by a "new super secret powerful technique!!!"
I'm still fucking mad.

It sure sucks
the based ones always go out like heros

and leave us with the shitter

and fuck orochimaru for killing the 3rd. i'll never forgive him

He played an essential part in saving the world and he could've destroyed the Akatsuki leader. That's pretty good.

He's also the best character

orochimaru a good boy he dindu nuffin
need mo money fo dem experiments

Because with Jiraiya living there wouldn't be that much of a threat in any of the chapters afterwards even if it went down exactly as it did. Madara's probably the only one who can stand up against him and I'd argue against that real hard.

you know what i liked about jiraya
he didnt have any super tragic or motivational backstory
he didnt have some long lost legacy or super parents or chosen one anything

he was just a regular guy who was based as fuck

Should Sasuke be glad or offended that Naruto didn't use him for the jutsu?

This doesn't make any sense, elaborate

Don't worry user, he's making ghost babies with Konan now in the Soul Society.

Jiraiya is basically Gai 2.0. No flashback bullshit, just a kid with shitty skills who trained a lot and devoted his life to bring peace to the world. Ended up being one of the most important person on the planet despite not liking responsibilities. It's kinda ironic and, dare I say, well-written and endearing.

Is he the real hero of the story?

>actual genius
>was not a cunt like Sasuke or Neji
>not an edgelord mary sue like itachi either
>never needed a strong father figure in order to grow, did it all by himsel
>didn't rely on things like Kekkei Genkai or Jinchurikki, things that are simply handed to people and are not product of merit
>came from a no name clan and made a name for himself
>had talent AND worked hard
>created his own fucking jutsus, including Rasengan, which is regarded as a perfect technique
>mastered fucking space time jutsus that allowed him to fucking TELEPORT
>wanted to become hokage to protect the village and its people not just to show off
>unlike his retarded son, actually had the strenght to back up his dream, so it was not just vain promises
>got himself a 10/10 qt3.14 redhead tsundere girlfriend, whih he tamed and made a proud mother
>single handedly saved his village from the most dangerous calamity that could happen, at the time
>all the while seting up the stage for the messiah to rise and take care of things while he was gone

rasengan was stupidly overpowered

>Crushes Shikamuras party
>Kils Asuma
>Shikamura retreats, regroups, plans
>ambushes the duo with kakashi one of the ''strongest''
>4vs2, still crushing shikamuras pretty ass
>Ends up 3vs1 continues to destroy ass
>Shikamuras LOLtactics delivers a cheap blow
>Kakashi delivers a cheap blow
>Still not dead motherfuckers
>Nurutu arrives after 3 of the hearts got crushed

Naruto just last hittet him. Kakuzu destroyed them single handedly still not enough

I've seen this image posted many times recently, but never asked: where is it from?

How is it jobbing to die to someone that was like two tiers above his powerlevel?

And he died so Naruto could experience the pain of losing a loved one.

guess he really did teach him everything he knew

Chapter 373 in a flashback during Jiraiya's last fight.

>not an edgelord mary sue like itachi either
if by your definition Itach is a Mary Sue, the perfect hero Minato that can randomly go SSJ Kyubi mode is definitely a Mary Sue.

You forget the part where he got his arms torn off and he was walking around like an armless idiot.

He was talking about the Wind Rasengan because it ripped up Naruto's nerve endings, he just got a lot of tricks and things to overcome it.
More like she's riding the fuck out of Yahiko.


well he was already there in person
and they were already past the tearful reminder of her children but i'm still going to kill you phase

Well, all Minato did with his asspulled power-up was job and get his ass kicked by his student while Itachi died undefeated twice.

Fuck off back to tumblr, you piece of shit

who was the daddy of sage anyway?
and where the fuck did ninja chakra aliens come from anyway

Yeah, that was bullshit. But there's no way he reaches the level of drama Kishi shoe horned into Itachi.

>He was talking about the Wind Rasengan because it ripped up Naruto's nerve endings, he just got a lot of tricks and things to overcome it.
He learns how to mold elemental chakra into form in the arc after, he didn't know shit at this point.

Shouldn't she be thinking about her grandchildren since those are who Naruto and Sasuke are reincarnations of?

1)Watch the fillers

2)Read the shittily drawn sequel manga to find out :^)

fucking ungrateful piece of shits to kill the man who loved them the most

One of the interviews or something mentions Jiraiya was talking about the Kyuubi Mode. Something about the key Minato left and that he expected Naruto to perfect it, but Jiraiya was still worried after seeing what he was like with just 4-Tails.

He shouldn't have ditched them in that shithole then.

They lost Yahiko and it fucked them up. Most of Naruto is about losing your loved ones and how you deal with that. I'd say Konan probably took it the hardest out of all of them considering she loved Yahiko.

And them 5 minutes of talk with naruto converts him.

Naruto's voice has an undetectable genjutsu that turns you into a retard

maybey it was the sharingan that itachi implented in him that turned him.

*frog screeching intensifies*

he and jiraya are so similar
they should have just made him his actual son
but i guess they wanted jiraya to remain single
minato was pretty based except he jobbed hard to tobi and kyubi

was minato the only one of worth from his generation's team 7. poor jiraya having to train those other 2 nameless jobbers

*teleports behind u and kills u*

Do we even know their names

aren't you forgetting something?

>is related to Nagato
>looks identical to Yahiko

Of course they were gonna turn.

Nothing personel, kid

I remember 10 years ago when we thought that dude back there was uchiha madara

Theorizing who he was was probably the best part of Naruto next to Jiraiya, Madara and Gai wrecking shit.

yes and it actually stunned Kaguya enough to land an attack

how do i get into this animes

At least it's realistic. Everyone reading had the exact same response.

You read the manga and then watch certain fights animated.

blunt force trauma to skull

whats a manga

A saudi arabian cave story.

her grandchildren are just reincarnations of her children

sounds fucking gay
have fun with this trash, faggots
i knew it was bullshit like this

No, they aren't. They are simply children of one of her kids with half his powers.


the same thing each generation is such a HUGE theme in naruto

>generations of team 7
>reincarnations of indra and asuka
>gai and rock lee
>ino shka chou

no man, i didnt knew you were actually serious lol
have fun with your gay comics, fag

Here's your reply Cred Forums.

This was the best moment in Naruto.

Trying to hard/10


Why do none of her children have the byakugan
her father knew she was unfit to be the heir to the clan

But the games are really good, a lot of the fights are better than the anime.

don;t worry
the superior hyuga will continue the legacy

Well, the team 7 theme was more like

>highspirited telentless go-getter
>talented colected edgyboy
>generic girl

Because they're games about flash and style. The anime does do some of the fights actual justice that are actually fun to watch. Doesn't mean the entire anime is like that though, most of it is bad and its far faster to just read through the manga, and then watch what fights you want to watch or those that have better than normal animation and end it there.

The legacy of staying forgotten offscreen?

kakashi for best edgy prettyboy

So both of them?

>tfw Kakashi eventually dies Rin will leave Obito in the afterlife for Kakashi

Who's that slut

who is that cutie girl supposed to be?

nah she has some great porn

Seems like an OC

No idea but the girl next to him is cute.

Probably adult Rin interpretation.

So, did it work?


Nah otherwise she would have her purple stickers on her face

hmm makes sense.

What the actual fuck

was she a bigger jobber than sakura?

I'd hit it, but Russia pls

>rin lusting for kakashi


Didn't even live long enough to job

it could be said that she had more influence on the plot by giving both obito and kakashi their motivation

also if she wasnt such a big jobber obito wouldnt have died the first time

Obito, pls

She seemed competent and likely would have been powerful due to the Bijuu shenanigans. She was just willing to die for her friends and village. Sakura wasn't even willing to do that, she just cried to Naruto the entire time and only got stabbed for being a retard. Rin > Sakura.

>they didn't show Naruto with Jiraiya in the anime fight flashback

Fucking hell.

Fresh out of bait school?

Out of context


not much of a jobber if she is deliberately trying to die.

she totally wanted his dick
obito was cucked as fuck

>got kidnapped twice and never showed any kind of skill on a fight vs taking part in the death of an Akatsuki member and punching the final boss

She was just happy for him, jeez.

>come see me again when you turn 18!

What did he mean by this?


Why the fuck does Kakashi look so tall there?

and now she's dead

Looks like Naruto is really wearing the hat


poor kakshi
ended up alone and childless just like jiraya in the end

Jobbing implies she shouldn't have lost in the first place and only did so to put someone over.

Stop misusing the word, its Cred Forums tier levels of shit.


being a permavirgin suits him

Don't worry, he'll be fucking Rin in the afterlife and laughing at Obito about it.

kakashi good enough to BTFO Guy

jobs constantly

The whole Obito thing was a clusterfuck and a half and I hate him and Rin more than any other characters in the series as a result. Thankfully, it's all in the past now.

>implying Kakashi wouldn't rather fuck Obito

>implying Kakashi wouldn't fuck them both with Shadow Clones

nigga you act like my boy Kakashi ain't shackin up with Mei Terumi every time they meet

Teuchi on the left. Turns out he was Minato's eternal rival on the team.

you're trying really hard tonight obito

Holy shit

Is this one of those "guy who so fucking strong he he prefers to desguise himself as a hobo and protects everyone while incognito, receiving no recognition in the process?" situations?

How much of the good things that happen actually due to him and we just don't know

implying he isnt comforting and supporting a struggling single mother every day

Why is Hanabi such a semen demon?

because youre a pedo

didn't realize about his birthday

>want to reread Naruto
>all the early chapters have horrible scans
Even One Piece and DB have redone early volumes

Never underestimate the power of Talk-no-Jutsu.

It's just a fan theory with no basis

>Don't use that birthday suit jutsu

Bunshin no Jutsu = only a clone with little chakra on it, anyone who can see chakra (people with Byakugan and Sharingan) can easily see who's the real one.

Kage Bunshin no Jutsu = Chakra is evenly divided through your clones so they can't see the real one.

Yes, they got a hit on her.

This, it splits the chakra too much for the average person.

She's actually a fucking cunt. Why didn't she just stab her throat with a kunai rather than going in front of Raikiri and ultimately giving Kakashi the guilt for her death?

She had a seal in her that prevented her from killing herself

>Cred Forums unironically likes Naruto now
What the actual fuck happened to you guys? You used to hate normalfag shit.

>Naruto's biggest acomplishment is removing the homo in homolust

Did she? Forgot about that, but there surely would be other ways for her to die rather than getting in front of Kakashi's Raikiri. Now that you think about it, Half of Naruto wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for this

She couldn't. The seal prevented it, and even if she could, that is all Kakashi needed, to watch her just straight up slit her own throat in front him, it wouldn't have been any easier on Kakashi.

The credit should go to Sasuke for providing a X chromosome

you can fuck off autist. not every board has to be a hivemind. you dont like it, then get out of thread.

Cred Forums is the biggest fucking tsundere for popular manga and anime.

Its still a largely shit series that derailed very quickly and drug on for too long towards the end. Despite that however, it did have some good moments and characters, even if some of them weren't focused on much. The anime tends to have some good animation for the major fights too.

Guys, he's a weirdo who reads porn just like us. Embrace the similarities. He's a literal wizard.

She's an awful, awful person, and Kishi is an awful, awful writer.

Even if she couldn't kill herself she could have at least told Kakashi what her plan was instead of traumatizing the poor fucker.

Once upon a time, a hero called Accelspammer saved us from Narushit.

But that was years ago. Accel-sama is no more.


Soon we will be gaia. Abandon all hope.

Cred Forums always loved Naruto. They just have to desperately keep up the contrarian image to look "cool"

He reads them for the plot not for the lewd


She repeatedly told him "Kakashi, kill me or they'll unleash a monster on the village"

Because user, no time.
Cred Forums is pretty much the same as its always been, unlike the majority of the rest of the boards. You underestimate how shit gaia actually is.

So I just found this in google images. Why tf does the raikage look like Uncle Ruckus?

>Implying these Narutards are from Cred Forums when they are posting images from mangareader and have tumblr screencaps.

He's gotten old as fuck.

That mode really was garbage, wasn't it? Orochimaru didn't seem bothered at all.

She actually did, Kakashi kept telling her to basically shut up and that he'd protect her regardless. Kakashi was basically the only person to kill her.

>tfw your senile former village leader calls you a nigger despite being the giggaest nigger in the whole village

I miss spammer-kun.

>the beautiful christmas cake mizukage got fat

All great cakes go bad eventually I guess.
Orochimaru had to pull out several fuckass huge walls just to be able to block 4-tail Kyuubi and got pushed back a bit, much like Jiraiya likely did.

The only one that straight up make rage Kyuubi look like a bitch was Pain.

>everyone is older now
>Tsunade looks even younger than before

That bit where the Kyuubi clawed its way out of the little moon that Pain created was cool as hell.

>onoki is still alive

>Stopped Kakashi from finishing Obito, thus setting the stage for Madara's true revival and Kaguya's return.

fuck off retard go roleplay someplace else

happy fucking birthday by the way


>he doesn't know
These are the newshits calling themselves Cred Forumsnons. This is a sad day...

>killed himself to avoid being a single dad