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user, that is a crime.

Which woman's meat did Madoka breed with?

Can you repeat the question?

I want to devour Madoka's meat.


Violence breeds violence

I have a fetish for girls growing a dick and balls and starting to lust for other girls like a guy does. Kind of like a reverse-bimbofication.





>These figures arent altered in anyway
FUCK YES. I cant wait for my Homu to come in so I can do a photo shoot like this.


girls aren't allowed to love girls

But Aoi Yuki said, and I quote "Madoka is thirsty for Homura's lewd juices and can't wait to let the devil defile her." She said it at Madogatari.

You okay there Homura?

But there is no violence.

Looks like it's going to be another one of these threads, so posting most gross and disgusting girl.

But in the end

The word 'worst' cant even cover it. She is just gross and horrible in every way imaginable. There is not a single thing good about this girl.

Homura breeds with Madoka

It doesn't even matter

She never showers so she smells really bad. She is a pathetic homeless urchin that does nothing but put a stain on society. She should just go away and stop existing so people don't have to look at such a disgusting creature. How the hell does she even justify being alive? She is of no use to anyone and can only hurt people and cause problems. Nobody loves her, she really should just go away.

For real, you can't even call this thing a human. It's just a heartless beast that has no love for anyone or anything, it doesn't even have any common human compassion. It should just be locked up in a cage like an animal and left all alone. Because this girl is a totally worthless thing and there seriously is no reason not to.

So Kyoko smothers Apple-chan in honey and eats him? Dayum.

How about Kyuubey and Amy?

That's really sick. Shut up, stupid.




Good lord that fucking smile make me diamond

What are you implying?

Oh god, OP is quoting Berserk 2016 subs.

You're not a he, Samantha.

Who is Samantha?

I want to ____ Madoka!

It really hurts my heart to see a nice girl like Madoka dressed like some lowly degenerate.

This is why we need to get girls like Kyoko off the street. She is no good and brings nothing of value of society. She is totally horrible and disgusting in every way, and is spreading her bad influence onto others now. Seriously, we do not need this we need to get rid of this useless girl.

What did he mean by this?

Dayum Apple-chan. Is that how you and Kyoko go at it? Looks like she drank you.

Dude relax.

Never learn.

It is not my fault Apple-chan and Kyoko are so sexual with eachother.

>Never learn
You mean I mever learn or I should never learn?


You never learn.

Since modern Madoka threads seem to have finally died and stopped being a constant eyesore, has that crazy guy finally killed himself and stopped showing up here?

You know the one I mean

Lawnchair? It would seem so. I wouldn't get my hope too high though.

Madoka threads won't be saved until all namefags and tripfags in them kill themselves.

No Apple. Not Lawnchair. The other one. The one that's dangerous to speak of.

You lost me. Stepping on a lego was less painful than reading Lawnchair's posts.

I second this motion

>its another thread lets fap to megucas

Unfortunately people like that exists.

No one but you is obsessed with them.

i hope you are not one of them

No, he's still around. Just under countless more trip codes.

Obviously I am not.

Kyouko is my wife.

I love my Kyouko forever

Who's the author of that image?

delet this
at once

Damn it lawnchair. I thought you meant it when you said you will go away.

Just to break it to you Kyoko loves Apple-chan and not some little boy like you. Kyoko only makes love to Apple-chan.


I want to share Kyoko-chan with Lawnchair and Anons


Me on the left.

Looks like Kyoko is going to get her freak on with Apple-chan. I am so jealous.

Kyouko is my woman.

Our love is eternal.

Too bad she's mine now! You can go in the corner and watch me shag her

In the past, present, and future. Kyouko and me will always be together. This is true never ending love. I call it "infinite love"

so disgusting pic

This is all real pathetic.


Love conquers all. Begone.

i am so triggered i hope this thread dies

Are they coming over to Homu's house?

And you're king pathetic, we get it

Does Kyouko really paint her nails like that?

Kyouko is going to shoot those that sexualize.

Yes, it's really sexy

I'm not the one circlejerking here.

Tripfags will be tripfags. Why are you even replying to him?

To remind him not to reply to Lawnchair.

I don't think I can handle her. Hold me Cred Forums

its fine. I already HANDLED her all night long. with my dick

This thread has no real reason to be up.

So when is Phoenix going to free magical girls of their contracts?

You have no real reason to be alive

Fine, here's a cute pic of Homura.

Discuss it. Discuss her adorableness.

Big talk coming from a waste of oxygen.


He's only involved in murder trials.
Nothing he could do about con-artists like Kyuubey.


This doujin is really underrated.

Kyouko was actually being really sweet and cute in that dojin. I know waifufags will get butthurt over it, but those old men really had a great time, and Kyouko was loving it too.

Seriously just go fuck off! Kyoko is a horrible heartless girl, but she is NOT some lousy sewer skank, so stop representing her like that! She seriously would never do anything with disgusting people like that! For real, you are just making yourself look like a shit person when you do this, so fuck off or you'll just look even worse than this girl.

Kyouko is not horrible. She is the girl that deserves love. You're horrible for saying mean things about Kyouko. I will PROTECT Kyouko from you.

are you just tsundere for her or really hating kyaaku

These people like to forget that Kyoko is a lesbian. Why do you think she is with Apple-chan? They lick eachother from head to toe nightly. They grind eachother into dust dsily. There is nothing you guys can do about it.

I'll protect Kyouko's virginity by taking it myself first! Take that oldmen!

First of all, there is no way this girl deserves any love. She is completely heartless and doesn't care about anyone other than herself. She does absolutely nothing but hurt and bully people and steal things, and she doesn't even care because she is a selfish arrogant child.

With that said, she isn't a slut so don't you ever try to imply that she is! Ok?

neither does most of Cred Forums

Of course I hate this self arrogant child. There is no way I could like a single thing about her. She is just totally a disgusting human being in every way. I'm not even sure I can call her human, because she acts like a wild untamed animal and just treats people like shit. No one could ever love.

Kyouko deserves happiness. She will be protected by me.

Kyouko is the queen of our hearts.

is this what you guys do now, bully Apple with lewd Kyouko instead of bullying ack with homusaya?

can't say she didn't have it coming

You do all those actions yourself, Lawnchair.

Oh shut up, it is so clear what you are doing. That's not protecting that's just disgusting! Stop representing her like that for real. Just fuck off.

And how can she be the queen of someones heart? She as no heart herself. She is a selfish souless monster and there seriously is not a single thing good about her! But for real stop with those pictures, it's really really sick.

I'm a guy!


Shut up, no one cares much about your gender identity.
Quit replying to Lawnchair.

I want to kiss Homura on the lips

A big guy

For Kyou.

Yeah, I don't think anyones buying it. Nice try though.

I'm pretty sure you're a girl Apple...

Kyouko is not selfish, she gives people LOTS of pleasure. She is a true angel, and deserves to be pleasured too. She is also very feminine. She attracts most people because of this.

Crossover butt.

I really want to hide & ignore this thread.
Bu the the fact that this is up really irks.

woah hey who is this


Another Aoi character, Tachibana Hibiki. Her butt is her charm point as well.

Uhg, you are just so gross. There is no way she is interested in these things. I hope you realize you are just making yourself look bad. It's hard to imagine someone is actually worse than this disgusting girl, but you seriously are proving it.

i know that feel bro

i hate these tsundere kyoku hater and slut kyoku lover double trouble combi memes


uh oh
there is no guy in Cred Forums familia

post feminine penis or your not guy

Unlike you, Kyouko actually gives people hugs and kisses. She is a lover. And you know nothing of love.

Please stop, this is disgusting.

are you arguing with yourself right now?

I don't even know what's going on anymore.

Do you take your trip off when you go to other threads?

Or do you only come here for Madoka threads

Because that's real sad if you come here for this

I only trip in Madoka threads. Some exceptions are made occasionally outside of these threads, but for the most part I don't trip outside of these threads or Cred Forums.

Wish he'd at least quit replying to bait from that pedophilic failed tranny.

Wait was Grand Cross Homu ever subbed

So what you're saying is, you and the others are perfectly capable of removing your trips, but you keep them on intentionally despite years of shitposting surrounding it.

You love every second of it

Just stop.

I only do it for one reason, but said reason hasn't been around so I may drop it.

This thread just confirmed that kyouko is best and CUTEST girl!


>you'll never see Armstrong lovingly hold Madoka in his thick nanomachine plated arms

Armstrong is the best dad.

Kevin died in a car crash

Madoka needs to feel his thickness

Sure thing buddy.

I wonder why kevin kept up his Sayaka meme for so long. Even though I constantly show him his older posts of him saying he hates her.

Kevin contracted me and I saved her from a car crash

Don't forget that he used to be a Mamifag.

Proof or GTFO.

I think he just wants to imitate that old sayaka trip

Yeah, he's a fraud. The only person on Cred Forums that ever actually posts Sayaka is me. however there is a creep on /c/ that sometimes tries to impresonate me

Anyone can have a change of heart.

dutch user pls

but this is a worksafe christian imageboard my honey

Why "apple-chan?"

Why not a manly name


>manly name
what are you? A fucking fag?

After Rebellion, I'm sure she'll have a huge role in the upcoming Shaft masterpiece.



Why not?

A best, we will always kow.

But Mami will shoot her right in her soulgem again


Homura is the queen as always. Madoka is being useless again. Sayaka is dead on the ground. Mami is glowing with sexual energy. Nagisa is running from the past.

Kyouko will surely do something major this time. Maybe Sayaka's death and transformation to a digimon will spark a fire in her uterus. Kyouko will become the hero of this story. She will ascend. Grow more fangs, get more magic, wear shorter shorts.

we posting chunky meguca's now?

please not that. anything but fat

Why does homura's face look so innocent and childlike in that

>Grow more fangs
Where? At the center of her lower jaw? Pretty cool.

>get more magic
Bring back rosso phantasma.

>wear shorter shorts
I am trying to live here.

I would love for Kyouko to sink her fangs into me. You know how you always tell your little sister to bite you when she's really young. Imagine that but sharper and more pleasurable.

Can we stop posting lewd megucas? I do not think they would like those sorts of pictures being public. Let us post happy megucas, okay?

You get baited on this topic too easily. You do not need to be so defensive about your preferred pronouns. It is the current year after all.

Woah my penis actually thought the one on the left was Sayaka because of the face

people usually die when her uterus caught fire

Magical girls can regenerate. Even their wombs regenerate if you break those.

You mean like this?

That was Yuma.

She is.

My fire.

The one.


How long could you withstand kyouko's fangs gnawing into your penis?

>You know how you always tell your little sister to bite you when she's really young.
No? Is this some phenomenon that I am not aware of?

Control yourself. They are children.

People without imoutos.

Should rename it to "and so began the dark age of law"

-10 seconds I will pull her all fangs out if she ever tries to gnaw my precious penis only for Sayaka

Without anesthesia

Pretty long. Kyouko's throat is tight, moist, and comfortable.

If you have a really young little sister, tell her to bite you. It feels really good because a tiny thing is trying to hurt you but its not working. My little sister still does it to me from time to time. Don't even have to tell her anymore


Do you have?

that has nothing to do with her teeth though

Have you ever felt teeth on your penis?

That sounds really cute actually. The closest thing I have to a little sister is my younger sister-in-law, but she is already big.

If you bite someone hard enough it can cause a pretty bad infection

I actually have. And what I meant by that is my penis will be down her throat while her fangs are on the bottom part of my dick. Comfiness

>tfw no sibling
>no shenanigans with sisterus
>all alone in home
>only internet

feels homu man

>she is already big

You know what to do.


The fuck is wrong with Americans are their ears broken?

Not all sisters are great. I just have one that's overly attached to me because I took care of her a lot since she was a baby. She's now in elementary school but sometimes would still knock on my door and sleep with me at night. Also we watch Madoka and play Blazblue.

When you get a little sister, remember to make her bite you.

I really don't.

I don't understand the parents that only want one child. They do not realize the importance of siblings.

At least Christina Vee, an American can pronounce it

>She's now in elementary school but sometimes would still knock on my door and sleep with me at night.
You are making my heart ache.

Make sure you hug her and tell her you love her every single day, okay? It is important.

2 actually. One isn't blood related.

Make sure to hug your sister in law and tell her you lover user.

Make them both bite you at the same time.


Sayaka > Kyouko > Madoka > Homura & Mami tied

She can still bite down

I do. Don't worry about that, user.

You are a lucky person. Make sure you do what I said though, okay? Hug them every day and tell them you love them. It is very important.

Movie 4 spoiler

It begins with the Akemi family's moving day to Mitakihara city. Between Homura's dad and mom, there is a little girl who actually is a Homura's secret twin sister. The truth is, they totally forgot about their once ill daughter because Homuclap but somehow magically they decided to move to Mitakihara.

Akemi family found their neighbor is a very nice family, named Kaname, with a cute girl and an adorable boy.

Homura's sister becomes a transfer student to Madoka's class. Ah, don't forget the mandatory collision with a bread-in-mouth. Anyway, Homura's sister is a nice person so this girl, Kaname Madoka gets attracted to her...

user truly never had a woman perform oral.

I love all 5 of them and don't make it a contest.

Sayaka and Homura are my girls.

You are telling me something I already do.

Kyouko's bite force won't be as bad as a Rottweiler's. A Rotti has 328, and I easily took it. My raging penis can definitely handle her cute fangs.

I have actually. And the first time it was because of rape

If Homu actually has a twin sister I will go crazy.

Oh, thank you Apple-chan. The most important thing for a girl growing up is to feel loved by her family. Thank you for doing that for them.

If that wasn't a bad joke you should report yourself to the authorities right away.

>7 apples on the witches tree

>kaname : two kids
>miki : one kid
>tomoe : one kid
>akemi : one kid
>sakura : two kids, but one dead
>momoe : most likely one kid

>12 adults made 7 kids
>Japanese population

Why kyouko is so best?

She's so best that she's will be the spotlight of the next magical meguca film

kyouko meguca magical here!

What do you think of Homura's face in this

> Japanese population
But you forgot about the virgins who do not have and will not have children.

What are the chances of the next movie being better than Rebellion?

i deeply wonder how much the commission was


When I get ink I will


Fuck off newfag

not fucking here

That Homura slut will finally get what she deserves, so 100%.

you are mentally ill
stop sexualizing little girls

What? You talk as if the comedic spin-off were canon and approved by urobochi.

bait else where

>tfw my spanish class finally serve me by allowing me to half-understand mexican meme on the internet
Fucking chinese

Shut up or Homura will fart on you.

Here is the spotlight i was talking about

used goods and wasted

Nice cleavage Kyouko. Imagine her doing paizuri while she's looking you straight in the eyes and licking her lips

totally no idea what are you talking about familia

>she will never lick your erection

Homu is too pure.

Imagine scrubbing her unwashed armpits with your tongue

Kyouko looks delicious

I've never seen these figures before. What company makes them?

GSC Ume design version

>you will never be a godlike abstraction of hope getting ripped in half by one loli's yandere obsession with you


No one cares, Hitomi

Kyouko is pretty lewd though, I'll admit.
Sure you are.

This is somewhere in that grey area between "thicc" and "fatter than fatass"