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I want to feel Shinobu's big, fat ass!

Every single fight from Parts 1, 2, and 3 is shit. Try and objectively disprove this using textual evidence.
Protip: you cannot.


Gappy makes me happy

posting my request again
if anyone's able please edit aya's shirt off

Gappy is crappy

Kira is a virgin, right? No way he fucked a vagina, he probably just jacks off using chopped hands.

Dio vs Jonathan in the burning mansion. No asspulls and Jonathan used his brain to defeat Dio.

>ywn have a 36 Kars harem all fighting each other over who gets to eat you

>Joseph v.s. Wham

not even getting a (You)

Well, Jojo is shit so that's not surprising.
Also you forgot part 4 through 8.

I'm banking on it

Also, if you look passed the hiccups in face and anatomy here this is what she looks like

>one of the artosts for 7SU2 posts concept art they make
>one of the pieces is of a pillarlady
>and she's stronk waifu material

or edit yukako's towel off


Jesus, those broken ankles

Not even trying

How many act 2 Koichi's would it take to beat Diavalo?

You really did plan it from the start Araki you sick bastard

Why are Part 4 girls so delicious?
They look so juicy.

The hell of early manga writing for Shonen Jump. Part 4 has great girls

I hope BD fixes this shit. I just want some quality Shinobu

Though Araki wasn't much better

Because you whine about it all the time.

Meant for

Why was the mark of the publishing company of the SBR history book carved into the railing at the Higashikata house? It literally makes zero sense and was completely forgotten as soon as Gappy learned about Johnny.

Also pic related.

Why is part 8 such a clusterfuck?


Can you believe there's barely any good Jolyne porn? What's wrong with the world?
i want to fuck her angry face with those green dick sucking lips

>they add this in the OP and broadcast this all over television and the internet

It was also tattoo'd on Kira's neck. For no reason.

>there will never be good jojogirl porn of your fetish
Cry with me, lads

I've whined about it MAYBE once before.
It's truly criminal.
I wish I even knew how to just edit panels or screenshots to be lewd so I could help even a bit.

I've found plenty of futa porn so I'm good

>No rule 34 of Aya

Here you go user

Wasn't it on his wrist?
And does Kira even really have the Joestar Birthmark?

Fujos are more dedicated to Jojo. Shame on you, brojos. Shame on you!!



Toonami promo for JoJo.
It's actually pretty good.

Well, if we're talking about edits and Jolyne porn, this one is perfect

Worst OP of them all.


Yeah he does, I think it was shown in one of Kyo's chapters


>Adult Swim
Downhill from here. Can't wait to see Jojo shirts at Hot Topic and shitty vinyls on every "nerd" girls desk.

It's bland but it's not CHASE. Fuck CHASE.

but has it showed up since?
that's what i meant to ask

Eva's big as shit and and I don't see merch for that at Hot Topic.

>brining le ebin fake geek girl meme into le jojo thread
stay redpilled, faggot

I wish these threads had lewd drawfriends.


'cept for Dio I kinda like the dub better for Phantom Blood

I watched it out of curiosity

Why does Kira nails keep growing unnatuarally when it isn't his own body? Plothole?

I hope Naranciafag shows up soon, I've found some awful art I can torment him with.

There will be more fanart once she gets an ass upgrade like Shinobu, Aya and probably Trish.

Nice promo but jesus, JYB as Jonathan? They really just stick him into any role now, don't they?

Eva boomed hard between the 90s and mid 00s, now it's all Rebuild crap which panders more to otaku in general

JoJo's anime is more recent and thus fresh in the public mind. Plus we're not waiting 5 years for 3.0+1.0

Also how controversial it is in terms of 'quality'

>mfw they change kira's hair in the OP when he gets bites the dust

that would a good one
them hips and thighs

Jonathan isn't even British. Joseph is more fuckin british than Jonathan.

That OP was actually pretty good. A sign of things to come for the Vento Aureo anime.

I think there used to be one but he stopped going here to focus on life.

My second guess was Madoka Magica but I can only find a statuette of Homura.


I'd do it if I didn't have college homework.
Yes, on fucking friday, can you believe this shit?
Have a shitty lewd jojo comic anyway

actually it's a godlike op that destroys chase and even cnbt. you're retarded.

>actually mad



More like she is flexible as hell, user.

>Justice in the OP
Enya wins again.

Ah fuck you, Rubberhead
Maybe you and I should settle things right here in the thread if you think you're so tough.


He was born in England, raised in England, and never set foot outside of England for 99% of the adventure

He has the same body as before, he only swapped faces and fingerprints.

>it's popular so it's bad

Stop being a hipster faggot.

were they the one that did this?
well if you ever get free we'd happily welcome you


No, I mean his shitty fucking dub isn't british. Not a hint of an accent at all. Meanwile, Joseph sounds like fuckin Number One he's so british.

No. This was like a year ago I think.

If you ever get free time to shit funny stuff like this out can I make a standing request for Funny Vorelentine

>dat new op

>not mad

You know, the problem isn't that Joseph had a thicc british accent, is that his actor didn't have a deep enough voice and an attitude like based Sugita.

I know right? And his speech isn't even period accurate. Totally ruins the immersion.

Kill yourself.

Did Kira have sex with Shinobu during their time together?

i wonder if araki even remembers he gave him one

>worried if they would keep Roundabout
>it's in the fucking promo


but is that the BD version? part of it seemed censored like the Japan TV version

Only handjobs.

>This will be animated

man if that picture were completed it'd be so damn good

Why do people settle for shit?

Joseph being Numbah One was cute and funny, though. Sure, it made it hard to take the character seriously, but Joseph never was a serious character. This is the man who happily shrieks about spaghetti in a restaurant and loudly whines about people not taking his childrens toys seriously as weapons after he hit himself in the head with them.


I recently bought a JoJo part 4 shirt, black and white with Jotaro, Josuke, Kira and Killer Queen all in the style of Queen II cover album. It's really nice and I dont give a damn if no one knows what the hell I'm wearing.

Dont have a pic cause fucking amazon.

I wasnt going to give him a (You) in the first place dude

Are they trying to set the record for most openings or something? I feel sorry for the people trying to make JoJo opening compilations.

Nah, his english voice is fucking obnoxious. Just because he acts immature doesn't mean he has to sound like a kid. His jap voice is energetic, but not grating.

why is yukako so prominent in the new OP? she's not even in the story anymore from this point

Caesar vs Wamuu was fun since it was basically Caesar just outplaying the ever living fuck out of Wamuu until that bullshit ending

Dunno, I think what's appealing about Joseph's voice is that he sounds like a punk. Kills the appeal even though he isn't serious.

Because gotta have a cute girl in there.

There's no real main girl to the story

for the user from last thread
sorry this took awhile, i have like 2 gigs of jojo shit to sift through

Took him some warming up to do, but when Bites the Dust awakened he banged the fuck out of Shinobu so hard and left Hayato a present before becoming a detective in the afterlife

Their daughter becomes Shizuka's BroJo

Is this the Viz dub?

why are hazamada and tamami in there at all

Nah, his japanese voice is fucking obnoxious. Just because he acts energetic doesn't mean he hast to sound grating. His eng voice childish, but not immature.

literally who

Kira should've blown up Yukako so that the main crew would actually feel obliged to track down Kira. Koichi, Josuke and Okuyasu just dick around until they randomly encounter Kira in the final right.

it was amazing. david really knocked it out of the park.

New op every cour is fairly standard. Granted most shows are two cours max.

Oh, I get it. Him being portrayed as childish and stupid is more relatable to you. Why didn't you just say that?

Tamami actually shows up for a reason and is somewhat relevant, at least.

New OP was best by far, amazing song and spicy symbolism

I miss the 3D OPs so much

>tfw we could've sacrificed a pretty good fight with Wamuu so that Caesar could prove his worth and yet get wrecked by Kars to show how much business he means
>Instead we got an epic job and the shittiest JoJo climax before Vento Aureo

Maybe to make it seem less of a sausage-fest? Trish was fucking useless and silent for 99% of Vento Aureo, but she was featured prominently in covers and so on.

How can a series with such an active fanbase that makes a shit ton of fanart and crossover stuff have such little quality porn


>New OP was best by far
Nah, first OP has the best song, even though the new OP has the best visuals.

>you will never force Shinobu to swallow buckets worth of gunpowder, then bang her mercilessly as you put lit matches near her bloated stomach
>you will never watch "the Fourth Bomb" equal desperately away from the fire as you fuck her silly


too many hot guys, it atracted fujoshits

The first 12 seconds of Great Days are the best opening to an OP that I've ever seen.

Oh, I get it. Him being portrayed as annoying and fruity is more relatable for you. Why didn't you just say that?

Let me put it this way. When the Part 4 anime started airing, the amount of Josuke/Okuyasu porn skyrocketed.

Trish was featured because she is a main character in the part and part of the gang, even if she didn't talk much. She was also the driving force behind most of the part.

will Vento Aureo have based Kamikaze Douga OPs?

Fujoshi, user
I've seen girls shipping their OC with Josuke. I've seen girls adopting Josuke as their otherkins
What's with autistic girls and Josuke anyway?

>Him being portrayed as childish and stupid
Pretty sure that is Joseph. His "smartness" comes off more as asspulls than actual battle tactics

He only really got wise as an old man when he didn't have plot armor being able to 5/0 all the baddies in Stardust

someone edit that abbachio to be killer queen

Caesar dying against Wamuu was way better than Caesar hypothetically dying against Kars, though. Wamuu was a noble and skilled warrior who ultimately outskilled Caesar after he rushed in without thinking, Kars was a backstabbing piece of shit.

It also led to Joseph finally maturing and showing some depth, in that he was able to show Wamuu respect and even kindness in spite of him killing his friend. There'd be nothing like that if Kars had just backstabbed him.


Was this line cut, or will it be in the next episode.

I know where you live, Lobotomy-kun.

Thank you.

Who had the most brutal death?

It'll happen next episode.

In short: Ceasar was useless and jobbed the entire part.

Why did Josuke give him tissues? So many lines were cut from this episode I can't remember if they explained this or not.

She was the human equivalent of the Red Stone of Aja and showed about as much personality as it for nearly all of the part.

It would have been better if Joseph beat Wamuu as usual in the chariot race, then Caesar got the upperhand on Kars only for him to cheat and start the whole ultimate form thing.

Then have Caesar somehow fill Stroheims role in the final battle. Stroheim was based but it's bullshit that he basically was the only one who significantly helped JoJo throughout the entire part rather than Caesar

For the cut on his neck.

You know who.

None of the deaths in Vento Aureo hit me hard at all

Dude, Josuke saw Mikitaka visibly bleeding



so now that Part 5 is already teased in the new OP, do you still want a tease at the end of the finale?

Nice good lookings.

Stroheim is only based because he didn't Job the entire Part. Messina and Loggins really didn't need to be there at all either

Battle Tendency is such a mess in retrospect

Caesar's death was stone cold

Cool name.

It'd still be amazing if it ended with Koichi getting ready to go to Italy.

>Stroheim is only based because he didn't Job the entire Part
I love the guy but he always gets completely destroyed and comes back more cyborg like but only to get easily wrecked, it was kinda of a running gag

>Stroheim is only based because he didn't Job the entire Part.
Stroheim did a lot of cool shit and was a surprise because he started as a cowardly ass and then when Santana happened he manned up and sacrificed himself, only to become the Terminator and coming to save Jojo multiple times. And that was before he met Caesar. Stroheim was THE true brojo that part.


>no stand and is stabbed by arrow, didn't develop a stand
>stand user is stabbed by arrow, doesn't develop an additional ability
>stand user with bound stand is stabbed by arrow, doesn't develop requiem

Pick one. Did Araki forget?

I mean she does have the only straight Jojo doujin

what the hell he has a stand?

Caesar didn't even have to fucking die

Araki loved to force the whole Joestar curse meme even though Jonathan is like the only one who actually dies way too young. Meanwhile he keeps making the Zeppeli's these cool characters who keep on dying when the first time was the only time it was necessary. Then they start a whole new universe and STILL kill off Gyro even though he was the best character

best death emotionally?
best death as in "fuck yeah he's dead"?
correct answers:
mountain tim

ya cinderella was way more tragic in part 4 amirite

Araki didn't forget anything tho. None of those are right.

I know ;^)

She also has a bisexual one if you look at the western tag.
It ain't half bad. Straight shota and all

fucking unf

>Stand Name ??

We just don't know.

He's not an alien, dude. He's just some autist.



Requiems only come from the Beetle Arrow

VA had a shitty climax but that retcon made logical sense

When I saw Caesar, bloodied and broken and barely clinging to life ineffectually throwing punches at Wammu's burly chest, how do I say this..? It's a bit crude, but... I got....................... wet

why did he break out in warts when the ambulance drove by then

Please learn to read before posting, thx.

calm down
Jojo's already obscenely popular, a few people watching it on Adult Swim isn't going to ruin your secret club filled with 13 year old animeonlys

>rohan-sensei... jotaro has given me a task
>can you make me learn italian?

>arrows made of meteorite
>mikitaka is an alien

what does it mean

Kars did 9/11

Great Days is good

>he didn't job the entire part
But he did. In fact, him losing almost immediately against Kars despite showing his own feats of strength just moments prior is probably the most faithful example of jobbing. He was hyped up by both himself and the narrator to be super powerful in direct comparison to Santana, yet Kars wrecked his shit to show the immense difference in power between Kars and Santana.


Provide proof for that statement. It is simply not true and never stated that it was only a specific arrow that gave requiem abilities.

Chuuni induced assburgers. Next episode shows his mom.

When will these party hats vanish on mobile?

Obnoxious cunt, Shigechi was supposed to be the tragic death. Aya was a plot device

But you'd have to pay me to feel for Abbachio or Narancia. I'm only sad Bruno died because he was the actual protagonist and I got left with Giorno

>new OP during the Bites the Dust arc
>plays like normal
>suddenly Killer Queen appears
>Kira throws out Hayato who does his scream
>activates BtD
>screen goes black for a second
>OP begins from the start again

I would be so rock hard.

This would have been a really good death if it wasn't so pointless.

He didn't even sacrifice himself like Zeppeli, he just rushed in alone then fucked himself over

>kars was floating in space

how deep is this hole

reminds me of "My name is Cred Forums and I drew this manga"
when are we going to draw another chapter?

>scat fetishist


Nice but the editing feels a little stiff
All those voice clips sound fine, though

What would happen if Kars somehow floated back into Earths orbit

Would any of these skinny fuckboy stand users even be able to compete?

Which one?


Please provide a source that says that only the beetle arrow gives requiem stands.

I'm happy we can all agree so far that CHASE sucks

Josuke never fails with his faces.

He's brain dude dude. They literally won't have to do anything.

The arrow on black sabbath stabbed Gold Experience and it didn't go requiem. But its probably just a recon.

Did you fucking read the image? The arrow used by Black Sabbath doesn't give Requiem Stands and it was the same type as the Part 4 Arrow. The Beetle Arrow was introduced late into Part 5 as a MacGuffin for Giorno to use against Diavolo

There's even sources in the fucking picture

>CNBT -- great song, decent video
>Chase -- Bad song, good video
>Crazy Days -- great song, great video

you suck

That character acting was also pretty good
Also Rohan was such a fag.

Why didn't Diavolo keep the Beetle Arrow? It was clearly more important looking than the rest.

This is all assumptions. We don't know if the other arrows one give requiem abilities. Giorno got stabbed at the beg fining and I can assume he didn't get one because "muh fate".

Would Kars be in any state to fight, honestly? Would he even want to? He'd been floating in space for decades longing for death until he fell into a coma, and his goal of becoming the Ultimate Being was already accomplished. Assuming he was even able to start thinking again he'd probably just want to turn into a tree and sleep peacefully forever.

what the fuck is rohan wearing

No, he does not have a Stand? since he has a Stand??, reatard.

So you are that one fuccboi who voted chase, huh?

Is it me or are the characters' skinnier than usual?

Diavolo is fucking stupid: More at 11

>Muh Fate
Araki blatantly created a goddamn plot device for the end of Part 5 and you're being an autist saying, "Maybe the special arrow isn't actually special at all?"

chase is by far the worst song. i don't hate it anymore, but it's the only OP i haven't added to my music library
definitely adding great days once the full is out

It's Great Days, stoopid.

evolving the anime's art style in preparation for part 5 when everyone goes full on fuccboi

He drew it on his wrist because he was investigating it, if I remember correctly

It really is phenomenal, because it recognizes that this entire thing is just a fun story and doesn't go into well-worn 'edgy' territory like the Chase intro implies. The real genius of it is how well it sets up the inevitable BtD version of the intro, thereby giving themselves a way to avoid expectations once they get to the more dire climax of the story, similar to what they did with Dio stopping time in End of the World but more extreme

What if the reason why Gold Experience Requiem is created by being pierced by the arrow later in the story, but not earlier when it was cut by it, is because the arrow needs to strike a mortal blow?

Consider where he's stabbing it: the abdomen, which is an incredibly dangerous area to be hit in. Stands are drawn out to protect their users -- so when the Stand is mortally struck, it either has the capability to evolve and transcend the death or it dies along with the user. Kind of like doubling down: you either get an upgraded Stand or you lose everything by dying.

I hate Part 5 designs so much. From the fashion to the faces. I want them to skip it and go directly to Stone Ocean.

The beginning of chase is great for an intro

Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town > Chase > Great Days > Whatever that song they switched to for like 2 episodes before going back to bizarre town

Polnareff got pricked on the finger when he first activated SCR, didn't he?

it was still CNBT, just the "EDM arrangement"
totally forgot they did that

>Hating on the EDM Arrange of CNBT

I want the redditors to leave.

Yes, but at no point do they signify that arrow as being any different from the rest. Now, one more time, please provide some sort of solid source that only the beetle arrow provides requiem stands.

>The real genius of it is how well it sets up the inevitable BtD version of the intro, thereby giving themselves a way to avoid expectations once they get to the more dire climax of the story, similar to what they did with Dio stopping time in End of the World but more extreme
I'm gonna laugh at people like you if David does nothing with the OP.

Polpol pricked his finger and got a requiem.

Maybe he's a hypochondriac.

That was CNBT's EDM remix.


>He isn't doing a full-on Shakespeare accent therefore it's shit
fuck off, making the dialogue sound even more contrived than it already is would only make the dub worse

Stone Ocean is worse in my opinion.

not him, but
>arrows with no beetle have been shown to pierce stand users
>none of them got requiems from this
>arrow with beetle pierced stand users 3 times
>each one produced a requiem


>people were happy that chase wouldn't be the OP anymore
>the new OP ends up being even worse than chase

>Skipping one of the most profitable arcs of the series to do the one that almost made it flopped

they have to establish that Koichi has a case of the not-gays

Here we go, another autisic part 5 vs 6 debate.

can't we just agree

A grin fit for an informercial.

What was the point of making an op for onigo and bongo, they deafted themselves, how can they fail so badly?

>we didn't get a CG opening


>Joseph sounds like fuckin Numbah One
That's because it's literally the same voice actor.

Araki really didn't think some of these part 4 abilities through huh? I reread Superfly.

Okuyasu's first thought should have been to erase parts of the tower. I can understand why Araki didn't take that route, since a piece of the tower that's been blown out of the fabric of time and space can't possibly reflect shit, but then Araki could have just not brought Okuyasu to the fight couldn't he?

Also, Josuke's healing pretty much reflects non-physical projections of a slash. So not even an actual projectile, but rather the reflection of a melee attack. But he can't do anything about blood falling on his hand?

CNBT had better use of color than GD

From the outside looking in, the whole thing seems really, really gay
It's not surprising that good porn artists would shy away from it when there are other, equally popular properties with more readily apparent female characters

Only once before did an arrow pierce a stand. Not very conclusive. That sort of assumption is what made people think the earth was the center of the universe.


Okuyasu is canon retarded

Okuyasu should've won the RHCP fight when he scraped the ground because the two parts who collapse together.


Not him, but it didn't have to be doing a "full-on Shakespeare accent" like that strawman suggests, but have someone who isn't fucking Johnny Yong Botch doing a very poor attempt at an English accent as his voice. It didn't have to be Speedwagon levels of absurd but he didn't try and neither did whoever was in charge of casting for picking Botch. Or whoever designed the DVD's menu layout, for that matter.

doesn't it not matter if the stand or user is pierced? then we have kira and giorno hit by nonbeetle arrows

new op is godlike. stop being retarded.

I still don't understand why Okuyasu can't just directly swipe at someone

Wouldn't that effectively cut them in half?

He has to be in short range.

Yeah but he's not a murderer.

>the new OP ends up being even worse than chase

>I still don't understand why Okuyasu can't just directly swipe at someone
Because the protagonists of your lighthearted shounen manga can't cut people in half.

Steel Ball Run colors scans are finally done. The ending hit me harder than I thought it would.

makes sense but is that ever stated?

I mean at someone like Kira

You know, the guy who's murdered countless people in cold blood

(You) probably wouldn't even be satisfied if they just repackaged Bloody Stream, did full CGI, and did the whole OP over again because Bites the Dust.
Captcha: Cat Gang

Too violent and too effective.

Realistically this part would have been over in half the time if Josuke or someone competent had The Hand.

The stand has to be pierced. If the user is pierced, they get a new power, or a stand if they didn't have one. This can be observed when Pucci is hit by a beetle arrow and doesn't get a requiem.

As for the publishing company, I thought it was a sticker or something and someone left it around because they were reading the book.

I have no idea about Daiya tho.

>we got (You), an /r9k/ poster, instead

if only part 5 was done in color
the only one that needs it badly
i just realized that every single part is done in color now besides 5 (and 8 only has v1 but that's not a finished part)

>decide to reread SBR because of this
>remember what happens to Marco

did the best i could
r8 or h8
hopefully someone will use it as a base and fully draw it someday

Hey guys.
Joseph has been in every OP.

Same voice actor does not mean they have to have the same voice, though.

>Rohan doesn't just use Heavens Door on attractive females and write that they'll give him a blowjob

Take it up with Part 5 having shit fucking writing then. Requiems are Beetle Exclusive until Araki goes back in time to write, "Oh by the way, other arrows can give Requiems too so the Beetle Arrow's importance at the end of the story meant fucking nothing lol"

Fuck, I don't even like Part 5 but your headcanon is Game Theory tier

And the funny thing is that they're moving on to Part 8 now.

It looks like people actually know whats objectively good

He is yes but even he fucking knows what gis basic ability is. Its not being in character at this point its just Araki pretending Okuyasu can't do that and insisting on writting him into a fight he might as well not be in.

When I came into the thread I thought that this sketch was Diavolo having an epitaph vision or something

You know I never post on Fridays fucker.

Holy shit, you're right

>Then have Caesar somehow fill Stroheims role in the final battle. Stroheim was based but it's bullshit that he basically was the only one who significantly helped JoJo throughout the entire part rather than Caesar

Part 2 was a war between MASTER RACES!!!

So is he an alien or just some delusional human who got touched by the arrow slightly so he can't see stands?

Wouldn't be smart of him to get that close to someone who can turn anything touched by his Stand into a bomb anyways.

I'm just asking for some proof, my man. It's not headcanon, it's just what we know for sure.

If Joseph was scared of DIO, does that mean D was more powerful than kars?

pretty good desu senpai

different teams iirc
still, i don't get why they're bothering with B&W scans for VA still
why not just do it all in color at once? it's not like they're going so quickly without color, and it doesn't seem like it's that much of a big difference to put text on color scans vs B&W

Abbachio's death was pretty good, to me.

It's just a normal arrow that has a cool design you retard. You are the one making all these dumb theories and assumptions that Araki never stated.

It's not confirmed if he can't see Stands, Josuke just thought that based on his non-reaction.

>There's an english version of Great Days
Oh shit.

Rohan is Koichisexual
He'd probably never even touch a woman unless he thought it would make his manga better

What, you think he needs Heaven's Door to get women, unlike you?

That's how you take the first napkin.
Vorelentine confirmed as SBR Mikataka

Is Mario Kart user here?


Kars is literally invincible. DIO is scarier because he has more influence, has been working for a lot longer, and is probably a lot stronger too. Being invincible is sort of a trump though in any fight.

And you.

>not blue

What can't have a stand. a dog,monkey,alien, a tower, a group of algea, A Mother Fucking road had a stand why don't we just give the air a stand or a fetus a stand or a stand a stand

What was Kira planning to do if he succeeded in killing the good guys in the final fight?

I feel like he would have left a trail if he killed like, 5 people in the middle of the street, and the speed wagon foundation would still know he was out there, once the kid was killed the police would investigate Kira, and he wouldn't be able to use bites the dust due to bringing his enemies back to life.

Was he just going to live on the run after that?


The Hand is short range, and lacks speed. All the fast stands dance circles around it, he has a hard time getting close enough to use it directly.

Tanami was in Highway Star? I don't remember, can someone brush me up

This guy went from being one of my least favorite Part 4 fights to one of my favorite minor villains in all of JoJo all because of the anime.

The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence

Just because the arrow didn't give Giorno a Requiem Stand the first time doesn't mean it can if you try really, really hard enough. Otherwise there would've been no point to inventing the Beetle Arrow in the first place because the Speed Wagon Foundation already has Keicho's. If that worked, they would've given it to Polnareff instead

But it's been proven every time, three times in fact, that the Beetle Arrow gives Requiem Stands while the normal arrow only gives normal Stands or new powers to normal Stands

It's not rocket science, it's a Shonen Manga for 12-year olds

Great comeback, did you get it from your dad's mouth?

How many MIA plot points are there in JJL now?
There's at least 3.
>Bite Marks
>The mark your post mentioned
>Flashback Man

Yeah, but I'm working
and shitposting here
In a few hours I'll start again with the work, I need to finish some things

Familiarity breeds contempt.

All Joseph knew about DIO was that he murdered his grandfather, stole his body, had a Stand user army, and was making his daughter deathly ill. Lot of hype for the jerk.

Meanwhile, his first formal fight against Kars had him successfully sending him tumbling off of a mountain.

If Kars returned in the stand parts like DIO he'd be way stronger

He wouldn't even need to be shot with an arrow since the fact that he mastered hamon in seconds probably means he'd almost instantly get a ridiculously strong stand on top of being borderline invincible even without stands

He's only around for the rest of the cee-lo match.

Have you done any character model swaps yet?


Well for one thing, there's no such thing as a half stand user, either you have one and you can see Stands or you don't and can't
Him not reacting to Crazy Diamond isn't necessarily bullet-proof but the weird behavior he exhibits wouldn't lead you to believe that he would ignore something like that if he really could see Stands, and he has no reason to lie to Josuke since he never does anything later on. Also, if he was a Stand user, that doesn't explain the fact that he has an allergy to specific sounds
The best bet is that he's really an alien and everything he said was true, and he just so happened to bump into Josuke and Okuyasu

Joseph just fell victim to the power creep once he got the worst stand in the series

>Flashback Man

He shows up at the dice game to make sure Josuke doesn't go back on his word/run away and is not cheating

Mikitaka doesn't have a stand, thats just his alien powers.
The tower is the stand, not the stand user.
The Ghost Alley isn't stand related, it's ghosts.
Shakedown Road isn't the stand user, it's the trees.

>Kira didn't tap and impregnate Shinobu's fat ass because he just wants to murder bitches

What a fucking loser

Not yet

>yfw stands are a representation of mental energy
>yfw two trees and some algae can handle stands but yours almost kills you


Struth! Jojo is still able to fight!

its not a comeback since i wasnt the guy you replied to

but feel free to come up with a rebuttal to try and save face on an anonymous imageboard

Someone requested this earlier

aw of course. As useless as "The Lock" is. I wish he was around for more of the filler chapters.

What if her stand power was just that it killed her. Like, it's not that she couldn't handle it, that's just what it does.

Kind of. I mean, by Part 3, Joseph was old and his Stand wasn't good for combat and he couldn't meme his way into victory anymore.
Plus, DIO had a lot more going for him to make Joseph fear him than Kars had (even if Kars was stronger). He's the Joestars's most personal and most dangerous enemy, a parasite who hacked his way into the family and literally consumes Joestars to make himself stronger.

vector it

It was Fighting Spirit back in Part 3

Got retconned to just kind of being a super power afterward. Josuke and Koichi sort of kept that tradition going, but once Trish got her Stand anything could have one

I want a happy ova for part 4 so bad
>Christmas OVA
>Summer OVA
>Tanabata OVA
>Onsen OVA

>tfw Kakyoin didn't survive and give Holly the love she needed

Give me jojo profile pictures

Pic related

Joseph spoiled the shit out of Holly

We probably wont get another CG OP until the last part of Stone Ocean. It will be a callback to the first OP in reverse.

Maybe he doesn't know about sex?

What are the stands at 1, 4, 6, and 10 o'clock?

Grateful Dead guy got gored to death by the wheels of a train and stayed conscious through the entire thing.

>that Dio voice

Do they just get the same guy to voice every villain?

Arigato, user

I want to see Joseph and Suzie raise Holly ;_;


Do you think he actually liked the taste of them, or was he just trying to be polite?

I always thought it was more like animals and plants and shit have an effectively infinite supply of mental energy because they don't really think the way people do, they just need the base level of intelligence needed to comprehend that they want something and they can make their stand do what they want, or in the case of plants it's their electric field or whatever the fuck that makes it go
Holly just doesn't have the stamina needed to handle a stand

the jewelry baby

>tfw George II and Holly will never be protagonists because they aren't JoJos

Name the worst fight in each part.

>1 and 2
N/A because there's a lot of really short fights that can be put here.

Wheel of Fortune


Soft Machine

Dragon's Dream

Pork Pie Hat Kid

Fun Fun Fun

You mean you don't eat your tissues? Man, you've got issues.

I'm really bummed out that Damo didn't slink off and become our final boss. He's easily been the best thing in part 8 to date, and it isn't even close. You could tell Araki had fun writing him too, with all of the stylish ways he utilized Vitamin C. Shit like cutting people with dollar bills, splattering them against walls, blocking punches by flicking coins, multi-hand stand rushes, ghostly hands draping over the entire mansion and torturing people with fish made for awesome panels. He was way more charismatic than a bald fat manlet had any right to be.

i was bored so here's joseph in every OP

Bad Company

dunno, harvest, surface, and stray cat

Dragon's Dream was not the worst, it was actually kind of funny. The worst was one of Dio's retard sons. They all fucking sucked and were not necessary.

Holly's stand was causing her trouble because DIO's influence was making it (as well as Josuke's stand) go wildly out of control. When he was killed, both of them recovered instantly. This is the whole plot of part 3.

It's probably also why Star Platinum was at its strongest during SDC, and why it was significantly weaker afterwards.

>Dragon's Dream

Yeah, he snuck into the Higashikata house to hide information about Kyou from the family tree, so she could infiltrate as their maid.

I'm hoping they cover more Rohan OVAs at least, do the Tonio one since some other characters make an appearance there and not just Rohan
Dead Man's Questions OVA would be cool too

>Soft Machine

Holy shit I forgot all about that fight. It was so boring and long and trying to 'develop' characters like Abbachio that I completely forgot it was a thing

Why couldn't we just have a casual boat ride to actually develop the gang, they really needed it in that Part

10 o'clock is cinderella glasses unless i'm going crazy
EWF is the dice on the right

The Rokakaka coming from New Guinea

>Toonami will have to power through Phantom Blood to get to the good stuff

How unfortunate for their viewers.

That's tsurigi, user.

Holly lets her son do whatever he wants. A tree doesn't move for anyone.

tsurugi is like 100 years old?

4 is Harvest
6 is the wooden doll (?)
10 is Cinderella/Stray Cat, I'm not entirely sure because it reminds me of Cinderella's design but Aya's completely dead and gone so it wouldn't make much sense to have her represented and I guess it sort of resembles Stray Cat if you don't look too hard

You're probably right about Cinderella. My bad.

Araki has lost his mind.

Literally any of Dio's bastards (except Weather Report) is way shittier

that oldman during the black Sabbath fight still couldn't handle being hit by the arrow and it is implied that if Josuke hadn't heal Koichi he would had die due the arrow for not having the mental strength for a stand at that point, which was also sort of implied in that echoes manifested as an egg showing that it was incomplete.
Just as anything inconsistent with Araki i guess he just forgets but then remembers at times.

>if only part 5 was done in color

but I read all of part 5 in color

Am I missing something?

What about Holy raising Jotaro?

Going solely off music

Stand Proud > Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town ~EDM > Bloody Stream > Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town > Sono chi no Sadame > Chase > End of Za Warudo > Great Days

>The worst was one of Dio's retard sons. They all fucking sucked and were not necessary.

This their powers were either stupid (sky high) or beyond retarded, which would be the other two. It kind of annoys me that they are technically joestars, with the birthmark. As much as I like part 6, I really wanted the story to reach its conclusion at that point, but we had to deal with rods and an evil goat



Rolling Stones

Fucking rods

Magnetic family

Paper moon king

There's nothing gay about having an appreciation for the beauty of the male form.

>stand proud the top song
instantly trash.

>aya's completely dead and gone
as opposed to keicho and shigechi? and we never see (in a real capactiy) tonio, shizuka, hazamada, etc again anyway


>Stand Proud and CNBT EDM at the top
>Great Days at the bottom
Not even gonna give you a full (You

>transforms his body completely
>from space
Is he a kars spawn


Yeah, still goes in line with what I said though

By the time Trish got a Stand everything could have one


Stadium where the rokakaka are at
Josuke's hat and hair
How Josefumi is related to the Joestars
Speed King's real ability.


And what's wrong with Stand Proud? I'll never understand how anyone thinks End of Za Warudo and Chase are even half way decent


Sono chi no sadame >>> All

Post more Joshus.

>Stand Proud first
>CNBT: Literally Worse Edition second
>Great Days last

This bait is way too obvious.

From the inside looking around the whole thing seems really, really gay. I like JoJo a lot but it's fucking brimming with homoeroticism, the only part I can think of that doesn't really have any is 8. On the whole the series is filled with beautiful men, often in compromising poses and relationships with other beautiful men.

Dio vs Dire was pretty shitty

>Stadium where the rokakaka are at
that's just where aishou worked, what do you mean?
we need to see Karera again but i doubt she's forgotten
there's no way we won't see speed king again either

i hope you aren't serious

that's some garbage rankings there familia

Dragon's Dream was an okay concept that was executed fucking terribly.
It was 8 chapters of FF getting her ass handed to her without her being able to retaliate.

The Sky High fight was a reverse of Dragon's Dream. Retarded concept, great execution. One of the better Stone Ocean fights.
Underworld was great.
Bohemian Rhapsody was just dumb.

you take that back

tarkus I guess
the nazi guy that got killed by a cactus
Devo the Cursed
RPS kid
man in the mirror fight (literally made me quit the manga for 2 years it was so boring)
Sky High
Civil war, assuming that's the part where johnny shot himself in the head
haven't read it yet

It's just boring. Theres no punch to it. Sono chi no Sadame and Bloody Stream have a really good hook. Stand Proud is just flaccid the whole way.

Great Days is fucking trash and the worst opening yet

>Great Days is already stuck in my head after one listen

Will do.
Can't ait for him to finally win Yasuho's heart.

Wired Beck
Tower of Gray
Soft Machine
Yo-Yo Ma
Fun Fun Fun

People hate the chorus and tend to forget that it has the hypest ending.

Shit taste like this should be bannable

>green yen

Yasuho is mine.

I liked Chase after I saw the translated lyrics, it's written from either josuke's or kira's perspective and it's neat

>tend to forget that it has the hypest ending.

>hypest ending

Reminder that Yasuho CANONICALLY gives Joshu more sweets than Josuke.

single when

So that he can die of diabetes sooner.


It has to be Josuke's perspective, right? Kira never had any interest in 'chasing' him, he was wholly prepared to let him go and didn't care about winning or losing as long as he was safely under the radar.


Excuse me?

I wonder why Josefumi doesn't appear in the Family Tree, when he's a descendant of Johnny too. Though, it might be because that Family Tree is outdated or something.

Great Days is fucking shit my familias and Chase was good

You guys pick up Savage Garden the singles yet?

She would have only done that if she truly loved him.

anyone have the polanreff vs devo webm? some of the best animation of that whole season is in that fight

What the fuck is this

both better than any ending of any other op
>inb4 oraoraoraoraora
Shit way to close the song.

I honestly think Part 5 is what brings it all to a head, because the entire story is just about a bunch of Italian twinks getting in fights with each other
The gross exaggeration of musculature in earlier parts makes it more comical, and the more in-depth plots and slightly more balanced gender ratios in parts 6-8 take some of the edge off, but with part 5 you just get the entire thing raw, with nothing to smooth it over

Oh FUCK he does say that. I had to go relisten just to be able to understand that awful engrish. It just sounds like more japanese gibberish.

Keep telling that to yourself

>tfw in this webm
stream when

>user wasn't there for the memestream

I'd think so but the first verse leads me to believe it's kira getting mad about his precious quiet life being ruined by a bunch of kids

Trust me, that's my life

Neither. It was written independent of Jojo and licensed for use by David. Literally the only OP that wasn't written for Jojo.

Parts ranked from gayest to straightest:


No but I picked up the doubles.

I mean, it can still apply, even if it wasn't written with that intent.

Would you rather tuck a stand or a stand user?

was i just blind for a while or did WUALITY only start cropping up towards the end of SDC?
rewatching some early SDC and it actually looks really nice


Wheel of Fortune
The Lock
Little Feet
Dragon's Dream/Yoyo-Ma, I can't decide.
Tomb of the Boom
Doobie Wah, but JJL has no bad fights.

why did Kakyoin have to die bros, I'm still sad

The lyrics say STAND PROUD but the singer just yells SUTANDOOOOOOOO.

>Part 8 least gay
>every character has massive DSL, including the guys

I'd tuck Polnareff in anyday.

To be honest when I saw the peace sign flashing in the background I honestly thought it was a JoJo reference

Also the meaning still fits, which is all that matters

4 should be above 1

I have that shirt
It's significantly better seeing jojo merch compared to other shit like DBZ or AoT.

It still largely features less sexualized men and a ton of female sexuality. The naked girl at the start, All those scenes of Tsurugi fondling Yasuho, Daiya going ape over Josuke for some reason, Karera foaming at the clit for Secchan, Joshu stripping his mom, Hato talking casually about fucking Damo etc.

>With all those women
>Not gay

You're in luck, friend. My dad's an Italian and he knows the episode list for DiU

1 - Jotaro Kujo Meets Josuke Higashikata (3)
2 - Josuke Meets Angelo (5)
3 - Nijimura Brothers (10)
4 - Koichi Hirose's Echoes (5)
5 - Toshikazu Hazamada's Surface (5)
6 - Yukako Yamagishi Is In Love (9)
7 - Let's Eat Italian Food (4)
8 - Red Hot Chili Pepper (8)
9 - Picked Up Something Dangerous (3)
10 - Let's Go To The Mangaka's House (7)
11 - Let's Go Hunting (5)
12 - Rohan Kishibe's Adventure (5)
13 - Shigechi's Harvest (7)
14 - Yukako Yamagishi Wants To Be Like Cinderella (6)
15 - Yoshikage Kira Just Wants A Quiet Life (5)
16 - Sheer Heart Attack (11)
17 - Atom Heart Father / Yoshikage Kira's New Life (7)
18 - RPS Kid Is Coming (6)
19 - I Am An Alien (6)
20 - Highway Star (8)
21 - The Cat Who Loved Kira (6)
22 - Who Wants To Live On A Transmission Tower (6)
23 - Enigma Boy / That's Not My Dad (10)
24 - Cheap Trick (6)
25 - Another One Bites The Dust (10)
26 - Crazy Diamond Is Unbreakable / I'll Jog Your Memory / The Guardian Angel Of Morioh / Goodbye Morioh; Golden Hearts (9)
27 - Rohan Meets Gucci/Rohan at the Louvre
28 - Kishibe Rohan OVA (6)
29 - Josuke Meets Jolyne (6)
30 - School Festival special
31 - Hot Springs special
32 - Summer Vacation special
33 - Golden Week special
34 - Halloween special
35 - Christmas special
36 - New Years' special
37 - Under Execution, Under Jailbreak / Dolce and His Master (3)
38 - Dead Man's Questions (3)
39 - Graduation special

>tfw looking at the stream now and it's just tokyo polnareffland on repeat

No, he says sutando proud. the cadence is just different.

There's literally nothing even remotely gay about part 4, though


Erina's biological son had sex with her adopted daughter? Isn't that kind of weird?

Since Elizabeth was raised by Straizo, did they know they were so closely associated?

Dio was gay as hell for Jonathan, culminating in him fondling his artery before stealing his hot body. Not to mention Speedwagon loudly screeching about how homo he was for Jonathan too.

>Cinderella before Quiet Life


>Erina's biological son had sex with her adopted daughter? Isn't that kind of weird?
It was a different time. Someone didn't read Frankenstein.

Couldn't Joseph reveal Kira's identity in a matter of minutes? Granted that'd be boring story telling.

That's a real shirt? It just looks like a bad shop.



Gappy is easily the gayest looking Jojo, hands down.

like even background characters here don't look as bad as josuke as the main focus of shots in current episodes

can somebody put a hat on teru k thnx bye

Erina never adopted Lisa Lisa. Streizo did, the kids didn't even meet until they were way older, and were never raised as siblings.


Huh. Yeah, he probably could. Add that to the plothole pile.

Is it weird that they used Breakdown as the hook for the intro
I just feel like it's barely been used, while the theme that plays for Jotaro whenever he does something big got a lot of time in Stardust Crusaders to be ingrained in the viewer's consciousness as music that means something cool is about to happen

Couldn't they have flown a private jet to Egypt?

Erina didn't really adopt Lisa Lisa. Lisa Lisa was dumped on Straizo and he had to father her. Since she learned Hamon through him, I like to imagine that since Joseph is the only canonical character whose mother was a Hamon user is the reason why he inherited it

The only thing about the backstory that was utter shit was George II being killed by a DIO Zombie. That was a stupid fucking reason to get Lisa Lisa out of Joseph's life

>didn't catch the subtle hints of Jotaro offering to go to a hotel with Josuke after they went rat hunting

Didn't want to draw attention. They even tried riding a public plane, and you saw how that went.

I dunno. He doesn't have a boob-window like Giorno, and doesn't have Johnny's girliness and massively emphasized ass. And the most skin we get from him is usually just a flash of midriff, rather than Joseph or Jonathan who constantly bared it. He's the most fully-clothed JoJo after Jotaro, who dresses like a fucking nun.

>Gayest looking
>Yet everyone in the Part wants Gappy's Four Ball Run

It's Araki fucking with us

And they've been working on a Monster Hunter anime, which airs tomorrow.

My friend straight up thought Gappy was a male stripper at first.


i just now realized the breakdown in the intro is the same one used for the next episode title previews

I always forget that Joseph made all his money in real estate
I wonder how that worked, he never seemed especially business savvy

Blowing the opportunity for high-flying WW1 dogfights as a part setting is fucking criminal. I was really hoping he would take another look at George Joestar for Part 8, but he went with a sailor outfit instead.

It's a fucking map, user.

>The first parts are gay af
>Part 5 is the gayest thing in jojo
>"But jojo was Manly! and straight! now is filled with qt gay boys!"
>Part 8 is the way more hetero than part 3 4 and specially 5

The font is probably huge to make the brand stand out, so that's probably why it looks like shit. That other user's shirt looks pretty nice though.

>and all have only had one woman in their life

Really, it's been the same level of gayness. We've just gone from bara type dudes to yaoi type dudes.

Why is Tomoko so attractive?

Why is Teru the best boy ? we will never know

>"But jojo was Manly! and straight! now is filled with qt gay boys!"
I do this to fuck with manimefags

She has the second best ass in Diamond is Unbreakable

Josuke is third, Shinobu is first

>People unironically complain about god-tier Chase
>Now we have this shitty rushed intro with it's shit song and fucking horrible rushed art

Fuck you dumb fucks, I'm legitimately mad

I'm still mad that David Pro gave her a flat ass and thin thighs

I didn't care much for anime Kosaku Kira until I saw him animated, particularly today's OP

Smug bastard

Chase was shit, this shit is too shit you are shit, i hope the Enigma's episode is not shit like you and all your family

i have no idea what i'm doing, but i'm making an attempt

It all went to her

Ignore the face and foot. Fuck I need the BD version soon

Is Dead Man's Questions worth reading?

Part 4 is just a rushed cash grab so that David can get to 5 faster with some extra budget


are there even any panels of her ass?

Dan of Steel

Posting best alien,

>new op

god tier lads, also the leaked the last ep op

wouldn't those both fall under "fuck yeah"?
the first one is supposed to be sad


Its very short so yeah
The character being Kira kinda felt tacked on

If she's a map, then how come I keep getting lost in her eyes?


I was trying to be funny, I meant to write Pork Pie Hat Kid, for the first one.


Christ how horrifying.

a party hat nigger, i want teru with party hat, do it


You got your hat, asshole.
What do you think I am? A bank for hats? Get the fuck out of here.

*dust biting in the distance*

It's pretty mellow compared to the Rohan spin-offs but it's a neat read if you finished everything else.
It makes some call backs to his life, like how he goes to kill a child murderer who is hiding with a woman, gets screwed over by a dog, doesn't take shit from a kid and still tries to find a quiet life by while being a hitman of all things

I wonder if they'll change it to his Bites the Dust hairstyle later on


ah. dan of steel (and cioccolatta) make sense as favorite deaths because of the length of beatdown

pffft, bet you have a few shitty hat, all of me hats are the best lad, i could show them, of course you would not aprrreciate them, right ? i cant trust anybody anymore lad, i try buying a few COUNTRYLIFE BUTTER, but i cant get enought of it, i cant stop starting the scrrrrreeen wiaitng for it, i just cant everyfucking time they rush the fucking game and i dcant never finish me tech fucking terrans hate them all and their repaers i cant adjst gfaof eith episode of TERU THE BEST BOY OF ALL JOJO PRAISE BE THE QUEEN WE ARE THE LADS FROM COUNTRY LFIE AVA
thanks senpai

You have my support user

thanks koichi kun

>allergy to specific sounds

A common sign of autism.

delete this



But he got the antidote from Wham


I'm pretty sure he was talking about his mother's mother

Joseph didn't even use it until he won. All he really did was give Joseph his bandana, which was more useful than he was.

>Toonami doing a Phantom Blood dub
What do you guys think?

the joestar curse can't stop the joseph