Girls und Panzer und /ak/

Why is she such a lewd?

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>Pekoe not shooting Dajreeling
Out of character.


I'm going to quickly post my wife and then go to bed I hope everyone is alright with that



>Student Council has their own private secret hot tub

I love everything about it.


Did this make you have a nocturnal emission?

I'm sure they will! I'll be happy so long as one has my brown hair, and another my blue eyes.

Sleep well, Norikofag.

No, but you could imagine what I did the second I woke up. (Please don't imagine it)


Too late, sorry.


Sleep tight, Spats-chanfag

>hey son, we noticed you're always alone in your room on the weekends, so we adopted that nice neighbor girl. user, meet your new little sister!

Mom, please stop stealing lolis, we already have a bunch of them.



>Onii-chan, you don't like Nina?


Yuuki is one of the girls i lust for the most.


Too big, i like my little slut flat.

I'm glad people liked that thread.

You need the breast fat for paizuri when you're handling a dozen men at once.

What thread? What happened?

I want to help Momo with her athlete's foot.

You don't understand how cute and sexy paizuri with DFC is, which is why i want to receive one from Anzu as i make out with Yuzu and Momo.


This is your daughter for tonight.

Darjeeling is my wife!

Momo does NOT have athletes foot!

But it was explicitly stated in the OVA.

There will never be a girls und land of the unclean.

Cute! Thanks, user.

I'll take her word for it.

Also it just sounded like Yuzu and Anzu were messing with her.

It sounded more like she's defensive about having it.

lesbian Chiyo Shiho sex.

No means no!

No one would react that way if the accusation wasn't true.

No! Shiho is for me!

>not wanting to see your wife do girl on girl.

Girl on girl only appeals to retarded teenage boys.

Maybe she hates getting teased that much.

We know Momo has a short temper and can't control her emotions very well. She doesn't even like being called out for smiling.

Also tell almost any girl they have athletes foot to their face and chances are they'll get mad/ upset with you.

But athletes foot makes her cuter.

Mako is my wife~

Duce is stuck

Anzu knows a fine ass when she sees it

How do we help her? She's pretty high up there.

I'll rescue her.

I want Duce to hang out with me!


>Asuza becomes Oorai commander
>Nina grows up to become the Pravda commander
>Student Council and Nonna/ Katyusha still attend matches
>Saori owns a cooking franchise

I'm OK with this possible outcome.

Did someone just have a dream of my Nonna knows pasta?

>Nina with tits



>OK with Nina growing up
Discontinue yourself.

She knew she had to ward of Mika and her cronies. She did it in the only way she could. By growing up.

>hey son, we noticed you're always alone in your room on the weekends, so we adopted that nice neighbor girl. user, meet your new little sister!

Thanks user. I'm going to use this every night as I fall asleep.

>little sister
I think my parents have dementia, I need to fire them and promote my new little sister to mommy.

Cred Forums is for 18 and up. Last time I checked Nonna is in high school.

Well, they got the little part right

That is correct; men of superior intellect and refinement favor girl on futa (and/or vice versa).

Which Gloriana would last longest in a glory hole?

the one with ASS in the name

Not Rosehip.

Pic related.
>not wanting to cream pie your wife while she eats out another girl

Which tank could be most easily modified to make a glory hole?

>Stick your dick in the gloryhole labeled ROSEHIP
>A torrent of blood shoots back at your torso through the hole as you hear high speed Rosehip noises
>Your penis is gone

Named after an AV Idol...poor girl

I don't think poor Orenji can handle more than one.

He improved the pasta to be even lewder, don't forget to shitpost with it.



Help, I'm in love with Duce!


It's time to stop.

I hope you guys are having a great day/night, if not then I'm sure it'll be better and hang in there.

How would you react if you discovered Anchovy had no feelings for you but Pepperoni had a crush on you?

Fuck Anchovy anyway

Remove yourself, bully.

There's no escape. Enjoy your Duce.

Probably kill myself.
Just kidding, Pepperoni is cute too, and a good cook.

So close.

>hfw I confess

>Pic related.

Just thinking about if any of our Tank Faeries hated us hurts me.

And I have a feeling they would.

I think something's wrong with my Anchovy, does anyone know how to fix her?

This makes me think: which guppie would realistically like you and why?

Pic related for me since I'm an autistic romaboo.

I'm sorry user, your Chovy has gone full lewd. We're gonna have to put her down.

Date Pepperoni then. She seems like a good girlfriend.

Ill make her dress up as a maid and our daughter will be named Remilia.

happy birthday senpaitachi

I think every user here would be a good fit with at least one of the history team members. Militaryfags and historyfags often overlap.

Well, chances are most answers will be the Hippos or Yukari. They're the only ones who show interest in somewhat non-normie things.

There's the Anteaters.


Kay would like me because I'm American!

They seem too far gone. They seem to be addicted to video games in the worst way possible.

Since Kay likes nerd, I say Kay.

I can only hope this would work on Momo should she be real.

Just being nice to her/ following her orders/ helping out would most likely just land me in the friendzone hard. Direct-to-Guppie approach must be the only way!


She has a point, you know.

Why don't you guys go to Iraq if you like tanks so much?

Of course she has a point.

Tanks were not made to make anyone happy. The girls are just lucky they live in the GuP universe, where they have been re-purposed to entertainment sport machines.

I have a tank museum 10 miles from my house. Why would I go to Iraq?

Well, I just want a romantic relationship. My hobbies would be doting on my partner in any way possible, any other hobby she'd have is one I'd like to kr already do partake in anyway.

Going shopping for brand names together, cooking with each other in the kitchen, watching soppy romance films in the couch. Anything, it all appeals to me because it's all shit I already do.

Probably Anchovy. I speak Italian and like to cook so we'd get along fine.


>Italians hanging out upside down


can I join too?

Boys don't have wombs


How would Nonna react if she discovered that Katyusha had a crush on a boy and that Katyusha wanted to spend more time with him than in her arms?

Use her body to ensure that he is suitable

I want to plant my seven seeds inside of Shizuka!

I want to put Shizuka's hair in a record player and see what song plays!

Her pussy hair?

How the fuck do you get dreams with anime girls? Did you dream Katyusha and Nonna in 2D or 3D? Were you a 2D or a 3D boy?


>Going shopping for brand names together, cooking with each other in the kitchen, watching soppy romance films in the couch
>it's all shit I already do.

I wish Saori was real. You deserve her!


I still don't understand why the girls were on giant aircraft carriers converted to floating towns. Why is there so much military equipment around? What happened in the GuP universe that made tank driving a female only sport?

GuP has the deepest lore of any anime I've ever watched.


If anyone could make it work, it's you Sawreehfag. God fucking speed.

2D user, I have a deliciously vivid imagination.

Thanks Anons, my love is undying!

If you pump n dumped Katyusha, would Nonna hunt you down?

You'd be hunted before you even started, user.

What if I pump n dump Nonna too?

>not building your Pravda harem

She'll have to do lots of hunting then because that's what Katyusha is only good for

Soviets are not made for multiple uses

Nonna is more likely to dump your corpse into the nearest landfill.

I want to hotbox with the sodoclones in their b1 char


Erika, please stop pretending Miho likes you. She's straight.

S͖̻̺̹͍̩̊̚a̺̗͍̳̰̫ͨkͨ̄̈́̉̌͒ͣi̫̪̼̫̮̦͕ ̝̬̻̣̥͉͔̇͂̆̋ͨc̰̻͈̙̺̩ͭ̑ŏ̋́̌͜m̳͖̦̟̓e̟s̵͈̩̰̦ͪͨͅ.̈̊̋͏̲̰͈͕

ive shilled this anime so much to my friends, successfully got 5 of them to watch it, am i doing good?

Miho is MINE!
She belongs to ME!

But beware of sutiation when they can start fighting eachother because the have same waifu.

well 2 of them did call sawreeh a slut, and the other 2 defended her

And the fifth?

They have some functioning WW1/WW2 tanks

he uhh...went missing

I've gotten a couple of friends to watch it. Two of them really loved it and found their waifus. Only one of them was indifferent.

they all enjoyed it, but one of them is a mechfag and so prefers shit like gundam seed over it, overall they liked it but they dont love it

>likes fictional fighting weapons but not real ones
What a faggot.

basically told him the tanks could probably rek the early gundams anyway

I get you. One of my friends liked GuP but it is as passive a like as you can get. He prefers crazy over the top shit.

I get so into GuP for some reason I can't really understand why. I never had a focused interest in tanks beforehand, just a general interest in WWII stuff. But this show for some reason makes me so happy and excited to talk about it my friends/ family probably get annoyed.

oh im definitely annoying my friends with it, always posting and talking about it, ive liked tanks and other military related things in general since i was a 6, often playing....with toy models....alone.....oh shit

Do you masturbate with your tank shells, Yukari?


Oh hi me.

Well then I guess you can relate to Yukari pretty well.

I'm glad this show exists. It makes me feel at peace, and I get to talk to other similar silly anons as a result.


Well to be fair, I did lick her pussy

this is probably the correct answer. Darjeeling is absurdly experienced with sex.


What if GuP was made in the 90's?

Erika is a nice Jewish girl!

I really want to see this now.

*incoming blogpost*
Ironically, I didn't want to watch the show cause I thought it was some stupid moe shit that would just be your average anime adding military things in it and the ones in charge have no fucking idea what they're doing.
The funny thing is the one who recommended I watch it was my kid brother's 10 year old (at the time) friend.

he was like
>"do you watch girls und panzer?"
>"uhh, no?"
>"why not?"
>"I dunno, cause"
I didn't want to bash a show he liked especially since I haven't tried it out yet. Didn't know the kid even watched anime, but i guess it made sense since he plays world of tanks. Put it off for 2 years and finally watched it. Now I'm in love with it. Best show I ever watched.

Joint tournament with the girl tankery teams and the boy pilot teams is organized. What happens?

That certainly is an odd way to find out about the show. I didn't think a 10 year old would watch it.

I started because I saw a silly loli in an oversized Russian tanker hat singing in a snow storm. There's no way I couldn't not watch a show with that in it.

We'd have 2d tanks.

I wouldn't have watched it probably

>Ace Combat quoting all over the radio

>MC team doing pretty well and it's the late stages of the tournament
>the main plane guy's wingman and his plane suddenly disappear
>after failing to find them, they give up and chalk it up to nerves getting to the wingman
>main plane guy find a new wingman
>during the final match they're flying up to meet the enemy team
>suddenly the new wingman gets sniped out of the sky from a plane that was hidden in the clouds
>spanish guitar riff
>it's the old wingman who betrayed the team so that he could have a final showdown with his rival, the main plane guy, before graduating and no longer having the chance to
> >

No idea how Ace Combat shenanigans would fly with the girls though

Unlikely romance between a tanker girl and a ground attack aircraft pilot

The real kicker is though that kid recommended it to me, I put it off for 2 years and only watched it because my buddy told me to watch an anime hes been asking me to watch for a few years, and I'm like "nah imma watch this girls and tanks anime instead" best decision ever

What planes would the Ooarai Boy's Flying Team fly? All the other schools would have the planes associated with their countries, but what about a mix like Ooarai that mostly has mediocre equipment?

>This actually happens in Season 2
>Some dick ass cocky flyboy starts flirting with your favorite Guppie
>She blushes and tries to play it off like he's not that cool, but she obviously falling hard for him

How irrationally angry would you get?

I'd be fucking livid.

You already know the answer

Glory to Belka

Honestly depends on the flyboy's attitude and whether they have good chemistry. I see the Guppies as more like daughterus than anything desu.

user please.
We all know pilots are raging homosexuals.

>yfw it's a reverse trap

Then you should still be angry.

All father's must get angry when a boy tries to get with your daughteru. It's the law.

I could see Ooarai getting early war planes like Zeros, F4F Wildcats, P47s, Hurricanes, and a BF109 for the main character.

That'd be the only way to stop be from losing my mind. For some reason I'm okay with Yuri despite not being a fan of Yuri.

>implying that I will ever admit they have good chemistry
That's the trick here

It's hard to imagine Mako falling for someone like that.

>the seal finally gets a bf

I like the way you think.

We must protect our girls!

>instead of Spanish guitar, Mika plays the kantele over the radio

Maybe Mako acts differently around boys? She must want a partner or someone considering everyone in her family is old/dead. A boyfriend to take care of her would be something she'd desire, I'd guess.

What are you implying?

>MC rival is using a Ho 229 given to him by Kuromorimine
>MC using an Me 262 he got somehow (not to sure where he gets it from)

Too farfetched?

>Erikafags would shoot up a public shopping centre
>Yukarifags would hijack a piece of armor by any means possible and go on a reckless driving spree
>Mihofags would cut anyone even slightly resembling the character
>Sawreehfag would probably commit suicide on the spot
>Momofag would cry as per usual
>Makofag would go to sleep, forever
>Erwinfags set aside their differences and gas the nips
>Kayfags would self insert because theyre all flyboys anyway

You wouldn't believe me if I explain to you GuP setting.
But basically it involves around globalism, downfall of western civilization and low fertility rates.

>Makofag would go to sleep, forever

Fucking snot shot out my nose

Not the first time we've talked this

And also financial crisis.

>(not to sure where he gets it from)
Have you even searched lakes, chicken hens and cliffside caves?

Time to start mastering the art of self insertion

She has a boyfriend, user.

Nope, user. Just watch OVA 3. It's pretty simple. The TL;DR of it is, "in the GuPverse, schools have beeen on ships since Egyptian times" and "some classy 1920's ladies started racing with tankettes".

And ignore , he's pulling your leg.

I wouldn't cry. I'd remove every scene with them interacting, remove any scene referring to any such relationship, and then watch the season like that. All fixed. No problems.

But user, what if in all scenes they're interaction?


I can see her underwear!

That's because she wants you to see them

Actually, I'd drink myself to death.

I actually have some class, thank you very much.

Then season 2 just became a very short OVA.

>Yukari is against the idea because it isn't tonks

For free? How uncharacteristic.

Take me with you! Fake Season 2 sounds too cruel.

Saunders holds the championship for 50 straight years

>fighter pilots bullying bomber pilots

> >
>Get off the radio stupid pilots!

Sure thing, anything for a friend.

Hope you like Asahi and Blue Moon.

How do you break up wife you're tank wife when it's time for her to move on to university and upper level sensha-do? I imagine the relationship goes like this:

>meet her one day on her way to school
>walk together, spend lots of time talking, eventually exchange numbers
>over time fall for her
>watch her at practice and during matches
>she's perfect
>eventually go "all the way"
>things are great, it's senior year now and you're in love with her
>suddenly, have an epiphany one night
>realize there's no future for you two
>she's going off to an American uni
>you're staying home and getting a job (no money and grades are too poor for uni)
>after this summer you'll never see her again
>you call her up and ask to meet her at the park
>you feel depressed, but you know breaking it off now will save both of you pain in the long run. She can go to uni single and without any chains back home. She can realize her dream to practice sensha-do around the globe. You get to say goodbye to the girl you love and move on with life
>you show up, dressed nicely
>it's a cool summer afternoon, it hasn't gotten too hot yet
>she shows up, dressed in a beautiful dress
>sit her down on a bench, explain what you've been feeling
>she says nothing, you can see tears welling up in her eyes
>tell her it's okay, she should be happy about the time you spent together, not about what's coming
>give her one last kiss and tell her this is the last goodbye
>you begin to walk back home
>she's still sitting on the bench, seemingly in shock
>suddenly you hear her scream at you
>"You idiot, I gave all that up to be with you! I'm not going to university! I ripped up my letter! I was going to stay here! I'll never forgive you for this!" she screams through her tears before running off
>weeks pass and you don't hear from her. You wonder what's become of her
>look her up one day, she did go to uni, and she's a top ranked commander
>you wonder if you did the right thing

Holy shit. I haven't eat melon bread in years.
Send help. ;_;

>her new bf is a fighter pilot

>not becoming an ace fighter pilot yourself and challenging him to a duel to the death with Zero playing in the background

I used to work for a Beer Distributor. Blue Moon is my friend.

>The girls and boys that initially couldn't stand eachother get closer over the course of the series and by the end are a fireforged team of friends

You messed up the sequence.
>not becoming an ace fighter pilot
>not becoming her bf's wingman
>not betraying him and saying
>not dueling him in last battle in tournament

Only flaw in that story is at some point you'd have to mention your doing this because she's going away.

She'd have ample time to tell you she isn't going away after all.

Neverthess, I'd blow my brains out.

you guys just can't stop it with the retarded fanfiction can you

B-but fighters are supposed to protect bombers.

>are you a bad enough dude to fight for your Guppie?

>relegating yourself to being a dead flame in her heart
>you will always wonder what could have been if you hadn't gone full retard and just decided to be with her as much as you can before she would leave
>believing your love cannot survive the distance between Japan and America
>being so LOW TEST that you didn't even make the attempt to find some other way to get to America to be with her as well as some
This is why your waifu will end up with some American with a big dick.

>tfw you will never cover your Guppie from the skies in your aircraft
Feels bad

It's understood that you're breaking it off because she's leaving. When she got the letter that she'd been accepted into the sensha-do program at a prestigious American university she was so happy she called all her teammates immediately. You know how much it means to her that there was nothing you could or should do to prevent her from achieving her dreams. Her future is in sensha-do, and holding her back physically and/or emotionally isn't the right thing. By trying to stick it out long distance, you're just prolonging the inevitable. As a working man, you won't be able to visit that often. you're also causing her stress and pain by not being around when she needs you. If she wants to call, you'll be asleep or just waking up and won't have time for her. A clean break is much better than just leaving things to slowly wither and die, with neither party sure what was the end. You at least had the courage to be the one to end it, making you the bad guy, or someone she could focus her pain on while she dealt with it.

You did what you had to do. LDRs never have and never will work. By doing this, you allowed her to excel to her true potential. Could you really live with yourself knowing that you held your guppie back in some way? Could you really wake up next to her everyday, as she lay in bed wondering where she'd be with sensha-do and without you? Remember her for what she was, don't wonder about what she could have been if she gave up on her dreams.

>everyone listening in wondering who the fuck has the brass balls to play the guitar while flying a fighter plane

Seriously though, why?

I only watched the series earlier this year with some friends and I don't understand this.


Only dreams now, user. Only dreams...

>not being a bad enough dude to fight for your Guppie in honorable 1 on 1 plane duels

>drinking to death
>vomit and piss everywhere
>parents find your decaying corpse
Very classy user.

Don't worry user! It's all fake! Our Guppies are safe and boy-free!

I never said I would't.

>Not jumping the dude from behind, and making sure that he will never be able to fly, ever again.

Wait, is Anzu staring at them Momos?

That isn't very honorable of you. I don't think Guppies like a man with no honor.

Humanoid over sized anime mechs have only advantage over any other weapons because they work with different rules allowing them to be heavier, better armed , faster and more maneuverable than plane, tank or whatever.

That's why I'd be there, user. To clean the scene up and make it presentable before blowing my brains out in the room over.

Fuck honour, honour can go fuck itself with a cactus

Your Guppie would be ashamed of you

>Not dueling him in plane that is anyway better than his
>Not shouting "FIRE AWAY, COWARD!"

I was kidding. The golden plan would be to just run a car in a closed garage, listening to your favourite songs.

Shit depressing topic, let's quit that now.

Of course she doesn't have it.
That stuff is infectious, Anzu and Yuzu would't take a bath together with her else. So they are just mocking her.

>clean vomit and piss
>get soaked in it
>parents receive a call that they found your decaying corpse in some dead autist's room

>Shit depressing topic, let's quit that now.


Also, go fuck yourself CAPTCHA

Finally someone gets it!

>who the fuck has the brass balls to play the guitar while flying a fighter plane
You know who.




It's a feast for the eyes!

is this the grand /gsg/ general?

>Our Guppies are safe and boy-free!
Except the rabbits.

Saki has a boyfriend too.

No, fuck off

In this itt thread, yes.

Wow. Don't be so rude, could you give me a link to it?



We all know that on the boys' side there's going to be homoerotic undertones in the tone of Top Gun among them. They'd have their own Maverick and Iceman.

/vg/ needs to go back.

To make it even better, the tanks were even commanded by a top girl.

I'm only joking, user. Saki has high-functioning autism, but the other rabbits definitely have boyfriends.

Go back where? Can you please help me? I'm lost. Thanks in advance :)

How much does it cost to be Yuuki's "boyfriend" for two hours?



Your soul.
To be paid to Saki.

How much for the one on the right?

What does Miho say?

If you have to ask, you probably can't afford it.

How much does tea cost?

$5/hour, so $10.

Though that's only to take her out for a date. Lewd things are going to be extra.
Handjob = $1.00
Blowjob = $1.50
Thigh sex = $1.50
Vaginal (with protection) = $2.00
Anal = $2.00
Vaginal (without protection) = $2.50
Cumming inside is an extra $0.02 per shot.
The above prices may be a bit expensive, but she's willing to give discounts and freebies.

How will I know if I can't afford it if I don't know how much it costs?

Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

Roll of duct tape, a bottle of chloroform and some gasoline for your rusty car.
Additional equipment can be bought to add some flavor to yourself date. And the best thing about that - you can be on a date for much than 2 hours!

Erwin is cute and she is on sale for $6.75 an hour.


Don't forget the knife, saw, plastic bags and shovel, user!
Because you'd take her camping and you need the above to cook, start a fire, and store garbage.

The shovel is used to dig holes.

I want to take Aya home and tell her that I'm her new dad!

What are you trying to imply?

I'd date her.

Hope she gets more porn.

I agree

Hey, taking the hat off costs 40$ extra

The hat stays ON.

Damn, now I really want to cook a rabbit!

A cup of semen.

I want to feed Katyusha cake as she lies on my lap.

That's because Erwin doesn't want the semen I ejaculated in her hat to spill all over her hair and face, right?

I still have this on my backlog
Was the "gemanized" subs released over DB?

I'd mating press Erwin for $54, yeah.

Finally, Miyao Ryuu has made a Pravda girl confession pic.

Anyone got a translation?


She's watching do what, fapping?

who me not nonna or kalra

Quick Mako render, I'm out for tonight, so I'll see you guys next thread, I have a lot of new art to render up, Tank it easy!

Here's an updated folder of the renders, if you've missed anything in the recent threads.!8k4EWJDK!DEF51Ux5lITfCEatoUHuXAvl6J96UTubze46PdawDYI

Stop cheating on Nishizumi-dono, Yukari.


Silly user, girls can't mating press girls.

>Sleeping in Katyusha's bed straight after sex

At least change the fucking sheets first.

The price for her silence will be all your Maho pics.

"I'm sorry Erika, I don't have any Maho pics."

I want to sing Irish rebel songs near St. Gloriana girls.

They don't have the energy user, plus all the sex was on the floor save the slurping.


So... How much for the one on the left?

Why me?

was it supposed to be for Nonna or Klara



Well, no, but now that you mention it, I'm gonna go ask Klara out instead, but you'll be my backup, right?


Emiracle is a universe of the Da-dang

Did the universe start with a Da-dang?

Furry get out REEEEEE

Yes, it's the Da-dang theory

I think it's super cute.

Pet the doggly.

Gte that 2hu out of here before i teach her VERY lewd words.

Congrats user! Your callous and cold-hearted nature has slain it.


Please come back, i won't do it again.

Fuck off you utter retard cunt.

damn, im based. See

Give me hard details about the next anime or Erika gets raped.

Miho pls, you're gonna rape her anyway.

Student council will graduate.
New girls will be introduced.

u wot?

I'm going to quickly have sex with your wife and then go to bed I hope everyone is alright with that.

Yukari, maybe.

I'm a /k/ommando who's studying mechanical engineering to work on tanks and their ilk, and I'm planning on buying Tiger I parts to cobble together/rebuild into function in my spare time.

>tfw no qt3.14 fluffy-haired sperg who will work on your Tiger with you and nerd out over documents before falling asleep under the surplus tent by its chassis every night

Kill yourself


Nobody touches Miho's prey!

Obviously Miho got something about the properties all wrong. Those Erikas are for Maho.

im bored, what are the BEST /gup/ maymays?

Fuck off.


Being a Momofag is pretty gud meme


Post these



Given more thought, I'd rather simply befriend her.

I can't imagine the damage that being raised by a /k/ommando and a tank sperg could do to a child.

>kid sees photo of Tiger in their history book depicting WWII
>get extremely excited over it, because "OH OH MOMMY AND DADDY HAS ONE OF THOSE"
>teacher flips shit, lots of bullshit ensues
>this happens anytime miltaria comes up because the kid grew up around the doodads
>"See this isn't how it would work-"
>school insists that it's unhealthy
>kid ends up friendless sperg like his/her parents were for a long time

Hey. This is the Girls und Panzer general - /GuP/

I'm awake now and can I just say I would like it if you didn't but I can't really stop you


>Implying I'm not a normie
Although in seriousness my interests do go well with my favourite girl


Nishizumis are too sexy.

Once again. Fuck off

Nogami went too far


based 'Fuck off' poster

Shimada > Nishizumi

I would share this statement if Mika is part of the Shimada clan.

I want to get spanked by Katyusha, only for her to get tired after a few minutes and have Nonna and Clara take over.


Is just matter of time

Shimada = Nishizumi

All I see are girls, where are the panzers?


the show was shit but sleepy-chan was my fav.

Mika is for sex.

Panzerfags [email protected]?


Maho would wear a sexy outfit for me, we'd awakrdly blush at each other while hoverhand groping each other because we're both autistic as fuck.

Mika is for cuddling



>has to get a new paint job to actually do something

Cuddling after sex?

C'mon, we know Shinobu is flat-chested, but the "it's a boy" meme is for Noriko and Noriko alone!

There is never rest with a finn

And of Alina, no less


my sides

>belka hailing all over the radio

All dead.
We Girls und Mädchen now.



I'm going to quickly break both you arms and your nose, so you won't get anywhere near my Noriko, let alone keep shitposting about it on the internet, and then go to bed. I hope everyone is alright with that.


Erika is a good big sister.

I hate that meme, and I hate you too.

I wonder what Erika's big sister is like.

Must be a bad one if Erika wants another that badly

Yep, hopefully soon we'll get one of Katyusha


Unlikely unless it's a Nonna POV. I mean, of all the GuP characters, she's the only one with a CANON stalker (and a stalker who's also canonically scary as fuck). I doubt any guy would be brave enough or imbecil enough to aproach her.

>Unless it's a Nonna POV it risks being a Nonna POW
Sorry, couldn't resist


How would you sleep with your favorite Garupan?

What clothes would you both wear to bed? Would you spoon, hold hands, or hug from the front? Would you have any discussions as you lay in bed, or just whisper each other sweet nothings?

Please tell me, I feed on your affection.

In between Kay and Yukari, holding both their hands. I would joke with them and talk about stuff, and tell them how much I appreciate them for existing. How life has become easier and brighter since I had them in my lives.

Then as they fall asleep, cry myself to sleep because I'm too happy that this is happening. That something bad is bound to happen and happiness like this comes with a price.

That is when I realize, they're not real and I am actually just sleeping alone in my bed.

Right in the fucking feelings.
Because im Kayfag and Yukarifag as you.

I hope Sawreehfag sees this question because I want to have a heart attack as well.

>I doubt any guy would be brave enough or imbecil enough to aproach her.

I am.

I will bring my big friend Tyrone with me. I have to sleep on the floor and he has to share the bed with Erika. He's my special visitor after all.

How many KaYukarifags are there?

At least two.
I'm not quite Kayukarifag, I'm also an Erikafag.

You're an abomination.

Brave, or imbecil?

I know, nobody likes me.

Erika is for:
>mental torture
>being angry
>slowly descending into madness
>thnking that largest tanks are the best
>liberators memes
>definitely not getting blacked



I'd spend the night filling Darjeeling channel tunnel and whisper the name of every battles britbongs lost.


Saori and I would've spoken about our day throughout the afternoon, so our bedtime conversation would just be lovey-dovey talk. I'd tell her things like how pretty she looked, or how she smelled great right after her bath, or how soft her skin was, or maybe just how special she was to me as we lay face to face with one another. I'd stare into her eyes as we softly smiled at each other while holding each other's hands. (She'd return the affectionate words, I just put the kind of things I'd say.)

After exchanging all that mushy talk we'd share a nice long hug and maybe a few light pecks before she flipped around to start spooning with me, pressing her back to my chest, I'd wrap my arms around her and pull her in closer as I pressed my face into her freshly washed hair, taking in that clean smell just before moving my head to her shoulder, we'd share a tender loving kiss before we drifted off to sleep together. Maybe some nights we would go a little further than just kissing, as married couples do.

Saori would wear a short yet modest night gown, to bed most of the time, or maybe some cute slightly oversized pyjamas when it's a little colder.

I'd go to bed happy every night, I love Saori so much. I couldn't help but to check the thread, sorry if the post made you gag, my heart melts when I post about Saori.


I would wear giant Boko suit and Miho would simply sleep on me. Whenever she'll be awaken by bad dream she would punch me as many times she want, till her stress is gone. If she wants to awake me, she'll start jumping on my stomach.

Oh hey, the Red Sea Object, that was my favorite!

I am never fucking disappointed with you Sawreehfag.

I remember when Saori wasn't your favorite. I wonder what even triggered you dreaming about her that one time.

Poor Nina


This makes me glad, I'm sure you love your favorite GuP just as much!

She wasn't my favorite, no. But I didn't have an actual distinct number one, or anything like a waifu. I rewatched yet again and Saori just skyrocketed up the ranks and straight into my heart. Now I can't help but think about her all the time.




Saori must be happy no one calls her a seal any more.


Who get mind breaked by Orcs first?

Something's a little off here.

She can't be happy about it because she doesn't exists.

None of them romantically I figure, but I think I'd get along with Erika as I'm a German loudmouth.

Saki and I sleep in the nude every night because we're too spending the night trying to make more little Sakis. It's a very lengthy, tiring process that ends in us sleeping in each others' arms, our bodies pressed so closely together that it's as if part of me is inside her.

"Was it" not "Was is"

but you see the problem is if the technology exists to make these things move, then the technology exists to make tanks and planes move even faster, not to mention their radar signatures would be off the charts, you can just face fuck them with hyper sonic cruise missiles cause theyre so big

This is the only guy I follow on pixiv

that fucking pool

hey thats not even erika, thats chiyo, erika has blue eyes!

I found some Katyusha lewds.


So, you don't last long?

>GuP will never be as big as Saki

I wish Darjeeling's Rabu Rabu personality was cannon.

Me and Katyusha would spoon, although by morning she'd somehow be facing me from the front, with my hand on her butt (She has a cute butt).

We'd mainly say sweet nothings to each other, although depending on the mood we may talk about what lewd things we'd do to each other, hell we might even do those lewd things.

Saori sucking off punks under the bridge for five bucks a man

Why are you so lewd?

When will you give up? Nobody agrees with you.

Please discontinue yourself.

I have $25. Can I get vaginal?


I will cut you in the rhythm of Korobeiniki


Every fucking time.
And plane doens't confuse you?

Enough of the lewd in fighting and more with the cute.
The plan is a MiG as well.

>That pic


>Leopard 2

There is nothing wrong with her feet.

It won't take long until she stops resisting and accept the truth.


Man the president is fucking strong

Do you happen to have the T-34 wallpaper next to vending machines?

She's a GuP loli after all.

>Wake up
>See this

How fucked are you?

Why is she tasering a doll?

you say that but dont balet dancers have fucked up feet?

She's going to demonstrate what happens when you don't do what you're told.

Jokes on you. I like getting tazed.

Why, is she forcing me to rape her?

I'll gladly test if she's as good in inflicting pain as Miho.

She's a girl, a cute, sexy girl and I want to ram her ass all night long

Me and Noriko would spend the night just sleeping in the nude spooning, we wouldn't even have sex we would just fall asleep exhausted from the days sport shit

>lewding your wife

What happened to this thread exactly?

Pretty much the same reason I quit posting in these threads. At least the Cred Forumsfags aren't as prevalent now.

Why would you not lewd your wife?

Your undying loyalty to Erwin is noteworthy, truly you are the only one worthy of her, godspeed!

I want to cum inside of Oryou and see my cum leaking out of Oryou as she heavily gasp in pressure and my seed moves across of her insides towards her eggs

Such as?

And then smell her shit or something? You sicken me

>There's no way I couldn't not

That means there's no way you COULD! Double negatives, man!

why people relate Oreo to smell again?

Been there done that.

There's no way I couldn't never not watch!

>mother führer
>not mutter führer

You had one job, user. ONE LOUSY JOB.

>mutter führer
Like, a guide on how to handle your newborn?

>early war

Of all the ACTUAL early war aircraft you could've chosen from (P-39s, P-40s, P-400s, F2A-3s) you went and chose a mid-war aircraft.

does anyone happen to have the typesetting of this assam one? seems to be the only one im missing, though i could have sworn i saved it

I know it's around I just don't have it


and with that, it is complete, many thanks, friend

Girls und Panzer?
Moar like Girls und Pantsu, amirite?

Keep it up, save Oreo from smellfags.

0 points

What kind of confession was that?

Do you not recognise a traditional bong confession?

I'm not aware of any

That arrangement looks familiar...

Non-bong detected

That's the joke.

Well, obviously?

anyone here watching Shuumatsu?

TL on 2nd line feels weird

>sudden desire for an anime set in the SCP universe.



Maho thread!

The cute and the lewd.

Yep, Karina sure is lewd.

How does Yukari's hair feels and smells like?

Only if you teach her lewd things.

Fluffy and shampoo


>When they see your dick

Why girl's hair smell so nice?





more like it's completely wrong

Trick-or-treating with Erika!

Aya is also a semen demon then.

This accurate since she's my wife, I'm packing and she's half my age.

man they work fast

Did you get to rub your hands all over an Abrams?

Why are there other Makofags posting now?

Nope, had an M3.
Been avoiding these threads since they've went down hill over a year ago. Seems you guys clean house, so I'm back.

>Seems you guys clean house
We didn't, it's terrible here.

But it's fun being around other fun anons!

I'm going to spank Anzu,

Just look at the "what If I flew planes and became the bf of my favoirte gup xD" shit in this thread.
At some point CYOA happened and now people think it's okay to blast away their cringy fanfiction all over the threads.

There aren't many fun anons left.

All we do is post porn and fanfiction now. What makes you think we've improved?

Things like that happen every 3-4 threads. They'll go away eventually when the FC happens, I hope. That CYOA was definitely a gateway though.

Ya'll stop being negative, post more gup.

id give her the dicktator if you know what i mean

If Anzio had money and students that cared, Anchovy would be unstoppable.

Discuss this.

Yuuki about to indulge on warm and tender meat

Eat shit


No, because they still would be using only Italian tanks.

If the Pastas and Bakas traded tanks, the Pastas would reign supreme and the Bakas would have more fun.


It's been going on in every thread for a while now

Not very nice, user.

They would buy better tanks though.
The Bakas would love driving tankettes, but they would still charge and die.