Thunderbolt Fantasy

Sequel confirmed. What are your thoughts on the final episode? Will we able to hear Kei Gai-chan's laughs again?

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I still can't believe most of the show was just a guy killing everything with a stick

What will next season even be about?
I had a slight inkling when his sword always made a clunking noise when he pulled it out.

The progress so far.

>1. 聖剣・蕩塵
Holy Sword・Scattering Dust
> 2. 耆・天狼
Ancient ・Sky Wolf (Sirius)
>3. 墨淵玄離
Abyssal Phantasmagorical Disappearance
Literal translation would be "ink deep mystery leaving", which is nonsensical. Also, there's like a multi layer reference in this shit.
(1) 墨淵 and 玄離 are apparently the names of some other wuxia works. 玄離 in particular is a character from another Pili puppet show.
(2) Gen Urobuchi's name is 虚淵 玄, so he basically snuck (part of) his name into the sword.
Demonic Sword・Sky collapsing Cut
Mourning Moon・Deathly Cold Spirit
Netherworld・Unlimited realms of Lurking Deities
伏 can mean conceding defeat or ambush as well. So alternate interpretations could be
- Deities Ambushing from Unlimited Realms
- Taming of Deities of Unlimited Realms
Drinking/Consuming (the) Snow
Can mean either Night of the Mourning Moon or The Night where one Mourns the Moon
Lone Phantom of the Rippling Moon
Enigmatic Dark Fangs of Underworld Spectres
Hundred Generations of Kunwu
Welp, time for more references. Kun Wu is supposedly a famed blacksmith (whether he's a real historical figure, or just a legend, or mix of both, that's still up to debates). Kun Wu's weapons thus are supposed to be top tier stuff.

Kei Gai probably got blasted back to the demon realm.

As for the episode, Uro somehow subverts all the predictions I had to re-evaluate in episode 12. And he managed to tie it in a nice little loop ending it where it began.

Reposting from previous thread Fantasy Behind the scenes

>How was work sweetie?
>Oh you know, squirted water on puppets.

Man, what happened to /tg/? I just tried to start a thread for this over there since there was a nice discussion when the first episode came out. They basically said it doesn't belong there and that you can't talk about anything non-tabletop related on /tg/.

>How would a bird react to a broken whistle?
That made me chuckle. I dunno why.

>clunking noise when he pulled it out

I thought that was just flavor to distinctly give each character a distinct sound/trait/etc. to emphasize their characters/show personality. I like how it comes full circle though with the "sword" being wood.

Some other small quirks/small things are how Shou always likes to touch is nose/face when he's being clever or actually revealing something about himself, and how he always "plants" his weapon into the ground vertically with a shatter.

puppet trash bombed hard so the sequel was already planned since the beginning.

Too bad they're not english subbed.


六問 6 Questions (A reference to the Prashna Upanishad)

>How did life begin
>What is a living being?
>What is the nature of man, and how is it so?
>What establishes man?
>What is meditation, and why meditate?
>What is immortal in man?

虚空 Empty Air / Void / Meaninglessness
虚 combines with 淵玄 from . 墨淵玄離 to form Gen's name

Figuratively, an existential crisis

>10guy's theme plays during his introduction and death

I love the use of musical leitmotifs.

Even his poem is relevant to his death.

Reminder that Urobuchi pushed for a Season 2 to get made so it's pretty damn inevitable he's actually going to be writing again this time instead of leaving it onto someone else. Which means it won't suffer from the shit that happened with Psycho-Pass

So it was all by coincidence that he managed to get caught up in vape's antics.

In today's episode, Vapeduck learned that fucking with a guy too much can lead to very bad consequences.
Pretty much, yeah. Unless fate is a thing in this story.

It was Shang playing vape all along.
When he saw the girl in the shrine guardian's dress, he decided to follow her to steal or destroy her weapon. He just let vape think he was actually running the show.

not gonna lie i want to lick that demons feet

I honestly didn't expect to see moves powerful enough to be seen from space.

That's deep.

I'm gonna miss these

I honestly didn't expect to see space itself.

I was happiest about Ken getting a good end.

The guy deserved it.

He did seem to want to get it back into her possession, and he didn't seem mind leaving an even stronger sword with her. I think he just wants a safe and proper place to leave his swords, but that's harder than it sounds.

Possible S2 plothooks:

More about Rin Setsu Ah's past including past identities
Someone manages to cross the wasteland to get to Shou
Shou and Rin Setsu Ah' decide to team up to take a sword/make the sword holder cry

How will Red Bard fit into all this?

It was by coincidence actually, he was looking for a dumping ground for his swords but Xi You was getting too spicy and he had to lose some pursuers. Shang may be powerful but he's not a rusemaster and the only reason he never told anyone about the swords was because he had no reason to nor trust in Vapeduck's companions.

I think this journey made him realize that not everyone is power hungry, so he's more comfortable leaving a sword with someone.

He gets the tightest, most virgin pussy in the land. What a bro.

Downside is she wants kids right away and is a nagging bitch.

Part 2

> 12.妖姬・七殺天凌
Demonic Princess・Seven Killings in the Heavens
> 13. 須彌天幻・劫荒劍
Illusory Skies of Meru・Plundering the Abandoned Sword
須彌 refers to Mt Meru. According to wikipedia, it is a sacred mountain with five peaks in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist cosmology and is considered to be the centre of all the physical, metaphysical and spiritual universes.
Green or Young Light Shining in Solitude
Phoenix Blade Butterfly Slaying
Killing Blaze ・Thunder Mountain
Slay・Sun Moon
Blazing Evil Dusk Blade
Sword of Thunderbolt's (here's your obligatory studio namedrop) Roar
Descend of Crashing Thunder, invoking the Unforseen
風雲 literally means Wind and Clouds, but the implication is supposed to be unpredictable changes or tidings.
Enigmatic Fangs of the Wild/Arrogant Phoenix
Broken/Breaking of the Blade's Shadow
> 23.舞羽孤蝶
Dancing Feathers Lone Butterfly
Eastern Wind Rippling Moon
Leaving the cold, breaking dawn
Sovereign/Royal Sword Denouncing the Buddha

I love how he's just standing there waiting while Shou chooses his sword. Oddly polite, that demon God.

>demon God
>yells out what kind of creature are you
>Shou just shrugs while choosing what tool to kill her with.

I just liked that he was swiping that scroll like a touchscreen

Is this mainly the Japanese or Chinese translations of these characters? or just a combination of what works better?

Reminded me of an RPG. Choosing the best weapon while enemies surround you.

>Starts out as a braggart hero wannabe
>Learns his mentor was actually a piece of shit concerned only with self-preservation
>Decides instead of listening to him anymore to try and save the woman he loves and make things right like a true hero would
>Loses an eye trying his best to protect the guard instead of giving in and running away
>Gets to live a happy life with his waifu and start a family to continue her bloodline with while his former mentor got hung for hanging out with demons
I'm glad for Ken, he went through a lot to get where he is.

>Loses an eye

I hope in S2 there is a passing mention of the One-Eyed Impaler stopping a demon god, and deciding to settle down at a shrine.

>Bonus: Shou and Lin tell the (glorified) story of their travel and he becomes famous

The best ending.

Quick scans of the character design book:!IgYRgYgJ!HKpSl2WjV4fHrZVftAeWgX3S1BaTf-LQJ7blpeT4FhY

It's not exciting, but the designs are nice. Hopefully there will be more in the future.

"It's rude to interrupt your enemy! I might be the divine epitome of evil but I'm not crass!"

Also, Lin waited all the way through Mr Bones dying soliloquy so he could destroy the sword.

>loses an eye
>gets completely unable to fight or even defend himself
>his waifu needs to even help him escape
Ken a shit.

He's scrolling



Red Bard be singing the new OP


I laughed more than I should, fuck you user!


god damnit

Yup, it was by coincidence. People kept asking what was his motivation for going on this crazy quest for no reason.

That was probably because he thought he could see some swords, and possibly collect them.

The names are given in chinese, so it's strictly TL from chinese.

Thank you.

>10guy is a guy with a sword fetish and doesn't even have powerful sword skills nor a powerful sword
>Shou doesn't need a sword to be a BAMF and has 36 swords travelling with him, and he just wants to get rid of them

Butcher does it again.

>yfw the best anime this season was puppets

You bastard.

It was actually Ange Vierge, but TF can take the second spot in a tie with MG.


To add to that, in buddhism there's a phrase/concept of "納須彌於芥子", or "containing mountain Meru in a speck of dust". Considering the theme of the sword is space-time manipulation, it's oddly fitting.

They will omit him since he literally did nothing.

>It was actually Ange Vierge
You're all right.

I don't know the last time a final episode has had me so captivated

Nice catch, thanks.

And here we go folks. 3rd and final part of the sword names:

Drawing Shadows (and) Taking Flight into the Void/ Nothingness
Suppressing (the mountain) Peak, Sword of State
尚方is a reference to尚方寶劍, the sword that symbolizes the rule/power of the monarch.
Dragon in the Deep/Abyss
Forgotten Dream, Scarlet Mist
Six Paths of the Peculiar Moon
The six paths is yet more references to Buddhism. Wiki Samsara for more details.
Chronos Sword; literally means 'flow of time sword', so I'll put it as Chronos Sword to make it more chu2
Ancient Dragon, Green Sparrow
Unending Pulses of the Gods
Nine Days of Xuan Ming
Xuan Ming historically refers to a type of northern god/deity of winter, implying the lack of sun
>36.六問虛空Prashna Upanishad
see I guess I'll just go with Prashna Upanishad since the emptiness/ existential part is implied in the work itself.

holy hell these swords got some long ass names also thanks user

Who knew a demon god would have such a cute voice.

>final boss is a hydralisk

so next season MC is going to use all his word and go kill demons

>And it just got Ghostbustered.

Thanks a lot. Those are some interesting names right there.

>Ohara Sayaka and Tanaka Atsuko voicing smug demons

>Shoufukan beats it with an Archon toilet

>this is a 10/10 in Dong Li

So some nigga in another country managed to make a wormhole sword.
How did that not win the war?

I still can't believe that this was my AOTS. Second season when?

There's a bit of a conflict, because the Prashna Upanishad implies that there are answers to the questions, there is knowledge, and that self-knowledge is the greatest knowledge.

The 虛空 implies the Nihilistic idea that there is no true knowledge and there is no reason for existence, and Nihilism is a common theme in Gen's work, which is fitting because the 虛 is part of his name.

Next summer most likely.

That part made me laugh because the explosion was so massive compared to the planet.

Urobuchi is gonna have a hard time making a better villain than this in season 2

>Who keep making

I guess Xi You people are OP as fuck if they keep making those things even after the war.

The world this story is set in seems really tiny.

That's true. I don't quite know how to translate all that succinctly though.

The sword itself isn't really that powerful. Remember, he knows for certain that no such sword that can permanently kill a demon exist. He had probably figured out it was actually a seal and didn't want anyone else to figure it out and to ensure the seal stays in place.

Or at least did keep making them, since Shou seemed comfortable enough to leave the damn place if more weren't being made.

That is not to say all is doom and gloom. The idea that man creates his own meaning is reflected in Gen's own movement away from the Nihilistic despair of his earlier works.

This is one of Gen's only works where the ending has been happy, when he used to say he was incapable of happy endings.

Dong Li is just a fucking bumpkin country.

Lol, I know., all I could think of was clunky shit when you've got that many meanings packed in

Or to be more precise, not happy and bittersweet, just happy

>the comic relief is getting the girl
>the MC ends up with homo stalker for the rest of his life

The demon lord reminded me of some sort of monster from Diablo 2 like Baal. Partly due to the design and tentacles and partly due to the slightly outdated CGI that looks like it came from last decade.

Maybe the next villain will be a yandere stalker of Shou that followed him from Xi You?

>Forgotten Dream, Scarlet Mist
Touhou as fuck.

Kei Gai is still out there, unless she fucked off to the demon realm after her work was done.

The mountain she was on blew up, so...

What app is that? It's too cute

She's a demon. She really can't be killed.

How appropriate.

>Setsua jumping through loops to find an excuse to follow Shou.
Why do I feel like he really just wants a cool friend?

someone who's arranged marriage and from rich family

>the MC ends up with homo stalker for the rest of his life
Picked up

I doubt someone like that can cross the wasteland. Has to be one of those so-called 'God-killers' that he had stolen a sword from. She is probably the only one to ever heed his advice and actually ran away to fight another day.

I usually don't like love triangles (especially if its the main focus of the plot),
but I want to see a Urobutcher love triangle, because I know he'll relegate it to a secondary or even tertiary plot point.

>but I want to see a Urobutcher love triangle

Already done. Didn't work out very well.

PILI knows how to have fun.

We've seen how he deals with romance ala Rebellion. Or he can go full wuxia, which means someone is going to get raped, maimed &/or dismembered.

is kamen rider gaim any good heard it was really good

It's pretty good.

Ken and Tan Hi were on the same maturity level, being young and naive in their own way. He was the only one she felt comfortable enough to chastise, and he was honest enough with her to critique her fighting style for her benefit.

Shou was too exasperated to correct her naivety and let her come to her own realization when she broke down in the cage.

But nvm that, Shou get puppet booty in S2 when

I keep reading that this bombed, but what I can recall from the numbers was nothing particularly bad. Is this just trolling, assuming that the margin of profit of a puppet show is the same as a TV anime, ignoring other regions aside from Japan, or all of the above?

great will watch it tomorrow then

Good man. Make sure to watch the Aesir subs and not TV-N.

The legacy.

got it thanks

Probably just the fact that the japanese BD sales are around the old break even line for anime.

Probably the usual stalker/sales thread bullshit since TF is mostly much cheaper to produce than the typical anime so the sales it got is probably as much of a flop as Teekyuu BD sales were.

I highly doubt TF is mostly much cheaper. I mean, have you see how much effort they put into making an episode? And I heard it took a year to make 1 cour.

Not to mention the time and money spent to make the sets and the puppets.

Best girl will return for S2 right?


Why would you want used goods?

what the fuck

Shut up. She deserved her happy ending.

As will her 10 kids that she has with Ken.

Is there more of those?

Pili produces 2 shows per week. Every week, every month, every year,

They've got massive cost and customer overlaps with this JV, which means economies of scale with their existing production methods.

I'm really gonna miss it now it's over. Are there any other puppet shows similar to this? I know there are some that you guys recommended but i didn't really paid any attention.

user, think about some of the shitty sequels you've sat through in your life. Ones where the previous season or movie or volume ended with a nice clean resolution and the lead characters at the end of their personal story arc. But NOPE someone decided they needed more blood from that stone, so happy resolutions get clumsily un-resolved and character issues that had been overcome suddenly are back in full force.

Those suck, right? But they make them anyway. Do you know why? Because of people like you. Yes, you. The ones who can't let go of their favorite characters. The ones who insist that all story logic or common sense gets thrown out the window so their waifu gets a little more screen time.

Don't be like that. Learn from Dan Fei and known when to let go. She and Ken are going to have their Happily Ever After where they rebuild the shrine and fuck like rabbits to establish a new clan. Let them have it.

Besides, we'll get plenty of the wacky adventures of Shang and Lin next season, and they can meet brand new people for those. You don't have to get the band back together every single damned time.

>sequels are bad because the fans want things that made them like the original
>sequels are bad because they are sequels to something instead of being Darker than Black 2 and just using the name to make money

Screencap of all the TLs of the sword names in one neat pic for convenience.

Excluded middle much?

A sequel that tries to undo the orginal's ending so they can repeat the same thing again is bad. A sequel in name only that carries over neither characters or themes is bad. But those are two opposite ends of a spectrum. There's a lot of room in between for The Further Adventures of the Edgeless Blade and Enigmatic Gale, bickering as they buddy their way through various wuxia stories. Unlike Dan Fei and Ken their stories are far from over.

It's ok, GSC merch will make it all up.

>this whole episode
We anime now?

Are there going to be more figures?

No idea.

i was genuinely mad about her being together with somebody. I guess this is what waifufags feel when their waifu is not pure anymore

Was this any good?

Did it have waifus?


They're the guys that didn't allow Gen to touch the dolls, right?

Oh shit

Only dead waifus and slut waifu


So what happened to the demon whip lady?

Any cool wuxia series other than Legend of Condor Heroes and sequels?

Ah. Those look like some nice ladies.

Shoufukan should be around 40 years old, is it possible that he has an illegitimate child of some sort?

Crouch Tiger/Hidden Dragon
Bride With White Hair

are there more Pili shows with english subtitles anywhere?


There is a lot of similarities between Gaim and Thunderbolt Fantasy, but it's a lot of fun.

Goodsmile said they will be accepting a very small number of reservations for the puppet dolls.

More info to come in the upcoming days.

I am pretty sure they will be 1000+ USD.

【速報】『Thunderbolt Fantasy 東離劍遊紀』布袋劇人形の数量限定受注販売決定!
ラインナップ等の詳細は後日グッドスマイルカンパニーサイトにて◎ #サンファン #goodsmile

please tell me that's cropped, and there's hot sex happening below the border.

Assume Anime Production cost per episode is USD 2M / 13 ~ USD 155K

Assume Pili usually costs NTD 2M or USD 65K

Assume production costs increased by 30% due to quality increases and other misc. ~ USD 85K

Assume cost breakdown of an average anime is as follows:
Original work - 50,000 yen ($660) NA
Script - 200,000 yen ($2,640)
Episode Direction - 500,000 yen ($6,600) NA
Production - 2 million yen ($26,402) NA
Key Animation Supervision - 250,000 yen ($3,300) NA
Key Animation - 1.5 million yen ($19,801) NA
In-betweening - 1.1 million yen ($14,521) NA
Finishing - 1.2 million yen ($15,841) NA
Art (backgrounds) - 1.2 million yen ($15,841) NA
Photography - 700,000 yen ($9,240) NA
Sound - 1.2 million yen ($15,841)
Materials - 400,000 yen ($5,280) NA
Editing - 200,000 yen ($2,640) NA
Printing - 500,000 yen ($6,600)

We are left with incremental costs for
Script - 200,000 yen ($2,640)
Printing - 500,000 yen ($6,600)
Sound - 1.2 million yen ($15,841)

The main one that would increase greatly is script.
Adding Printing and Sound, that's ~USD 110K
Script for Gen could be $10K per ep so USD 120K total

Estimate indicates cost would be about 20% less than the average anime

>a paying career somewhere on this planet


Based on novels?
Demi-God and Semi Devils 2003
Smiling Proud Wanderer (has a manhua that's being translated), avoid the 2013 series, 2001 is apparently not bad, so is the 2000 series by Singapore
Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng 2001 and The Legend of Lu Xiaofeng 2007 are not bad too.

Original movies?
Old school Jet Li like Legend of the Red Dragon 1994. Other notable ones include Hero 2002, Curse of the Golden Flower 2006, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 2011

Whatever is the wuxia equivalent of weeb? The Man with the Iron Fists 2012. The sequel was kinda crap though.

More comedic ones? Kungfu Hustler, Royal Tramp I and Royal Tramp II (both also starring Stephen Chow).

I definitely would believe it. The low costs + Gen's name would probably have been the only reason that the bean counters signed on for more than one season so that the threshhold for sales would be even lower.

>I am pretty sure they will be 1000+ USD.


One easy way to do so is to not make the next villain a jobber.

Not just that, there's a pretty dedicated market in Taiwan and China

Should have brought up Wushu and worked your way to the puppets. /tg/ is always up for kung-fu antics.

you now realise how bottom tier was the Screaming Phoenix compared to vape duck and shofukan, not to mention him

Do you know if these are any good?

Xiao Shi Yi Lang (2016)

Border Town Prodigal

Both of them are recent adaptations of Gu Long's work whose stories Urobuchi has recommended.

Sorry, I don't know if they're good adaptations, haven't watched any of the recent series.

now that I think of it, could the 東離劍 part in the title refer to Shang trying to get rid of his inventory?

As long as one of those kids fires spears from a bow, she can nag him into a coffin.

Actually that is one of the messages of the show is that both Screaming Faggot and 10Gay are rubes and slaves to the rule of the sword which both Sho and Ducky have rightly rejected.

Lian Qi was probably just a teacher for Vapeduck in magical items, or perhaps the pupil surpassed the master in sword as well.

Chinese is a very efficient language. That's why I like their poems so much, extremely cryptic.

A paste would suit better for people who want to Google or stuff.

I prefer English, but I agree in terms of writing poetry, Chinese is probably one of the best languages for that.

>Shoufukan enters a corrupt city that declares itself independent and traps people inside with barriers, Lin sneaks in to watch what happens. New cast of city dwellers including one who turns out to be Lin all along, Tanhi's people are barrier experts so they get cameos
>A sword gets dropped in the demon realm, Lin suggests there's a way to get it back without arousing suspicion, more confused devil gods asking what Shou is (with uncomfortable sniffing scenes guaranteed), possibly a demon joins party because he hates humans and wants his peace. One of the puppets is required to have a head that opens up like something from The Thing. Tanhi something something portals and barriers. There's a time limit.
>Reuniting the two countries, Shou gets lumped with a princess escort mission across the desert, and the desert is fucked. You expect the whole season to be the journey but we actually get five episodes of Lin robbing everyone in Xiyou including the princess Griffith style
>Sword disease. It's a disease involving swords and people with swords. Shou and Lin are immune because they're holding a pipe and a stick

There's so many possibilities and none of them this complicated

>big bad evil appears and threatens the country
>powerful wizards craft every dangerous weapons to eliminate/seal said evil
>said dangerous weapons remain forgotten or in the hands of ignorant/incompetent keepers becoming a danger itself.

VapeDuck is a sword prodigy and quickly discovered the secrets of mastering his sword beyond his masters and got bored. Shoufukan is more than that, he realized that this vicious cycle of destruction of the world and is trying to stop it all by himself,

>next season
Maybe some kind of contrast. This one has been about characters obsessed with swords and swordplay, so maybe the next season would be about people who are obsessed with martial arts revolving around qi usage. That is, they overlap with Sho Fukan in terms of not believing in the need for a sword, but at the same time differs in that they still want fame/ power.

>demon bitch
>best girl

S2 should have one of the groups trying to steal Shou's swords as the hero team, with Shoufukan as the villain of the story.

The heroes all die.

this pic makes me realize yao tuu li is a pretty decent monmusu.

Shou and Lin cameo in this show.

>great soundtrack
>garbage voice acting
Chinks why

[insane laughter]


I definitely can't into this language.

And yet they have daily CYOA threads

Hokkien. If you are a mandarin speaker there is some intelligiblity there certainly more than I daresay with Mandarin and the various dialects of Wu.

It just sounds like Chinese.

/tg/ got taken over by crossposting fags since literally all the original denizens of /tg/ got genocided or are hiding in their respective generals for protection.

It will be great if someone could translate Urobuchi and the artist's comments.

The music is great.
What is the genre called in China?

>we'll probably never get to hear Ken's theme again

Let's just hope the soundtrack for season 2 is just as strong as the first.

It's definitely the best thing Sawano's done in years.

>Kei's big fat tiddies are canon


Screaming Phoenix Killer is a dragon?!?!
is that true?

Implying you wouldn't

I would

>Why do I feel like he really just wants a cool friend?

Now that I think about it, everyone he knows hates his guts and even his Mentor was more of an accomplice than a friend.
Lin must be lonely as fuck.

Man I had a dumb smile on for the entire ending. Urobutcher really outdid himself.

Gonna need to watch the thing for context first. Which extra is that?

It is true, Shou was the few people who actually became allies and trusted him.

Strong and famous people always feel lonely. Humble and noble Shou gives them some compassion.

I fucking loved that scene. It was Shou going all "this cheating motherfucker cannot possibly be offering me a normal umbrella..."

She uses her powers of negging to teach sword.
That's worth it.

These would be fire and just as good as TF if it had literally any dub, I would definitely pick it up. As it stands it sounds like absolute ass.

Maybe it did. It's not clear at which point of the war the lands got separated, maybe that was early on and all the good wizards and swordsmiths were on the bad-ass side.

Am I the only one who thinks the soundtrack is just "yet another Sawano shit"? He definitely has no personality in his way of composing.

Not so subtle reference to nukes?

It's distinctly different from a lot his recent garbage because he's been overusing the same vocalists since Guilty Crown to the point where half the soundtrack is vocal tracks. The vocal tracks and tone in this soundtrack remind me more of his old work on Sengoku Basara rather than every iteration of the Guilty Crown soundtrack we've got since then.

I think it's alright, it could use more variety, to Sawano this isn't some passion project and that shows.
The effort they put in the puppetry and script far outshines every element of the production for me.

ep12 extra

>What a bro.
Who's being a bro to whom?

He said that in the early draft Urobuchi wanted the image of him being a dragon. Basically, it seems to just a "wouldn't it be cool if he turns into a dragon in the OP" sort of thing.

In a way the first season was just a setup for their friendship and future adventures, the contrast between the two was just fantastic and it's what makes everything work thematically.

Urobuchi's comment from the artbook if anyone wants to translate:

殺し屋として名を馳せていますが暗殺の類いを請け負う凶手では ありません。剣術を極めてからは趣味で名門流派に道場破りを 仕掛けていましたが、あまりに強くて迷惑すぎたため各派は互い に金子を積んでどこか余所の流派を先に襲ってくれと頼み込む ようになり、やがてはいずこかの武門に恨みを持つ者同士が 献金を募り、ー定額に達するともれなく殺無生が道場破りに押し かけて師範門弟皆殺しにしてくれるという、クラウドファンディ ング道場破り代行業を営むようになりました。略して殺し屋です。

My moon is still kinda weak but what I roughly got out it was something about how Phoenix guy is a killer, but not an assassin, as in he doesn't do ambushes or secretive killings. Instead, he'll challenge famous schools head on. Also something about getting paid to wreck other schools or something. Someone who actually knows moon please help.

>Renowned as a killer is not a Kyoshu undertake the kind physician of the assassination. Although from extremely swordsmanship had planted the Dojoyaburi to prestigious schools as a hobby, factions for was too annoying too strong will to request earnestly me to hit before the school of somewhere another place gained Kaneko to each other, eventually solicited donations to each other who have a grudge to somewhere in the military family, Jana students entitled to when it reaches the over straight-line is that us to Normal disciple exterminated over push to Dojoyaburi, engaged in the cloud Fundy packaging Dojoyaburi agency business It was now way. It is short killers.

Someday, google translate will be useful. I swear it.

>Also something about getting paid to wreck other schools or something.
So he was a bully too.
Chuuni as fuck to the core!

Bing seems to work better personally, but this is just equally bonkers.

>凶手 undertake a of assassination is renowned as a Hitman is not. Eventually, where luck with resentment, and Woo Kaneko piled up together factions from swordplay to in to prestigious schools were up to their knees, too strong, too annoying for me to hit the school where he and other solicited donations,-flat to, inanimate killed reached their knees to thronged normal pupil to kill me and crowd find opening roads, said Park-breaking Agency became engaged. For short, is a hit.

Friendly reminder that Ken defloured Tanhi in the woods!!

Shou > vape duck > 10guy > chicken killer > arrow > kguy


Yeah, she was full of flour once they finished.

I'm in a TF thread and there is no shitposting about "not anime" and people are actually having a discussion? Am I in heaven?

Shou, Lin

b10guy, Phoenix killer, Ken, Tanhi

One-eyed impaler, okguy

>Exists to be bullied tier

Yes, fujoshi heaven.

part of it is the threads protected hard by urobutcherfags, which overrides all kinds of shitposting tiers.
second part is fujos.
between those 2 extreme shitpost alliances, thats a good majority of Cred Forums's collective shitposters put to heel, considering its past Cred Forums's bedtime, thats why its quiet.

I'd move 10guy up to god tier, he deserves it for BTFO'ing vapeduck

He lost to his mentor and she lost to the demon girl. They also had problems with some gooks in episode 12. They are ok tier as far as the universe go.
We can't exactly put Phoenix on the same tier as Betsu Ten Gai either.

>Ken stronger than one-eyed
>Tanhi the same level as 10guy
>Kei gai on mid-tier


>b10guy, Phoenix killer, Ken, Tanhi
how the hell are all these guys in the same tier?
10guy > Phoneix killer > Tanhi > Ken

I hope second season will be good. It will be hard to top first one.

>10guy means Skeleton who scorns the heavens
>Tengyouken means Heaven's Retribution Sword
>10guy gets his retribution with the same sword he was seeking

The pottery in this show is off the charts.

Notice how he dressed for 10sword throughout the whole show. It was his endgame.

Is this power ranking? If so then move both Ken and Tanhi to bottom tier. Can't even beat mooks.

And yes, although 10guy blasted faggotkiller, they both belong in high tier. The fact faggotkiller was able to accurately measure 10guy's powerlevel proves they are on the same tier.
Compare this with the fact neither faggot nor 10guy could even comprehend vapeduck and Sho's powerlevels, meaning they are on a higher tier.

He already sang the first OP. It IS TM Revolution, after all.

I can relate to Setsu Mu Syu

Although he is well known as a killer(殺し屋), he is not the kind who take assassination type job offers. After he has mastered swordplay, he turned onto rekting renowned martial art schools for fun. Because he's too stronk and caused too much problem, the martial art schools each collects gold among themselves, and make job offers to send him attack some arbitrary irrelevant schools first. And thus, anyone who held a grudge to any particular school would collect funds among themselves. Once they reach a certain amount of fund, Phoenix will go massacre the targeted school without exception.
Thus Phoenix has turned into a crowdfunding Doujouyaburi(道場破り) proxy jobber. In short, a killer(殺し屋).

I hope they go back to Xi You, all the OP fighters must be there.

East would be the japanese side and West would be the Taiwanese side, with even crazier wuxia shit.


Noice, I didn't know they had kickstarter in wuxia puppet land.

Thanks for the translation.

>wuxia KS land
>New Project by Vape due
>"backers of this project gets these super weapons and titles to being the duke of these castles"
>runs away with the money

Why did he have to die so soon ;_;

He had to job to 10guy who jobbed to vape. I hope the sequel has less one-sided powerlevels.

I think vape-duck said it best. Effort != reward. Vape-duck is a one-in-a-thousand year natural talent. He might be his master, but the student has so far surpassed him, it's not even funny.

> 12.妖姬・七殺天凌
>Demonic Princess・Seven Killings in the Heavens

Wasn't that the talking sword in Chaos Dragon?

My personal bias opinion is that the more recent the adaptation, the more style over substance it becomes. It looks prettier, but it just lacks a certain 'heart' that the older stuff has.

Yes, it is.
I wouldn't be surprised if there is a kikukugai reference in there too.

>style over substance
My impression of them is the opposite, newer series have a lot of shitty CGI and half-assed fight choreography which look worse than the older ones.

No. No it's not. The damn thing is pure memorization with fucktons of homonyms. Chinese is a 'Either you know the word or you don't' type of language.

The characters are compounds, so you get some hints by simply taking each of the basic parts
You can roughly guess the sound from one part of the character.

Probably because most of the other anime that ended this season has subpar endings, which caused most of the purists to hide.

That's not possuble. Wuxia is all about one-sided powerlevels. Everything exists to either power-up the MC or to die/rape/maim/dismembered to give motivation for the MC to power-up even more.

Try writing out the word once you hear it.

That's also possible, if you know the root characters, since the sound comes from one part and meaning comes from another

百代昆吾 as well a few others are also from other pili shows. I'd post the link to the forum that found these references, but Cred Forums's filter keep seeing it as spam no matter how I tried to format.

Question is

Will we see more chinese swords in S2?

>You can roughly guess the sound from one part of the character.
No you can't, they are mostly derived from shapes, you can make speculations on the meaning, but you can't guess sound with 30+ dialect pronouncing the character differently. And that's only possible with traditional chinese, as simplifed chinese completely butchers the shapes

Did a bit more digging. Apparently 青燈孤照 and 凰刀蝶殺 are also from other pili puppet shows.

Seems to me like they're implying that Shou came from Pili land.

I don't know how true this is, but I hear that Taiwan's dub only uses 1 VA for all the characters
So I would assume there would be a much greater cost increase for TF with all these VAs
So the top characters put together reads 霹靂狂刀舞東離劍

霹靂狂刀 = other pili shows
舞 = dance or wielding/ executing
東離劍 = this show

Shit, there's just no end to this.

The other dialects are irrelevant to this discussion.

Shape changes but sounds stay the same, and if you know the sounds of the simplified radicals, that's a hint.

I simply tacked on the full sound budget of a normal anime on top of the normal Pili budget for an above average sound budget.

I gotta admit that "Darkest" is breddy gud.


I wonder how much shit like this was hidden all along?

Have you tried swapping "." with "dot" or putting spaces in the middle of the forum name?

I did, but somehow it still doesn't work. Must be because of the overly long and nonsensical url names that tend to plague chinese sites.

ptt cc/bbs/


1475250965 A 8FD html

Ooh, another interpretation is reading it as 霹靂狂刀舞東離 (omitting the sword 劍 at the end), which means the Wild Thunderbolt Sabre Dances/ rampages through Dong Li.

Or the meta meaning of "Pili's other shows" waltzing around Thunderbolt Fantasy's setting.

ok, the link for that one worked.

Fuck, this analysis and finding hidden meaning crap is like high school literature all over again

Fuck I'm going to miss having this every week.

Prashnopanishadic Rejection? just throwing some shit out there

>"Pili's other shows" waltzing around Thunderbolt Fantasy's setting
That's literally what is going on though.

user. How the hell are you capable of writing 姬 out just from hearing it? Either you know how to write out the word (and it's many homonyms), or you don't.


So, shang and vapeduck are gonna cameo in every single pili show from now on?

Obviously it doesn't work for all of them
I can still extract female + official/servant to get the basic meaning

However, it certainly works for
砖 and 转 for example, where the 专 gives the sound zhuan, and the 石 modifies it to stone > brick, while the 车 modifies it to chariot > turn

>as simplifed chinese completely butchers the shapes

As someone learning simplified, that is wrong. It's far easier to guess the sounds from one part of the character with simplified character since that was part of the goals of simplification from the start.

How else will we know that they're still best buds having an adventure.

>10guy denying vapeduck from his greatest target.

So far, we've had the following speculations:
> Sho Fukan is from where the other Pili show takes place
> season 2 of TF might be them going to Sei You

And we see vape crow going with sho fukan at the end of this series, so does that mean that scene in is actually showing us a super advanced preview of season 2?

How would Bones react knowing that Shou had a better sword collection? There's probably already a comic of this.

You're just proving my point here. For you to know how to write 砖 or 转, you first have to know how to write 专, 石 &/or 车 first. It's pure memorization.

Rage and then kill himself. Bones was a easily triggered babby that constantly need to reaffirm he was a badass to himself.

It would be great if we could get scales instead of just nendos.

Dat smile

It's a shame puppets are so inexpressive.

I said:
>The characters are compounds, so you get some hints by simply taking each of the basic parts
>You can roughly guess the sound from one part of the character.

You said
>No you can't, they are mostly derived from shapes, you can make speculations on the meaning, but you can't guess sound with 30+ dialect pronouncing the character differently. And that's only possible with traditional chinese, as simplifed chinese completely butchers the shapes

>For you to know how to write 砖 or 转, you first have to know how to write 专, 石 &/or 车 first. It's pure memorization.

For you to write the quick brown fox etc., you need to know how to write a-z. It's pure memorization. See what I did there?

>scales of Kei Gai and Tan Hi by GSC

Different anons you were talking to. But the point is the same. There's just too many basic parts to remember and too many damn ways to write it and too many damn homonyms. And that's just one dialect and one of two different writing formats. Chinese is not a simple language, period.

That last episode was very disappointing. It was a perfect series until this episode.

Rin Setsua and Sho Fukan (white & black hair main chars) were both suddenly each revealed to be Gary Stus, pissing all over the powers of the villain. I feel tricked and misled.

Their power levels were within understandable limits for 12 straight episodes and then suddenly they're both revealed to be gods.

The villain killed himself because he thought the demon god couldn't be sealed, well too bad buddy, you killed yourself for no reason lmao

I'm guessing the rest of Xi You is coming over because they are chasing after the theif who stole 36 holy relics.

>Thief is a master swordsman
>Master swordsman is a thief

like pottery

Of course it's not simple.

However, the issue of homonyms is slightly mitigated by major families of related words modified by a radical.

Yes, you need to know the radicals, but they're usually common and easy, and you'll have seen most of them in the first year, especially in the simplified format.

Thank you.

Sho supposedly crossed the desert that everyone was saying was impossible, we knew this from the beginning. We had many hints that he'd seen other supposed divine weapons, and considered many fakes.

A normal thief would have gotten killed easily by the people he was pissing off on the regular, and we learned that Phoenix was crazy for a challenge. He wouldn't even have bothered with ducky if he didn't think he could get a challenge.

We also knew from a couple eps ago that Rin's main objective is to steal the source of someone's pride. For Phoenix, that would be his skill with the sword. The only way to do that would be to either set Phoenix up with someone who could beat him, or just beat him.

Phoenix would have just gone after person who beat him rather than after Rin, knowing his fatalism. Therefore, Rin had to have beaten Phoenix.


Better yet, imagine his reaction if Shang beat him with just a stick, and then he found out about the collection.

You'll get more chinese sticks.

That isn't much of an argument against my criticism. You're just giving reasons for those characters being considered strong, but I never got the impression they were godlike.

It's absolutely an asspull to be suddenly revealing them to be a hell of a lot stronger than they seemed.

It's poor writing. Remember the early episodes when they spent time gathering a party? lol what the fuck, literally ALL total scrubs except Sho and Rin.


But it's not like that. Sho's swordplay was crap so they legit thought he's not so good and wanted to get a real party. And duck was the master of disguise so Sho couldn't tell how good he is. It was even addressed in the show.

Post a screenshot of the page + bar with link on top?

>Sho's swordplay was crap so they legit thought he's not so good and wanted to get a real party.
Exactly, everyone including the audience thought he was crap. Then in episode 13 he's revealed to not be crap. It's an asspull. What aren't you understanding?

He was revealed to not be crap already in the episode where he talked with Phoenix.

>Kei Gai folder
>44 elements

but not good enough

Hey, it was all foreshadowed, you can't say Urobuchi doesn't give enough hints. Knowing Rin's personality, if he didn't think he could beat 10guy, he'd simply run to the nearest shrine and scam them instead.

I thought the power rankings should have been pretty obvious given all that.

Of course, ex-post uncertainty understimates ex-ante uncertainty.

Yeah the audience's expectation would put him ON PAR with Phoenix after that conversation.

Then he solos a demon god.

And white haired guy solos the villain.

Double whammy of Gary Stu in one episode.

>this guy
You watched the show on 4x speed, right?

>On par
He assumed that they were equal. Shou himself admits that he either holds back or exhausts himself on purpose. If he and Phoenix ever got in an actual fight, Shou would have won hands down.

No, you are just a dumbass who can't into plot.

Literally nobody else was surprised about Shofukan being able to take on the demon gods. The only thing people predicted incorrectly was which sword he was going to use.

Rinsetsua being a master swordsman was more of a surprise, but "hidden master fighters" is such a commonly used trope in wuxia that it was more of a "oh, so he CAN fight after all?" rather than a "I'm so surprised right now."

>Gary Stu

I wouldn't use terms I didn't understand if I wanted people to listen to my opinions.

I already thought he was stronger than the rest since the others apparently didn't believe he passed the wastelands.
Implying that such a feat is impossible, yet he did it.

Ken even emphasized that if he was a big shot in the other land, they couldn't know.

Share that shit.

We can update our expectations in response to new info, you know.

The characters thought it was odd how he brandished his sword like a blunt instrument with excessive force. Then it turned out it really is blunt (wooden at that) and he needed to put in that much energy for it to work. I think that was good foreshadowing in retrospect.

We already knew he crossed the wastelands or whatever they said though that apparently no one can do. Then he ends up taking down the big stone golem thing when everyone was messing around.

We already knew he was good.

>who're these 2 homo fuckers?
>whose this overly dressed showoff?



>everyone including the audience thought he was crap
>including the audience
You're a naive fool if you thought this. Ever since the episode of the Valley of the Dead, people have been making theories about how Shang was hiding his power level and using a blunt sword or some shit. You're the only one around who was watching empty-headed and taking things as they are given to you without thinking them through.
Shang possessing the weapons was also foreshadowed when he kept saying he saw tons of people glorifying weapons that weren't the real deal and how he kept questioning what people knew. It came off slightly as a surprise but it's in no way unforeseen nor bad writing.
Now fuck off.

>Then in episode 13 he's revealed to not be crap

Expect you know where
-he solos 2/3 of TenGai's maze by himself that Duck need 2 heroes to get pass
-break out of prison with just his chi
-always tries to talk people out of fighting when possible

Sho was always built up to be the equal with 10Gai and Phoenix. All this episode demonstrated with that both him and Duck were their superiors since they didn't buy into bullshit ideas about the role of the swords.

I thought everyone knew he was hot shit since episode 1?
He easily took out the named mook and then proceeded to go well shit looks like i have to go kill this organization casually once he found out he pissed them off.
Was he even hurt once in the series?

Only his pride when the group bullied him.

>Possibly 3 seasons until we get Season 2.
Endure the pain, it's easy now ;_;

He was good but there were no actual reasons to believe he was so powerful. Sure, the Phoenix Killer said he couldn't find a flaw in his guard but it was no reason to believe he was incredibly OP and he didn't really get a chance to really prove his worth.
And then, the fucker arrives at the Valley of the Dead and Valley of the Doll and clears them both without even using an "efficient sword". This scales things up a little bit.

Someone requested this but the line is already the joke so I have no idea

No, he didn't say it was crap, but that Shou was basically using his sword like a blunt weapon. He was putting too much force into it. There's no grace or finesse to it like anyone using a sword would be, which is the point. Shou was not using a sword.

This is great
Is there a collection of all of them?

I pegged him as insanely strong in the first episode the moment I saw his 'sword'. The simpler the weapon looks, the more powerful the character actually is.

Which means his "sword skills" were seemingly crap, which is also what the others said.

Jobbing is an essential part of Nobuyuki roles.

I though the words were unrefined, unpolished, blunt, etc.., not quite 'crap'. Which is true since he was just powering through everything with his ki,

Descend of Crashing Thunder, invoking the Unforseen
風雲 literally means Wind and Clouds, but the implication is supposed to be unpredictable changes or tidings.

It's a bit of a stretch, but do you think it's a shoutout to that really popular hong kong comic series?

Never forget

I kinda feel ashamed that I enjoyed the show the most this season but haven't remembered a single name except thief and killers.


This is the single best shot in the entire show. Discuss.


You know you've arrived when Japan translates your stuff


That's chinese tho,



Taiwanese probably given the use of classical characters.

How does his sword/pipe work?
Does it mean he has been sticking a sword in his mouth this whole time?

Capitalist china, it's the same

It was found on a Japanese site, to be honest. Didn't say it was necessarily translated to Japanese...

He turns his pipe into other things. It's magic.

Is one guy doing all the voices? it sounds like some commercial. And what's with the Saint Seiya tier armor? Where can I find more of this subbed


Platinum armor Ma Chao looks pretty good here. I see he's ready for justice

This was fucking hilarious

>The second person you talk to after getting to a new country beheads himself
>The first vapes while watching
poor Shou

He's probably seen worse

Is this a crossover or a game or What?

>Thunderbolt Fantasy - Sword Travels from the East - A Maiden's Magical Journey, and it is illustrated by Kairi Shimotsuki (Brave 10). The series is a gaiden ("side story") that is told from the perspective of Dān Fěi as she is just beginning her quest with the assistance of Shāng Bù Huàn and Lǐn Xuě Yā.

It's apparently a game called "Pili Heroes"


Hmm. I can't get used to that language at all. The cadence is too weird.

Anyways, Urobuchi said that because they are dolls you can't leave the camera on the faces too long or it looks jarring.
Why not just have the main cast in armor including helmets to fix this issue? If you really need to show face focus on the eyes and have a area open for the eyes to show but otherwise cover the rest of the face up. Armor being elaborate and iconic would solve the problem of differentiating the characters. Is there a reason they don't do this?

rip best girl


I can't wait for the next season. I'm hype as fuck.

I hope we can continue have threads about on here. I don't want to go on Cred Forums to talk about it. Those guys are pedophiles.

Well, that explains why Keigai didn't just summon dragon eels and fly them to Seven Sins Tower.

I really hope this technique works on Japanese too:

>Chinese to English is one of the more than 10,000 language pairs supported by Google Translate, and we will be working to roll out GNMT to many more of these over the coming months.

Huh, this is pretty cool. The only issue with Japanese is that the adapted Kanji they use usually have multiple pronunciations and meanings, while Chinese usually only has a single meaning and pronunciation per character. There are exceptions of course though.

Perhaps, the next step is being able to deduce context by the whole encoder/attention method that GNMT is currently using. Being able to get context would help a lot.

Did Shou really want to get rid of his swords?
I mean one of them sends shit to outer space, he could just that one to get rid of all the others, or he could break them like villain broke that one holy sword.

I think he's gonna keep a hold of them now since its apparent that demons still wanna fuck shit up.
But originally, yeah, he did. Its best to not let something that powerful end up in someones hands.

>villain broke that one holy sword

Perhaps Shou can't break the swords. Shou would definitely try breaking the swords first, if he can't, then just finding a spot to dump them is the next best option.

That's one way to make a living.

Thanks for these, as always.

>I really hope this technique works on Japanese too:

I have been waiting for this since Alpha Go beat Lee Sedol.

This will never not be hilarious.

This is actually why I picked up the show.

Good Lord, Than Hi is too much for Shou.

Why doesn't Shou just burn the sword scroll


I still don't get why he spinned though. If his torso, head and the blade all spin equally, it won't cut his head off.

I think he intends to use them up, otherwise he could have buried them somewhere in the cursed wasteland.
I for one, would like 35 more seasons of the show. Especially if each is different tonally or has unique themes.

Imagine if someone did that thinking it'd work but instead all these swords fall from the sky on their head

I think I might be gay for Shang and Lin.

We all are.

But not gay enough to open the uncompressed version of that picture? Have some 3D.

Given that Shang told Rin he'd better not follow him at the end of episode 13 but they ended up travelling together as shown in the cameo , I'd say Shang is also quite tsundere for Rin.

I think his problem is he can never outright hate someone. Hating someone entirely is too much to ask of him, that's why he could be reasoned with even when he lost his temper with Lin.

He has a high level of endurance.


You can outright say it: he just can't give enough of a fuck, he's simply above everything.

she's still alive in the manga

Rin is a complete slut, I bet he gets fucked in the ass by Shang every night.

The fujo is strong with you, user-san.

I think that was his plan he was probably looking for a trustworthy clan to protect sacred ground after he tosses his shit into outerspace

Maybe some of the other swords are too strong to be sent to space or broken. Or maybe some of them actively seek owners if they have none. We know too little about the swords to judge this point

>This is one of Gen's only works where the ending has been happy, when he used to say he was incapable of happy endings.
So Gundam Reconguista made him THAT genki?

That was me and I'm still grinning about it, thanks

I liked the Setsumusho being stabbed scene

There were tons of reasonable foreshadowing for them to be Gary Stus.

We won't see these guys gain new powers, but only reveal new powers.

That is the difference between watching the journey of an 18 year old vs a 30 to 40 year old.

As expected of Tomino senpai.

But really, the butcher changes the tone to fit the setting, you just know Urobuchi Gundam will be another tragedy.

>the character who relied on schemes wins by using brute force
>the character who fights without a sword wins by using a sword
Let's be honest, the last episode was a double character assassination.

>you just know Urobuchi Gundam will be another tragedy.
I honestly would expect something closer to Turn A and G-Reco at this point, even tough he often says Zeta is what shocked him most.

Yet another one who doesn't understand a thing.

So he has to carry that chunky blue thing while having to guard the sword sticking to the ground for 100 years? If villains even bother to chase after him thinking that they can steal a scroll located in another dimension until summoned, I don't think sealing it is going to do shit.

They are trying to maintain puppet tradition with one voice actor and the guy speaks in opera poetic style.

I think modernisation with multiple voice actors and more pop culture looking faces would revolutionised it.

JP Thunderbolt Fantasy was a testament to that.

Don't forget Japanese dubbing in general is uncomparable to other forms of languages.

You mean accidentally falls on his swords right?


So who was everybody's favourite voice performance?

Mine had to be Nakahara Mai 中原麻衣 as Tan Hi, just so gentle and bold at the same time.

Toriumi was great as the stoic and charismatic Lin as well as being a in character great actor posing as Shou(much better than Shou trying to be Lin). He also being angry the first time in the finale.

Betsutengai was just evil, conceited, but more arrogant. His evil laugh at the end was funny. He truly had the presence of a demon lord RPG boss in terms of presence, charisma, clothing, voice and music.

Kei Gai, her voice was very evil, consistent and annoying, but enigmatic. It was hard to say if she was really evil at the beginning as she was just angry that people tread on her turf.

Except the schemer lost. 10gay had the last laugh. Remember Ducky was raging at him after he killed himself.

And Sho was less swords for the sake of swords, but swords as mere tools.

I heard that motherfucker has like 30 goddamn swords.

I liked Haruka Tomatsu as the henchwoman. Literally didn't even know it was her until I saw the credits.

Probably Lin.
I already really liked him in Dies Irae though, so I'm probably biased

Hopefully he'll get his shot after Okada Gundam.

Lin has so much charism with his majestic clothing and his voice with very unique seech patterns, I'd let him fuck me in the ass for free.

>Don't forget Japanese dubbing in general is uncomparable to other forms of languages.

Probably Bones of Creation. The voice and the acting were a perfect match for the personality.

On the other hand I'm kinda disappointed in Tan Hi. I loved Nakahara's acting as Barara in G-Reco, her voice was so refreshing and so "not-anime". Tan Hi on the other hand was too much anime.

To be honest, I've only heard Nakahara Mai as Barara from G Reco and Yui from Muv Luv TE.

I am not sure whether she has used Tan Hi's voice before.

"Screaming Phoenix Killer, where are the updates? I backed your "Let's Kill That Vape Duck Fucker Once And For All" Killstarter because you had a good record in delivering slaughter and you sounded like you were truly committed to killing him. Every month for a whole year you tell us you've just killed someone Ducky once met and you're sure to get him next time, and I was patient.

Now we've no updates for weeks and I just saw Lin walking past following some scruffy hobo. I'm never going to back another Killstarter from you ever again!"

Originally, this guy is completely mistaken on Lin's aim. He goal is to ruin villains' prides and shame them. Even if he spoke about using schemes, such an aim can sometimes call for brute force if need be. Betsu Ten Gai is the typical guy for this, as his pride in his "unmatched" sword skills was his personal treasure. To set yourself up as a non-fighting sneaky thief of the highest grade, then reveal yourself to have fooled the guy, to actually be an even stronger swordsman than said guy while he is at his height is the epitome of shame. All in all, it's a quite a scheme.
Sadly, it didn't turn out the way he wanted and didn't get his prize in the end.

>Sadly, it didn't turn out the way he wanted and didn't get his prize in the end.
I loved how the villain won despite being utterly humiliated. It was a twisted ending for him.
Probably one of the most "pottery" moments Butcher has ever had.

>I loved Nakahara's acting as Barara in G-Reco, her voice was so refreshing and so "not-anime". Tan Hi on the other hand was too much anime.

That was Tomino's doing, he kept telling the seiyuu to stop sounding like anime characters.

Taht is why Lin's deception is two fold.

He is hiding his thief identity from good people.
He uses his thief identity to fool villians that he is something else.

No one expects a thief to be a master swordsman.

It is like an intelligent guy acting as a geek but is also Superman or some martial arts master or is super charismatic.

That's a good point, this has proven to not be any battle-shounen-training-arc-power-level-progression show. Or at least it hasn't been so far in this first season.

So the alternative to keep the audience glued is to reveal new powers that were already there. Sho has 36 of them for season 2.

If you remember Lin and 10guy's exchange, Lin turned to "thieving" because he realized that the way of the sword leads to villainy, so he was a master swordsman first. But with the way he is now, he gets to straddle the fine line between good and evil, which reflects his natural talents for lies and deception.

That reveal actually makes him even more of an interesting character.

Phoenix Killer was like a walking cliche, absolutely perfect voice for the character.

what happened to that sexy necromancer?

at least it's a tweeest, even though their methods might feel slightly unsatisfying.

>a master of quality

>After he has mastered swordplay, he turned onto rekting renowned martial art schools for fun.

Aside from not doing ambushes isn't this basically Demon Boxer Jin from Dairanger's entire shtick?

If a season 2 was planned all along then we might get it next season, something like a split cour.

It is like having two different careers before 35.

It was deffo planned all along.

Strange, if season 2 was planned all along I thought they would've kept 10guy around. He had a lot of build up. They cashed him out early.

That's because they have something better in store.

Just watch the rest of Pili.

It is a fantasy. The bad guy always dies or is repelled at the end. His demise by the very sword he seeked by written in his own name, another way would have been very unsatisfying.

I'm curious as well. One moment she was doing sexy magic dance stuff to awake the demon god and then in the next scene the demon god is seen wrecking the surface. Did it step on her by mistake? Did she fall off from the script?

That's because S1 is just setup for Shang and Lin's relationship.
I'm guessing S2's main villain will be the leader of the group that's after Shoufukan. I'm curious what kind of villain he is, I'm sure he'll have a convoluted philosophy regarding swords and power.

Another guess is Midorikawa will be voicing some character, he often gets roles in nitroplus titles.

Sounds like Hokuto no Ken.

Duck vs Sho, who wins in a fight?
Duck gets vape gas and prep time.
Sho can use 36 swords only after the fight starts.

Cute hat.

Because that would be a waste. He doesn't want to get rid of them in a literal sense, but to use them in a meaningful way. Each of these can take out a demon god, just outright destroying them would deny the world 36 ways of getting rid of demon god and its equivalents. Shou is too honorable of a person to outright destroy potentially world-saving weapons like that.

I'm sad we didn't get a single BAKANA

>that moment when a puppet show does a better job at fantasy than anime has done so far
And no, Bahamut wasn't good fantasy. It was nothing but all the western fantasy clichés thrown into a mixer without any subtlety.

Ends on equal grounds because Shou doesn't want to murder Duck.

I think Sho is stuck in a similar conrundrum as 10Gai. Despite viewing them as tools and ridiculing the villains for being obsessed with swords when push comes to shove, Sho ultimately doesn't have the heart to dump his large collection of swords either.

Who was more useless?

Screaming Faggot Killer or One-Eyed Jobber.

What, you expect a Caster to stick around and fight after the big summoning ritual is done? Not a chance. She wasn't a mastermind who had to stick around and brag, she wasn't trying to control the demon god, she just wanted to turn it loose and get out of the way. Like hell she's going to be playing tag along for that.

Xing Hai is kind of in a unique spot in the story. She doesn't have any false pride that's going to act as her fatal flaw, like everyone who died. But she's absolutely not a good guy either. She's a demon and she does what a demon does. Anyone who thought otherwise was like the guy in the story who gives a snake or a scorpion a ride across the river. That honesty of purpose, even if it's a demon's purpose, lets her survive.

Shou seemed pretty determined to dump them until he got interrupted. Now he realizes that the swords might actually be needed.

>"Wait, can someone explain to me for what reason we are made to fight each other to death?
>- Dunno man. Tis probably some weird guy who simply has a boner for power levels and absolutely has to build a hierarchy to feel good. Some weird guys around, I swear.
>- So, how about we keep voyaging together instead? Or perhaps you want to create a planetary level cataclysm from our sword skills clashing into each other?
>- No way I'd want this, heh! That guy can just go screw himself. See ya!

One-Eyed Jobber was by far the worst. He killed some mooks early on, scared off Ryo Mi, and then did absolutely jack fucking shit for the rest of the journey.

Oh, wait, he shot some arrows with talismans on them, so Xing Hai did most of the work there too.

One-Eyed, easily.
>beat mooks only
>had no special role in the story
>was in it for money and didn't get what he wanted (unlike ALL the other characters)
>jobbed to Phoenix who TURNED his own skill against himself
>died the arguably worst death in the series
He could have not been there and shit would have been the same. Even Phoenix actually got what he truely wanted and did a job at what he was supposed to do in the team, even if on-screen.

taking Ken's eye is significant. they don't seem to have healing powers in this world.

but yeah other than that he didn't do anything.

off-screen I meant.

But in the end, it didn't even matter, since it got Ken closer to Tanhi and he didn't follow his mentor's advices.

>doesn't matter got pussy

Eh, close second though. Also fuck you, Bahamut was fun.

Ken wanted both glory and pussy. But he had to choose and decided that his master's ideals were not for him so he chose genuine faith in lieu of false heroism.

>they don't seem to have healing powers in this world

Shou healed Tai Hi in the 1st episode



>We probably only get S2 because Gen won't have a happy ending unless next season ends up in full massacre

Actually, losing one eye in a battle is "better" than completely losing one sense or even a limb. The Impaler had only one and was still a bow master. Losing a limb is more fatal to fighting prowess.

>exchanged eye for the girl

The patch comes with +10 to all stats.

I really hope that the (blonde)daughter of Tanhi is the next MC of the second season.
>parents die
>gotta go ask help to uncle Shou

Not really. 風雲 is a common chinese phrase and have been used in wuxia, so it's more like both drew from a common source.

Conceptual weapon, duh.

Other than the black haired character fighting the white haired character at the end, Urobuchi avoided all his usual tropes.
All the bad guys died and the good guys lived.

Not sure if I want all of it to be a ruse, but one thing for sure, S2 won't be a straightforward JRPG story like S1.

Shou. Lin has to buy shaobing in the next town.

He uses Shou's money.

You need to read more wuxia to understand the brilliance.
>he character who relied on schemes wins by using brute force
already been mentioned by others that 10guy got the literal last laugh.

>he character who fights without a sword wins by using a sword
A central theme in wuxia is the idea of "person wielding the sword and not the sword wielding the person". Another concept would be the idea of sword and swordplay as a state of the mind. Semi-gods and demi devils has a guy who learns a swordplay about using sword "qi", that is he fights without a sword. Meanwhile, in Smiling Proud Wanderer, you have this bloke who got so strong he developed ways to take down various schools' technique with pure sword technique.

It's only a character assassination if you haven't been paying attention to the characters' conversations. And since someone have mentioned G-reco, I'm now obliged to tell you to stick to AZ, faggot.

>Exactly, everyone including the audience thought he was crap.
If you really think that then you must be the most gullible motherfucker ever.
From day one you could tell that Sho was a strong motherfucker. Not only that, but the fact that he managed to go through the trials without people protecting him AND people saying that he isn't a good swordsman is more than enough hints for you to know that Sho was strong as fuck with some martial art that didn't involve swords.

I would like if their daughter or son is the next MC, but I don't want Ken to die

I like to think that he wants to secure them or hide them somewhere where he can still access them, since you never know when demons will come back and end up needing some beating with legendary swords.

>Ends on equal grounds because Shou doesn't want to murder Duck.
He goes out of his way to avoid fighting, but once he fights he has no problem whatsoever slaughtering people. I don't see why he would make an exception for someone he considers particularly annoying.

I guess you'd never heard Tomato using her deep voice before.

>implying shou isn't that asshole mentor that is walking the lands making MC's all over the place in a crapsack world, all while being a complete dick about the ordeal.

>Screaming Phoenix
>Guides two traitors across the labirynth, jobs done
>Fights strong guy because he lives to do so. Dies because of that, which is acceptable.

>One-eyed fag
>Pretends to be hero, is a prick instead.
>Doesn't shoot Golem, which is his ONE JOB.
>Betrays group for money
>Dies like a bitch

i think it is pretty unanimous.

He spun 2 won

Well, he sure didn't mentor anyone in this season.
He just rekt some demons while being rused by a vaping duck.



Can we talk about how betsu10guy is a nice guy?
>creates hundreds of jobs
>gives everyone nice clothes including a kickass mask
>teaches everyone falling-star style footwork
>likes animals
>company pays for the transportation
>the rate of happiness in his place is high af
>free food
>probably free health care too because ki and shit

He probably paints well too because the only one who saw him got their hands cut off

>the rate of happiness in his place is high af
Happy Feet Squad.

For you, it was the biggest moment in your life. For CLAMP, it's just Tuesday.

We'll see how things go when Urobuchi's Godzilla happens.


>he has been sticking a sword in his mouth this whole time


>In S2 these WANTED posters are still around and leaving a trail for his Xi You pursuers

No longer wanted.

I think it was Ryou Mi who painted those.


>I just saw Lin walking past following some scruffy hobo
>Screaming Phoenix Killer, where are the updates?

Anyone else feel like Setsu had more respect for Phoenix Killer over Tenguy? It's possible he was laughing at the two of them equally as they had their fight since neither are on his level and both are in the same delusional state about swords, but all the same it felt like he had some measure of fondness for Phoenix.

Be happy.

In fact Sestu at some point or another outright stated he half fucked up, if he'd known Sho was that strong he'd never have needed to involve the other people.

I think so as well. The guy did dedicate his life to killing him, and he never let his body hit the floor. That would be undignified.

But where's the fun with that?

Maybe some girls took them home. Mysterious wanderer pin up, much desired. Shou has to reject his secret fanclub.

It could be that he saw himself in him. He quit the sword to prevent himself becoming some arrogant villain who took out anyone he liked, and that's what Phoenix was. But Phoenix still held some morals, paying off restaurant owners for every seat unfilled and so on. Lin might have seen it as someone who gave in to his talents and couldn't be helped, but other aspects of his character were unaffected.

That was what I got from episode 2.

how do you translate vape without losing the connotations, the chinese chose to translate it as I smoke weed, but I feel like there must be a better translation

Fair enough.

I'd argue that makes it even better. If the person posting it explains the full context it makes the west look like ridiculous stoners.

As opposed to serious stoners?

As opposed to classy cocaine.

How about happy heroin?

That could be a suitable replacement if we're running low on the obligatory opium.

I can't think of any other clever ones worth posting.

Cut-price coffee?

I keep mistaking "Setsu" for Setsu Mu Sho instead of Rinsetsua.

I considered caffeine but didn't want to do another c. LSD, acid, dope...

merry mezkal
shrewd shrooms
autistic acid

Any more information on them selling the dolls? I really want to get them. I hope it will be available for international customers

Can't top magic mushrooms

>Mysterious wanderer pin up, much desired.
Official artist agrees.

>but all the same it felt like he had some measure of fondness for Phoenix.

Only because he trolled Setsu Mu Sho sucecssfully while Tenguy got away and trolled him back.

Watch their videos with auto-generated english subs.

My dick. Both pages.

I can already tell you they won't, or maybe you can get them with a proxy. But I doubt. Also don't even want to imagine the shipping and customs for a 1000$ doll.

Are these official comics? where I can read the rest?
Is anyone willing to translate them?

1+2: ching chong poem
3: compliments MC
4: "why're you behind me?", "oops, i got found out"

No idea.

Panels 1 and 2 are just Sho fukan's poems.
Panel 3 is vape crow saying
>whoa, so you do have your own poem after all
>that's the MC for you, yours get to be read last

Panel 4
>why are you behind me
>shit, you found out

Thank you anons!
If you are interested to see more of these

I did a quick browse of baidu and it doesn't seem like there's a proper slang for vaping yet. They seem to either use the word vape as is or use the chinese term for e-cigs.

So, is it worth the watch? Or did the hack drop the ball like with Gaim, Madoka, and everything else he has made?

See you guys in season 2

It's been a great season. See you all again, maybe in the Godzilla threads as well.

1. I will get the strongest sword, and become the strongest!
2. Sword skills? I'm already bored of that shit.
3. Strongest sword? I already have 36 just like it.
4. *sudoku by shard*

>is it worth the watch?
Only you can decide that. Give it the three episodes rule, and see if it's your thing.
Personally it's the best series this season, and I say it as someone who usually dislikes Urobutcher's stuff.

>maybe in the Godzilla threads as well

Godzilla? Why?

Has the Mandarin version of TBF been well revived?

Why is this duck so sexual

I don't know where to check the sales for the chinese side of the market(s), but based on randomly looking at chinese sites, the responses seem to be on the positive side.

Know anywhere I can get the Mandarin version of the show?

They had separate VAs right?

honestly? don't bother it's not really that good

> The best anime last season was a fucking puppetshow.

What are the fucking chances?

Damn, that's a shame.

Japanese because Urobutcher script and native language.
Hokkien for authenticity/traditional 1 man show.

Does China even have an anime-like market?

Because it was new, different, and they managed to do something that most anime doesn't seem to know how to do by actually having an ending to resolve everything.

Bilibili has it.

>Does China even have an anime-like market?
They made Chu Feng: B.E.E. recently, an adaptation of School Shock. I haven't seen it come up on Cred Forums since the first ep, apparently due to a spaced-out release schedule. I should check back on it sometime.

China actually has a lot of anime-like shows, however I've mostly seen comedies and CGI wuxia. Chu Feng is one of the first chinese animations really trying to copy the japanese anime style.