Remember when

Remember when anime actually tried and had soul?

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The fact that it is easier to produce anime now than it was before has made quality go down. It's mass production now. Kind of like how a lot of movies suck nowadays, they are treated like a product more than a work of art. Same with youtube, everything is crap now since more people can create.

People have always been creating, we just have access to more half hearted attempts and learning experiences now. On one hand you get to see creators grow but you also see the opposite or just stagnation. I think having media an Internet connection away levels the field slightly, independent and small scale projects can get by due to postings on an imageboard. There's heart and soul around, but now you might have to use previewing methods like the three episode rule to really make the most of your time.

ok name ONE small scale anime project that has made it big. the reality is that only 1% of anime deserves to become public. and that 1% is now drowned in a sea of trash



You're too young to remember, but at least refer back to the good ol' days.

>can get by
> name ONE small scale anime project that has made it big.

Reading comprehension?
Its generally all small scale when it comes to anime.

toei, funimation when it was just dragon ball z, manga animation, studio pierro, sunrise, fuck you face it you were only an anime all-star studio if you existed in the 90s

I'm not young and I do remember. It has always been the same if not worse.

>you were only an anime all-star studio if you existed in the 90s
>if you existed in the 90s
>in the 90s
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i think its really cute, and i think the show needs a spin-off with a cute male protagonist! MAGICAL BOYS ARE REAL TOO!

90% of anime today sucks. 90% of anime back in the 80s and 90s also sucked. Nothing changed except anime is faster and easier to make. So you have 10x as many shows, but the same ratio of bad to good.

ur retarded, all anime today sucks. 90s was the best.

90s sailor moon 10/10
modern sailor moon 0/10

90s digimon was good
modern digimon wtf is this

90s dragon ball z good
dragon ball super ew

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bones didn't exist in the 90's

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And yet anime has become better than western DIVERSITY tv

Anime was better than western TV in the 80s and 90s as well. Our generation found anime in desperation to get away from shit like Survivor and NCIS.

>80's and 90's

He's putting it into context about how TV continued to be bad after 2000. But it started in the 80s and 90s.