Tomo confirmed Aslan spirit animal

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Title: A difference in power level, understood at a touch
Panel 1:
Tomo: Idiots. Let's go, Carol.
Carol: Yes ma'am!
Bowl cut: Hey, hey!
Glasses: Wait up!
Panel 2:
Glasses: You should come hang with us too!
Bowl cut: That way we can make it a double date!
Panel 4:
Tomo: Grrrrrr....

>male lion
Tomo a boy confirmed.

they felt the cut

What does DDT mean?

Don't Dick Tomo.

so is this a reference, or just a really shittily drawn lion?

dirty dick touching?


>Lion Tomo
I don't get it
Where's Jun
Where's Gundou
Why do I still read this garbage

it was a pesticide used in the 50's and 60's

Ok so in this universe that's not just an abstract symbol for someones ferocity. It actually is there.

>Male lion

I came here just to ask the same thing.

No, stupid.

Daily Delusional pairing Thread

Then how did they see the lion head silly?


record time

is this going anywhere?

or "Daily Dose of Tomo"

>They're such pussies all she has to do is look a little angry and they run away


tomo's shoulder muscles are that scary

>Double Dickings


I fucking heard it.


I hope these two show up again and meet Jun. Now that will be fun.


I want to put something into Carol's mouth

>Twitter doesn't even let you right click an image

Haven't seen anyone post this

i wanna jack off to carol's hair

>male lion


NTR doujins where she fucks these two guys when?

Tomo's barbed penis

>Jun rejects Tomo for himself
>Tomo is angry & sexually unsatisfied but trying to tame her feelings
>sees these to boys hitting on some girls
>they get lucky & are about to get their numbers
>Lion pounces upon them
>a tamed beast is still a beast

Jesus how many times have I seen this scene. Bored to tears.

>You will never receive a cheekjob from these three.

it was posted when that volume came out, months ago

How long is this gonna go on?

It's Carol, so another week.You just know they're going to run into Misuzu somewhere, there's literally 0 hope of Jun joining whenever Carol is involved for some reason.

Carol cute as always



So Tomo is a sub-Saharan shemale lioness?


I wanna be Tomo's lion king

Not at all.

Lionesses are becoming more Tomo.

Yuri end confirmed.

You can right-click it from this view.




Some lionesses actually have manes

>tomboy lions exist


Stupid hipsters, only Jun is allowed to touch Tomo.


Funny how in the first panel Carol looks more Asian than Tomo does.

DDT is a famous insecticide. Tomo is a walking creepy pest remover.

A wrestling move innovated by Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

>3rd panel
That is one hairy pussy.

Go back to Zesteria Hedalf.

>3rd girl she is saving from assholes
>3 stars on hat
Is it like the way fighter pilots paint tallies on their planes?

This seems like a Tomo version of Ritsu's and Mugi's day out.

>I've been fapping to tomo all this time


Yuri Tomboy Lions and Tomo is one. Glad I woke up this afternoon.

Can we talk about that lion?
I mean, holy shit.

Deathclaw Damage Threshold

It's a nice pussy.

Alien vs. Predator

... andddd Dropped

See you tomorrow



those are some low level thugs, they looked like dweebs


they aren't supposed to be that hairy.

ok, that's a little bit funny.

Which one is which?

I don't think Tomo actually loves Jun. Just a hunch.

Has it ever once gone anywhere?

God I want this to turn into NTR.

Tomo + Enjo Kousai = YES

So exactly why did Carol try to have Tomo raped?

shut up /lbgt/

Do you really need someone to explain you the joke? One's a lion the other one's a foreigner, rub two brain cells together if you can.

Carol is probably more of a predator than Tomo sexually

Sexually, Aliens are more of a predator than Predators too.

I don't get it.


Tomo be Lion, Lion be predator, so Tomo be predator.
Carol be foreigner, Foreigners be Aliens, so Carol be Alien
Carol face Tomo so Alien face Predator so Alien vs predator.
Does user thinking thing hurt?

>they even mounted other females.
/u/ confirmed everyone.

Does Tomo use Alex's 3rd Strike moveset?

>series so dead here even sites like mangafox have more actual discussion

We're all the same people, in the same threads, every day.
Important pages get discussion, carol pages get this. At this point, we're just waiting for something to happen to confirm one or the other theory.