Why does everyone like megumin so much?

Why does everyone like megumin so much?

Smug goddess is the best

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Aqua is a slut


Aqua doesn't wear panties

That's why she's best

Too old.

Fuck off, Kyouya

dame dame goddess is indeed best.

my dudes

Everyone overlooks best grill

her shtick got boring fast

Only bad character in entire show.

I want to flip up her skirt and just start licking her butthole in broad daylight.

And Aqua's didn't? Megumin was a well-rounded character and deserves her praise!

I bet her pussy tastes amazing

so fucking stupid she doesnt even know how to put on a hat


I liked that scene where Kazuma realized that her intelligence not increasing with levels meant that she was at the peak of her mental ability and he apologized for making fun of her.

smug water cunt can't even wear a hat right. 0/10 worst girl

doesn't have character development until vol. 3
s1 ended with the end of vol. 2 so we can look forward to her being an actual character in this season.

>200 Eris have been deposited in your account

Megumin a best A BEST
Aqua a shit A SHIT

>submissive masochist with big tits

Just imagine what that ass smells like.

Don't forget her most important character trait-
>ntr fetishist



Stop being so lewd.

Yes, this baka slut is far more entertaining than that moeshit Megumin.

sauce for this in case anyone is wondering


thanks friend, had trouble finding it myself

You'll have trouble doing that since my tongue has already been buried in that sphincter, Friendo.

Didn't you get sick? Are you feeling better?

My goddess' holy asshole is the well of inspiration and life from which I draw the strength to go on and defeat the Devil King.

Admit it. You had to scrub it a fuckton, didn't you?

She eats way too much curry and fatty foods. Also the alcohol shits she has are abysmal. But washing her allows me to see her naked and soap her up all over.

No, user, I will not scoop the shit up for you. You're gross.

As long as you keep Aqua nice smelling, I'm okay with it. Without pantsu, she'd do the public a disservice without cleaning, goddess or not.

Guys be straight with me... Is Kazuma a Lolicon?

His succubus dreamwish was about Lalatina getting his dick wet, so I don't think he's exclusively about the loli, at least.

My guess he's your run-of-the-mill pervert.

have an upgrade

It wasn't Lalatina speficially, just a clueless busty onee-san. So either Wiz or Lalatina could've worked.

Point is he wished for tall woman with huge knockers, which isn't exactly the loli-type of body, so Kazuma being a lolicon is unlikely.

I agree, Aqua is very cute!

Megumin is cuter and has a more fun personality.

She wears shimapan, actually.

Aqua's behavior is closest to 3DPD.
She's also stupid, annoying, vengeful, whiny, mostly baggage, rarely asset.

wtf I hate aqua now

Nah, he's alright with them if they're legal.

Kazuma is the true breast lover type.

because this board is full of degenerate pedo's who don't want to admit it

Megumin is a adult so it's fine.

I mean really she turned 14 for gods sake if that's not the age of adulthood then brothers I have some explaining to do with the law.

I would still accept one Aqua for Christmas.

best hair


Come on aqua is the best shes attractive, smart and I purify the undead.

このすば実写版(AV.ver) 期待するなよw

>mfw someone doesn't think Megumin is best girl

Loli fetish, also, good taste. Aqua is my best too.

retards have the best asses that's why they are able to reproduce

>Wanders around without underwear like a slut instead of wearing sexy, silky panties like pic related.
>"Best girl"

Surely you're jesting, user.

>sexy panties
>not a slut

i want some retard ass genes

What the fuck? Even porn has better acting than this high school "hey let's make a movie guys trust me it will be great!" project.

But that video is from a porn.

Link to porn?

Cause some people here are sadly lolicons.

Wearing sexy underwear doesn't make a girl a slut : showing them to everyone the way Aqua shows her butt does.
Megumin is a pure girl who wears sexy panties, but would only show them to the one she loves/ This makes her best girl.

Aqua is fine, but she has flaws. Megumin is a combination of all that is awesome

Maybe he is one but he doesn't know it yet?

There is literally nothing wrong with liking lolis.

Except you're still wrong.

>takes more than a minute to convince her to wash your back

But user, you shouldn't like pubescent girls with the least likely chance of being impregnated by someone else! You should want old and busted bitches who probably popped a kid or two out already and their pussy is lose and sagging, like a well adjusted adult! You wouldn't want someone to think you're a pedophile, do you!? BTW, old women who like fucking young guys are not called pedophiles, they're called "cougars"! It's the cool thing right now!

Damn almost made it through the thread without anyone posting this boring, totally vanilla, useless bitch of a "goddess"

Bitter shitposting aside, I'm fine with any girl between 13 to 30, I just like youth is all.

you're a pedoshit

So how's reddit these days?

I wouldn't know. Molested any underage girls recently, pedoshit?

No, why would I touch 3D loli? Are you retarded?

Aqua's pajamas > nopan

>tfw no Aqua to cuddle

Kill me.

>implying that is even close to the actual smug


> Wears more clothes to sleep than outside.

I don't understand this. But her PJs still make her look pretty damn fine too.

Konosuba needs more cute girls.

Aqua is for dick.

Megumin is for explosions.

Get the fuck out.



I'll take and konosuba thrown my way honestly they're all cute in their own way

She's the most intelligent of the group, her obsession with explosions is cute, and she has the best character design.