Is it time yet?

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It's oddly showing on some threads while others not.

its TIME



What the hell are all these party hats?

>being this new

Damn it

It works when you're in the thread

Anniversary artwork when?

Fuck, I totally forgot about this.


Everyone point at the faggot


I feel like partyhats used to be on more posts than just the OP?

Is it just a terrible memory at work here?

Completely forgot about today. Happy Birthday Cred Forums!

Get the fuck out, summerfag it's fall

Come on people, don't get baited this easily.

Posting in a thousand + thread.

Happy birthday.
I hate all of you.


terrible memory on your side, they've been only on OPs for as long as I remember.

It show up in my thread.

Active it.

Considering Cred Forums wasn't made till November, I don't see why we care.

Bish it's 2016

Is it time to party yet, Cred Forums?

>there are people as old as Cred Forums having sex right now

You are here 4ever


If only moot didn't space cowboy on us

Let's us commemorate for the last time before the UN shuts the internet down.

Cred Forums had an Anime/Random board since the beginning. We're technically half of that.

Yeah, why should we care about the site we're posting on?!


stop lewding your 13 year old imouto, user

It's always time to party, but now is especially time to party. Happy birthday Cred Forums!

Cred Forums was anime/random at that point.


Yes, Cred Forums is full of newfags. Why point it out?

love you too user

obvious troll account

>act stupid
>get called stupid

What do you think Moot is doing?

When I opened Cred Forums I didn't expect all the party hats and it scared me for a second

thats the point

>before the UN shuts the internet down.

I hope none of your new gets on my clothing.

jesus, it's already been a year

Well, dudes, we made it another year.

Probably here. Shitposting somewhere.

It surprises me every year

I don't know and I don't care, he's a traitor.

If one more year passes and I'm still here I'm gonna kill myself, this time for sure.

Happy birthday Cred Forums!

The days all blur together on this shithole. Happy birthday

Who's making the hat compilation this year?

This image is no longer accurate.

He's gone, time to accept it.


I wonder if Hiro is just as confused as the newfags

So, what are we at? 12? 13? I lose track


Russia has once banned Cred Forums from their country just because of some Naruko Hanaharu artwork, what stops something like that from happening again and worldwide now?

I hope moot comes and visit for our birthday


hes the one creating those asuka threads

Sucking cocks at jewggle.

It's only OPs. Always has been newfag.

13 I think. Too old.

are you retarded?
ICANN no longer being in US hands but UN instead has nothing to do with any ability to censor the internet.
Fuck off back to

>implying moot hasn't completely forgotten about us

He's a bigshot Google employee now.

>government shut down 5 years ago
>internet shutting down today
Why does Cred Forums always get the worst birthday presents?


I think you're moot.

He is among the newest of newfags.

This shit is so fucking boring and lazy every year
Just stop making it, the fags here will start bitching about how they made it another year, how they did not kill themselves and all the same boring shit, every fucking year
I always expect something more from this board but it's always the same shit

Being slave driven at Google.

He doesn't update his Twitter or his blog so what's actually happening is a mystery. I wonder how his social media projects at Google are going and if they're anywhere near as successful as canv.as.

I can't help but doompost when stuff like that happens.

No u

It was 03.

I wish I had never found this place.

Happy birthday fellow dangos

We don't even know what he does at Google, since an NDA prevents him from talking about it. He might just be a literally who.

It's that time of year again

What website is this? Ted Cruz's?

literally who

It's been over ten years since I came here now.

Been here since late '06, fuck me, 10 years on this shit.
Anyway, Happy Birthday, Cred Forums.

Yes, but please keep it to your designated cesspit.

Didn't moot create YouTube heroes?

>I wish I had never found this place
On the one hand, this place may very well have ruined my life.

On the other hand, my happiest memories all happened here.

Probably nothing important. I hope he's enjoying it.

Even though the past few months have been insufferable annoying with all the meta shit. I'm glad you guys are still here.

I love you all, even you Hiro.

Happy Birthday Cred Forums

been here since 2007

jesus i can't get out

That's kind of sad no matter which way you turn it.

I've been here since 2008. Am I an oldfag yet?

They're called "moots" friendo HTH

Where has the time gone?

I still miss her ;_;

The same place your disposed fingernails go.

I remember too

It's better than these generals. I'm waiting for that moderator to step up.

more importantly, who's hosting the party?

we haven't had a good party since Cred Forums hosted it

I bet he gets super bullied in google.

>13 years old
>Cred Forums is no longer a loli but a teenager

The longer it goes untouched, the harder it's going to be to get rid of generals. It's too late, m8.

They are not willing to take the backlash.

Talking about it

Because Cred Forums is technically Cred Forums's first board along with Cred Forums

I thought they were on more posts too.

Maybe we're from another timeline.

She'll be a cute cake sooner than we can imagine


Chewed into a keratin pulp and swallowed?


I hope he's still innawoods

I hope he's not poor or anything.


Fuck, another year.



I want to sexually FUCK Cred Forums.

Remember when the hats weren't turned on outside of Cred Forums.
Those were good times.


But Cred Forums is a decrepit old crone

It's been 13 years user. 13 long miserable years.

>haven't watched an anime with Cred Forums since valverape
I want to go back to the good old days.

Welcome to the darkest one, then. Pink Goddess best boy.


I can't remember going on Cred Forums anymore

Who's that

Cred Forums is now more than half my age

>there's going to come a time when the majority of posters on Cred Forums are younger than Cred Forums itself.

early to middle 06 was when I first found this place it's been "interesting" Happy Birthday Cred Forums

>HiroshiMoot: Its Cred Forums's birthday everyone, did you bring a present?
>What did you bring?
>>A School Shooting
Its already been a year. Christ. Hopefully we don't top last year.


Surely you mean second best boy.

Cred Forums is a 13-years-old cute intelligent, nihilistic, and with a wicked sense of humor ex-loli.


Yeah, time for sex with HATS ON!

You're here for life, user.

Neither can I. I just went there and someone started an EFG thread. It took me a minute to even remember what that was.

Do you have the 2013 waifu webm?

I ask myself why I still come here, than I remember I have nothing better to do with my life

She also never leaves the house, pisses into bottles and shits into a garbage bin that's next to her desk.

Regretting all decisions in his life.
Just like us.

What year did you join Cred Forums?

2009 reporting.

all things considered, you could be doing a lot worse.
Being a long-time Cred Forums lurker usually implies you've acquired some semblance of self-awareness over time, because you've weathered more shit typhoons than most other Internet users.

Moot left this place before any of you

Jack is okay, though he was better before he turned out to be Koharun's bitch. He gets an honorable mention, but he's not greater than Yamauchi.

Kill yourself Jebus

Why the Hello Kitty cat?

>moot left
I bet he still visits /ck/.

Hat me master

Just learn to enjoy a more organized board and stop hating "generals" just because they're generals. Dumb people will always exist everywhere, they only seem more numerous in those threads because they focus on things you dislike.
Cred Forums is still doing fine. Don't worry.

>look ma, I'm pretending to be retarded!

how come there's no pictures of bunnyuki with hats?

>I love you all
Even the tripfags you should be filtering?

THIRTEEN years old?

>only 4 good anime this entire year

13 year olds don't have racks like that.

Leaving aside what that user said, it is likely that there ARE people using Cred Forums right now who do not even know who moot is.

Pic unrelated.




because nothing else can help the pain I feel inside

What if he's dead and the working at Google thing was just a cover up

>stop hating "generals" just because they're generals
>they only seem more numerous in those threads because they focus on things you dislike.
I can't tell if this is a joke.

It's weird knowing that Cred Forums is the only consistent thing I do.

Cred Forums is getting mad


>just learn to enjoy people shitting on everything you have done and forcing you to do everything completly different like the invaders they are and enjoy eating shit
"No" you retarded generalfag. Cred Forums is not doing fine.

I never stated otherwise.


>Cred Forums Passes are now $5 off for 48 hours

Oh thank you, our jewish overlords. You guys are bursting with souls.

Happy birthday fagets, time to post dead maymays

Happy birthday

Don't forget, you're here forever ;_;



moot a fucking Jew
i miss him Cred Forums ;_;

For what purpose?


Which font is this?

Since when Boxxy first became a thing on Cred Forums so 2008 I think. It's been interesting to watch the language evolve at least.

"Epic Win!" and "lulz" in 2008 were perfectly normal but now it
makes you look like a Faggot. "go back to r eddit evolved from "go back to Gaia"

I actually like most of the shows that have eternal generals, but making thread after thread even when there's nothing to discuss just encourages circlejerking and faggotry.

I know someone who works for Google. You pretty much have to have no friends and be anti social to get a job there.

Is it worth buying one if I get banned every now and then?

Cred Forums.org/flash?file=cakeformoot.swf&title=Cake+For+Moot&w=640&h=360

I came here in 2011 and remember shitposters being told to go back to Now it's always

>cooldown timer lowered



Cred Forums's future has never seemed less certain. Only so long before mootwo gives up and sells out. After that, who knows what'll happen.

When did Gaia really start losing favour as our preferred scapegoat? Nowadays it's reddit, tumblr, or Cred Forums (the latter of which was more popular a few years back).

he'll fit right in

06, I remember raiding Habbo with Cred Forums.

He's a community leader who presides over daily meetings with the Google+ team hosted in a room befitting the divine creator of the premier English language Japanese culture and animation centered internet community. It's three stories tall, has a large boulder, some fig trees, with a wall to wall artfully manicured field of clover and grass. On the boulder is a marble altar supported by two short and stout columns behind which, the legend himself stands. His white flowing silk robe drapes down over his tutu two sizes too small of the finest lavender pink tulle barely exposing striped long socks with individual toe holes. Holding two tablets, one in each arm, he delivers the ten divine revelations to the Google+ team. Afterwards he reads a few pieces of that day's fanmail and makes a lighthearted joke about how Google+ is going to make it. With his right arm, he lifts a chalice inlaid with the image of a stylized redhead. A long slow slurping sound fills the room. Heads turn to face a young feminine woman with the physique of a young man by the door wearing a t-shirt with a depiction of a light blue haired monster with viscious red eyes. Realizing her error, she turns 360 degrees and walks away in shame. The room is quiet except for the whistling wind ambient background soundtrack. The metallic clang of the chalice on marble refocuses everyone's attention to oracle at the altar. He lifts up a set of keys by a red one with a logo of a black horse on a yellow shield tightly grasped between his thumb, index and middle finger and walks out the back door. Just before the door closes, a shout of Rayashi escapes into the room. This day's meeting has been adjourned.

>there was a time when Jacob wasn't a Jew
I'd give my left arm to bring that back.

>Faktum was still free
The one thing I hate Daiz for taking away from us

This. I can't discuss any of these shows because the threads are talking about unrelated shit and fanwank 24/7.

>impliyng that I'm not still a 2hufag

holy shit user you just triggered me

2005 Cred Forums. it feels like there is less than 10 of us left.

who is this semen demon?

>using the word "epic" unironically was normal years ago
I kind of miss rickrolling, too. But all those "Cred Forums was never good" posts, back then and today, are probably right.


He said everyone, not just you.

You need to be more positive, and try to get over your hatred against something so your opinion of it doesn't get too clouded. The good points of those threads far outweigh the bad ones, especially if you use the (good) catalog, and other than a few ones all of them are deeply on-topic (and the ones that aren't have become part of the culture already). I'll be completely against some sort of YouTube or Hunger Games off-topic general, but as we stand now, we're fine.
There's no need to get into a debate with you people over this because it's a special day (and because neither you nor I will ever change our opinions) so I'll just just leave it at that.
I don't mind those because they always slowly fade away after their season is over. The only recent exception I know is Monster Girls, but that one still has a manga (although a monthly one) so they're half-excused. They should better moderate themselves and only make threads for a while after a new chapter is out or something.


Kids who were born this day in 2003 are now teenagers

I would've loved to see what 2005 Cred Forums looked like.


But Fakku was always shit.

It's interesting how things change. lel used to be acceptable outside of [s4s] and Pepe used to be some shitty Cred Forums meme.

the only reason i stayed on the website was because of the porn honestly. all i remember were image dump threads, advice shit, and tons of failed raids.

>no need to get into a debate with you people over this because it's a special day
Then why did you reply to me having said Cred Forums was fine especially when you're wrong, you fuckwit?

>Linda Linda
Good stuff

Fuck i forgot his hair, now he is Daiz.

>we will never get 09-12 /fit/ wojack back

I wish more people had your attitude user. Cred Forums could use some positivity.


gaia was just full of cringy retards, reddit started stealing our memes, making them viral and attracting undesirables to already shit boards like Cred Forums. ebaumsworld did the same shit

Because it is. Compare Cred Forums to literally any other board and you'll how we're much more fine than you think.
Here's some more 13 year old tits.

>you will eventually have browsed Cred Forums for longer than moot ever has

>hiro was daiz all along
the plot thickens

Cred Forums has always been a scapegoat but in a sort of tongue-in-cheek way.

reddit started becoming a insult in 2011 when Ron Paul got popular. He had cross appeal amongst pol-tards and plebbit libertarians. I dont know when tumblr started but I do know they started in Cred Forums and spread like a cancer from there


Here we go.

Him going to Google doesn't prevent him from browsing Cred Forums during his free time.


already on it

I doubt he stopped lurking.

>Compare Cred Forums to literally any other board
Ah yes, the fabled excuse whenever Cred Forums declines in quality.
You're absolutely right with your last post, now. There's no point discussing anything with you.

Back in my day, newfags were learning to Triforce and Cred Forums was a place where you risked Goatse for CP.

So '07 I think? I feel like '07 was when I really became aware of the internet because of this place and Runescape.

I want 2009-2012 Cred Forums back. Event bowl threads about car chases were fun for light hearted shitposting. Now its nothing but general threads full of autism

Cred Forums and Cred Forums used to get along. Cred Forums blew up in popularity with normalfags and was officially dead with gamergate.

>Cred Forums has always been a scapegoat but in a sort of tongue-in-cheek way.
Well, there was the tsundere thing going on for a while. In around 2011-2013 I remember being the height of anti-Cred Forums sentiment, where the tsundere shtick transitioned into more serious scapegoating. I think this was because of how excessively offtopic Cred Forums was at the time.

We'll always be here, user. Don't worry.

So are we going to do something this year or not?

>the good
What good? Do you mean making the catalog clean? That isn't a good, its a negative. You aren't cleanig the catalog, you are seperating Cred Forums and the community into different threads. Generals are anti-chan culture. There is no postitives in the very thing that shits on most of the things I came to Cred Forums.

Unluke you I'm not going to sit there lying to myself looking for some imaginary positives while ignoring the negatives and pretend those 'positives' outweigh the negatives. Those 'positives' themselves are negatives. But you are right, this shouldn't be done in this thread, you piece of shit.

Who else would be making those daily Asuka posts?

here's your reply

The college football threads are still good. Right now it's comfy as fuck.
Oh, you mean the thing that made moot leave?

How the years fly, fellas.


Sucking cocks at (((google)))

We're gonna do "that" this year.

make an invite and send everyone to Cred Forums

don't invite Cred Forums or Cred Forums, though

I honestly lurked for 3 months in Cred Forums before posting on any board because I thought I would get doxxed immediately based on all the rumours I had read about Cred Forums then

Fuck it, i give up.
Drawing with mouse is hard.

Not for long you're not. I'll see to it.

>le dagashi hate

moot didn't leave becausr of gg you dumb tripnigger.

>Oh, you mean the thing that made moot leave?
Wasn't that The Fappening? Seems like that was more severe than being called a cuck repeatedly, but I'll be damned if I know.

cuck instagram made him leave, not GG

My mistake. GG drew moot into leaving and Fappening was finally pulling the trigger.

Watch more anime.

moot left because after the fappening shit he realised that him being the sole legally and financially responsible person for this long means he's the weakest link, and if anything were to happen to him, Cred Forums would die.

"The Fappening" is what killed moot. All his canv.as money was spent on lawyers to protect him from being sued into oblivion

I clicked on an image and got hit by a hacker website. Never learned how you could turn an image into a virus like that but it scared me away from Cred Forums for like a year. The website used dead babies as a wallpaper and goatse as a banner and played a lot of screaming sounds and shit.

I only came back because I was hitting that point in my life where I wanted more anime to watch but didn't want to sift through shit to find good anime. Now I mostly lurk on Cred Forums and check out whatever people love/hate the most and usually have fun either way.

I try other boards every once in awhile, but they're all pretty much shit so I don't stay for more than a day or two.

It was the fappening, he said so in the Q&A

No, moot was ready to leave like since /q/. /q/ was literally his attempt to reconnect with the userbase and we all knew how that went.

Gamergate didn't cause that you fucking dumbass.

canv.as was completely separate from Cred Forums LLC. The money he spent on lawyers after the fappening came from Cred Forums's reserves.
The money of the failed canv.as startup was donated to charity after the investors agreed to it.

what's a "moot"?

It still makes me laugh that the celebrity's natural defense mechanism is to throw tonnes of their enormous wealth at frivolous lawsuits in order to scare anyone less rich than them off of defending their own rights. And the legal system enables it, too! What a world we live in.

did that shock site loudly play a sound clip that goes something like "HEY GUYS I'M WATCHING GAY PORN" by any chance?

I guess some people want everyone to make a new thread for everything they saw in any specific recent episode of a show, causing absolute chaos and making discussion of it impossible, but those don't come to Cred Forums to discuss anime so their opinions are irrelevant. Killing so-called generals in the way your kind wants to would only be possible if there was no seasonal anime anymore. "Separating Cred Forums and the community" is inevitable for a subject like anime due to its own nature, or would you say that the average shonenfag usually frequents threads about moe shows?
By "we" I mean Cred Forums as a whole, not generals.
And just so you know, the only "generals" I frequent are the ones for the new episode of any show in a season.

It was funnier because every one of them said it wasn't them even after they launched lawsuits.

The fucking baby orangutan that screamed "I am watching gay porn right now. I quit my job because I love gay porn"? I don't think that was that long ago, feels like 2010 maybe.

I can't remember, sorry. I don't think I'd ever shut a computer off that fast in my life. Either way nobody was in the home since I pretty much associated Cred Forums with CP and made sure nobody would find out.

Not like looking for CP at the age of 13 was even that bad, but I feel like even then I knew I was a lolicon.

Happy birthday motherfuckers.
I wonder why i keep coming here even when i know i don't really have anywhere else to go.


Holy shit you are fucking new. Please do not talk about a topic if you have no knowledge of it or ita history. What you descriped is LITERALLY Cred Forums before generals. You have no idea what you are on about.

It also wasn't hard to discuss shit at all AND have fun/shitpost at the same time. Infact, it wad 10x easier than generals ever will. Fuck off

Hell yeah 13 years! Here's to another year of my life wasted. Cheers, anons.

Don't bother feeding him more replies.

Is it that time of year? Glad they are still using the same image since it's apparently blocked and I never noticed.

I should re watch RM, just for the memories

You're late.

There is no love. The love expressed is fake

The fuck are you doing here?

I love s4s. It's meta-shitposting while simultaneously mocking terrible forced maymays that turd sites like 9gag and plebbit utilize

Maybe he's reading mangos

You are an absolute fucking idiot.

I imagine him along in a room somewhere with a party hat on and one of them little birthday whistle things doing the whole happy birthday to me act.

s4s has become a bit stale. It used to be more obviously satirical, now I think it's just a dozen of really dedicated autists who have forgotten that there used to be some kind of structure to the joke

I've also been here ever since 2007, but giving proof of that is impossible so you'll never believe me anyway. I also saw the Kamina shitstorm and I agree that all that chaos felt good back then, but the same would be impossible nowadays due to the vastly larger amount of shows in any season and how much the board grew. Compare everything from back then to Kill la Kill's airing, for example, it just wasn't the same. If you really do believe that Cred Forums would be a better place to discuss seasonal anime if people weren't allowed to stay in one thread for any amount of time then I have to doubt how much anime you actually watch.
And another thing I dislike is how nowadays everyone assumes other people are fishing for (You)s so any discussion goes nowhere even faster than the usual.
In any case, I've had enough of posting tits. Happy birthday, Cred Forums, and I hope you won't let the wrong kind of people take you down even further into the wrong path, despite Cred Forums's massive influence.

Anime that came out 10 years ago.

Black Blood Brothers
Black Jack
Black Lagoon Second Barrage
Code Geass
Death Note
Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
Hell Girl
Hit man Reborn
Pumpkin Scissors
Tsumomo Momomomo
The Wallflower

spread the word


You're literally retarded, but I have to agree on the (you) thing. People are so paranoid of reddit invasion they're starting to think that (you)=upvote.

There are lots of reasons to rewatch RM.
Now go.

This is the only place which i can feel something. Have a great day anons.


God, it had the most nostalgic theme ever. has it really been 10 years?

Cred Forums is literally old enough to start going to highschool

Here's to another year of bullshittery with everyone!


There are people on Cred Forums younger than the website.

Don't forget Haruhi

Is mac is dead? he's not the one who made the art every Cred Forums birthday.

Sorry. 10 years ago this season.

>Haruhi was a decade ago

Just fucking kill me now.

>10 years ago this season.

Thats just the way it is


>mfw I remember that Code Geass aired 10 years ago

still the best anime ever


>tfw pink goddess literally didn't do anything even though he was best boy

>tfw we never learned who was the stalker

>tfw 90% of the characters got no development

>Cred Forums is now a teen and no longer a loli

>surely he'll come back for Cred Forums's birthday
>surely he'll come back for Asuka's birthday
>surely he'll come back for Christmas

It's over, user. He's never coming back. ;_;

One more year until it becomes the perfect age.

Only 1 more year until Cred Forums is legal!

Cred Forums has been too old for 4 years already.

If and only if moot posted here with his trip, how many (you)s would he win?

yotsuba is legal now

Is Cred Forums flat chested or developing?

>wanting the site to go offline on its birthday

it me mot

DFC for life

It would be cool if he posted "What are you watching, Cred Forums?" and it got stickied. Or a bait thread like asking for recommendations with the trip on.

>disposing of your fingernails

s4s may be stale, but it can be used as a great detterant because it's so dumb.
tumblr users came in through Cred Forums, plebbit came in through Cred Forums, and stormfront came through Cred Forums.

How jealous other boards would get?

Probably 1000 crying reaction image threads across all boards titled "Why doesn't moot like us"

What, is moot like the second coming of Jesus now?


Don't forget, you're here forever.

>Don't forget, you're here forever

I want to believe I'm replying to the same fags from a decade ago.

This. I love the topics of a bunch of generals, but can't discuss them at all because the generals are just circlejerking and any other thread you make about the topic is just assumed to be a stealth general and instantly filled with the same shit. So instead of getting to talk about something I like every few months, I never get to discuss it and have to watch it be forever associated with cancerous faggots.


By now, I'd be more worried about not being able to stay here forever.
Please let me sink with this ship.

You aren't. Statistically, 85% of this thread is pretending to have been here way longer than they actually have. The vast majority of Cred Forums users have only been here since 2010 onwards.

Get a load of this Cred Forums pro. Can you prove your bold statement?

>vast majority 2010
this shit is so weird to me. i went to the front page for the first time in a long time and saw 240k users online and i cannot even fathom that is a real number.

Don't worry user, I'll be the one to turn off the lights.

2006, though I was flirting with going here in 2005.

What the fuck did I just read. Is this snacks and moots love affair in google?

No, a pass is only really worth it if you storytime or image dump

It's also worth it if you want to support Cred Forums!
yeah right

>tfw you're wasting your youth on Cred Forums

Fakku, huh?

Makes me realize I think I used to just get porn from /rs/. That is, after I stopped using AerisDies.

Always remember

Who's our Maggie Simpson?

Remember when Cred Forums was good? No? I'm not surprised.


Firefox used to be a good browser.

>tripfags from 10 years ago are long gone
I wonder where they are now.


Go away Google.

>3D on 2D board

Fitting in yet?

Fuck, I hate this time of the year. I can't tell who's baiting, trying to fit in or nostalgia-fagging. It keeps me from being able to enjoy my night.

Fuck that dumb useless bitch. No one likes a glass cannon.

>No one likes a glass cannon

>tfw quints are smalltime now


People were a lot simpler back then, because the Internet was kind of exclusive property of social recluses so everyone was more or less okay with acting like a retard.
And then the normalfags invaded it all, and started acting like real retards. That was everyone's cue to stop doing that.

I wonder if Tiny is really dead.

>No one likes a glass cannon
>unironically being a shitter

D on 2D board
there's nothing wrong with that and never has been

moot should have put Cred Forums out of it's misery himself.

At some point, people started believing that 3DPD applies to reaction images instead of 3D women. I have no idea when it all started but I'm pretty sure it was thanks to someone trying too hard to fit in.

So what you're saying is that letting the plebicites in made Cred Forums a less embarrassingly retarded place?

Kill yourself.

He's saying that letting normalfags onto the internet made the world a more embarrassingly retarded place, so now in order to separate ourselves from them we have to behave like normal people.


2007 here too. Fakku was free but it was still shit. The community frowned upon anything that isn't vanilla and big boobs. Good thing I found out about panda after a year.

Is it time?


He abandoned us. He just doesn't care anymore. Whatever, we'll be here forever and we're going to keep being weebs without him. You'll see!

How come he don't want us, Cred Forums?


He grew up and became a beta cuck normalfag.
Learn from moot-senpai and reject 3D.

>Cred Forums was always racist, be it ironically or not
>supporting trump provides more lulz
>Cred Forums's "leftism" is more about anarchism and individual freedoms than the whole identity politics bullshit

Sure, some factors changed. Banning raids means the whole "Anonymous" thing doesn't happen anymore and Cred Forums (nee /new/) turned racism from a source of jokes into board culture.

But I think ultimately it never really was strongly aligned. After all most boards don't congregate for politics or various other social groups.

80% of those would be anime reaction images

Traced cp

moldy old joke

Wait, fakku isn't free nowadays?

They all become shabbos goyim like crunchyroll

I mean, keep grinding that axe. you're still wrong

So cringy

Fucking everything is cringy to you fuckers now. You know what's cringy? Giving this much of a shit about what things are cringy or not. Fuck off.

Me 2

Nobody is going to remember or give a shit about Cred Forums in 5 years

2004 i think

Screencapped, see you in 5 years faggot.

Reading My Balls on AerisDies was one of the defining moments of my adolescence.

I will

Don't worry about that, saying "cringe" is proof that someone does not belong on Cred Forums. They're either a crossboarder or someone from the normalfag corners of the internet, so nothing they say will ever hold any value in here.

Make sure to write the post number down too. Might end up switching computers in 5 years.

Enjoy trying to post to a 404 page faggot.

Cred Forums started dying when moot gave up on this shithole

I think I laughed at My Balls more than I got off to it.

Nice Akarin image



>tfw i actually own a "won't forget moot" shirt i bought from one of those shitty sites that makes shirts out of memes

Was it a particularly good deal? Link if so please, I think I want one

Who gives a shit.
Why do any of you give a shit.
Can't we all just go back to hating him like when he made canv.as?

it wasn't, sorry

cant take sacrasm, can you?

Jesus, when I was new I immediatelly realized what they meant.
Because it's obvious.

Gang. No longer are we 12 year old girls. We became men today. Post accordingly.

>No longer are we 12 year old girls
>We became men today
Did you mean sluts instead?

i was never 12yo


Why is everyone so whiny and negative in this thread?

Am I the only one who actually enjoys anime and being here?

how do you take them off

I've been here more than 9 years now.

you dont

I like both.
Cred Forums is good, and has always been good.
I just hate my myself.

What do the hats mean?

Since I started using this website I have been damaged physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Best decision ever. Happy birthday.

>Am I the only one here who enjoys life in general

Pretty much yeah

>today is the day that the internet is no longer protected by the US constitution


Just realized it's been six years since I first started browsing Cred Forums.

Man I feel so fucking old. It started in high school, now I've graduated uni and I'm still browsing Cred Forums. This place fucked my life up so much.

Last year it was a school shooting and now this.

I honestly don't know which is worse.

It's a useful newfag detector

No, we fucked up our own lives. Cred Forums just helps with coping.

>Even caring at this point

It doesn't matter

If you hate life so much to back to /r9k/, crybitch.

This is a good thing tho, I hope the UK stops censoring the internet too, it's annoying as fuck getting blocked from accessing torrent sites.

pls fuck me, best gal of respective series

It's part of the package that comes with using Cred Forums.

2013 here. in 07 I probably was playing some shitty flash game and getting into youtube.
I'm about to be 4 years in here
where does time go. I still think that beijing were the latest Olympics :(

before that it was just furry shitposting and randum Lulz!!!
I have the way back archives up to 2004 but I'm so fucking lazy to put them together

You losers aren't gonna go to bed early, are you?

>Separate windows instead of tabs
What a time that was.

2014 with the 2nd banana happening on Cred Forums.


Well, I was pretty normal before Cred Forums happened. Then I started following seasonal anime. Then it was figures, daki, all sorts of dumb shit happened.

I guess the worst thing was that having lost my irl friends, Cred Forums became a sort of substitute 'friend'. Except that it really wasn't.

2013, missed everything good

> mfw I visited this site for seven years now and this is the first time I saw the hats
I'm genuinely amazed as to how this came to happen.

Last time I checked was back to Cred Forums.
Is there a new boogieman?

I have to test this.

A big thanks to everyone who browsed NSFW boards while at work.

I couldn't have become a CEO without you.

I have to test this2

the website's been hacked they're gonna be here forever now

Motherfucking 15 seconds, damn. I will dump manga all day every day.

probably moogle stuff like saying kupo a lot

why do you believe that?

Around 2012. I knew it was there but I just thought of it as the internet's butthole. But if there is anime discussions that won't be archived with my name on so everyone can see what a dumbass I am then it's a fine ass in my book.

I bet somebody said that 13 years ago

I wonder who could be behind this post

but the world of warcraft version of lol is way worse.

Late 2009 here

You shouldn't use kek either. This is Cred Forums. We use reaction images, not Cred Forumsermin phrases.

2014. I am shamefuru

I don't use it, but I'm observing how the one is accepted/ignored while the occasional lol'd lulz lel, etc. always gets berated.

finally, I was getting tired of spending a whole fucking hour for dumping a monthly chapter

He's still here. I feel it.

He was so disconnected from anime and newer board culture when he was still admin, he wasn't actively posting then, and since he abdicated I doubt he posts more.

In your bones?

Putting tiny party hats on all his Asuka figures

Perhaps that's why he laid back from being an admin. Now he can be as normalfag cancer as he wants without drawing attention.


I wonder what will happen next year.

we are your amnesiac friend.


>comfy halloween again soon

See you next year user =)

fewer americans due to trump death squads and brexit making people too poor to have internet. which means fewer native english speakers overall. australians and canadians will take leadership.

Top hats.

July-August 2015

Gintama and Zero no Tsukaima too.

>australians and canadians will take leadership
So general board quality will drastically improve? That's something to look forward to.


Me too. At first I thought it would be the anniversary of the site but it's still stupid so I thought it would be maybe other thing.

Looks like they went the stupid route again.

No, you try way to hard

Calm down there slugger, I can feel the heat from that bum burn all the way over here.

>no party hats in appchan

That would be your own blasted ass. Did I hurt your basement dweller feelings?

Happy birthday, 4 chan.

>no u
This is great, keep on goin'

Born too late...

>fewer americans due to (...) brexit


Happy now?

>trump death squads
If only.

Sorry, of course I meant "deportation squads" for illegal immigrants.

> sad losers thinking that they aren't a prime target for death squads
You do know that Nazis hated the kind of people who post cartoon girls on the internet nowadays, right?

and nazis hated japan too, oh wait

Every single time I think that libertarians have reached the hard limit for stupidity and nobody else could even compete with them, nazis just bust through all the limits for sanity and show themselves to be lacking not simply intelligence and basic self-awareness, but the very sense of reality.

2006 here.

Do you think Cred Forums is having sex? She is 13 years old

Cred Forums.org/flash?file=mootykins.swf&title=mootykins

Its sort of a mob mentality

Also libertarians probably aren't that unstable in the grand scheme of psychoanalysis

>hey dude did you know that people you like would hate you? because of things you do that weren't even comprehensible at that time of technology and social structures? heh I bet you feel stupid now
nah I just wanted to point out that you're a massive retard

Libertarians are stuck in the mindset of a stupid teenager who thinks that he's going to become rich and famous just about any day now, so he acts like he already made it big. It's escapist nonsense that everyone who isn't an actual teenager any more should treat with a trained professional.
> yeah, nazis hated asocial losers back in the day, but nowadays we watch cartoons, so it totally doesn't count and Hitler himself would have approved
You're so stupid you're quite literally on a subhuman level of intelligence.

13 year olds have had at least 13 sexual partners.
Seriously, kids are fucking sluts, it's pretty obscene.


Why are you even bringing up Nazis again? Trump isn't a Nazi, as much as people like to make him a big boogie man. A retard yeah, but not a Nazi.

>nazis hated asocial losers back in the day
also just for the record I don't particularly like nazi germany, I wish the russians wiped them off the face of the earth after the war, any time those german fuckholes do anything it just causes a massive crisis for our entire region but yeah you're spouting massive amounts of retarded nonsense, if you were in nazi germany I'm a 100% sure they wouldn't have turned you away because you like japanese entertainment

> implying that Cred Forumstards who like Trump aren't in the vast majority neo-nazis
> if you were in nazi germany I'm a 100% sure they wouldn't have turned you away because you like japanese entertainment
They declared comics to be degenerate art, look it up. You're fucking clueless, you alt-right loser.

In five years, Cred Forums will be old enough to post on Cred Forums.

Even though I've been around for years, I'll never forget seeing party hats on RIP Paul Walker threads back in 2014.

>more uncited heaps of trash and unwarranted insults
okay so you're just some autistic raging faggot

psychoanalysis is complete horseshit though, so who cares

Today is my nephew's 1st birthday

It's astounding how nazis fanboys have read so few about the nazis.
I forgot the name of the book but it's the doucmentary of americans in 1934 nazi germany, that illustrate well how fucked up and violent they were to absolutely everyone fr every reason even in their first year.

> outright point out for him what nazis actually did
> still in denial
Yep, you are a nazi, whether you claim to be or not.

Is Trump a nazi because his supporters are neo-nazi? That doesn't make sense.

> strawmanning by pretending to be autistic
Nazis never change.

Nazis are stupid because hitler was a moron

Cum on your nephew and post pictures.


Cum on your nephew and post pictures.
Cum on your nephew and post pictures.
Cum on your nephew and post pictures.
Cum on your nephew and post pictures.
Cum on your nephew and post pictures.

I'm just quoting you. It doesn't make sense to call everyone a nazi because some of they are.


>still no actual proofs
>anecdote about a propaganda movie you saw at some point
if you've spent 5 minutes on the internet you should've learned it by now that if you start off with strings of insults then you lose any credibility to convince anyone, at this point I'll say anything to spite you because you're a retard and started abruptly insulting me
difficult to say, I'm still convinced that it was a ruse by the jews and hitler was actually working for them the whole time but yeah fuck germans they can all die for all I care, like I've said

> alt-right loser.
Maybe it's because I'm pretty apolical and not american. blBut I still don't see why people throw around sides and shit like as if they are an insult and somehow a bad thing. Wow! Someone has an opinion on the opposite side of you, they are literally and will kill everyone because they are x side. It's like watching kids incapable of rational thought act like fucking retards flinging shit at each other. It also kinda makes the entire point of democracy pointless when you treat everyone who isn't on your sides extremism like as if they will end the world.

No. Get that disgusting shit outta here

I'll cum on you and take pictures


politics is literally just entertainment for bored people, the only purpose it has is to pick a side and attack the other side

It's alright to cum on your cousin!

But I am your nephew!

or do both, as every true user does.

I never said nor implied that Trump was a nazi. You put words in my mouth.
> I'm still convinced that it was a ruse by the jews and hitler was actually working for them the whole time
Subhumanly stupid.
> politics has absolutely nothing to do with one's personality
I like this meme.

another random insult instead of any proof, or argument or anything
get a life you loser

> projecting
You are so predictable.

you're just saying stock response memes at this point

Hi moot

Was Cred Forums the biggest mistake in the history of Cred Forums?

No, /news/ was

2011, in second year of HS

I'd read shitposts about shows I didn't watch and still laughed

yeah , they bring a lot of unsavory characters and unnecessary attention.

2009 here.
Too late to experience the golden years, but early enough to not necessarily be called a newfag.


Fuck me, what I have done with my life?

At least you're still alive

>still alive

I am a shambling corpse sitting next to a computer screen at this point.

How is that a good thing?

How did I miss this entire thread.

See you guys in the next late night nostalgia blog thread I guess.