Strike witches

>strike witches

Worst fall ever?

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I'd call it a lateral move.

I want to get lucky with Aki-lucky.

Only watched the first Wixoss, is the rest worth watching? Shows about card games make me depressed because I have no one to play with.

I don't know what you mean by first, but Lostorage is next season and set a few years later.

Any day now.

I thought I was the only one who watched the Wixoss series.

You're either a newfag or fucking blind to be able to miss like 2 years of wixoss threads.

hurry the fuck up

The new one looks bad IMO

I can't see this series being any good without Aki-lucky or batoru antics.

>less than a week until lostorage
>gravelords still aren't done with destructed

there was a second season if you remember

There's a new trailer up on youtube. It doesn't show anything new.

>wixoss thread at 3 o'clock in the morning

They promised to stream it today but never delivered. I will never forgive them for that.

Peeping Analyze chapter 9!SU0wQQwR!eiSRYc1o05ys9Vfo8Bcqcio7i9adKvubCwH_FKjRlLc

Why are people complaining about male selectors when we already had a YOB in season one?

It's never going to happen. ;_;

Oh what a thing to wake up to.
Thank you so much.

But Midoriko was ultra feminine


>want to make weekend WIXOSS thread
>something is already pinned
>shit OP
Oh well.

Is the new series going to keep the paper clip noses?


I want to fuck Piruruk.

Batoru love is alive and well.

Second season has superior OP and incest.

That's more than enough to watch it.

I really wanted to watch with all of you guys before starting with Lostorage.



2014 nostalgia.

Do you guys want to know which stirred was /u/ as fuck and we called it?

Is stirred already over?

Nanashi is tired of your lazyness shit.

Calling it fucking now!

She definitely looks the lewdest.


>people falling for a cheap Alfou

>yfw Nanashi is made from the memories of Alfou and thus we get the most closer thing to Re/verse Cameo.

But that doesn't make sense.

They can pull shit like Nanashi's LRIG meet pre LRIG Alfou back in her childhood and in the future and thus Nanashi was born.

Why does this LRIG gives me a weird feelings, like she could kill me like any time. Is she crazy? I want to fucking know.


>>strike witches
that was the first anime i watched together with Cred Forums
I thought there was going to be anymore after the second season.

Those were just added to create a contrast and make the girls stand out even more. I hope.

>heart in name
More like Milf.


So what, the girl who have this LRIG got mommy issues?
Wait, it's not a girl who owns it, but a guy, right?

It seems like the tights deparment is still running.

I don't know.

It's very obvious who will get Mama.

Yuri age-gap?

Pick your poison.

>the guys get the worst LRIGs

You are fucking dead Remember.

Until Ruuko came and freed her UH OH

Some tweets from the producer Kohei Kawase.

>来週から放送開始のLostorage incited WIXOSSですが、昨日1話の編集やってまして見てて思ったんですが、ある意味selectorよりひでーなコレってw…タマちゃんは救いだったんだなー(遠い目) お楽しみに!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

>Lostorageの続き…穂村すず子役の橋本ちなみさんの声や芝居が中々、儚い感じで「すず子、がんば!」って言いたくなりますw パートナー、リル役の伊藤静さんには感情を抑えた芝居をしてもらってるので、一層すず子の、誰にも頼れない絶望感が素敵ですw





>1人だけselectorのキャラが出てまして、目ざとい人は既に気がついてるかと思いますが、そう、あの彼女です。 selectorが好きだった皆さんも是非観てやって下さい。カッコいいオンナになってます。またデッキ組みたくなるぐらいw


>…井口さんの千夏がカッコ良くてビックリ。というのも彼女の声はインなんとかさんの声で脳内に染みついてるもんですからw おまけに大人の艶っぽい感じの声出すんで、井口さん色気抑えて下さいという指示を出す事に…井口くんも大人になったんだなー、と実感w

>Lostorageとりあえずここで最後…ともかくも10月7日より放送開始のLostorage incited WIXOSSですが、前作の良さを引き継ぎ、独特の空気感で仕上がっておりますのでお楽しみ下さい!先日現場で会った時に軽くストーリーを…

>…聞かせた、selectorで香月役を演じてくれた小林裕介君が、話の途中で僕を遮って、もうやめて下さい酷くて聞けないと言ってくれたのでそれなりに楽しんでもらえるのではと思っておりますwww 裕介いいヤツだなー( ̄▽ ̄) では10月7日に!


He's an Okada man, I see.

When does it air?
When will we get subs?

the age of fansubs is over
move on

It airs in 5 days. Hopefully it gets HorribleSubs since Asenshi is just too slow.

I think it's 6 days.
>is it Friday yet

We already have sunday in Australia.

Must suck when all the good shit airs late-night.

This could be really good or pretty bad.
I'm still hyped.

>Sickness Love

Not Lovesickness?
>inb4 her selector loves a girl but it's one-sided

How do you fuck a card?


>megane day


>he doesn't want to fuck a card


I summon thee

>no fluffy chipmunk scarf girls
Why even bother?

>[HorribleSubs] Shuumatsu no Izetta - 01 [480p].mkv

It's finally here!


>About Lostorage incited Wixoss starting next week, yesterday we just finished final editing for episode 1, and in a way this is way crueler than selector lol... Thank god Tama was saved (distant look). Look forward to it! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

>Homura Suzuko's VA Hashimoto Chinami-san voice and acting makes her seem quite transient, and I want to cheer her on with a "You can do it, Suzuko!" Her partner, Lil's VA Itou Shizuka is really killer her emotions, such that you can really feel Suzuko's despair in not being able to rely on anyone lol

>I mentioned that this was crueler than selector, but Suzu and Ruu are in similar situations. It's just that Lostorage is so raw and graphic that I felt like Grandma was saved too lol

>After Lost was announced, we had a celebration for the Selector movie with Kakura Ai, Sakura-kun, TakaMina, Akasaki-kun, and the rest of them all said...

>"I wonder if I'll be in the next (Lost)... no, I really want to be!" I can look back and laugh now, but you really don't want to be! You'll face an even harsher world! lol

>I was the one who made the PV and TVCM, so did you see it? If you thought it was identical to selector, there's not much I can say otherwise, except...

>There was one character from selector with sharp eyes, and you may have second guessed yourself, but you were correct. Please watch if you liked selector. She's become a really cool girl. She makes me want to make a new deck lol

>Back to the PV, only Suzu and Chii-chan had lines. Just like selector, we recorded it before the actual show, and though I already knew...

>Iguchi-san's Chinatsu was so cool I was surprised. It's because I always associated her with In-something's voice (it's Index) inside my head lol. In fact she sounded so mature and seductive that I had to ask her to tone down the sexiness... Iguchi-kun really has grown lol

>Last one, Lostorage is airing 10/7, and like the last time it'll have a unique and immersive atmosphere so look forward to it! Oh, but before that...

>When I was at the recording studio, I ran into Kazuki's VA Kobayashi Yuusuke, and as I was telling him about Lostorage he told me to stop because it was too horrible, so you can look forward to that lol. Yuusuke's such a good guy ( ̄▽ ̄) See you on 10/7!

>>There was one character from selector with sharp eyes, and you may have second guessed yourself, but you were correct. Please watch if you liked selector. She's become a really cool girl. She makes me want to make a new deck lol

Yes. YES!

>There was one character from selector with sharp eyes, and you may have second guessed yourself, but you were correct. Please watch if you liked selector. She's become a really cool girl. She makes me want to make a new deck lol
BEST GIRL IS BACK. I knew I saw her behind Piruluk in the PV.

That must be what he means.

It has yuri like Strike Witches and Wixoss.

But for what purpose? After what happened to her, why would she want to get involved again?


There's going to be an Alfou cameo right?

It's fucking happening

Oh fuck only QC is left.

strike witches is fine


>I won't be able to watch the livestream with everybody

The livestream got canceled anyways.

Goddamn time travelers, get off my board.

oh, was it resheduled?

Has anyone ever tried out the card game? There really wasn't any context of the gameplay at all in the anime.

Hope the WIXOSS threads are as good as the last time senpai


It depends if /u/ can contain it's anti-male autism.

Expect the opposite.

Seems unlikely.
Then again I don't remember any complaints about the twincest.


pro tip:it can't

But there should be less meme viewers because Okada isn't writing it. Maybe it'll be okay.

>because Okada isn't writing it
AOTY confirmed

>like the last time it'll have a unique and immersive atmosphere so look forward to it!
Pretty much all I'm hoping for, so this sounds promising.

It's actually really damn good. Best card game I've played actually, and I say this as someone that's tried several, and played MtG straight for years.

Euphonium should keep them occupied

it wont

Gee, I wonder. Wixoss threads were really infested with /u/shit and shitposting, remember?
Retards like you, on the other hand, will be on the loose.

lets not resort to name calling.

It's pretty fun, it also helps you understand what's going on during the battles a lot better.

I enjoy Wixoss threads and I don't want to see them ruined by inane shitposting. All I'm saying is be aware of the possibility.

Hope it becomes popular enough to get localized. Who wouldn't want to play a game with cute girls on the cards?


This won't be fully QC'd, it's an early stream just for you guys. We'll have the final versions out at some point.


Wixoss threads are always been devoid of this, now stop fucking whining and get hype, god damn it

Here we go.

>18:30 EST
Oh God.


>18:30 EST
>01:00 AM with a shitty internet connection

>18:30 EST
>1:30 AM
Just fuck my shit up senpai.

>not living in the EST timezone
lmaoing at your lives right now senpaitachi

So that's 00:30 AM in the UK, right?

Is that a bootleg?

Mumi, why?

Nah, that's the official Tamayorihime Sun Priestess.

nice quads

If that's CEST, yes.

All I know is that it is possible, many weebs have made love to the Dark Magician Girl card and Kaiba has probably been cheating on Blue Eyes with another dragon.

>that neck
Are you sure?

But mine doesn't look that weird.
Maybe it's just a bad angle.

Five more hours...

4 hours

So it's EDT rather than EST?

It's right now time. Another way to put it is 00:30 CEST.

>stay up, watch it and potentially ruin myself the experience resulting in regrets
>go to bed, miss the stream, miss the fun and watch it whenever with potential regrets

EST is just the catch-all for the East Coast, nobody bothers changing the name for daylight savings.

Akatsukin, onegai.
Timezones are hard.

>site cannot be reached

>doesn't work as I imagined
I give up. Thanks for trying.

Try this?

Holy fuck. Look at your clocks and count to what time is 3 hours and 15 minutes from now. This is not difficult.

>The webCountdown 10/01/2016 - 18:30:00 is over.
It's location based or something.
How dumb, why can't it be just global.
This site isn't smart.

You aren't setting the date.

I will teleport to my house just to watch the movie.

That's all I need, thanks.


dead site

I'm looking forward it so much!.

works for me mate

Okay, let's try that again.
This definitely works better.

Please, don't say that. You are starting to make me feel depressed.

It's probably a problem on your end, not like it matters now since

Wixoss is known in Mexico?

How would I know that?

>Browser is set to Spanish
>Time Zone (revealed by the file name) is the Mexican one

Mexico isn't the only spanish-speaking country in that timezone. And before you ask, no, wixoss isn't known in my country. I'm probably the only guy here who even watched it.

Have you praised your goddess yet?

Of course, pic related.


Third try.
Just, you know, have all of them open and hope. It should be this one now though.

Why does she have a toy that looks exactly like her LRIG?

Because her LRIG is a manifestation of her memories.

It's the other way around.


Did the movie come with some specials too?

No one knows. All we know is that she is cute. Ulith has never been this cute, so Nanashi can't be THAT malicious. We hope.

The evil LRIGs are obviously Blue and White this time.

Is the stream starting now?

In one hour.


It's time, get in Hitbox.

Is Okada still going to be writing? Is this just pure card game pandering now?

Jesus christ, I didn't remember Hitoe being this much of an autist.

I was expecting it in an hour, I'd almost miss it.

>not a single DFC LRIG

They fucked up before they even began

There is a loli though. Normally I'm a DFCfag but Alfou is just too great.

>There is a loli though.
One litteral loli Selector, no LRIGs unless you count the A cup. Its garbage.

When does it begin!?

We're already like halfway done user.


I can't see anything captain.

Put your grasses on.

Are you using ?

Tried but got nothing.

Someone tell me the plot of the anime, I forgot

Evangelion meets Madoka.

Jurrasic Park meets Akagi.

The bastard child of Saki and Akagi.

Fight Club meets Yu-gi-oh.

C/u/te girls s/u/ffering immensely

Thank you gravelords, it was a fun watch.

I just feel dead inside after watching that

I missed most of the whole stream. Figure out how do I feel?

Stirred fucking when?

>tfw missed the stream

Caring about irrelevant LRIGs.

Same. Fucking hell why do they stream it when im sleeping.


The new wub wub tracks for battle were cool.

So how many of you missed the stream because you thought it was going to be on ConnectCast?

People someone confirm me there if there is a new OST for Destructed.
I fucking want it.

Weren't they mostly reused though? There was only one I didn't hear before. Well I also missed a bit of the stream at the end.

I did miss the whole stream except for the finale. If it was inteted, it was was a despair-inducing way to mislead people.

There is. An user said he would post it but didn't know who to rip it.

Torrent when?

After QC I assume


The OST for the movie also has a 17 minute audio drama with Akira Mirurun and Piruruk.
Sounds like a lot of Akira bullying,

I'm starving for music.


Thats me, havnt had the time. Im sorry.


It's up on AB, I'm listening to it right now It's not on nyaa from what I've seen though.

You can just use exact audio copy to rip it if you get the time.

Nice, hadn't checked there.

I heard about AB before. Is it really obscure as fuck as before?

I don't know about it being obscure, the "interview" is easy to pass if you take like 2 minutes to answer the questions but I don't know whether they are open for registrations.

So, Tama got a human form in the end of the second season, but what the fuck happened to Yuki?

She is also Tama.

Not fair. She was much better than Tama

Battoru > cute ojou but not ojou

I agree.

I wanted her to have both Yuki and Tama designs but it fits since Yuki was using Iona's image, but she truly is Kuro's original image.

So. can we agre that pic related is the love child of both Rumi and Sachi?

But Yuki was the best one at choosing her words

Yuki was the best

Go back to whence you came you spawn of evil


Get triggered some more because of a file name




Akira is not for bully!


That's all she's good for.