This is your JK bitch for tonight

This is your JK bitch for tonight.

Who's this mattress actress

Just fuck her right there. Who needs a hotel room?

Why Japan can't do a good hentai for once? Kuroinu was the last good thing they did. If it wasn't for doujinshis I wouldn't know what to do with my life.

Rail a Gyaru slut until she's addicted to only your cock

Having no budget is part of the charm.

Victorian Maid Maria.

So I'm guessing this is shit based on the other replies


Just Kidding bitch?


What is she trying to convey?


I hope they do the whole "sister meets her brother at a mixer and ends up fucking him", I saw her on the Main Slut's phone

the appropriate reaction to dem digits

>The first girl that appears doesn't have another scene

She gets fucked in the 2nd ova i believe

A few years ago I think gyarus were one of the least popular types of girl.
Now they're in the top 5, I'm so proud of you Cred Forums

Will we ever get a pure gyaru animation?

Has gyaru fashion picked up at all in japan? Or is the resurgence limited to hentai?

galko chan was literally just the other season

Completely defeats its purpose

>all the girls are horny sluts
there is a serious lack of horny girls in hentai
It's always something shitty like rape or black mail or ntr
we need more girls that just wanna fuck with no depressing or negative story to go with

go read some vanillas kek.

Oh das it mane!

Yeah I fucking hate it when the girl "pretends" to be a gyaru to get the guy's attention.
I need an honest slut not a lying pure girl.

>more dicks than chick

That shit is for faggots who don't want to admit it. Gangbangs are shit. Orcs and monsters are shit. Might as well be jerking off to nigger porn because that's the same thing.

Not anime or manga.

What do gyarus think of cherry boys?


Let us share the love, l/a/d


>Gangbangs are shit. Orcs and monsters are shit
Fuck off with your shit taste.

>Might as well be jerking off to nigger porn because that's the same thing
Yes, I do that sometimes.


Nah fuck off with your shit taste.
Gang bangs with sluts who enjoy it are fine but monster rape is fucking lame as shit.
I don't care about BLACKED cause I'm not Cred Forums but Orcs can go to hell.

It's just hentai unfortunately. Even in AVs it was 10 times more popular 5-10 years ago.

Did episode 3 come out yet?
I forgot to keep following


But kuro inu was shit though?

>the never fucked her brother with the strap-on
Fucking gay.

I guess this is the correct place to ask.
I am looking for certain hentai where the MC is tricked by a girl that looks like pic related but with black hair into becoming president of some school club. Some help?

Something by joyride got animated? Wow



Paizuri invitation is my new fetish


I stopped reading this manga soon after the MC lost initially. what happened to it?

that chapter was perfect, I wish we got a sequel


Nfff thicc


Best JK girl is here.

>You will never get a tall tan Gyaru slut to affirmatively grab you from behind and stroke your cock while you shake and throb with pleasure

>shoujo ramume 7 days away

How I convice my neet big tit japanese friend to turn herself into a JK slut?

She started liking have sex with other guys instead of her boyfriend and showing her body on the internet, but she doesn't wear sexy clothes or change her hair color for some trashy blonde hair yet.

Buy her presents and attempt to boost her confidence until she's a shameless nypmho.

>Literal /h/ thread on Cred Forums
Mods are dead.

I don't know what the fuck you're talking about but that sounds amazing

Tenioha! Onnanoko datte Honto wa Ecchi Da yo

>Spoonfeeding newfags
Yup, this is an /h/ thread alright.

Get over it.

Kill yourself.

Why does she have a ruler there? She does not have a penis to measure, I don't get it?

Why are gyaru so arousing?

>meme hentai

>Kuroinu was the last good thing they did.

You clearly haven't been looking into any H-series if you think that. As much as I love Kuroinu, there are far better ones that has been released this year.

That new Uran thing better be good.

>literally just finished fapping to クロ子 scene
>find this thread
Did anyone here like any of the four new OVAs that dropped today?

>クロ子 scene
>Realizing her CV was the same girl who did the voice of the teacher from Jutaijima, of whom I fapped to plenty of times before.

It's odd that she's not that popular of a CV for nukige. She barely gets hired for anything.

New stuff came out?

>you will never fuck a gyaru so hard she falls in love with you
>you will never have a loyal gyaru harem

Maybe she's some popular normal seiyuu who only does nukige under a pseudonym when she's not too busy?

Indeed. Most of it was pretty good too in my opinion.

I always knew Yume would grow up to be a fucking slut.

Vanillas are so fucking boring.

>series call compensated dating bitch
>he doesn't actually pay for sex, they al fall for his cock

This. I just want an another kuroinu but without stupid monster and tentacle shit.

source? reverse search doesn't bring it up

Doubt it. She's been doing voicework for eroge and visual novels consistently since 2002.

Spot the slut.

The girl with the purple ribbon

alright where the fuck is my new oni chichi episode

>liking reposts

Airi makes me diamonds, they should make it in to a weekly series

The MC.

>the never ending hentai

>I'm new
Hi welcome

Until he finally gets his fated fivesome it will never end

second row, second from left

That hentai was pretty good.

Specially the toilet scene with the other gyaru.

Thanks user!

This one's the craziest of the bunch.