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Yokosuka Naval District Anthology, Volume 15, Chapter 3
Title: Kamikaze's Happy Family Plan
Author: Minimaru (pixiv.net/member.php?id=313297)
The continuing adventures of Minimaru's Myoukou-class

Page 18
Panel 1
Haguro: Good morning, Kamikaze-san! How are you!
Kamikaze: I'm good, thank you! And you?

Panel 2
Kamikaze: Haguro-san's always looking out for me...
Having her by is really reassuring.

Panel 3
Kamikaze: I noticed when I reported to my post
that Haguro-san seems happiest when she's with the Commander.

Panel 4
Kamikaze: (But) I want Haguro-san to be
even happier, happier...!

Panel 5
Kamikaze: For that sake, I'll help the Commander and Haguro-san build a "happy family"!!
Haguro: ?

Page 19
Please Leave It to Me!
Panel 1
TTK: Uhhh...
SFX: Scratch, scratch
Kamikaze: What's the matter, Commander?
TTK: My shoulders've gotten stiff from all this desk work.

Panel 2
Kamikaze: I know the pressure point for stiff shoulders! Here!
Pinch between the thumb and index finger....
SFX: Squeeeeeeze
TTK: Owowowowowow! Too strong!
Kamikaze: Jeez, this is nothing!

Panel 3
Haguro: Looks like fun!
SFX: Surprise
Kamikaze: Haguro-san!

Panel 4
Kamikaze: Shoot! I became a happy couple with Commander... before Haguro-san could!!
SFX: Bend!!
TTK: Gyaa!

Just For Show...
Panel 5
Kamikaze: This is bad, this is bad! What'll happen if I get too friendly with the Commander!
I have to make some alone time for the two of them!
TTK: This year sure is hot... the heat's killing my appetite

Panel 6
Kamikaze: For that, I recommend green tea with a dash of honey!
(Here! Have some!)
Your stomach will feel better! It's a folk remedy!

Panel 7
TTK: You sure know a lot, Kamikaze~
SFX: Gulp
Kamikaze: Jeez~! No need to praise me! It's just for show...
Another happy conversation with Commander...

Panel 8
Kamikaze: Haguro-san, I'm sorry!
SFX: Fwoosh
Haguro: For what...?

Page 20
Operation Bento
Panel 1
Kamikaze: Isn't the weather nice today, Commander, Haguro-san?
I made some bento! Shall we have a picnic today?
Haguro: Wow!

Panel 2
Kamikaze: Now to go flower picking... or something, as long as I leave them alone.

Panel 3
Haguro: Commander-san and Kamikaze-san... I'm really enjoying sharing bento with you two!
SFX: Grin
Kamikaze: (S-)
Same here~!!

Panel 4
TTK: (Thanks for the meal~)
Haguro: (That was fun!)
Kamikaze: (Same here!)
Shoot, it was the three of us having fun again...!

Panel 5
Kamikaze: Just how on earth am I going to get the two of them together...?

Panel 6
Kashima: Please let me assist you in that matter!
SFX: Bounce
Kamikaze: Kashima-san!

Panel 7
Kashima: As a training cruiser, I can teach you what kind of things women like men doing for them!
SFX: Wow!
Kamikaze: You're so reliable!

Panel 8
Kashima: This is the data in question!
(The August issue is a collector's item!)
Kamikaze: So all her info comes from books, huh... * See Minimaru's chapter in Yokosuka vol 14, "Kashima's Love Lesson"

Admiral, what's with that face... you're getting all hot, too. Are you sick? Shall we lie down together?

Page 21
Panel 1
Narration: Women want men (that they like) to pat them on the head!
So if Admiral-san pats Haguro, she'll definitely...!
SFX: Kya~

Panel 2
Kamikaze: A pat on the head... from someone you like...
Haguro-san being patted by the Commander... Me... and Haguro-san...!
SFX: Embarassed~
Haguro: Kamikaze-san?

Panel 3
Kamikaze: Er...!
Could you pat me on the head!!

Panel 4
Haguro: Eh?
Kamikaze: Ah!
(I... I messed up!!)

I Did Want It, Though...
Panel 5
Kamikaze: I want Haguro-san to be happy..!
So it needs to be the Commander patting Haguro-san...
SFX: Bluuuuush

Panel 6
SFX: Hm...
Kamikaze: !

Panel 7
Haguro: Like... this?
(There, there)
Kamikaze: (Hawaawaawa)
W-What is this!? It's so... nice~!!
SFX: Tremble, tremble

Panel 8
Kamikaze: That's not it!!
SFX: Bang, bang


Page 22
Kabedon * That thing where the guy corners a girl against a wall twitter.com/kanwakyu_dai/status/259506621317779456/
Panel 1
Narration: Kabedon will do the trick! Closing the distance! Raising their heart beats!
Oh my~
Kamikaze: Seems you're enjoying it...

Panel 2
Kamikaze: Kabedon... I don't get what Kashima-san was so excited about it for...
Yukikaze: (Yay)
It's Haguhagu!!
Haguro: Yukikaze-chan-

Panel 3
Yukikaze: Dooon!
SFX: Zoom
Haguro: Gah!
SFX: Slam

Panel 4
Haguro: Yukikaze-chan... I told you not to do kabedon again, didn't I...?
Yukikaze: I forgot!!
Kamikaze: That's kabedon...? Dangerous!

High Energy Food!
Panel 5
Kamikaze: Commander! I made you kabayaki eel for dinner!
TTK: How luxurious...
Kamikaze: I also made you liver and mugwort soup!

Panel 6
TTK: And this?
Kamikaze: Raw soft-shelled turtle blood!
SFX: Sip

Panel 7
Narration: To get a man in the mood, you have to awaken their instincts... or so it's said!
Kashima: (This is my final technique!)
Kamikaze: (I see!)

Panel 8
Kamikaze: Tonight... please do your best!
TTK: What're you talking about!?

Page 23
Getting Late
Panel 1
Kamikaze: It sure is getting late!
SFX: Open
Kamikaze: I prepped a special room so you two can get a good night's sleep tonight!

Panel 2
Haguro: This is...
TTK: What a nice atmosphere.
Kamikaze: Right!?

Panel 3
Kamikaze: Please, have a seat, Commander!
SFX: Pomf, pomf
Haguro: Ah... well, I'll excuse myself.

Panel 4
Kamikaze: What're you talking about? Your spot is right over here, Haguro-san.
Haguro: Ehhhh!?

Panel 5
Kamikaze: I want Haguro-san and the Commander to be happy, like a family!
Haguro: A family...!?
TTK: What're you saying...?

Panel 6
Haguro: I really don't know if I can share a f-futon with...
Kamikaze: ... would you rather not?

Panel 7
Haguro: It's not that I... don't want to... I...!
SFX: Glance...

Panel 8
Kamikaze: That's alright... here! I laid some cut onions by your bedside! You can relax and have a good rest! * More traditional medicine
TTK: That's not what she meant!
(You sure know a lot!)

Page 24
Let's Compliment!
Panel 1
Kamikaze: It can't be helped... then, instead of sleeping together,
I'll be fine if you just compliment Haguro-san a bit, Commander!

Panel 2
TTK: Comliment?
Kamikaze: You know, that she's cute or beautiful or something!
Haguro: E-Eh!?
Kamikaze: I think it's important to express your feelings with words!

Panel 3
Kamikaze: I want you to do the same, Haguro-san!
SFX: Haguu!
Haguro: Eh... ah... uh...

Panel 4
SFX: Bluuuuuush
TTK/Kamikaze: Cute...

With Determination!
Panel 5
Kamikaze: HUrry up already! I'm watching over here!
TTK: You're watching!?
Kamikaze: As witness!

Panel 6
TTK: [Cough] Haguro...
Haguro: Y-Yes!?
Kamikaze: [Whisper] Just say how you always feel about her!

Panel 7
TTK: Well, er...
I think you're...
the most beautiful woman in the world.

Panel 8
SFX: Bwah!
TTK: Eh!?

nice hat

Page 25
Panel 1
Haguro: Oooooooooooh!
TTK: H-Haguro! I'm sorry! D-Did I say something weird!/
Haguro: (Awawawa)
No! That's not it! I... I'm so happy!
SFX: Sob

Panel 2
SFX: Turn
TTK: W-What do I do, Kamikaze!?

Panel 3
SFX: Bluuuuuuuuuuush
TTK: Huh?

Panel 4
Kamikaze: Jeez! Just what the heck are you doing in front of me!?
SFX: Slam
TTK: You're the one who made me do it!!

Countless Times
Panel 5
Haguro: Sorry for getting so upset.
Kamikaze: Thank goodness, Haguro-san seems happy!

Panel 6
Kamikaze: I won't forgive you if you don't make Haguro-san happy, Commande! Do you understand!?
TTK: (Th-) That's... a given.

Panel 7
TTK: I'll say she's beautiful... every day... if that's what makes Haguro happy.
SFX: Bluuuuuush

Panel 8
Haguro: Please don't say it every day!!
SFX: Slam
Kamikaze: Ah... kabedon.

My first Kamikaze chapter, can't recall if Kamikaze has appeared in the anthology before.

Fuck you, more 4koma.

Yokosuka Naval District Anthology, Volume 15, Chapter 8
Title: Tokitsukaze's Photo Collection
Author: Kirigaya Yuuji (pixiv.net/member.php?id=65705)

Page 54
Daily Life
Panel 1
Tokitsukaze: Nice, nice~
SFX: Flash, flash, flash, slide
Kuroshio: Whaaaaaa!?

Panel 2
Kuroshio: What're ya taking pics for!?
Tokitsu: Ah.
(I'm out of film.)

Panel 3
Narration: The Splendid Film Loading Dance
SFX: Rustle, rustle
Spin, spin

Panel 4
SFX: Flash, flash, flash

Panel 5
Tokitsu: Daily life on the naval base.
Kuroshio: You don't hafta take pics here!

Page 55
A Golden Opportunity
Panel 1
Kuroshio: Don't go spreading them pics~!
Tokitsu: But I wanna~
SFX: Thud-thud-thud-thud-thud

Panel 2
Kuroshio: Damn, where'd the little...
SFX: Slip

Panel 3
SFX: Flash, flash, flash, flash
Kuroshio: Ngahhh!?

Panel 4
Kuroshio: Stop messan with me!
Tokitsu: [Satisfied]

Panel 5
Kuroshio: Where'djya get that camera anyhow...?
Tokitsu: Aoba-san said to take some photos for her!

Panel 6
Tokitsu: I'm helping because she paid me, of course~
SFX: Rustle, rustle
Kuroshio: A bribe, huh...

Panel 7
Tokitsu: Isn't it nice?
SFX: Rustle
Ticket: Free Climbing Pass
---Invalid Once Cut---
Free One-Day Commander's Head Climbing Pass * See Tokitsukaze's Tsuyu line
- Yoko. Distr.

Panel 8
Tokitsu: Ah,
this is Tokitsukaze's pay!
(I won't give it!)
SFX: Slide
Kuroshio: Like I want it!!

Page 56
Don't Wanna
Panel 1
Kuroshio: Need ta get my hands on that camera...
Tokitsu: No one's coming, huh~
Kuroshio: That's it...!

Panel 2
Kuroshio: Hey, hey, let me take some pics of ya too~

Page 57
Panel 1
Tokitsu: (Let's look elsewhere!)
Kuroshio: I'll hafta keep looking for a chance...

Panel 2
Kuroshio: If it isn't Fusou-han and Yamashiro-han.
Fusou: (Oh my)
SFX: Fuso~n

Panel 3
Kuroshio: Hm? You aren't takan pics?
Tokitsu: Hrm...
How do I put it...

Panel 4
Tokitsu: Wouldn't I be catching some spooky stuff?
Kuroshio: Ah, I getcha.
Yamashiro: Did you just say something rude...?

Old Wives' Tale
Panel 5
Yamashiro: Photos? No way!
SFX: Shock
Tokitsu: (Eh~)
Why not?

Panel 6
Yamashiro: They say you lose something if you're photographed, don't they!?
Tokitsu: Lose what~?
Kuroshio: (Hahaha...)
So they believe that kinda stuff, huh...

Panel 7
Yamashiro: Er... what was it...
SFX: Flash

Panel 8
Yamashiro: Your hair?
SFX: Ta-dah
Kuroshio: It's your soul!
(The heck're you doing, Fusou-han!?)

Fukou sisters make for a fun duo as always.

Page 58
Panel 1
Zara: (Ah)
Do you know where Pola is?
Tokitsu: It's Zara-san~
Kuroshio: Hm, no idea.

Panel 2
Tokitsu: Zara-san, can I get a photo of you too?
SFX: Slide
Zara: Eh!?
No, I'm not good with photos...

Panel 3
Tokitsu: It'll be fine, it'll be fine~ I'm taking it~
Zara: Ehhh!?
Tokitsu: Okay.

Panel 4
Tokitsu: -se.
SFX: Flash
Kuroshio: Her face's all messed up!

Panel 5
Zara: I always get nervous when I'm being photographed, so I'm not very good at it...
SFX: Sob-sob
Kuroshio: (There, there)
I see, I see~

Panel 6
Tokitsu: You'd get used to it if we kept taking them.~
(Ha ha ha)
Kuroshio: (That so...)
Narration: The Drastic Measure
Zara: Makes sense! It's all about perserverance!
(Let's try it!)

Panel 7
The Tenth Shot
Zara: How's this?
Tokitsu: Looks great, looks greaaat!
SFX: Flash
Kuroshio: Looks like she really got used ta it.

Panel 8
The Thirtieth Shot
Tokitsu: Ahaha, what a funny face!
SFX: Flash
Kuroshio: We overdid it, she's reaching enlightenment!
(It must be from enduring all this!)

Page 59
Sobering Up
Panel 1
Zara: I'm going to rest a bit...
Kuroshio: I wonder if Zara-han'll be alright...
SFX: Shock
Kuroshio: -gah, a drunk!
SFX: Ngah~

Panel 2
Kuroshio: Ya lookin for Zara-han?
Pola: Huh~?

Panel 3
Pola: I'm gonna drink more~

Panel 4
Zara: Poooolaaaa...
(Oooh~ Ahh~)
Kuroshio: (She's back!?)
Pola: Ahh, Zara-neesama, I'm sorry, please forgive me!
SFX: Bow, bow

Morality < Pragmatism
Panel 5
Tokitsu: Pola-san, say cheese.
Pola: Cheese~
Kuroshio: Wait a sec!

Panel 6
Kuroshio: You can't just go takin' pics of drunks!
Tokitsu: (Eh~)
What's the matter, it's no big deal~
Kuroshio: I don't wanna hear that from ya!

Panel 7
Kuroshio: Zara-han, tell Tokitsukaze to stop, too~
(It's your sister, after all...)
SFX: Pout, pout

Panel 8
Zara: But if you think about it, having some pictures she doesn't want to see might help get her to stop drinking...
SFX: Mutter mutter
Kuroshio: Damn, you sure are strict with Pola-han.

Page 60
Panel 1
Aoba: How's the situation?
SFX: Suddenly
Tokitsu: So you're outta the docks, Aoba-san!

Panel 2
Tokitsu: I took a load of them!
Aoba: Then let's get them developed ASAP!
SFX: Rush~

Panel 3
Aoba?: Ah, most of them came out blurry.
Tokitsu?: That sucks...
SFX: Blur~

Panel 4
Aoba: (Ah!)
Kuroshio-san's came out beautifully!
Kuroshio: The hell!?

Panel 5
Tokitsu: Ah, Commander!
TTK: Oh, what's up?

Panel 6
Tokitsu: Hey, look, look~
TTK: (Where, where?)
What're these?
Did you take them?

Panel 8
TTK: How much for this one?
SFX: Ka-ching
Tokitsu: Eh?
Kuroshio: Commander-han.

Page 61
Panel 1
Tokitsu: Thanks for the help, Kuroshio.
Kuroshio: Eh?

Panel 2
Aoba: Is that what happened?
Thank you very much.
SFX: Bow
Kuroshio: No, I...

Panel 3
Aoba: Please take this as a token of my gratitude.

Panel 4
Ticket: ---Invalid Once Cut---
Free One-Day Commander's Head Climbing Pass
Kuroshio: Like I need this...!

Panel 5
Aoba: Commander, here's today's delivery.
(They finished developing)
SFX: Whisper whisper
TTK: Oh, thanks as always.

Panel 6
Aoba: Managed to get some good ones today thanks to Tokitsukaze-san.
TTK: Then I'll have to pay you a bit extra today...

Panel 7
SFX: Ominous
Ayanami: Ayanami,
surface combat.
TTK/Aoba: Ah...

Panel 8
TTK: Wait a se-
SFX: Boom
Tokitsu: I don't wanna take pictures anymore...
SFX: Shiver, shiver


I wonder which C90 Amatsukaze doujinshi I should do first.

I want to be milked by Yuubari!

What's your excuse for not taking advantage of Kamikaze? She's right there in front of you!

I don't want to disappoint her when she finds out I can't get her pregnant.

I want to take advantage of Harukaze instead.

I am going to eat my wife!


Post shipgirls who love anal.


Would all the boku ships like anal?

My wife does not.

Will Shiggy let me fuck her butt if it'll lead to marriage?

What does she like then?

Well you could marry her and do it afterwards.

Especially if I lick her butthole for around an hour before.

Regular love making for the sole purpose of procreation.

I don't want to marry her and then find out she lied about letting me fuck her butt.

Shiggy in the heat

Post daijoubu


And how many babies are you going to make with her?

Why is she in heat 24/7?


Enough to form a soccer league.

An entire league?


Why is Yamashiro always sad?

Can she stop obsessing over her sister for once?

I want to lick her pits


Haruna's armpits are a miracle.


>3rd Anniversary
Just needs a 1 in front of the 3.

Sexual beast.

Thanks, it's nice kicking threads off with translations.


Well. At least you'll never have to worry about what you're going to eat.


The cutest ship! I want to spoil her and make her feel cherished and loved!

Wish I could do it more regularly.

Cred Forums.org/news?all#122

Well, that's some nice timing. Thought you were making some kind of joke about "13rd".
Why did Hiro commission some tumblrfag and what the fuck did he do to Mac?

Too attractive for her own good.

This is for you, Commander!

Can we go one thread without getting to image limit before bump limit?

And this is for her.


I hope so.


As long as lagafag doesn't spam, it will never happen.

Not for lewd.

Does this dragon make a good chef?

I want to test all of her handmade food and find out.


I want to try out their cooking.

Technically, you're required to eat anything a kanmusu makes for you. It's in the fine print when you signed up, admiral.

I want Harusame to make me tea.

>Why did Hiro commission some tumblrfag and what the fuck did he do to Mac?
Change for the sake of change?

Thank god they have to try it themselves before handing out their food.

It would be disastrous if they didn't.

Mac seems to still be active, so it seems silly to me. Also turns out Mac got an (art) tumblr this year, such is life in 2016.

Considering what Hiro did to the 404 page, nothing surprises me anymore.

Adding a YT embed and redirect? Or am I missing something?

Asashios are for consensual sex.

The YT embed/redirect initially replaced the Yotsuba image altogether. After much bitching on /qa/ Hiro finally added back the Yotsuba image, but put it below the YT embed instead of above.

I see. I imagine the YT embed is temporary anyway, like other announcement messages.

Kagachapter when?
Just asking

What is the progress on that guy who was doing the typesetting for that ikazuchi kashima doujin?

Mou sugoi Kaga-san!


I wish he'd draw Jintsuu too.

I want to sexually YASEN Sendai.

Kamikaze is trying to steal Haguro's husband, someone stop her.

Reminder that Guumo class is the best class.

The only thing good in there is Hayashimo and Naganami.

What about the slut on the top right?

Kashima tried and failed too. Pretty sure Minimaru's TTK this chapter is actually far more direct than he has been in the past.

The only shit gumo there is Maki

Kuroshio best Kagerou.



A man of fine taste.

It is that time of night.

What a kind girl

No. It's just past 9am here.

>disliking Makigumo
Homosexuality should be illegal.

I'm going to smooch Akebono!

They're nice, but I wouldn't go that far.

I wonder if Iowa is as tight as the panama canal.

This girl will cook for you.


What are their uses?


Sweet tender cuddles

Iowa is a loose girl,
Just saying

Iowa is pure so she must be tight.

>Sentai Collection

Which ship would you kabe don?

The ones I want to fuck.

I want Kasumi to abuse me.

My waifu.

Being kabedoned sounds hot.

tender loving with yamashiro

Zuikaku > Shoukaku

I don't disagree.



Kinugasa and Tenryuu will save the anime, right?

They'll be ruined by the anime.

At least she has her Kai2 and not her weird ugly original model.

Kinugasa will be ruined, Tenryuu is already shit so she'll be in tone with the rest of the movie.

Who is that blackface Shigure?


At least the battles look way more interesting.

I want to rest my head on Atago's tits

Iowa is for Kabe-don

I want to rest my head on her lap while I listen to her beautiful voice.

Granted, sort of

Why does she speak Chinese?

I want to sniff her butt.

I can't handle her purity. She's perfect.

Takao's butt

Ita disappointing she has no good dakis for sale. I can't live my dream of sleeping with Takao and Atago.

Aren't these dakis?

I said "good". These aren't bad. But they seem pretty off design. The colours are odd and Takao doesn't even have those cute little plane things on her stockings.

7/10 "would snuggle with but could be better"

>tfw manlet and can never fulfill kabedon fantasies.

OK, Anita Bryant.

You can always settle for a 100% cotton Takao towel instead.

>fantasizes about being a sex slave

Can someone satiate my love for Atago and Takao and link some fucking great doujin that's not shotashit? Please thanks.



This is a start. Thanks.

whats with the giant robo arms?

That's okay user. You can be Kabedonned by a girl. It's a little different but I guarantee you'll love it.


She's pure! PURE!

All ships are pure.

With some exceptions.

There is a shitton of them that are not shota

Reminder that Atago, Takao and Iowa are best for cuddles. Big breasts, big girls.

Mayhap, but that doesn't mean I like all of them.

Kancolle is dead


Start looking then because Atago and Takao are not some obscure boats with little or no porn to them





please retard

They are cool


Thanks lad.


Sexual rabbit.


>those hips

You know what I like, user.

What wrong with those hips?


I want to be inside this bunny.

Bunnies are known for fucking like rabbits.



Who's this cute and loveable ship?

I hear she has nice armpits.

I want Haruna to spoil me.

Haruna is objectively the cutest.

I want to spoil Haruna.

Well, she certainly is one of the most beautiful girls.

I want to treat her to a nice dinner after a day out with her.

She'd be so fuckable if she wasn't so scary.

Haruna is made to fufill my ass fetish.

I desire nothing more than to lovingly make out with her butthole.


>She'd be so fuckable if she wasn't so scary.

No, she's so fuckable because she's yandere

Her sister is better for bullying.

I hope he makes one for Ooi.



Kasumin's armpits!

I want to eat Houshou's cooking every day for the rest of my life.

Is she naked under her one-piece?

Kasumin's body




She can wash my dick with that body then.

>dat Atago vanilla doujin

Artist outdid himself this time

Need proofs tovarishch)))))))

What is this doujin you speak of?

Tell us

This one andThey are like the only sfw pages

Her purity shows best.

Eh, I wouldn't call her pure. Its like she's absolutely down for whatever in that.

This Atago is a bad girl.

Interesting. But shota admiral can go fuck right off.

Smoking is gross.

It's hot when a hot girl does it.

No, it's not.

It makes a hot girl look less hot.

What? Does Atago have a bad girl sister? I'm repulsed at the impurity, but aroused by a dominant bad girl Atago

It depends on the personality. It's okay if she's a banchou-type lady.

>alternate Atago

Regular Atago is soft as fuck too.

That doesn't stop smoking from being unattractive.

>trying to harass a warship
You'll get your dick blown into pieces before you can even finish reading this.
It's just not realistic.

All the right curves in all the right places.

I want to taste Atago's boob sweat.

It increases their attractiveness in certain cases with a rebellious vibe.

And tobacco can make her kisses more intoxicating.

So yeah we're going down.

You could at least provide a SadPanda link.

I want to be a drop of sweat trickling down Atago's breasts.

Its the latest Atago doujin there

>It's just not realistic.
Unless it's Maruyu.

Bullying Maruyu should be a sport.

Fuck off. No shipgirl deserves this.

What will Kaga dress up as for halloween?

Akagi's lesbian lover

As is.

It makes kissing them the last thing I want to do.

Bullying any ship girl is good fun.

post favourite CLs





It's an acquired taste like alcohol. Humans have been smoking for millenia.



Even Maruyu can kick your ass, sorry.

I know, right? anons with rape fantasies are pathetic babies.

I've lost more than one family member because of smoking. It instantly puts me off a girl because of that. I don't really have any tolerance towards it.



I want to do it to a tiddy boat that's taller than me so my face is just in her chest

The stench of cigarette smoke is really awful.

Any respect I have for someone plummets a lot when I see them smoking.

They are shipgirls who risk their lives in brutal warfare, and you are worried about cigarettes.

So Iowa?

Iowa is a big girl


They're almost the same height in that pic if you remove her heels

Well yeah. I haven't lost anyone to a battle. I'm confident they wouldn't die in one.

>mfw Japan knows that it couldn't afford the Iowa class even if USN offered them to the JMSDF.


Tenryuu a shit.

She's shit! SHIT!*


Why is everything that remotely catches my attention hentai?


No lewding my daughteru

Because you're a pervert.

Most doujins for this are hentai




Of course! Kaga is love, Kaga is life

It's an admiral's job to inspect their damaged ships. Very closely.


That's too expensive. Pick out a cheaper costume.


That's what the maintenance guy is for.


No one can stop me from FUCKING Naganami!

Those eyes make me want to break her inside and out.

Naganami is cute! Sing with me!

Why can't I have her?

Because she's shit.

Because the USN has her. Go talk to them and see if they'll let you have her.



But you can: Just go buy Kancolle Kai.

>failing Spring E-7 when kusomode was auto-win

But I think she's perfect. Isn't that all that matters?

Bad Zuikaku

>small c


Because he's retarded. Just wait until she's made a drop in a future event or put in LSC.

I went for Kusomode when I spent 150k without result. I threw away a memedal as such, but I am not unhappy with that.

It does hurt when I see people with 7 memedals when I only have 6 though.


Tenryuu a cute!

>keeping your medals
>not trading them for improvement materials

Please leave my board, retard.


I want to run my tongue along Route 66


Why does she wear odd socks?

Why would I do that when I am sitting on 150 screws?

Because Tanaka wanted her to look uber-American and you couldn't tell from listening to her anyway.

>not buying screws
Fuck off poorfag.

Why are you sitting on 150 screws?

>It does hurt when I see people with 7 memedals when I only have 6 though.
This is why I always go all in or risk failure. Forgoing the memedal in favour of the new event reward isn't worth it in the long run, especially when every ship will eventually appear again, but that particular memedal won't.

To depict the American flag in some way without having the flag literally on her.

Because freedom.

It looks silly. She'd be better off if they just straight up put the flag on her.

Should be Rocky Mountains and Appalachia Mountains.

Her whole design is silly.

I disagree, that's just downright lazy.

Too lewd.



It's called unique design.

She knows deep down she wants it.

A unique design does not mean a good design.

It's that or incorporate it in some other way for me. Odd socks just makes it look dumb.


Quiet down, Commander.

Mochizuki is underrated.

I like asymmetrical socks so I'm gonna have to disagree with you there.

I love Nowacchi!

Iowa's stockings aren't asymmetrical, dipshit, they're mismatched. Learn the fucking difference.

Now that she's asleep let's leave her and go to another room.



Blame the artist, his cg are terrible. I'm still surprised Division 6 got as popular as they did.



I think they're fine as is, guess we just have to agree to disagree since it boils down to personal preference.

Only once I get to faceplant into Nowacchi's butt.



The Kagerous must be fun to be around.

Is it possible to love two girls at the same time?

The horns are cute, but I still want the old Kiyoshimo back.

Can you ring multiple girls? Yes? Then of course, go love as many as you want.

The few doujins that feature them in non-hentai material really make them out to be a fun bunch.


They are the fun bunch even in quite a few hentai.
>come on cherryboy

And there's so many of them. And we keep getting more of them.

Aren't there only two left? And given their names, they will most likely be more on the Kuroshio and Oyashio side. Not bad, but won't really stand out among their peers.

>This artist

>playing the game and using the more least popular girls among the Kagerous made me appreciate them
>they have so little art and little to no doujins
It hurts.

Hatsuharu is T H I C C

Why do we dislike thick eyebrows on kanmusu?

I don't have any problem with them, I like Myoukou just the way she is.




You wouldn't eat ohagi.

I bet her tits are filled with coffee.

What if I just want to eat out Hagi?


>don't like sake
>don't like beer
>don't like green tea
>don't like black tea
>don't like coffee

There needs to be a milk girl.


I wish there's a girl who enjoys lukewarm water the most.
no thanks.

Would drink straight from source

How boring.

What about a coke girl?

You can go drink juice with Nagato.

You need to drink bleach instead.

Your milk has arrived


>milk girl

Got you covered, buddy.

exhentai.org/g/780893/86157d9fe2/ Milky Bismarck.

ZuiZui a cute

I want to hug this Kiyo.

Kaga is superior.

Given that many of the girls have odd socks Iowa's don't seem out of place.

best girlfriend.

>smaller, inferior bosom
For what purpose?


Another year, another glorious oktoberfest.

Said no one ever.

Nobody actually likes that dull potato with 0 personality. Its all one big meme.

Funny thing is, ミルクタンカー (Milk Tanker) is an actual Pixiv tag for her.

What type of girl is Hagi?

Hello fluffy one. Come and join us.



>Bitch please.,She's a small fry compared to girls like Atago and Musashi.

I'm just pointing out that the tag exists. It's kind of funny.

Who are you quoting?

Prinz is gonna carry that weight

Go back to /jp/.

user, please.

Nobody, the ">" was put in there by accident.

Sup hip hop, one day I'll hug you.


I wanna do more than just hugging her.

>I'll do my best
Makes sense given her lines, very cute.

I want to Oil Hayasui up.

Prettiest NTR queen

Shoukaku is a good girl.

If they permanantly banned memesters like you these threads would be 100 times better

>won the Saturday DD cafeteria karaoke competition three months in a row
I wonder if Naka is getting worried there's a potential rival on base.

Hagi character album when. Drama CD too.


Would make love to that Shoukaku.

Good morning.



You're gonna get oiled up.

This will be your officer for tonight.

>Arashi is a better singer and idol than Hagi but too shy to perform

I want this to be a thing

No thanks.

Even better

Iowa would be perfect if it weren't for her star eyes.

>anyone a better singer than Hayamin
That's extremely unlikely.

But Iku is perfect with her star eyes.

I dont know. Arashi has a husky, low kind of voice that can make for an excellent and sexy singing voice.

There is Yui Ogura.

>Taisho-era magical girl anime spinoff featuring Kamikaze

Hopefully. Probably not.

>NTR Queen

Quality post, user.

Who are you quoting?

You, memester.

Jokes on you, I'm not even the same poster.

Kashima was literally built for porn



One of the lewdest of all ships.

This Zui is cuter.

Go fart somewhere else.

Sup, perflat carrier.

Zuihou is so cute. I just want to take her adorable little plane she has there and smash it to pieces.

Fuck off.

That big is too butt

Thought I smelled something


Sup Paddy.

Why is Sakawa so damn ugly.

Two girls ready for anal.

But super satan, that's not Prinz who was built for anal

Abukuma is the first to 99 due to her usefulness, but I'm still marrying Yahagi when she gets there.


Why is Nagara such a slut?


Three girls ready for anal.

She's ugly in the same sense Hiei is ugly - her sisters are vastly more attractive in comparison

No, this stern is too big.

I could settle a town in that butt


the best and the most sexual bear.

Sometimes it seems like she's permanently in a state of exasperation/dismay.

I meant for this one.


kaga the best.


Kaga is too fat.

What is she saying?


Is it wrong to find this cute?

I want people who like amputee shit to kill themselves.

Is this true ?

Yahagi deserves more attention.

No, she's a girl.

She's a girl, nobody cares for a gay doujin.

She's a girl, but she still likes it in the pooper.

I want to cuddle with her

I hope TakayaKi does a Yahagi doujin for C91.


Did she pee herself?


Meat sisters best sisters

Kaga is love, my Kagafriend

Still a shit

There wasn't enough buttpounding

I love Kaga-san the most!
Says the fatty

Do you like Bucky?

Which ships would make the best 'yankee' delinquents?

Where is this from?

>love beer (ale)
>love whisky
>love black tea
>love coffeee

Which ships cater to my taste?

Morning snuggles with her would be the best.



Then she should stop going after married men.

Is she pimping Kisaragi?

>Cocoa cigarette

What if she is?

>Takao's butt

Begone, boatfags.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

Who would Iowa vote for?


No, but take that retarded spammer with you.


Nobody, because anthropomorphized warships don't have voting rights.

Oh god, HIro, what have you done?

What are her rates?


Enough alcohol to knock Mutsuki out.

One guess.

Women have been able to vote since 1920

Help me guys

Which Shiratsuyu should I make my wife?

All of them, unless you're a poorfag.



But kanmusu weren't around in 1920.

The tastiest one.

Houshou a ______.


>spilling the drink
Bad kawaii hat.


best mommy


anal sex lover.

wow rude



best. I want to spoil her.


You should drink it from the source next time so it doesn't spill.

Make her number one.

Stupid sexy Poi.

Remove legs.



It's her fault for trying to serve it in a bottle when I didn't ask her to.

A friendly reminder that any admiral harboring lewd thoughts about the Abyssals will be summarily executed by the military police

She was just trying to be nice and give you some for if she isn't around.

Fuck the police.

Well, she better use a funnel next time.

Only a faggot TTK believes that shit, a real TTK fucks both fleets.


Softness overload.

Best pet.
Just crush the military police with your new fleet, or even with the shipgirls if you managed to make them join the normal fleet.

Why is she wearing panties?

Is she tasting her own pee?

TTK's favorite drink filter.

Anyone else here one?

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I want Harusame to feed me her pee mouth to mouth.


I guess you need text for it to work.

Cred Forums Pass user since April 2014.

Not pantyhose?

Just reload the page.

Is it wrong to be unable to decide between Yahagi and Noshiro?

It's between Yahagi and Agano for me.

Does Harusame have the tastiest pee?