When, to their airy hall, my father’s voice

When, to their airy hall, my father’s voice
Shall call my spirit, joyful in their choice;
When, poised upon the gale, my form shall ride,
Or, dark in mist, descend the mountains side;
Oh! may my shade behold no sculptured urns,
To mark the spot where earth to earth returns!
No lengthen’d scroll, no praise-encumber’d stone;
My epitaph shall be my name alone:
If that with honour fail to crown my clay,
Oh! may no other fame my /ai/ - Idle Activities repay!
That, only that, shall single out the spot;
By that remember’d, or with that forgot.

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Cutest couple

I want to fuck Lala.

Yurika please, the hat is supposed to go on your head.

This didn't need to be so early in the thread.

Fuck off, picdump spammers.

epik post, Cred Forumsermin, but these threads do qualify as Cred Forumsppropriate and not /c/ivil

I want to kiss Non on the lips!

I forgot it was Hat Day.
Next week Aikatsu will be 4 years old.

>S4 wasn't long enough for OG to make it to the 4 year anniversary
Fuck you too, Bandai. ;_;

Oh shit it's Cred Forums's birthday. I can't believe I've been here for a fucking decade.

It's been 7 years for me, but I'll never stop feeling like a newfag.
I've already spent more years on /ai/ than otherwise.

The most beautiful girl in the world.


I want to fuck Koharu.

Someone please work on their coloring project square already

/ai/ vocaroo thread when?


/ai/ is a magical place where we're all little girls. Lets leave it at that.



You can't beat the dick.


Hiro X Naru for life


I've given up waiting for subs and am just going to watch Pripara raw.

Let's see if my decade of watching anime has given me the japanese skills of a 10 year old japanese girl


Leave the blog crap in its place, don't bring it here.




Koharu is so cute and has so much potential but it doesn't feel like Stars is doing anything with it's characters aside from Mahiru who kind of has some character development.

What's even happening in the show anymore? Nothing is memorable aside from the Yuzuru episodes


Muh character development.
Mahiru still a shit.

Here's the closed captions if you need them. You can run them though google translate if you're desperate.


That's very helpful but unfortunately it seems to be missing 65-69, aka the episodes I am trying to watch. I'm sure I'll survive.

I want those posters so bad.

What surprises me the most about Seira and Yurika's song is that it's so mellow for those two.

Is that the Halloween Photokatsu song?

It's less of a song and more of the embodiment of Halloween. I just wonder why they didn't wait two more weeks until the actual holiday period.


>Photokatsu late october event is Halloween Night Magic
>PR magical girls Yume and Ako


I wonder too. We could have been playing the second part of the event on Halloween.

Yuzu PR please

Doki's done 65 and 66.

The wait for kinpri 2 is killing me already.


It's Mireille bday and I don't even care despite her being one of my favorite PP characters. And it's not only because I'm 30 episodes behind.
Usually when it's a character you like's bday, you'd spend a few 10 minutes looking on the net to see any new cool pictures of them.
Shows how much PP failed in making me care dearly about the characters because the show itself doesn't seem to care enough.

Beyond Lala and whatever characters are most relevant to the arc you're going through? Yeah. So what? Show eventually "revisits" characters on occasion. Aikatsu does the same.


Photokatsu presents Aikatsu Music Festa 2017

30 episodes behind puts you at 85, right after the one of the best Mirei episode and one of the best overall PriPara episodes of all time. It's the conclusion of a character arc for her culminating in a solo arc, ranking up to Top Idol and dragging her dead weight teammates into the CelePara Opera Company rematch. She's the glue of the whole late second season.

What the fuck have you been watching?

I wanna lick Nanase

*solo performance

I simply think they could try harder. If we had access to some actual means of pressure like telling adults to not buy the merchandise to their kids, I'd do it.
Maybe I'm thinking too hard about it, but I get the feeling if we keep thinking "yeah,so what", or "others are doing it too" over the years it'll only get worse. They'll keep going this way, thinking "anything goes they still gobble our stuff anyway", until characters and stories are toothpick thin and people watching will think that's normal.
PP is very popular so I think a lot of companies will inspire themselves from it to do their anime, and one of the reasons I like japanese children shows is because in general they don't take the kids watching for idiots compared to the majority of others. They're enjoyable for teens or adults as well. I like them because they're enjoyable to me as well, but also because of the fact itself that they try to make it fun for everyone. And the more I watch PP the more it doesn't seem to be the case.
Not sure how to explain it, but I also like if the elements to appeal to both kids and adults are mixed together, instead of being separated. I don't mind elements being there purely for the kids enjoyment, since it's kids shows, as long as it's not too infantilizing, but I don't like it if there's elements "hidden" purely for the enjoyments of adults, like sexual fanservice. Stuff like Leona being a trap. Which again links with what I said at the start. If they actually tried harder to use it for jokes or story purposes I'd be fine with it but Leona being a boy is something they rarely ever bring up, even during Hibiki's arc, they could have done much more than the episode with them acting, showing it's something they mostly added for the enjoyment of adults and didn't think it through in another way than a business standpoint.

In summary I think PP is too much dumb and "play the game play the game", and since it makes money I feat others will copy that too.

I've been watching an arc supposed to be hard work vs genius where Mireille was constantly put to be opposing her ideals against Hibiki, and yet Mireille was constantly getting the spotlight stolen by Laala and barely ever focused on besides the episode she was depressed and saved by Garuru and the episode you mentioned, which iirc is also the episode she sings a personal solo song for the first time, 84 episodes after the start, despite being a main character and her seiyuu being part of iris. Shows how much they care imo. And I'd be even more mad if the songs were actually one of the reasons why I like PP.

Will Otoca ever take off?

I thought the arc told her story perfectly well especially in the leadup to the Winter Idol Grand Prix, and I didn't feel dissatisfied by it at all.

If a character's in a team, the show's not big on solo performances unless there's a particular reason (like in the Shion and Hibiki episode). How many has Lala performed, again? If memory recalls, it's one, in episode 71.

I was very dissatisfied with s2, I think it's full of flaws and stupid things, and while it was very good it could have been so much better it always irritates me when thinking about it. And I can't help but bring it up when everyone asks for subs or treat PP like the best thing ever.

The song thing wasn't that good of an example I admit.

Fair enough. I enjoyed the second half of season two a lot and think it's the high point of the series. The first half felt directionless to me, conspicuously so. Definitely there are things that could be improved. I don't necessarily want a big discussion on gender roles, but certainly I feel Reona could have learned something from Hibiki or had a discussion, rather than just getting confident because of friendship and such and now I'm the one rescuing you, Dorothy in episode 85.

I trust you'll behave in a mature way and not jump in on other people's discussions just to shit over their fun. On-topic discussion and criticism are fine, of course.

>I don't necessarily want a big discussion on gender roles, but certainly I feel Reona could have learned something from Hibiki or had a discussion, rather than just getting confident because of friendship and such and now I'm the one rescuing you, Dorothy in episode 85.
Yeah you get what I mean.
>I trust you'll behave in a mature way and not jump in on other people's discussions just to shit over their fun.
I try my best.

For some reason Stars' Halloween episode is scheduled to be the week before Halloween too.

This process is "ancient", and whenever we get anything you feel is better, it is because the people behind it wanted to do something different. Every time. We here can't do jack about it.

It's been 5 years for me I was 16 at that time (21 y/o now)

Never-Up I!




>Rola's underwear is so cute~!
>Jeez, it's embarrassing though...
>Stop messing around before you catch a cold...yeah.




Haru's hips look pretty shapely.



Is anybody planning on getting the Stars BDs?

I want to buy one and print a sticker saying Roller and stick it in place of Rola.

Which aikatsu stars would you impregnate?

Moroboshi's appearances have only been menacing outside of his introduction and the OP. We need more of him being campy.

Next /ai/ sings when

Why does Bell keep appearing in my dreams so often?

They look a lot like characters one could make in PSO2

anyone uploaded the fixed version of "/ai/ sings episode solo"?

I go to a huge convention in the capital of my country every year. I'd never seen an Aikatsu cosplayer (nor any merchandise) since Aikatsu began and I was fully expecting not to see any this year either. Well, I miraculously met a girl cosplaying Yume and I was finally able to talk about Aikatsu with someone from my country. It made my day. I'll post a pic later.

Did you fuck her?

What country?

Italy. Apparently we have fansubs for Stars but not OG.

AoIchigo = Mizuki & Mikuru = Sena & Akari > Keade & Yurika = MadoRin > RanSora > Potatoes > Miyabi & Kokone > Sora & Maria = Sora & random girl > Juri & Hinaki > Seira & Kii

You forgot Sumire & the ground.

Rude and uncalled for. Please don't bully Sumire

Episodes 29 and 30 should be pretty interesting if they do them properly.

Do we get to keep this?

I stopped buying after S3, but I'm not sure if the other user that did continue buying will also do stars.

>forgetting ran x yurika

>sora's fade

it's the little things

Wow, what the fuck Balalas?

He didn't list crack pairings

Next episode of Fairlilu seems pretty relevant. Rose's human love interest is way more handsome than Nozomu, though.


Have we seen rose in that outfit before? Tiny idol hats general.





>Fairilu fujo episode


>cute little girl anime style
>hot love drama
>moe girls
>typical little kid anime comedy
>weird, bizarre comedy
>fanservicey henshin and idol sequence
What's the target audience of Fairilu?

Sanrio don't give a fuck about target audiences.


Everyone, that's why it's so good.

Omnipandering is the future.

It's also Sora's birthday in Japan.

Made for sex

Those aren't holograms

I don't care

it's also my birthday

it's been 1 year for me.

Happy birthday!

thanks friend!!

Kakeru's prism show is going to be fun

It feels weird when other anons talk about aikatsu or pripara outside of /ai/

Unless its someone from here.

Kakeru's fun in general, I like his song already.

I want to fuck Akari's armpits.





I'll miss her. ;_;

She isn't going anywhere.



you're weird

Get that fake Strawberry out of here.

>that trippy one



Rate my wife.



There is nothing wrong with having a loli for a wife.

It's immoral. At least wait until she grows up.

Would fuck/10


Lolis are for loving. Lala is a shougakusei mama so she would know this best.

How long until Yume and Rola's beautiful friendship is broken?

It's fine as long as Rola wins. Yume doesn't get triggered by loses like Rola.






I wasn't arguing otherwise.
Not when I'm a haremfag with a delicious loli in my harem.

>lel postan on the lolicon board ecks dee










The first half of this episode was meh, and the second half was okay. Recently, it seems like the really good Fairilu episodes have come every other episode, and next one looks like a big one. I can't wait.

Also Anchusa a cute.

I came across SHiN's Aikatsu blog and find it hilarious that he's coming off as calm as rational there while his(?) Pixiv is just irrational boy hate that should be uploaded elsewhere.

In other words I wish there was an option to block certain users/bad artists on Pixiv. Unless this option is actually available on premium?

It is

That isn't his, I think


What's the truth?




Oops, the last response image was already posted.



But that's a boy.

Are you implying boys can't be cute?
Because you're wrong if you are.

HiroNaru or HiroBeru, /ai/? I think he looks much better with Naru, he has a babyface that makes him look like a kid next to Bell.

BeruNaru obviously.

I for one am glad about the influx of Kasumi siblings + Koharu fanart since the last episode.

It's a good send-off for Koharu.


A great start, you mean.



She is already gone.

Then why aren't you dead?

But that's a girl.

no, Ito is a hyper cute boy.


Nice boy butt.

She tried.

I want to brush her hair and tell her how great her performance was.

This still hurts quite a lot. I feel like they didn't show idles being truely disappointed in losing often in the orginal series, so this and Sumire really cut me deep. I guess maybe that's partly because Risappe and Sumire are two of my favourite Akari gen characters.

It hit me hard too. I was also mad that Risappe lost to Nonocchi too, I like both the potatoes, but after giving us the whole episode about her trying to live up to Mizuki and then performing her song, it just kinda felt wrong to me that Nonocchi did better.

I want to impregnate that butt.

I miss Risa.


I miss them both.

I agree but I feel kind of bad about agreeing. It's not like I actively want Nonocchi to come out lower than Risappe, but it does feel strange for Risappe to come out lower.

Tell me which aikatsus are okay to sexualize.

Is this a JAV shoot?

Is this Aikatsu? i.4cdn.org/a/1475359632150.webm

Absolutely, the cliff and the passionate activities are all accounted for.

Yeah I feel bad about it for the same reason. I also feel bad about thinking Rin should have done better than Nonocchi too. I love Nonocchi, but from what we were shown it just didn't feel right that she came out above both Risappe and Rin.

Apparently everyone is better than Risappe.


At least she's better than Sumire.

None of them.



Johnny is the purest in the cast, you absolutely can NOT sexualize him.

But she likes it.


Don't do this. I wanted her to win so badly.



Hey, little sis! What do you think about Ex-Aid.

also /pc/ gaem sucks and /ai/ game are good

pls stop

The stream lagged too much for me to form an opinion.


Once it pops up on dailymotion I will have a good opinion
Can't wait for VIDEOGAMES


Thanks, I haven't been told this in a while

I wasn't even aware that ghost ended.

Holy shit, Hinaki, what happened to your arm?

I see. Will have to check on the thread more often.

Okay really, they're not even trying to be subtle anymore.

There's only one dress I want to see him make for her.


Because if you challenge your limits and you're not the main character you're gonna fail.

She became Fantastic.

Hinaki is infinitely cuter without her braid.

Infinity more than infinity is still infinity.

Also testing something.

Test failed, my penis remains flaccid.

sick post, Cred Forumsro

I want to fuck Yume's armpits.


>No more Aikatsu
I am suddenly shivering and feel like I'm going to die.


Lewd idles are the best.

Stop that.

Stars doesn't look as fun.

I've never had a harder time getting over a show ending than with Aikatsu.


I can't promise it's as good as Aikatsu, especially season 1, but its still very enjoyable. Its mostly the same fun Aikatsu formula, but with little bit more drama/rivalry to freshen things up.

I kinda just want to go to sleep so I don't have to think about it ending.

If you ask me, Stars is way better than normal Aikatsu at the point they are.

But it won't have Ichigo being a damedame, or Aoi's 穏やかじゃない, or Ran being tsuntsun, or Yurika being a baka vampire, or Kaede speaking Engrish, or Kitaouji Theater, or Otome's Love you~, or Seira's lalala~, or Kii's ok-ok-okay!, or Akari's 今日おんなおそらはどんな空?, or Sumire's singing, or Hinaki's forehead, or Juri's ATSUI, or Rin and Madoka being gay, or namara potato idols.

Same here. There have been plenty of shows that ended and I still miss them very much, but for the most part I was able to get over it when a bunch of new shows started the next week. But for Aikatsu it's just not the same, there's still a hole in my heart that nothing else can fill. I don't think I'll ever love an anime as much as I did Aikatsu.

Can't be helped, that's how life are.



I'm loving Stars and it's a great show that shares many similarities with the original, but it's still not the same show. You definitely need to watch it and I'm sure you'll love it, but maybe you should give it a day or two to settle in. I mean, we had a week to let the end settle in between the two, and that still probably wasn't enough.

Don't worry user, you can move on or being left to rot there.


Yeah, I'll probably take a break for a couple days before I start Stars. Maybe I'll go and listen to some OG Aikatsu music or collect some more fanart. Hearing Calender Girl in the last episode was nice.

Koharu 2nd OP ranking, from most likely to stay to most likely to leave:

-Koharu again appears with Yume and Rola as part of a "main trio"
-The main trio gets changed into a main duo with Yume and Rola but Koharu gets an animated shot with Mahiru and Ako
-Mahiru, Ako and Koharu only get stills
-Mahiru and Ako get an animated shot, Koharu gets a solo still
-Koharu appears in a still with a bunch of side characters
-Koharu appears on the OP only talking to Yume on the phone
-Koharu disappears from the OP

Koharu deserves to be loved.

by you, and only you

She already is.

You forgot:
-The main trio gets changed into a duo with Yume and Rola but Koharu gets a shot with the Kazumi siblings

>that finisher
>that level up sequence
>that platforming
It's perfect
They put actual effort into it this time

best case scenario


I do find it weird how some of the plot points got totally dropped, though. Like how QUAD APPEALS were a big deal in S1 but then they were never mentioned after that. Or how that one nefarious idol reporter disappeared after effectively doing nothing. The first handful of episodes made the show look more serious than it ended up being, what with Ran being an edgelord before she joined the trio; felt like they were going to have more drama than what actually ended up being in there.

Aoi's love interest, too.

We all know this is the real reason Mister S went away, and I don't mean the paparazzi one.

I think they dropped all those plot points because the writers didn't need them anymore.

>double rainbow box drop
>they are both pink exp PPRs
This gay ass game.

>Ran being an edgelord before she joined the trio; felt like they were going to have more drama than what actually ended up being in there.
I got the impression there that Ichigo's MC Privilege™ overwrote Ran's caution and belittled it to no more than pointless paranoia.
Yeah, I expected more drama from Ran, too.

I want to do gay stuff with ainons.

Just find someone to give headpats to.



Headpats are too lewd.

Headpats are sweet and innocent.

You won't think that way after I show you a real headpat.

I lost it.


Bloody brilliant.

It's not something that can be explained, only felt.

>that expression


Oh wow.

Good night, my sweet princess.

who is this semen demon?

The guide: pastebin.com/iDebHQu6


Would Bell accept headpats?

I'd give her a headpat anyway.

I'd accept her headpats.


Sophie's name is also written down as Sophy

And Shion is actually Sion.

those twintails are absolutely glorious

Now that's retarded.

If you didn't know how English worked it's honestly believable.

Except that the nips, and even the Chinese, have "shi" in their alphabets.

Hold me tight


It's just Kunrei-Shiki. And what's wrong with Laala? They clearly pronounce the name with a long a-sound so it makes more sense than Lala.

That system is the officially accepted romanization system for japanese, but they flip flop between it and hepburn a lot, it's mostly just personal preference nowadays.
My old japanese professors used it all the time and everyone hated it.
Westerners prefer hepburn because it makes more sense to us, but kunrei is supposed to be more true to the original format of the language.

No, I only said that "Sion" is retarded because

I love you. ;_;

Is Non team the mental disorder team? Non is schizophrenic and Chili Con Carne too. S3 will end with them all getting admitted to an hospital and that's how they'll be put on a bus.
>CG director probably made a 3d model of Mireille pre henshin wearing the ultra cute attorney idol outfit but we'll never see it in the show


any moonrune translators, sil vous plait?

It's just her catchphrase.

They're hardly the first characters in PriPara with mental problems. You'd be hard pushed to make a team without them.

>Non is schizophrenic


Amamiya kun: delusional about iinchou
Aroma: delusional
Mikan: bulimia
Ajimi: crazy
Non: schizophrenic
Chili: schizophrenic



I sometimes feel like these outfits are overdesigned and wouldn't be practical in real life.

Really? How come?

I dunno

This one isn't so bad since it's pretty much a rainbow Kyary anyway (with some elements of decora). You could easily find something similar if you browse some Harajuku street snaps.

Mahou Shoujo Aidoru Obvious chan

Yeah, for example that birthday dress would be insane to make properly because of how much there is to keep in shape for it to look good.
Dancing around like she does, you'd almost expect half the letters to fall off and the whole thing losing the layered cake shape.

It'd work if you're just wearing it to show it off, but it's a pretty impractical dance dress.

Also there's lit candles on a fucking dress.

why am I googling fashion terms at 3 am in a discussion on little girls shows

Why is google telling me that decora is a kind of tile and street snaps is a men's clothing line.

Why did I almost correct other user for not calling it Parajuku?

Why am I just now putting two and two together and realizing the incredibly obvious pun after over 70 episodes of watching this show?

Because you're not a Japanese little girl

Fashionable Tokyoites will allow you to snap a photo of them on the street (in the fashion districts) if you ask.

Decora is a style where you wear bright clothes and decorate the shit out of them with accessories. It's rarely seen nowadays since it was kind of absorbed into fairy kei. Nina isn't fairy kei though (he screams more generic Harajuku AKA Kyary), since that's more pastel kawaii than attaching as many hair clips and bows as possible.

>Nina isn't fairy kei
I fucking said that and yet when I searched for fairy kei this photo comes up.


They are costumes tailored for performances only. It would actually be uncomfortable to wear them over long periods in real life.


Enough with the idles. Where is the blood?



I'll take both.

>7.5 million views

That's damn impressive.

She may be a brat but this was a little too mean.

I laughed at it. Mainly because I was relieved that they actually didn't give her one just because the others were getting theirs.

Which come to think of it is one of PPs good points, they're not afraid to split units up (at least temporarily) for whatever reason.

To the user who watched Full Moon wo Sagashite a few days ago, I easily found a seeded torrent: nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=190713

It's most likely the same source of the youtube playlist you watched too. Just thought I'd let you know.


Very cute.

That was brilliant. I loved how her anguished scream continued into the ED.

Ah, that's the one I used and managed to get the first 5 or so eps. When I went back to get more though it had slowed to a snails pace so I looked elsewhere. If it works fine now then it should be added to the guide. Great show.

It is slow but it works and the episode file sizes are pretty small so I consider it a good enough torrent.


They seemed pretty happy to have reached 100.

They have done well the stretch it out for this long tbf.


What's wrong with the one on BBT?

I didn't search on there, I hit up nyaa first and found this. Is the one on bakabt different/better?

It's the same a.f.k. release. Probably better seeded though.

I see, thanks.

No link for the PriPara movie yet ? The wait is killing me...

There were so many instances of "100" that couldn't be worked into the subtitles. As long as you have a good ear for the word "hyaku", though, you should be able to catch them all.

Where would you expect to see the link? You checking PD or something, or just Nyaa/TT?


I want to eat Hinaki's butthole.

"PD" ?

Perfect Dark, a p2p filesharing program.

I doubt this movie would show up on PD/Share though.



Where might it, if anywhere, do you think?

Some fan buys it and either uploads an encode to nyaa or uploads the BDMV to U2/ADC or something.
Don't expect anything to happen though.
Although this person did mention buying it and working on it nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=853288 if that is even related to the same movie.
I haven't followed PriPara since S1 though so I have no idea what's up with it any more.



I almost thought you were trolling, but then I looked it up.
o lawd


All that 100-GET almost gave me a brain tumor.

Check your Kotex.


is it Sora's birthday?

Next /ai/ sings when

>kurukuru kyawawa wawa
>sarasarasa kyawawa wawa

What did she mean by this?


>Ran and Sora walking at incredible hihg speed

That she's a stupid girlfriend stealing meanie.



>severely deformed lower half

Off-topic but hilarious as all heck.






How long is the OG Aikatsu segment in the Stars movie?

I couldn't find any exact details but from what I've read it sounds like the length of a normal episode.

Thank you for the gorgeous Juri.




That reminds me of the one time I went to Harajuku and saw a very large man cosplaying Ichigo.



The heroine in this otomeshit feels like an /ai/ protagonist.

I'll never forget you, Koharu!


I hope you find success in America!

You can stop now.

She looks cuter than your standard otomeshit heroine. Is it any good?

Instead of being sad you should be supportive of Koharu spreading her wings to reach new heights!

And you shouldn't try to make someone do something they don't want to just because you think it's funny.

I wish I could stop.

I can't wait for Roller to head to America to learn the forbidden dark idol techniques to regain her position in S4 after Yume uses her rainbow voice powers to overthrow her and study under the Four Heavenly Dark Idol Generals and one of them to be revealed to be Koharu in disguise after 216 episodes of absence!

Otomegame heroines are usually extremely cute with extremely cute clothes and cuter than most haremette in a high school fantasy harem anime.

The heroine is good and actually feels like a characters instead of a self-insert but the show feels like an even more sugary-sweet version of the usual otomeshit show. It may cause diabetes. Art and animation is good.

A lot of them get their personalities totally gutted in the anime adaptations, though. Or they barely even had one like Hypnotoad.

There's going to be a KinPri 2? What about anything actually featuring the girls?

It's pretty disappointing that Naru doesn't stay small and cute.

>Implying those Fujobucks require girls.

She says in episode 1 she wants to become a tall and mature lady. Saying it's disappointing she doesn't stay small is like denying her future and thus her past and present and existence.

She should have accepted that being small is good.

>Studio Pablo is doing the backgrounds

All Narus are cute.

Being cute is stronger than being cool.

>posts the cutest Azumanga


Aikatsu Stars episode 300: The final battle
After defeating the Primordial Creator of Idols that was hiding inside Hime's body, it seemed that peace had come at last. But Roller suddenly declared that she was going to kill S4 and create a new world of idols. Despite having lost the Rainbow Power in the previous battle, Yume stands in her, believing in Roller's feelings- Will Roller achieve her objective or will Yume's words reach her former friend?!

More likely Scenario
>Aikatsu Stars 127: In the midst of three major plot points, the series comes to an abrupt end with Yume, Rola, Ako, and Mahiru becoming S4 in order to make way for super new awesome little girl show that is much better than the previous little girl show.

Can you count?

What will happen to /ai/ if Cred Forums dies?

>getting a second season

I'm watching Fruits Basket again, I didn't remember it was this good. I probably like some parts of the story more now that I'm an adult.
I clearly remembered the episode when Ayame visits because of how funny it is, but his story about his relationship rift with his little brother Yuki didn't touch me as much back then.
Those of us who don't go to the irc or discord will just start using them too.

/ai/ will never die

>implying she isn't also the strongest.

Eh, the setup feels like it's going to go for two seasons.

The Fruits Basket anime was directed by Akitaro Daichi, he is a genius of shoujo anime.

>Those of us who don't go to the irc or discord will just start using them too.

Akitaro Daichi also has a cute-looking show coming next season: dailymotion.com/video/x4tv61o_nobunaga-no-shinobi-ep-1-preview_tv

I tried going to the discord when it first got linked in the thread, but I couldn't get used to the lack of anonymity. I guess I'd just have to migrate to one of the smaller chans if the end really does come.

Where even is the /ai/ discord? I've never once seen it posted.


I tried going to the discord but it was just full of the weird gay circlejerk part of /ai/ that I don't really like.


What shows the way?


That's just the one guy.


I'm sorry. I once asked everyone there if they disliked it and no one really cared so that's just how it is.

Not all of us are into that. The guy who did it has probably never even been to one of these threads but we're trying to be open to everyone.

Our IRC channel isn't as bad but we don't talk much about /ai/ stuff there.


There was that one guy who made kirakirachan.net (it's now dead), but those kinds of message boards are totally possible if someone is willing to do it.

It's just that we wouldn't really get any new /ai/friends.

No I'm saying it's in the Guide... As that always shows the way.

That's how it always is with irc and similar non-anonymous shit. The only ones who ever use it are roleplaying attention whores.

Not even close to true. See


wtf i love digimon now

Is a regular character or just a secondary?

She hasn't shown up yet, but she's the main girl.


Which ones do we keep?



>Little boys shows
Digimon has it's own threads. Time Bokan's threads will probably be completely dead within an episode or two. Haven't watch MHS yet.


Time Bokan was pretty weak after last season's superior time travel show.

It looks like ababari deleted almost all of their pictures on twitter.

This picture is pure POTTERY.

next /ai/ sings when

Two best girls?

What would you want ai to sing?


change my world or love friend style


otona mode

oh, or omurice


brand new days

I second this.

ez do dance

let's do them all

at once?

I'm surprised Calendar Girl hasn't been done.


End your life, heretic!

truly kek-worthy

I think the word you're looking for is "funny".

>looks like a girl
>sounds like a girl
>acts like a girl
>is a boy
okay japan

I would've believed if Dorothy was a bot but LEONA


What would sex with Dorothy be like?

Yeah, the main girl in the new season is an idol in an AKB parody group.

like doing a boy who has a gullyhole instead of a banana boat
you need to leave.


No, I just think you're not sure of how to type.

I think the word you're looking for is ''mad´´.

I wonder if omurice taste good at all.

You should make some for yourself. It is good.


There's no need to be upset, autismo.




i finally understand what your posts mean

I think the word you're looking for is "misattributing".



fuck off

An idol spin-off of the Angel Beats girls would rock.
No pun intended.

Is Macross /ai/?

What's got your panties in a bunch, F-kun?

As /ai/ as Symphogear.

/ai/ vocaroo thread when?

So not really.

arguably, or a part of it is

It's almost time to say goodbye to this thread. And Koharu.

Much like the summaries, you're early and unwanted. Also much like you were born.

Hopefully it's also nearly time to say goodbye to you

fuck off

But it's time to say hello to EX-AID


Someone else watch Ever After High with me.

It's pretty, has songs every once in a while and is a little girl toy advertisement. It deals with the struggle of what society expects from you and what you want to be, the pressure of growing up and not being able to meet people's expectations of you.

I am very fucking excite.

>it's an episode in which the main character regresses into a baby-like personality
I don't even know what the fuck is Duel Masters about any more. But the newest OP has weird yuribait and a male idol: youtu.be/QowAOwXzcjE?t=80

Yes. The first episode was great.

>That part where he blows on the cartrige before doing his Rider Kick

puri puri

So are we incorporating the MH anime too?
Looks like people hate it because its not "mature enough for their refined tastes" as usual

I never liked MH in general, i find it kinda bored.

Monster Hunter?

I fucking love MonHun but I found it kind of boring, given it's a kid's show so they kinda gotta dumb things down a bit. Which only gets exacerbated by the fact that it's about the Stories spinoff game and not the main series. I'll definitely give it a few more episodes but I'm not enamored.

Also the Japanese names trigger me

How in blistering blue blazes does one metaphorically cut a cylionder into an anime?

I don't really like MH in the first place, but I agree that I found it kinda boing, it just didn't really have anything going for it and the CG was terrible. Definitely the weakest out of the new little boys shows.

Is there going to be a second track Ace Attorney style sub?


Don't think so.

Yugioh is an idol activity now.

That looks like the original Yugi.


Nah, just an eggplant.

da vinci


cash coma