Happy Birthday, Cred Forums!

Happy Birthday, Cred Forums!

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[The content of this post has been removed for violations of UN hate speech regulations]

Let's dump some Yotsubato to celebrate!
I love this chapter, never fails to make me smile.

>it's already been another year
Why are we still here? Just to suffer?


Hells to the yeah! Let's get plastered and post lolis! Clothed ones.

Your suffering turns the wheels of time.


Happy Birthday

Happy fucking birthday you shit website

>[citation needed]


is it that time again

what am i doing

>went to post hat folder
>10+ years of hats gone because hdd died

hwapee berthdaye

she's so tall in these early ones


Happy 12th birthday, yonchan.

I wonder what her dad has been feeding her.

Happy birthday you lovely people..


they want to register Yotsuba too?

Still two and a half hours until October, user.


>save your excuses for hell



Happy Birthday Scumbag

Here Yotsuba demonstrates her control over life and death. Fear her might.

Happy Birthday, Cred Forums, and here is to another year of my life on this hellhole!

the first thing I do in the morning is come to this place

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday! Here's to another year of being trapped here with you faggots.

I love you guys

>she's still sharing the 404 page with those two ugly fags
Oh well, at least it's better than being completely replaced by them.
Happy Birthday, Cred Forums.


Aww, R.I.P. Mac.

[This post has been found in violation of UN Charter §47.312]


ahhhh, I miss daily yotsuba thread





One year until Cred Forums becomes a high schooler.

What will Cred Forums's harem be like?


Happy Birthday, Cred Forums.






>mfw I've seen this hat 10 times annually

Thread theme:


Because you haven't wished hard enough!

>he can still keep count
Newfag get out

Happy Birthday, Cred Forums!
I turn 27 this year, I've been here way too many years but I can't stop.


These hats are annoying as fuck.


Still better than Halloween and April's fools.

Holy shit I should start reading Yotsuba


>That spin to change characters.
Looks like I'm gonna read it all again.

It should take you approximately two years to read if you start now.

Cred Forums a shit

>He hasn't read Yotsuba&!
You're not living your life correctly.

To suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous anime.


Happy Birthday!

What will you do now Yotsuba-chan?!






Thanks for another year of shitposts

so what happened with that rules for mods?


I thought her mom was dead?

where did mac go
who is ramen




>doesnt read yotsuba
Lurk for every year you've made this mistake.

And that's that!


Happy Birthday!

I can't believe Yotsuba fucking died

Happy birthday Cred Forums!

Why am I still here, up at this hour?



we've lost control of our lives

You mean よつばと!、surely.

Happy birthday Cred Forums. Thanks Hiro for keeping the site alive as long as you have done. Thanks moot, we miss you.

I love you guys.

>Even if I die...I'll come back alive.

Pretty drunk right now, I love all of you.

Happy Birthday Cred Forums

I don't even care if this site gets shut down that gook faggot datamines us anyway.

Oh well,


Letting Google know what cartoon porn I read is a small price to pay for having a place to argue with faggots about what cartoon porn is the best.

Happy Birthday Cred Forums. Love all of you faggots.

>not "Together with Yotsuba!"
whoever translated と as "and" literally deserve to get shot on both kneecaps

How many years have you been here?


You'd call me a newfag if I told you

This is as good of a time as any to get a new pass I suppose.

Didn't somebody animate this for one of the old AMV hells? I think it was 3.


Happy Birthday Cred Forums.

5 now. I know that I'll still be called a newfag though.


4 years now holy fuck.

im joining you soon




6 I think?
KlK was like maybe a year ago right?

4 years. 4 years for better and definately worse

Feels shorter.

God bless ED

>been on this site starting 12 years now.

I hope these happy days last forever


It's how I found this place and I feel like cancer for it


Happy birthday niggers

KLK was 3 years ago user. I know because I came in 2013 just before it started.


Same here, I wonder how I even managed to stumble onto it before hearing of Cred Forums.

I didn't know it was that time already.
Happy birthday, then.

I'm sure moot's here right now lurking, I hope he's having a good time.


10 closer to 11, and it feels bad seeing that I'm the only one from back then to respond.

9 apparently going by the date_modified on my images.
I barely remember anything past 2 years ago, though.

Since Cred Forums turned into technology.

>not "Together with Yotsuba!"
That would be よつばと一緒に
>whoever translated と as "and" literally deserve to get shot on both kneecaps
と can be viewed to function how the English "and" works, as it's just an exhaustive noun phrase marker in this context.
Besides, who cares what EOPs end up with?

Well, aren't you?
Six or seven. Hard to say at this point.

10. Where has life gone?

The sadness is real.

For this

>It's been a year already since Cred Forums's birthday
>it feels literally 3 months away

> last day of the free internet
> Cred Forums birthday

Is this a sign??

>second birthday without moot


Cred Forums 05'er I used to play eve with killed himself this year. Who knows how many oldfags an hero'd.

The way the chapter titles work it makes sense that it means "Yotsuba and [something in the chapter]"

Saving a ss doesn't mean you've been here since that time. And that picture is so known that is impossible to take serious any claim for its origin.

What's a moot?


>The sadness is real.
The only time I've cried in the last decade was at the end of moot's stream.

I'm a huge faggot

>> last day of the free internet

Happy birthday, Cred Forums. Thanks for being here.

Three years.

>caring about the worthless traitor faggot
I will never forget about Cred Forums harbor


Drink up motherfucker

Don't you know? The internet's being handed over to the UN on the first.

moot hated us, and tried his best to ruin the site before he left.

the end of october will be my 11th but Cred Forums wasn't always my main board

Same. The hats caught me off guard. I couldn't believe it was a year.

Whatever happened to this waifufag?

Well, aren't you special.

>Kimi to Yozora to Sakamichi to
>wrong: "You and Night Sky and Hill Path and"
>right: "With You and Night Sky and Hill Path"

MSN changed to Windows Live Messenger the year I started posting on Cred Forums. So, too fucking long.

never forget

6 yrs on this site. But I only browsed the porn board that time, so 4 yrs on Cred Forums.


Since 2006

Back then I renamed almost all of my images except that one.
I did not have the foresight that Cred Forums would even exist a near-decade later.

Another year~

Is hiroshima gonna post today?

What the fuck are you muricans even doing? don't you have more important things to do?

In Cred Forums? Maybe a total of 5.
I was mostly hanging out on Cred Forums back in 2009, as would a newfag. Shitposting, getting disgusted by guro threads, fapping to porn, getting dubs,lurking on epic threads, etc. I only browse Cred Forums sometimes.
Then I stopped browsing Cred Forums for a year or two.

Then before graduating uni, I started browsing Cred Forums up until now.

0.75 years

Cheers user.

>don't you have more important things to do?

Where do you think we are?

Hopefully Cred Forums won't eat my unicode again

Don't forget anons: you are here forever.

4 years

A long, long time.

I'd estimate around 6, but I've only posted and browsed daily for maybe 3 of those years.

What year was this?
I don't really go to Cred Forums

I suggest you stop sperging out and look up how と is used with exhaustive listing, because referring to semantic differences in English in this context is missing the point. Or go and ask about it on 知識袋 if you want.

Shared misery is important, right?

Near the end of 2014, from memory.

>I suggest you stop sperging out(ry

Good, it wouldn't be funny if you forgot.

Going on 9?

Nine years on the 'chan. Happy birthday.

Wait. Didn't we already have these hats this year?

Life. He was still around a few years ago, just not in every waifu thread like he used to be.

That was a year ago, user...

Glitch in the matrix.

Happy Birthday.

Have a wallpaper I just made because the Spice and Wolf thread died just before I finished.

mandella effect


13 next month



I'm a 2010 newfag so 6 years.


When are we going to be allowed to post audio webms on boards other than /gif/ and /wsg/?

Audio is off by default when you play it anyway. I don't think the risk of screamers is so bad that we should all suffer for it.

WAIT! Who is Cred Forums?

I thought it was meant to be like, Yotsuba and Friends.


I think it's the kind of thing that got ruined because you already brought it up. If we got sound now, EVERYONE would spam screamers for months, whereas we would have only had a few had it been enabled always.

i don't remember

since at least 2009, but idk how long before that because i had a really bad head injury

I actually have no idea at all.

Two or three but I've heard of it and never been on the site. Wish I did before 2010 through, I've been on this site daily since I started. If I have an analogy, this is like rotting your flesh by being here; with oldfags being brittle skeletons and I'm slowly melting my flesh away~


9 years, my god. The time really fucking flies.

>sub 15 minutes until internet is kill


I remember the few times I actually cared about that shit. I also remember Shana winning a few of them or always ranking really high.

the room is spinning and i'm glued to my chair

time to keep drinking

Hiro doesn't even know how to delete boards (/qa/ is a huge proof of that). Don't expect that to happen any time soon.

>black longcats
How poetic.

is it really being given away in a few moniits or what

isn't it just the domain registrar or something?



maybe this will be hinagiku's year

It's already passed. Time zones my man.

On Cred Forums for 7 years. Cred Forums only about a year

I remember how Rika won one year, but then Satoko tricked her and got the winner title instead. The staff found out about that a few hours later.

I was expecting him to write something in the birthday news, I guess not.

10 years here. One of my earliest memories is watching a Paprika cam rip and discussing it on here.

he did

>Thanks to our new friend Ramen!

Truly, he has a way with words.

To be monitored. Because you don't use faggotbook they use this to ID and catalog you. Every post from the same IP is logged. I hope you're changing ISP or using random proxy/wifi with each derogatory, racist etc post you all make.


It doesn't work like that. The title is a complete sentence (thus the "!"), and while it is, it can still be conjoined with another object to make a longer sentence.
私と結婚 means "(to) marry me" and "me and marriage" depending on the context (and 結婚 is both verb and noun). Japanese is hard, but in case of Yotsuba to! I can definitely tell you that it's literally means "(doing something) with Yotsuba!"

This was a weird year.

Where's moot?

You know, something like his experience on Cred Forums so far even if it is in broken english.

Made this since I always thought the pic was banner-worthy. Happy birthday, Cred Forums.

I want to marry Fuuka.

The music and the farewell thread did me in.

Happy birthday!




I get called a newfag sometimes because I don't think iyashikei is all that great and generally prefer "Western leaning" shows to SOL. The only shows I watched this season were Jojo and SnS, and the only ones I'm probably watching next season are Working and Euphonium. I'm starting to like anime less and less but I still come here for some reason.

Happy birthday

Who /foundtheres/ here?

I have a fresh can of beer here somewhere but I can't find it in all of my empty cans of beer.

I think I need help.

You need to buy bottles so that you do not have that problem.

Never let me

Favourite Cred Forums moment of the year?

Omedetou Cred Forums, also fuck you UN, get your anus pierced by an almost melting construction iron.

Shit, I'm not crying...I-I swear...

Mine's in the very middle

>I think I need help.

But user, booze is help.


>sticky when

8 years and counting.

This to be honest

Those crosses were lovely, that whole new years was really, listening to r/a/dio with you guys during that time is always a highlight of the year.

Can someone explain this meme?

Anyone has the .js file?

Its my 8th anniversary this year with you faggots. T h a n k s for keeping it fun.

>tfw I've been here for less than one year

Oh god.
I completely forgot about that. So lovely.

Anything from our new years party is practically cheating

Technically I came here back in '05, but I only really started making this place a habit back in '08.

>numerous computer failures
>all those images, lost like tears in rain

Congratulations on your birthday Cred Forums, but I feel distaste towards the United Nations for planning internet sanctions, and wish their ass to be impaled by steel beams from the World Trade Center that have not quite been melted by jet fuel because jet fuel cannot melt steel beams.

I've been here for more than 8 years and trust me, it feels miserable.

But you posted it I remember that like it was yesterday. This year went by fast, fuck.

The only reason I know I've been here for 10 years is because I remember the Eureka7 threads when episodes came out.

Fuck, it all fades away like a distant memory. Feels like only yesterday.

I've been here for 9 and I feel fine!
Happy Cred Forums Day, user!~

Long enough that I don't remember.

Another year niggers, hope to see you faggots next year and the next too, don't you dare to die even if you get killed, promise me that and to fight shitposting, especially the dedicated kind. also remember not to fall for that bait or falseflag.

Man i can't wait to celebrate new years with Cred Forums again.


fixed that for you

Four years?

Fuck, I need to stop coming back somehow.

Happy birthday you spawns! Here's to more memes and depression!

>tfw celebrated with Cred Forums for something like 5 years

How long have the Toradora streams been going on? And fucking Amagami challenge? I feel like they are new memes but darmn, they must be ancient by now.

>don't you dare to die even if you get killed
You too Shirou.

Cred Forums? about 4 years
Cred Forums? either 6 or 9 depending on how we look at it

h/a/ppy birthday anons!

>accurate image

I think Hiro just believes that /qa/ should permanently exist for him to swing in and get ideas from people. He's taken advice from random threads on it throughout his time as our grorious reader.

lurk for 2 years before posting

>9 years
One of these days I'll die in my sleep.

>tfw moot has left us for more than a year now.

Will he ever return?

>Will he ever return?

Happy Birthday

And manh more. Woo

07 fag here, we the original cancer and we're the chemo to today's cancer.

6, almost 7

i don't think i've been here very long

I saw this posted a few days ago, could be a much older thing but if not it at last seems like an indicator he'll come back to post.



It's better that he's sabotaging stuff at Google, don't you think, lad?

>Amagami challenge

Oh man I forgot about that. I can't believe the website is still up.

If he doesn't return to us we should rectum to him

i'm glad this fucking place exists been here since so long and i like to chat with you anons

Happy Birthday Cred Forums

Another year has passed with absolutely no developments in life


/qa/ datamined that eons ago.

beer is for pussies, it takes so long to drink beer that you're practically sober by the time that you finish drinking



I remember browsing here in 2012. So 4 years.

That was mostly /k/ back then. Squid and 9mm were still around.

I've been out of everclean and absinthe for a while, and I just finished off the last of the tequila.

Trust me, beer is a last resort.

I was black-up during the habbo raids

The Carl thread

right there with you, i'm up to 8 stagnant years so far

Oh, just ignore that then.

Obligatory Keit-ai post.

A boy falls in love with a girl.

Unable to confess, he is gifted by a deus ex machina with the girl's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls her, and is overjoyed to find out that she has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to the girl, she only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the girl he called is not the same girl he fell in love with. In fact, she doesn't exist in this universe at all. She is the girl's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the MC's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of her crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of LOVE.

OP: youtube.com/watch?v=ycfdfinG_P8
ED1: youtube.com/watch?v=hXDNGS9V4Us
ED2: youtube.com/watch?v=m4DyTjrruVo
PV: youtube.com/watch?v=JcVGDV67L-g
EP 1: youtube.com/watch?v=o_rz1bluG_k
EP 13: youtube.com/watch?v=JLUjMWRCzic

I feel fucking old

get some fucking brandy or prosecco man

>it's a newfags try to fit in day

I don't give a shit. I love you all, even you fags who are here from the fappening. Enjoy your time here and stop shitting stuff up.

5 more years and the site will be legal.

I'm glad we don't have as many or as active cancerous tripfags as we used to.

Post em

I actually don't know how long I've been here.
I remember talking about S-cry-ed while it was airing on Adult Swim (back when I was a dubfag), so at least 11 years.

I'm a poor NEET, I drink the cheapest tequila I can get, and generally have a bottle of Grey Goose for special occasions.

Right now though I'm literally down to the last alcoholic beveragge in my house. It's a bottle of Sam Adams Rebel IPA and it tastes fucking gross.

That's the spirit.

>new years '16

Can you imagine being Kilim? Just SNORTING to himself at how EPIC of a memelord he is and asking his buttbuddies to "hey wouldn't it be EPIC if you were to post calling me out for for planning that skype shit? I'd act like all PISSED and shit on the stream and like I'm drunk lel but I only drank Dr Pepper duduru~~". His overreaction to shit is so fucking unfunny and fake that I honestly don't know how my room isn't full of vomit right now.


I want to go back to Geass days. They were fun and Cred Forums did not have a stick up its ass about stupid Chinese cartoons.

because once you're here, you can never leave...



fuck I remember that spam wasn't not to mention kilim was total shit

That tripfag got TOLD so hard he had to remain anonymous again

well at least he's not as bad as the faggot they let stream during east coast 2 years ago. holy fuck he was killim as fuck.

See lads, this

This is memes

Thanks Cred Forumsnon!

Hey guys, hey guys wouldn't it be awesome if i kept on playing the Nardo OP over and over again



Twice. He stuck around for a while after the incident, but disappeared forever pretty shortly after. I saw him in r/a/dio threads for a while, but even that came to an end.


I honestly think id stop watching anime with I didn't lurk in Cred Forums

It's ok user.

>that causal nigger
I miss old Cred Forums

Fuck I really don't miss this nigger one bit, I do miss Duchfaggot since he asspained incest fags worse than everything.

>tfw I can spot both my post in that image

Threadly reminder that it has been made into a wiki, a fanfic, a fictionpress story, a manga, a meme, an anime preview, an anime episode, and an honest-to-goodness anime movie, so stop talking about it.


I'm really glad I've been a newfag for 6 years. I wouldn't have it any other way.

>old Cred Forums

8 or so

Moot sent us to hell but we need to go deeper. Take back everything we've lost.

Christopher Poole falls in love with Hiroyuki Nishimura.

Unable to confess, moot is gifted by a deus ex machina with Nanashi's phone number. Never minding the strange area code, he immediately calls him, and is overjoyed to find out that he has a crush on him as well.

But, the next day, when he recounts the previous day's confessions to Tarako, he only looks at him with a perplexed expression. After some investigation, he finds out that the boy he called is not the same boy he fell in love with. In fact, he doesn't exist in this universe at all. He is the boy's alternate universe counterpart, who has fallen in love with the moot's own AU self, who too is blissfully unaware of his crush.

Hijinks ensue as the two strike up a deal to give each other their darkest, most private secrets in order to equip the other with the weapons they need to conquer the heart of their other selves. While the two chase their respective loved ones, DRAMA ensues as they begin to fall in love with each other instead and question the NATURE of JEWS.


Happy birthday you bastards.

>7 years of sitting on a chair and browsing Cred Forums

One day the money will run out.


anything past today is old, double nigger

That's enough, too far,



This year as well I'll pretend all this is about celebrating my own birthday that's also today and no one can stop me

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.


7, but only 5 on Cred Forums
Started browsing in 2009 after my faggot friend asked me "I herd u liek Mudkipz?"
Googling that phrase brought me to /b, I then moved briefly to /x/, then to Cred Forums. Around 2011 the tripfaggotry started to become unbearable thanks to CLT, so I came just in time to Cred Forums during winter to watch Ben-to.

Ben-to season 2 when?

Hi. Newfriend here. How old is Cred Forums now? 4? Surely it's not older than Reddit. Why would a website older than Reddit have such a degenerate userbase, amirite? xD



I can't believe I'm here so infrequently that I don't know Lelouche's trip.

I don't even know if he's still a regular.

>double nigger
>not double teabitch


i work the ubsiness man and i think that m profession is gonna be a little safe for a while because programmers are both fueled by alchoohol and in need of being useful

So that's why this thread grew so much.

I wish the /r9l/, /adv/ and Cred Forums crowd would fuck off, even more than Cred Forums. I fucking hate blog threads. Throw Cred Forums in there too now apparently.

The greatest meme Cred Forums has ever produced.

Go to bed Vincent.

Since 2008, so around 3000 virgin years.

This is pure Cred Forums, baby. Blaming all the problems on other boards doesn't really help.

Happy birthday to you too, Cred Forumsnon-kun. If you're in 562 I'll shitpost with you.

N-nohomo, baka.

I would agree, nigger; but 2012 maybe 2011 to now has been absolutely shit for the overall quality of this site. More and more normalfags surf the internet and places like (You)Tube and ribbit are increasingly popular. Eventually some of that userbase will think it's fine to just waltz in here with their habits. Just look at the generals, it's slowly happening to Cred Forums.

About 6 or 7 years.
I don't know if Cred Forums is getting worse or if I'm just growing out of it. I used to enjoy my time here but now it's just subconscious routine.

>No. 1 movie in Japan
>No. 1 anime on MAL

So this is meme magic. Not bad.

Every birthday thread

Wait a minute. I haven't seen the "I blue things" guy in a while.

10 fucking years.

I remember getting excited to graduate high school. Holy shit.

Did this shit meme-magic the Mandela effect into happening?

>implying Keit-ai isn't Reddit

You're right. Who cares. I love you, buddy. Happy birthday.

Which one are you, Cred Forums?

Fucking phonefags always forcing their cancerous shit meme.

Yeah, I re-typed it after I took the screenshot because I spot checked it too hard.

I really do love you guys. I want to impress you every day and I want this fun talk about anime and manga to last forever.


I was an oldfag even after being here only a year.

He's kinda right, nowadays calling anyone a nigger or even a fag might offend someone and cause your post to get deleted, sometimes even banned, depending on the board.
And we used to think that those people wouldn't ever find a way into Cred Forums.

Oldfag, but I sure don't feel like it.

Probably a Newfag,

I want techloli/g/y back

Newfag. Literally straight from Newgrounds to this place. Never spent time on any other site after finding Cred Forums.

>board isn't flooded with new topics featuring perfect party hat-aligned OPs.
This is not okay.

D-did I lurked enough Cred Forums?

5 years for me now. Can I call myself oldfag yet?

We are in the age of the Nazi mod. We can barely keep our on topic threads from the pruner.

Just borderline oldfag.

One year. I dont feel bad cause i've watched tons of animes before Cred Forums anyway.


Accurate chart.

(newfag, cancer). I lurked for a month or two before posting since I'm a coward. I've lurked quite a lot, not that's anything to be proud off.

Any message from Hiro yet?

Online friend forgot rules 1 and 2 and linked me to it.

Oldfag. I still remember the day I first set eyes upon Cred Forums. A friend showed it to me during winter break in 2005.

Started lurking on December of 2013.



Sort of a poor chart, seeing as DESU DESU DESU DESU was spammed well into 2006

No ones ever an oldfag user.

That kind of vanguard attitude isn't what Cred Forums is about. Anyone who thinks them self an oldfag, definitely isn't one.

>I lurked for a month or two before posting since I'm a coward
I literally lurked for over a year and a half, it makes me laugh when I think back on it.

I had a huge complex.

Never ever ;_;

>desu isn't even even desu anymore, just normalfag nigger twitter speak

Unless specified otherwise it takes an s in plural.


Dead center of newfagdom

i don't even know who that is but i'm too drunk and feeling good right now to go to bed, i must enjoy this while i can

I lurked for about 9 months, because I thought posting would instantly flood my comp with malware.

It was an innocent time.

>did I lurked

>Greentext as a mean of denying reality.

This, anonymity is about fixing the huge amount of dick sucking that forums have, everyone has an equal platform to speak. The concept of oldfags being superiour is cancer.

>capital greentext

You can't just make up your own sources, user.

Here's to another year of dwelling.

We'll keep it alive in our hearts

I saw someone say "yiff in hell" unironically, not on Cred Forums the other day. Felt like stepping into a time machine.

Was spammed in 2007, too. I remember coming to Cred Forums sometime in early 2007 and it was one of the first things I saw after Duck Roll.

Now that I think about it, I've never tried making one.

I take pride on it given the state of affairs after that year.

How big are the tits of a 13 year old Cred Forums?

Hey guys.


I dont know, isnt it the accepted english dictionary?
What''s the reference dictionary in english?

I wonder what Nurse-kun is up to these days.


Ah yes I remember that too.

Then there was a lapse for about a year, and we had the great GIRUGAMESH/ COLORED SQUARE flood for a while.

Flat as a board I hope.

maybe take a break?


>depending on the board
I suppose this is the why I found that odd, I never go to boards where calling someone nigger or faggot would be an issue. But the fact that it might be an issue on some boards is itself a sharp departure from how things were.

This one right here.
*unzips dick*

thats basically a legacy macro at this point

No, since the Mandela Effect predated Keit-ai by about a year.





This saddens me the most. Now normalfags from all kinds of places use shit as senpai, desu and other jargon that I only used to see around these parts.

That implies Reddit isn't Cred Forums. One and the same now, sure you get vanilla users on both sites, but you're joking if you think a large majority of the people browsing now only visit Cred Forums. I only have to point you to their version of this site to support this claim. Site culture has been replaced with board culture, a complex mix of cynicism, elitism, nihilism, and comedy. On the bright side we might get taken down, but at this point the original w33b culture is dead. Seriously, I think most people who weren't here pre 2007 don't realize how fucking cancerous this place was; it makes me shudder when I see people brag about their years on this site. Congrats you spent many years being on a anime centered image board, but does that mean you have more prestige over someone? Apparently, but to wrap up this 玉皇 post, I feel lolicore was some of the best shit of my life; also I feel really thankful for you fags giving a really bad person like me a place to lurk for many years.

>you're too old to be a Keit-ai

first visited in 2009 so about 7 years

Larry if you can see this fuck you.

probably drinking the night away because that job payed shit to nothing and it costs more than that to stay alive while also living alone in a shitty apartment

i mean it's not like resorting to alcohol while on-shift is an irregular thing seeing as your exposure to all the fuckups and rejects gives you your own sense of fuckup and rejecfullness

fucking goddamnit

Reddit wishes they were as cool as us.

Goodnight Cred Forums. Happy birthday Cred Forums.


Right on your very image it says, "Because reddit cares about this pasta a lot less than Cred Forums does," you mong.

provided that this thread doesn't 404 soon, inb4 triggered niggered mods

Happy birthday, fags
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

But it was our time


Is this our first birthday without moot?


I love and hate this shitty site. Even if anonymity gives easy low quality shitposting and baiting, I'd still choose it over names and other permanent shit. That being said, I wish some of (You) stopped thinking in identity terms, any user can pretend to be part of a group or fanbase so afags and bfags is really pointless to throw out.

moot left in January 2015.

>Cred Forums memed Keit-ai to become the no. 1 movie in Japan
>Cred Forums memed Trump into office
>/r9k/ memed a school shooter to end normies
>Cred Forums memed Rickrolling into reviving Rick Astley's career
>Cred Forums memed Baneposting into the news

Is there nothing meme magic can't do?

誕生日おめでとう、Cred Forums!

dont make me cry

It's easier just to assume everyone's an asshole and take what people say here with a grain of salt.

Where did (You) posting even come from

At the end of the day, we're all just fags.

Restore Cred Forums.

I don't know, but it was definitely a mistake. Might as well left visible sage, I did use it properly from time to time like right now.

I think it was from that drake song that people keeping posting images from.

>hiro approves of keitai
>mods don't


>AMV Hell 3 is 11 fucking years old

Except the part where newfags tend to be cancer who don't assimilate to board culture

>it's the existing userbase that's the problem!


>This site has been around for 13 years without changing at all


Right? seems like yesterday

First discovered Cred Forums - April of 2007
Suffering on Cred Forums every single day - since 2008.

I'm not exactly sure what your definition of change is

If only you knew just how much it has evolved.

Feels weird considering moot isn't around.

>Still free
>Still the same boards with a few more
>Still the smae shitty fanbase

Nope, thing changed at all

>without changing at all

>not changing at all
Holy fuck you have to be so fucking new to believe this.

>without changing
What is the catalog, captcha, everything in the native extension, and so on.
If you want absolutely nothing changing look at 2ch.

Im pretty sure he's stuck solving captchas all day, in eternal torment.

I wonder if he regrets what he has wrought on the world.

Wow 5 years, oh well.

Happy Birthday guys. It's nice being with you all...

Seven years now holy shit

I find it weird how Cred Forums has been pretty consistent in quality. Bless the dislike for crossboarders.

Been here for 8 years now
I want to kill myself

I though these hats were used to celebrate mass shootings

Cheers fuckfaces

>without changing at all
>no more frames or no frames version
>letter captcha now became picture captcha
>visible sage
>tripfags gone
>keit-ai is now a meme

How new?

Be a laugh if he went to steal secrets from google to use for Cred Forums.

Drills give me thrills


Happy birthday Cred Forums. Can that stupid Snowden vid be removed from 404 pages now?

To give you an idea how much it changed, grammar, memes, and attitudes that get you labeled a newfag or reddit nowadays used to be the way people on this board normally posted.

>Happy Birthday Artist changed

Did Mac retired from Cred Forums too?

Sometimes I like to go back and watch his 8 hour q&a video.

The most forced meme since Milhouse.

>Still the same boards with a few more
Lol no
>Still the smae shitty fanbase
Again, not even close

Your only argument is that it's still free.

>consecutive near-impossible captchas


Post your oldest Cred Forums related pic.

I think mine is about some tripfag who was here long time ago.

I just came here to say Stella is a best


4chanX has had a feature that alters you by changing the tab's icon when your posts get quoted by someone, and at the same time they put a (You) mark in front of the ID of any post you made that gets quoted.
One day, moot had the brilliant idea of adding even more of that addon into vanilla Cred Forums, including this notification feature. Soon after, retarded people started using that (You) as shitposting material and Hiro most likely has no idea how to remove that.

This is the oldest thing I have on my harddrive.

Almost 11 years.

I wonder if Cornelia is still trying to post as well.

10 years. Since 2006.

Do the mods watch anime?

Holy shit Cred Forums is better than us at this.


No. No time for that. They only make it a point to delete Keit-ai.

I'm glad I"m not the only one.

Good taste. Best post in thread.

thanks faggot miss always

Original Fag, Started browsing when i was 12

Seriously. I remember when everyone put a space between the post they were replying to and their message. Like this. When the hell did everyone stop doing that? Earlier this year someone called me "autistic" for doing it. Fuck you 13 year olds that think you run the place. I was here when you were in diapers.

>some people have been here for 13 years

Thats so sad. fuck.

who is that moot? mod?

It's for the best, any more and it'd have become self aware.

Hiro has shit taste. I bet Moot would've banned Keit-ai.

>thanks faggot miss always
>stay pls

No way, moot is a meme master.

He'd be spamming Keit-ai like the rest of us.

>you will never again browse Cred Forums before it was full of people who unironically post Twitter nigger memes everywhere

I never get to post this anymore

>Cooldown time lowered for Cred Forums Pass users!

>10 seconds

You're an idiot if you think that idea was presented or implemented by Hiro.

>you will never browse Cred Forums before it was full of people who unironically post Twitter nigger memes everywhere

>m'lance was a year ago



Fuck this place, I can't leave ;_;

>Sat, 01 Oct 2016 07:51:19 GMT

How about you start with your oldest first.

But who is Lanced Jack?

How am I supposed to enjoy Cred Forums's birthday if Papa isn't here?

Six years of suffering.


holy shit that brings me back

>Mon, 29 Aug 2011 06:58:45 GMT
Someone didn't convert right.

Jesus christ the thought that someone would be asking this in all seriousness is killing me.

Anyone remember this shit?


I remember now


does Ha nds free f apping still autoban?

Since 2006

>the thought that someone would be asking this in all seriousness is killing me.

The original Keit-ai for the "You cringe you lose" thread.

Never did last more than 10 seconds myself.

Never nuke a country twice.

>not available in your country


They're mostly dead at this point.

I actually bought a crystal clover to put next to my Yotsuba


I know I am on the inside

I don't even know what happened to Gendo. Is Gendo kill by OD?

ever want to make someone kill themselves? show them this

>Post your oldest Cred Forums related pic.
Feels bad being a newfag.


Wow Happy birthday.
No idea why I didn't kill myself yet.


I remember having a folder that was older than this, but it's now lost forever.


been here since 2004
What the fuck have I done?

Death is no longer a means of getting out of this. We're here forever in this hell of our own making.

Praise kek

I just miss the Loli Cat girls.


Oh shit, I fail at math. Actually 9 years. 8 if you count only Cred Forums. But what are a few years?

Do weeb memes still make newfags start watch anime?

I don't have the HD with my old Cred Forums pics hooked up right now, but I do have one with my old camera pics. Here's my dorm from when I first started browsing Cred Forums in 2004.

I really like this show, once you get past the fact that it's somewhat hamfisted and poorly made it's very entertaining.

inb4 people yell about the Cred Forums boogieman

fuck yeah black lights

I started watching anime back in 2010 after watching Yomi ;_; and Kagura make out with the pocky. Zero regrets on that decision, I have lost(gained) control of my life.

'member Nintendo DS?
'member Nevada-tan?

>spoiler lines
>it doesn't redirect to the Keit-ai fanfic

How did you found Cred Forums?

>you will never Pictochat with your buddies ever again



Maki is too old for techloli/g/y, though, not that I disagree with you.

merri christmasu, Cred Forums

9 months

>being a post-moot faggot

for fun

Someone answer please. I could only find limited information on him on the Internet

holy fuck

Holy shit I've been here for 9-10 years.

Happy birthday 4ch/a/n. More years to come, you glorious faggots.

Two and a half.
>tfw filthy newfag scum
>tfw wish I was here for the old days, when everything was, apparently, better
It's not my fault I was born when I was, and didn't visit until I did.
At least I'm not actually from any social media sites, like facebook or reddit.

happy birthday Cred Forums. another year of escaping reality.

6 years, 1 lurking Cred Forums, and I fully regret every moment i've decided to waste time in this place.