Danganronpa 3

Now that the anime is over, time to settle this:



(novelfags and mangafags are delusional cucks edition)

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This is now cannon.

nth for Shortstack Kaede.

Do you think Monaca would be accepted into the new HPA?

Would she be bullied?



>Nagito became a good guy and is no longer some hope obsessed wild card
I don't mind that the rest of 77 woke up but Nagito not being a crazy fuck anymore is pretty disappointing.

Fucking hell

>Stepping stone for the HOPE tier: Tengan

>Good tier: Seiko, Bandai, Great Gozu, Johnny depp, Izayoi, Miayabot.

>Ok tier: Mitarai, Chisa

>Shit tier: Juzo, Ruruka, Munakata

>That Naegi/Nagito scene

This was so awesome. Im glad as hell hopeman got a happy ending

Give Usami back.

Which V3 fuccboi will be the main antagonist, detective-who'd-probably-fake, green Komaeda, Weedman 2.0 or Hopebot?

What is an ikemen? I've seen Hajime called that before, but I have no idea what it means.

It's all over.
The end.

seeing her iconic pose hurts

What's that zipper for?

Where were you when best girl was confirmed alive?

Is it that time of year again?

Daily reminder who are best girls


Kaede will be antagonist. But Shuuichi is most likely a fake detective.

Why was she smiling?

Holy fuck Ruruka's thighs.

Does he has a reason to be now that hope has won?

Danganronpa 3 while disappointing from a story and narrative stand point was still one of the best rides I've experienced on this board and I don't regret a single second I spent shit posting in these threads or watching this show.

I'll miss you faggots.

I also unironically liked kibou-hen

Everyone, remember to thank this nice nurse if you haven't already done so,

Persona 5 RUSE CRUISE all over again...

You already got God incarnate, why would you need Usami too?

Is not fucking fair

>No one would ever suspect him

Truly the worst girls

It's okay qt. I forgave you. Just don't kill your friens again

>not meme tier

Really shameful how little love Chisa and Miaya are getting now after being so loved early on. At least the latter got my vote.

> The end of Monaca's arc is her fucking off the planet to be Space Umaru.

This still gets me.

Komaeda has always been a bit weird but it was the killing game that pushed him over the edge. Normally he's not so psychotic and I'm sure waking up post-SDR2 he'll mellow out a lot more.

I take how he acted in Despair with a grain of salt; his more calm personality in chapter 1 is more believeable.

Kodaka's had the fake detective idea for a long time. It was part of beta Nagito's concept.

I'd give you Usami back, but it seems Komaeda has her now.

She will be back. And she will be the first new student at HPA 2.0

>tfw no zero escape anime

But he's yet to get used to his new robotic hand. I'll be taking Usami back now, thank you very much.

Everyone knows that the SHSL Magician in V3 is Monaca with coloured contacts and dyed hair, right?

When do these threads finally die?
Because I want to say goodbye and thank you for this wonderful ride.


>souda-kun it seems my royal panties are wet

It's okay.

You can have this guy. I'm sure he's a good enough consolation prize.

>Black Cherry

Umaru can't exist without an Oniichan.

Monaca will end up being Naegi's imouto.


If they don't die on their own in the next few days they'll most likely be gone once the new season starts next week.

Can we all agree Mitarai and his talent was the worst thing in the whole damn franchise?

I fucking hate this twink.

best girl in both series is the nurse

why are nurses so perfect

He didn't even try to recycle his phone. He just threw into the ocean.

Which is why I hope he doesn't recycle that again.


The things I would do to Compa... why there are not doujins of her!?

>Munakata didn't become the vice president or something for the new Hope's Peak as a right-hand man for his new best friend Makoto
>we could've seen him in a fresh new getup helping Makoto with his plans while also chipping in some of his own ideals
>he could've got a sick-ass eyepatch to go along with it
Wasted potential

Fuck, it's finally over...I'm gonna miss you lovely, shitposting, fantastic sons-of-bitches.

>not even voiced by Kayanon
You can do better than that.

>mfw they implied he killed himself in the end

Zero Escape would not work in the structure of an anime.
Maybe 999 but people who never played the VN would probably catch on to the narrator shit if they made it a qt girl narrating everything

>They said Killer Killer would be important
>It wasn't
>Hagakure said it would have an happy ending and showed everyone holding hands
>Hagakure's predictions usually come true in some way

Does anyone else feel the original plan was probably something along the lines of using the Ultimate Make Up Artist to fake the corpses to trick Mitarai into using the video?

Tengan's plan would have been a lot less fucking stupid if he never actually put anyone in harms way and it could have made Hagakure's prediction come true.

It was more the comparison that they're both nurses and have giant syringes as weapons.

Keep in mind. If she is dead then she is disqualified from being best girl.


But where is the best boy poll? Best boy is the only thing that matters to me.

Also, happy birthday Cred Forums!

>Juzo literally just wanted Munakata to live
>Chisa probably wanted the same taking away her DESPAIR (saying she'd die for Munakata)
>Munakata offs himself in a fit of guilt not knowing either of these

>Vidya's LOL Hope videos were better than this shit.


The worst thing is that the anime showed falling cherry blossoms with Munakata.

That is actually a bad sign in Japan since it could be a metaphor for suicide or the ephemerality of life.

The least Naegi could do was invite Munakata to lunch or dinner and make sure Munakata is mentally stable.

They shouldn't have even bothered to add a new cast of characters.

You're giving Kohacka and Kishi more credit than they deserve. This was 99% their original plan, it just sucked.

Nah, he wouldn't waste his life like that

Ted Chikatilo's fireworks were foreshadowing mind hacking.

>Munakata killed himself so he could be with Chisa and Juzo forever

Maybe for the suicide videos, but it can't explain the poison bracelets.
Which honestly makes me think that was a separate thing done by Chisa.


Keep it in your panties, IF.

Good Job danganronpa, using an ending song of a man who killed himself.

Why did Kohacka did this?


Munakata's suicide.

Cherry blossoms falling in Japan is a metaphor for suicide. The anime heavily implied Munakata went off to kill himself.

>tfw we will never know what Chisa's involvement in the Killing Game was apart from giving Tengan the tools.

Before watching, it is important to note that this is an anime only for the memes. It being canon with in DR universe could be completely disregarded due to the merit of the writers.
Given 24 episodes, they should of focused instead on developing each arc completely despite DRv3 imminent release date.

Mirai-suck: The plot twist for Mirai was pretty ill-conceived and the mastermind's motives were "complex." I honestly believed that they had multiple potential plot twists already conceived, but copped out with mindhack as it was the easiest to accomplish.
I'm not sure what the fuck they were thinking about making it alternate between Zetsubou and Mirai though, it rushed the anime to hell. It was a novelty at best that worked sometimes, but if they could of slotted in more episodes, that would have worked out for the best if they were using this paradigm in my opinion.
I honestly believed that the all the characters in Mirai had tons of potential. They all had cool designs specifically Juzo and Munakata. But even then, Munakata and Juzo become walking memes for half the series without any smooth development. All their changes are drastic.
Also, fucking Jabberwock. It took them literally 6 episodes to do anything. ANYTHING BESIDES SAILING A BOAT. Pure bait to keep you watching.
It's also disappointing that all the characters in DR3, except otaku and raiden, are destined for death. Some of the characters weren't even 1-D (I'm looking at you Gekkohara and Bandai), but were created for plot devices.
This sucks as I guarantee you that the primary reason people love Danganronpa is for the characters.

Tengan was a bitter old fuck who wanted to screw everything in the FF before he died so no

So what or who was the best part of the final episode?

but we all know who would win

Rejoice, Izuru is getting a shitty prize figure.

The most interesting character of the arc I'd argue, and I'm sure there are dissenting opinions, is Ruruka because of all of her development. She's easy to hate, but if you look pass it and at her true colors, she's a very human character and her current temperament was a result of her unfortunate past (Zetsubou-intermission).
Her relationship with Seiko was interesting. She felt as if Seiko, by not eating her candy, did not recognize her talent, furthering her own insecurities and the ultimate falling out of their relationship. Nagito was just the catalyst to the end of the relationship and I wouldn't even argue him as the primary cause as it would of ended due to the inherent resenment they had for one another.
She did not seem like a total bitch in childhood form though, but slowly transformed into a despicable, self-serving manipulator; clearly as a result of her low self-esteem and projecting herself onto Seiko, who she actually deeply respected (End of Zetsubou-intermission). Their feud is even cemented to this day working alongside one another at FF.
This doesn't seem enough though for Ruruka's irrational decision making. She attempted to kill Kirigiri and even betrayed her partner due to her fear of betrayal. She was further justified in this thought process when Munakata seemingly betrayed Juzo, crying at the sight of this event. She had clearly endured trauma, not only from Seiko, in the past at some point to be this irrational.
Again, very human. In her final hours and rant, she had hopes of continuing on from the killing games and making new friends, but got killed off as they were literally running out of character to kill. The writers clearly had fun writing her and they did a pretty decent job at that. Pretty interesting.

At least some people satisfy what I never got in the show itself. Now the only time I can feel anything when I see Chiaki is when I see her in despair.

What did Cred Forums think of Vidya?

Didn't even read it

What's the problem with this you might ask? Her whole character and arc are completely irrelevant to DR3. You can essentially scrap out these 3 characters and replace it with three other people ready to die. They took up a lot of screen time, but had no lasting impact compared to Juzo and Munakata. Hell, even Monaca had more of an impact by just inspiring Naegi.
The only character to have any major development from the main cast was Naegi, but you can argue Aoi got some too. All others rendered as mere memes (see weed). Kirigiri was okay. The main problem was that they literally made her a background character solving mysteries on the side, but she was a major factor in completely stopping the killing game.
It was nice that she survived, but Kirigiri surviving also made the UDG episode completely irrelevant. They literally could of used that extra time to explain "complex motives". We could of concluded Monaca wasn't the mastermind by the anime just naturally progressing. Now here's the worst culprit of Mirai and I believe the general consensus agrees.
The twist was completely utter shit. It fitted with the theme from the other arc, but was completely underwhelming as a plot twist. It seems completely out of character for Tengan to essentially give up on humanity and resort to mindhacks to rid of despair.
The only explainable excuse you can give is that Tengan was going senile, but even then he was still making pretty concise arguments against Munakata (See Yukizome).
There are too many problems with DR3 Mirai. All in all, this was a result of the little amount of content they would be able to produce. They should of made Zetsubou first and used the wait period between DRv3 to the next game to develop both Mirai and v3 anime. Continue to Zetsubou-suck

>They said Killer Killer would be important
No they didn't, they said it was related and it was because it had DR3 cameos.
>Hagakure said it would have an happy ending and showed everyone holding hands
30% accuracy rate, and a hell of a lot more people got happy endings than most of us were expecting, honestly.

loud =/= funny


>They said Killer Killer would be important
Did they? Like, for real?

Nigga I ain't reading all that shit gimmie a summary.



Holy autism

Sounds like something out of No More Heroes

But I still want to vote for him, just for the sake of it

A guy meet the seiyuu of Yasuhiro and make him sing an autograph as the weedman


Which would be a less abusive boyfriend to Chiaki, Hajime or Nagito?

The only part I liked was Hitler Monaca

We never got Izuru/Hajime meeting Munakata. Or what Izuru's conversation with Naegi like.

He's in a better place now.

Why are these two so cute together?



meme magic is real

Not reading all that shit, but I agree DR3 shouldn't even be considered canon because it fucking ruined DR2 and pretty much every character in it.

>Add a bunch of new characters
>Most of them are pretty cool
>Kill off nearly all of them and pretend to kill of one member of the original cast only to bring her back
The only thing I hate more than the mind hack anime is how the FF branch heads were treated as disposable and worthless

It could have been some sort of special poison Seiko made a long time ago but didn't want to say anything because she thought it would make her suspicious. It would explain how she was able to quickly make her cure thing and there was even a part when Ruruka accused her of making the poison.

Or the bracelets could have had the thing in them that Kirigiri took that puts them into a near death state so that they could have been revived afterwards.

The only problems would have been people who were murdered by other characters like Tengan, Juzo, and Kizakura

>lol everyone woke up from a coma in less than a day because of a miracle
>complex tengan motives
Purge this shit.

Hajime for relatively obvious reasons. Chiaki would probably even manage to fix him as a person without having to become Izuru.

Oh really? That's a bummer, I still think that isn't the case though considering it would waste Juzo's awesome sacrifice

Maybe it was just an aesthetic

Give her back.

Because Chiaki is canonically the only girl Nagito naturally fell in love with (no brainwashing)

I just want you faggots to know that I had a lot of fun in these threads, even if the show ended up being a bit shit at times.
Even though I have a job and study at uni, I am incredibly lonely. This was the closest I've felt to like being part of a community for goddamn years.
See you all whenever.

I'm not so sure. Nagito would be unintentionally abusive but Hajime gave her the cold shoulder a lot.

Both indirectly left her to die/brought her death. It's pretty tight.
Chiaki is pretty cute with anyone, everyone else just becomes more cute by association

She will be rewarded with the Hajime

>lol everyone woke up from a coma in less than a day because of a miracle
I forgot this was probably less than a week after the end of DR2. Fuck that's dumb.

>Being this delusional

It's okay to dislike DR3 but it didn't ruin anything from the games

How do chiakifags feel now that komahina or hajimikan will be canon?

Did he? Besides only calling her a friend, he seemed perfectly fine with her, just a little inadequate given his lack of talent and how much he wanted to look good in her eyes.

Yeah, I can't actually pick which would be worse which was why I asked. It's kind of hard.



>A week

A couple of months at worse

>A day

Fuck off non protagonist

It absolutely removes the point of the lesson pushed by the game though. You have to actively go against the canon now if you want it to continue to look good in your eyes.

>it didn't ruin anything from the games
Fuck off, DR2 feels cheap now because you know all of the fucking characters that died were revived. Their deaths are meaningless.

>can't even reply to the right person
Fuck off already retard.

Don't listen to other anons, I like reading opinions with reasoning, like these, even if I didn't completely agree on them.

>Their deaths are meaningless
With the whole thing being VR, you should have inferred they were meaningless from the start


I don't really care anymore. In the past I know that I felt differently, but after DR3? Whatever. They turned the AI into a chameleon and tried to fuse them together (and failed completely at it, I might add) and they never gave the real one proper closure which left a bit empty pit for me. I started out with nothing and left with despair.

>the apocalypse happened off-screen because of a high school girl
>lol despair

>despair disease
>it was all just a simulation guys, no one's dead for real

> It absolutely removes the point of the lesson pushed by the game though.

How? By bringing everyone back? When jt was explicitly stated and foreshadowed that it was possible to do so?

> You have to actively go against the canon now if you want it to continue to look good in your eyes.

Nah, if it's about the muh uber Junko manipulation thing, give it a rest, it was always delusional headcanon while literal brainwashing was there since DR0

It was left ambiguous for a reason.

Dangan Ronpa Abridged thing 3 years ago was better.

Did you really think that they would ever stay dead in a sequel when the game makes it clear they're not dead and that miracles can happen?

No but a AI being created from a laptop, or somebody turning into butter, brains surgery allowing somebody to gain super human strength, mind control helmets. Is all perfectly acceptable

He basically told her to screw off and even made fun of her advice in Hope. He sounds pretty messed up to me.

It was hinted that they could come back in the end of the game, retard, it was all a fucking VR

I would understand one or two waking up (Komaeda is a given) but all of the cast? Why?


Miracles couldn't happen for her.

The whole episode was a fucking joke, to be honest.

Anyone who actually believed they wouldn't wake up, provided a sequel ever happened, really must have had no hope. It was pretty obvious it would happen, being left open ended. It would have been even more boring to say
"we tried, its impossible"


Where is my dick edit?!

>t. delusional fujo

Not even a Yuri-fag but Komaru and Toko are defiantly into each other.

What's you opinion of MIrai-suck?

If an episode called "Hope" only giving me despair was supposed to be some kind of complex joke, I wasn't laughing.


>and that miracles can happen?
Unless you're Chiaki

Having only some of them wake up would make less sense than all of them when they have SHSL Everything trying to wake them up.

Come on. It was left ambiguous for the next installment. Hope arc. Plus Hajizuru SHSL Plot device

Even moreso than DR3 as a whole, I prefer not to take the events of that episode seriously. That's why I was only thinking of the pre-op Hajime in my previous posts.

>Junko was right
Nothing else fucking mattered.

How much time passed in real world when 77th class was in NWP?

Can't wait for kaedi shitters to get BTFO

>Chaikifags still being cancer

Holy shit, have they surpassed the Junkofags?

Think that they should rework DR3 somehow into a visual novel. DR3 anime can be the IF. The visual novel can be canon. I liked the set up for both arcs though. It will surely sell seeing as if it'll be completely different from DR3 anime, and a lot of nips love their Dangan.

>when they have SHSL Everything
I guess that's a good reason for them waking up. Still think it's cheap though.


>V3 is an alternate reality where Mitarai won
>The students are all labeled criminals for going against HOPE

> That's why I was only thinking of the pre-op Hajime in my previous posts.

Which is fucking retarded because he is already Izuru masquerading as Hinata by the end of SDR2

Faggots like you that that can't handle to ignore post are true cancer. I'm true cancer now for acknowledging you.

Why do you think that? Legit question.

Sadly I don't see it happening given that Kohacka would probably very much rather focus on V3.

Which is partly why I hope V3 is a total stinker and sells like shit so this can become more than just a pipe dream.

Because he doesn't have any friends and confuses friendship for lust.


What other nicknames are used

Yeah, I can see why you'd do that. It's about the only way you can preserve both Chiakis. The girl who shows up there is her own beast that doesn't really fit with either one.

It could be nice, but saving real Chiaki would be the biggest IF of all.


Reminder that Chiaki is currently in coma. Only for Izuru/Hajime to fix her boo boos.

It's just weird not having Dangan as vidya.

Bro, bro. Let's not fall for their bait. Here's a happy Chiaki, let's go back to grieving together


She doesn't need to be saved. Her death just needs to be handled well.

Less time than it took for them to forget human Chiaki's existence.

It's really despair-inducing, isn't it?


You guys should be ashamed of yourselves

Be quiet user, Chiaki is sleeping!

Might as well wake up Jin. Hell, why not wake everyone up, miracles are possible after all.

I suppose you're right about that. Giving her proper closure instead of trying to staple her onto AI Chiaki would have been a nice way to close it out.

I'd still have preferred it if she survived since Junko talked about miracles, but that's something of the past now.

Bow before me.

Was DR3 just an elaborate scheme for Kodaka to pull a Hideo Kojima and get people to be absolutely sick of the Hope's Peak saga by adding stupid twists, pointless deaths and asspulls so no one would want anything from that Saga ever again?

Sweet dreams, Chiakers

Why was Toko still in her war-torn clothes?

It's not how many you hold, it's how you use them, now drop it and take these groceries.

yes now buy vee3 no more stupid twist

Plus, if they make it into a different visual novel, the events leading to the tragedy will be more consistent with the games. More reason to buy the visual novel vs just watching the animeme.

What if you can clone 5... Oh fuck it. Hand over the gun!

Who knows, he might just go back on his word in a few years from now. Or just decide to do a VN adaptation of it for whatever reason.

At this point, yeah, I think so. DR3 actually made me hate the whole series.

Agreed, doubly so since DR3 showed that you need way more than just a shallow investment and a terrible director to push it into a medium like this.

That'd be stupid though

They were outside doing manual labor. Do YOU wear your nice clothes for that, or the ratty stuff you don't mind getting dirty?

...Of course ,we have no reason to believe Fukawa owns ANY nice clothes

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Same here. If that was his plan, though, it worked a little too well on me. I'm not touching V3. Got a whole other backlog of things to worry about.

Toko only has one set of clothes

>Kodaka's face when he finishes DR3

>waifufags are this upset

Well, wait, let me back that up for a moment. I don't 'hate' the other DRs. I just don't feel anything with them anymore. It's getting late, I should be heading to the sweet embrace of sleep.



It's like you fags are delusional

DR0 wasn't brought to here what makes you think they would bring DR3?

>Being this upset

>my only waifu throughout the whole series was hajime
>everyone else was just a bro
>still agree with him

Please, no. I rather have a good reboot for the franchise and completely ignore DR3. Hope's Peak arc never needed to tie it's loose endings, SDR2 open ending was already enough.

First, DR0 was a light novel, not a game. Second, DR is insanely popular now which is why a faggot like you knows about the game.

>just turn your brain off, bro.

>mediocre bonus material makes me hate an entire series
Are you trying to suggest that you're any less pathetic?

You don't get to bring the protagonist spot.

Just ignore him and hide his worthless posts.

In UDG, but you think she and Komaru would have gotten her some new stuff in the months after they left Towa City in the timeskip.



I don't give a shit about waifus. I just disliked how the whole series has been handled. DR3 actually managed to make the plot of the games worse by explaining things that were better left ambiguous.

Would you Ruru?

Only her corpse

The anime was made for memefags. People that took DR seriously are the ones that are pissed.

And you think Togami would've thrown her a bone for once and given her a FF uniform, if not just to look more appealing

Of course.
I would kill her afterwards though. It's kill or be killed out here, familia.

>I don't give a shit about waifus
Sure you don't, you're just really mad at this cartoon for being so bad.

Who cares about the plot holes? We can just make up our own head canons!

I would love to. But Yoi is too much of bro to cuck.

>taking dr seriously

>my children
tumblr is the fucking worst.

The anime is one of the worst I've seen in a long time
So fucking stupid

After all these years if you told me the big mystery was just that a bunch of people watched a really shitty anime and sperged out I would have dropped it after case 3 in the first game and never looked back

You should go back to tumblr since you like it so much.


Everything is alright in the world

>Thinking anybody cares about what Tumblr thinks here

Escapism as its finest.

Nigga i got that from imgur

I'm curious to see how long it'll take until DR3 starts having the DTB S2/Tsukihime treatment.

Then you need to watch more anime. Sure, this one might not be good, but it's still several tiers above the sheer incompetence that is stuff like Wizard Barristers or Comet Lucifer


>teenager destroyed the world
>literally no motive besides "because it would be funny"
>computer simulation
>recycling mastermind in a mystery
Yeah, the anime is definitely the only one that dropped the ball.

He'd probably watch as Ruruka cucks him.

At least those were executed very well.

"He" looks like a girl with those eyes.

Can Junko mindwipe my memory of DR3?

You don't get to bring Hopegates

I don't agree at all, but okay. Both of the games left me with a sour taste after completing them, so it's kind of funny to see people reacting the same way I did only now when it feels like the series has been bullshit from the beginning and was always enjoyable primarily for the ride and not the destination.

Cred Forums do you think we will see Mikan with the rest of the survivors of DR2 in the nagito ova? Those two were supposed to wake up before the others

Nidai is a better choice if you had to stick Hajime on a dick anyway.
He doesn't deserve Nidai regardless.

The story has always been retarded but at least I could forgive it because the games were fun
Going to an anime though, you have to make up for what you lost by making the story, scenes, or characters really good and really engaging.
Nope! Worst by far, and we don't even get a game out of it.

It was quite a ride user

I honestly expect the OVA to just be fujobait.

Now that's a spicy arsepull.

Yes, just look at this

>when I wake up these threads will probably have stopped
>everyone will have fucked off to Cred Forums or /vg/
>nothing this season will be able to live up to these threads
I'm going to miss you faggots so much. I might want to forget this show happened but I won't forget the good times, or the bad times, or especially the memes. Maybe we'll see each other again someday, when V3 is localized. Until then, take care and don't kill yourselves.

Do you think Kirigiri tosses Naegis salad while she strokes his cock in his office?

I had fun. And not even for the memes, I had about as many laughs just watching it with a friend as I did from the threads. I guess I'm glad I never held the series in high esteem in the first place.

Hrm, makes u think

Nah, he's just a beta fuccboi.


Well it's not like Kojima's plan worked for Metal Gear.

Same to you buddy
Even when it dies down I think threads might still pop up on here occasionally, I'm afraid they'll mostly be shipping shit and waifu wars though

You people act like this is some rare event, Memeyoiga was only a season ago, some new show that produces lots of memes and OC will replace this one too soon enough.

Is this a salad with bacon bits joke?

Fashion's a strange thing.

Someone please explain the Chisa-cinema-thing

It was a weird purgatory thing. Would of been cool to see Chiaki there too.

It was after life.

They were breaking the 4th wall. That's pretty much all there is to it.

>his scar is just a fucking scribble

It looks so out of place during that scene.

What did he mean by this?

He loves to masturbate.

Bacon makes him come

What are you expecting from the new school?

Mayoiga threads went to shit around episode 9 so I didn't feel any sense of loss when it ended. It also wasn't the closer to a series I loved for a long time and had actual attachment to. I can't even fucking remember anything about it besides hoodie memes and pink goddess shit.


Lots and lots of money from new students.


I was supposed to run the JUZOBOYS taima chat but fucked up by taking a nap for 20 hours instead.

Forgive me, brothers.

>tfw I just finished it
Its over. These characters I've been following for years now. I... I don't want it to be over..

I started with nothing and in the end I got even less

>Chiaki dies
>Kirigiri gets to live
It's not fair. She truly was too pure for this world.

Boy meets girl

Chisa looks better without her lab coat to be honest guys.

I'd say they were better overall than DR threads and had some really incredible OC, but DR wasn't as forced and didn't have people running out of steam the same way, probably because it wasn't full-force meme train from the very beginning. Anyway, my point is that there's a show with fun threads to participate in nearly every season.

dw Chiakifriend. When Spikesoft is running out of money and are desperate, they'll pull another Tengan tier twist.

It can't compare to the true romance of the series.

I still cant believe they brought the entire cast of 2 back to life. I expected the survivors to appear but not all of them.
Well except Chiaki..

I honestly dont know how to feel about what honestly feels like an asspull.

>literally Junko
How will she fuck things up this time?

If you are gonna go full retard. GO FULL RETARD.

There are always meme shows, but I had an attachment to DR and its characters already, so the memes felt more personal. The usual meme waifus like Lovepon are forgotten when their seasons end, but I already knew Hopeman, for instance, so shit like gunposting is more memorable to me. I get where you're coming from, I just don't think it'll be quite the same.

Nothing can compare to hopeman tier memes.

MFW Danganronpa 3

It's the last time we'll be seeing these characters and it's canonical status is dubious since it's not a game and not technically written by Kodaka (although he did supervise and make a long-ass outline). I'm fine with it.

By fucking Kiibo

By tying you up, shoving that candle up your ass and sounding your dick.

>and not technically written by Kodaka
I'll be able to find myself some hope if you have a source.

So is Nagito magically not a psycho anymore? I mean he still planted fucking bombs to stop a test before any kind of influence came over him.

It's fine brother, just take care of yourself

Making good use of that love hotel.

That place looks comfy as hell.

Serious question -
Do girls like Chiaki exists IRL?

I pulled an all-nighter for the finale and it caught up with me that afternoon when I got home. Oops.

Mirai and Zetsubou weren't written by Kodaka but Hope arc was written by the man himself so there's no questioning whether or not it's canon.

Yeah I guess I'm fine with it too. Just wish there would have been a little more explanation but that goes for the entire anime.
Still think they should have at least made the future arc another game so we could've gotten to know the characters way better.

From ANN. Kodaka was a supervisor, but everything that Kaiho wrote probably had his approval.

>mfw she'll be voiced by Toyoguchi Megumi
>mfw everyone will speculate about it just like they did about Komaeda being Naegi

Girls don't exist.

Yeah but they usually have penises too.


>I honestly dont know how to feel about what honestly feels like an asspull.

The end of DR2 pretty much said they were all waking up with this bit. It might be an asspull that they woke up so early, but hey, we need a finale here.

I'm still asspained that 90% of the FF characters got fucked over so hard.

N-No there must be a mistake, he was held at gunpoint

worst anime of the season

I was under the impression that it was meant to be ambiguous but hopeful, not a flat-out "everyone is defniitely gonna be fine" type of ending.

And Ogata will be voicing this fuck, right?

No. And if they did, they'd never get with you.

He's only credited for scenario and supervision on ANN, I've heard people say he wrote Hope Arc, but even if he did, he's stepping into a project that was largely scripted by other people, making it a gray area. I personally take it as canon, but I think people are free to discard it if they want the same way they do for IF or the Togami and Kirigiri LNs. In the end I just see it as bonus material which is why it seems very silly to me that people are getting this upset about it.
I definitely would have preferred a game, or at least for Future arc to be extended by a few episodes since it felt like there wasn't enough room to explore everything they needed to, but I wouldn't say I'm unhappy with what I got even if I can't say it was objectively good. At the very least, it far exceeded my expectations after I thought it would be on the same level as the atrocious DR1 adaptation.

I thought it was alluding to the fact that the survivors actually did end up waking up with their memories of the game intact despite Junko saying they wouldnt.

We know

"Maybe, for people like that, miracles are inevitable, don't you think?"

I liked how DR2 left that ambiguous, they didn't need to show it happen.

I think it can be interpreted either way, especially since the survivors waking up out of despair mode was supposed to be impossible too. I saw it as "Definitely going to happen someday, but we probably won't see it". I was wrong on the second part and I'm kinda glad

No, that line was in reference to the coma students.

That Kyoko though. Makoto is gonna be so many hopeful babies in that.

Yes, they do. But not just girls; I believe that any person can become as loving and as hopeful as Chiaki.

No. But girls like Ruruka exist. There's a reason why she's called waifubait. Stick to your 2d user.

>I think it can be interpreted either way
That's the very definition of ambiguous.

Lewds please.

People are getting upset because it's still fresh. DR3 will probably have the same kind of responses that DTB S2 and Tsukihime get when they're mentioned within some months.


No. Ogata is already hopebot


we only saw him for a limited time. we can't be sure if he's completely sane.we will never know.

She's gonna voice both, and no one will know what the fuck is going on.



The others pulled him away from Naegi before he had a chance to go full HOPE so we don't really know. Chances are he's still dangerous as fuck and they've got their work cut out keeping an eye on him from now on.

>Izuru didnt make Chiaki

What the fuck did he do?

Did he do anything?

Most girls are like Ruruka actually
Fucking bitches



Where is this picture from?

I hope Kaede bullies the detective

Nah. I think you're just getting unlucky. The ones like Ruruka are always DTF.

He heavily implied they would meet again, I don't think anything can stop Komaeda from getting to see his idol if he really wants it. I mean, hope already won so it makes sense that he would adjust his goals.

She was 2lewd


He just stood around while saying "tsumaranai" during all of the apocalypse

Why did Chiaki have to suffer so much for this shit.

Part of me wishes that I never liked Chiaki, because if I didn't, I'd probably be okay with this ending. But the story here ended with Chiaki dying a horrible death thinking that Hajime would never remember her and that she couldn't do anything for her classmates.

All the spouting of miracles and everything, and yet the one miracle that should've actually happened didn't.

Being a waifufag is suffering.

Steampunk Junko !

Daily reminder that if you see yourself here, you're a fucking retard and I've laughed at you for hours on end during this journey.

You were completely incapable of recognizing the signs of an upcoming cliche. You were unable to consider all possibilities, including the ones that you simply didn't like to think about.

You're retarded and I appreciate your kek offerings.

Ghosts exist in DRverse, she probably knows he got better eventually.

Maybe Nagito's OAV will expound her Real Chiaki. Have hope user.

Who's gonna get CHAINED in DR V3

Can we just acknowledge the fact that practically all the FF members are all fucking idiots (save for a few).

1. Tengan is by far the worst antagonist in the series. His reasons are "COMPLEX!!!" while it's actions are not only stupid, but make no sense given how he could have confiscated Mitari's stuff and hacked his phone/computer for the Hope anime.

2. Munakata is WAY too edgy and really was just kind of a huge spark in this entire confrontation. In fact, if he had actually looked in Chisa's body to analyze what happened to her, he would have notices the fucked up pictures of Chisa.

3. Bandai is by far the most sacrificial, cliche character in the series. He dies off to checklist the whole 'Black guy dies in a horror story" cliche

4. Juzo is liked ironically, but he did cause a number of things (Izuru Kamakura's conception, allowed Greatest Tragedy to happen).

5. Chisa was just a remnant of despair who basically got sent to hell theater with Junko Enoshima while Junko laughed it up at how pointless her contribution was.

6. Ruruka was just plain awful and was just being a cunt for the sake of being a cunt. Her entire character was about fucking over the characters in a whole other way like trying to kill Kirigiri.

7. Mitari just went full blown Retarded Lelouch on us in the last episode and it was really interjected. Sad, given how he was closest to being more solid. Those last two episodes really just went down the drain with his character.

8. Izayoi died for a dumb love who wouldn't have died anyways if he had checked what was INSIDE THE DOOR. Seriously, it was pretty stupid of him to even follow that chick.

9. Maiya Gekkohara was just replaced by Monaca for her to mess with Naegi on that fakeout with the knife and ketchup.

Only Koichi, Seko and Gozu seem to have some form of head on their brain.

>I'm not there because I was asleep/maybe awake at that time and didn't care

>Being a waifufag is suffering.
Speak for yourself.
my waifu has been alive the whole time, I even got to see more of her.

>casually acknowledging that you deserve to be there
I'd add you user-kun but I don't have a time machine.

>ghosts exist
>only appeared once and was done for laughs

Guess threads are finally dying down, its been wild.

See yall January.

I guess. Honestly, it would've meant the world to me if the "ghost" Chiaki that talked to Hajime at the end was real Chiaki instead of AI. But sadly that wasn't how it was.

Hope died with Chiaki.

>casually acknowledging that you deserve to be there
I wasn't though?

saying "I'm not there because x" is implying that you'd otherwise be there if you hadn't been asleep. Admit it, you thought she was dead.



While we're at it, let's have a moment of silence for the user who actually took the time to make this in the face of overwhelming evidence since I was out of town for the reveal and didn't get the chance to laugh at him.
Looks more like 70s Junko to me.

Any characters you are sad we didnt get time to see?

komaeda is cute!

>i was delusional enough to think kodaka or whoever wrote that shitfest had some dignity
You're right, i am retarded.

This one too.


I didn't care either way honestly

The plot fucking thickens, user. That retard was me. I don't even remember why I was so vehemently against the theory.

Acceptance is the final stage, user. You should be proud! Treat yourself to a nice snack or something as a reward.

Then you win!

Taking it in the ass from Munakata if need be
Still disappointed that he didn't lightly punch Munakata one last time before dying for real


Maybe after the tragedy and fixing her up, Izuru just left her somewhere in the world to do his own thing? Hopes Peak academy was pretty demolished. And as him and his whole class were remnants, they didn't wanna pull Chiaki down with them and let her live in the world freely? Hence, there was never a cutscene of her dead body? I'm doing kodaka levels of asspulling though, but it is pretty cogent.

Despair side was a bit of a bummer but at least we got Natsumi!

I never write anymore, but I'm writefagging just for this.

Get ready for Munakata cauterizing a "dead" Juzo's wounds because the dude's a fucking headcase.

>Second episode in all I can think is "This character can't die fast enough."
>mfw he dies like 10 seconds after I think it

Weird how it all comes full circle. But I guess it evens out in the end, I had my fun at your expense and you got to do the same with the deathfags. Feels good to be right, doesn't it?

Do you think Chisa ever cucked Persona?

In a despairing way?

>Then you win!
heck yeah

You're damn right it does. Nice triple trips my friend.

I like how this image lost it's original meaning but got another one

Whos cat was that? I never pieced it together or looked it up.



>that ahoge on the old man
What did it mean?

Well damn.


Sayaka's sister is not canon and the image is also missing Toko's bug


This isn't /vg/ you fucking idiot

Silly girl, have you forgotten who's the real headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy?
Get that manlet outta here

That's grandpa Kirigiri.

Goddamn I love this image. Hajimemes will never stop being funny.

I mean, even in Hope Arc, the Real Chiaki's fate was left ambiguous. I'm sure Kodaka would of at least tried to tie up those loose ends. They like tossing the potato around on the topic of her death for some reason. I'm sure it's just for setting up future plot though in case they needs moneys.

W-why didn't you cure me, Naegi-kun? I tricked my despair into giving you a chance to win the game. I made her think it was necessary. You were supposed to make me admit defeat and stop my suicide. You were the only one who could help me.

Why didn't you do it, Naegi-kun?

I wouldn't be even mad if this happened, I love Ogata too much.

He's a good boy. He dindu nuffin!

How old is Naegi at the end of Hope arc? He's gotta be the youngest headmaster ever.

Left to right

Leon's incestuous cousin
Weedman's mom
Jin's dad/Kyoko's grandfather (also appears in the DRK novels)
Sayaka's non-canon sister (replaced by a bandmate in the actual game)
Yuta Asahina (dead)
One of Mondo's (literally) gay biker buddies
Hifumi's sister
Father Ishimaru
Togami's butler
Celes' fatass lazy cat
Chihiro's dad (dead)

Naegi, Kyoko and Aoi got a happy ending and Munakata and animator-kun survived. It's a partially happy ending for those that survived.

I'd ride bikes with that biker buddy.

He could of tapped that hot yakuza poon tang before he an heroed with everybody else

Definitely. Probably tried to hit on Juzo too but bro wasn't having any of it.

Chisa just thought he was being loyal. She never did seem to realize the truth.

This is your headmaster tonight.

What caused him to kill and who did he kill?

>Kodaka said in his Twitter account that the anime is a thank-you for the Danganronpa fans: "The first animation for Danganronpa contributed to increasing Danganronpa fans. However, Danganronpa 3 animation will target people who supported Danganronpa up until now. I thought about what excites you guys the best, and I thought I should do it. This is our repayment for Danganronpa fans. There's no reason to betray it. We're drawing the final episode with full power. The mission to excite all the fans! I hope to complete it and meet again!".

It was clearly fanservice from the start. he did it for you and you shit on him. shame on you Cred Forums.

Doubt. The way Hajime spoke, and the fact that he was talking to a fucking ghost of Chiaki AI, with her saying that her and the real Chiaki were basically the same person, highly implies that she's permadead and that Kodaka can't asspull shit.

Even then, why would they even come back to this after this ending? The reboot is upon us.

It's not fair.

So that means Junko took his secret to the grave with her? Why is she so pure?

"Munakata... I'm gay and I love you."
"Cool bro. Lets go fight despair together."


>takes the most popular character and maims and tortures her
Th-thanks Kodaka!

You have an interesting definition of pure.

Most of their talents are probably lies but i hope for the most suprising elements for once and make Hopebot into a villain and Weedman into love interest survivor.

Of course i don't hold my breath. Is VERY uncommon for anime or japanese games to make a smoking chill guy who dress like a hobo into anything else than comic relief.

What caused this young man to kill and who did he kill?

Japan's pretty homophobic dude. What you're suggesting was about as likely as one of Hagakure's predictions coming true.

"Why did you cuck me Naegi-kun?"

Kodaka probably just wrote "Chiaki dies"

Its the director and scriptwriter who dedicated half an episode to her being brutalized

>takes the most popular character and maims and tortures her
What? He woke him up and gave him a new arm.

Out of surviving cast of DR2 i can only see Hajime sticking dick inside her or building Chiaki robot to fuck. Other girls are either lesbian or taken.

He updated it again

Avenging the death of Mondo. That's what he'd probably kill for. Either that or after Mondo dies he decides to be the Chaiki's brother figure and kill accidentally or not to protect him.

Did I ever tell you about the time the president of Future Foundation Tengan started the third killing game, died like a retard and got every high ranked FF member except for Persona and Mitarai killed but we pretend it was RoD's fault?
He was a good friend.


>more pronounced hair color
>a clearly visible tie for her suit
The original idea was even cuter than what we got. Truly the best wasted design.

For moneys. You know why writers leave things ambiguous? Possibilities so they can write on it later. Also, it seems as if Hajime's speech is over the whole class's betrayal of Chiaki. That betrayal could of resulted in her death or not. Either way. She suffered through the ordeal. If I had a friend, I'm not gonna gut them of the possibility to explore the whole world, which the despairs unfortunately got gip out of. And it seemed as if AI Chiaki's speech was more about her own future vs RL Chiaki. Kodaka was pretty smart in writing Kibou, he didn't want to temper with what the other writers did in Zetsubou and did the ending the way he saw fit without disrupting the integrity of Zetsubou. Which is why we only saw AI Chiaki.

I doubt it. If anyone in the cast is the child of DR1 or DR2 character, then this would happen at least 20 years into the future. Monaca would be reaching her 40's

Not Chiaki but Chihiro.

Why did I actually hear this in his voice..

Bullshit. Old people don't like change but Japan has never been particularly homophobic. The issue in Japan is public abnormality in general. Someone as young and worldly as Munakata wouldn't particularly care.

Munakata now works with remnants of despair to rebuild hope on the world. Everything will be good

>Tragedy happened because institution covered up a killing game
>Series ends with them covering up another

But why?

>Wake up
>Class 78th and Chiaki are still dead

Hack writing.

>Gozu still alive
He's gonna have to explain a lot of shit.

I'm confused about Gozu's NG code. Wasn't it supposed to be "pinned down for a 3-count"? The image only has the count.

My Motives are... dumb.

Cucking would imply she ever had a chance to begin with.


Stop giving me hope, user.
The despair that will come when it's never brought up again will be too great.

I hope that twintails nursery teacher is their child

At least they could've said that Chisa got Tengan to watch zetsubo no bideo
It'd still be a hack reason to start a killing game but at least it'd make sense in-universe

Wasn't thw boats send to the island by Munakata? So why thwy retrieved the DR2 casr and brought them to where thee game was happening?

Wanna know a real plot hole?
Where did the bunch of guys that were guarding the door to Ryota go?
Since when Naegi came there was no one in there.

Hajime dealt with them off-screen. Thought that was pretty obvious.

Hajimeme took care of everything

even the big ass metal door

they all had dhiarrea, SHSL luck

The biggest question what is the chain of order for deaths.

Kyoko has to die first is the firs part of the answer.


He deleted them from existence?
Because that's the only way to explain why they weren't even in the ground.


he threw them into the water.


(not alone)

Only Weedman will tap this now.

>no Chihiro
one job


Do you think he killed her when he learned that shes a man and can't bear his children?

I voted for Miaya.
To the other person who did, I salute you.

I know who I voted for

The game explains when he killed him. In the shower when he saw that Chihiro's wang was bigger than his.

Different circumstances. The mastermind is dead for one.

It's better to have hope then wallow in despair.

Someone took responsibility for it so they didn't cover it up.

>1 vote
Kek, what happened to the Chisafags?

Is the real Gekko disabled or not?

If not why did nobody care that she was in a wheelchair for the FF meeting?

And now P5 spoilers, noice

But why?

They'll inevitably talk about it in Nagito's OAV. Which is about the whole class waking up. Food for thought.

>Implyiing Kaede isn't the MC only for the prologue

You know why you know nothing.

You know wide.

Nothing about me.

>Is the real Gekko disabled or not?
Yes, permamently

Or my dual katanas.


>tfw all sacrifices and murders in DR2 were pointless and anyone who go spoilered about the end of DR3 will never take DR2 deaths seriously as we did at that time

I realized how little Kodaka had to with all this the moment Mitarai wasn't defeated by shining words flying at him like every other time.

Because it isn't over, it just a pause. Just wait few years, and the new HPA will have it's own Naegi Makoto Project

yes, because he was mental before the world became despair

>kirigiri literally bleeds from her left eye
>lol no I'm ok
I'm glad she's alive but it feels kind of... off.
Like, what's the catch?

Her and Hajime were the only ones who had this "dude I've done some terrible shit" vibe about them.

You know, I do think bringing back the entire DR2 could've been good in theory - DR1&2 ended with the survivors pushing ahead towards their uncertain fates, and at the end of DR3 you basically get those characters winning their battle and getting all of their remaining people out of this mess in one piece. The actual problem was that it was fucking terribly handled (like pretty much everything else in DR3 I guess)

I never took their deaths seriously since they flat out don't die and then tell you there's a chance they could come back, and in DR, a small chance means they definitely will. Now you all get to feel as angry as I did when I finished the game.

Holy fuck I laughed so hard.

The antidote started working before more internal organs were damaged. One little eye vain breaking isnt enough to make her dead or even blind. You get similar effect from watching tv whole night

Kodaka wrote Hope arc.

They were comatose, not dead.


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Happy birthday, Cred Forums!

Kodaka should bring Celeste, Leon, Sayaka, Hifumi, Ishimaru, Mondo and Sakura back to life. Its unfair that Junko fucked her classmates more than she did with class 78

Junko controlled him pretty easily.

Would you let hopeman jerk you off with his robotic hand?

They still implied that they could have been comatoesed forever until their bodies wither and die. Pulling out them being not only OK but also completely healthy with only Nagito losing an arm and Fuyuhiko losing an eye is total bullshit

could you fucking IDIOTS stop meme posting for a mintue and answer me?

What was the significance of this? Why were there monokumas holding up a cliff/landmass?

Seeing how Alterego was able to remake Mondo's personality for a little while it wouldn't be surprising if Chihiro made alter egos of everyone

V3 will have time travel and the first thing it will do is kill Junko in the past so she can't fuck up the world

You know why.

Now this is a dude that was seconds away from whipping out his hopestick.

Is Imposter the Emiya Shirou of Danganronpa?

Pretty sure it's a reference to mythology, although I don't remember the particular story, but I think Urusei Yatsura Beautiful Dreamer referenced it too. Don't read too much into it.

I love how his hand changed every shot.

>robo dies later on as well
>mc changes to jotaro

the power of QUALITY?

>naegi gets this every night

Not confirmed

literally canon

I'm seeing double! There's four of them!


but didn't kiri eat something other than cure w?

Yeah but this was made before the reveal.

You must be retarded

DR3’s DVDs sold out over 3000 copies per each arc so far

Why isn't the OST out yet?

They must be having some serious stocking issues since that barely covers the cost of making the episodes if it does at all.

Literally not even hinted at

>You know-
Actually, no, you deserve a proper explanation.

There is no character archetype I care about more than the Psychologist. Our field in its truest form has no place in most fiction aside from being vehicles for other plot points, so I care about all fictional characters who would subject themselves to the horrible fate awaiting such a role.

When Miaya's talent was revealed, I had the feeling she would be largely irrelevant to the overall story. I really wish this anime didn't confirm it.


>naegi x kiri relationship not even hinted at

In your fanfic yeah

Thats 3K for both arcs and thats just the first volume, it will be interesting to see if it rises or falls

Very strongly.

Are the V3 kids all classmates since they're SHSL students?


Oh my.

Probably. Won't be surprised memory shenanigans will come in again and make them forget they were classmates like the previous casts.

Nice quints my man. 3K is usually considered breaking even, if it maintains that average for all the releases. Or at least it used to mean that, hard to say nowadays.

Yes Famitsu confirmed it.

So did Izuru let himself be captured by Future Foundation and go into the New World Program and all that shit not because he was trying to revive Junko, but because he just wanted to see what would win between Hope and Despair? And the other Ultimate Despairs just went along with that? Was Junko possibly taking over the world just a side effect he didn't really care about?

Also is Horriblesubs/Funimation ever going to release subs for Hope Episode?

Hagakure hasn't been wrong yet


A bit late to the party but

I mean, the one guy who did it kind of died from blood loss.

6 out of 16 FF members got a happy ending, that's 37.5% right! Seems he's getting better.
Obviously I consider Munakata as suffering.

>Hagakure hasn't been wrong yet
Then where's my happy ending? weedman said this story would get a happy ending.

I'm still waiting

They released it as despair 12.

Also, I'd supposse that he didn't tell the RoD that his plan was ruin everything for Junko, and I've always thought that Izuru predicted NWP's outcome to some degree.

also replacing it with a robot hand apparently

Because edgelord stabbed him, yeah.

He still might have survived if he hadn't done it. Besides Gozu, he had the best chance of surviving such a wound anyway.


Thinking about Gundam

I'm the guy who first voted for her. You are a good guy and I envy you for being in such a good field.

Yurifag here, it could just be due to Toko basically having no other friends, they might not be scissoring offscreen.

Someone PLEASE translate this last vestige of my favorite character.

There isn't much to translate from what I can see. It's just various elements from their initial and final designs.

Darn. Thanks all the same.