Loli want party hat!

Loli want party hat!

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That is an exceptionally lewd swimsuit.

Why is that loli so tanned?

Tanned lolis are for _____.

>Cred Forums is no "too old"

fug. who am i kidding it as too old 3 years ago.

Why are lolis in micro bikinis so sexy?

Metal hat > Party hat


>only OP gets party hat

>he thinks loli is pedo

That has always been the case

Retard, it's Cred Forums's birthday, don't start this shit you retarded newfag

I clearly remember threads were people went around giving silly hats to images.

Why is water so wet?

Happy Birthday Cred Forums, we're stuck here for another year.

13 year olds can be lolis too. It all depends on how much of moot's wish to be the little girl remains in here.

thanks OP, i just got promoted

it just is

You can't see bare nipples, so it's perfectly worksafe. Didn't you know?

Which lolis have the best fashion sense?

and im not so smart

>going on Cred Forums at work


I do that all week.

want to cuddle the cute butts

>no dragon loli hmanga

i want to do things to a loli tummy


What's YOUR cutoff for loli? Give it to me straight, doc.

Interesting, the translation I have says 'Oh my, you shouldn't do that.'

Its an artform, 0-6000 year old dragons. It comes down to the artist.

Dude, Shiro stinks. In the words of an Cred Forumsnon who once browsed these threads, "you'll die!"

There is no better way to celebrate that posting some セクシーロリ

What technique of food preparation is depicted here?

Delete my wife at once you fucking godless degenerate

Their torso's are too long.

Lower limit around 3 (or whenever they're out of diapers), upper limit 12-13.

That wouldnt work, the banana and butt angles would not line up that way.

2/10 will NOT fap

I finished reading that manga a couple months ago. I was disappointed with it.

>He doesn't know about tube lolis.


>There will never be more Leviathan
Good things die young.

14 at the maximum. Any older than that and they're practically adults.


You shouldn't discriminate against lolis just because they're a thousand years old.

That is a really cute loli.

I wonder if they know their outfits are extremely lewd... short of the dark, horrible magic of Magic Skirts.

Yea, before they leave their larva form.

4-12, fucking anime hormones


Sorry about that, I wasn't taking in account "older than she looks" types.

borderline cowtits. BORDERLINE COWTITS

3-12, obviously in regards to physical appearance only since I love eternal lolis as well.
Can't wait for Towako 2.

>attracted to anything without a functioning vagina
I want pamper fucking toddlercons to leave


I don't really consider girls that look older than 12 real lolis but i like all ages and 13-14 is a nice hebe spot so i just put it in there,
now for toddlercon its something that gives me that forbidden fruit effect i guess, i like it when i want to masturbate to something "immoral" or something,
but i cant really see girls that young as love interests so i guess my loli waifu age that its not just about porn would be something about 8-14

You can just rub it between their thighs, you know.
Plus there are plenty of sexy kindergarteners around in manga.

To more years of appreciating lolis. Happy Birthday Cred Forums.

>there are people who want to lewd the hanamarus
anything under 6 is sick

4-12 seems about right to me.

They have functional vaginas though.

Keito has such a cute tummy. How does she do it?

I'm sorry you feel that way.

3-14, with the exception of immortal lolis of course.

Why is her black haired friend such a semen demon?

Season 2 soon!


Too much concentrated cuteness.

Hime cut bangs. Punishment should involve princess carrying and cuddling.

Squid-belly loli is best loli!


I've known some long waisted girls in my time but this is ridiculous.

Sauce? Artist name ?

Japanese women and girls have long backs and shorter legs. The proportions may be a little exaggerated by the art style, but is is generally accurate.

You don't know about Takaji Miyasaka? Oh man, you've been missing out.


Anything younger than 5 means they might still be retaining some baby features. Anything baby-like is a huge turn off for me.

Upper limit of 14.
JS's and JC's. Once a girl gets to high school she becomes an old hag.

Those bloomers look delicious. I wonder how they smell.

Whoops! Sorry for the sample image.

Is the Focke Wolfe? His lolis are really lewd.



Lolis are a miracle of the Universe.
They are all that is great and good.
They are the essence of life and light.

Here's what perplexes me.

Look at Nico right there. childbearing hips, clearly post-pubescent. why define that as loli? why is anything with developed hips loli? but then you get artists who'll draw clearly pre-pubescent chars like the gochiusas with wide hips. it's confusing to me and my dick.

Sexy Goburin.
>pre-pubescent chars like the gochiusas with wide hips
Pear are delicious.

14 is pre-pubescent?

Pubescent, not pre or post. They are in that grey area of "no longer a child, but not yet a woman".
>this is wholesome family entertainment

>this thread is pedocentral and need to burn together with all posters
>if anyone who's not user would see you lurk in it your life could be ruined

think about that for a minute

You accidentally board the loli-only car. What do?

Fuck off with that 3D shit.


Not sure if this has happened to anyone else, but I've developed a liking for actual little girls lately. It started with lolis but it kept on getting worse.

This other day, I saw a flock of Japanese primary girls giggling and walking by. I couldn't stop looking at them. I felt extra guilty because I was in a suit and I was supposed to look like a decent human being but I'm actually fucked up.

You guys know fully well what to do (or not) in these situations.

You will get over it with time, don't worry. And with getting over it I mean accepting you simply like little girls in general but then remembering 2D is better anyway and coming back for them.

Look around for where she got that delicious looking snack and buy one myself, all the while pretending I didn't get the idea from seeing her have one

Moving to Japan was your first sign of degeneracy.
Should have caught it earlier, user, now it may be too late

Just don't commit a crime and you're good.

That just means you have now found your purpose on life, having a cute little lover without anyone but the girl and yourself knowing it. Good luck in your quest user.


It's okay, it's happened to me too. I'm sure many of us here feel this way. I find that I see an adult woman with a young girl I'll almost always admire the 3d loli instead of her sister.
It doesn't really bother me because I'm reserved and not the kind of person who can tolerate cruelty, let alone that which is directed towards a child. I don't think Lolita-style situations can exist all too often in real life.

Why bother with a condom when she can't get pregnant anyway?

Find my seat.

STDs. Likely from her to you, so be thankful.

Maybe she have to go somewhere afterward, can't have cum dripping all over the place while she moves.

To collect them and make a condom skirt obviously.

I'd take the condom off just for the thought of this.

Have a cute daughter material loli
I know that its not Cred Forums related but lately since i found it i've been staring at her for very long periods of time, she really calms me down.

Cute. To what medium is she related?

>Thread is autosaging
Thanks mods.

>loving a little girl
I wonder how did human society arrive to this kind of conclusion.

Some people just hate fun.


I guess that sometimes they need to remind us of how many newfags there are in the moderation, who aren't even capable of properly identifying false-flagging.

I'm not someone who tries to deny that children can feel love or attraction. I know I did as a child. There's nothing wrong with liking children and interacting with them, however the number of cases where a relationship between an adult and a child involves some measure of sexuality and is not exploitive is infinitesimally small.

Most adult relationships also have big power gaps, many times mentally as well as financially.
I dont say that its that simple but lets not make it seem like an obvious subject since even developed countries
all over the world cant agree on it and have all kinds of different age of consent laws.

Obligatory vampire loli post.

Vampire lolis are cute.

Child prostitution problems in England during the 19th century, a time where feminists were already a thing and constantly active, forced the government to enforce age of consent laws. It was still not such big of a deal and people kinda ignored the laws until happened and fucked up everything forever.

Well, lolis are verboden.

>Stead lost his life on the Titanic
That's terrible

How much verboten are we talking here?

Because loli != prepubescent.. Early pubescent girls are lolis.

Don't give up, loli. The world will always be full of new people.

I'm surprised I have never heard of this, looks like the turning point on making little girls the forbidden fruits they are now.

>a bunch of feminists are the responsible for those laws
Not surprised at all.

This thread shows exactly why loli threads should be deleted on sight and how there is absolutely no difference between a 2D "lolicon" and a 3D pedophile.


He deserved it. I'm sure that's the only thing the affected party and the feminism can agree on.




Hey there, , , , and possibly a few more. Happy that your false-flagging worked this time?


I totally forgot I was going to watch this show, it's Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika right?