It's party time, user

It's party time, user

Also New game thread.

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Hifumi a shit.

What makes you say that?

Soujirou plz.


Why is Umiko so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

>tfw no S2

>not only is new game over, but dogo is going off genre next season
remind me why live

To ganbaruzoi everyday.

How do I ganbaruzoi without Hajime's armpits to encourage me every week?

Which New would you Game?

>there still isn't a doujinshi of (a bit older) officewoman Hifumi trying to keep her vice-president-of-eagle-jump image while DEVILISH Aoba is inventing lewd types of play to bully her in public, slowly escalating the lewdness factor
>there isn't an ending where aoba rapes Hifumi at her apartment in full on devil outfit with a sad soujirou getting NTR'd

>draw a bunch of kids
Call it an adult anime about adults

I want to clense Aoba of her evilness with hugs.

I want to cleanse her of her evilness with anal

You can't do that user. That makes her more evil.

What if I drink her pee straight from the source? Is that not sucking the evil out of her?

Thats a funny way to spell Aoba.

But Nenecchi is a grown woman.

More adult than you, bro

I want Aoba to show me what it means to be an adult.

Get a job user.

That only makes you evil.

Then I'll give it back to her by fucking her butt. We'll take turns being evil.

When will Rin point a gun at Kou in an attempt to stop her from working herself to death?

Rin is a motherly friend not a maniac please stop the rumors.

I doubt it.

She's more likely to use weaponized sex.


To work 72 hours per week like a slave.


I really enjoyed this show for some reason, it just felt so comfy

Anyone know of any other shows that produce a comfy result like this one? I don't care what it's about, as long as it's /comfy/

i wouldn't be surprised if dying by overworking is the highest honor a modern nip can recieve

Why is nene so shit? She ruined the whole series.

New Game successfully washed the atrocious after taste of Sanyashit. Because of that, it will forever have a place in my heart.


I wanna lick the mole on her tits.

What does it taste like?

Which one will make a start on their JAV career first?

Funny enough I stopped watching when Nene showed up for work last episode I saw was about the pudding.



I love gay girls so much.

i wish i was born a cute gay girl

>nice desune

I wish Hazuki was my wife.

It's what I live for.

>tfw the only reason to stay healthy and work is to be able to live long enough to become a cute 2D lesbian in VR

>I stopped watching when best girl showed up
What the fuck are you doing?

Umiko is happy

Will she give me a handjob now?

I fucking opened that webm right as a beat dropped. My sides.

I'm ready for the party! Let's go!

What is that expression trying to convey?

>Cred Forums is fucking dead
thanks for reminding me

Why is Rin so underrated? Motherly keikis are always the best.

I'm reading the company's trip chapters in the manga and I'm scared of keep reading. She is going to murder Aoba, right?

Rin is cute, but she doesn't have as many funny reactions to post.
>get my beer, woman

>Likes her beer with a ton of head
Fucking savage

this is the new games' blood samples. what would you do with it?

Leave them to be tested because I want to ensure the newgeimus are always in perfect health.


pour them slowly on my dick

L-Let's party... user...

I want to lick Ko's pantyhose feet!

I like hifumi

that just looks like it's coated with my cum

Your cum is transparent? You should see a doctor, user.

nah bruh that just how it looks anime style

>tfw rin gives kou pedicures while she's asleep


>tfw you will never be cum

I wish my bosses were this cute

Dumb user. Your post made Aoba-chan cry.


Anyone able to make out what the point of this is?

Way too lewd.

Nice party hat, Rin

Seriously. Its like the weekend brings out all the wierdos on pixiv.

Her new position as the Art Director released her a lot of time, since what does does is checking artwork.

I don't see what this means.

It would help if you read the words above it.

Why is Hifumi all wet and only wearing a mens shirt that is now see through from all the moisture?

I love this nurse photographer cop.

>mens shirt

I want to be her househusband that she looks forward to seeing when she gets home.

Men's shirts have the buttons on the right side, women's have them on the left.

Now she has a weapon.

I want to use my weapon on her.

I want to make all of her meals, warm her towels for when she takes a bath, listen to her stories about how she screwed up at work again, and comfort her by massaging her back.

I want her to be completely dependent on me so that when I die in a freak accident she'll be totally lost

What would Ahagon do if a image of her actually smiling would circulate on the internet?

nice trips
also hifumi and the tomboy

Fuck off, Doki cancer.

Which Eagle would you Jump?

It would be very inconvenient if Aoba were to insert that trident into my ass


I want to start treating her to a nice dinner and dessert on dates as a regular thing. Like once a week so she feels like she has something to work towards every week that she really enjoys.

So who exactly is the endgame for Aoba?

Kou is the most admired person of Aoba, and they both connected pretty well in the company's trip (manga). If nothing else happens, Kou is the natural route.

Hifumi might have a chance if she works hard for it.

Hotaru is out of Aoba's league, and she probably has a french girlfriend anyways.

>a french girlfriend
Many French girlfriends.

>French girlfriend
>Studying arts
I've seen this before...

She can't get Kou, since Kou is my girlfriend!

Rin pls get back to work

I want to go back with her to her hometown to meet her parents, telling them how much of a hard worker Yamada is and how I admire her dedication to her profession (after all, she did memorize the textbook).

It's obviously Kou, last episode confirms it.

>forgetting someone

Boring movie, God-tier underaged sex scenes

I want to wake up by her side every morning before we snuggle for as long as we can before she needs to get ready for work. I want to try and convince her to stay in bed and cuddle for just a bit longer even though I know she needs to start getting ready.

This anime looks uninteresting and whatnot, but I just wanted to show some appreciation for this Nene girl.

A CUTE! Looks like a super dork brat. Would kiss her forehead/10.

Why are Chinese dresses so sexual?

>best girl is shit
>savior of anime this season is shit
kill yourself

Because the Chines have a rich and beautiful culture.

Probably that she likes trains.

I want to snip off Nenes pigtails

Mo confirmed for wanting Aoba's vagina.

She'll want it even more when she realizes how much better Aoba is than her, despite being a so called class no toppu.
I really only enjoy bullying her. So far, I actually like her a lot.

Would Hajime enjoy anilingus?

Wait is that true

In fact that would be a pretty good idea.

Explained in Galko-chan.