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I want to impregnate Kawajiri's fatass wife!

Name 1 (O N E) character other than Dio who could beat the Thunder Cross Split Attack



I still would argue that Terunosuke does not and should not receive the same punishment as that Angelo, they just don't belong the same bracket to have his life-long to potentially eternal prison justified.

The "Koichi" he threw out was proven to be a dummy, as after Josuke was captured he immediately stepped on the piece of paper to destroy it, in an attempt to recover his ego from the shock Josuke delivered to him through his last speech. He didn't openly attack Yuuya, he simply presented him a challenge which both parties knew it involves countless layers of deadily traps, Yuuya accepted it even when knowing the risk. That was no foul, it was just a stand fight and totally justifiable. Also he captured Josuke's mother without any intention to harm her in the slightest, and only using her to serve as a stepping stone to bring out Josuke's fear quicker in the most efficient manner in terms of both time and casualty (as he would otherwise need to capture literally everyone other than Josuke's mum to really give him a mental punch).
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Tomoko and Shinobu preferred, but not required

Donavon, you know that guy joshep fought on his way to Mexico

I like to compare this guy to Rohan and say that not only they possess the same personality, they also had wronged Josuke in a mirrored fashion. Yet their treatments vary vast in difference for whatever reason.

Rohan also showed no interest with the general moral of life as he viewed people nothing more than "materials". Rohan also acted like an egoist arsehole (still is but not as much), is artistic by nature and is very obssessed with what he likes inside people which is their experiences. Rohan, like Terunosuke both possess incredibly dangerous stand abilities that involves controlling people as they are both control freaks to different degrees, and both showed no signs of self control when first introduced. Rohan also captured someone who Josuke holds dear as hostages, being Koichi and later, Okuyasu. Rohan also used hostages as part of his combat tatics, conditioning Josuke during the encounter. Rohan also harmed the hostages in a few ways, brainwashing and nearly killing Koichi by tearing his pages out for self interests, as well as setting Okuyasu on self immolation. Rohan also went out of his way to make Josuke mad when he was sure of his victory, like Terunosuke which in this case, by insulting his hairstyle multiple times.

Yet with all that, all Rohan got in return was a beat up so bad he had to change his weekly release schedule into monthly while he was hospitalised, which was nothing too major. In contrast, this guy got the "book prison", it just doesn't seem to be right, or anywhere close to it.



As cocky, apathetic and obssessive this guy may be, by analysing his abilities we would know he does not go out of his way to harm others unnecessarily as his ability is very conditional to himself while it possesses no actual combat strength and when he does, he lets them go just as easy as opening a piece of folded paper. He sought to minimise the amount of people involved in his obssession trip and although he could also kill his captive as easy as ripping paper into pieces, he only reserves that as the last resort.

He had been overboard just like how he really screwed over that taxi driver hard, but he had realised it by the end. As obssessive he may be I have no doubt that after a solid beat down he would learn "constraint" properly just like almost all antagonists who had wronged Josuke in the past, especially Rohan.

Yet he was given 0 space to redeem himself and was sent straight to capital punishment. Unlike Rohan who had done exactly the same things to Josuke yet didn't get him riled up as badly, all because one of the people that got involved was Josuke's mum. Josuke is just too much of a mama's boy I swear. Sure I would be really pissed too if someone were to drag her into a fight, but a comeback like that? I just don't think so, I don't think Josuke would really go that far as a character even if he was not actually in his right mind at that time either, as he barely did that much to Rohan previously.

Terunosuke could have been an interesting side character for later story development, dunno why Araki just hates him so much he had to practically torture him to the end of time, while making a joke out of it.

I want to wipe my ass on Teru's pages

for reference

Who else is in love with this new OP?

Re asking in this thread, I know we talk about Tomoko having a great ass, but are there actually manga panels to back it up?

Teru is not for scat, teru is for cuddling, dammit Hans


3, 2, 1, Let's go

What is this

They finally did this scene right.

it's the manga

RHCP when she's kicking Josuke, and when enigma boy confronts he

that's awesome

what is Terri-funk?

Aside from a wrestler.

pls excite

I read the fucking manga I just can't recognize the silhouette in a moment's notice

/r/ing link to the new op

Just realized that it might be Cheap Trick, I thought it was part of the coffee cup rather than his back, nvm

there's like 5 fights left besides kira
can you not remember them?
the user shows up 2 seconds later

Any more webms?

1 episode until Teru, are you hype up /terugeneral/ ?

Is YouTube or google not working for you?

more like 3 or 4

if i could get spoonfeeded why should i even try ?

>Highway Star part 1

maybe a retarded question but
is this a simpsons reference? this chapter is from 95 and the simpsons started at the end of 89, but i have no idea if it's popular in japan or even known at all

>you will never fuck a qt girl with Cheap Trick crab style as she skitters all around the room

In the time it took you to make that post you could have already been watching the video.

Jesus christ. Not every panel is a fucking reference.

It's possible but I doubt it, The Simpsons didn't invent the phrase "Why you little..".


i mean it seems like she COULD have a nice ass here but we can't really tell
and yeah in the enigma chapter it's definitely there


i already did

of the OP or the episode?

Maybe the translators intended it to be a reference but I doubt the original Japanese was a reference.

>your hot as fuck mom will never kick you with her bare feet trying to make you lose at vidya

I am reading the manga, and honestly, I kinda feel underwhelmed at part 4's ending. I feel like I just got to know some of these characters and it is already over. I want more THE HAND!

I guess I am liking part 5. Giogio just seems lifeless, he talks less than Jotaro and just overall is pretty bland. At least Zippers and Fugo are cool. Also Beach Boy was a surprisingly stupid idea that I liked a lot.

Gappy makes me happy

>they just confirmed part 5 on the new op

Loving the references to manga pages, not just events.

It felt like the enemies stood out more than Giorno
>both groups in the first half of VA planned to take down the boss
>there could've been a temporary alliance

What do you think about Narancia and Mista?

Don't forget this is Joseph we're talking about.

>Highway Star will be a slide show

What is old Josephs hairstyle called

>teru is the best boy


T-they're saving it for the final fight!

What about Morticia Addams? Do you like him?

Probably, all of Part 4's best moments have been slideshows so far.

>It felt like the enemies stood out more than Giorno
To be honest that isn't very hard to accomplish
The only problem I have with 5 is that Giorno is very underwhelming, especially coming fresh from Josuke


Part 4 in general has been a slideshow
They went back to season 1


>They went back to season 1
Except there's not enough SFX and general stylish tone to mask the budget quality.

Aerosmith seems kinda bland so far, but Narancia as a character is pretty cool. Though all I have seen so far is the fight with Tiny Feet, so I don't have much to judge it on. Other than "Alright, Ill blow up the whole block to stop you" which was pretty great.

I don't know what I think of Sex Pistols. I didn't like Hol Horse at all, I think the idea of a gun related stand is dumb. Though Mista and his stand seem to do it well. I like when stands have personalities. Hopefully some more interesting gun related things are done with him. I enjoyed when his stand was rubbing ice on him and zippers.

The way this is paneled makes this scene a lot better in the manga.

『Fat Bottomed Milf』

>no Teru's hand
fuck david

thanks doc

Phantom Blood had a lot less QUALITY moments too. Although the only version I watched of it was the BD release.

>Phantom Blood had a lot less QUALITY moments too.
>Although the only version I watched of it was the one where most of the QUALITY moments were fixed.

Are you stupid professionally, or just in your spare time?

Teru fucking the lobotomized milf inside the paper

Moody Blues is alright. I don't hate it, but I don't like it either. I would be pretty upset if everyone had all these cool punch ghosts and neat powers and I was stuck with the power to investigate things people did and maybe trick people into thinking it isn't a stand that is really situational. I guess I think his stand is like situational side deck cards in card games. They are cool when they can be used, but it is otherwise pretty dumb.

As a character. I like his honor code. He feels like the most loyal of everyone.



Looks more like a tumor rather than t h i c c

We have people talking about the actual comic and how much they like certain stands/abilities alongside people screaming about how they want to eat Josuke's mothers underwear

I fucking hate this place


TV version of PB is kinda less sharper and sometimes Jonathan has a baby face but it still looks better than TV version of DiU


I agree lets talk about how I should fuck Narancia.

go back to where you have come from faggot

Also, Turtle is best animal thus far.


we should talk about why Teru is the best boy

That's what happen when you have a lot of people talking at the same time.

Hey dude look look

>Look up some JoJo porn hoping to find stuff of Jolyne, Tomoko, Holly etc.

>It's mostly just Joseph and Caesar fucking

Who is on the bottom right? It's not Tomoko or Shinobu. Koichi's sister?



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I am extremely mad that someone has tried this hard to destroy Narancia's beauty.

Coco Jumbo is my man
That turtle is so fucking useful
The most underrated character of the series

Koichi's mom and onee-san


I think so since she's standing next to his mom.

yummy yummy yummy in narancias tummy

Nah, why would Araki browse a christian image board?

Don't you ever say that shit to me again fucker.

>Who's standing next to Koichi and Koichi's mom?

Gee, user, who could it possibly be?

Don't you start.

>Not wanting to give every last bit of yourself to your waifu
You don't really love him

>another three weeks till full OP


It's too cheerful and happy for me to dislike

He would never want to do that to me.

Any particular reason why the "1999" in the new OP shows the villains out of order? Like why does Teru slip in front of Ken and why is Yuya last?

Did someone say heaven?

Thought the mom was Shinobu, which doesn't make much sense. Koichi's mom and sister are so irrelevant though, not sure why they're there.

no, its okay i obiously expected yaoi and im not even dissapointed just mad.

Hey anons, look at the signs on the mid-right.

Part 5 confirmed?

I think the best part of enjoying part 5 for the most part so far. Is knowing that everyone says it is the worst part. So I really don't have to worry about liking or disliking the rest of the parts. I was most worried about part 5 because people say it is shit, and then I was also worried about 7 and 8 because of the AU stuff. Though everyone is saying they are good. So I have high hopes.

yeah, pretty much.

Hey user, look at the clock.

You're about twelve hours late to this news.

I dont think La Squadra will let slide the fact that they killed a couple of their men ,considering they had a big sense of comradery

He's a greedy little gremlin man, don't put it past him

>Rohan violently raping Hazamada while he vomits and shits himself
Alright that's enough pixiv for me tonight

Just imagine he gets released down the line after Josuke needs his help like he did Yuya in your head canon.

That's what I do :(


He's beautiful you fucker.

Still better than this
what kind of manga was rohan drawing to rape hazamada and all the other scat/vomit shit?

Most of Araki's proportions are like that


That's true, bittersweet on that

I loved how they had tidbits of interacting with each other (or just thinking of the other members) before trying to kill Bruno's group, and not just be generic villains

Saying "Why you little..." isn't something the Simpsons invented, it's just a common turn of phrase

Yeah same, people told me to no end that 5 will be completely shit, so my expectations were very low at the beginning.
And I came up surprised at the end
Yeah 7 and 8 can be a little hard to swallow considering its a completly new story after a continous one, I though they were great

polnareff is the man at the coliseum and literally becomes that turtle


Why is Keicho there?
The guy is a killer and a criminal.


i came

>they forgot teru

I can still see her balls.

>Dat Abbacchio

He saves Okuyasu, who's crucial in the final battle. So by extension he helps defeat Kira.

He saves Okuyasu twice, right? His last act in life was doing so.

Well yeah, they may have been pretty shallow but at least Araki made sure people like Ghiaccio got distinct characterization when they were introduced, unlike Giorno who never developed or had interesting dialogue or interactions with almost anybody throughout the entire story
You get an inkling of a character at the beginning when he's doing things like stealing Koichi's luggage, but it never goes anywhere and he's just stoic and menacing for the rest of the part

and where is Gray flay and Cheap Trick?

Teru and Yuya should either share one or Yuya not get a number because he turned good.

Pesci with a suit looks like a Dick Tracy villan
You try to figure it out

I can only recognize Aya, fat bastard, Keicho and Reimi

who's the rest?

It's all good as long as there's no nipple showing.

post jojo edits,



I'm going to fuck him until he cries.



Corpses don't cry

>Mista has 4 limbs


I mean, Keicho did a lot of bad stuff and he was very much responsible for messing up Okuyasu and letting loose monsters like Angelo, but there's a reason why we are supposed to feel at least a bit sorry for him once he dies, and why Okuyasu states that he had it coming while crying over his death and emphasizing Keicho did try to protect him: Keicho had a really shitty life.

>Keicho had to decide AT 8 YEARS OLD what to do with his rotting undead father
>he could only either try to find a cure and get the father he hated back to life or find a way to kill him and give his father he still loved the chance to finally find peace
>Keicho redirected the abuse he and Okuyasu suffered from their father back at him now that the power balance was reversed because he never learned anything different anyway
>he became a cold, calculating, abusive manipulator to his brother to turn him into a weapon
>he was so frustrated that he stopped trying to be humane and accepted his fate of being a murderer
>became incredibly messed up and an awful person and Okuyasu knew all of it and still loved him
>Keicho was just an 18 year old too and just wanted to finally start living his own life instead of having to deal with his fucked up family life
>he knew it was already too late to ever lead a normal life again
>Keicho’s love for and protectiveness over Okuyasu was buried so deep it only resurfaced in his last moments
>even then it was still mixed with frustration and anger

Fuck you fucker he's alive in my heart.


Angelo, Ratt and Akira and God knows how many people he killed who couldn't manifest a stand the arrow way but your point stands....for now

>They forgot to add one of the more important characters that inspire Josuke's morals and makes him get off his ass and protect his town

Is Okuyasu literally retarded?


I dunno man, he was clearly the cumdumpster of his group. If you tried fucking him he'd probably ask 'is it in yet'.

I'll fucking end you.

I want to lobotomize Joseph

>Another one bites the dust and Crazy D is Unbreakable is just as shit as DIOs World

How do I convince my friend that part 6 is worth reading?

oh, lord.

Show him the scene when Tom Cruise peeks on Jolyne jacking off


Show him the most based character in the franchise

>Fugo shoving his fist up Narancia's ass while he sucks off Bruno and Abbacchio at the same time
>Bruno scolding Fugo and telling him to be more gentle seconds before blowing his load in Narancia's eye and having to apologize
>Narancia wiping the cum out of his eyes and beaming up at his Capo with the biggest smile ever
>Abbacchio cockslaps him and tells him to focus
>Heterosexual Mista jerking off alone

We /censoringwithsubway/ now?

He's already at the marilyn mansion fight.
He just says it's too boring for him.

I'll kill you fucker never talk about him again.

what if Okuyasu WASN'T retarded?

Toe nail scene?

It's not the part that's boring, it's your friend. He probably won't like SBR or JoJolion either.

That's the thing though: Keicho's position in the story is clearly that of a bad guy. He acts as a villain, he dies as a villain. But he's not a full blown monster, he has a lot of issues that are even understandable. The character is very tragic but the tragedy doesn't excuse the things he made. That's one of the great things about JoJo: for the most part, the villain's tragic backstories don't excuse their actions, they just explain them (as the way it should be on most media).
The story acknowledges Keicho did fucked up things and that he had it coming but it's for you to feel sympathy for this awfully messed-up person or not.

Honestly the story of the Nijimuras is really sad in general.

Attach a wedding ring of death to his left aortic valve.

He wouldn't be funny and he'll have the highest kill count of the series



to me, yes.

Chase > CNBT > Great Days

Also first for Golden Wind is best part

It would be literally impossible for DP to fuck up Crazy D is Unbreakable as badly as they fucked up DIO's World.

Golden Heritage is better

>It's an "entire arc where everything the villain who gets an incredibly small amount of screentime does is vastly more interesting than what the main characters are doing" episode

Is this literally all that Part 4 is
Holy shit how do people call this the best part

Never underestimate someone's ability to fuck something up

Gotta love those early part 4 broken arms

are you under a "backwards day" stand attack?

CG Intros > Chase > Great Days > CNBT

A picture is worth a thousand words

They arent broken arms
They are secretly using zoom punch

>incredibly small amount of screentime


>all the crazy shit going on these past few episodes
>I'm most surprised at how Josuke knew where some guy keeps his dice

That's his elbow, try copying it.

Why do people say The World hated Dio. They both seem equally smug.


You dont know?

>Never underestimate someone's ability to fuck something up
You know, you're right, this is a lesson I've learned a long time ago.

But I'm serious, it should be a lot easier for them to do Crazy D is Unbreakable than it was to do DIO's World (a fight that is nearly impossible to perfectly adapt outside of the manga format). And it seems like they learned their lesson this time around.

I know this is a shounen, and at that its one that specializes on getting 500% usage of common every day items that are nowjere near as special or deadly as Araki makes them out to be.

However, this is overboard. Is that God's piss or what? Josuke was motionless on the ground and some quick sips brought him back to great fighting capacity.

That doesn't mean anything fucker.

>DIO's World (a fight that is nearly impossible to perfectly adapt outside of the manga format)
The OVA version already surpassed it

Well of course, they're saving the budget for Superfly

enigma says that liquids reverse the effects of his stand

>Not Cheap Trick

He used Crazy D to fix it into better healing juice.

>I know this is a shounen but what's with this shounen-tier asspull?

This is peanuts compared to some of the shit that happens in Jojo. How anyone even complains about asspulls after the end of Part 2 is mindblowing.


As someone who's been put on IVs a few times that's completely ridiculous. He'd have to digest it normally since he's drinking it rather than putting it in his bloodstream, and even then it'd be really pushing it.

Nah, the OVA is a fun add on while the manga is the real deal

It's fun to joke that The World hates DIO because of the way The World looks stern and focused at times when DIO's doing his thing.
But The World often has facial expressions similar to those of DIO.

*yuuya not enigma
my bad

It was a great adaptation, certainly leagues ahead of the anime's adaptation. I loved the OVA's version of DIO's World.
But it doesn't compare to the manga version.

>It was a great adaptation
No, It wasn't

>As someone who's been put on IVs a few times that's completely ridiculous.

Yeah, no shit.

that's just a probability thing though. Joseph got incredibly lucky but sending Kars i to space like that seems completely possible.

Unless you're talking about Joseph surviving. Yeah that was a no.

what's with the text missing the bubble in panel 2?


>Mikitakas VA is the same one as Valentines
>RIP SBR anime

It wasn't a great adaption, but I'd take OVA Dio's World over Davidpro Dio's World any day, the animation quality alone puts it miles ahead.

You mind elaborating ?
Preferably without the "it was boring and didn't have wacky colors" argument.

I mean I don't have a problem with IV stuff being stronger here but it just instantly rejuvenates him from a motionless husk. Its not like he was out for a while like SHA'd Jotaro either, he JUST got drained.

If you look closely you can see it a bit to the left, outside the bubble. Weird.

>that's just a probability thing though. Joseph got incredibly lucky

Yeah, it was so lucky it's like someone wrote it as a really cheap way to end a story or something.

If you're gonna look at it like that then everything is a "probability thing". And just like Josuke absorbing glucose and nutrients orally in the span of seconds is impossible I'm pretty sure Kars' arm randomly getting launched exactly where Kars (a small moving target ascending at high speeds) was, facing the right direction so it could pierce him is equally impossible in terms of physics.

It didnt stimulate my cortex and the color palette was too conservative

No road roller = shit adaption.

yeah i said missing the bubble, i see it there
weird mistake not to catch though

Who has the best bara tiddies, OVA Dio or Anime Polnareff?

One thing that was better in the OVA is that Polnareff was more useful in the final battle. In the manga and anime Jotaro would probably have been able to punch Dio in the head anyway; even without Pol's intervention

Why are there hats everywhere?


Its a work of an enemy stand

Now it feels like we're getting somewhere.

Pfft. OVA DIO of course. Polnareff doesn't even come close.

Polnareff's introduction in the OVA was also better (the OVA simultaneously improved Strength's fight as well).
The OVA doesn't adapt most of the fights from Part 3 but, with the exception of Vanilla Ice, all the ones it does, it does so better than the anime did (sometimes it even improves on the manga).

We have a leg to stand on with stuff being blown out of the volcano launching harder becauses Kars just hit the volcano with a hundreads of times Ripple multiplied by whatever the fuck the Aja stone does. And the Aja stone amolifies common sunlight enough to turn it into a hard hitting lazer.

We are potentionally talking millions of times stronger than Jonathan's best punch here, and the Ripple has been extreemly well documented at doing crazy shit from the weakest punch at this point.

The IV is normal IV.

i'm guessing he means it didn't adapt the manga very well so it's literally not a good adaptation

Polnareff's introduction in the OVA was retarded. He has this huge feast laid out (did he make it himself? Did Forever do it?) for no reason, he's not fleshbudded just an asshole, he randomly starts screeching about hot chicks while on a boat in the middle of nowhere, he's a wreck.

>being straight

I have no doubt the arm is capable of being launched that high, the problem I have is with the trajectory. The fact it got launched in the direction it did, facing the direction it did, when it did, is utterly ridiculous.

Also I'm not sure why you're mentioning the Ripple, it had nothing to do with Kars' arm getting launched. I don't recall it saying the eruption was somehow enhanced by the Ripple.

Above average animation in general
Too "meh" colors (Not about "Frashion LSD colors everywhere" but the color palet was just... meh)
It doesn't "adapt" the manga, isn't an adaptation .

Star platinum couldn't be happier when it's released and allowed to punch people but Jotaro stays stoic the entire time.

Not that user, but I think he means the stone of Aja's beam that went into the volcano making erupt more violently.

But I agree with you that the hand thing was all asspull, even if it was enjoyable.

SP was very smug sometimes

>He has this huge feast laid out (did he make it himself? Did Forever do it?) for no reason
Why is this a problem ? It was a goofy set-up to introduce a goofy character and it's not like it's out-of-character for Polnareff to do something overdramatic and ridiculous in a confrontation.
JoJo is full of things like these, it's integral to the series.

>he's not fleshbudded just an asshole
Making Polnareff not be a victim of a flesh bud, but instead having he be someone who was misguided and used by DIO for evil purposes, actually does fit his character better, since he has a much bigger weight on his consciousness to bear (the fact that he can't excuse the stuff he did under DIO with the fleshbud like Kakyoin can) and it makes his behavior during Hanged Man more believable.

>he randomly starts screeching about hot chicks while on a boat in the middle of nowhere
>he's a wreck
Well yeah, he's Polnareff, that's kind of the point.

Okay but you're strictly arguing how unlikely it is. Everyone including Joseph himself agress with you on that. It's insane luck but it wasn't completely an utterly zero percent chance.

I don't like how in the anime they made Tomoko more pissy and less coy. She seems more teasing here than anything.

>It's insane luck but it wasn't completely an utterly zero percent chance.

How would you know?

the linework is basically done now
i can do flat colors, but shading is beyond me

Part 4 ends with Nijimura Brothers arc


I mean come on man are you actually goinh to prove that trajectory and other stuff was completely and utterly inpossible when we don't even have exact data on the eruption?

>Crazy Diamond!
>Okuyasu obliterates Josuke with his hand
>Part 4: The End

this argument you guys are having is unbelievably fucking dumb

Could Keicho have beaten Akira though?

So after looking around, I found out that season 1 is out on dvd on a dub disc. I think sub is available on it as well. So basically, I am tempted to buy it, but I am not sure yet. I have a friend that wants me to bring a anime to him to watch, since he doesn't have the internet, a computer, or a car. Only problem is, he only watches dubbed. i can stand that sometimes, but my question for Cred Forums is, how bad is the dub for season 1? (parts 1 & 2)

i forgot to say any feedback would be greatly appreciate
i'm not an artist, but anything i could maybe make better?


On an even playing field? Probably. Can't imagine Bad Company being beaten by RHCP, even at full power.

>Koiichi is walking from 2001 because he's actually in Part 5. At least a little bit.
Probably unintentional but still neat.

it's kinda funny but i wouldn't recommend it as a first watch
i watched it a few months ago on the stream with anons and had fun, but only because we've read/watched it already

Warnes dub was kinda crappy
wait for Viz dub to see if its any better




Part 9 will be about Idols, cap this.

>Hazamada still in the OP

[Moonlight Destiny] intensifies

>[email protected] is part of jojo multiverse
>Idol group with musical stands

>Miura and Araki team up to do Part 9

It implies a lot of preparation and forethought, things Pol is explicitly said not to do much of. And it makes his character considerably less sympathetic - in the original he's some sweet goof who wants help with a menu and was no more responsible for his actions than Kakyoin was, in the OVA he's a sadistic cunt who somehow got friendship burned into him and was too thick/inept to realize that killing innocent people wasn't helping him avenge his sister.

And while he's pretty silly, he's not socially clueless or insane, in the manga and the anime his womanizing traits are first shown when he's confronted with actual girls, it's considerably less awkward.

>Tonio is in the OP

>imagining buff idols using STANDO POWAH to help sing and play instruments so well, the audience has no choice but to love them
Yea, why not?

>I watched it a few months ago on the stream with anons and had fun.

Oh god. So, we are talking level of quality where you watch it to make fun of it? So you mean, "4kids one piece" dub level shit? Oh god no.
Ah, thanks for the info user. Yeah, I have always seen Warner Bros as a crappy company, which is why I was worried in the first place. Didn't know that Viz was going to redub it. When's that gonna happen, or do we not know?

Only with Bad Company Bite The Dust
Soft & Wet Bite The Dust fucking when?

Dont know when the BD will be on sale but they are using Viz dub for Toonami

What would stop Araki from slowly retconing allt he girls to handsome men?

>Soft & Wet Bite The Dust
It wouldn't fit with the Prince theme.

That's basically Metalocalypse.

>Soft & Wet evolves like Tusk but acquiring more Killer Queen
>Soft & Wet: Sheer Heart Attack
>Soft & Wet: Killer Queen
>Soft & Wet: Bites The Dust

What do they call male idol groups?

i don't think ever, but i'm holding out for gappy to use SHA


So does anyone know why Crazy Diamond looks so similar to The World? The only thing that comes to mind is how Josuke is the polar opposite of Dio but they never interact.

That's...actually a good point

Oh, didn't know it was coming to Toonami, thanks. Maybe I can have my friend just watch it every saturday. Sweet.

Because symbolism, user.
Either that, or Araki just doodled whatever at first, then just said fuck it and kept the design.

Hell, they even reference bands all the time in it too.
This is the promo
looks decent, not really a fan of zeppeli

>VA confirmed
are you ready for The Grateful Dead: Part 7?

Who cares about dubs, go away
spanish dub when

>are you ready for The Greateful Quality?
>White Quality?
>King Quality?
Spain is getting the full series on bd and dvd so they are going to dub it

From JoJoveller
>THE WORLD: This is the stand I designed first, as a boss, to contrast with Star Platinum's color and other traits. By countering Star Platinum's super speed with time stop, we get a battle between two characters with similar abilities.
>CRAZY DIAMOND: A stand that has the ultimate kindness. Star Platinum is kind of blackish, so I gave this one a contrasting color scheme.

Araki designed both Stands with the concept of making them contrast agaisnt Star Platinum (which, from a visual perspective, they both do). It's not implying any sort of relation between Josuke and DIO, it's just a coincidence that they both happen to share a similar look because they were both designed with the same idea in mind.

It sounds like that they still have the same voices as the WB dub. Are you sure they redubbed it?

I mean if they did I hope they kept in Dio's WRYYYYYYYs.

Hello Cred Forums.

I, Anonymous Poster, would appreciate it if you could post pictures of sexy hands. I need them for normal reasons. Please be quick about it. I need to be in bed by 11.

Reminder that this meme man has appeared in every single OP so far

Here's my hand

Forgit pic related

This is not what I wanted at all.

>Soft & Wet Sheer Heart Attack are an army of thiefs fuckers a la Harvest

I wonder who could be behind this post?
Perhaps, Yoshikage Kir

>Oshtia, Dio, luz solar amarillo onda vital
I meant Latino master race


>He still shows shows up in Parts 5 and 6 OPs

These hands are terrible. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Tacos > Gallegos

Teru gets turned into a fucking book. Ig anything, we should be angry Yuuya isn't there, he does more than Yukako

Would you user's say that Kira enjoys watching people suffer? Or would you say that he only kills based on his fetish and his 'need' to kill people? We've seen him go to extreme lengths to get revenge on people who have humiliated him, but was that just for revenge's sake? And not for personal enjoyment?

I've been wondering about it, what do you guys think?

Ok here's a good one

oh shit!

Are these ok, user?

Is this the new sad panda?

He's got a cruel streak in him that enjoys making people suffer (see his treatment of Koichi and that couple on the train) but only if they've actively earned his ire. And he doesn't seem to particularly be into killing itself, overall he just seems to consider it a necessary part of getting hands.

spoiler that shit nigga

I hope if Araki makes a Part 9, it focuses more on the supernatural aspects of the JoJo world.

Don't get me wrong, I like Stands, but once they got introduced, the occult and sci-fi stuff took a backseat to "this week's stand antics"

I want to see a JoJo part where the main character uses his stand to battle werewolves while his cyborg brojo karate chops a ghost in half. I'm tired of seeing two dudes who shouldn't be allowed to dress themselves just throw their stands at each other and end the fight by saying "I predicted all your moves lol"

It's tumblr without the teenage girls trying to police shit

Fujos draw the best hands.

but the colors aren't what's similar, it's the hearts and tubes

I am not a homosexual.
Ah, a classic. I appreciate this post. It would be a bit crass to explain exactly what it makes me feel, though.


>Kira's VA is the same as ASB/EoH Diavolo
>2001 GW
there's still hope

Araki's words, not mine.

Oh shit, forgot to do it

Like ghosts, ayy lmaos, maybe demonic possession, Jesus, rock humans and rock doggos?

>Not being into a bit of manhandling

Kira's VA is Diavolo's one, and I think we all know that Part 5 is gonna happen.

araki's words show that they both contrast star platinum in some sense. but they do not explain the hearts and tubes, he only talks about CD's colors contrasting SP

How come not Kira isn't riding this bitch in heat like no fucking tomorrow

I admit, Yoshihiro and Reimi are pretty prominent ghost characters.
>ayy lmaos
Mikitaka is a joke character at the very best, and there are more than a few people who still believe he's just a delusional human, not a real alien.
>maybe demonic possession
I gotta be honest, I don't really remember this.
The Saint Corpse was an extremely cool idea, but in the end, it's effectively just another stand. I mean shit, Johnny gets a stand from shaking hands with Jesus.
>rock humans
I'm on board. This is a weird, out-of-this-world thing in JoJo that I want to see more of.

So between Tomoka and Suzie Q, Joseph is confirmed ass man? OR at least into birthing hips.

She has manhands

Kira only has eyes for the grabbers. She must have bad hands.

Because he literally can't get off unless he chokes the life out of a girl, explodes her body and jerks off into her disembodied hands.

That literally hasn't been a thing in Part 8 so far. Rock Humans and the Rokakaka and equivalent exchange aren't Stand related but they're supernatural and very important to the plot.

>El guasón en ciudad gótica
Fuck you

>Onda Vital
>Eresh un capull
I don't want to hear "SOBRECARGA DE LUZ SOLAR AMARILLA!" instead of Sunlight Yellow Overdride.
Spanish dub is awful translating shit

He mentioned somewhere that he liked doing the heart motif a LOT during the end of Part 3 and beginning of Part 4 so that's probably part of it. As for why it looks so similar they were probably designed around the same time since The World is the last Stand in Part 3 and Crazy Diamond the first in 4. Crazy Diamond might have been an unused concept for The World that Araki liked a lot and wanted to keep drawing so he repurposed it or something.

>Curent time period
>Unironically caring about sources

JoJolion has introduced plenty of supernatural stuff that isn't necessarily focused on Stands. Wall Eyes, the Higashikata's curse disease, Rokakaka fruits, rock humans, the Milagro Man curse.
I mean, Araki makes the most use of non-Stand stuff in his one-shots that aren't JoJo focused, he creates a lot of interesting shit.

-Baoh: genetic experiments, Baoh virus, psychic abilities, monsters, laser cannons
-Gorgeous Irene: genetic transformations via make-up
-Say Hello To Virginia: sci-fi spaceships, self-propelled robots
-Deadman's Questions: Ghost mansions and objects, Cleansers, expands more on how ghosts function in JoJo
-Rohan spin-offs: actual living Yokai, cellphone bugs that mind control people, cursed painting, Mochizuki family curse, the Moon Rabbit thing

But he's definitely going to introduce more in the future.

daily reminder

28 - I Am An Alien 5-6 / Highway Star 1-3 (5)
29 - Highway Star 4-8 (5)
30 - The Cat Who Loved Kira 1-6 (6)
31 - The Man on the Tower 1-6 (6)
32 - Enigma Boy 1-4 (4)
33 - Enigma Boy 5-6 / My Dad is Not My Dad 1-2 (4)
34 - Cheap Trick 1-6 (6)
35 - Another One Bites the Dust 1-4 (4)
36 - Another One Bites the Dust 5-8 (4)
37 - Another One Bites the Dust 9-10 / Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 1-3 (5)
38 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 4-8 (5)
39 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 9 / I'll Jog Your Memory / The Guardian Angel of Morioh / Goodbye Morioh; Golden Hearts (4)

La puta q me pario

>This is the stand I designed first, as a boss
Probably weren't designed around the same period, but whatever, it doesn't really matter
Don't care, just thought it was funny since I posted it here about 20 minutes before, but that guy got it from there instead

when your friend says you go on vine too much

Diavolo, maybe the mix between shitty translations and being a spic fucked my mind with that

>Everybody thinks they were saving the budget for this course
>Cheap Trick, Super Fly and Stray Cat the shafted as fuck
>Enigma looks average
>HWS is a slide show and BtD and Crazy D is DIOs World 2.0

The Milagro Man is a Stand though, it's just one that activates after death like Notorious B.I.G. It has a physical appearance but we never get to see it outside of the page detailing the curse for some reason. Maybe when Josuke needs money for Holly's medical expenses we'll get another encounter with the Milagro Man where we actually see it use it's physical form for some reason.

>Omg we use the OG English cus it sounds cooler XDDD
>"Eres un capullo" is somehow a translating error
>A G U J A D I N Á M I C A
>Rápido y furioso sounds good
>Tiempos violentos
Sure thing tacofriend
>Robotín y Cantimplora

I don't disagree with your post, but Milagro Man was a stand.

>we're already this close the BTD

What the fuck this has gone so fast

Cheap trick, super fly, and engima will all look pretty crap, but stray cat will probably be average/okay since it's a big chapter and pretty plot important?

I really REALLY hope though that Davidp learned from DIO's world and tries to put all their effort into making it look good.

This is Barneyfag tier autism. Please don't post here ever again.

The final battle sort of implies that Diavolo and King Crimson are actually one entity and that the original personality of Diavolo might be gone entirely after King Crimson took control of it, leaving only Doppio and the Stand propelling it's user like a Stand with a Stand.

>Rápido y furioso sounds good


>we're already this close to BTD*****

I cant type for shit

I hope Josuke fights this thing in his quest for cash to help Holly, or it at least makes some sort of appearance physically rather than just the curse.

>We make a literall translation because spanish is good and we can't even spell english XDDD
Spanish dub isn't THAT bad but there's lots of shit dubbed there that sounds like shit
Bleach dub was above-average tier

>Yasuyuki Kase voiced Funny Valentine, a character who was inspired by Independence Day, a movie where the President of the United States fights aliens
>he then gets cast in the anime as Mikitaka, a character who may or may not be an alien

P-pottery I guess ?

I doubt we'll see it again, seems like it was just meant to be a Rohan-esque side story about some weird shit that the MC's only chanced upon, and will just keep going outside of the story.

It really is heavily implied, considering when SCR happens Diavolo isn't in someone else's body and its just KC floating around, and when he gets the arrow he refers himself as KC rather than Diavolo

I'm curious. The arrows being made from a meteorite coated in a bacteria that brings forth stands literally confirms the existence of extraterrestrial life in JoJo, but still there are people adamant to believe that Mikitaka isn't an alien.

Among all the weird bullshit in this series, why is Mikitaka the one thing people refuse to take at face value?

Yeah, but Diavolo was wierd as fuck, even before birth

It just seemed odd to have an arc focused on making money quickly only to be followed up by another arc about making money without the previous one being at all relevant. It feels like some sort of side story but nothing in JJL has been completely divorced from the main mystery so far. I feel like it'll at least have some sort of role in the coming chapters, whether Josuke succeeds in managing to conquer it or not.

>nothing in JJL has been completely divorced from the main mystery so far
I sure would like to know why we were told about a naked baby that washed up on shore.


It hasn't been resolved yet, doesn't mean it won't be brought up again.

Why can't there be official full color releases? I hate the small little excerpt teases in the JoJoniums.

>The final battle sort of implies that Diavolo and King Crimson are actually one entity
No, it doesn't. Never once is this even remotely suggested or alluded to.
His backstory does leave open a lot of mystery to the character since it's supposed to evoke a horror myth feel to it and make Diavolo seem as he's not human,
But the idea that "King Crimson possessed Diavolo" is a retarded fan theory

the bottom 2/3 of this is probably the funniest part of VA

that IS official
all the color scans are (besides a few JJL ones that are gone now that real ones are out)

What did Araki mean by this ?

>Nothing hasn't been important, except for the stuff that currently isn't and maybe never will be.

It kind of does mate, at least in the pasta translation. In the final battle Diavolo just starts calling himself King Crimson and doesn't need to go into a normal body like everyone else and can piggyback into a body with someone else, which no one else can do. It's not implying he's possessed but that they're literally one guy.

Jojo with spanish names sound a lot weirder than usual
>PUERTA DEL CIELO! (Heaven's Door)
>REINA ASESINA! (Killer Queen)
>REY CARMESI! (King Crimson)
And the weirder
>Panqueques flacidos

It doesn't mean it wasn't ever important, it was made to seem super important when it first happened.

Araki has a great big boner for Madonnas, and Gappy has a human heart buried deep beneath all his autism.

It's the first time that Gappy's felt overwhelming care for someone. Given that it's for a person he technically doesn't know and has never seen before it seems to come out of nowhere, and thus takes him completely by surprise.

Again, I doubt it, it looks like it was just a side story to flesh out Joshuu's personality/stand a little more.

We've already seen what it can do and how to get rid of it, Joshuu wouldn't get involved again, and it would be boring and repetitive watching some other character going through the same motions that he did.


Not very lewd, but here you go.

Don't make me post my one for VA.


I mean the entire manga. Not just the little excerpts

>Responding to Narancia bullshit from hours ago
YOU are the super retard.

i don't know what you mean
because the entire manga, from chapter 1 of PB through a few volumes onto JJL, has official color scans
check the pastebin for raws, JJCA on batoto has translated parts 1-5 and 6-7 fully colored

I hope they don't make something THAT bad with the names
>Verde Verde Pasto de casa (GGGOH)
>Monstruos Espantosos (Scary Monsters)
>Tumba de la bomba (Tomb Of The Bomb)

The oficial spanish translation for ASB was awful af too
>Rojo de mago

What's with the hate for Part 3?
I thought it was great

I doubt it'd focus much on Gappy trying to get rid of it if it did happen anyway. It just seems awfully convenient that Araki decided to awkwardly cram Milagro Man in between the Damo and Kaato stuff like that when it has a similar setup to what we're getting now. I know it's probably not but there's no way Araki doesn't know what that's going to make people think.

Dude the entire manga was released in colour as downloadable novelty scans for the anniversary a few years ago. Literally all of it. Look on batoto.

>In the final battle Diavolo just starts calling himself King Crimson
I read the French scans of Vento Aureo and, if I remember correctly, he was just screaming "King Crimson do this", "King Crimson is this and that" in the same way Kira talks to Killer Queen as if it had actual sentience.
A big part of Diavolo as a character is his obsession with enforcing fate and how he is heavily confident on King Crimson's powers to the point where he treats King Crimson like an all invincible protector (his design is modeled after King Crimson, and not the other way around).
This isn't stating that King Crimson is really any different than other Stands or sentient, it's stating that Diavolo is batshit and he hides behind his Stand's invincibility because he is a coward who hides behinds his delusions of fate.

>doesn't need to go into a normal body like everyone else and can piggyback into a body with someone else
That's because of the Diavolo/Doppio "two souls one body" shenanigans that enabled Diavolo to sort of break free from the limitations of Chariot Requiem since he could leave Doppio behind.

This OP makes me want to hug all of /jojo/, yes even the smelly ones. Also give me your batshit insane theories.

Mostly it's just contrarianism, I think. It's like all the sudden hate for Joseph that was really prominent a couple of weeks ago.

SDC has its issues but it was still a fun ride that inspired an awful lot of fanart and brought new fans in, it was damn good for Araki's first time writing stands. Especially once they get to Egypt.

It's not as good as the stuff that comes after so people on this site will of course call it trash regardless. It was still pretty fun and laid a lot of the groundwork for 4-6.

Of fuck the spanish translation of ASB, it's literally what we are doing here right now
>REPORTE DE CLIMA (weather report)
>CLIMA PESADO (heavy weather)
>LUNA-C (c-moon)
>COLMILLO (tusk)
>DEDOS PEGAJOSOS (sticky fingers)

Not him and I get all that, but once the body switch happens he literally starts calling HIMSELF King Crimson.

Diego's parents did the right thing



woah thanks user
who is the artist?

That seems to me like yet another translation goof, and considering the final battle of Vento Aureo is the most horribly translated part of the whole thing, it seems likely to be nothing but that.

just imagining his tone being like is great

Was it ever said what made Diavolo snap and become a maniac?
Was the moment he got KC?

holy shit
you always see shit with Dio and Giorno interacting but this i the first I've seen or thought of to put The World and Gold Requiem together.

Well this is the best I can do, I think.
What do you guys think?

Real talk:
What do you think about teru?
I personaly think him (and superfly guy) were underutilized and could as well apear more often


>Here little Gold, this is a clock
>Daddy's power makes this clock stop moving
>Pretty cool eh? feel like getting something similar? We can be time controling buddies
>Nah I just wanna turn cars into beatles

He sewed his mother's lips shut and kept her under the floorboards of their house for months (this was when he was a teenager, after he was born he was raised by a priest until his mother got out of prison). When the priest found her still alive under the floorboards purposefully kept alive just to suffer, Diavolo burnt the entire town to the ground and ran. So he was crazy from early on, though once he got King Crimson he decided he couldn't let anyone else get the Arrows without his permission so he massacred the dig site and ran away again. And he still interacted with people until he got into power which is when his whole paranoia about people finding his name or face started.

So he seems to have been batshit from the beginning but it got worse and worse in waves as time went on.


>What if Droppio was fathered by ayy lmaos bacteria and born fated to discover the meteorite and make the arrows, like Anakin Skywalker, and Diavolo is kind of meteorite's will


I wonder if their names were picked to be similar
as in the World (ワールド) vs Gold E (ゴールド E), one letter off


When did Diavolo's mother get the time to fuck a meteorite in prison?

>Meteorite Dildos

Where is my Mountain TIm spin-off with Speed Ball Run versions of Hol Horse and Daniel D'Arby?

I am. Yoto.

fucking midi-chlorians, how do they work???

My only problem with Teru is how little motivation he had to work with Kira's dad, maybe he was just a psycho like Kira and Angelo but to a much lesser degree
I like how Super Fly guy wasnt actually evil he just wanted to leave the tower from he was trapped in

Unlikely, given that Diavolo/Doppio's disorder is actually talked about by Polnareff in surprisingly accurate detail.

Childhood trauma is a necessary part of Dissociative identity disorder, so Diavolo wasn't born evil. And in fact it's explicitly said that he originally was a sweet and somewhat dopey boy, considerably more similar to Doppio than the narcissist paranoid wreck that Diavolo was. And you can see how Doppio reacts to physical touch against his will on several times - when the fortune-teller, the cab-driver and Secco all get handsy with him he starts freaking out, complaining about headaches and wooziness while the Diavolo persona starts to surface. All of this implies that Divavolo is the personality which emerged in order to protect him from bullshit like that, not that the kid was born wicked.

Doppio's other strange traits (Diavolo 'bleeding' into him in the form of the hallucinated phone-calls, and how quick Diavolo is to pop up every time something threatens him) suggest a pretty textbook example of someone who's severely mentally ill and has their alternate person largely taking over them.

he's dead

Prequel obviously, maybe a one-shot

Well it's not like he really just snapped and became a maniac one day, that's not how insanity works.

You can describe Diavolo as a bit of mix of DIO and Kira and you can see this in his backstory: like Kira, he is mentally unstable and insane, as in, he had mental issues right from the start despite a seemingly normal background (he was described as a shy and dim boy under care from a priest). But, like DIO, his actual birth circumstances were shitty, he was pretty much set to be evil from birth, and his backstory is a long line of events that only led to the character growing more and more unstable.

He was born under literally impossible circumstances and his mother was a criminal (certainly something that could be detrimental to someone trying to not stand out and pass on the image of a good person). The unnaturally long pregnancy that gives his birth a supernatural aspect, the fact he somehow buried his own mother alive next to his bedroom (and we know it’s him because he does the same thing to a little boy before he kills Abbacchio) is an indicator that he was evil and desperate right from an early age.

Then, like said, he panicked and burned down his hometown, and then the whole "stumbling upon the arrows" thing just made him grow even more insane, and it's the event that starts his obsession, because he basically thinks fate gave him superpowers for killing his mother and burning down his hometown. Diavolo is a complete wreck. He was off right from the start, but he gradually became more and more of a maniac as time went by.

The midichlorians are pretty much magic space jjizz, so I guess that happen with Diavolos mom and the meteorite

Why the fuck are the Sith giving people Stands then?

wow awesome, thank you so much
not sure if it was specifically for me but still awesome
do you have somewhere you post your art?

and might you do tomoko lewds someday?


Is it possible for the animation to get worse than this? Each week I hope that maybe it will get better, but I struggle to even find single frames that look passable. It's embarassing. I wonder what the Japanese fans think.

One of the best things about SBR is how small the crew is. This lets Araki expand each character, and give them enough fights, that they feel meaningful.
I'm rereading part 5 right now, and for whatever character isn't involved in the current fight, they're just kind of sitting out, not doing anything. Sure there's moments between fights where they do stuff, but for most of the characters it's, in some order:
>chapter of tragic backstory
>one fight
>maybe a 2nd fight
and i just don't care about them
SDC has this problem too to an extent
6 also does, kinda
4 does but it's done differently, where there is a relatively small crew (and no flashback backstories aside from josuke once, they are either irrelevant, obvious, or more natural) and other small characters that get pulled in from time to time
but they're not main crew, so it's ok
like in Alien, it's cool that Tamami shows up again
and Hazamada doesn't, but he's not someone you're supposed to care about, so it's whatever

That's the issue with shows being longer than 2 cours. They'll never look good.

Because ORA ORAs are fueled by Anger
and Anger leads to Hate
and Hate leads to Suffering

Making an army of stand users for a intergalatic war.
Thats why only strong willed beings can become stand users and why they attract each other.
And we know some space meanies are blowing up planets like Mikitaka's one.

I did one along time ago but lost most of my art not too long ago.
I usually post my Cred Forums doodles to Yotomore on tumblr but it's been a while since I posted.

Siffering leads to the dark side.

>Kira has Diavolo's voice actor
>Koichi has Johnny's voice actor
>SHA was Diavolo vs Johnny

>and now Mikikata has valentine's voice actor
How long koichi kills mikikata?


>Koichi uses Act1 and put a lot of sirens in Mikitaka killing him

I want to take the bones out of Polnareffs legless thighs and fuck the hole

F&F was a shitty name to begin with, it only sounds good un English because of the F. Changing it was wise

Polnareff's introduction in OVA was utter shit.
OVA does have some fantastic animation at parts, but it's also awful at many others.

That being said, we don't really know if Mikitaka was just faking being allergic to sirens so he would seem more like an alien.

Doesn't seem too far-fetched that he could use his stand to make his skin look like it's blistering.

Fuck of Cioccolata

Which JoJo's Bizarre Adventure character is this?

>The sounds stick to him no matter how much he transforms

Is there anyone that can defeat Toyohiro and his callus knife?

Looks like a weird Abachio


We have a winner!

Fat Abbacchio is fucking weird.


oh so you're the one that did that aya and yukako picture

This is terrible.

Diavolo with prep time and Epitaph's forecast lasting one hour instead of 10 seconds.


Why are the main characters leaving afterimages in the OP?

Is it a reference to KQ: Bite the Dust?

Isn't it what?

At least Melone looks like a proper rapist now, hyuck hyuck hyuck.

>Above average animation in general
Motherfucker, there is litteraly a 10 minute video analizing the animation behind a scene where DIO punches Jotaro in the stopped time and he goes into a lampost
>Too "meh" colors
they are "meh" as in mehdium, not mehdiocre.
>It doesn't "adapt" the manga, isn't an adaptation .
An adaptation needs to change the source material a little bit to better suit the medium it is going to represent, while also fixing minor issues and passing the original "feeling", and the OVA does that

How doth the Scarlet Tsar's ability operate?

>it's explicitly said that he originally was a sweet and somewhat dopey boy
Not necessarily. What his backstory states, exactly, is

>The child grew fast. The townspeople and even the priest found him to be shy and rather dim.
>Nevertheless, the boy was docile. When he brought up his desire to become a sailor rather than to follow in his tutor’s footsteps, the priest thought this would suit him well.

What is stated here is that the townspeople and the priest found Diavolo to be shy and dim and docile. Kira was the same thing as a child. It's the old horror twist: sweet-natured and seemingly harmless child turns out to be Satan incarnate. In fact, his backstory, by itself, already shows that, from an early age, Diavolo was obsessed with getting rid of things that could bring him trouble (his mother) and that he was, at that age, unstable and evil, and that no one suspected him.

From my extensive reading into Diavolo's backstory, what I could gather is that Araki leaves things open to interpretation here, but neither Diavolo nor Doppio, as we see them in Part 5, are really the original personality. Diavolo's personality is closer to what it used to be, but Doppio was the original body, so to speak. Doppio and Diavolo are two fractured parts of a single being.

The way the Diavolo persona is taking over their body to the point where the Doppio personality perceives himself as Diavolo’s subordinate (kept in a semi-childlike body), fits into Diavolo’s obsessive need to obliterate the remnants of his past. Which is to say, he’s trying to eliminate the evidence that he doesn't really exist, that he is a construct and not a person, both for the sake of his power and, most importantly, for the sake of his security within himself. He doesnt want reminders of his “nonexistence.

No it's just stylish the afterimages are a reference to King Crimson in erased time

>13 weeks
>no more JoJo


>passing the original "feeling"
The OVA is serious and dry as all fuck. It's not about a bunch of weirdos going on a dangerous but fun adventure, it's just a bunch of humorless men on a mission. Nearly every enemy in Stardust Crusaders was defeated with a joke or at least had a big joke about them and the anime stuck to that, there's hardly any humor to be seen in the OVA.

do you think they'll move backwards during BtD?
that just hit me


Not him but I'll give you everything but the bit about the 'feeling'. The DP anime captures the tone so much better than the OVA it's not funny. The OVA makes it feel more generic and serious and less like JoJo. It's not bad by any means though, although a lot of the changes were needless imo.

I never would have thought Diavolo was a man of the sea. I have newfound respect for him. I bet he has nice hands too.

I think you mean 12 weeks.

why did mista hate gays?



He does? Lost a few points.

in the game Kira goes back in time

Maybe it means rapist instead of gay man.

He aint a fan of getting the in-out in-out

here's the moon panel, anyone know?

It's not really stating he hates gay men, it's just saying that Mista would start to beat up and kill every scumbag he came across if he went to prison. And that includes guys who would attempt to fuck his butt.

I think he means that Mista would kill anyone who tried to put their bullet in his well-greased chamber in prison

He probably means prison rapist, since we see Mustard enjoy a thorough fucking from Giorno

yeah i know
i love ASB

ah, got it, thanks

Hi, I am a representative of sudio A.P.P.P., and we had a talk with Araki and WB.
Araki, after seeing how David was butchering his works, gave us another chance at making a Jojo OVA for part 3.
However, we do realise that the comunity isn't a huge fan of our works.So we are turning to it to decide a few things:

First of all, how will you structure the plot of part 3 in such a way it fits 13 episodes?

>Highway Go Go

But that's not how DID works at all. Sure, it might be how Kira's own issues work, but Kira never had an alternate personality at all, he simply hid some aspects of himself. Kira and Doppio/Diavolo are completely different people with completely different motivations, and different ways of dealing with the challenges life throws at them.

The original personality was said to be docile and on the shy and dumb side, like you said, so nothing at all like the hyper-aggressive and arrogant Diavolo. And it's important to note that Doppio/Diavolo don't seem to be able to 'hide' much about themselves, either - when Doppio is threatened he doesn't seem to be able to stop Diavolo emerging and wrecking shit, because it's Diavolo's purpose. The original being probably wasn't a 'combination' of the two of them either, since DID tends to create a more extreme persona (like Diavolo) from scratch, rather than dividing an personality into two sections.

As for Diavolo worrying about his nonexistence, I'm not sure about that. I mean, he was so legit that SCR correctly identified Doppio/Diavolo being entirely separate spirits, as well as having his own distinct physical appearance. The way DID in the JoJo world seems to work is two different people occupying the same space.

>Send Vanilla Ice instead of kekyoin
>End part 3 in 2 chapters
>Jotaro develops the SAME TYPE OF STAND than vanilla ice


I don't get why they don't call it like, 'road star' or something, try to preserve the cool aspect of it somehow instead of fucking 'highway gogo"

Is there a line as to how close the name can be to the original or something?

forgot your / there

I want to fuck Reimi so hard

If Mista hated gays he worked in the wrong job.
>Trap in a skirt
>Thong-wearing fagtron with holes in his suit like a huge slut
>Gothic drag-queen

Didn't even click the link did you

>I want to fuck reimi so hand

What's the knife meant to mean on that cover art? I can't really think of a character it's meant to represent, except maybe like, the 'killer' in killer queen or something, but the skull is already on the other side, so?

I also forgot to mention this OVA is due 2020.

DIO already threw cars, trams and boats, we weren't aware that fans loved the road roller scene so much.We'll obviously include it in our next OVA.

He used to kill with knives (like with Reimi)

Not to mention Mista's outfit.
If Narancia didn't care about Mista being "gay" then I doubt Mista cares unless they are trying to assravage him.

And lets not even mention the other guys in the gang

>intro (jotaro vs avdol)
>jotaro vs kak
>avdol vs polnareff
>hanged man/emperor (avdol doesn't die)
>death 13
>geb (intro iggy)
>oingo boingo
>hol horse/boingo
>pet shop
>vanilla ice

if you need VI/DIO to be more than 2 episodes cut pet shop, but then iggy only fights vanilla ice

Change Kakyoin to Tenmei

could also cut d13. either one really

In Jorge Joestar, Diavolo escapes his death-loop by trapping Doppio in it and switching with him.

Man, imagine poor Doppio's fear, suffering and utter confusion, not to mention his loneliness as he suffers for all eternity for crimes he didn't commit, abandoned by a Bossu who he never actually met.

Everyone should be politically correct

Doppio deserves it senpai

>Narancia was probably planning on telling Giorno and Mista how he accepted their cockgobbling lifestyle and cared about them as friends anyway before he got railed by Diavolo


>no giorno and my trying to explain themselves to narancia

What if we made death 13 happen during their stay at the hotel during the justice arc?

If we did that and cut petshop (or made pet shop take place during hol horse voing combi), we could give DIO the 2 and a half episodes he deserves.

We are aware of the changes in todays society and we are working towards making Kakyoin a female to promote gender equality. ;)

Because some people are emo enough to want to believe and WANT to be alone in the dark inmensity that is the universe

>Not making Polnareff female

that could work
i had a yellow temperance/ebony devil split arc in there before i cut it down more

>one thing
that's not "Josuke was supposed to go back in time but Araki forgot"

>Not making Avdol a transgender

>Kira and Doppio/Diavolo are completely different people
Not entirely, they have several similarities as characters.

>DID tends to create a more extreme persona (like Diavolo) from scratch, rather than dividing an personality into two sections.
DID, as Polnareff mentions it, specifically refers to a fractured psyche, a "split", as in, dividing a personality into two. Dividing a personality into two sections is specifically what it says on the panel you posted.

>The original personality was said to be docile and on the shy and dumb side, like you said, so nothing at all like the hyper-aggressive and arrogant Diavolo
What I said, was that people in the village he grew up with assumed him to be shy and dumb and docile, and that the reveal of Diavolo's crimes are less of an indication of "who could his true personality be" and more of a horror twist.
Diavolo is hyper-agressive and arrogant, but he's not super confident and reckless, he is extremely paranoid with anything that could be a danger to him. Pericolo mentioned that Diavolo had been using fake names since he was young (Solido Nazo is one of them).

Doppio isn't able to hide much about himself, that's true. He tends to lose control to Diavolo, and he actually snaps at Diavolo during the Risotto fight. Again, this is only further evidence that Doppio is not the child that put up the front of a docile shy idiot but was torturing his own mother secretly. What Doppio is, instead, is the memory Diavolo has of that boy (remember how Doppio recognizes his hometown as his hometown despite not being able to recognize himself and Diavolo as the same person), while Diavolo is the one pulling the strings on Doppio and trying to erase all traces of his identity.

>not making dio have a gay black lover

>kira ever managing to kill jotaro

Party hat KQ this time.

so it goes:
>intro (jotaro vs avdol)
>jotaro vs kak
>avdol vs polnareff
>hanged man/emperor (avdol doesn't die)
>justice/death 13
>geb (intro iggy)
>oingo boingo
>hol horse/boingo/pet shop
>vanilla ice
>vanilla ice ending + meeting DIO (mansion shenanigans)
>Bara tiddies DIO

Our reasoning was that we found an awful lot of kakyoin and Jotaro art, so we thought that maybe making kakyoin a female was the change that would impact the plot the least.



clearly the answer is to make it an all female cast
you saw how well it worked for ghostbusters!

Make the cast into highschool girls

cut pet shop and d13
cut kakyoin

Calluses my dude

He did make Jotaro bite the dust once, he got better though

Jesus fuck, Great Days is like the perfect mix of catchiness and fitting for the Part. I love it.

Great Days on piano (or at least I tried, minus the BREAKDOWN start in the OP)

G S f S D SaS G S f S D SaS I
aGGf aGGf d S apOI IpOap OpaSd fdSap I a S