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How I got around enabling nip subs on my animu so I can practice by listening?


get them here
resync them to your special snowflake show copies with this:
hook into your special snowflake media player with this:

thanks, senpai


it was pretty good whats the problem


It doesn't matter which language you use, Cred Forums is not your blog.


more like practice

>more like practice
Now fuck off.


ほんーとうに大切に考えたけどここで居座るよ 弱虫。

The nest of NEETs is here

Practice acting like a tool here: 2chan.net/

Need a vpn for that



Today I watched an anime and added two words to anki

Neat, thank you.

>talking to Japanese girls for that production practice
>they talk and act exactly like anime girls despite being over 20
Looks like another case internet memesters fucking with my expectations

Well to be fair anime girls wouldn't be cute at all if they talked like actual 13 year old girls

im actually thankful for the normies that can organize them into voice actors and pay them something without tiring of their bullshit

>Too scared to try production practice therefore it will never get better
Kill me

No, it's cute as fuck.
If actual 20 somethings talk like New Game characters then actual 13 year olds must talk like NNB girls or some shit. Not like I have the balls to talk to a girl twice younger than me, though.

maybe when talking to your face but the second the skype call ends it will be more like うわー何このおっさんマジキモいんだけど and adding さ after every 3 words

>talking to a Japanese girl for production practice
>She literally cannot stop calling me sugoi every time I say a single word right

Today I did Anki for 58 minutes and read nothing____________________________

What is production practice ?

I mean, industrial processes are probably not the meaning.
Or if it is, i don't see what females japanese have to do with it.

Maybe motivating engineers to develop said processes ?
It's dumb then, it's well-known engineers are homosexuals.

Today I did Anki.

all of it? you injected an entire anki?


Aaah, practice of stuff that you produce, preferably with your mouth and hands.
Gotcha my man.

Anki today did me

Today I spent an hour trying to understand why I couldn't log in to sync my collection.

Tuns out my keyboard has a ℅ which is not a %. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Good job revealing the fact that one of the characters in your password is "%". Your account is being hacked as we speak.


>still using % and not ‰ in your password


my password is ٪%℅﹪%‰

You obviously don't know what production practice is.



My bad I said リーディング instead of スピーキング but you should be able to figure that out from context you're learning Japanese after all

Mine is

So this is how Japanese feel when they see weeaboos?

Is there a guide on how to read LNs in firefox?

>open LN in firefox
>start rikai
Well, that was complicated.

Cracking your password as we speak, you're donezo Richard.


if you can't read that you don't know japanese

Did you force firefox to open a zip or something equally retarded?

No, I use jnovelformatter then throw it in firefox and that happens. You lie, not simple at all!

Use jnovel formatter on what and for what?

LN epub file

Try this:

Alt -> View -> Text encoding -> Japanese (Shift_JIS).

Usotsukis are the worst

Text encoding is grayed out for me, any idea why?

>any idea why?
Because jnovelformatter doesn't detect any text in the epub, it's used for text files.
Rename epub into zip, exctract contents and read, or convert into html with calibre.

You have to buy the Pro Version™.

Usually because the encoding is built into the file and the menu will only make things worse. What exactly did you do to create this file?

>Rename epub into zip, exctract contents and read
Is this for reading outside of firefox? And renaming it doesn't make it a zip
I put epub into jnovelformatter and then I pressed start. Then I put the resulting html file into firefox

I'm sorry, you don't pass the technical literacy requirement to be able to read things on your computer, buy the physical version of the book.


I can't rikai that

Please someone write guide

and then you realized that post was actually written by a fat disgusting 35 year old man baby whos been locked in his bedroom at his parents house for the last 18 years

You're so pathetic I'll spoonfeed you one last time
epub IS a zip, even if the extension tries to make it seem like it isn't.
It's a zip with a bunch of html files and maybe pictures in it, you can unpack it with any archive manager (or just windows explorer if you change the file extension), find the table of contents file inside and open that shit in firefox.

I'll also add that all of it is most likely unnecessary as all epub and azw3 LNs djt had access to were converted in browser friendly html and put in CoR.

If it is already one, then why would you tell me to rename it into a zip...? You're just being confusing! Also when I right click it I don't get the unpack function like with real zip files. Please don't take knowledge you know yourself for granted, if you don't teach me and only be vague I can't learn...

Not in the case of the one I want to read, it's only there as epub, mobi, azw3 and scans.

I've been doing +50 cards a day for a while now.

Should I up to 100? I feel like 50 isn't enough, but I'm scared to screw myself over by doing 100 more a day. I'm in the midst of core10k and I have 500+ words I mined waiting for me upon completing it by the way.

tl;dr : 100 new cards over 50, thoughts?

reduce to 20 and read, retard

I read every day for a minimum of 3 hours, not lying. I love reading.

Then read more instead of wasting time on anki.

Thanks for your hot and useless opinion.

just fuckin do whatever bro its not like its gonna make any difference in the end for you


You should have already started your mining deck and be doing it alongside Core instead of rushing to finish a deck of newspaper words.

Holy shit, only now I get why it's called that

>fish kanji

Is Heisig's remembering the kanji the best way to learn kanji?


There is no "best way". Read the descriptions from the guide resource list and pick whichever method sounds most suitable for you.

It's the best way to learn a bunch of pet names for symbols you don't really understand.




>Should I up to 100
Do it friend, it really isnt that bad once you get use to it.
I go between 80-100 usually

How long does anki take per day for you?

Is there any particular reason why skin + meat = sarcasm?


I usually split it up into pieces, around like

Karen here, 524 cards in 85min for today apparently, only did +50. 75~% retention.

Gonna do that soon when I'll be done with some other things I think yeah.


I don't know how I'm supposed to understand this. This is in response to someone asking her to delete some lewd pictures from her phone. If it had been past form I could've understood it as "I had been waiting for those so nope!" but here it's にしてる.

To that the other girl answers "すんなよ" aka don't do that.

Upon googling it, it seems it's referring to a keitai wallpaper?... detail.chiebukuro.yahoo.co.jp/qa/question_detail/q1046516520

I haven't owned a phone in so many years now. I'm confused.


So you would rather rote learn a bunch of blobs by doing 1000 virtual flash cards per day, than actually learn about radicals, stroke order and how to recognise patterns to be able to predict a new kanji's meaning?
And if you actually buy the second part of RTK it goes through the various pronunciations and readings of the kanji from the first book.
Anki is a helpful tool, but if it's your main resource for learning kanji (I assume it is for some people here) then you will never understand kanji properly.

basically yeah

get a phone grand dad they are important for understanding the wakamonotachis

But I can guess the meaning of new words from kanji and I never learned radicals!

And what makes you think RTK is the only method that teaches you these things?

>I never learned radicals!
If you can't identify radicals then you are making learning kanji so much harder for yourself in the long run.



RTK isn't the only method and not probably not the best way either, but it doesn't deserve to get shit on and it's a lot better than just trying to memorise kanji via anki without knowing how kanji work.

Yeah, thanks. Asked a Japanese person and it's that.

I'm one of the biggest RTK faggots out there and even I would never recommend the 2nd book. You're most likely a beginner trying to self-assert yourself by talking big right now, so better stop and go back to study user.

She may have committed a serious transgression.

What's the deal with putting "confessions" on animals, especially cats.
Like they give a fuck.

>than actually learn about radicals
Takes 1 hour on wikipedia
>recognise patterns to be able to predict a new kanji's meaning
There's none
>then you will never understand kanji properly
How is my understanding of a kanji I learned from words that use it is different from some guy that learned some bullshit pet name and only then learned the words?

But I didn't even say RTK was bad, I just said there's no best way (I'm ). Furthermore, just because someone learns kanji through Anki doesn't mean they simply keep bruteforcing words until they can recognize them. There's nothing stopping you from studying radicals separately or practicing handwriting. You're kidding yourself if you genuinely believe people who didn't study kanji individually can't recognize the common element between e.g. 雨, 雪, 雲, 電, and 雷.

When can I start reading yotsuba without having to look up every other word?


When you read it in English.

To talk shit about your pet on your social media service of choice.



That's the punchline, retard.




Use past participle if you use しかし.

Use the [していた、ていた] form if you express situation or state.


Rikaisama says that 菓子 is more common than お菓子. This can't be true, right?

Are there times when を can be used with intransitive verbs? Can I say for instance






okashi is actually even lower if you use brackets to exclude the kashis popping up


I think the singularity is trying to tell us something.

菓子 frequency includes usage both with and without honorific, so of course it's more common.

I don't think so. Also according to Rikaisama, お願い is more common than 願い.

>I'm getting irritated!
What's the purpose of ぇ here?

とわ reading is used in the title of the sweet new magazine 永久娘.
It's a magazine from the same publishers as Comic LO that 100% specializes on ロリババアs and a pretty compelling read.

You must use お菓子.

>and a pretty compelling read
What with the retarded full censorship in so many publications today, you're basically looking at little girls in burkas being hugged by fat, bald men. Looking back through LO volumes, in particular, it gets less and less censored as you go further back, with around 2009 or when it was being published in all its glory.

Censorship laws are so retarded.

Read it allowed, user.


What do you think this means without context? I mined this and don't remember what it's from. My guess is "As long as we're together we can't change for the better" but might be completely off

I would guess something like that too.

excite 翻訳 may be the best machine translation service, ever.
Image reference: kabosu112.exblog.jp/22654119/

I think it's more "If we keep meeting, we won't change for the better".

No, scenes to use are different.

>walking your cat with a leash
Who the fuck does that? I didn't even know those existed.

I don't fap to genitals themselves so it's not that much of a problem to me.
And when I read artist's tankoubons with the same manga compiled it goes back to a tiny black strip so maybe they're doing it on purpose?

Buy a leash for small dog, put it on cat.

>Who the fuck does that?
People who don't want to lose their animals?
>I didn't even know those existed.
You can buy shoes for cats. You can buy anything, man.

Aight, thanks. I was actually going with "yogorareta", but mistyped. I don't know what tense it is, but sounded appropriate. (I've started reading Tae Kim recently, no bully.)

>And when I read artist's tankoubons with the same manga compiled it goes back to a tiny black strip
All of the tanks released over the past couple of years that I've seen have similar shitty mosaic censorship, or the "white out" treatment.

>no bully
Cred Forums is a bully free zone.



g.e-hentai.org/g/981386/140e59c54d/ just finished this one and it's pretty light on censorship.
Not loli though, maybe that's the problem.

He means that お菓子 is counted twice when it appears in a text - once as お菓子 and once as just 菓子 - while 菓子 is counted just once, as 菓子.
So if お菓子 appears 30 times, and 菓子 appears 20 times, the frequency would actually be counted as 30 for お菓子 and 50 for 菓子.
I don't know if that's actually the case, but that seems to be 's theory.

Hey /djt/

Got any light novel recommendations that are only one volume long?

There's light novels for detective conan movies. Those are all 1 volume and the story is self-contained, but you might need to know about the characters.

I swear I won't bully if you don't bully me about my English.
But, if you...!
I am bullied every time:)




Where can I find all of south park in Japanese dub?



the 女 part should have tipped me off


Is Cartman being dubbed by 未知やすえ?
Think I prefer the Japanese, to be honest. Haven't been interested in South Park for a long time, though.






Oh the novel by G.O. How did you like it?




3DPD is fucking trash anyway.

According to wikipedia it's ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/斉藤貴美子

I prefer my head cannon.




Holy shit why is the setup for this so good? There's a next page button, table of contents and even illustrations. Does something like this exist for Kino no Tabi? The CoR one as far as I can tell is just a txt file with no formatting or illustrations at all.

Pretty good, read it in one sitting.
The end is very rushed, though, guess the guy had trouble fitting it all in a single volume.

What do you think of translating 'JK' as 'HSG' (High School Girl)?

lol, I always thought JK meant Joke.
That explains so many things.

Why the fuck would Japanese authors/readers use jk for its english meaning? Jisatsu now.


That's kindle edition converted with calibre, with some edits to css to make it more readable.
You can make this if you find Kino no Tabi in some ebook format.

It depends on the source and the source for most LNs out there are either plain text files with occasional images, or scans. The ones with table of contents, formatting, etc. almost always come from sources such as bought from Rakuten or Amazon, then the DRM is ripped.
I downloaded a bunch of light novels from the CoR, before they were taken down, which I'm pretty sure are all in the similar format as this . The kindle ones may need a slight tweak using calibre or something, but it's more or less the same thing.

Why would they use romaji for Japanese words in the first place? Makes no sense.

ESG/PSG (Elementary/Primary School Girl)
MSG (Middle School Girl)

Convenience, mostly.

Why would they use arabic numerals, periods, brackets, and percentage signs, in the first place? Makles no sense.

What calibre settings are you supposed to use / convert into? I have a azw3 of a book I'd like to read

Convert to zip, unzip whatever you get, change font size and whatever else you might want in calibreHtmlOutBasicCss.css

You forgot the "for Japanese words" part.

It's not like ktkr where it's just youth slang, I understand that, but JK doesn't really make much sense to me given that 女子高生 is already pretty short. It feels more like a secret code rather than an abbreviation.


女子高生 is 10 keystrokes, JK is 2.

>It feels more like a secret code rather than an abbreviation.
If you don't know what an abbreviation is, it kind of is a secret code to you.

As if keystrokes matter to a manga editor.
They choose JK because of other reasons.

>They choose JK because of other reasons.
Because it's an abbreviation everyone reading knows.

People on the internet use it because it's less keystrokes, manga editor uses it because people on the internet use it.

It's only a matter of time before every speech bubble in manga will be filled with ワロタ, 顔文字 and wwww

You'd have to be completely autistic to think such a thing.

Worked perfectly, thanks. I just copy pasted the css from the Silent World one since they looked good. The only thing that was baffling is the guy was using Arial font instead of merio or something


Do you know that the second "jk" mean?


>The only thing that was baffling is the guy was using Arial font instead of merio or something
For the most part Japanese don't really care as long as it is readable and the fonts show up in Japanese. Those who really care about fonts tend to be either designers, web designers or language learners.
It is a bit compatible to a Japanese person in this situation with an English novel, commenting on how the font being used as, say, Times New Roman instead of Helvetica, or something.

I expected a "Yes, and?" with an image of a manga page where that's already the case.
I have to say I'm a bit let down.

>I expected a "Yes, and?" with an image of a manga page where that's already the case.
There's plenty of ero manga that already uses www's and ktkr's so yeah, but I'm not going to search for examples right now.

Gun のGがいちばんうしろについてるから

>Nips automatically associate 'G' with 'Gun'
Japanese brains are weird.

Maybe the Japanese see those who associate freedom with guns as weird as well.

i certainly enjoy a pinch or two of MSG over my food

>Implying Eleven drones know anything about freedom

No. In Japanese, G = cockroach.
I'm certain about 90% people have this sense.




Japan in 28 days, this enough money DJT?

wheres the new 5 dollar we got bro, dont hold out on me
nice work on putting the nigga on the $2 face down tho

Just pay with credit card and keep a little pocket change.

Also nice work on the dekinai-chan cut out, I'm gonna need one of those too.

>$20 for HK

2 night layover in HK. This is purely spending money.

The 千円札 reminds me of our old currency before the €

イモウトよ 正直盛ってしまったなと,,,





How many trips to the brothel with that give you?

Depends on the quality.

What's that bill on the right, between ten trillion dollars and "total"?

I spent 2 weeks in Tokyo on 10万 just fine, with 5万 just going on video games and manga I took back with me.

One Macedonian Dekinar.



ドラッグ? 受取りでしょ

No! I can!




Anyone have any recommendations for learning from that list?

Is it better rewatch an anime with nip subs or keep up a completely new show?


My new favorite word. Saying it is so fun.

>Anyone have any recommendations for learning from that list?
The ones you enjoy the most because they are the ones you will dedicate more or your time and concentration to, with less stress. Stress and memory can be like oil and water, which is why the whole "compelling content" meme is so valid.

>Is it better rewatch an anime with nip subs or keep up a completely new show?
As long as you are learning new things and enjoying the process, it doesn't really matter.

Is there any difference between 大きい and 大きな, or 小さい and 小さな?

What were you going to say?
It's strange but fun.

I like breasts of reduced scale.

It's like the character creation windows, scale your breasts from cowtits all the way up to DFC.

小さい 形容詞
小さな 連体詞

I'm sorry. Search in google about 形容詞 連体詞

Here is a bit of a visual overview.

oh! I love everything:)

I couldn't find the DFC mean.

>I couldn't find the DFC mean.

That was pretty good, is there an index of these?


Visualizing Japanese Grammar. Can't seem to find it in the Guide or Resource Guide, which is probably an oversight as it is commonly recommended.

Thanks, I've always found presentations easier to follow than textbooks.

I guess the reason it's not in the guide is that, even if it's arguably better, it's much, much longer than any other beginner grammar resource.

何のため? 旅行で印鑑はいらないだろ?


only on leddit

Different learning styles is the one of the reasons why the learning resources are generally rather diverse within the guide/core/etc. Covers a wider audience.

>it's much, much longer than any other beginner grammar resource
Imabi is mentioned among other grammar resources, so it's probably more of a thing which was posted and talked about a bit but either never recommended to be added through the google doc itself or just something anons overlooked.
For a little while these threads were linking anons to their donation page when they were doing a short donation run to overhaul the program. That's the reason why at the top of the VJG page, you can see a link for a version of the videos that work better on mobile devices. Not from this thread, but from when they were asking for people to donate.


What's Akaris pun in the top right pangel supposed to be?
Am I missing something obvious? Or does the joke just not make sense.


Wow that was fucking retarded Akari


I don't think I get what this means. 'If memories of the world being created 5 minutes ago were included in your memory, then no one could deny it logically?"

If the world was created 5 minutes ago including memories, nobody could prove it

If the world itself including your memory waa born 5 minutes earlier, nobody can logically prove otherwise.

Every time a chuunige or similar throws some retarded statement like this at me I close and delete it :-)

But it's only a statement, wouldn't you even give the game a chance to prove dumb theories wrong and show how every character basing their decisions on dumb assumptions was retarded?

This might be more your speed, user.

It's a legitimate philosophical argument. You can't really prove everything didn't pop into existence 5 minutes ago, including your memories.

You're expecting too much from an user who is only here to shitpost on an Indonesian finger painting website.

>tfw the masses of moonrune start to make sense
Turns out just reading really is the trick to reading.

Not him but it's the lowest hanging fruit on the tree of philosophy for authors to use to sound intelligent. I could tell what it was going to be from the first 5 words of the sentence just because of how cliched and overused it is.

What is a good reply to make people stop saying you're skillful in Japanese? It drives me nuts.. I can literally say the most retarded, broken sentence in my first voice message and get this reply...

Should I write something like "it's not good to lie" or something? I'm at best a low N4... and don't consider myself anywhere near proficient.

Is there something I can write in my profile or something that won't come off as too rude or disrespectful? Is there a good reply I can say when coming across these people?

I can't trust these words ever and that sucks. .. it would of been a cool motivational booster, and it has been until I started realizing it


Grow up and stop being such a fucking baby.

Easy, they stop complimenting you once you're actually good at it.

>doesn't want to hear that nihongo ga jouzu desu ne
Get used to it.

Most Jap media tends to try and put a twist on the lowest hanging western pop-psych/pop-philosophy stuff. If you discard it based on that you might miss out on some interesting stuff

Never. I hope you like the sound of 上手.

they will literally never stop unless you somehow become a professor at a jap uni or something like that
at least on the internet you can just not mention that you're a gaijin once you reach a really advanced level, but irl it will never happen

Only autists view philosophy in terms of "tiers".
>cliched and overused
Go back to /lit/, you fucking hipster. Judging a work based on a single theme expressed within the plot is fucking retarded. There are only seven basic plots, meaning everything you come across can be labelled as "cliché and overused" by some manchild who has read many a handful of book his entire life.
The valuable part is the meat inside the skeleton.

>What is a good reply to make people stop saying you're skillful in Japanese?
Start speaking with them in Korean.

didnt read lol

You will always be a gaijin.
Make peace with it you retarded globalist.




>60 year old CEO of Japanese corporation
>Holding emergency meeting with shareholders
>Subcontractor explains that they can't fulfill their end of the contract
>About to lose billions of dollars


This language feels like a joke sometimes. I am unreasonably and irrationally angry at this specific word.

I think it's great. Good authors know how to use words like this to inject humour into their writing.


Japanese generally feels like the greatest joke ever played on the population of Japan sometimes.

Here we have the common exhibit of a teenager in the wild pretending to be smart

It's not intentionally humorous. Onomatopoeia and similar words are used with a straight face by serious people in serious contexts, they don't carry an inherent lightness or childishness like they do in English.



プリプリ is neither onomatopoeia nor used by serious people in serious contexts


Gonna pull this out of my ass here and say this case would probably be で

Why, Japanese people?

>Are there times when を can be used with intransitive verbs?
No. But 喜ぶ can be transitive so your sentence works.

>プリプリ is neither onomatopoeia nor used by serious people in serious contexts
Search for ぷりぷり on page 26.

Depressing, isn't it?

>impossible to confuse with anything
>never ever have to write it by hand
What's exactly the problem?

>This apple is tasty only expensive.
Is the grammar in this sentence correct?

bunpou.neocities.org/基本basic.html#㊦ を (4)
>1. Because the main verbs used in the Key Sentences and the Examples, such as 悲しむ 'sadden', 喜ぶ 'rejoice', 恐れる 'fear', 懐かしむ nostalgically recollect' and 悩む 'worry' are all inwardly-oriented psychological verbs they cannot be considered transitive verbs in Japanese. Therefore, the particle を preceding these verbs cannot be the ordinary direct object marker を which normally marks an outwardly-oriented event.

Looks like a fucking black blotch.
>>never ever have to write it by hand
It's definitely making me regret studying handwriting.

I'll give you that, but it definitely isn't used in serious contexts.

>but it definitely isn't used in serious contexts
Why do you say that?

Show some evidence of such words being used in serious contexts then.

>Onomatopoeia and similar words are used with a straight face by serious people in serious contexts, they don't carry an inherent lightness or childishness like they do in English.

Prove that this isn't complete bull.

What are you trying to say?

I recognized it in less than half a second. Read more, faggot.

>Looks like a fucking black blotch.
If it makes you feel any better, it usually looks a bit like pit related in terms of density.

>Show some evidence of such words being used in serious contexts then.
Why would I? You're making the claim, I'm asking for you to support it.

Obviously I'm talking about handwriting, since no other commonly used kanji looks that dense, but judging by your reply you have no interest in achieving actual literacy, so this has nothing to do with you.

You're the one who made the initial claim that 'Onomatopoeia and similar words are used with a straight face by serious people in serious contexts'. As for mine I've seen such words used in multiple books and media to create a comedic effect.

If you insist on being childish I'll have to stop replying.

However this apple is too expensive.

Google's results count is an extremely rough estimate that is completely unreliable as any sort of metric of word popularity.

>You're the one who made the initial claim
No I'm not. My first post in this matter was this post here Are you going to tell me why you say
>but it definitely isn't used in serious contexts
or are you not?

>If you insist on being childish
All I did was ask a simple question.

I don't know about "if we do the wrong thing someone will die" serious contexts but they are used plenty in normal context with no comedic effect, and if you haven't seen it you need to read more instead of arguing on the internet

not the guy you were talking to btw

>Are you going to tell me why you say
>but it definitely isn't used in serious contexts
or are you not?

> I've seen such words used in multiple books and media to create a comedic effect.

Yeah it might be used by a JK who uses ちゃう and もん but she wouldn't use it in a serious situation

>JK who uses ちゃう and もん
You mean you don't?


>I've seen such words used in multiple books and media to create a comedic effect.
That's your reasoning? You've only ever seen black swans therefore all swans are black? To be honest I was expecting something a little more interesting or sourced for further reading.

>but she wouldn't use it in a serious situation
Why do you say that?


I have just looked through the guide but I was wondering. Is there a list of words in romanji and their english meaning next to it?

>This apple is tasty only expensive.

Learn Kana.

A Japanese-English dictionary?


Lmao you're a fucking idiot.

Learn Kana.

This apple is tasty but expensive.



Can I use "only" instead of "but"?

No Japanese person would use this sort of expression.

soune, nai to omou kedo ganbare user kun

This apple is tasty, only [a bit/somewhat/kind of/etc] expensive.
This would be okay in a conversation, but I'm not sure if it's grammatically correct.

I was thinking more like useful words. Dictionary will have a lot of ones you wouldn't use in daily life.

You'd probably find what you're looking for in a phrasebook.

たしかにね 使うなら
Don't you know the 倒置法?:)

OK, thanks.

Great idea, thank you.

well memed

What kind of sfx is ヂュプッ supposed to be?

>romanic letters
>roman letters
>roman ji


That's not the sound that happens when/after you finger someone.

Yes it is. It's a sloppy wet sound. Same as when you're sucking my dick.

Wow, rude.

Hey! Don't you know the 倒置法?
I'm ready to bully you in a way that I hug you with my muscle.

>read Tae Kim yesterday
>Forget everything I read today

Whelp. how do I hammer this shit in?

By rereading. Its like the first thing you learn in an entry level college English class.

Read more

Reading is an active activity. Don't just "browse" or turn off your brain like when watching TV or surfing the net.

I do actively read. I just forget the next day.

I'll keep doing it, but it seems inefficent.

Should I "skim" through it all and dive into Yotsuba, or try to get it down 100%?

>Should I "skim" through it all and dive into Yotsuba, or try to get it down 100%?
Skimming is not the best way to go about it, ideally you should have at least a cursory understanding of most of the content he covers, but striving to memorize the whole thing is pointless. Just try to read it all in a week at most and start reading Yotsuba immediately after.

Don't worry about getting it down 100% while reading. Its best to try to read and keep referring back to Tae Kim or DOJG when you don't understand something.

But seriously rereading will help a lot. I've been learning for two years and only just now learned that で can be the て-form of です since I decided to reread Tae Kim.

You don't need to be able to remember everything perfectly, but you should be at least at the level where you can say "oh yeah, that's that grammar point that was in Tae Kim" and hopefully have some idea most of the time

Do the DOJG or Tae Kim anki deck if you need to

Like, I have a basic understand of stuff, but I'd have to reference TK for some conjugation stuff. Noun related particles also throw me for a loop most the time. I can usually go "oh this is a noun, this is a verb", and usually guess the tense じゃない、だった、etc.

Download Genki and do them conjugation exercises

Is that in the workbook? I looked over Genki and it seemed super dry, reminding me of how I learned French in school. I suppose I should give it another chance, then.

Yeah, it's got entire tables n shiet.


Alright user, thanks.

Meant to post this.

Really, Japan? Is that the best you could have come up with?

Would you prefer 茶碗?

>What do you put in a 茶碗?
>The answer is, of course, ご飯.

>kana on front


>Everything above the horizontal line is part of the front side

>noticing the presence of kana

The answer is not there so it's the front side of the card.
Are you stupid?


That's not even an Anki card is it.


I don't know if this is asking too much, but can someone traslate this manga for me please mushiscan.tumblr.com/post/151160194330/shinreijutsu-by-yamada-akihiro-original-scans-by
It's only 7 pages, I want to do the typesetting, but I can't read moon. Thanks

I'm gonna be honest dude I don't even think anyone here can read it

Read the same lesson somewhere else, like dojg or the grammar guide. The rephrasing will help

>old orthography
>fancy ass handwriting
Yeah, that's asking way too much.

Maybe if you ask on the Cred Forums Japanese thread some kind nihonjin will help you out.

Well looks like it is harder than I thought.

But thanks for the sugestion

If it was a reading test it would be
>Can you read this word?

It's a new word.

Here you are.


Have you had any experience with renshuu.org?
Would you recommend it?


Just to be clear, Japanese is much easier to learn on the spoken level, while Chinese is much easier to learn on the written level, right?


Chinese is harder to learn at every level because it has nothing going for it.

A bunch of example sentences written by N4 level japanese learners what could go wrong.

Chinese is easier on every level except the fact that the compelling content is garbage



I was quoting no one.
引用 face!

Japanese is easier because if you're a weeb like most of DJT, you will never lose motivation.

fucking why

Why not

because this isn't chinese

>>It is a bit compatible to a Japanese person in this situation with an English novel, commenting on how the font being used as, say, Times New Roman instead of Helvetica, or something.
Most people would notice if a novel were written in one of those. They wouldn't know the name, but they would notice that the style is different from what novels normally use: Old-style serif fontes, were TNR is a Transitional serif font and Helvetica isn't a serif font at all.

Chinese is easier, but it's such a shitty choice.

>Learn Chinese
>Go to the film store to watch Mandarin material
>There's fucking none
>Look for imported video games
>There's fucking none
>Look for good porn
>There's fucking none
>Look for good comics
>There's fucking none

So the culture is a little lacking, maybe the country is okay?

>Go to China
>Wear Gas-mask so you don't die from taking a single breath
>Get robbed by crooks
>Get robbed by police
>Everybody treats you like shit
>Everyone treats each other like shit
>Everything is shit

Just don't be retarded enough to work in Japan full-time and the rewards are so much greater than learning the "muh 2020 superpower" meme language

How would you say "play various music" from the perspective of a band?
Like "this band plays lots of different kinds of music"

You don't need to go to China there's enough of them that they will come to you


can someone help me translate what the fuck guts says at the beginning

Does the core deck just run out of images after 2000 cards? I'm not getting anymore with images, not that I'm complaining just curious.




Taiwan is fairly nice, though.

It's telling you this is the point where you stop using it and start mining.

やるじゃん 見直したよアノン君


- いろんな[音楽の]ジャンル
- さまざまな音楽の種類

>Keep pronouncing ぇas a long E

O ka-e-ru
/ ka-ye-ru
X ka-i-ru

What meaning 1児の母
Context: description manga artist (エッジの効いた作風で活躍する漫画家)

A mother who has one child.

it sounds silly

Sorry my poor English.
But I don't have another words.


"一児の母" is used when you want to express that someone is the mother of one child.
You can say it to emphasize that someone became or is a parent.


If that something like nickname ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ちょぼらうにょぽみ#cite_note-pixiv-1



What? Where did you even get that idea, it literally means mother of one.

It's a masterpiece.


damn -- did they sell super soaker 50's in japan? that shit is my childhood right there, bruh.

What's in this fucking font

Any tips for retention of core words in anki? I'm at about 200 cards and the kanji are starting to blend together.

Just keep going. Maybe pick 5 kanji in particular that give you trouble each day and write them down.


Just like, pay attention to why you are mixing things up

Don't just go "oh I got it wrong while I'll try it next time"

Go "I though this was the one pronounced X. What happens if I look up X? Oh shit, it has a different left side." and then try to keep in mind how you are distinguishing them. Also consider writing both of them down whenever you do this.

Is there a way to spoiler or to hide all English translations on Tae kim?
It's kinda pointless if the
english is visible just below the japanese.

They're examples, not exercises you idiot. He has exercises as well.

Has anyone here used the Android app "Obenkyo"? Any thoughts?

And? Even if they're exercises it doesn't help if the answer is visible just below it.

Learn English before trying to learn Japanese.

There was the super soaker at a toy shop which is near my house.
I have memory that I played with it.
Probably it was sold anywhere in Japan.

Fresh off the boat, from reddit, kid? heh I remember when I was just like you. Braindead. Lemme give you a tip so you can make it in this cyber sanctuary: never make jokes like that. You got no reputation here, you got no name, you got jackshit here. It's survival of the fittest and you ain't gonna survive long on Cred Forums by saying stupid jokes that your little hugbox cuntsucking reddit friends would upboat. None of that here. You don't upboat. You don't downboat. This ain't reddit, kid. This is Cred Forums. We have REAL intellectual discussion, something I don't think you're all that familiar with. You don't like it, you can hit the bricks on over to imgur, you daily show watching son of a bitch. I hope you don't tho. I hope you stay here and learn our ways. Things are different here, unlike any other place that the light of internet pop culture reaches. You can be anything here. Me ? heh, I'm a judge.. this place.... this place has a lot to offer... heh you'll see, kid . . . that is if you can handle it.

Keep a text document open and see words you're mistook for each other side by side.

How are you finding the VN so far anyway? It's great, isn't it?

Is the 盃 in this sentence pronounced さかずき or はい?

Which sentence-ending particles do you use, DJT?



All of them.

just plain old よ and ね

I'm convinced this thread is the worst thing for your Japanese.

It's a cesspool of rank beginners and people who aren't actually studying, peppered with the occasional person asking for the translation.

Anyone reading this, if you want to learn Japanese, use the guide, and never come here again.


if not for this thread I would forget to study

I only come here when I'm done studying for the day to shitpost.


Did you just start 2 days ago or something? How do you remember to come here, but not to study?

Shitposting time is time you could use to study.

Why? There's no disadvantage to being here. I also got help on things I wasn't sure about sometimes


but studying already interferes with shitposting time

It's the blind leading the blind. Would you go to an ESL forum for advice on English grammar/nuance?

I'm just a beginner but I want to have a unique speech using 我輩 and all


>I also got help on things I wasn't sure about sometimes
Heh, that's what you think.

No, I know.

>Tonari no Seki-Kun is complete

No but 吾輩 wish 吾輩 were a bird

Adjust your window/scrollbar so that the Japanese part of the example is just visible and the English part is just off-screen. Scroll just a little bit to reveal the English. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Yeah, that's what i'm doing now.

>Doing anki
>Know what the word means
>Have no idea of the reading/pronounciation

Fuck. Every goddamn time.

In core2k, 動く seems to be pronounced "うもく” Is that the correct pronunciation, or is it just the lady on the recording? The kana that comes up is "うごく”

I used to be like this, but I'm finding more now that I'm starting to have the opposite problem on a lot of cards.

That's correct, the g sound is commonly pronounced with a more nasal-y tone that sounds more similar to n or m.

Did you do anything different, or did it just shift over time?

These lessons are kind of cringey youtu.be/QeVeJcalvSo

>Did you just start 2 days ago or something? How do you remember to come here, but not to study?
i've been studying for maybe a year and a half

The question stands. How can you remember to come here, but not to study? How can you study (hopefully, I assume) every day, but not have it as a habit yet?



>Rikaichan 朝ご飯
>realize it's literally "morning meal"

I feel both brilliant and stupid. Brilliant for realizing, and stupid for having to mouse over it at all.

>How can you remember to come here, but not to study?
I've acquired the habit of routinely checking any forum I'm active on since I was something like seven years old. I end up on DJT as a matter of subconscious lazy habit. Then I remember to study.
>How can you study (hopefully, I assume) every day, but not have it as a habit yet?
I have many hobbies. Studying japanese is only one of them. Many of them are erratic hobbies and destroy any notion of a schedule. I'm a NEET, so there is no natural schedule to my daily life aside from sleep.

I have no need for it now but I'll put it in on my archive drive.

Not that user, but you realize studying for 1 hour a day>>>>>>>>>> studying for 7 hours 1 day a week right? Keeping a steady schedule is immensely beneficial.

I do study every day.

Looks interesting, thanks.

I'm with that other user then. No matter the time, if I did something every day for a year and a half, I wouldn't need reminding anymore.

Then I have some weird mental disorder or something.

Morning rice

As I understand it, it mean either cooked rice or meal depending on context. In this context it obviously meant meal.

>literally "fire mountain"
>literally "mouth truth"
I fucking love kanji.

re: gohan:



>literally "house inside"

>literally peoples' speech
>literally dwelling people
>literally duty money

Is this translation wrong?
dragonfly is とんぼ and not たんぼ

wtf i love kanji now

really makes you think, huh.

Should have called it a dragonfree

Most likely Yotsuba made a mistake, there aren't any bugs read as たんぼ.


That's what I thought, but she's next to a rice paddy and たんぼ means rice paddy.

Today I did Anki for 38 minutes and then I read a visual novel for 2 hours and 11 minutes.

Oh. In that case, I'm not sure. I don't think I've read that volume.

that's just a lawn


That's true about Cred Forums in general.
Never come here to browse, always only open this site with an objective in mind and close it after completion.

If you want to be productive that is.


Yeah she means field, retard translator just made a mistake

Is she gonna catch a field?


It's もとる, learn to read.

>I'm gonna catch stuff in that field over there too!

Nah. It's definitely not a lawn.
Japanese don't really have lawns like that anyway.

shouldn't that be like にも instead


can you read fag?
they're bug-catching in that chapter iirc, they're looking for bugs to とる

>Shitposting time is time you could use to study.
Kind of, but there's definitely diminishing returns. There's a lot of time in the day, and if you have a full free day there's plenty for both study and shitposting.

Anyway, let us post hanzi grids

What do you think those buildings are?

She's a child living in the countryside. Don't try to force 100% correct grammar on anything she says.

Also, it could be inferred from the context. I never read that manga so I don't know what happened before but it sounds fine to me.

Which of the core decks in the cornucopia do I do?

You wouldn't use に in this situation.
What would that even mean?

Okay. I understand what you're saying.
>I wrote descriptions for each anki deck in the CoR. I'm going to work on other categories now.

What makes you think those are lawns?
I've seen small rice paddies next to houses. It happens in towns.
They even have scarecrows in them.

>the more you learn the more you realize how awful most scanlations are

that's because most translators are terrible ESLs

Today I shitposted on DJT for 3 hours and 20 minutes.

The new anime season started and no one here talks about it.

Don't we have to go and find a replacement for New Game now?

We can't ぞい-post forever.


I don't want Aobaposting to just go away like that.

Is anyone reading the New Game manga? In Japanese I mean

>tfw orange

>download soft subbed movie
>cant turn off subs
Why do people put subtitles directly on the video? Makes me more mad than anything

Those are hard subs

Manga is still going

>>the more you read to more you realize you have wasted your time with anime shit and it's garbage compared to heian period writing

I was lied to I guess

I don't think that's possible.

I don't mean the result is broken English, I mean the amount of just straight up mistranslated shit because they did not understand some nuance of the word use or just didn't understand the sentence properly.


Wouldnt bother me if my internet wasnt garbage




Name one anime, visual novel or light novel better written than The Pillow Book?



Gurren Lagann




Well, individual squares of paddy are called another thing. But she's a kid, so it might make sense.




Why do I keep seeing が and けど at the end of sentences even when there's no contrast/opposition


It's not a problem though

You realize you're using a Chinese font right?

That's just your browser

Seriously? I don't. How do I change it?

Its just a way the speaker can make the statement less forceful.

一秒だけ半信半疑だった。GOOD Job

Also, how do I tell?

Now that I look at it more closely, maybe I'm wrong. The characters all seem Japanese. But compare

L-shaped radical on bottom left? Good. No? Bad.

Well, the characters seem Japanese because they all exist in the Japanese language, since that's what I'm studying. But taking a closer look and using this as reference: blog.skritter.com/2015/06/font-differences-between-japanese-and-chinese/ it seems that you're right, my grid is showing a Chinese font. Strange, though. On the actual cards, the kanji appear in the Japanese version, for example the second and third strokes in 刃 intersect, while in the Chinese version they don't.

Yes, L-shape is basically required.




>燕: swallow (the bird)
>嚥: swallow (the action)