What's wrong with prisma illya fanservice?

What's wrong with prisma illya fanservice?

People who enjoy it are pedophiles user, that's what's wrong.

Why do people say that loli is dead when shit like this gets a pass?

and the majority of people on this board are homosexuals, they're what's wrong

No enough of it.


Loli fanatics can be rather demanding in their requirements for fanservice.

Whats wrong with being a pedophile?

The biggest problem is that there's hardly any at all, basically no lewd, and that's why the adaptation is shit.

sounds like you have a case of the gay

Am I going to hell if I fap to this picture of these little girls?

Why the FUCK do you figure?
The Bible has nothing against pedophilia.

I thought the bible actually encouraged it

It does have at least one section against masturbation though.

If we take into consideration that many strong, respectable man over the age of 30 had wives below 13, then yes, it did encourage it to a degree.

So fapping to drawn children might get you into trouble with people, but not God.

Literally nothing. They're just drawings.

Whoa, is Kuro a ghost?

>Most of the official lewd Fate designs are AFTER it became family friendly

False advertisment.

There's not enough of it.

It reminds of the walmart comment about the Prisma Ilya BD.

Maybe I'm the only one, but 3rei has become so bad ever since the edgyshit kicked in.

2wei was great, I wish there were more pointless yuri/fanservice/SOL episodes and less actual plot.

My problem with it are the original characters. Miyu was there since the beginning and Kuro was mostly a gender bender archer so I'm okay with them, but having a whole original magus family is not something I really like.

There's not enough, it's really not as lewd or frequent as people like to imply.

I can't get enough of Kuro. She's great.

No nipples.

Feel free to do a Kuro imagedump.


>current year
>not being a pedo

consider suicide.



>Am I going to hell
No, user.
You're already here.











How can one loli be so lewd



I wish Luvia got more luv and not these little sluts.

Delicious meat buns

Hey, hey, the term is lesbian. lesbian.

Luvia in spandex is pretty nice.


Not sure if too lewd for Cred Forums

>six years old

So comfy


Luvia will get Rin Love eventually.


She needs more luv. A poor slut can't satisfy her.

There is not enough



These anons here have the right thoughts about this matter.

And that's about it. Hope someone got something out of this!


Nothing, but it's the only thing that matters in this show. There is nothing good besides lewd lolis.

Damn... That's really beautiful. I'd love to wake up next to her every morning.

Some of the fights were cool. Going from Caster straight to Saber was fucking sick.


Kill yourself.

> Hope someone got something out of this!
Yeah, my dick.

I enjoyed the platonic friendship between Miyu and Illya in season 1. The fight in the last episode nearly had me in tears.

Not that I didn't enjoy the lewd fanservice, but I like pure lolis once in a while.

so will they like continue this series or will i have to read the manga?

Manga isn't much ahead of the anime so there isn't really enough material for a whole new season.
Some rumors about a movie about shiros backstory were floating around, but I don't know if it is confirmed.


That's because "pedophilia" is a shitty new concept like equality and rights.

I heard Sapphire's voice actor died. Her name was Miyu isnt that wierd.

Mmmh its true


It's alright to bash pedos because it's socially acceptable and makes you acceptable as well in any group.

What is it about this brown semen demon that makes me break my oath not to fap to lolis?

What is it about you that made you take an oath not to fap to things you want to fap to?

there wasn't enough in 3rei, that is what's wrong

but at least we got something that was almost like a storyline instead of just filler where cute grills go to themeparks or the beach or stuff like that.

Because while I admit to feeling sexual arousal from her tight body I feel bad imagining that I'm taking away a loli's innocence.

>inb4 she's already done lewd things

Not with a cock. It doesn't matter how much sex girls have with each other, their innocence is never truly destroyed until they've had a cock.

But she's getting that cock whether you read the doujinshi or not. The cock has already been given.

>The cock has already been given.
True for everyone. Even if there's no cock it will be created.

What doujin? And its not canon?

I know this is from an image set but I can't find it in the panda and google just gave me shaddy chinese web pages. Has someone a link of it?

Never mind, I found them.

Anyone have the picture of Illya sitting down with a really pleased look on her face?

This one?

No, not that one, it's also kinda smug.

No visible on-screen penetration. These puffy vulvae need to be pulverized.

She makes the same face when she takes it in the butt.

I think their breasts look too big, it would be a lot better if they were flatter.

If it's not this, then I don't know.

Not enough of it.

It's not, but thank you anyway.

Only illegal in 3rd world countries, America for instance.

There isn't enough

Also, need more cute belly shots and the girls going after their onii-chan more

It isn't even in the actual anime. If anything it's the most tame it's ever been and that's a problem.

Miyu's butt is BIG!

Covered by freedom of expression in the US
Illegal in Canada and most of Europe.

Jelly old hags have won

The ghosting implies she is thirsty for mana.
Ergo, impending rape.

S3 sucked shit, I dropped it.

None of the good fanservice is in the anime outside of the OVAs

dude they went to a paralel dimension where shirou is the fate stay night shirou and there is gilgamesh as a kid how could you drop it there?


because gil and shirou are my top 2 most hated characters from fate/shit?

Yeah, who wants rights and shit?

It's a complete insult to the Fate franchise

Miyu looks so lustful in that picture. I want to spoil her everyday until she rewards me with a little massage (in my pants).

I'm horny now. Ilya, Kuro and Miyu should take responsibility.

They've heard your call.

Her new va is Yumi Kakazu, its from wikipedia so can't confirm


>ctrl + F "pedo"
>1 of 9
Not too bad.



I'm fucked up