Houkago no Pleiades

All the years I've been here, never I watched show so underrated, neck-deep in car-ad meme, that Cred Forums refuse to watch it.

OVA never

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I dunno a lot of us did end up watching it.

Every time I see this mentioned here people are praising it. I finally got around to watching it last week with a couple friends and all of us thought it was nothing special at all.
Why do you lie to me Cred Forums?

You and your friends are homosexuals with shit taste.

Vocal hipster overrating it doesnt make it good.

Greatest love story every told.

That is how it is with everything.

Loud hipster dissing it doesnt make it bad.

I didn't think much of it myself until I started visiting the threads, then I had a blast. Looking back it's probably the show I had the most fun watching that season, although Rinne and Re-Kan were nice and comfy. Still somewhat sad that there weren't more anons who grabbed strawberry milk for the finale.

>Cred Forums refuse to watch it
We did watch it but unfortunately we stopped talking about it a week after it finished like most series.

It had the right dose of cuteness, romance, action, drama and SCIENCE.
Also swimsuits in space.

Banana milk > Strawberry milk


Banana milk certainly has the best mascot.



Bit i loved it and we had lovely threads as well.


This show will live on forever in smugmug edits.

Pretty much this.
I liked how they did the characters as well.
Also Minato is the best princess and good on subaru for the whole "no you dont get to angst like this"

Times were fun

It was good, not amazing. It had some nice moments.

Probably a big reason for the praise is that it's the swan song of Gainax. They didn't do anything good in years, and then they finally manage to bounce back and it's over. It does feel a bit unfair that people didn't care anymore when it really mattered.


One day I will be smart enough to understand.

Here something no one asked for, archive of most the Pleiades threads: mega.nz/#F!s0AQ2BSY!rIByy6QS1tRLNHt1sOq85w

Sadly there is a gap between June 10 and July because of archive dead, so the threads for the last episodes are missing.

How many car related jokes/gags are in the show? Or is it just Subaru themed magical girls?

There was some small talk, something MC's father said, but otherwise none. It also depends if you considered the engine sounds of their staffs as a joke.

Gaijin4koma edits are still the best.

They have vroomsticks. That's it.

That fucking cats.

They ride car engine broomsticks that VROOM like robutt from Ange Vierge. Other than that, there's little to no car stuff. The only other thing I can think of is an uncannily detailed minivan drawn into the MC's driveway in a few establishing shots of her house.


>DFC wasn't best girl
What an unusual show.

>with a couple friends
>all of us
this was your mistake. Your opinion got blinded by your friends shit taste.

Subaru is flat enough.

Watching Cosmos makes me think of this show.
Po-warm is one of my personal favorite episodes in all of anime.
I also love this screenshot and I love to post it
>the emblem on Voyager 3 is the voyager golden record
I should rewatch this show

No one asked, but at least someone appreciates it. Thanks user.

The magical circles that keep popping up have a crankshaft and piston like aesthetic sometimes