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So close with the hat

what's with all the hats

I hope you get run over.

post anime related hats you would buy

>believing rich man would pose a doll in his car instead of having a real woman

I forgot about this shit

I would wear this if not for the patches on the sides.

If I was a richfag with enough money to blow it on stupidly expensive things I would fill an entire room with these like a ball pit

Or just make an indoor ball pit with jumbo raibus.




To celebrate Cred Forums's 13th Birthday, why don't we post the very first figure we all got and post the first year we started buyfagging?

Here's mine. I started in 2007/08, can't remember well.




It seems like Cred Forums/mfc prefer the clean aesthetic but there is something comfy about these cluttered rooms

all his victims

Is that a shed?


That shit is so creepy.

I'm not sure. It could be.

Seeing these makes me want to stop being a buyfag, I don't want to go down this slope

burn in a fucking fire. who would ironic shitpost on this happy day, newfags don't belong.

i literally dont know what its for??
Is it Cred Forums birthday or something??

I like clutter on the walls/ceiling but the shelves need to be organized


Clutter can be comfy but I fucking despise wallscrolls.

I wonder where on the slope school swimsuits belong. It seems rather degenerate. Here are some other pictures from his home. His waifu is cute.

get that dust off your miku

She's been in the box too long and reeks of plasticizer I need to clean her and Stocking

Does have some kind of issue with emails? I ordered a figure via paypal but still haven't received an email.

I got these three back in august 2014. Here is a photo from before I figures out how to wield my mom's dlsr. You guys were very helpful.

Of course, Koa is a cute Librarian!

Mine was Henrietta. I started collecting in around 2006.

Shameless newfags like you should be banned.

Never-mind i'm a colossal fucking retard and gmail decided to put their emails in the spam folder.

Are you me? They'd still be the only Nendos I own had I not gotten another as a gift, too.

Who the heck are you? Which nendoroid did you get as a gift? Please post pictures.

Full photo review for the prototype.

Festivals are fun!

I'm excited. She'll be my first Native figure.

Me? I am (you). It's a pleasure.

This potato picture is the best you're getting without me pulling out the tripod so I don't need flash. Useless meat was the gift.

I want to like this so bad, but it's just a little too shitty.

I think you should invest in dusting equipment, Your nendoroids don't deserve this kind of treatment.

Oh? You! I understand now. I'll be getting my own useless meat sometime next month. Great collection that you have.

What makes you say that?
You may think she's a little plain I think that she's the cutest of her line and that there's only so much you can do basing it of the illustration she's based on.

Oh. My. God. Just look at how fucking soft she is. Look at it!

Please keep in mind that this is the prototype and that the details on the final product that you receive may be different.

>What makes you say that?
The quality. She's not quite detailed enough for me to go for it, kind of blobby, you know? I think if even just her hair was a little bit better my opinion would change.

I have dusting equipment, I just couldn't find it quickly. I must shed like a dog because no matter how much I dust pretty much everything in my room is constantly covered with a film of the stuff; this is pretty much their fate

>that sex doll

Season 2?

Those are used aren't they...

I think the line is dakis. As long as you don't cross it there is still redemption.

It shames me to say that I started with figma Lucina (the first release)

Unless we count Gunpla, in which case I started like 15 years ago

Do you have a unfinished rooms/basement in your home?

Also might want to clean your HVAC filter more regularly. now ships their DHR series pillows internationally. I got mine in today and it is far superior to the Chinese one I got from slolita's Taobao store. The pillow case is completely filled leaving no room for wrinkles.

I still have two more cases in a box. Are there any other body pillows I should try out. I should also get one for Umaru. Right now she has two smaller pillows to loosely fill her.

How much does shipping cost?

why is kate so cute

¥7,004 to Canada
It came in the bottom box.

you could buy a fucking memory foam pillow for that much


It's generally considered good practice to lurkmoar before posting. That and "I'm pretending to be retarded" trolling just makes you and you alone look stupid.

Link me one that is 160x50cm and I will. I still need to fill my Prisma Illya and Rem/Ram dakimakura.

Why not just buy your own fucking stuffing

It's totally worth it. Give you're waifu the pillow she deserves.

I know someone who bought one and he said that they're thick and could comfortably fill a 160cm pillow but I imagine the material isn't for everyone

That is a good idea. I think I'll try that and see how it compares.

Quiet, You. Native's usually pretty good about delivering on their prototypes anyway, right?

I have one set of those, I made a tower out of them.

The manufacturer is Rocket Boy, not Native

You made a tower of all nine jumbo love live plushies? That is an impressive feat.

Fuck, that sounds amazing.

I don't even have a full set mostly because I don't like all of them but now I want a nesoberi ballpit.

Native still has their name on it, I'm going to insist on imagining that counts for something. What little track record rocket Boy has has been solid anyway.

Photo review for the new GSC Saber.



Marie was ok. But honestly didn't really live up to the proto.


Goddamn, that is a fine ass

Well it's actually a pyramid, it's not vertical.

ye they downgraded it a heap from the initial prototype but the shittier proto closer to release was accurate to the production release

Photo review for Alter's Tada Riina



This style of mouth sculpt needs to stop.

Looks great. Should be receiving her soon.

Pyramids are great. If you get the chance, I'd love to see a photo of this pyramid.

I'll never stop appreciating how well Alter sculpt guitars

Will BiJ selling it too?

How does it compare to Alter Azusa?

Why are those fumos at the bottom thugs of African decent? Is this social commentary?

Doesn't really do anything for me. Although the sculpt of her lips is very nice indeed.

1000 hours resizing in paint.

Maybe it's Otoyomegatari cosplay

What storage tubs do you guys use to store boxes? I was at kmart the other day and their plastic units weren't as big as the cardboard boxes I get from Amiami.

They didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose them.

Thank you. You have great lighting. Are they normally stored on the dresser like that? That is a lot of mass to find room for.

I know she's been posted a lot but I just got my Maki today.

I feel like this has awakened something in me. I need more lewd midriffs. I can't believe I didn't like her at first.

I like the framing, tint, and temperature of this photo. It makes Maki look spooky and mysterious while highlighting her sex appeal. Please continue to appreciate and demonstrate midriff.

>0.5mm depth of field


That's where they always sit. I want to get the sunshines though and I'm not sure where I'll put them.

Big Girls.

What's holding up those shikishi?


Ah man seeing fumos and idols reminded me of how much I wanted this. won't cost more than 4k right?

i knew that i was just memeing xD!

They appear to be standing on a ridge. It isn't one smooth wall.

You know this shit is bad for your health right? I'm not fucking around you should see the studies


you mean how meming affects your ability to talk to people and hold normal conversations? I'm already way below that level buddy, a little meme here and there isn't going to affect me

Anyone know who are those qt ginpatsu in uniform?

need it!

Theyre from a calender by Kantoku

Curious, is there a daki that would fit this shape? A snek, maybe?

So far it is event exclusive. It might be 4k there, but after market will probably be 6k+. She might go up on the Gift Shop, maybe...


they certainly look good in 2d. in the real world it might fighting dust all the more difficult. and i guess you need warm color temperatures to make it look pleasant.

What happened to the guy who was uploading the kantoku calendar? I don't have august or september saved. Same story for the Syroh one.

You have some competition. She is going to get crazy expensive.

Military uniform.


If i buy a loli sized sex doll from china into AUSTRALIA what are the chances i'd go to jail?

What could possibly go wrong.

the best possible

1000%. Literally guaranteed.

Customs WILL open it, and when they do, they WILL call the party van.

Your only hope is a local seller, if one exists.


But what if they don't open it? Could I be living the dream of owning a loli sex doll?

They will open it. We're talking about Australian customs here.

Are there any good DIY guides for dakimakura?
I'm on a tight budget and can only afford cover.

what dream would that be

Customs is the worst thing ever created.

1. Get a fucking job

well fuck, at least they address to me instead of "the resident of" so my mum wont get a surprise

desu sex dolls are a small price to pay for not being killed by anthrax

import taxes can fuck off though

I'll have to dock her.

>face slapping
every time

Damn, son. Do they only allow softcore shit in Kangaroo land?

If you want it so much ask a lawyer not random weebs on the internet.

They banned porn featuring small-breasted women for promoting pedophilia.

What do you think?

They just hate DFC

>implying customs will catch smuggled anthrax

ship HDDs sealed in antistatic bags. put anthrax along with them into those small desiccation bags instead of silica.

>offensive to moral standards of reasonable adults

What a pile of fucking hogwash.

Can I import a cute loli like that one to america?

>this meme

That law never actually passed.

You can try.

they tried

i wonder how soft they are

do u know what brand that it?
Is it a 4woods doll?
I really want one

So scat would be fine?

A shithole should be fine with scat


Is the shitty packaging from N-Y still a thing?

ye they still just chuck in some newspapers lmao

Thats a bonus, Fresh japanese newspapers to admire


they sure do know their customer base

Pork nendo soon

That's what you get for electing redpilled right wing government that will save the white race :^)

So, AmiAmi specializes in figures, and there are a few good sites for dakis. What websites out there specialize in posters?

Amazon doesn't quite have what I want, and searching returned mostly garbage results.

Ignore that, I should've read the guide.

she looks pretty good
but since i only played the first VN so far, I'm not sure if i should consider buying
kinda interested what colour her panties are

She looks bad now, but when I got her it opened my eyes to how great figures are.

What bod is this?

Are they reprinting Takamichi Love Works, or is Honto just fucking with me? I want to order Loop Works, but I'd rather get the set if it's actually real.

How hard will this tilt?

It won't anymore in the current year.

Devil Aoba needs a figure ASAP.


I broke the sword handle of pic related.
Anyone know if/where I can find parts?

I'm pretty much new to buyfaggotry, began earlier this year with this hamster.

>Place an order
>After my order, the item is listed as sold out

Feels good for some reason. More Dress Up Pajamas.html

I started with this on an impulse buy.

Try contacting [email protected] to see if they'll send/sell you a replacement. you might want to include a picture. It can't hurt.

Welp there's September

Bought Seras a long time ago (2007?) from a local store. I don't know if it's really my start at buyfagging though as it was a long time before I bought anything else. The fig that started by importing in earnest was Risty.

Wait, are they really doing a new card every month now? Could have sworn we just got a new one last month.

Thank you UPS seasonal job

Mine was a figu art luigi and started in 2014

I started back in 2010.



This cutie is on her way to my home, and I couldn't be happier.

I'm considering cumming into her hat.

I didn't even like Gochiusa that much but that figure is too perfect to pass on.

Crotch flap looks kinda bad, doesn't it?

What scale is the cat? 1/2?

I've got some of my stuff that i want to sell, dear Buyfags. I'm in EU, but i ship even worldwide, no problem. And if you take at least two figs i can give you Nadeko for free.

If you're really interested ,for prices and stuff just mail me: [email protected]

When does it turn into a cat girl?

Cute cat.

March 2015 :)

that's a nice azunyan

Excellent taste. Did she smell like shit out of the box?

Any user willing to sell the pumpkins on the sides. I like those pumpkins. Willing to pay 3200 yen

She smelt like the beautiful aroma of years of plastisizer burning my nostrils, and the excitement i felt on my first unboxing was really something else.

I started with a scale of my husbando in 2014.

Hotglue it.

Any user with experience with e2046, especially with pre-painted recasts? I'm really interested in with this Mako scale.

Are you me?
I was about to ask about their quality

They used to be acceptable but are complete shit now.

They are okay. Not perfect but a lot better than you or i would be

Is this because Nonon didn't have nipples?


I wish my house was this degenerate...


I just want a decent scale of Mako. There were hardly any decent reviews on their pre-painted recasts.

Thanks user. She doesn't look that bad. Do they take money on the spot for pre-orders, or will they charge just before they ship?


Anyone know someone (good) that takes commissions for daki art?

this pic every time
"Stay out of my territory."

2010, after years of buying other anime stuff. I had her pre-ordered.

it's on the spot and there's no guarantee they will ever actually produce it. I've been waiting for this for a year now

How do i get into GKs?

Read the guide.

Seems complicated I know.

>$105 for Gathering
>16.5 cm

Dang, I sure hope they do a decent painting job

> Alicia figs never

Fuck Selvaria

I certainly wouldn't mind.

The money is no issue, but the guarantee of actually getting the figure is what worries me.

Does your one have broken pegs?

There was this one guy who posted here about taking commissions a while back who was pretty good, but I completely forgot his name.

Gathering has been around for awhile dude, you should be more worried about postal damage from China than being scammed.

What's with this seam in Galko's hair? It's pretty ugly
Supposed to be 1:1 but he's a little small
This is the standard edition, doesn't come with that feature
Thanks, his name is Guts
He's a little bitey, no thanks

Yes, I think they all do. Pretty sure Mio has the same issue but I don't have her.

Just read their FAQ, they accept Paypal, meaning you can always get your cash back in case something goes wrong.

I don't understand why anyone would buy a cat and not get the Nyaamazon exclusive catgirl/catboy add on. It makes no sense.

I've gotten multiple gathering figs no problem. Tsumugi is taking forever but I'm not really worried that they won't do it at all.

What kind of glue did you use to assemble the GKs

Gel based superglue.

Thank you for reminding me to order this.

how do I stop myself from impulse buying cheap figs that I like.


But I have some older Spawn, Witchblade, and other western figures still sealed from my childhood.

If that's legit there's nothing wrong with buying a Biki Nendo. Her Berserk faceplate is tremendous.

Overpriced nendroids, gj


>£51 for a nendo

When will she bin

>melonpan's closet.jpeg

Nope. Just earlier this year the US store that sells these dolls stopped selling the 145cm one with small breasts because customs was confiscating them.
They will release a newer version of the 145cm with an older face and only large breasts in a few months.
You can buy 158cm ones but they only have large and normal breasts, plus they are $3000 while the 145 were $1500.

You can try to import from the Chinese store, exdoll, but it is a matter of chance whether customs decides to open it or not

dsdoll (US) / exdoll (CN)

it's the cheapest one I can find
it's a good nendoroid but buying it just means that I have to wait 2 more weeks before buying my big purhcase with some figs I reALLY WANT
no where has her


This looks like point-of-no-return stuff desu.

Found her for 4800 yen brand new, kill yourself

Hnnnnnggg fuck, I need to stop coming to these threads, my wallet can't take much more of this shit.

Yet that notice doesn't even mention DFC. Apparently just having weird fetishes is enough to get your shit confiscated.

Absolutely. I'm not sure how much further you could go than that.

My Registered SAL package hasn't moved at all in 2 days after it shipped should I cry

Yeah, like face slapping

Name of fig?

Imagine the moment of self-reflection you'd have when cleaning it.

yeah, and how much was shipping
this is 4800 yen minus shipping

I can't see why US Customs would seize that. You could buy a childsize mannequin or sculpture. There is very little difference based on packaging, presentation.

>should I cry
Cry at your own cheapness. If you can't stand the wait, use a faster delivery method.

The issue comes with the sexual functions.

The company that manufactures these dolls ships them out completely nude and uncovered. While some people do use the dolls for displaying and dressing up, customs only cares about the holes.

Probably could have been avoided if the company just put some cheap clothes on every doll that customs couldnt remove without destroying

This might be a stretch, but does anyone know of any figures of military type girls? Tactical gear, holding guns, whatever

This, and it's a figma.
If they made a Little Armory scale I'd swoop that shit up so fast, but now they're invested in figma accessories so that's never happening.

Wow yeah, they've definitely gone hard into the accessories. I'm not too keen on figmas, but I'll look into this some more. Thanks

>LA 1/8 scale with multiple arms and 1/8 guns sold separately

I'd buy instantly

Order miyo so we get the rest of the girls in the series.

How much would this whole set cost? I don't into figmas but this is tempting

Fairly pricey, there are no bundles so to speak, individually they run for about 1k a piece

Thankyou sir.
It's not on Ami Ami yet though?

This is why I think miyo is such a good deal with her accessories she comes with.


Yeah on amiami it looks like each gun sells separately for around 1000 yen each. There's 3 parts to the diorama stand thing, each costs around 2,500 yen. The hard cases are around 1,800 yen each. Buying it all would get pretty expensive

What franchise is this character from?

Okay mybad, it's exclusive.

I wonder if I should order it now or wait and hope to be able to later on

It's the best Satsuki figure there is but
>who knows how the painting will turn out
>will have to glue it together
>will be out of scale with my other shit

I feel kind of honored that you saved my picture. You do know it's Hideyoshi?

Most of people tell me it's technically wrong to do so, but i really love those warm, diffused closeups. They ass a dreamy feel about those lumps of pvc and dreams.

I used cheap macro lens as an extension over a regular one.

I want to buy some boats from funny knights. How do they match up to GSC ones?

Part of it is which state the doll is addressed for delivery in. Here in California, customs doesn't give a shit about stark naked lifesuze loli dolls.

The only good boat from FK is that one really good Arp Takao garage kit that they took up for mass production.

One easy way to take macro photos is to buy a cheap laser pointer (£3-5?), take the macro lens from inside, and secure it over your camera of choice.

I've lost the lens by now, but still have this macro of a coin that I took with a fairly old iPod (bad photo quality in general), just to show that it works - don't remember the laser pointer I used too, but it shouldn't really matter.

Nippon Yasan is being huge dicks with me.

I ordered an item and had it for EMS, they shipped it monday and still hasn't arrived.

But the retards messed up the tracking number (missing 2 digits), and they haven't replied or done something since I messaged them 2 days ago.

I'm not hesitating on calling paypal to can their asses whether it arrives or not. God damn it.

How much did she cost?

Isn't the whole thing absolutely massive?

This... doesn't look that good, really

I actually could do better

i go her in 3/2015

Is nippon yassan that bad? I put in my first order with them for Succubus-san from them since I can't order it from Native since I don't have a credit card.
I've heard some people say they had their orders canceled for no reason, but I don't see that happening since I ordered it a day or two after she went up.

I've ordered from them easily more than 10 times using multiple shipping methods and never had any problems. No cancelled orders, no messed up shipping and their support has always been pretty good.

Original guy here
I've ordered several times with them and it's the first time this has ever happened.

I'm still angry as fuck though, last year I ordered a Wii U Xenoblade X jap bundle through them and when I had issues with customs they refused to take my ticket or answer my customer service call.

Thankfully it was all solved on its own with fedex just creating and solving its own problems mysteriously, but that was just shit from NY though.

If I don't receive anything by monday (or if I do) I'll ask a refund from paypal, claim I never received anything and never do business with them again.

You can also get a reverse lens adapter and use a normal lens, but you have to do everything manually. I did that with pic related.

2011 I think

2010 I think

I missed her twice T_T

You didn't miss much, I can assure you

why do artists never reply to me?
I always contact them in Japanese and try to be polite and I always get ignored, 4 different artists and nothing

Do you know what you're saying? If you have asked or paid for a translation from someone else, you could be saying something very different to what you intend.

Ordered my waifu in 2012, received her in 2013.
It has been one hell of a slippery slope since, and I'm still eternally mad she didn't get any better figures.


That's probably a much better method actually, would do if I had a proper camera.
Very nice image ~

There's a line that's been crossed.

A nendo of this would be amazing.

Seems like everything I pre-ordered got delayed to October so far...if everything comes in I'm looking at a $1800 order...

Are they at least pre owned? No point in them if they arent

There are a fair number of scales of girls in military uniform. Native even did one. Spend some time searching related tags on mfc.

Why? Her quality is bad?

>Try to place an order
>An error occurred while processing
>It was bought between the time I saw it and entering in my information.

I hate when this shit happens. Now the rest of the collection I was buying all at once is now incomplete.

Nice cat.

It's fairly nice, but yes some quality issues. Final product was real uneven. You could get a pretty good one, or ones with casting errors and seams all over the hair.

A tripfag named moot made a forced meme with them and mods made it into a yearly tradition.

I need you Biki

do we have a bague idea of a release date? or even a size
I need this

RSAL is 2-3 times slower than EMS normally. My slowest was 4 weeks and fastest was 1 weeks. I never had EMS take more than a week though, it is normally 4 days.

Ami has a used nendo for sale, A/B. It's supposed to come with a poster, it doesn't say anything about it missing but I'd assume if it was they would say something about it, right?

Size is 1/7. No real info besides what's at

Any thoughts on the new Stocking daki? I wish they had both sides in the detailed style, although I still love the cartoon-y kind.

A/B means nothing is missing, if there's no poster then the item is not as described and you can probably get a refund

What nendos comes with posters? I only know of the monogatari box sets.

The famous Koto lottery. It's very sad that Koto figures' quality is not constant. They make lots of figures with great stances and enjoyable characters.

The recent Touhous. I got the Pathy, Satori, and Koishi posters.

I missed Yukari, so I am hunting her poster down. No one seems to be selling just that.

Looks great, do it faggot

What are some 10/10 figures?

not a fan of they eyes

Meant Patchy.

Speaking of which, I hope a Kourindou Fumo of her comes out.


There was a figure of Jakuzure Nonon from kill la kill( i guess tho) while ago,everyone was all hyped about it,preoredin & shit,but now i cant find it tho. If u guys have link of pic of it give me. Looked like this one,but sitting

Nope. There wasn't.

it was a gk

>One of the figs that made me get into buyfagging

All sorts of joy.

I'd love to get rereleased too but that will 100% won't happen

I just got the guy's artwork and printed my own, there wasn't any Marisa one being sold so I just waifu2x on it then pay some place to print it on A3

How much did that cost you? I don't really know how much people would want for the thing anyways. Shouldn't be more than $5-10 with shipping I would think.

what are the odds of a not-super lewd daki (not naked but in underwear and looking worried) getting caught by UK customs

I got this one and a venom snake nendo. Im about to get my dota2 nendos soon.
Haruka a retarded qt!

>said I wouldn't buy a bikini figure
>said I wouldn't buy a loli figure.

bought both in the same figure, just fuck my shit up, senpai.

This one is like that one, but standing... Nonon (Pre-painted)/24296/

also like $20 cheaper than pre-order right now

If you use EMS it'll definitely get hit by customs but I don't think they're that bothered anyway as long as it's not clearly underage. I don't believe they check them all physically either.

4 months to go lads

this is my first pre order, feels like I never ordered it in the first place

I didn't think UK customs had any problem with lewd material as long as it's not questionable. I've started toying with the idea of a Daki so I'd like to know if we can or can't import lewd with a problem.

Should I? I like Eli a lot, but don't really care for swimsuits that much.

Fatefags are so fucking dumb.


Those are weird things to say.

I know how you feel man, I preordered that several months ago and I can't wait to get it

You should get this Eli figure

Already preordered that one.

Swimsuits just aren't that appealing, even for someone as sexual as Eli. It's a nice figure but it doesn't really interest me.

The Halloween one by AxO and the upcoming Alter one are both even better.

Pretty sure it should say comes with GSC preorder exclusive bonus in the listing if it came with the poster. She was also released at certain retailers as a regular version.

Sure you aren't talking about a GSC shop exclusive bonus?

Just wait for this.

Definitely waiting for that one. But I was already planning on getting that one and I already preordered the Halloween Eli, it's just that the swimsuit ver. that is up for debate.

>buying worstidol

Every time I see this I'm reminded how great it is to be an Elifag.

But that's not Yukiho.

You spelt Yukiho wrong.

It's a shame the Eli fanbase is pretty small compared to say Maki, Nico, and Umi.

I forgot the name of this one website where you could buy the sweat from a girl and weird stuff like that. Basically stuff that smelled. It had some other fetish items too. Anyone remember the name of that site?

Haruha could not be the best, but she is cute

>anyone from 765

dayum, thats sum shit taste user

The thing I like the most about this fig is that it's not only about Kyouko, you have Monokuma, the blood, the school logo, the target and the eHandbook !

765pro is made up of 12 great idols and one secretary, one producer and one president, plus Yukiho living in the trash out back where she belongs.

This,you cant just pick one, all of them are good, even the not idols.

My grail.
Just bought her two minutes ago for $200.

I can't wait for this.

2012. Still my favorite nendo because I will always love me some Yunocchi. Although they forgot to send me the stickers for her face so I could never give her custom face. All I have is a blank faceplate. I guess I could try to draw a wideface on there or something.

I`ll fite u fag

More figures need to be like this.

where can i order this ?

I just got that one too, i wanted the yayoi and azusa ones but i couldnt find them.

How was the general quality of the first release of this? Isn't Phat Company known for some not so great stuff?

I got Phat Company's 1/8 Iori Minase and Hoshii Miki and they were pretty good

Cute king Arthur

what model is this?

Is it better to buy a pillow slightly oversized or undersized for a daki?
Is 20"x60" too big for a 160cm x 50cm?

I've always wanted to fuck an elin, sadly the game is now dead ;_;

A cat is fine too.

width will probably be ok but you'll be slightly short on height
she'll end up with flappy feet


you have no idea how many times I ended up nutting in mine when cleaning it

the sounds alone make me diamonds

No fucking way, a new Holo figure?

Were you not here during Wonfes? She was one of the 5 Nendo poll winners

You been livin' under a rock, son?


Looks great.

Cred Forums Pass user since January 2016.

has anyone here ever used I tried to preorder a statue of Geralt of Rivia from there, which costs $800, when it estimates the shipping it says shipping is going to be $1400, is this a bug or what



>buying figures when you can buy a pass and show all your Cred Forums pals how cool you are

Cred Forums Pass user since December 2012.

>live alone
>listen to Mogra on headphones in the dark, can't hear the doorbell
>suddenly the door opens
>firefighter comes to my room
>"Please get out of the house. Is there anyone else?"
>he looks around with a flashlight
>bunch of figures
>daki on the bed

They were evacuating my building and he apparently got a spare key from a building manager. Luckily it turned out to be nothing dangerous.
Good thing I don't have a doll. That would probably make the situation much more awkward.

Thanks for reading my blog.

she could had be perfect without those boobs.

I have been to Anison Matrix at Mogra twice. Time of my life.

Just wanted to brag about it.

Good story, by the way. Major props to all the first responders out there.

If a item is sold out on ami ami and has orders closed I'm guessing they are never bringing back the item / getting more ?

post preorders

unless they get a preowned one in, no they are never restocking it, what fig?

bought in hong kong 2015
ayy lmaoed it
didn't know a single thing about figures

she ended up being fake, but I still love her


> want to be funky
> no Renge

try again


How the fuck did I miss a sequel series?
when was it announced?

Looking good, I'll probably get her when I have the money.


She has one of the finest PVC ass. And that's worth something.

Who is this then?

It wasn't a fig it was Trading Can Badge 12Pack BOX of some girls I liked but seems like I'm never getting them.

yeah probably not, sorry user

Their daughter Myuri

Yup the neet life sucks but I got a interview so hopefully that changes and I can buy some stuff

hey bro that was me the fire fighter, I want to tell you that you have a cute waifu.

Not an Anime. More Light Novels.

If you're so inclined to get them all

Correct. Start looking at the secondary market. Amiami preowned, Mandarake, YJA, or if you're desperate

>Cred Forums Pass user since January 2016.

>oh shit, there is a genos scale
>insane price
>there is an other coming out from F4F

Going to side with my wallet on this one.

Ordered DVDs and figs plenty of times with no issues. Most of the time it seems like they ship with DHL. Not sure what's up.

Are you explicitly looking for the alternate head version of Prime 1 Geralt? Bigbadtoystore has the normal version for $750.

You just know he told everyone about the weird loner with the cartoon girl pillow.

F4F is shit. Overpriced, oversized shit.

Why does the show with some of my favorite costume designs have fuck all for figures?

Am I the only one who thinks her face is derpy?

Because you have shit taste.

>live in apartment
>come home from work
>inspection sticker on door
>apartment people came to make sure fire/smoke alarms were working
>2 dakis, multiple lewd tapestries, 3 onaholes, 4 bottles of lotion all left out in the open
fortunately, I don't meet these people too often

You should build a fort

Why would you ever leave the onaholes and lotion out in the open? And why 4 bottles?

I don't disagree with you, but doesn't Japan have shit taste too? I need shit taste figures.

This, I think. Started in 08 or 09, I'm too old to remember.

Maybe it was a precaution for emergency fapping, or perhaps he just likes looking at his onaholes.

Thought so, just wasn't sure.

Great anime too

Yea, everybody has shit taste but me.

But still, 4 bottles of lotion? You shouldn't really need more than 1 at a time. Unless it was almost empty then 2 would be acceptable.

I just want this to tank and end up in the bargain bin

I leave my onaholes in the open so they can air dry
and I use different lotions for different occasions
they all have their pros and cons

Where's the onatsuyu?

Ok, I still don't see why all 4 bottles need to be out in the open.

Maybe he needs plenty of lotion for his fapping

Wich one do you recommend me

On a scale of ten to ten, how cast off is that thing? Those clothes are way too clunky for nothing to come off, right? But then again it is from a while ago.

She's from an art book called "Chichinoe". The artist, Takuya Inoue draws some amazing looking girls. Here's an upcoming figure using his design.

Is that one on the left a picture of a guy cumming with pleasure?

You can lift up her shirt and see her tits as well as lift her skirt up but I'd need to detach her head in order to get a proper view.

I can't stop buying succubi, and I don't want to.

really depends on what you're looking for

That puffy vulva on the right, looks way too hard

People who got the recent Homu scale, which amiami card did it come with?

that comma in your post, isn't necesary

do you think Kate tastes like udo?

Saber Bride shipped two days ago so I'm excited for that to arrive.

Really? I think it might just be the angle.

Nah, that bulge looks too pointy, like some sort of micro penis vulva hybrid


I don't really like nendos. There is a Mako scale, but I want Fight Club costume. I'd also settle with Ultimate Nonon.


Well the crazy design they did was Kisaragi Ryuko

January cant come soon enough

RIP this guy's wallet

Cred Forums core

I like this anime.

Sequel when

Fuck off you reddit loving cunt.

It will be really fucked up when she has the standard nendoroid face plate with the normal human ears.

Not really. It's not like you're going to even see them through her hair. If it didn't have normal ears the face would look weird if put on most other nendos.

Fanvote winner. I hope the Nendo sells like hotcakes so they do another scale.

Do you guys like saber?

>every fucking thread
No, fuck you. Can you be original for once?

Bit disappointed in myself that I skipped Artorias.

I'm definitely gonna get the Doll when she goes on sale though.

I like Saber a lot.
I know that one guy that hates her is going to make some passive aggressive "Saberfags should be exterminated" post but fuck that guy, I'd shove my dick in his ass and he'd submit.

no Saberfags should be exterminated

go ahead faggot

I'm going in dry.

i bet you can afford lube because you own two of every saber figure ever released

Why spend it on lube when I can use it on more Saber?

These will be removed after the birthday, right?

Never, pass users are the new tripfags.

I installed appchan x and they disappeared

Hiro is a fucking retarded dickhead, so I doubt it.

Saber is a miracle of the Nasuverse

Kate tastes like my carpet
Get it? Since she's lying on one?

The meme becomes real

Tharja, summer 2015. Was helped out by a particularly nice buyfag. So if the guy who helped me is reading, thanks

Can't wait for this one to come in..


I want to get a wallet but all these new ones can't hold coins

>he doesn't use a coin holder

You put coins in your pocket, not your wallet, fag. A wallet isn't a purse.

I also support the preservation of Saberfags.


Thanks for this. Would be nice to see the prices though

I forgot I had this preordered

I already have it

oh man that looks great, where can I find this?

Post more!

Wish my shipfu had stuff like this

How about try not being a faggot

Sometimes I wish I was a cute girl so I could wear things like this.

Looks terrible in my honest opinion

twinks get to wear cute things too

>even the 5th-graders are getting figures
>still not a single dakimakura for Saki


(is gunpla included?) The first item I bought was a Saviour GUNDAM, around 2007. It's already broken and has lots of missing parts. The second item I bought was a small Impulse Gundam, and then I decided to buy the first Volume of Gundam Seed Destiny. After that, I stopped. I lost interest

I continued at 2015, around September or October. Immediately bought an Umaru nendroid, followed by a Saitama nendoroid. I've fallen deep in buyfag hell since.

Umaru seems like she was practically designed to be made into a Nendo.

>tfw bear


No visible ribs no buy

I have the feeling I can see them.

You're right, i tried tilting the screen and i can see them now, i guess i'm going to buy this then.
Libeccio best girl

Good taste

I'm afraid I might end up buying her too.

Cute pasta boat.

We are getting a scale

>visible ribs
Is this a common fetish?


I'm not too sure my dude.

Well I hope it sells really well and GSC decides they want to make money too

Chink manufacturers have been somewhat improving recently.

I love it but i have an unhealthy obssession about being skinny

Photos on 2chan.

Who is this whore?

Fuck off newfag.


>not watching imas

[email protected] is iconic and the biggest achievement in anime

The legs don't seem to be as smooth as in prototype photos.

Post 'em, dude.

In what shithole do you live where everyone can enter your place without asking first?

When? I just spent the last of my money ordering the big Omnibus, hope I dont miss out

I absolutely love Yuki Yuna is a hero, but the new Togou seems to have some problems, mostly the massive pole. But also where the armpit is looks bad.

Ah damn that's great. I'll have to try and find one.

Can't see what you mean in that picture.

I can see them changing the pole for the final release.

Have you never rented before?
That sort of thing is usually in the agreement you sign before moving in.

I wouldn't be so sure


Oh, yeah. A bit.

Usually they give you some form of advanced notice though.

This shit makes me nervous about moving out, though judging by how expensive rent is getting that wont be happening ever

Well that is for
>I absolutely love Yuki Yuna is a hero

No sane person would like that trash.

What sort of merch exists for older stuff like serial experiments lain and other odd bits? Where would I find it?

Yeah, but there's nothing preventing them from doing "surprise inspections".

If you live in a shit place. My state has laws protecting tenants. You get 24 hours notice minimum.

That being said, the story earlier was a firefighter entering during an emergency. Different rules there.

Holy shit did the person who made that sequence had a stroke while making it? Very weird positioning and camera angles, hurts continuity

Check for stuff by searching on mfc. When you find something you want try the places discussed in the guide for buying pre-owned merch.