You wouldn't a Shaga

You wouldn't a Shaga.

Not a chance

What's her cup size? F?

i prefer senpai

Why not?


Who's gonna stop me?

You wouldn't an Ice Witch, would you?

I love how Ben-to still gets threads.

>settling for just one

i prefer the full course

Shages body is always good but it's godly here.

user, you NEVER stick your dick in a cursed object.

No Id a Sen

I like to pick out the best parts.

Wouldn't I?


She should have gone for it.

Shame no second season. LN ended good as author did an ending for each of them for the reader to pick.

>remembering when they showed the face of the brunette on the left
To this day I still don't understand why they did such a thing.

I would all the Ben-tos.

Except Oshiroi.

But she was

This was for all intensive purposes a rape scene. Sasuga Japan.

Girls don't rape, silly