Why the hats?

Why the hats?

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It's that time of year again

Hiroyuki's birthday

Ange Vierge thread?

There's some special episode being broadcasted on Nico tonight, I think.


>Ange Vierge thread?
I wish AOTS shouldn't be forgotten so fast

>Ange Vierge thread?
When's the next episode? ;_;

Reminder that Alma is still lusting after Saya post ending.

Pretty much everyone but Nya is.

I watched it a few days ago.
It was painfully average, not sure what you guys were hyping up really.
The baka sisters were great though, I'll admit.

Newfag filter

It was fun.

Don't be stupid user. I couldn't forget a hidden gem like that.

Does the extra "A" stand for Ayashiro?

>special episode
I'm ready.


Stop lewding me, Cred Forums!


Useless half-angel only good for bullying.

Rami-L has no friends.

>biggest asshole when turned to dark side
>biggest moeblob otherwise

The yami-ochi verbal eviscerations were the best.

No, it's the alternate color schemes. Also the kinky lesbot fusion.

more important how do you take them off

>glowstick hair attachments

It's very cool.

>double amputee fanart

Is that what Carene said to convince Xenia that it was alright to have lesbian robot incest sex?

Androids reproduce asexually so it's okay.

Reminder that Xenia, that little slut, wanted to do it with our Stella too. They were up for a 3-way 'fusion'.

Is that what Euphiria said to convince Aurora that it was alright to have lesbian robot on goddess sex?

>Xenia, that little slut
Don't talk about Euphiria's mother like that, meatbag.

It's kind of scary that Amane was suicidal all along

Jumping off the building
Using max pain settings
Getting triggered by Stella's speech

What'd you say about me?

The signs were all there all along. We just chose to not pay attention.

No friend Ramiel,
a cripple as well.
Gave Elel her wrath,
then went alone in the bath.

I want to be Ramiel's friend.

Well, it's not like a filthy meatbag like Aurora could impregnate the master race.

She wanted her to help with some hardware stuff, but Aurora didn't get it correctly.

Was this anyone elses unironic AOTS?

I looked forward to it more than anything else, every episode was always fun, and they somehow managed to avoid melodrama by simply exaggerating the cute reactions of everyone.

As expected of (B)aka World.

It was my AotS for sure. I watched a lot this season but there was nothing I enjoyed quite to the same degree as this. What a lovely little show it was.

>Was this anyone elses unironic AOTS?

It was stupid, terrible and of dubious quality.

And it was an immense amount of fun watching it and posting about it. So yes.

>Was this anyone elses unironic AOTS?
>I looked forward to it more than anything else, every episode was always fun, and they somehow managed to avoid melodrama by simply exaggerating the cute reactions of everyone.
This desu.

The Green World senpais made the best out of being tubed as well.

It's my AOTY so far. Nothing else came close to the sheer fun of it, nor anything had such a lovable cast.


TF was also very fun, with likable characters. It's my second after AV in the last season.


That's a lot of Kanji for "got fucking cucked by".



They just bickered.


Even here, Carene and Xenia can't stop being in their own little world together.

Dr. Michael personally vetoed against a second cour of Ange Vierge.

I can't see shit on some post's. The hats are covering some of your guys post's

>cropping THAT image of Aurora

Aurora a shit. Clara is best Red.

Eiphilia has solid abs on top of her amazing waist and bust.

Perfection runs in the family.

That's not even good for a joke, user.

Only joke here is Aurora's "absolute defense".

Who could have known that interdimensional phallic geometry could dig?

She's a baka, but a damn sexy baka.

Maybe she's dumb enough to let you come inside.

Your rudeness makes me think you are a white worlder. Either moderate yourself or get back in the tube.

You can send your worthless threats to /dev/null.

>Saya is missing a few lines
So is this before she got her harem?

Robots was a mistake.

The word you want to use there is "were", meatbag.

Can robots be autistic?

just enable airplane mode


>This hidden war between humans of meat and androids of metal

It is my AOTS for sure. I can't believe how much I missed it already.

It's just salt from the code betas who couldn't get some stonking goddess meat pillows in their faces.

It has character development, actual comedy, and a genuine attempt at storytelling. It's far from perfect for me, but whoever wrote this seems to have a lot fun doing it, and so was I watching it. It's a rare precious hidden gem, not unlike Houkago no Pleiades, both of which will be in my heart always.

The car sounds totally ruined that show for me. It was not funny at all.


>special episode
So no Saya confirmed.

Amane is fat.

I hope you enjoy your stay in the cuckcrystal.

The right kind of fat.

Saya is so flat that she could be a male MC.

The biggest asshole was Hinata.

Which progress asshole would you taste the most?
I'd give a french kiss to Alma's for sure.

How can the meatbags even compete?

Meatbags have real emotions.

I feel the urge to overflow her semen buffer


No compassion though.

Stella literally asked for it.

Don't you have fecal matter to expel, meatbag?

If anyone wanted to watch the niconama special, someone uploaded it to niconico.

Part 1
Part 2

It's normal niconama event with the members of L.I.N.K.S. They talked about memorable scenes for their characters. Like in Yuuka Aisaka -Hinata Miumi- case, the most memorable scene about Hinata to her is when Aoi choked her in ep 11. She explained that in that part when Hinata said that she would accept everything from Aoi, she literally meant everything, including darkness. She said because most of the arts are missing when they were recording the lines, they always have someone explained to them what is currently happening. They also talked about how Hinata's boobs have grown since she first appear and talked about how nice her underboobs in bottom pic.

Beside that they also have corner where they choose a bath scene and rate them. Like top pic, the rating is lightbeam/10. Someone commented that Alma looked like she pitying Saya's lack of boobs there.

Pretty fun special. If you like to listen to seiyuu radio you wouldn't have trouble following it. Also Sofina's seiyuu were complaining about Alma two timing Sofina and Saya and tell her to make up her mind choose one.

My personal tubebot is under maintenence so I need to wait with that.

>Like in Yuuka Aisaka -Hinata Miumi- case, the most memorable scene about Hinata to her is when Aoi choked her in ep 11.


I want to commit a sacrilege.

A flat and a cowtits girl giving a double paizuri is still the best thing.

LL looks delicious.

> Like top pic, the rating is lightbeam/10. Someone commented that Alma looked like she pitying Saya's lack of boobs there.
Even LL is bigger than her.

Saya's tinies make my dick enormous!





Why does Dr. Michael has an angel's name if she is from the white world? There is something wrong here.


>a pure lesbian girl will never gag from the sight of my dick but still stuck it because her love interest's hymenal blood is smeared all over it




My previous "gross" was just a meme but this one is serious.


>still 6 weeks behind on most anime
>can't finish Ange Vierge before the start of fall
>missed out on all the threads

Keep it coming girls, I'm close to my climax.

All six of them.

Just kidding, we had 12.

>Alma licking my dick clean of Saya's fluids
Damn, add this to the list of good things that will never happen

was it?

Consentually sensual

I'm still rooting for Sofina. She deserves Alma

She just needs to get Alma to drink her blood somehow.

To welcome newfags like you

The worst part is that Sofina actually confessed, but got friendzoned anyway. That is different from never confessing and your crush goes for someone else.

24, two for episode.

She waited too long.
Early bird gets the worm and all that

Even worse, Almaria reciprocated it.

She does like Sofina. She just likes Saya a little more.

Sofina lost, get over it.

She likes Sofina with her heart.
She likes Saya with her body.

Saya a shit.

The obvious solution is to bring Sofina and Saya to white world and have them gattai there.

Amane won Sayabowl, so it's only fitting for two losers to get together.

No, the obvious solution is Alma having sweaty passionate sex with Saya while holding hands and kissing with Sofina.

No, I will never accept this!

I'm not one who gives a shit about /u/ discussions but here's something for you to consider.

Two-timing is whatever Alma says is two-timing.
Alma never explicitly claimed to be two-timing Sofina
QED ????

>Two-timing is whatever Alma says is two-timing.
Alma is not two-timing because she says so.

Alma grew up to be a cheating whore like her mother, Yaya.

What happen to that Twitter account? Did it get more likes and retweet


Fuck. Cannot unsee.

Yaya isn't a cheating whore. She's a loyal husband.

But Hana was the only vampire there.

oh my fucking god

Well exactly what implied, Hana is the father.

"Hana tried to take my wife, so i took her child"

Watched Episode 1. Was semi-decent light beams everywhere. I might wait for the BDS before i try to watch anymore.


Light beams are canon, though. Removing them would be a George Lucas-tier retcon stunt.

This is an average in Japan

But that's a picture of the moment she became tokubetsu. There is nothing futsuu in that image.

Yaya is not a whore!
Hanayamata was just in a bizarre situation where everyone was in everyone else's harem.

>2 best girls in one picture

Yaya didn't cheat on anyone, she is the one who got dumped.

I actually like Saya as a protagonist

3rd of 20, but not AOTS

Everyone likes Saya. I want to be in her harem.

We all do, Off-by-one user.
She had a solid character arc, and the fact that she actually stood back and supported other characters in their own arcs instead of incessantly stealing the spotlight and solving their problems for them was a nice change of pace.

Even better, they took it a step further and made sure that when the supporting characters grow got their development, it doesn't happen in vacuum. They all grow together when they resolve a conflict. That's how Nya came resolved to bring back Eins, that's why she kept trying to talked Eins into stopping until the very last moment.

Some show are satisfied with just letting supporting characters have their own arc and then never brings it up in any way again, thank god AV decided not to take the shortcut and instead slowly, repetitively, make sure that the events in the show are affecting all of them.

Love is my _____

there are 5 worlds

Carene x Xenia my couple favorite

Clearly, Saya wins.

This is now a hanayamata thread.

You mean yanatamaha.

This bitch ruined Yaya's chances


Good taste.

Me on the right



I want to cum in Naru.

Tami best girl.
I want to be her father, sexually.

Is Naru the alpha driver here?
Machi = white world
Yaya = Black world

Naru is red worlder.
Hana is white worlder.
Alpha drive is bald guy.

Sell me on this show

Hana can be Red World (fairy). But what about Tami? Earth scrub?

An American weeaboo Lamprey moves to Japan to pursue yuri and yosakoi. She finds both,

>not Sally-chan-sensei

The girls are cute, and gay. The OP is very catchy. Almost background romance between Yakuzaman and Sensei. The payoff is pretty good.
Kind of melodramatic at points.

>Naru is red worlder.
Impossible, Naru knows what a computer is.
She even knew how to delete her browser history.

Just watch it, fag.

Tami is definitely boring ass blue worlder. Machi is green.

Hana = red
Naru = blue
Yaya = black
Machi = green
Tami = blue (or red, she has that Aurora feel)

When you think about it no one fits white.

Tami was kinda autistic.

Didn't she really, really want to fuck her dad?

Machi seems inteligent, she could be white. Why do you think she fits green?

I had a feeling that her dad wanted her to want to fuck her dad.

Dedicated shitposting day

Cred Forums Pass user since December 2012.

what the h*ck is this Cred Forums pass thing


dunno g*shd*rnit

Cred Forums Pass user since October 2016.

I want to bully Aoi.


>Houkago no Pleiades
My nigger.

>tfw re-watching Houkago no Pleiades and loved Ange vierge
People should give an opportunity to low budget anime from little studios.

>little studio

>implying they aren't practically dead

Considering Gainax is dead, they are less than small.

They're dead as fuck but once upon a time they were giants. They're the Nintendo of animation studios.

Nintendo is still huge, though, that doesn't seem like a correct comparison.

Okay, shut up already, I'm adding it to my backlog. After all, you guys were right about leviatan.

Do you guys think the ONAs are a good way to decide if I'll like the TV series before I commit several GB to it, or is there no substitute?

The ONAs are just the first 6 episodes ultra-condensed with Youtube resolution. If you like them you'll like the TV version, but I don't think it does the full thing justice. It was AOTY and Gainax's swan song, you won't regret downloading the whole thing.

The first couple episodes are a bit slow, but once you hit episode 3 and they start traveling through space it gets really good. They also stop using the god awful CG so much.

Nice, thanks.

I apply the three-episode rule in these cases and don't really mind CG, so don't worry.

More like the Sega of anime studios.

Hi newfag.
Its tradition to celebrate Cred Forums's birthday with party hats.
Please remember this for the coming years you'll be here so you won't look stupid like today.

Doujins of them never?

Don't you fucking notice that this is a discussion thread you newer than newfag? Why do you feel the need to ruin it? The day is already over anyway.

I WAS actually resisting to post that since the day was over.

Can't help it. I remember and miss moot and all the fun we had when he was here.

And how is that related to our discussion of anime shows?

were the hats related to anime discussions? was OPs question related in anyway?

It's an Ange Vierge thread, wasn't this obvious? Didn't you read the thread? Are you new? Are you a red worlder?

Ah, I thought this is the annual "what's with the hats" shitposting thread. Sorry user.

The fact that toy didn't read the thread, just posted on a whim after looking at OP on the front page, because I'm sure you don't even use the catalog, shows how new are you. Get the fuck out until I'm calm and collected.

>front page

I did use the catalog.
It was on page 3 too.

Welp, no thread. Good night user.


You made your point three posts ago. Stop derailing the thread.

>writing your silly name in the filename field