It's time

It's time.

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They went on one last very gay road trip to the beach.

Does everything that this guy touch become quality gay?

fuck off

I couldn't protect anything.

>that shota domineering and abusing sensei dojin scanned never

How are you celebrating today?

Hope springs eternal.

Wait, they have the same director?

Taku Kishimoto did the Series Composition for both 91Days and Boku Dake

post thicc males

I can respect that thiccness with my dicc

The ending makes more sense if they were fucking in background through the series


For a moment there I really thought they'd end up living and traveling together. I can still believe in it, I think.

>posting a shit edit

It's time to find a way!



Tanuki is the only one who looks good.

>Studio Shuka


I am so excited for this

and this not going to lie. Too bad my favorite swords won't be animated or make very minor cameos

>Posting girls in an homo thread

I don't understand how they can animate Namazuo and not Honebami.


They all need tans.

They are perfectly manly men user I don''t know what you're talking about

>all those otoutos
>no Ichi-nii

Bara > Yaoi

good night, homos

there better be an utapri thread when I wake up

I want to violate toyota.


It's just not right.

>all that shota, trap and fujobait
I hope it's fun.

Both Honebami and Ichi-nii are kinda rare, no surprise that they won't appear early.
I'm wondering how they'll handle Kogitsunemaru and Jiji. They're both super popular, but also super rare.

I just want the rest of the oodachis to show up and at least one yari.

I'm thinking every sword will show up at least once, even if it is as little as running around in the background. Aside from the ones who have just come out in the past couple months.

There's a page for yari on the website so you ought to get that at least.

Are these jokers? They look bad.

It'd help if the picture wasn't crap.

Are those bulges?



Should have been the end card art.

Is this all?

Those spy boys have indeed some big bulges...

>Biting or licking man's legs.
Is this normal or just a fetish?

Part 2 of the BD short if anyone still cares. No subs though.!JZdjxSrK!k57MaBlx4tqTnGcRtd3o2RXMizX-l-RV4OqTryJL7qs

Deal with it!

Thanks. It's like Sakuma died and reincarnated into a cat.

That might be one of the lewdest things I've ever seen.

Any user translated it like last time?

Thanks. I'll try to work on some subs if I feel like.

Praying the new OP isn't cgshit this time around.

> Still no Laius tentacle porn
Guy is totally asking for it, too.

I have no idea what that's from but it's giving me a giggle.

Remember that one user who has been working on a huge scanning project for a while? Has there been any updates or a quick way to find them in the archive rather than skimming every homo thread this year?

> He doesn't know about Dungeon Meshi.
Fix that right now, user. No homo (or romance in general), but easily one of the best manga I've read.

New D.Gray man was unexpectedly gay

it's never gonna happen like every time some user promises something

Rude. Anons always deliver even if at a slow pace.

To an extent, it did. That user uped in batches in the past, I just don't know about any of the new stuff mentioned after the last appearance I saw which was when they posted that Kagami poster that removes clothing when wet.

Hang around, he shows up sometimes. You can always shoot him an e-mail.

IBO S2 starts tomorrow. I hope it has more gay shenanigans than the first season. From the spoilers I saw on twitter Gaelio really is dead, but I could be wrong.

>everybody lives except the two most popular characters

I didn't want to bother brother personally. I was just wanting to check is there was an update and then a folder that followed. I'll try checking in here more. Thanks.
Jesus that's real?

perfect fit

>Saniwa getting Tsurumaru right off the bat

Yeah it's because of the popularity.

I'm not sure about the spoiler, somebody was tweeting about McGillis crying for the first time about the friend that's not there anymore. The tweet was masked and follower proof, so it seems like it's likely a real spoiler.
If you're talking about the pic, it's real but it's a event only thing, not the actual color scheme.

That's just Shino's VA being a dork.

He was the third sword I got from smithing, so I don't see why anime saniwa couldn't have done the same.

It worked for once. I can't remember the last time someone didn't forget or sabotaged it.

Murata just really wants Shino to be gay. Kawanishi's the real dork. Just look at that Mew 2 Barbatos.

Well here's to season two.

R4 is obviously more difficult to get, but there's always lucky people around. It took me forever to get Ichigo, for an example.

Have you ever heard of the term crocodile tears? Also Nagai hinted that Galileo was still alive and Ein died, but anyway this is a homo thead not a IBO one maybe we should wait a little to discuss this

Fairilu is the best show of the year, tbqfh.

I got Ichigo a couple days ago after over a year of playing, fuck him.
But Tsuru feels a lot easier to get. I got him early too, even before Shishio and Honebami.

Please leave your game related discussions out.

Sorry my bad, I'll leave it at that. Although I still think Gaelio living is retarded.

Reminder that cats are important!

Appmon was OK. MC is cute but it kinda sucks that his VA isn't even trying to sound like a boy. Yujin is best boy, even if he is evil or yanhomo. Shame it didn't get picked up by CR.

I live under a rock. The new shows are all starting this week, right?

Google the live chart.

No, two months later.

I don't like using those because they're wrong sometimes but thanks. I'll check the official links to confirm.

Are you thinking of the time differences between stations? It usually works for me since I go for the first airing.

Killua is cute!

Are you excited about the second season of these best and bestest boys?

Is this a boy from Granblue Fantasy?

I was thinking of wrong information like the wrong starting week. I never used any of these after showtime died but I hear people complain they missed the episodes because of it sometimes.

Of course.

Is it Yaichiro in the back?

New character

Akadama's son who was exiled to London.

If it's not a fetish already, it's given me one.


Feet is a degenerate fetish.
Tights are justice

Feet being a degenerate fetish is what makes it so hot.

It's like diapers in that regard.

They're both delicious, stop that nonsense. Also, d-did you mean "thighs"?

No, it's a catboy avatar from that FF online RPG thingy.

I knew you fags would bitch if I missed it.

Dem feetz


>Tanuki got the 1 dot nose treatment
Oh well, at least they got the rest of him right including his magnificent bust.

Considering other swords are skinny pretty boys, I was worried if they would try to "bishonen"-ify Tanuki. I'm glad I'm wrong and he gets to keep those delicious manchest.

Those designs are cringeworthy.

Why are shota feet the most delicious of all?

Don't lump the sex slave with all those other ugly freaks

Any homolust in Bloodivores?

Kusos please go.

Real spoiler: The cast got killed already.
It was like Ga-Rei: Zero all over again.
I haven't seen source but so far it's unlikely would have any homo in it. Especially considering the source is made by chinks that are known for fujo hate.

It's Chinese, so there won't be any. Homosexuality undermines the authority of the state and moral fiber of the citizens.

>I haven't seen source but so far it's unlikely would have any homo in it. Especially considering the source is made by chinks that are known for fujo hate.

You china is not a single entity, right?

This isn't some doujinshi, it's airing on TV.

Stop baiting me with my fetish, I don't want to pick that up.

I distinctly remember there being a blatant homobait chink anime.
Also consider how many BL live-action series, manhua and novels are made in China, I don't think the government cares as long as it doesn't get too mainstream.

I know what you are saying.

What I'm saying is, there are people in chinaland who enjoy homolust, and the state is not going to pick up sub-text.

Even in Japan, an anime is not gay unless the characters suck dicks on screen and declare they love the cock, and even then you can sorta wing it.

Do it for him

Well, I'm still watching it so if there is any homolust I'll post about it here. Series threads are going to be terrible with the chink shitposting anyway.

It's okay, it's not like he'll be relevant with all those fuccbois hogging all the screentime.

somehow I had a feeling tanuki would be popular here

New kitchen cutes

Is that guy with the ghoul mask on drugs?

Wait, what the fuck is this Kagami poster about?

You know those posters with the characters dressed in a black that disappears when wet?

Why is he wearing piercings? They're not allowed in professional kitchens. Not here, anyway.

Naruto and Sasuke?

It's a fox mask and that's just face paint under his eyes. He is a good boy who doesn't use illegal substances as far as I'm aware.

Please tell me the androphobic cunt is gone. Her bullshit ruined everything the show had going for it.

Is Izeta worth checking out for the hot nazis?

Where's here for you? It's allowed in boigah land.

No bullying, he's chill.

Do you find nazi Suwabe and his Hanae voiced fuckboy hot?

Post forgotten boys.

I'll miss him. ;_;

No, he just suffers from mild autism.

Found it.

Fear not, user. She is gone.
It's the same working with just a new bunch of weirdos. Also there is more boys in this one.

I want to bully poorfag-kun.

Just what size is that shirt? XXXXL?

4 days

I am watching for the KENN character.

But he isn't a nazi.

God damn it. He better have at least 1 second every episode.

>Hanae voiced fuckboy
Not him but you have my attention.

>voiced by Ume-chan

Oh I was thinking it was something official.

You and me both.

Sorry user, he actually has 0 seconds in episode 1.

That's him.

>I'm wondering how they'll handle Kogitsunemaru and Jiji. They're both super popular, but also super rare.
The saniwa obtains a fuji ofuda and gets lucky with the forge? (If they had to choose one, in this scenario, maybe just Kogi since jiji already got the teaser poster for the ufotable anime)

>not shooting him while they look at each other in the eyes

Picked up.


According to Kuroko, Kagamin is XXL. Sorry I can't find the image right now.
Nah, sorry. It was just a doujin item mentioned during that scan time.

I'll wait for episode 2 in that case.

Is he relevant? Might pick it up for KENN.


I'm only going to watch this for Doutauki


It's anime original and the only characters that appeared in episode 1 were the 2 main girls and Suwabe/Hanae nazi dudes.

World champion of my heart.

Interest renewed.

>Implying he will get focus

It's dyke only.

Thank god, that means you whiny faggots won't be in the threads.

So? As long as it doesn't turn into The Cashew Show feat. walk-on guests, it's fine.

>tfw tanufag but appreciate all the boys because not a kuso

>no hotarumaru

Guess the saniwa used up all their forging/drop luck getting Ishi and Tsuru immediately.

Is this the actual premise of the show?
Is there a saniwa in this one?


We know that this anime is showing the live and development of 'a certain Honmaru'. The swords are appearing in the order the saniwa got them.
Only off screen.

Does the new Shaft show have any homo?

Gratulations, you're a faggot.

I'm glad they aren't forgotten yet
>tfw S2 never

What are those sleeve deals called?



How should we punish this naughty bird?

>All these unpopular or just irrelevant characters like pink shota, Maeda, Souza and Shishiou
>We'll have to deal with Nakigitsune annoying as fuck kitsune voice
>No KaKaKa
>No Iwatooshi
>No Yaris
>No Hotarumaru

I'm glad we at least have Tanuki, but fuck everything else.

>Shishiou and Souza

>not liking Nakigitsune
>liking KAKAKA

Nope, you won't make me watch this shit
Playing the game is enough suffering for me

Fuck you. He deserves more attention the most.

I like Tanuki but holy shit his barafags are obnoxious.

Who the fuck likes Souza? Nips sure don't care much about him and I don't see much art of Shishiou either.

I don't dislike Nakigitsune, it's just that his voice is ear rape. KaKaKa is one of the best boys, only plebs hate him.

Souza and Shishiou are more popular than all the shotas there except maybe Yagen.

Saw some gay friends talking about this manga earlier, it's aimed appeal seems to be all over the place though.

>Souza is more popular than Aizen and Imanotsurugi

Nice meme.

Souza's grief and sarcastic tone about how much he always hated his life won me over, and the nips love the Samonji family.

>not liking KAKAKA
He's great.

I personally like Naki's voice and think that KAKAKA's voice is ear rape. Don't hate him, but can't have him in my party without muting the game.

Nobody cares about Aizen except people who want shota doujins with Hotarumaru. I'll give you Imanotsurugi.

>This is not annoying as fuck
>This is is somehow worse than KaKaKa

>and the nips love the Samonji family.

It's funny how they add Souza, but there is no Sayo.

I just wanna know about Mika's stalker or whatever he is.

I don't see your problem.

>wanting Sayo to ruin the fun mood

>all these Kusos and people complaining about no X near me

You are deaf, mate.


But Yamanbagiri is there.


The game scenes with CCP, Tsuru etc didn't show him ruining the mood but opening up and having fun.

>fun mood
>with Souza and Kousetsu
At least if Sayo is there we can have some family healing or suffering jokes.

Sayo is best shota and the cutest edgelord, no bully.

Didn't expect All Out to be second, with those design.

>commercial BL portal Chill Chill

I want to heal Kousetsu never making him fight.

It's almost like we have different tastes.
Shocking, I know.

> with those design.

You lost me.

It's regular sportshit, maybe nip fujos want to check it out just to see any shipping potential.

>Kogi thinking dude is crazy
Always good fun

Ok but his noodle hair sucks.

>He doesn't like it stylish

Most people will probably be staring at the butts and legs.

Yeah okay.

Are fat loving fujos a thing?

I thought they would be too bara for the average fujo.

Hope there's enough fujobuck left over after swords, utapri and haikyuu to give this good sales - if only because it's literally Sayo's baby. And also because pic related is far too pretty to only have 1 cour

He looks like Slaine, but sadistic and alpha as fuck

>posting shitty ugly western art
Goodbye Yuri on Ice threads, it was nice never knowing you.

>That tumblr art

I thought the fujos already love it and anticipate it.

Yes, you have shit taste.

Yamanbagiri is autistic moe.

I want to turn poorfag guy into my personal pet and make him do things for me for money and food.

Also the new opening sucks compaired to the main series ones.

I want to suck doumeki's limp dick

I picked it up for the manservice and bromance and got what I wanted. The long wait for new chapters is painful, though. (Also, this is the only thing I'm currenlty into where a homo end is an actual possibility. )

Why do you keep using parenthesis, nobody ever does this.

>the throw draws a rainbow in the sky


What's wrong with his hair

Marry Aion, fuck the rest and don't kill anyone.

Marry all

Update fucking when?
At least I'm getting my dancing faggots fix now so I can wait, but still

Fresh from the land of the rising sun.

This spring was pretty unmemorable.

My nigga!
I want to see him pleasing old men for money.

If you have shit taste, that is


Marry ROM and make him do my taxes.

Gone but not forgotten

Isn't Tanuki like the most popular among homos or something? Lots of gay artists like Mentaiko, Draw2, or Mazjojo have drawn Tanuki at least once.

Makes sense, considering he's one of the few non-prettyboys. (I imagine they'd like Tonbo as well.)

I hate bara fat but I like a defined and balanced torso.

Who here is ready for homo secret santa cards?

There goes the thread

Reminder to ignore and report.

>no new ip

Well you all know what to do.


S2 when

I wish the translation for this manga was faster.

If it happens, I'm ready, even if it's just a few of us.

From what I know by checking pixiv daily Tonbo, Tanuki, Kotetsu are the ones most popular with male artists.

KaKaKa, Iwatooshi and Otegine are popular too with fags, but not as much.

It's funny how the same guy is Tanuki, Tonbo, and KAKAKA. I wonder how the staff decided that, yes, this guy has a voice suited for muscles.

He was probably cheap, considering he is a nobody.

Not sure about that. Tanuki is my favorite sword by far, but I can't like Tonbo as much. He's too bulky for me, while Tanuki is the perfect balance between slim and muscular.

I prefer Iwatooshi and Kakaka to Tonbo.

I wonder how long the anime adaptations have been in production, and whether broconmaru and his hige are too recent to be included.

I'm rewatching, I can't believe I forgot how best they are. Especially Yashirou, his tail popping out whenever he's scared is the cutest thing.

Too recent, mate. I too wanted Kansai megane Neet to have some screentime, but I know he isn't going to show up.

Kuniyuki worst big brother

If I don't miss it, I'm in.

Don't take the anthologies too seriously.

>Imanotsurugi is there
>no Iwatooshi
What the fuck? That's what I was looking up to the most.

season 3 never


Where is all the horse porn?

These two hit too many of my kinks it's unbelievable also who knows the might show up in the Ufo one since they pretty popular

Any minute now.

Nips seem to have already started their fanarts production, looks like he anime is an good place.

Though expect at least 5 weeks of trolling regarding the sales, just like the Free.

There's no animated Hotarumaru thighs but Midare's will suffice

I hated Hizamaru when I saw his design but when I got him he became one of my favorites

How else will they lure in Iwatooshi? Saniwa's luck with forging can't be that great. They don't even have Ookurikara.

Korea = Best boy
Thai = Cutest fanboy
Too bad they'll have 0.5 secs of screentime each

>Hopeman and Hajime didn't interact even once

DR3 was truly a mistake.

>Korea = Best boy
That's not Kazakhstan though, gook a shit

Dogeaters can't be best anything.

>worst corea

No but Thai a cute.

It's not actually because of the taste. It's because of the texture. The way they feel against your tongue and in your mouth, and their light, faintly odorous, yet clean moisture.

Mah nigger

When is the gay apocalypse going to happen?

I didn't forget. I will never forget.
I wish someone had uploaded the OST.


How were the reviews from the Yuri prescreening?

The episode summaries a fujo gave were overwhelmingly gay, but I haven't actually sought out any reviews and opinions on it. I know they're having production issues, though, which is concerning. Oh well, I've watched bad animation for good boys before.

who's this enlightened lad?

Cred Forums.

Cred Forums

>that note

I wonder what the professor thought when reading that page

But they did
I'm a little salty too, user. But last year I hadn't even hoped to see SDR2 cast animated, so I'm glad at least I got to see more of Komaeda's antics

Well duh. Fujos are for baiting, not for catering. In this case, the bait was the promo arts.

Legal shotas are dangerous.

I'm just so glad Komaeda and Gundam are alive, that I don't even care about the lack of fujo pandering

It got fucking updated.
I cried.
Chapter 15 this week too.

>Legal shotas
Wh-What does this mean?

I want to discuss these toes.

Oh, shit' it's real

They're quite invisible.

are you kidding me, those legs and asses are THICC, I'm excited beyond all belief

>that disgusting art

Well, guess I am only going to the threads for the webms.

What the heck is going on here?

Why can't I find a source for this?
I know it's Kikaider.

Fuck yes.


>excited for ugly as fuck art just because it's thicc
Shit taste. All Out is the Raita of male characters. It's repulsive.

Anyone here still watching Vanguard? Hoping for some homolust between these two.

What happened to Aichi?

Replaced by Chrono, and he doesn't even talk in his few seconds of cameo. Kai totally won him though.

It's on my backlog for years, one day I'll finish S1.

Repairing his bro.

I don't know why you can't find a source for it. It's from the manga, so it should show up in search engine.

i want this slow build to continue. i know it won't but goddamn am i sick of the "yo ur hot lets fuck" meme in bl manga. after 14 chapters i want something sweet, not lewdfest 2016.

I will watch this just for him.

Chrono should take him to a sauna training session.

I know which manga this is, but I can't find the specific pages using image search.

So could you please help me out?

Btw, does Jiro also get shirtless?

Best boy, followed by Nobunaga. I can only hope the anime will be somewhat good.

>No Hotarumaru
>No Honebami
>No Sayo

I have been waiting to see Hotarumaru animated since over a year, fuck this. I don't even know who is the one between Tsurumaru and Yamanbagiri.

Is Atsushi not popular at all?

>No Hotarumaru
I am already disgusted.

>He doesn't recognize Mutsu
>He doesn't recognize the best starter

I bet you picked Kashuu, you pleb fuck.

I can't wait for swords to have their own threads.


Can't wait for metashit whales like you to fuck off to tumblr

I picked Kashuu because >nail polish what a slut
Mutsu a best though


>He didn't pick Kashuu
>He didn't hear his sweet moans on the citadel

Mutsunokami is only for refining other swords.

>He doesn't recognize the best starter
He only mentioned not being able to tell who Mutsunokami was though. I assume he recognized Kasen just fine.

I don't think so but a lot of people have him kiwame though.

>An attention whore slut from the gutter
>Best anything

They're going to start releasing chapters twice a month now, so that's something.

I'm glad they're actually focusing on the sport unlike Battery.

What did he mean by this?

He' my favorite sword, but also severely underrated.

I think the fact he's so hard to find despite being just a regular tantou has something to do with that.


So I've missed out. How many people were familiar with Battery before it aired? I watched the TV drama years ago and was prepared for story.

I always thought Kasen was boring because "muh art", but now, I think he'd be a very easy target to bully, I hope there will be a scene in the anime where someone break his precious vases and tea cups.

Battery is better though.

>whales like you to fuck off to tumblr
The irony of this post astounds me, but I'm all for telling that person to fuck off.

I can't wait.


Battery isn't supposed to be a sports anime though.

For fucks sake Nikkari

I watched the movie and expected teenage drama.

The page number was in the filename. Ichiro showed up in volume 4, so that scene should also be in volume 4. I don't recall Jiro ever getting shirtless. Have some more Ichiro chest.

That is certainly part of the appeal. I also like the gap moe he's got going on. For being all about art and elegance, there's an unexpected amount of brutality and sadism in his battle lines. His introductory line even mentions how his name could be taken as either a reference to a collection of great Japanese poets or an incident where his former master murdered a bunch of his retainers.

And he can cook. Any sword that knows how to cook is pretty good as far as I'm concerned.

Do you guys like wrestlers?

Only if they aren't too bulky and are voiced by Nakai.

discuss chests

Is this good?

I hate it when they're just mimics.

>mfw dark souls 3 literally, unironically had more mimics than actual chests

You were alive to witness the happening of the century.

Imagine how many fujos died without being able to see Yashiro smile

Marry Crow and fuck all of them.

Do not kill anyone!

I agree but at the same time I was so happy to see Komaeda alive that I kinda forgot about it. His new arm is cool as fuck.

I hope there'll be much more Hopeman/Hajizuru interaction in the OVA.

I loved how Kazumi got Chrono again at Vanguard. And the new boy just got me from the scenes in the OP

>think my reply is going to be about delicious boi torsos
>it's about disappointment and unfulfilled expecatation
I know the f-feeling.

Holy fuck I didn't know Shimura was doing a new manga thanks user.

>trying to get his boyfriend to become a shotacon

What a terrible lover.

I honestly don't get this reaction. They did interact and they're obviously on pretty friendly terms with one another now. That's more than I ever hoped or expected we'd get from the two so I see this as a big win for komahina. Plus we'll probably get more interactions of them in the OVA.

Silly user

Kasen is pretty brutal in the background, new recollections show him literally slaying more than usual because Ookurikara pissed him off.

I'm still upset he and 90% of the other new characters got shafted so hard.

It's that time of year again. Me on the left.

How many more chapters until they fuck?

Me, dressed as a vampire with a cross earring.


Me the Aniki

What about shota pits?

10/10 purple

Didn't know you visit homo threads, Chilchack

Shota pits are for tenderly loving and caring. After caressing them lightly, you should always lick them nice and slowly.

Man, I hope I can get this good at volleyball one day...

It's good to see someone else knows proper shota care and maintenance.

Need more time at the beach.


What's that around his neck?

Thanks user, I'll check it out.
Did this ever get an anime?

Holy shit I want to fuck a 30 year-old.

He's dropped so many times I have a jerk reaction to seeing him.

These designs are pretty garish but I wanna watch for that cute brown boy.

who doesn't

Holy shit.

Reach world 5 and Kane-san will be your new target

>not a single silver fox

Oh now you're just full of it.


Hakkenden author is just fond of legal shotas.

Well the one in the background was just an undead plant mimic or something, not older than he looked.

And that's why Canis was so great.

My beloved closetfag husbando.

How likely is it that it's been dropped by its publisher if they haven't announced (from what I understand) any future issues?

Anything can be a fetish if you're hard enough. Like I am right now.

Bois should be moist.

I want a girlfriend.

Licking abs is hotter, though

Is there a Prism Illya or something but for Shotas?


Hey man, Aizen is love.

I want to take him to a festival and spoil him.

I think there a drama CDs with something similar.

Man this would have been perfect if not for his left eye.

Well, Kodaka usually delivers.

Well hell, I want THAT too, user. Especially if it's Karma's amazing, sweaty ab muscles. But you can only lick so many things at one time!

Remember that Karma is 14, user.

Don't worry, he'll lose that smile soon enough when Doumeki inevitably dies

I know. Absolutely delicious and made for licking those moist, supple, sweaty abs.

>Marry Crow and fuck all of them
>except Crow

Chilchak is meant to be sexualized and tamed by the dick.

You monster.

>no Genji bros
fucking D R O P P E D

They all probably have sex with their groupies after a concert.

Except for Crow, of course. He just sits down and watches.

And Aion, he's a literal autist that can't talk to anyone.

What the hell did you make me read? This is better than Super Lovers.

For the life of me i never figured out if this thread is filled with gays or fujoshi

It's filled with little girls that love Samurai Champloo.

Think he'll be shirtless in the movie?

He already was in the anime.

But they did fuck in the end. I'd even say the author blueballed us since they didn't even go all the way.

Yeah but you think it'll be there in the movie as well.

Also I wonder how they're going to adapt the Koro Quest portion.

Is the movie just an adaptation of the whole show?

Yeah, it's another one of those recap movies with a little new content.

In this case, apparently it's both future material ( most probably an epilogue thing showing the new shorts from the artbook) and the Koro Quest.

They've haven't really been clear on it to be honest.

Is the prequel spin-off still getting chapters?
It seemed pretty edgy but the old mafia men threesome was hot.

If you're the same Karma lover, did you know that Koro Quest also has some great Karma abs?

Where did you get that info from, user?

I think we all love abs here.

The RAWs are out there, translations are dead.

As a sports anime Days isn't that great, but this new ending is pretty cute.

I forgot this was a thing.

I wonder how much it sold.

I just saw it on Twitter user, I don't think any site has commented on it yet.
Designs aren't bad But their eyes look kinda lifeless.

Plus how are they going to show Karma shirtless looking like this?

Oops, meant to reply Here's the scene I mentioned.

Agreed. Fucking hackwriting.


The day of the purple revenge.
Cyborg body? Or got away with minimum pain?

I guess that will be the shota anime of this season.

The shota is cute, should I check this out?


Can't kill the most popular character

Does he actually have that shirtless outfit?

Of course it's cute, it was storyboarded and directed by Hiroko Utsumi.

Shota shouldn't go be going around wearing skimpy clothes like some whore. They're supposed to be pure.

It's Sunrise. They can only kill popular characters.

Well they probably killed Ein.

Skimpy clothes make a shota not any less pure.

T-that bulge is very noticeable

So does he actually have lewd outfits?

>a deconstruction of a Char
Okada truly is the maiden of the revolution
He probably got the cyber-newtype treatment so he should also have amnesia, that's why he's still in Gjahahorn and not triying to slice Chocochar's neck after killing his waifu,fucktoy and triying to have his way with her sister


>Ameiro Cocoa in Hawaii
I wonder if there will be subs for this. Funi hasn't said anything despite they have S1 and S2.

Magic Kyun is airing now.

Where's that screenshot from?

You must be blind.


I don't mean which show. I mean, where did you get it? Didn't that show just air?



Post the shotas.

>Didn't that show just air?

Then it's probably from the stream? Use your head for a bit.

>Thanks to DR3 I now can't stand nanami

He's not wrong though. DR3 turned Chiaki into a shitty mary sue waifubait character.

This said


The quality is super high, that's why I'm asking.
The stream I'm watching is not even this high quality.


Nanami was always a shitty Mary Sue waifubait character.


Yeah, but at least she didn't exist, to she was more tolerable, as an I.A.

Not another blind fuck.

Ameiro Cocoa? It looks completely different based on screens.

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

I've been here since 2009 at least.

>not using sage
>not knowing how images work
Lurk forever.

Sure you have, mr. O.L.D.fag

Oh great, it's the newfag trying to fit.

It's because S3 is supposedly take place in Hawaii or something.


I think it's Yashiro who dies, and Doumeki will remember him forever, because that's really sticking it to Yashiro's little rant at the end of his first manga.

Next one, most likely.

It's a shit short anime with plenty of QUALITY scenes anyway, I don't know why people even care.

Why are the shotas shirtless?

I'm relying on you guys for the next update. I stopped reading a while ago so I could let the chapters stack up.

Does it seem to be coming to an end or has Yoneda confirmed final volume?

Yashiro has been shot too many times to die, but who knows.
Anyway, one of them will die for sure and my money's on Doumeki.
A double suicide ending would be fine too

Would you a time traveling ninja robot?

Yes but post the live thread.

I don't remember this boy behind Shino and the Tengu, s3 when?

Look it up yourself.

You can't tell me what to do.

Sorry, typo. That guy should go to the live thread instead of dumping here.

>discussion is dumping now

Spotted the best boy

Is it too ontopic for you after half of the thread being offtopic vidya circlejerk?

Oh, it's you again.

There's a live thread for the show up, go there instead. That's how it was in S1 and the IBOfags use their own threads too.

Oh fuck, why must this retard latch on to this show too?

Change your tampons ladies.

If you're going to complain about someone posting 2 screencaps of a currently airing anime then you have to complain about over 200 posts of swordshit that isn't even Cred Forums related.

>posting ONE OR TWO screencaps of a currently airng show is """dumping"""
Wew lads.

Swordshit is Cred Forums related and the anime has just aired so they can make their own thread now.

Does anyone have the screenshot from a YoI thread where someone from dumblr posted they would purposely shitpost bad quality images and over saturated gifs from dumblr when the anime starts airing?

Vol 5 (the one that started with this chapter) is not the final volume.

I don't think he could recover if Doumeki dies, his kokoro would be too brokoro
If Doumeki dies, Yashiro would probably kill himself.

It's like they want these threads to be dead during the fall season.

Fuck off.

Do they wear condom in yaoi manga?


Some do but I prefer bareback and cumming inside, condoms remind me too much of 3DPD

Some. Cheers to the mangaka who know how to make the condom scenes hot as fuck.


Ignore them mate. They are probably mad because you didn't spoonfeed them.

>swordshit that isn't even Cred Forums related.
You're literally retarded

Condoms are one of my favorite things in doujins when they're featured. Something about them is just erotic.

>Swordshit is Cred Forums related and the anime has just aired so they can make their own thread now.

Yeah there's a thread up already.

That, or whore himself out even more and try to forget about him.

When is the next update? This manga should allow NTR to happen cause the main guy is shit.

holy shit, how many condoms are in there?

You fuck off. There are people out there who will actively shitpost because they have nothing better to do or just mentally underdeveloped.


Some do, they should have lube be shown more in some manga. I know there are works who suffer from self lubricating assholes

I second this
but will she have the guts to do NTR?

So all swordfuckers can get out of these threads amirite?
Actually, anyone discussing a currently airing show can fuck off.

They were talking about the game though and were being obnoxious about it.

>posting game screenshots
>Cred Forums related

Don't bring that thread-derailing cancer in here retard.

Masami Obari is a saint for making Fatal Fury beautiful.

Probably not. Maybe she will make a spin-off and the black haired dude got himself a new bf.

>all swordfuckers can get out of these threads if they have their own
That's what happens when you start hijacking the thread every week, no one wants you here. Shocking I know.

I could see that hapenning too, and that's even more sad.
Just mercy kill him then.

Or maybe he becomes impotent because he can't for any other guys (not that it matters anyway), and it all comes full circle.

>Actually, anyone discussing a currently airing show can fuck off.
Exactly, glad you realize how things work around here.

Terry didn't deserve all that suffering.

They said they were making a KoF anime didn't they?

Things b& in the homothread from now on:
Any discussion/images of:
Seriously fuck off to your own threads.

>Actually, anyone discussing a currently airing show can fuck off.

Well if they have their own active thread why the fuck would anyone not want to discuss a show in it's own threads?


That's the safe way out, so 90% probability
But those two, the main couple, just don't work together.

I really hope they break up.
Top can become a second Kan chan and have his own story where he shines.

>Vol 5 (the one that started with this chapter) is not the final volume.

Perhaps I'm reading this wrong, but the comments made me think that it was coming to an end with the build up of potential sex and death. Just the natural build up?

Sometimes I like sharing cute boys with the homothreads, but I guess you guys don't want em.

>no ONS
You tried.

Why are you whining, are you new? Everyone always fucks off to the live threads unless the show isn't popular enough to get threads.

lol who cares?

Or when the threads have good discussion and you don't feel comfortable posting homo.

Hold me faggots, i just finished reading this chapter. ;_;

They don't though? Are YOU new?

Shut the fuck up, you don't get to control what's posted here.

So you finally admit your posts aren't discussion.

>things that never happened
And while you guys are complaining about swords everybody fucked off to the live thread. Shut up already.

You mean he will consider bottoming for some guy in the future? Sign me up. It's better than this problematic relationship.

>dead thread
>everyone's having a great time talking about food and some faggot comes in to talk about boypussy
>you want to share cute boy with homos and maybe get some of them to pick it up

I read this second hand tmblr, but apparently it's not the last volume.

>Back in March, Yoneda Kou tweeted that Saezuru WON’T be over in 5 volumes, so I did a calculation of how much Saezuru we have left and we still have 2 years of party time don’t worry.

Here's the tweet, but I don't now nip so it could be a recipe for salad for all I know.

>missing the blatant sarcasm
Swordfags, everyone.

This really.
I never would have picked up a bunch of shows if you fags hadn't posted about it. But that's not allowed now? Seriously, what the fuck?


Holy shit user, why?
No one wanting to even release it should have given you a clue.

I'll hug you

>Seriously fuck off to your own threads.
In what world is that sarcasm?

Are you too stupid to make your own decisions?

>sharing a cap of a lewd boy of a current anime isn't allowed
What went wrong?

>one retard says it
>everybody's calling him a retard for saying it
>what the fuck guys it's not allowed?

Seems like more than one loud tard.

Given would make a great homo anime

Are you pretending to be retarded or are you pretending this thread doesn't exist? They fucked off after killing half of the thread and they've been doing this every other week. I don't really care about people discussing shows even when they have their own thread as long as they know when to stop but those faggots have been insufferable about it.

What are these threads for then?

Is that ending necessary! They could have ended it after hideo's family give them their blessing.

Hugs you back. No homo.

Hating on things.

Samurai Champloo

Not posting about cute boys or current homoshit in anime in the fall of 2016.

Homo version of Beck?

>Explicit homo


It's a frustrated swordfag wanting to ban everything after realizing his own stupidity made his favorite game be banned from the threads.

Just ignore the shitters.
Post whatever you want.
Don't give them (You)s.

Thanks, user.

>there are threads specifically for the purpose of discussing x show
>people still come here and hijack threads with """"discussion""""
>complain when they're told to fuck off
For what purpose?

If you think what swordfags are doing now is "killing" then you haven't been here for long. They're not having taking a full half thread, and the discussion was sporadic. It's always been like this since there's never been much to discuss.

Again if you think this is "insufferable" you haven't had to sit through all the other autistic fanbases these threads have had to put up with.

I agree, the whole world agrees.
But mangaka didn't.

I honestly don't understand either, it was such a sweet story, it didn't need that ending.
But, this is the world we live in.

So much this

I've been enjoying my homo discussion because I just ignore and don't add to the shit.
You should try it too.

They actually want the thread to be dead.

They haven't fucked though.

>post cute boy doing cute things
>talk about cute boy doing cute things
>don't take too many replies for the same show
>if you want to talk about the show in detail go to the show thread
>if you're taking too many replies with your husbandofagging or fetishfagging move to /ghost/

Is it really that hard?

>322.8 MiB
Am I imagining things or is SB69 S2 picked up by CR this time?


Yes because of the CR-Funi marriage.

Yes because Funi and CR merged.

Everything is hard for literal autists.

I have. That's why I'm saying they should get the same treatment before it's too late.

Wait, what? I should stop living under a rock.

I guess I'll keep the screencap of Crow's purity getting corrupted to myself then.

I miss Speedo.

Google it up or something

Deers any moment now.

Oh right, didn't expect it to start so fast though. I was still waiting for Funi doing softsubs.

There were multiple threads on it.

I am, I was just voicing disbelief in my ability to stay out of the loop.

No you haven't, otherwise you wouldn't be complaining about something so insignificant.
It's obvious they all fucked off to the live thread anyway, and it's clearly going to happen every time the show airs like it does with most popular shows. You are literally complaining about a non-issue.

Good thread guys.
Can't wait to discuss the new Fall season next time!

As a swordfag I don't particularly want to discuss the show here because I know people will just get butthurt about it (and I don't really blame them, I feel the same way about shit that overruns homothreads that I'm not into). This isn't a case where the threads for the series are gonna be full of people going on about wanting to fuck the cute girls or something so I'm fine with keeping most discussion there. If they become too cancerous/tumblry then maybe that'll change, but so far things have been pretty tame.

Got announced last season, though without any further information about how they'll release things.
I guess this just means more CR softsub releases while Funi gets to make more simuldubs no one gives a shit about. I read something about CR's video quality getting worse though, something like the bitrate being reduced by half and stuff.

I think I'm overdue for a rewatch of T&B.

It's his neck joint.

>move to /ghost/
Didn't it die with moe? I don't think fireden has a reply box.

Yeah not like there are no threads for the new shows.

Fuck off already and never come back

Any rips for the new short?

It makes me sad when people can't get jokes and sarcasm

Check your email

Sounds more like you're trying to control the damage because you're a swordfag. Everyone knows that kind of posting will only get worse if you endorse it so there's no reason to not put an end on it now. That's what has been happening to other shows and it worked out well. The past 2 seasons had nice threads overall.

SBR it seems, they never get told to fuck off when they post the anime or the game shit

>I-I was just pretending! It was sarcasm haha
Just stop.

>Cred Forums closes down tomorrow because of Hiro stupidity
>There will be no more Cred Forums
>There will be no more homo threads

I honestly won't miss any of you guys. I don't think any of the old homos are still posting here, all you fuckers do is bitch and whine, the rare times where we manage to have a proper thread we still need to deal with at least 100 posts or so of metashit. Why can't you degenerate cunts talk about anime and cute boys only? Of course people will want to talk about the current shows, this is Cred Forums, it's a board made to talk mostly about airing shows, why would you think this thread would be an expection, fucking idiots, kill yourselves.


Yeah it's pretty great.

I am a swordfag, but it's not damage control, it's exactly what's going to happen. We've already had this discussion before and nobody's going to try to take whole homothreads with the show. It's not good for anybody.

That's not SBR, faggot.

The retard complaining doesn't know that shh.

No, still working. Not in that archive though.

I am.
But I won't miss you either, sadly.

dumblrtards have been ruining the threads and anons that don't ignore the and or report them

He deserved happiness.

There's no anime for SBR yet, user.

I was not the original poster, not that you'll believe me, but I just laughed it off.

Honestly, I'm noticing this is why threads go to shit, because you focus on sperging on things instead of ignoring, don't taking shit seriously and posting bout what you like instead of complaining about what you don't

I would actually be glad if these generals are dead forever.

Homo threads are not a general.

If I had an ox to sacrifice to Jupiter for this and Binan I would.

I don't see this shit in other threads either, just this one. It's strange.

holy shit what is english
>Honestly, I'm noticing this is why threads go to shit, because you focus on sperging on things instead of ignoring, don't taking shit seriously and posting bout what you like instead of complaining about what you don't

You focus on sperging instead of ignoring
You focus on taking shit seriously instead of, again, ignoring
You focus on complaining about what you don't like instead of posting about what you do, making discussion, and gasp! a thread

I don't think so.

>nobody's going to try to take whole homothreads
Did you miss how this thread had over 100 sword replies? Then there's things like Most of your posts are conversations you're carrying over from another board. If you want to talk about the animation or episodes that's fine but no one cares about your own circlejerk.

Oh user, you're in denial.
But that's fine.

Say that to my face and not online mother fucker

I haven't been on many, I just migrated from bin/a/n, and Ive been noticing this on many threads.
This one just took the cake.

You don't seem to get it, but you and the like are the problem.
If you don't like it here, feel free to leave any time.
There's also the homo OTP thread just for you lot.

>tfw you will never be part of a loving pair of homos raising a loli

I will miss everyone except the videogame and shota posters.

600 posts!
Post your favorite Free!

Okay, we've reached the shitposting quota, everybody can leave.

As expected the shitpost is a Freefag.

100 sporadic replies in a thread with 600 posts ins't "taking it over".
This is the first time I've ever seen some faggot refer to discussion outside these threads. All the other discussion hasn't had anything about that and it's been mostly predictions and hopes about the show.

chan closes down tomorrow because of Hiro stupidity
It's just a prank

Why don't more boys have goat eyes?

That artstyle is familiar. Reminds me of Micromacro.

I'd rather it wasn't

> I just migrated from bin/a/n

Newfags ruin the threads again.

Too bad, thanks anyway. Still no season 2 despite how popular it is in nipland; I don't want a live action movie, 25 new episodes would be great.

They were already ruined user.

Pissing in an ocean of piss, etc.

A general needs to be up 24/7. We used to have a thread per month, then per week, and now we've 2 times per week.

It's not a general, you dumb newshit.

He doesn't need to talk though, just suppply his many,many inches of hot cock.

Newfags makes things worse because they don't lurk 2 years before posting.

Maybe they're afraid if they make S2 they'll fuck it up so bad the franchise is never viable again.

Anyone notice the Crow/Aion moment in today's episode? I'd post a cap, but it might upset people.

Should I lurk every thread for two years before posting?

Who do you think is whining about letting everyone post whatever they want?


That's true; I am glad with all the side stuff we get, but now that the manga only has a bonus chapter left I am starting to miss the show more.


No, 5 years for you.

Holy shit user, keep this thread alive for me then, I don't think I'm gonna make it otherwise

Every time I see his face I remember what warmth feels like.

>they kept his VA from the game
You did good BONES.

I literally just came to Cred Forums for Hanamaru how long has the homo stream been dead?

Do I need to watch the shorts before watching S2?
I completely forgot about those.

100 replies in the same thread with that content should be a sign that you should tone it down before it's too late.
And I've seen them do this before. Some of the posts were even deleted.

Almost 2 years?
That should have been the first sign.
I hope Mask is in heaven.

Mate, I've been on Cred Forums since 2008 and been following homo threads since 2013. I don't care about what anons post, the only thing I get mad about a few times is tumblr, emoticons and recs. But I don't even tell people to fuck off anymore, I just report.

Homo threads have a lot of falseflaggers and baiting, you guys are really oblivious.

Christ, it's over two years now since it died, no?

Bones has nothing to do with VAs.

At least 2 years, yes.

Then who?
Anyway I'm glad for the VA, I hope this can really forward his career.

You mean for SB69? No, they weren't anything important. They're cute and very short though so it's not much trouble to watch them if you feel like it.

He's just the singer. There's no voice in the game.

I'll see you all there.

>Then who?

Holy shit.

I'll be ready.

Turn back now while you can.

I'll come for the fit shota