Yuuko is a Goddess

Yuuko is a Goddess.

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Which hibi would you kek?

You mean Reina.


What's with these shit tier character designs? I don't understand how KyoAni made someone as perfect as Kumiko and then decided to shit the bed with the rest of the cast.

No, I mean Yuuko. Such delicate yet curvy girl with the perfect round breasts.
And her character is just amazing, if they ain't shifting focus, you will see.

Asuka because she's the best and most perfect girl.

Fug, how long now? This thursday?

>Mizore holding the hands of two different girls
what does it mean?

>4d 6h 59m

Cum Miko

>Natsuki and Yuuko not holding hands
What does it mean?

Not so bad.

Let's sing the OP

Poor joke.

I thought that the obnoxious glasses bitch and the autist were the only Hibike characters with tits, so my dick has remained put away in regards to what little fanservice material this show has.

I might have to change that soon.

where da feet at

High school girls can magically conceal their tits with uniforms.

>high school girls
Or real women. Anything that's not gigantic can be concealed with a loose bloose or uniform, I know.

>Natsuki & Yuuko interlocking arms

They do things beyond hand holding.

Their arms though.

S-such as?

Natsuki is a predator. Looks gay. I like it.

Private sweaty sit-up compitions.

>touching each other's ribbons
This is the lewdest thing I've ever seen.

Do you approve of Ishihara-kantoku's harem of moderately attractive 2.5D women?

Moe Toyota is Moe

He likes his job.

Is he trying to conceal a boner?

I want to date a Natsuki.

Nozomi and Mizore had cute uniforms

I've never seen a show discussed this much before the show actually came out

Is this the power of moe?

The power of KyoAni girls.

Why do they allow this rapist to freely roam the halls?

Can't wait to see how much of a bitch Asuka will be in season two.

Would still fuck, very hard.

Natsuki and Kaori best girls though.

KyoAni doesn't adapt popular source material these days(xcept Koe no Katachi). So it would make sense that you wouldn't hear about it before the show aired.

I think that this is the only KyoAni show that I've just simply not enjoyed (I skipped Phantom World, though). I don't like the characters, or the drama. It's kinda okay when it goes for cute and comfy, but that doesn't make up the majority of the show.

It's funny, because the general consensus seems to be that this is the only truly great show that KyoAni has produced in recent years.

I've seen enough of these daily cuteposting threads from months back before the season 2 even came out

It's the power of gays.



>a pool episode
>storyboard by Takemoto
>directed by Ishidate
Oh boy.

I always confuse Reina with Asuka

4 D A Y S

Prefere the girls blowing each other
oh my UFO, yes!

Honestly characters are suppose to be 10x sexier when they remove glasses but this doesn't apply to Asuka sadly, She looks so much better with them on.

God damn. Help me, Cred Forums.

Anyone mind posting some more ribbons official art? From what I remember she's not nearly as this endowed in the show, because if so she looks almost as big as Asuka


>Honestly characters are suppose to be 10x sexier when they remove glasses
Seek help.

Is she attractive now?


I mean she looks fine in both but its usually a trope when you take off your glasses you turn into a sex god.


Did someone gave her a free breast surgery

I prefer to call her ribbon


How can you call yourself Hibike fan when you didnt rewatch the BD version of the show?

Either goes really.

Asuka. Because she have interesting personality.
Also, liking plain good girl like Kumiko is too mainstream.

>not watching the BD versions while listening to the staff/cast audio commentary
Get on my level, please.

Ribbons is trash and you are mental damaged if you like her.

( ◔Д◔)
( っค้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้c )

THAT greek goddess body holy shit


Will this show cause an increase in Euphonium sales?


why does she look high?

I can wait for more lens flare.

Physically, between Kumiko and Reina, who do you find more attractive?

Not a hard question.


theyre both cute but not exciting.
i like kumikos height in these group pictures though.

>Honestly characters are suppose to be 10x sexier when they remove glasses

Kill yourself.

>dude weed lmao Anonymous thinking everyone is a dumb stoner like he is

It isn't hip to hate Yuuko anymore.

Usually, I have a thing for dark-haired types but the only thing I like more than that are the floofy-haired types so Kumiko it is.


>plain good girl
did u even watch the show

Oh baby.

why does she look high though?

Why is Yuuko still wearing the ribbons?

Why not.


Natsuki rapes her everyday.

The boner rises.

Was Reina always this stacked?

What if we got a fluffy long black haired girl then?

>why does she look high?

She saw Kumiko's swimsuit

Why do some people fail to recognize how clothing work on normal sized breasts?
Her bust is perfectly the same size as in the OP pic, so those breasts are what I'd expect from her in that position.
It's legit consistent.


I think my heart stopped for a moment

>floofy hair
>straight bangs

That's not how it works.

I knew about the novels long before the anime was even announced. Kumiko is mine and no one else's

The other character designs aren't shit.
Kumiko is just so perfect that everything seems shit by comparison.

>Reina will never give you paizuri while Kumiko sucks the tip

Is this yuri?



Sorry pal, but there is nothing you can do. Please stay away from my wife.

Is this gonna be on the first episode?

Retard ESL

does Reina have a boob mole?

>3d 22h 42m

I welcome this proliferation

asuka is perfect

>all these cow tits
poor Kumiko

Why does Reina have saggy tits at such a young age?

That is my greatest weakness.
>pic related

You can't ignore those shoulder length floofs and those fly-away bangs, user. Her hair is clearly naturally wavy, at least. She probably goes through a bit of work just brushing her bangs down in the morning.


Why didn't they choose Haru to represent PW, he's the MC and he's the cutest too

Yuuko can go suck Kaori's dick.

>This is what we are now

Self-awareness day?

Clearly more plain than Asuka for sure.

Natsuki of course

>( ◔Д◔)
>( っค้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้c )

>tfw you discover there are Ribbonfags

why are there people with such low taste around?

There have always been ribbonfags, pay attention aslutka fags

I've been a ribbonfag even before all the drama started.

how could you dislike this cute rabbit?


The mark of the slut

fight me loser


How would you react if Ribbon walked up to you like that?


Now choice but to violate her mouth virginity

Who's that titty monster.

untie her ribbon

I have a feeling Nozomi and Mizore are going to be shit characters.


Mizore's a huge autist so people probably won't like her

They're a different type of sexy. Kumiko has fluffiness and legs. Reina has attitude and curves. It's a tough call.

She sounds great already.

All of them. My Rape Dungeon has room for a dozen.

Niggers, if you were to study in Kitauji, who would try to date with and how?

Whichever one bumped into me first.

>Mizore's a huge autist so people probably won't like her
But people already like Reina

should I watch the movie before S2?
does it even cover anything important?

God fucking lord, almost. q_q

Ribbons is a shit and literally the worst girl. She did everything wrong.

Yuuko did NOTHING wrong


I'm gonna be friendly with Midori purely for her family's money!

She's been humming on a trumpet for years user.

She'll buzz you like a pro.

w-what is this?

I wish KyoAni would make a show where its female semen demons wear swimsuits all the time

the movie has longer performances which are great to watch, something to get in your music fix before the show starts

there's also one Mizore scene between her and Yuuko thats not too important but its nice

Why is KyoAni doing this? I don't fucking care about romance bullshit in my Hibike.

I don't care what you care about

Her VA actually plays trumpet.

What's the antonym of free?


Reina: ....Kumiko, are you asleep?
>Says Reina as her head peeks out slightly from the futon’s blanket. With eyes that are used to the dark, Kumiko can clearly see Reina’s face
Kumiko: What’s wrong?
>Kumiko whispers back, trying not to wake up the other girls. Reina is painfully silent for a moment but then takes a deep breath. She wrinkles her bedsheets.
Reina: Taki sensei... is he really dating Niiyama sensei?
Kumiko: Shouldn’t you know this Reina? Aren’t your dad and sensei friends?
Reina: I don’t know anything about Taki sensei’s personal life. He just comes over to my house every once in a while.
>As she says that, she incessantly blinks her eyes that are about to spill. Is that how it is replies Kumiko agreeably. Kumiko pulls her futon up to her shoulders, wondering if it’s cold because of the AC. There was a chilling feeling in the air.
Reina: I guess a woman closer to his age is the better fit. I must look completely like a child compared to her.
>Kumiko became worried listening to Reina beating herself up. Just where has the confident Reina gone to? Kumiko extends her hand to Reina’s hand that is sticking out of her futon and lightly holds it. Reina’s hand is soft and kind of small. Kumiko heart beats at the hand of a perfect girl. Feeling the warmth of Kumiko’s hand, Reina cast her eyes down.
Kumiko: You’re not getting anywhere just thinking about this. Isn’t the only thing you can do is to ask him directly?
Reina: Well, yeah there’s that
Kumiko: It’ll be fine, it’ll definitely be okay
>Repeating those uncertain words, Kumiko tightens her grip. Reina slowly blinks her eyes, and then her lips finally curve up. Inside a world painted black, if by chance her long breath could be clearly heard.
Reina: Thanks, Kumiko
Kumiko closed her eyes as she heard those words. Their interlocked fingers were intensely hot.


shit > even worse shit > cancer > the worst thing you can imagine > really just awful > Ribbons

>Kumiko heart beats at the hand of a perfect girl.
>Their interlocked fingers were intensely hot.
>all while talking about wanting cock
seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the author?

Your taste is shit.

And then they train their kissing techniques.

Literally under suicide watch.

Will Ribbon haters change their tune when they find out that Ribbon is the only reason Mizore didn't snap sooner?

How irrelevant will these two be?

Who are these? Don't remember them

I'm sure they'll get plenty of forced scenes that will be the worst part of the show, just like the first season

Are ribbons the yellow menace?

I hope the staff doesn't forget about them again. They're important cuties.


in every "people who did everything wrong" thread, Ribbons is always one of the "winners"

I don't remember that scene, is that from the movie?

Big Violin was the most irrelevant character

>no doujins of Midori trying hard to fit it in

its actually kind of funny

at the start of volume 2, Midori and Hazuki are walking home together and bump into Kumiko and Midori comments that they never hang out together anymore. So Midori is the one who decides they should all go to the pool together.

Ponytail Kumiko is the only good Kumiko

All I want in life's a little bit of Midori to take the pain away

2 minute shorts, they're golden for reaction images since they're basically slide shows

>no doujins of people trying hard to fit into Midori

Not him, but your taste a shit.

>no doujins of numerous faceless men fitting into midori

midori and hazuki are Kumiko's back-up friends.

There's like six.


Fill in the following,

First girlfriend:




It's all for the suffering moe so it's okay.




what did they mean by this?

something about a concert for the premier of Hibikek. Kyoani was working with local schools and doing concerts, this one was for the Hibike recap movie.

Second day of a public performance. Things will be on sale at the same time as yesterday. Crowding and a big rush are expected, so buy early.


Favorite instrument?

who wins the Asukabowl?

Wow, I like this.

Me. I won it.

This is great, looking forward to more.

Yuuko and Natsuki doujins when?

How the fuck do you even pronounce the title of this lesbian anime?

Honk! You-phone-ium

>Their interlocked fingers were intensely hot.

Uhm hetfags?

>interlocking fingers while talking about boys

So, are we all hype for more Hibikeking?