Tropes you love

>reverse NTR

>reverse comedy

>reverse NTR
You mean when the husband comes home and fucks the other man to make him his bitch and to uncuck himself?

God, I hate that shit so dammed much. It feels like the only one winning is the woman.

>reverse isekai

Character from a magical world comes to Earth?

this was honestly the best thing I ever read
Shame there isnt more like this
>you want to fuck my wife?
>you want to make me a cuck?
>If I make you my bitch it doesnt matter if my wife is your bitch

>>reverse NTR

Isn't that just vanilla?

Do you have any examples of this? It sounds hilarious.

Name literally one (1).

Cute girls doing cute things in a war torn planet.

it's called British comedy

it ruins it if you know how it ends, its chinese dont remember the name
some 10/10 trap uses his femine features to get inside of mens homes and fuck their wives, one day he messes with the wrong house

What is it called when it's a girl cucking another girl?


>Mc is obviously mentally unsound
>characters call him out on his bullshit



There is actualy a VN about it.


>reverse horror?

Usually it means a girl steals a guy from another girl.

You haven't read that one doujin where a guy catches his wife getting fucked by a trap and then fucks the trap in the ass to assert dominance until he's a submissive bitchslut?

reverse NTR is quite good

>reverse tsundere girls are the best

How is that reverse NTR? That's just straight up NTR except with the gender roles reversed.

It's when a show makes a fool out of the viewer

So Evangelion

that's just netoroi, instead of the usual netorare, still NTR.

It's american thing. Like they call racism of blacks towards whites "reverse racism", as if they can't comprehend abstract relationships between objects without specifying the objects themselves.

Next page?


The Japanese obviously have their own terminology for things, but when Westerners say

>reverse harem
>reverse NTR

they mean the gender flipped version of whatever it is.

Give this man a shogunate!

>It's american thing.
Except "reverse rape" is actually a Japanese term, you quadruple nigger. Reverse NTR works the same way.

Source for newfags would be nice.

San Se Fang

>reverse tsundere
>first she is sweet and nice
>with relationship going she gets more of a piece of shit


Imoutos with a brother complex. It will never get old.

10/10 fund this.