Is there any anime more えいがかん than Kill Me, Baby!?

Is there any anime more えいがかん than Kill Me, Baby!?

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Reminder Sonya-chan is best girl.


wasa wasa




translate it weebs

Agiri on weed
>cool and laid-back

Agiri on cocaine
>mean and hyper-strong


They are so gay


Boku no pico

Agiri on TV
>not anymore and good riddance

Rip in pieces seiyuu career. ;_; Hope those few bumps were worth it.

Coke is never worth it. Such a pointless drug.


S2 when?

Movie theatre?
OP needs to stop being a pussy and use kanji so I can actually understand what he's talking about.

Excuse me I happen to be an expert.

It's clearly an attempt at Japanese equivalent for "kino", a Cred Forums meme which implies it is an ironic masterpiece.

I know Japanese parfectely thus i can tell youre wrong go buck to your place you frogposter.

映画館 is nip for cinema
Kino is german for cinema

>American celebrity does a lil cocaine, everyones cool with it.
>Nip does some and she's blacklisted and shamed out of her carreer.
WTF is wrong with the japs?

They still value the moral fabric that binds a cohesive society.

We're talking about Japan here, they really can't take that much moral high grounds.

That's not true at all.
I'm America a celeb is bombarded with photographers and """"""""""Journalists"""""""""" every waking moment when something like this gets out and every story is about their downward spiral all the way to rehab.

Nah, they're definitely better than Detroit, or whatever other roodypoo-infested shithole society encourages drug use.

You're loosing me.

only if it's Charlie Sheen levels of JUST. It was like the voice actor's first time.

The thing is, 映画館 refers only to the building that you go to to watch movies.
It's like looking at Moby Dick and calling it library.

Not being controlled by the jews helps probably

Your Japanese may be good but you should probably study up on your meme

>live in Washington, one of the states where DUDE WEED LMAO is legal
>best economy in the country

Drugs are okay when used responsibly. Never underestimate the power of amphetamines dess.

Opioids and Alcohol are the real cancers on society.


still never ever

Who did she suck off to get out of this one?


She used her ninjutsu.

Japanese celebrities aren't all degenerates to begin with.


>WTF is wrong with the americans
Fixed it for you burger

>ninja blowjob

I will sexualize these babies.

dont stop

addicted to the shindig

This comment just got you on the FBI watch list

but they are not little girls

Baby, please kill me.

I like to think it's just the artstyle and if drawn in more detail they'd be fully grown highschool girls. I also like to think Yasuna is actually a big-hipped titty monster, nature had to compensate her somehow for her lack of brains so it gave her a voluptuous body built for breeding.

Federal baby inspector?

>Yasuna is actually a big-hipped titty monster

Not the bassist at least.

I didn't like killme baby but it was better than nichijou

Get out

Do you hate fun?