Dimension W

What went wrong?

Something in your head.

Nothing. It was a cute robutt.

too much crammed into 12 episodes

Mira makes everything alright. Nothing's wrong.

>MC didn't fuck the robot in the end
This is what went wrong

The show's plot was a fucking trainwreck. It wouldn't have mattered if it was 12 episodes or 50.

Shitty teenage robot love interest. Like, seriously. Kyouma looks like a 40 year old man and there are all kinds of adult women around him, but he only wants to fuck his Precure-esque dead waifu and the robot whose body was supposed to be hers now wants to fuck him.

When they started introducing a whole cast of shounenshit characters nobody cares about and tried to give them all personalities, backstories, and screentime we didn't want.

It could have been good if the show continued to focus just on the two main characters without straying into 5 different story arcs at once.

I liked some of them but there was not enough time for them to get any development and it made no sense to include so many of them.

They crammed in too many story arcs.

Not enough robot ass.

Mansion arc.



Bad source material

shit hair

Not enough best girl

I enjoyed it but all Cred Forums cares about is posting gifs of the robot girl butt.

Something something that fucking dam episode. Complete fucking disconnect, cramming all that garbage into a single episode.
Seriously what the fuck was going on?

Anyway the main point is that they tried to pull on the heartstrings but they didn't actually give enough time to actually connecting with the heartstrings, so they just pulled nothing

Not enough chest vagina

She isn't wearing enough hats.

Going to the island. If it had been about their adventures getting coils and some answers being thrown in the middle it would've been great.