What anime will you guys watch on this very important day?

What anime will you guys watch on this very important day?

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Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes 4 and 5.
Mononoke Bakeneko arc.

FMP Onsen episode

Maybe I'll finally get around to watching Strike Witches or Outbreak Company.


What else would it be?



Sweetness and lightning

Been reading Gantz all day long. I'll finish it today.
It reminds me of Parasyte somehow.

Pretty sure it's supposed to be hung

Pokemon Generations


I dont know.


>Not Asuka episodes

Gonna finish Monster

It honestly hasn't been that good and I'm pretty much done.

inb4 tweeest

If the context is someone that has been sentenced to death by hanging and it was carried out, or suicide by hanging, the correct usage is hanged.

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Dog Days

Nep OVA again, and pretend it's Uzume-centric.

Shin Cutey Honey, about to start Re: Cutey Honey

Gonna finish Nisemonogatari

I just finished Alderamin.

I'll finish Manabi Straight.

Afterwards Ben-to, Un Go or kokoro connect.

boku no pico

I have to watch it in order.

I'm trying to catch up with Dragon Ball Super.

anime is for fags

Sign up for secret Santa yet?

Nothing at all.

I will send all my anime BDs

>background color matches pink board instead of blue board

Oh yeah. Which ones do you got.

The only series to ever unite this board

I actually just finished re-watching Eva.

Eurobeat: the anime

Cred Forums made me hate chess

Kingdom season 2

Do you faggots even Cred Forums ?

Catch up to Saiki. Only on episode 27 and I think it's up to 60-something now.


>91 days finale
>finish amanchu
>catch up on saiki
>start regalia
So are the [HS] rips not the redrawn episodes of Regalia 3 Sacred Stars?

Episode 14 and onwards of Harlock

Well I just hit episode 53 on my FMA:B rewatch. So these next few episodes, I suppose.

>listening to anything but the Initial D soundtrack
I do not know why some people do this

Yuru Yuri S2

All of Melon Pan



This and the second set of HxH OVAs

Should I watch Overman King Gainer or The Devil is a Part-Timer?

Neither, watch Texhnolyze

King Gainer is amazing and a lot of fun, just be prepared for a lot of Tomino.

Z Tomino or ZZ Tomino?

Think more on the lines of Xabungle.

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I just recently discovered the gem that is Shigofumi. Will continue watching today. Never thought I missed that one.

HxH 2011
Code Geass R2

I'm rewatching Lucky Star

Yuushibu. For some reason.

I fear I missed out on all the great times on Cred Forums when the biggest shows were running amok.

Missed Code Geass, Chaika, K-On!

Will we ever see a series with that much impact again?

Daily lives of highshool boys.



Planning on watching more of Clue Comet SPT Layzner or starting Twin Spica later, I need to finish the last couple episodes of Sailor Moon season 1.

As for manga, I've had Onwards Towards Our Noble Deaths and A Drifting Life sitting on my shelf for a while. Might finally start reading one of those before I buy some more.

Chaika gets posted all the time still. It had a lasting impact unlike most other seasonal garbage.

Personal tastes aside you can't deny it. Even Umaru had a similar impact.

Nice boat

Re Zero did it for a day

And that I didn't watch until it was over. That one was my bad.

I'm hoping Hibike will bring some shitstorm this fall.

re-watching hunter x hunter & charlotte. i'm in a bad place in life right now.

gantz is tops, good choice

Will probably marathon show by rock before S2 starts. Looks cute and for some reason I didn't watch the first season while it was airing.

You're wrong though, hanged is the proper past tense for dying by hanging.

You're not just a pedant, you're a stupid pedant

Well I watched the last alderamin spidersode this morning.
There's nothing else to watch dude
Well there is time something 24 something which I'll watch later

>plan to watch 17 shows for fall
>still have 4 left from spring
>still have 6 left from summer
I'm doomed.

Final episode of 91 Days, a couple episodes of Michiko and Hatchin, Shuumatsu no Izetta, and the new Working anime. Pretty excited for Working, hopefully this one gets 3 seasons too.

Gonna finally finish Kekkai Sensen

Shakugan no Shana S3

After I finish Michiko and Hatchin should I watch Ben-to or Yuyushiki?

Yuyushiki is unique.

This is why I wait a season or so and watch shows when they're done. I just can't stand waiting a week just to see the next episode in a show, its one of the main reasons I ditched TV for internet. Don't even care if I fall too far behind either, backlogs are just never ment to be completed.

I can't wait a week either, I usually get the episode as it comes out then just save it for when the series is finished so I can work on my backlog in the meantime.

irc strike witches and toradora were the first anime I actually watched together with Cred Forums.

so that brings up the question to everyone else.
what was the first anime you watched together with Cred Forums as it was airing?

I've been watching anime for like a year at that point but the season one finale was what made me interested in actually discussing anime.

Slaine did nothing wrong.

lucky star
Panty Stocking
Zetsoubo sensei

but too afraid to watch Amagami

The best one.

Shows I really like are no problem. But average shows just stack up every season.
And to answer the op question I'm not gonna watch anything and just play MH all day, again

You could say you hat-ed it.

hibikes ;_:

Initial D

finish yuyu yuri s1 and nisemonogatari

I haven't watched anime for like a month since most of the newest season annoyed me.

Guess I'll marathon 91 Days since the first episode was interesting. Maybe I'll force myself to watch GUTS.
Might go watch Black Lagoon since I haven't seen it a long ass time and I can't even remember what it's about anymore other than salary man.

Kinda also feel like watching some with stylish action and ultra violence. Maybe Samurai Champloo or Tokyo Ghoul. Dimension W had some stylish action, but the story itself was pretty average.

Maybe something edgy as fuck.

Read Devilman


I'm about to finish the series myself.

I'm watching Hi no Tori right now. I thought it would be deeper and more thoughtful. Don't get me wrong. There's symbolism there and interesting themes, but I was expecting to pause after every episode to really analyze something. Oh well. It's still a good ride.

Sleeping with Hinako.

Chaika is nothing compared to Umaru

Quite possibly the best anime ever made

>was expecting to pause after every episode to really analyze something
Since when has that been done in anime? Or in any visual medium as a whole?
If they want you to think in something they normally leave for you to think at the end of the episode/movie, nobody expects you to pause it and think, it just doesn't mesh well with how it is done.


>only watched one series from summer and one from fall, one still on hold from spring.
>still shitposting on Cred Forums all day everyday


Don't forget Haruhi, Panty & Stocking, and Kill la Kill

Some new shit to drop at episode 1. And Working.


Will be busy all day, but planning in watch Yuuki Yuuna once i'm back home, what i'm getting into Cred Forumsmigos?

Just finished Natsume S4. It was great.