Love Live

The results of Nico sexually breeding with Maki is a fine Diamond and a Ruby.

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>Maki being the one to carry the child

Someone told me that Ruby is the least-liked Aqours on Cred Forums. Is this true?

I, for one, think Ruby is absolute perfection. The way she clenches her hands, her warm, personality, and her loli body makes for a perfect waifu package.

>Love Live
So Cred Forums doesn't care about Sunshine anymore?

It's shit. We shouldn't.


The least liked is either Kanan. Someone might pop in to say Chika but that's mainly vocal rat posters from /vg/.

I don't know about Cred Forums but she came last in the poll asking who you want the center to be for the next single.

Has science gone too far?

>The least liked is Kanan
>Least liked

Is this an Cred Forums poll?


Is this an Cred Forums poll?

A jap poll you fullretard.

>Chuunishit 1st

Emi Nitta got fired from Cardfight Vanguard G.

I guess her career couldn't recover from the scandal.

Literally who should be deadlast.

I want to sell my soul to the devil and spend eternity serving her.

>He can't read
We were talking about popularity here in Cred Forums.

NicoMaki OTP

>The sky is blue
>Water is wet
>Musefags can't read

More like nickmak poster wanting to create a shit thread.

Actual poll.

That was for the fictional dates you dumb nigger. This poll is for the next single's center.

I like how the bottom three are the characters who I'd want to see as center the most. ;_;

Agreed. a Ruby center song would be pretty interesting.

>Kanan that high
Kanan is my idolfu. I don't feel special anymore.

was there an armpit idol in muse?

Goddamnit. Why does You look like such a goddamn cuck

datenshi > rat of muse

it's more like she's showing off her waifu armpits.


She's the alpha bitch showing off her harem more like.

it looks like You is whoring Chika to Riko.

She hasn't had one yet but will eventually. They only amount to about 0-10 seconds of solo lines so it isn't really that significant.

I find it funny anyone complains about Chika being pseudo-center because she sang 3 words solo.

Riko in mufti is fucking sex.

Eli is the sexiest raibu, no contest

I want to do the sex with Chika's mama.

We all do, faggot.

Any Flips here going to see Rippi today?



There's really nothing scientific about me impregnating Maki


Fuck off! I'm not gonna let any male stick their wiener inside her baby maker again besides me.

Which one would you make a soccer team with?

would Riko have a threesome with Chika and her mum?

None, but I would with Kanan as she's /fit/

Why would I make a soccer team with one raibu? I don't even like soccer. and how would you even make a soccer team with two people? Are you autistic, user? Can you count? Just go ahead and fuck off to Cred Forums with your soccer bullshit.

He meant having alot of children to form a soccer team, are you retarded? Pretty sure the exact saying has been in tons of anime before too.

>Pretty sure the exact saying has been in tons of anime before too.

Holy shit you're retarded.

>he likes the shitty toddler
Japs usually love girls like Ruby, yet they hate her. It's amazing to me.

She's a Nico ripoff. That's why she's not popular.

Yeah except for those parts where she's nothing like Nico at all.

>Ruby is a Nico ripoff
Ruby isn't an annoying selfish unliked cunt

How is Ruby anything like Nico? Only thing they have alike is the twintails, Nico is memorable, Ruby is not. I can't even think of a single thing Ruby did in the anime. If anyone is like Nico, it's Yoshiko.

Emi Nitta got replaced by Aiba Aina for Tokoha for the next season of Vanguard G.

Nice samefagging. You can stop you stupid Yoshimaru fag. I know you have a huge hate boner for Ruby.

Maybe she can come back in a couple of years with small parts like Aya Hirano.

would you let them take turns with your ass, Cred Forums?


No. Give me some actual good idols and maybe.

Isn't this a kid's show? It would be odd if kids were even aware who the VA is.

I'd only let Kanan do that

Ruby is CUTE. Fuck you.

>Nico and Maki otp
Best girls hooked up. Praise SCIENCE.

Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby!

The parents decide what they watch, not the kids.

I wish Ruby was my daughter.


>Eli can do anything she wants with this body
Why am I not a cute 3D girl?

Her career is fine. She's the lead in an upcoming anime, she's made multiple concert appearances and she probably has another show coming up.

what is with Sunrise's fascination with yellow and purple?

Aya plays one of the MCs in Fairy Tail, hardly a small part.

not to mention they're gay.

Youkan, please give me more.


I want to impregnate Kanan!



That's a really cute picture of her, I like it more than her actual anime design. Maybe if she looked like that she wouldn't have been so annoying.

Stop bullying Wooby

Ruby is for ________



You comes off so genuine that her drama arc, which would probably be incredibly awkward with anyone else, actually seemed to fit. I don't usually like genki girls but she was one of the best parts of sunshine.


>Ruby is for (You)

You're thinking of Kanan

I only watched two episodes, but I felt Ruby is more like Hanayo if anything.

Dia is some fusion between Nico and Eli.

I love Nico more than life itself.

>two episodes
Come back when you've finished it so we can have fun and talk shit about Aqours.

Japan probably likes sweet girl, and nips are just lolicons, but now they find her boring.

At least Maru and Yoshiko are great.

Don't feel like it. I rather rewatch the first two.

>Hate Wooby
What? Stop projecting NicoNiii~gger.

Also, Wooby personality is way better than Nig.

YohaChika or Chikanan?


1 hour boys!

Can't wait to see it confirming Aqours' disqualification.

What time is Nico hour?

Just finished Rippi's concert, seen 2/9 muses so far. Its sad that ill never see all of them perform at the same time. Shes better at entertaining the audience than the first I saw who was Pile but Rippi sang less songs than her.

What I didnt like was how she teased love live like how Sunrise baited muse cameo and didnt even sing a LL song at the end. But I can understand since the contracts over.


In 25 minutes? Ok I'll be ready.

Who's the top?

Kanan. But Mari is like the dominant woman in the relationship whereas Kanan is like the henpecked man.

What am I suppose to do on Saturdays if there's not raburaibu anymore?

Post more, You is the best.

I've started watching this series and find it incredibly comfy. I usually only watch action oriented animes. Any other animes this comfy?

Sweetness and Lightning

Here's one.

preferably dubs


Pls make me roll the new UR Yohane

Why Kananfags are so shameless?


God, I love Kanan.

Grats, I got UR (You) from the previous event roll, couldn't be happier

Thanks! Can't believe I actually got her after making that post and congrats for your You too.

Kanan is delicious

Only dykes like Kanan, no surprise they are shameless.

Nice YoshiRiko nerd.

>worst girl breeds with best girl to produce new best girl and worst girl
Checks out.

Thread is dying.Post Honk


Rin, without a second thought

Did you attend the meet and greet user? Heard stories of what happened and now I'm extremely jealous. I thought you had to bring your own merchandise for her to sign so I didn't go early to buy the ticket. People I know who attended said that since she's gonna be the one to give the merch (photocard), she'll sign in it front of you so you'll be able to have a small talk with her, this is why I've fucking regret not attending it.

Nico is the only one who can save this thread now.

Wider hips

Pick 2


I want Honk side ponytail


Happy and sad at the same time.

Sad because obviously no more love live for now. Happy because I won't be sleep deprived during Sundays because of this.

Now you have to rewatch all of the Love Live series and skim it for trivia

Also read/listen/play to all other material and compare them until you don't know what to believe anymore.


Saw her seiyuu today and she is a fucking cute. Rin may not be in my top muse list but Rippi's definitely on one of my top 3D moos.

Isn't that the definition of insanity?

Nice, was it an event or just in passing?

Gangbang RUBY!

Not MY Ruby

It's been a week since LLSS ended. What have you done with your life?

Filled the void by playing SIF.

Would you like to take her place, Dia-san?

Catching up on kamen rider ghost
Ghad that show was awful as fuck. I might drop it now.

>Guys everywhere

She had a mini concert with like only 5 songs. Here's my post earlier. Still salty that I didn't get a meet and greet ticket (which were sold only about 3 hours before the session started). Heard that she conversed with every fan while she's signing the photocards.

Maybe next time

Riko and Zura


Also got hesitant in meeting her since the last one I attended which was Pile's last year had completely fucking strict management like they told us to receive her photocard and only say thank you then quickly exit the room. I thought every Nip Managements were like that but seems that not everyone was.


Is she more popular?

Ruby is more likely a moeblob than a Nico ripoff

M A R I !

Do you love her?

Were talking about their seiyuus right? Cuz you're asking about Maki vs Rin in popularity, then you probably know that obvious answer.

I think Rippi's much more popular because of her longtime gravure career. Pile used to be a nobody singer who almost quit if not for love live.

I forgot to note, but I kind of felt bad for Rippi, I saw pics of people in the m&g room before she arrived and they were mostly wearing Maki, Honoka, and Umi shirts and jackets (the bushiroad ones). Same during the concert. lol if I was given the chance to attend the meet and greet, I would also be wearing my newly bought Maki animal parka.

Kanan is so pretty. I hope they expand on her more. I want that calm big sister personality that I love in my girls

The better question is does she love me?

Yes, thing is I don't follow 3D stuff unless its something major



Oh, I see. I also didn't care that much about the 3D until a convention here last year announced that they will be guesting Pile. Same management that brought Rippi this year or should I say today.

What are they watching?

Poll for who will be the lead in the 3rd single.
You can vote once per day until October 5 5:00PM JST I voted for Yohane

I'd pick only my wife.


I ugugu desu wa



Why is Ruby so mean?

Good job, keep voting for Yohane bros.

Can we get a Cred Forums sings of Snow Halation to honor Siiva?

>Ruby that low

I thought Japan loved that character archetype?

Started a band

>That moment you realize they couldn't even bother to create new characters for the fangirls

Literally just a different hairstyle.

Why not vote for Honk?

She's also one of the best singers in the original group. Too bad her character was more or less a meme.

Breeding season must start early in the big cities.

That is crazy but understandable for the life of an extra

If only she were an option.

>It is going to feel good, trust me


>16 years old yet still behaves like a toddler

In America she would have no friends

What's so toddlerish about that?



Lick Umi.


Honk Honk.

Nico nii

In most countries. Lucky for her, she's 2D.

Lol Nico is poop

ganbaruby's ain't even her own idea




Spit in her mouth, she's asking for it.

DO NOT sexualize the Honkers.

Let's move on to something else then.

>both chika and honkers get shat on because HURR YOU NEED A SPECIFIC NUMBER TO MAKE A CLUB!
>there's a ton of idol groups with less than 5 members
really, how did saint snow managed to get formed as school idols?

Not every member of the Idol club has to be an idol. They probably just let the background/ugly girls join their club instead of just relying on their good graces like Honk/Chika did with


Sexy imouto

Lewd time!

We already had the orchestra a few months back, channel was a fun run while it lasted

We tried that before and there were like 5 submissions, all shit.

why did aquors get all that stage time to tell a sob story?

Poor writing. It's even worse when you realize they didn't do it in their idol uniforms, and had to go back to get dressed and prepped for the actual performance.

After episode 11, I thought I didn't like Chika anymore. Now I love her more than before. What's wrong with me?

Nothing at all, Chika is loveable.

Guys.... something's missing today...

Interest in LL threads?

I can't get Honoka off my mind.

Neither can I. She just hits that sweet spot in between cute and sexy so well.

It's depressing how much shit she got, but I'll always be with the sun.

Who out of all the raibus would lose it first on a deserted island with no hope of survival?

My guess is Hanayo or Nozomi, since they wouldn't be able to endure the lack of calories because they're both fatasses.


Lewd Honoka is lewd.

But that's wrong, Umi isn't a cow.

Yeah which is why I mentioned that I kinda felt bad that most people who were able to get close to her during her stay wasnt flashing her character rather, her other fellow muse.




Honk honk!


Kanan nice body

>you start to date Maki
>after 3 or 4 months you tell her you want to "do it"
>nani sore, imi wakannai

Can you guys keep it down, Dia is can't hear herself

If I'm going to date someone difficult she might as well be cuter and more useful at home than Maki, like Nico is.

Is this accurate?

Why not Umi?

Nico would be an abusing girl, 2/10 would not touch.

More or less, Hanamaru had a 5 years love live special magazine featuring µ's.

>no fun allowed: the raibu
no thanks

She is mine.




Man. I miss honk so much.

I bet you're an unemployed landwhale who can't handle a serious and /fit/ raibu like Umi.

What does You's face feel like?

I want to grow more as a LL!fag.

Is the TCG recommended?

Really smooth and perfect. You'd never guess that she's a doormat.

It's just Weiss Swartz cards re-skinned or a simpler version of YuGiOh


Get into the manga and other print media

honk honk

What if I'm into that sort of thing?


I am a negative IQ retard trapped in a shit job but if only Nico treated me like the trash like i am, and bullied me with "hey you retard go and read that math book and get this mark for the next exam or else i wont let you to sniff my dirty socks!!! btw make my dinner and do my laundry you pig" i would improve

I hope these sluts get good porn.

Arise deserved more.

Couldn't get this UR card so I decided buy the jacket and become Maki myself.

Go on

>Lick lewd Burd.

How many babies will she pop out?


You are not supposed to eat it alive.


I just realized that I have the exact Dia mole ugugu desu wa

Now you need an imouto



Umi isn't that big.

I'll give you a big girl.

Delicious Nozomi.



She's so beautiful



Can someone give me some smug idols in exchange for this angry looking one?

Guess who made the background music for this.



shit I just finished watched the final episode and shit man, so gay. what am I doing on this gay crap, the fuck man

Reminder that Nozomi was not made for sexual.

You wouldn't sexualize your own mother would you?

Who the hell is this faggot?

Some youtube memer.

(You) are the best.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

Chika is so ugly her mom is way prettier

Can someone explain where the Nico/Maki ship came from?



In the anime, hanayo/rin and eli/nozomi are pretty obvious. That leaves the 2nd years and nico/maki. It's only natural that at that point they'd be paired up by default.

They just happened to be the two most popular Love Live characters, which is why the ship is so popular.

The original music videos before the anime. Specifically the valentine one.
Newfags wouldn't know.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

>Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.


Cred Forums Gold. Blame Hiro.

Aqours is better than µ's just by merit of more detailed armpits

Well that one was the CGI, I don't think they put lighting on the models


Here you go pitfags

How's the CGI in Sunshine? I haven't touched it.


Nope. µ's beats them in that department too. Aqours has nothing going for them.

"I'd like you to come take a peek into the blue waters of Uchiura with me"
Q1: Tell us how a typical day goes at your marine shop
I wake up early in the morning, and start by checking the weather and wind speed. Then, I make sure all the tanks we need for the day are filled with air, and get the other equipment ready. Then, I take the boat out onto the water and manage the lessons. In the afternoon, I also act as a guide for scuba divers

Q2: Tell us what really makes diving so great?
I think I'd have to say it's the thrill of being able to swim anywhere you want, and the beautiful undersea view. Really, it's like you're entering a different dimension I hope you can experience it for yourself too When you enter the silent world surrounded by blue waters, it's like you've become another animal!

Q3: Kanan, when do you feel relaxed?
I'd have to say it's when all my dives for the day are done, and I get to float up to the surface, get the tank and BC jacket off, climb onto the rubber boat, and get my wetsuit down to my waist, that moment! Maybe? Ehehe. Sorry if that's too specific But it's like that for me even at a regular pool. When you finish swimming to your heart's content and come up to rest, you get a feeling that just can't be beat

Q4: I'd like to pick up stargazing, so are there any tips you can give?
The most important things for stargazing would be the season and location, I'd say. I'd advise going somewhere rural, like Uchiura, where there's not a lot of urban lighting, or into the mountains. It's fun to use a telescope, but stargazing with the naked eye is fun in tits own way, too I love the winter sky.


Q5: Tell us what delicious seafood you can find in Uchiura or Numazu!
If you're in Ito, I've gotta recommend the splendid alfonsino! It's a red fish with big eyes in a big head, and I eat a lot of it boiled in soy sauce. It's also a typical part of meals at Chika's hotel. Other than that, there's the typical dried whitebait and sakura shrimp, I suppose. I suggest making sakura ebi-don with lots of ginger. A good source of calcium.

Q6: Is there anywhere you'd like to go diving outside of Numazu?
I've always wanted to go to Okinawa! The customers always tell me how beautiful Ishigaki Island and Iriomote Island are, so I'd like to just stay there for a month or so and go diving every day. Then there's also Palau and the Maldives. It might be a bit difficult since those are overseas, but I'd like to go someday.
Dia Q&A
"You want to know about me that badly? Oh fine, I'll tell you, then"
Q1: What do you usually talk to Ruby about?
I don't talk to Ruby very much because we don't have a lot in common. It's just "good morning" and "welcome home" and other greetings? Hehe, oh, and I tell her when she's forgotten her things, or when her uniform skirt is crooked, things like that. I don't know a lot about those idols she loves so much.

Q2: What was your childhood dream?
To live in a castle as a princess in the family of the daimyo's chief retainer. It wasn't really a dream, I was just certain that was what I would become, but it seems that the time for that has passed. Hehe, that's right, I do have some unexpectedly cute points. Other than that, I kind of wanted to be a schoolteacher as well.


Why is Dia such a slut?

Q3: As a perfectionist, do you ever commit any failures or mistakes?
Absolutely not. Who do you think I am? ... Well, that's what I wish I could say, but of course I have. I'm not so foolish that I can't admit my own mistakes. One major mistake I've made recently would be when Ruby asked me to help write her book report over summer break. It was written so well that I got found out. I was pretty sure I had lowered my quality far enough... Honestly, I feel sorry for that girl!

Q4: What movies do you like?
I watch a lot of war movies. Oh, I don't mean the ones with lots of planes or bombs, of course. I mean the socially-conscious ones about the Holocaust or the tragedies of war, and such. When I watch them, I feel like there's something squeezing on my chest. It motivates me to live each day of my life to the fullest.

Q5: Why did you become the student council president?
Because nobody else wanted to do it. My teacher asked me to run for the position, and, well that's how it's always been. Whenever we needed a class representative or grade representative, everyone turned to me, like, "Dia will do it," so, I had to. But, it's not like it makes a difference who's the student council president, does it? I'm doing the work with no problems.

Q6: I heard your father named you, but how did he decide on your name?
He says it's a family tradition to name the girls of the Kurosawa family after gemstones, because girls are the treasures of the family. A bit unusual, isn't it? Now we use katakana, but we used to use Japanese names. In that case, Ruby would become Kougyoku, and as for myself... I think I'm fine with being Dia, thanks.*
*[Note: For reference, diamond would be "kongou" in Japanese]


I want to squirt all over Nico.

I want to put my balls on Nico's forehead.

I want to knock her out after she slices my cucumber up into pieces and puts white goo over her Nico Nico face.

This is exactly what I am going to do to Nico and none of you are going to stop me!


"Come with Mari and set off on the most exciting adventure the world has ever seen"
Q1: Do you have a favorite Japanese four-letter word?
I've got lots! Jitsushitsu gouken (vigorous and sincere), kuuzen zetsugo (the first and last of its kind), icchou isseki (a fleeting span of time), the list goes on! It's like a rhyme, when you've got these similar sounds coming together in a word, and I love that! It sounds kinda musical, doesn't it? You've got rhymes in English poetry, but Japanese sounds so much tighter and sharper! It's so cute, it my heart starts racing!

Q2: How good are you at horseback riding?
I'm only riding as a hobby, so I'm not even close to the level you'd need to compete. Besides, I ride western style, not British style with all the jumping and stuff! But, it's always fun when I'm riding along and it feels like I'm one with the horse! If you're riding with me, just let me handle it!

Q3: Have you run into any troubles with living in a hotel?
I've run into... nothing, really! Oh, but now that you mention it, I guess it's not easy to receive any secret mail? The mail service always brings it to the front desk, and then a concierge brings it to my room, so I'm sure they check the sender. If you're gonna send me a secret fan letter, be careful about that!

Q4: We know you like punk and metal, but are there any new genres that you've started liking after you became a school idol?
Japanese idol songs are unique. They're not just cute, recently, I've started realizing they're surprisingly funky too. I think it's really cool how well they pull off cuteness! But, I hope that one day I can start a punk unit in Aqours and sing some sick tunes. We can all headbang together!

Q5: What's your favorite present that you've received?
This question's so hard! After all, nothing makes me happier than a thoughtful present. Oh, I know. Well, my birthday came just before summer break, and all the members of Aqours sang a birthday song for me! That would be my favorite present lately, I think. And, I'll never forget how the cake looked after Ruby tripped and knocked it over, either!

Q6: You seem like the type to employ a cook, but can you cook by yourself?
My best dish is a hot sandwich wrapped in foil and cooked outdoors, over an open fire! When I ride my horse for long distances, I make them with bread and corned beef once I get to my destination. And, if I've got some hot coffee in my thermos to go with it, then it's perfect! So, I can cook, but only outdoors Next time, I think I'll try making baked apples in a dutch oven!



Jesus, the second question turned me on already

Q4: well, considering what AZALEA is...

Those words have way more than four letters.



Those scanners at the checkout line don't actually spray stuff out like that, you know

Dia just got a whole lot more interesting

Geez I haven't been following these sources. Shit I even remember there was a Yoshiko noe posted here. Where do they come from? I'll like to catch up, somewhere...

I never knew Mari was a cowgirl, that explains why she is tuff. I bet she can shoot too

>stargazing with the naked eye is fun in tits own way
Not sure if on purpose or freudian typo.

Damnit Japan...
I'm embarassed by you guys sometimes.

That was an honest mistake. Please don't bully

2nd Years:
1st Years:

ara ara~ thank you very much!

Ruby is so incompetent that she needs her sister to do her homework for her. That girl is a disgrace to the family.

Someone post the hairy pits

>I want to knock her out after she slices my cucumber up into pieces and puts white goo over her Nico Nico face.
Please elaborate further.

But she is the baby so it is okay, at least now we know that Ruby is a baka who only reads idol magazines

I haven't seen the pic you're referring to, but all the same, please nobody post it

Wonder who's more baka between her and Yoshiko.

She is an entire 15 years old and she is still mentally an elementary schooler. I can see why Dia wants to disown her and adopt Hanamaru into the family instead.

>Q1: What do you usually talk to Ruby about?
>I don't talk to Ruby very much because we don't have a lot in common. It's just "good morning" and "welcome home" and other greetings? Hehe, oh, and I tell her when she's forgotten her things, or when her uniform skirt is crooked, things like that. I don't know a lot about those idols she loves so much.
Why is bullshit like this allowed?

She's a sis-con tsundere.

Ruby, you can lure her away with candy

Ruby is a black mark of shame upon the Kurosawa family. She should be thankful that Dia even tolerates her existence.

Dia is so different that it's confusing how the character can continue existing in such contradictory states. People who watch the anime and people who only play the game will have very different perspectives about her.

It's odd that Ruby is portrayed as stupid and clumsy in 3 of these answers that are supposed to be about Dia and Mari. Unless there's a large group of people that appeals to, it's as if Kimino has sick bullying fantasies that got out of hand. The crybaby thing has also stuck with her somewhat even though it was removed in the anime.

That was post DMK Aqours and pre CYR Aqours. Basically after her Tokyo incident and before Chika and the others became idols. Nowadays Dia is a Ruby stalker who protects her baka imouto

Not as confusing as Kanan and You swapping places and personalities almost entirely.

I mean the inconsistency. How am I supposed to have proper immersion in my escapism if the characters differ so much from one source to another? A Dia that didn't even care about idols, why would I want that now? Basically what said.

What would you do to her afterwards?

But you can't you also bait Yoshiko if you played along with her Chuuni act?

Dia is cute and a true Dia fan loves all Dias. Besides, it's par for the course for Love Live characters to have like 5 separate personalities.

Probably ask her why she fell for the candy lure, then call her stupid and wait for Dia to come white-knight her

I guess I could talk chunni to her and she what she does.

>questioning my loyalty to Dia because I only know the anime

You don't even truly love Dia if you weren't here for the pengin memes

Makes sense because more mediums you use the more personalities they will have, unless the additional material is part of a time line then it just adds on

Wow, impregnation bros

Was that her just pretending? Or was this material released before the anime started?

This is from the magazine that went on sale yesterday.

Wrong! I'm here for the buu buus and desu was
I barely know the pengin meme

I understand having different timelines like the anime, the manga and the game, but inconsistencies regarding characters' backgrounds just feels lax. It's hard to take anything from that interview and picture it in any Dia other than Dengeki's now, which I think is a waste in a multimedia project.

Mari's Penguin cheer was cute

I want one

There's 2 concurrent canons: the anime written by Jukki Hanada and everything else by Sakurako Kimino. The characters are all fairly different including backstory and friendships. There isn't really a storyline in the other material. The characters have more traits but it kind of feels made up on the spot and everyone is more flawed, like Chika being mentally retarded or Yoshiko being a huge child.

Yohane is too much

I don't know if to punch or hagu this dork

Get a load of this pleb.

Hanada is a hack and the diaries by Kimino are ten times better than anything the anime has put out

she's also childish, not killjoy and friendly

yeah, she is a total whore after all

Why not let her hagu you

Rin, she has the flat chest of a pro

Because it looks painful. Just look at poor Kanan.


So you think their personality in anime have more sense than the game?

Looks like I'm late for the party.

It never ended.

hagu fagus get out




nozotoddlers ruining the thread for everyone again



Mari really is a country girl, I wonder if she is from Texas

>He mad

She doesn't have brown skin and dark hair, so I doubt it.

Kyuuun Kyuuun~

Will there ever be a super busty raibu who can challenge Nozomi?


>only a first year

Is this shit worth getting into?

Yes, even if you're not into this shit.

Watch the original.

It's a fun series, but once you enter idol hell there's no turning back.


We seriously need Umi back

It is, you will have fun, you will like the music, you will like the characters. Only problem is that it is short



Yes. The drama at the end of S1 is pretty bad, but it's pretty great otherwise and really comes into it's own in S2.

If you hook it, it will drag you to the bottom.

Beware Idol Hell.


Absolute love.

Which Aqours would you date?

Yeah but beware that once you get into it, there's no turning back. This franchise has made me go into different lengths like watching concerts, live viewing, and movies. Even made me buy waifu armors which I never thought I would actually buy.

Which one is the easiest to handle?

It couldn't possibly be Ruby.

You posted her.


Hanamaru, and that's my choice too.

>First year
>Already as big as Kanan's tits

You already won.

She honestly looks cool to hang out with.

I feel the same. She's super comfy, has a chill personality, as well as the perfect breast size and great proportions.

I also get the feeling that begins a very thin layer of "proper girl" lives an absolute freak in bed and if you gave her an engagement ring and told her that nothing would make you happier than for her to bear your children, the ensuing breeding would be phenomenal. Leg locks, heart pupils, euphoric female expressions, "I don't care anymore if I'm still a student, I want it, onegai," begging in that sexy accent of hers.

I just can't imagine any of the other girls coming close.

Eh, she'll just keep on screaming mirai zura during your dates.

I heard Hanamaru is really easy.

Is this true?

She's not dumb. I'm sure she's protected Ruby from people pursuing her.

What part of Texas did you live in? Fair-skinned blondes as far as the eyes could see in Dallas/Ft.Worth/Farmer's Branch/Corpus Christi. I never lived anywhere else in Texas, but so much of what is said about Texas is completely wrong and from people who's only experience with the state is seeing it in movies.

If you were describing a Mexican women, it would make more sense, but implying that there aren't a ton of women that are blonde and fair skinned like Mari is wrong and comes off more like you were just trying to make a "hurr Texas is filled with Mexicans," joke which would better suits Northern Mexic...err I mean, California.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

God, and I thought Love Live! was mad for making branded rice, water, bread, ramen, etc. merchs when this actually existed...

I'm still annoyed with the treatment she got in the anime. After her episode we only see glimpses of her calm, comfy and sensible side and she's mostly reduced to a couple of gimmicks which were even cute before they were ran to the ground harder than Riko's fear of dogs.
It's like they don't know how to make a fun SoL scene with more subdued character interactions, so they abuse gimmicks in the lighthearted segments and mostly flash out the characters with plot and drama. In this sense the 1st years got the short end of the stick.

Which Acqours would you find most satisfying to rape?

wooby is the wape idol

No, I can't get over μ's disbanding. While on the way to work I sometimes contemplate swerving into an oncoming truck on the opposite lane but haven't because I can't bear to bring harm to others.

Thanks for the answers, guess I'll get started tonight.

Nico hour has officially begun. Post what you have.


Did they fuck?



This song basically confirms that they fucked but can't tell the truth because of their gfs.

>Loveletter from this fatty
Accept or Not?


I only accept confessions in email form

>not letter stick to an arrow


Do not sexualize the ruby!

Don't worry. Nobody cares about Ruby to do that.

Fine then. I guess I will have to gangbang-ruby her then.

Shittiest album to have existed in LL franchise

Which release do I pick? I did not expect this to have a dub, not that I'm planning to watch it like that.

Whom do you miss more? Acquors or Muse?

Fired directly into my heart for maximum metaphorical impact.

Is this the most canon ship in Love Live?

They came 1st the gayness between Nozomoo and Elichi was too much. 2nd is NicoMaki.

the 2nd is rinpana, though. Not the retarded tsunderes

HonoMaki > NicoMaki
Just sayin'

Everything is better than NicoMaki.

>Sunshine ended 2 weeks ago

RikiMako > *
Just sayin'

I miss them... the only µ's members I got to see. I wonder if they posted this because someone asked Rippi on her show yesterday to say hello to Pile for the fans.

What the hell, I just realized they used a face swap application. NANI SORE.

Magnets a shit.

Some AiAi for you Woobyfags.

Riko makes the best faces

RIP Love Live! threads. ;_;

Not enough Honk. Post Honk.


The best girl, for rape.

What is this face called?


That's a nice Honk, but she isn't for lewd.


chicken mouth or diamond I think

Who wears sexy underwear other than You?


>isn't for lewd
You say the stupidest things sometimes, Cred Forums.

Riko is my life

You have a beautiful life.

Which girls love sushi?

heh heh

Honoka is pure.

Pure of lust.
Stop denying it, you know that you want to fuck Honoka hard and all night long.

You can't stay pure for long with a body as lewd as this.

I want to fuck Umi and Honoka with some extra Burd.

Why is Kanan so perfect?

She just is.

She's perfect for a pump and dump


Nah, that's Ruby.



Damn I didn't realize how much Kotori nailed Eli's act.

Is this right time to tell I love Nico from the bottom of my heart?


Best girl

Last image for the thread: rejoice.

just migrate to /llsif/ desu senpai

What are we gonna do for 40 posts without images?

Discuss about sexual life of raibus.

Make new thread now.


We did not need that.

Check 'em

It is over.