Opinions on Nichijou?

Opinions on Nichijou?

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Nope, don't have any.

Boring as fuck, easily the worst thing KyoAni ever made.

Pretty funny
Some touching moments

Some of the greatest animation that has come out recently. One of Kyoani's finest

I like that one character with the huge party-hat.


I liked it. It's a good show to marathon on comfy sundays.

A show that I want to watch but never will.


couldn't make it past 5 episodes

It's great, but you need a good not americanized translation to enjoy it.



It's shit.

Hilarious. Easily one of KyoAni's best.

ffs Cred Forums

Yukko is best girl

that is all

Very comfy show.

Kill yourself

Pure art.

It wasn't really funny but I liked the character interaction enough to like the show.

hakase is the only thing worth watching from the show, everything else are just pathetic attempts trying to be funny

One of the most inventive anime comedies out there, both in the style of comedy and execution. I laughed at a lot of the jokes and subversions in Nichijou, although unfortunately sometimes inventive also means hit and miss.

The show also has a very strong sense of structure and pacing with all of its intermissions and short skits giving the more absurd longer scenes room to breathe. Overall it's an incredibly easily watchable show.

Its comedy is unusual in the absurdist way, yet funny. But the real greatness comes from SoL parts, which are probably the merit of KyoAni just as much as of the source material. The best KyoAni anime and one of the best of this decade.

My favorite show of all time. I don't care what Cred Forums says.

That's a lie. I do care what Cred Forums says and I get butthurt every time ;-;

...Mogami river

Great show. A lot of people who hate on it I think either have attention defecit issues, or the jokes simply went over their heads

Just a bunch of short skits put together really. Lucky Star seems kind of the same way. Two of my least favorite shows from KyoAni. Feel like they're both a bit overrated too. Or maybe jusy suiting a different audience to me.

Different audience.

I loved the show, but I cant totally understand how people would find it utterly boring and not funny in the slightest. Its a real subtle sort of humor that not a lot of people appreciate. Not that there's anything wrong with that, just different strokes for different folks

Nichijou is such a different show compared to Lucky Star though. Nichijou puts its medium to such incredibly good use through animation, direction and cinematography and has so much more going for it in pacing and originality of the jokes.

My favorite anime ever actually.

What about Mio and her wrestling moves

super wacky and with epic sugaga
basically the anime after lucky SHIT killed the scene that is even remotely good

Hakase is the only bad about the show you sad fuck

Some jokes are not funny, some are dragged for too long, but my god when it hits it hits hard. It has some of the cutest and funniest moments in the medium hands down.

azumanga daioh clone

Yuuko is fucking sexy.



Jokes are a bit hit and miss, but I love the artstyle and music. I dunno though, Jap humor is strange. This scene made me laugh like a motherfucker though.

Among the popular comedic shows, it's without a doubt the lamest one since Azumanga.

I can't help it.

>since Azumanga.
You wanna go nigga?

It probably has the best animation among all comedic shows though.

It's easily top 10 in terms of animation in general.

garbage like any other sketch "comedy" show


Fluid animation mean nothing in script-driven genres like comedy, unless it's supportive with its goofiness extravagance and creativity, which KyoAni has never come close to realise. Urusei Yatsura is the best example of a show succeeding in both effective absurd comedy and interesting animation.

One of the most, if not the most, visually appealing anime I've seen.

> unless it's supportive with its goofiness extravagance and creativity

But it does exactly that.

forced animation

>unless it's supportive with its goofiness extravagance and creativity, which KyoAni has never come close to realise


Either you're literally blind or you didn't even watch the fucking show, holy shit.

the only anime thats not garbage

very well put

I really want to like it, but i can't.

>"why did nichijou flop"
>0 results

I am happy