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we reach the /new thread/ time?
Time flies when you____

Post Jotaro counterpart, anons


>18 days until the next chapter


That's not Kyo Nijimura


Wow new theme is comfy and sounds hopeful

hoping for opinions on this


It shouldn't half the cast is about to die

Bad, needs better proportions and Yukako's face looks weird.
Use less linework and more brushes

So Dio was hidden under the false bottom of the coffin that Erina was floating on?
How'd it end up in the bottom of the Ocean?
Wasn't she saved in the Caribbean?

Guessing they'll change/add more as time goes on

The song itself still hasn't grown on me, but this is easily my favorite OP animation.

By the way, who is this guy in Rohan's house supposed to be again? I am pretty sure I caught all the other references in the OP.

I wish in some way Hayato inherit Killer Queen when Kira dies

Do you think Jonathan felt it up in heaven whenever DIO made Pucci fuck him in the ass

Cheap Trick

Jonathan looks like Naruto

You look like Naruto

Is Jonathan the only Jojo to actually be dead before Made In Heaven reset the universe? I don't remember if it's stated whether Joseph died by Stone Ocean.

Joseph was still alive during Part 6.

Jonathan and Jotaro, who died moments earlier were the only JoJos to be dead by the time MiH reset the universe. Joseph was still alive.

How could DIO fuck a man with Jonathan's dick?

i used this sketch as the base btw
i'm not an artist
not sure what you mean by that
can you explain?

Jolyne too.

How do you know?

The lines are too big, try to do a clean version using brushes or the pencil instead of linework

Lots of lube if he wants them to survive it

I don't really count Jotaro because be died a few minutes before all of humanity died.

How did Erina take it? Or Lisa-lisa and Joylene's mother if it's genetic.

All of humanity didn't die, stupid. We explicitly see what happens to Emporio and the animals near him, they're unharmed and show up in the new universe the same as they always were, just with some amnesia and a sense of what's going to happen next.

You know what I mean

I cried at the new OP

>Men of the joestar family die at young age
>They have one single woman in their whole life
Joseph you tricky bastard

Erina got pregnant before he died, she took his virginity before anyone else could.

I think the line size is probably subjective, but yeah you're right, it definitely isn't great
I am proud of how aya came out though

Joseph is the only real nigger in Jojo.

I feel that

The vagina has to be pretty stretchy to accommodate childbirth among other things, so unless we're talking impossibly large sex-toys then it should have no problem taking a big dick.

Since it expands upon arousal and grows both wider and deeper (an unaroused vagina is so dry and tight that even putting a finger in is uncomfortable) a well-endowed gentleman would use his hand or tongue or whatever to get her worked up first. If he was too puritan for that (a possibility given the time-period) then sex with Erina would've been painful and unpleasant for her.

tfw was going to end it 3 weeks ago, but i'm so fucking happy I was alive to see new OP

Was it rape?

Erina probably got aroused just by looking at his dick.

If you're serious, good for you user
Keep living

Was it rape?

I'd he had a stand it would be called
「Papa Don't Preach」

Stick around you super-retard, I'm going to be so pissed off if you miss the train fight being animated

Thanks anons

No need to baito za dasto just yet, user.

Finished Part 04 a couple days ago.
See that Part 05 doesn't have it's color scans complete yet.
Decided to read Part 02 since I skipped it to read Part 03 but I've seen the anime adaption.
Think afterwards I'll read ahead to Part 06.

Was it rape?

I don't know, I'm sure there'd be a mixed sense of fear and arousal there. This tiny lady staring some one-eyed-wonder-weasel as thick as her wrist in the face wondering how the hell she's supposed to fit it in her, it'd be an intimidating situation.

>Skipping Part 2

>Part 2

I still think they'll have one more as they don't show enigma, highway star or Kira after he obtains bite the dust


I know, but I wanted to get to Part 04 immediately so I read Part 03 since I never finished the DP anime adaption.
Reading it now though. It's a great refresher since I last saw the anime a few years back.

This is one of the oldest and most well documented plot holes in the series. Araki has admitted that he thought it was cool so he did it despite it contradicting prior events.

it is until everyone starts disintergrating


>DIO stole her first kiss
>implying she wasn't ready for Jonathan to take her virginity before DIO could

I'm sick of these motherfucking 「STAND USERS」 on this motherfucking 「TRAIN」

So he was in it when she survived?

what is his stand?

Go back to jojohell

Fuck you Dio she washed her mouth with mud it doesn't count.

so it goes:
>intro (jotaro vs avdol)
>jotaro vs kak
>avdol vs polnareff
>hanged man/emperor (avdol doesn't die)
>justice/death 13
>geb (intro iggy)
>oingo boingo
>hol horse/boingo/pet shop
>vanilla ice
>vanilla ice ending + meeting DIO (mansion shenanigans)
>Bara tiddies DIO

Our reasoning was that we found an awful lot of kakyoin and Jotaro art, so we thought that maybe making kakyoin a female was the change that would impact the plot the least.

He can "fill" clothes, even if they aren't made for normals humans: Like if he has a coat with four arms and he is wearing it, he can use four arms. By wearing a bigger coat he becomes bigger and the coat is filled with mass.

Help me I cant stop listening to the new op

I feel you man.
JoJo was what kept me going for some period of time, and watching the OP made me remember that,

Now I'm really disgusting and worrying myself by wondering what she'd have done if he'd raped her, fuck

>going to Gensokyo before seeing DiU completly animated

>first listen
>it sounds a bit too cheerful, it's ok, the duet is cool though
>many repeats later

I doubt he would've raped her. That'd be disrespecting Jonathan.

Dude they were 12 at the time.

Kids can be seriously fucked-up, user.

Does Dio hate women?

I know but Dio raping Erina would be fucking retarded.

It says in Vento Aureo that he can only see them as tools or food. He probably thinks the same about 99% of men though.

Any news on the BD volumes, I remember seeing a photo of the screen with BD's 'Let's Go Eat Out Some Italian' playing with Okuyasu scraping his skin, so they do exist.

>I know but Dio raping Erina would be fucking hot

He's fucking weird. He basically treats them as cocksleeves and food, but he still kinda respects a select few, namely the ones he allowed to live.

Dio only loved his mama, as a good boy should.

Jonathan would have straight up murdered Dio on the spot before he had a chance to become a vampire.

Dude they were 12 at the time.

Is Beetle Dad the hottest JoJo character?

look at that QUALITY in the fucking OP, even.

honestly would rather see next season animated using the PS3 game engine, because it's way better than this season has been.

Without a doubt. It's almost a shame that he's 95% going to be the main villain and thus 80% going to die.

He treats everyone terribly regardless of gender. Unless they can prove themselves useful, people are but prey for Dio.

He hired women, remember ? Enya was one of his closest confidents and Dio, although he killed her, definitely regarded her with respect (his own idea of respect) and they had a very friendly relationship.

Don't be so pessimistic, there's always a chance he'll get a fate worse than death, like Kars or Diavolo.


>the new OP is even worse than Chase

Literally how did they fuck it up.

That's why I said like 80%, Kars and Diavolo aren't dead though they wish they were. I wonder if Araki will one-up himself and find a fate worse than Diavolo's for a future villain though.

Polnareff came close at one point

So did Jolyne and Dio

Rohan is pretty close, but Joubin is more handsome. Diego Brando is also up there.

New OP is MOAT


Seriously just look at this heart-throb. How did a non-character like Mitsuba land this fine a catch?



I really wish we got to see more of DIO with the people he respected or even liked, like Pucci and so on. DIO seemed to take a shine to Pucci because he was amused by catching him reading erotica, I'm assuming that's what stopped him from eating him outright.

Would've been cool to see his and Enya's meeting too, Enya was pretty fun.

The most aesthetic Jojo character. There's no doubt about it.

Why was Abdul such a fucking sociopath?


>I really wish we got to see more of DIO with the people he respected or even liked, like Pucci and so on

Damn straight.

The animation is so good that it could just be a minute and a half of farting sounds and I would still like it.

Such a wasted opportunity. At least we got glimpses.

To be fair it was only ever Pucci he felt that way about. Even Enya and Jonathan he still saw just as tools on his path to domination whereas he actually cared about Pucci's opinion and input and was genuinely upset hen he thought he accidentally offended him. More of DIO and Pucci would have been neat honestly.

But yeah I think he started off mostly just amused like 'lmao look at theis little homo prest reading erotica when the father isn't around' but his subsequent chat with him in his search for slaves and servants with Stand potential made him realise that Pucci actually had some substance to him and that he might actually be the kind of guy he'd WANT to be friends with.

I loved the Shadow DIO scenes in Part 3 and I wished there were more of them but with DIO interacting with the other villains. Like D'Arby or N'Doul. One of the many interesting things about DIO is that there's constantly a divide between the way he talks to people and how he truly is, and few characters can get him to be truly, utterly genuine. Enya, Jonathan and Pucci were these characters.

When you talk about Dio, “respect” is always second to Dio’s needs and wants, so he’s never going to respect a minion as an equal. But he truly respected Enya’s knowledge (in canon he is hungry for knowledge), experience, and power, enough to show her his hidden doubts and fears. And she was sort of his trainer, something he never had before.

DIO was specifically looking for someone like Pucci he could use for his plan, and he was originally doing just that, using him. But their scenes show that Pucci was showing himself to be more than what DIO expected, and thus, their relationship developed. I wouldn't exactly call it a waste of potential because DIO and Pucci's relationship was perfectly well developed, and if you add too much it would just be fluff.

These relationships are special precisely because DIO doesn't have many of them.


Part 6 DIO was the only time I actually started liking him as a character, before then he was nothing but a prick. He was still a manipulative prick, of course, but it was really strange and unexpected to see him showing a relaxed and philosophical side with someone he actually liked being around. I never would've called fucking DIO as being one to sit around making ships in bottles.

Is she sitting on his dick

>his dick

Part 9 looks great.
The time travel to the ancient egypt was great

Dio and Jonathan's relationship could've been much better, I think.

The fact that they kinda sorta become friends after Jonathan beats the shit out of him is pretty weird, and so is the scene where Jonathan starts crying after he "kills" Dio. If they were actually friends and we saw a few scenes of them growing up together, I'd like their relationship and dynamic a lot more. Jonathan dying peacefully with Dio at the end of PB would also have much more of an effect.

He stole it fair and square, it's his now

Does anyone feel like a Kakyoin x Jolyne ship makes more sense than a Jotakak ship? Kakyoin's whole rationale for joining the SDC was because Holly was so pure, so it'd make sense that he, being Japanese and respectful of customs, would avoid actually getting with Holly but instead would turn his gaze towards the next worthy candidate for a heterosexual man like himself, Jolyne. Why hasn't more people shipped the two? And where's the art for it?

I kinda forgot that there was a Yugioh manga. It's actually pretty good pre-card game, where Yami is fucking insane and tries to kill people.

I love the song so much more now, there is a lot foreshadowing in it.

When they point to heaven

It basically says: "With our gathered strength we can even beat time"

Because he died way before she was even born, and it'd also be creepy as fuck.
>hey Jotaro, you know when I said I wanted to marry you mother? Turns out, I want to fuck your daughter even more

Because age
And kak is the mom in the Jotakaklyne family

>"With our gathered strength we can even beat time"
That didn't really work in Part 6, did it?

>Jotaro is too cool to look at the camera

Because Kakyoin's the same age as her dad, died decades before she was born, liked a woman with a temperament the exact opposite of her, and is a total non-entity as a character.
If you're going to go full retard with cross-part shipping, Narancia makes more sense. They're both fiery-personalities, they both have brushes with the law, they're both framed and imprisoned by people they loved and trusted, they both have neglectful fathers, and they both get shrunk in their first fight.

It kinda did, in a sense Jolyne's actions led to the heroes winning so hard that all of the trauma they suffered over the part was erased before it even happened.

They didn't gather it properly. Gay Priest had more aspiration than all of them combine.

Dio is sort of a mascot for JoJo (as an antagonist) and when Araki's writing improved to the point it did he needed to justify Dio as a stronger character than he did in previous parts. Same with Jotaro.

so who the fuck is that guy? his hairline is like josuke's and yotsuyu is introduced in next chapter, araki wouldn't retcon his appearance that quickly

also, tsurugi mentioned that josuke's been/lived in that locked room with sailor uniform before what the fuck

Is there any chance that Yoshikage / Josefumi / Gappy could eventually turn out to be the father of Irene from the end of Part 6?

It would make sense, since the new universes Yoshikage is the counterpart of Jotaro from the old universe.

It's a pretty phallic choice of bone too

She kinda fucked over Emporio, though.

I'm pretty sure Kazuki Takahashi has even stated numerous times that JoJo is his favourite manga of all time and part of the reason Yugioh had so much Egypt stuff and summoning of monsters early on. Yugi was basically Koichi with elements of the D'Arby brothers as well.

TBF, girls with daddy issues like Jolyne tend to, at least in real life, gravitate towards men who remind them of their dads, or in Jolyne's case, their idea of a dad. Kakyoin being the same age (pretending he never died, that is), would make him a suitable candidate for her, realistically speaking. Would it be weird for Japan? Probably, but Araki's spent 30 years exploring sexuality so it'd make sense in the Jojo context if it ever "happened" (but it's fanart so it won't).

After this picture I'm out of Kaklyne :(

No. Irene isn't in the SBR Joestar family tree, and the universes are completely seperate anyway.

They both take place in 2011, and that'd mean that Kira would've had Irene when he was like 9.

What about boys with daddy issues?

Eh, she died saving his life. While he ended up with some trauma over the whole ordeal, it was either that or nonexistence, with him getting a retarded bootleg like the Bizarro-Jotaro and Jolyne in the first reset-verse.

Not to mention he gets to keep one of the strongest stands ever, not too shabby.

Time travel near the end of the story user. It's why Karera seems so friendly with Josefumi and says she's been gone months when really it's only been like 3 weeks max.

Zero percent, JJL is set in 2011 as is SO Yoshikage as the oldest would still have been like very early teens if it happened.

I'm okay with Jolyne wanting to fuck Kakyoin, but I doubt he'd feel the same way. She's nothing like Holly.

here's tsurugi quote

she might have meant kira since there was a sailor uniform in there

>a heterosexual man

There isn't that much Kaklyne
But there's a lot of Jotakaklyne
They look qt

Jolyne's daddy-issues were only rooted in her incorrectly thinking he didn't care, though. As soon as she learned he did she was perfectly cool with him, going to endless lengths to try and save him.

And Kakyoin wouldn't really remind her of him in anything except age, Kakyoin's polite and proper with a much darker and creepier side underneath it, Jotaro's pretty much the opposite.

They tend to be hypermasculine to try to compensate for the lack of masculinity in their upbringing, or rather, their idea of masculinity. It's why Joseph is such an indignant manwhore and why Jotaro/Josuke/Giornio are such delinquents. Sure they had their moms, but they must've looked at everyone else's dads and realized they were missing something. At least that's how Japanese society would've worked back then.

Best JoJo.

> Jonathan: fist of the north star art, his sidekicks are decidedly cooler than him
> Jotaro: yare yare daze, i'm too cool to react
> Joseph: high tier thug life, gonna beat stuff till it works right
> Gio: DIO as a goodguy, cool right guys?
> Jolyne: her father's tsun and uncle's dere, but less interesting than best bad guy
> Johnny: a fixed Jonathan, but still second fiddle to Funny in his run
> Gappy: fuck this gay sailor shit, sail your quad to a point to this plot please

Joseph has personality. He cheats from episode one off the gun, he cheats to face off against his rival, and he cheats to beat the person even his stronger, smarter teacher could not. He does it all with a smug, shit-eating grin because he knows it pisses you off. You know you love it.

I still want to know what the fuck Kira and Norisuke had going on.


>Jolyne enthusiastically flirting with Kakyoin while he's quietly terrified yet still aroused
>Jotaro watches these developments from afar

They don't really become friends, Dio just stopped openly attacking him because Jonathan fought back. After the 7 year time skip, they both still have a strong animosity towards each other. Dio resents Jonathan because he hates feeling inferior (and he thought the Joestars saw him as a charity case) and he hates sucking up to people he despises. Jonathan distrusts Dio, and he tries to trust him until the last possible second, but he can't bring himself to like the guy. Their relationship was very dysfunctional.

When they were growing up together, Jonathan couldn’t feel real friendship toward his brother, his gut told him that the way Dio acted toward him was fake … even when Dio’s behavior was so consistent and believable he had everyone else fooled. After Dio became a vampire, he didn’t need to act false anymore. So that misgiving Jonathan had goes away, Jonathan doesn’t have that rift between what he should feel and what he does feel toward Dio since he sees Dio for what he is (a monster).

Jonathan is a superhumanly good character. Forgiveness and unconditional love are real important to who he is as a character. Screentime for the specifics of their relationship would probably just take away from how it progresses. He understands that he needs to take down Dio and that Dio needs to die, but that doesn't stop him from crying because he has to kill his brother.

And by the end, Dio respects Jonathan. He saw Jonathan’s meet every challenge Dio threw at him and become someone worthy of Dio’s respect. Dio made Jonathan into a hero, and for that Dio respects Jonathan enough to want to kill him himself and later to take his body. So it’s real respect but it’s a broken type of respect and love.

Their relationship was honestly perfect the way it was, I wouldn't change it at all.

Who would you be more proud of being a part of? Josefumi or kira?

It could be that Irene wasn´t even born yet.

Because if I remember correctly, at the end of Part 6 it was never mentioned what year it was in the universe that resulted due to Puccis death. It could´ve might as well been 2030 or 31, which would fit.

>Jolyne brings this home

I meant to reply to

I've seen more than enough Jotakak in my day (with Jolyne as the child between them, too). It's not a bad ship by any means and it does make sense, if you think about it, but still, I think Kakyoin could fill the void in Jolyne's heart, and he can fill her pussy up. Haha.

Kira honestly. Josefumi is alright but not really anything special, as mean as it sounds. Though that's kind of the point.

Jotaro heard enough

Jotaro doesn't have the right to feel about this. He should've been around if he wanted something to say.

>Kakyoin flies to Morioh to show Jotaro his wedding pictures of Jolyne

and he doesn't look like a dirty hippy

>His sidekicks are decidedly cooler than him

What? His sidekicks are just Speedwagon and the worst Zeppili


>those eyes
Could it be?

Jonathan is basically Cred Forums's Superman

>definitely regarded her with respect (his own idea of respect)
No, not really- She was flesh budded. The only person DIO ever respected was Jonathan, and maybe Pucci.

>will worst zeppeli
>what's shizar

Part 6 DIO was not that different than DIO was in Part 3, it just expanded on an already established characterization through a different perspective

> Johnny
> A fixed Jonathan

Jonathan was a gentleman, was strong, great at sports, really smart, and basically perfect at Hamon.

Johnny was alright as a kid I guess, but after he grew up he just became a complete asshole whose only merit was being good at horse racing, then he went and became a bitter ass cripple who had to go on a cross country journey to learn to not be a dickhead.

>maybe Pucci

Still more fun than Jonathan desu. Let me be clear in that even a low tier JoJo is still entertaining, but Zeppili's end theme playoff to death was a freaking sick moment. First Jojo just felt like something for Dio to beat on for reactions.

DIO had no choice but to flesh bud Enya. She went insane and Joseph could use Hermit Purple to read her mind and find out the secret of The World.

Again, respect, with DIO, is always second to his own needs because the character is extremely selfish. But, just like he respected Jonathan and had no problems taking off his head and wearing his body for himself, he had no problems respecting Enya and killing her when she became a liability.

Yeah but fate. Why the fuck would Irene still look 19 if it wasn't 2011 or 2012? It's pointless anyway because the SBRverse literally cannot be the one from the end of Part 6 due to the mechanics of Made in Heaven. The earliest thing that changed was Pucci being replaced, nothing before his birth was altered.

Fuck you, Scissor is best boy

>maybe Pucci
Dude did you even read Part 6? He respected him more than Jonathan and actually cared when he upset or offended him.

He's definitely the Superman figure of JoJo that's for sure.

I get that this is supposed to be the real Kosaku's head after Kira stole his face (though I don't know why it appears after Stray Cat), but what is the upper strip?

What the fuck was the context for this
>Your next line is "Read the manga" Toiu!

A disc tray for Whitesnake to steal his memories.

user that's not a boy, that's a rock.

> He respected him more than Jonathan

He may have -liked- him more than Jonathan, but I don't think Dio respected Pucci more. Dio respected Jonathan as an enemy, so of course he wouldn't care when he upset or offended him.

Even Angelo didn't start raping until he was 14

Head-cannon tells me Pucci was the guy DIO would get high with. They would talk about existence an' shit, chillin out, dreaming 'bout a perfect world.

Little did we know that DIO's second stand 「 C H A R I S M A 」would make sure to drive Pucci to obsession and Stone Ocean.

That's the strip he used for Kosaku's hair.

Read the manga !


If you look at the anime/manga when we see Kosaku without his face there's a strip missing there as well, my guess was that signified the 'hair' swapping over, or it could be the forehead too I guess.

Not that guy but
>He respected him more than Jonathan
I strongly, strongly disagree. It's just that DIO's relationship with Pucci was far more casual and less destructive, and DIO was specifically looking to have a friend in Pucci.

Dio downright revered Jonathan by the end of Phantom Blood, he said as much himself.

When Johnny first wakes up after being crippled and he shits himself and yells at the nurse (a huge scary looking guy) to help him. The nurse tells him that if he'd been paralysed doing something other than try and get in some girls' pants then maybe his friends or even his father would have actually come to see him. Johnny starts yelling and crying and the nurse shoves his newspaper in his mouth and tells him to shut up and that no one likes him and he's worthless, then takes some of his blood from his legs to sell on the black market.

Basically it's Johnny getting put in his place.

>Dio only loved his mama

More than likely what had happened was DIO took one look at Pucci's fucked up head of hair and said "now that's a main antagonist"

Read the manga


Johnny had just woken up in a revolting hospital, and was confused and horrified by his surroundings. He shouted out to the nurse for help, but the nurse actively jeered at the poor guy and told him no-one cared about him anymore due to the disgraceful nature of his injury, and shoved the paper in his mouth to stop him waking up the other patients.

Huh, I forgot that. Thought it was just the face.

Speaking of the OP, I wonder if the part where Kira is holding the cat will get changed after Stray Cat appears

Dude it's literally stated so many times that he respected Pucci and actually considered him an equal and a friend rather than a tool like literally everyone else.

>Replying to animeonly

Was Pucci's dick bigger than Jonathan's?

I'm not saying he didn't respect Pucci at all, but just not as much as Jonathan, it was in another way all together anyway.

Oh god dammit, even Jonathan's got jiggle physics. Is nothing sacred?

I was going to rant about how PolPol was hot not because of his generic "badass" moments, but rather mainly because of how his cute and silly ones, combined with the rare badassery

And then I realized

Just appreciate the bara cinnamon roll

That is LITERALLY Josuke, what the fuck? I'm expecting time travel bullshit later in JJL now. Maybe the guy who put the publisher's mark on Kira's corpse was future Josuke, AKA flashback man after taking his hat off and getting his pomp drenched in tsunami water.

I want to fuck and marry Polnareff.

Well he had a stand or three so even if it wasn't he could probably make a disc or reset the timeline or some shit until he did.

Pucci losing to shit baseball kid was the worst thing to happen in Jojo.

kira was investigating higashikata family but didn't know who's responsible for cooperation with stone fellas

norisuke knew about the stolen rokokaka

Impossible, since Jolyne is Kakyoin reincarnated, Stone Free is proof

It was one of the best, Jolyne managed to get him to that point and Emporio literally just outsmarted Pucci with very little bullshit.

>Jotaro shit his dead brojo outta his womb

I know that but Norisuke knew Kira knew about a cure for the rock disease but not that it was the Rokakaka or that the Rokakaka existed, and Kira probably thought that Norisuke knew since the Higashikatas were the ones importing Rock Humans when really it seems like it was purely Joubin managing that.

If you think the new opening song is good you are part of the problem

Literally what's wrong with it

Eugh, it just made me stop reading for a time. I had to take a break with the "everyone is back but not really" ending. I understand that Araki needed a reset, but I was too down to start on part 7.

Is that what part 9 will be about? The mystery of Jolyne's mom? It's Jotaro traveling the globe to find a magic spell to reincarnate the soul of Kakyoin into his offspring, and he does this with the Holy Corpse he finds which he implants into a woman who's his "wife". Makes sense to me.

what problem

Man, the anime really played well with the ambiguity of Mikitaka's extraterrestrial nature.

On one hand, his anguish at the sirens seemed genuine.

On the other, the way the ensuing scene was edited made it appear that he was pretending not to see Crazy Diamond.

Mikitaka's VA is Funny Valentine?

Chase as good because of the Kira parallel. I donno, I need time to digest the newest one.

It wasn't really to reset in preparation for 7 since 6 was meant to be the actual end and 7 started as a new series for some stupid fucking reason but yeah, it ended that way because it was intended to be an actual ending. It was a downer ending but there was hope in it at least, I actually quite liked it despite being depressing. I wish more authors would realise that making an ending grimdark for no reason doesn't make it deep or mature and would actually try and go down the route Araki did if they wanna attempt something like that.

I had to stop reading because the ending was fucking tragic even though it had a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yes. Koichi's was Johnny, and Kira's was Diavolo. So Diavolo will need to be recast and if an SBR anime happens then a lot of people will get recast.

I forgot that Rohan was just like "Taking your money sounds like fun" at the end of that. He's just so great; just as much of a dick as he was when he first met the team. 10/10, would read his manga.

Jesus Christ, I kinda remembered being in the hospital, but not the nurse being such a cunt
Fuck you I'm only a speedreader

It's a "bizarre" song but not really. Chase was good if you liked rock music. Great Days is good if you like 90s TV show themes. It's just a preference thing but it's not a truly "bizarre" song. Part 2 still have the best music of the series.

Did Joseph call the baby Shizuka in honor of Shiza?

>Koichi voices johnny
>Echoes looks like an alien
>Valentine voices Mikitaka
>He's an alien

Anybody else annoyed by all the removed lines this episode? Like, Mikitaka questioning Josuke if he's going to trick someone, or the training part with Mikitaka puking.

Was David Pro that low on budget that they couldn't afford an extra cour?

She also seems to have a thing for traps so it all waorks out.

Nah it's just a shit pun, the Kanji for Shizuka can be read as 'Jo' making her Jo Joestar. Also Shizuka means quiet or difficult to notice, since she's invisible.

You can't make a friend reincarnate if you're already a reincarnation of your great-great-grandfather

You gotta love Josuke's logic for trying to scam him.

It makes sense to the lad because Rohan's a huge asshole who tried to murder him and his friends. But more importantly, unlike say, Hazamada, who tried something similar, Rohan is a RICH asshole.

The budget is assigned by Warner and comes from their own money, so they're only willing to part with so much of it. Also, no matter how good a series is every subsequent season is going to have overall less viewers as people lose interest so there's less incentive to put more and more money into a project since it's practically guaranteed that regardless you're gonna make less money on it. That's part of the reason that an SBR anime is very unlikely, unless they rush or dramatically shorten it.

nice quads, gappy.

I mean, you're not wrong. Some things need a bad end. Berserk should not end well. And knowing when to end is important too, so as not to drag out a run. Shonen writers need to take a pointer from Jojo and understand that filler shouldn't really happen. But I was hoping for a bang, not a drizzle out ending. Funny Valentine got the unexpected turnabout end that I needed, but it was a whole part away from the conflict I wanted in Pucci.

I mean, you can? IDK how reincarnation works, I guess it's something Araki can just BS along the way. Still waiting for the Kakyoin reincarnation in the AU..and don't fucking say Josefumi is him

>That's part of the reason that an SBR anime is very unlikely

Why don't they make movies

They aren't really reincarnations since they aren't the same souls or whatever since the universes are literally unconnected but hopefully we get a Kakyoin like character soon besides Josefumi of course

There are many series that gain traction as it progresses and are able to grow their viewer base. This is just an example of DP making do with what they have, not because there's decreasing demand for it. When Part 5 starts coming along, you bet your arse the viewerbase will grow again.

I think I know why Josuke's grandpa wasn't in Great Days Heaven.

>The D4C fight alone takes a whole movie

I am kinda pissed off at the cut lines/scenes and the many QUALITY moments, but at least the important animation was generally pretty good, and we got a cool new OP.
In short, I think it could've used a chapter or half a chapter less for a few more scenes (Hayato, finger ice cream which could still be in the next ep or the Tower arc, the dollar bill). At the very least, we know H⭐S will be great

How wet do you think Yukako would get if Koichi did this pose in front of her?

To be fair 4 and 5 are about the same in terms of popularity.


Absolutely sopping wet.


what did they mean by this

~Shining Justice~ I love it so much.

>Foreshadows fights, bit where it goes through the doors it says: "from tunnel we will go to the tower" or something like that.
>Foreshadows Bite the Dust: "shadow gets inside out hearts"
>"with our strength we can even go against time" at the bit where they point into the sky.
>"Clutching crying night is your sole love" is Kira's obsession with murder.

It's essentially: "Together, Morioh-squad will fuck this nigga up"

Look at Rohan, I don't know why, but it looks like he's on another layer and will dissapear once he fucking dies


How bad will it be?

Takashi Miike will deliver us from evil and not into temptation, Amen.

>gets the chance to save Josuke and Koichi during Sheer Heart Attack
>The Hand is put at the top of the golden Stand wheel at the end of GREAT DAYS OP

Someone at Studio David must really like Okuyasu

Honestly the lyrics sound like '1999 is your soul' to me, though I know it's not. Might have something to do with the big 1999 that pops up when they say it.

They have good taste

The consensus in the last few threads discussing this is "low expectations, probably shit CGI, luckily they won't need much CGI though, at least Yukako is cute, why isn't Joseph white, and where's Kira (it's assumed they will do multiple movies covering the whole part, but who knows, Kira not confirmed).

I think it's intentional. Seriously, who didn't hear '1999' the first time around.

I do at times wonder why his brother never stabbed their dad with the arrow, forced him to manifest his stand, and killed him in the same way Jotaro did DIO. Would have saved them a lot of trouble.

Miike did a phenomenal job with Yatterman:


If this plays after BTD goes off I'll kill myself

To be fair I think it's the order of the protagonist's Stands introduced into the Part, not counting Star Platinum since obviously Josuke needed to be first

Because he had a Stand, that's why DIO gave them money; he had Stand potential and let DIO stab him (who wouldn't ;^)). He can't manifest his Stand anymore which is part of the issue, and it may not even have had a physical form.

To be fair, Hollywood plays pretty fast and loose with race too. Though what with Joseph being repeatedly racist toward the Japanese in particular, you have to admit it is somewhat odd.

Let's not get started on trying to figure out what language everyone is speaking in part 3.

Yukako's got a confirmed actress?

I totally agree

Huh. This OP does in fact work very well in reverse.

It's almost sinister now.

It's Kira's World and they're just living in it. In a fashion. For a little while.

Do all japanes movies have this over the top acting? What do they think of west movies?

Yes, the cast list was revealed some time ago. Google it or look at the past threads, it was in the OP of those ones.

What the fuck, how does it fit so well?!

Unless they've got WHORES like Pacific Rim did, then they're fine with them.

Of course, they try to play up the ham in their marketing so as to entice audiences:


No it's just the kind of shit you get in anime/manga adaptations, like capeshit in Hollywood. You can get actual subtlety in certain Nip films just like you can some Western films.

Huh. Still only like the third worst person, animal, or object at controlling his stand. Get it together, Holy.

Because Chase begins like someone smashed the button of a detonator.

Reversing the video changes the meaning of the imagery:

Light fades
Reimi is left alone
The heroes vanish
Killer Queen's getting his puppet all ready for school
Closing doors beget the further concealment of mysteries
Progress is nullified

And Kira goes back into the shadows.

And Shinobu falls into darkness.

Holy fuck it works so well. This has got to be intentional.


This shit is dope - This is hands down one of my favourite Part 8 Moments

It fucking sucks Johnny and Gyro never got a happy ending even though they deserved getting one

Johnny got to be happy for, what, a few years? Enough to date a girl, get married, have a kid who was like, 4/5 by the time the rock thing happened? Better than what Jonathan got, at least.

Trruuueee but still it sucks for him that everything was torn away from him. Like Jonathan,Jotaro and Jolyne - a life that ended tragically short

I want to lick Reimi's armpits.

There is just something about armpits. The deeper the pit the better.

A bare armpit is a symbol of human elegance and advancement.

Post yfw Gappy probably won't get a happy ending with Yasuho.


Wouldn't Johnny's situation arguably make everything more tragic for him, in a way? He had more to lose than Jonathan did, and Jonathan was 'fortunate' enough to perish in the heat of battle, knowing he was taking his enemy with him. A much more poetic and satisfying death than Johnny, who had to leave his wife and small child behind.

>Gappy could either live a full life like Josuke or die young like Jotaro

What did Araki mean by this cover ?


And it was made rather perverse by Johnny trying to do exactly what Valentine attempted with Love Train.

Sure Jonathan's death was grotesquely unjust, but at least he managed to maintain an iota of heroism at the end.

>Phantom Blood

They should have skipped to Battle Tendency. PB has the weakest opening among the Parts so far.

>Rokakaka happened
>Gappy born
>Kira survives fused with all leftovers and useless parts of their bodies

It´s MGS all over again.

Wait, does this mean that the vocals in the DiU theme represent Kira?


>yfw if they remove that dialogue during cheap trick

Johnny made a mistake, but he was a desperate man who was acknowledging that it was fucked up from the start, and saying that he just wanted to do it once to save the woman he loved before locking the corpse away again. And when he was punished by having his son targeted instead, he immediately took it upon himself instead of trying to use the corpse again to pass it on to a stranger.

Johnny Joestar was a flawed human being who knowingly sacrificed himself to save his wife and child. It could've been worse.

>tfw the anime gets more popular with each part and we'll actually get part 7 animated

Eh, I figure Johnny would have rather died leaving his wife and son alone without him rather than having to suffer through either of their deaths.

And at least he died taking the 'equivalent exchange' onto himself, rather than on to some bystander, that way no one else died because of his actions.


>not being able to appreciate multiple genres

It's only nine episodes, chill out.

I'd lose my shit if they replace it with something like:

>Morning, Rohan-Sensei!
>I watched your comic's anime adaptation!
>Why did they change the chapter order?

>not "Why's the animation so bad"?

>I liked the Seiyuus in the game better

Every time I hear this theme, I think of DiU as a Buddy Cop show starring Josuke and Okuyasu with Koichi as the angry police chief.

gotta admit, that's not a bad promo.

>Two weeks until the best scene in DiU

Kira's for sure dead though, multiple people confirmed the corpse they dug up was without a doubt a corpse and Damo even saw the thing himself in the morgue.

Highway Star?

So is Josefumi's body Gappy's now or is it still buried in the spot next to Kira's?

Gappy is essentially Josefumi with Kira's clothes and testicles.

Sounds about right, seems like they would have had a proper investigation around that area and they likely would have found Josefumi's body right away.

Motorcycle scene

Yeah. What the hell happened to Josefumi's clothes?

Cant unseen this

fuck u

Did Kira´s hat fused with Josefumi´s shit hair ?


So, are the testicles going to be really important for later parts? Like, the next JoJo will now pretty much be half Joestar... half whatever Josefumi was... actually, didn't Josefumi have the Joestar birthmark as well? How come? He didn't come from the Joestar bloodline.

I know I'm late to the party but I really love that they're just going to finish Part 4 in one go rather than breaking it up by cours.

I thought for sure there would be a break after Yoshikage Kira Wants a Quiet Life.

Deepest lore

The same thing that happened to Kira's clothes. Josuke came out of the ground naked, both their clothes seemed to have.. evaporated somehow? Josuke only starts wearing Kira's clothes after he visits the apartment, before that he's wearing something Yasuho probably gave him.

god this moment was funnier than i remember it and we havent seen the best part yet

One of Josefumi's parents/grandparents could be one of Joseph's illegitimate children.

If they dont use Cat Scratch Fever as an opening for stray cat i will drop this shit so fast

Better drop it right now since that's not happening.

Hazamada didn't really want to murder anyone. He only wanted to force Jotaro to leave Morioh, for Akira.





It´s the best track from both games.

Let's talk Part 5's OP. What would you like to see? Should it be funky or more serious? Is it possible to include some King Crimson's time fuckery in the OP?

Jotaro died in his 40s but yeah..

Yeah let´s talk about VA. My main question is. Can David afford this with their current profits ?


>they won't skip part 5

>that new OP
holy shit so that's where the budget went


Honestly i think that this song fits Part 5


Needs more porn fampai, make more.

Yeah, the budget spread is a bit concerning. DiU has a lot of moments where QUALITY is acceptable since nothing really happens and that makes the action-heavy episodes so much more budgeted. But as for VA, I really can't think of many moments like this. It's either constant action or important crew interactions.


They should get more of a budget for VA, since DiU is doing pretty well and David is improving a lot at budgetting and other things. It's also more popular than DiU.

>DiU is doing pretty well
How well are we talking? I haven't been following the sales. Hope it's doing fine at least.

Poor Jotes


Close, but not quite

A sadder thing that this screencap messes up is that Jotaro didn't at all hate the adventure he had, in fact it was quite the opposite. He got to see new things and explore new places with people he grew to like, it was probably the first time in his life he felt truly happy and fulfilled because he had a clear purpose.

And then Kakyoin, Iggy and Avdol all died because he learned to stop time too late, and he went back to Japan unable to ever live a normal life or relate to normal people ever again.

I remember the sales of the last BD being in the 6000~ range. I'm not really sure how well that is, but I'm sure we'd know if the show is a flop.

>Not even trying

i reread jojolion yesterday and took some notes of (so far) unresolved plot points

>Wall Eyes ability to induce stands, unexplained
>bite marks on jousuke, yasuho and joushuu unexplained/retconned
>curse described in first chapter kinda unexplained, probably related to stone disease
>jousuke's obsession with measurement and metrics kinda dropped after ch13, even though holly had the same quirk
>gappy not being able to use bubbles on himself, dropped eventually
>flashback man
>kira's fixation on 'crossing boundaries' driving sasame mad, probably a one-time quirk
>publisher symbol on kira's wrist and stairs, probably nothing more to explain
>kyo trying to prevent kira/jousuke from contacting holly, why? did she know about the fruits?
>holly knowing about yasuho stand and having some plans related to kira/jousuke
>jesus corpse location unexplained, presumed to be taken back to USA but meditation pine and wall eyes phenomena contradict it
>baby found on the shore on the day of johnny's death
>mystery of the locked second room in buried gazebo - unexplained noises implying person living there, sailor uniform and shoes inside, tsurugi implying kira/jousuke has been there before, creepy jousuke-lookalike peeking from inside
>iwasuke eating rokokaka like three times, phasing through walls, his importance unexplained
>secret of higashikata family - what allows them to exchange disease from firstborn to another person? is jesus still under meditation pine? who was sacrificed for joubin if kaato is still alive?
>is kaato's victim a child that was exchanged for joubin's life?
>yasuho and tsurugi wanting to investigate a place between aishou's location and a stadium, later dropped and never really mentioned again
>josefumi's birthmark/photoshop mystery
>damo implying wall eyes protruded to protect something important on the coast
>joubin's connection to stone men, probably explained soon

anything important i missed? pls respond

JoJo may have plenty of light hearted moments but not everyone gets a happy ending and it has a lot of dark moments as well

why did you post a picture of Britney Spears

>Kira facing the screen then slowly turning to look away
>Everyone's hands going down
>The sky turning from hopeful bright yellow into darkness
>Everyone turning back into their silhoeuttes (Maybe symbolizing their 'deaths' at BtD)
>KQ's hands letting go of Hayato, showing the bomb has been planted
>Hayato returning to sitting down at the table, showing the 1st reset has taken effect
>Everything going back to showing Shinobu looking at a picture of Kosaku on the screen, showing that her 'husband' was just a fake
>Hell even the part where she looks like she's going back to sleep looks fucking intentional
>The doors eventually closing on Rohan to show his 'fate' to BtD
>OP ends after Kira's triggered the bomb and finishes with Killer Queen
What the actual fuck this has to be intentional, there's no way it isn't. If they removed or spiced up a few scenes with a much more gloomy tone or even filter this OP backwards would be PERFECT for a BtD effect.

Why the fuck did you bother making this when the part hasn't ended, and even then won't end for a few years? Are you really that quick to try and point out plotholes?


Which is an awesome future for the gang.

I just love part 4's gang so much. Jewery and all.

I thought it was Jennifer Lopez

that gave me flashbacks of that video where a faceless man gets beheaded with a box cutter


I'd plow his snow, if you know what I mean

The difference being that no user would touch Britney with a ten foot pole, but would immediately spread their buttcheeks for Gyro if given a chance

I don't know if you've seen his abs senpai

>(so far) unresolved plot points

i'm just looking for potential developments in upcoming chapters and possibly stuff i missed, not trying to shit on part 8

tons of things were explained this year so i'm optimistic

Jonathan's body is ___weird

He's a massive fan of Araki.

H-how did you know ?

Ennio Morricone would be a godsend for the ED.

Either way, it has to have an italian sound to it. OP should have a quick dancy rythm.
Middle one should be adventure/roadtrip themed.
Then you can have a more serious melancholy Godfather-like OP in the last third.

>The sky going dark both times when the group's hands fall as well as when the main characters "shatter" back into silhouettes, Morioh goes black
This is fucking intentional

a gore video that got posted on some boards. dude has his bloody skull exposed but is still alive and screaming. probably some drug cartel shit

Oh fug, why did I even ask

These are really fun, are there anymore ?

It almost looks as if Jolyne is really skillfull with her tongue.

That's really fucked up, user!


Line size can be subjective but that the lined piece would look a lot better with more variance in line weight.

Damn, looks good senpai.
Why is there so little Aya/Yukako art?

i ain't searching that again nigga. you should find it by googling some keywords

Jojo women are too angular. Average people like softer faces.
It's a tragedy. I want my damn sexhair doujins.

You and me both brother, you and me both.

Most people don't want hair in their vaginas.


Not my favorite character but the Stand has a 10/10 ability. youtube.com/watch?v=QgS252XT_Ts

Fuck you, I liked it.


i don't have a fave but i like some of their songs


Not my favourite Stand per se, but I adore the song.

Never heard of them 'till Jojo and by God I love them. youtube.com/watch?v=TlLWFa1b1Bc

I mean, I'm an Ausfag, so it's pretty much manditory that this's my favourite.

What the fuck
Why is there a new JoJo song
What happened to Cheisu


It's episode 27, lad. New cour, new OP.

youtube.com/watch?v=WKNOlDtZluU Just beacuse ELP.
And youtube.com/watch?v=R-qk8ZJMOf0 for one of an actual favorite characters.

Nth for Great Days is greato daze

Is it on 1080p on Youtube yet?


If you mean 720p upscaled to it, then yea probably.



Last time I checked, there were only shitty looking ones, with the standard "why is it so cheerful\it's not JoJo enough" comments.



Killer Queen. That was easy.

>super upbeat song
>great visuals
>posing left and right

How the FUCK is it not Jojo enough? Are they high?

Oh I know, they wanted more shots of stands punching, punch ghosts is Jojo, that's it right?

Was this actually intentional? Holy shit, all the visuals make sense backwards. It COMPLETELY changes the tone of the OP, it's like how Chase's lyrics applied both to Josuke and Kira.

What the fuck DP, if they play this OP backwards and add some more menacing changes for the BtD version this may be a fucking Elder-God Tier OP.

Who cares what those fags wanted, the OP is great as an OP and as a possible BAIT ZA DASTO switcheroo as well.
But yeah, it's not CG, it doesn't feature buff dudes and ORAORA, so of course it's shit by their standards. Fuck, I really shouldn't read YouTube comments, like, ever.

They are anime-onlies that only like Jojo because of "le manly men XDDD". They'll drop it as soon as they see best boy Giorno, and we will at last be free

Britney's got her shit together now and looks pretty good.

My brother, I was just about to make the exact same post as you.

Is there any Jojo more childish than Jotaro? Part 3 literally starts with him refusing to leave his room and throwing a tantrum in front of his family.

>best boy Giorno

Weird way to spell Josuke, but ok.

Nice try, Britney.

What about the upcoming Toonami showing? It's sure to bring some new poisonous anime-only blood, only this time they'll be worse than ever, since they will also be dubfags.


Is there anyone that's even going to watch that apart from people who are already JoJo fans?

>started with the WB dub dvds of Parts 1&2
>I'm reading through the manga right now

Fuck off, user.

Hey, good for you, man. I suppose it's just the Great Days YT comments really rustled my jimmies in terms of normies.

Why Araki didn't include Kek to the Egyptian Gods in SDC?




I was raped when I was twelve by a 13 tear old, and that was in the 21st century, its not that far fetched for it to happen then.

Add in Polnareff and like I ended almost seeing every fight as "Wait, is this guy gonna have a heel face turn too? Does he have the dio cells or is he just paided off?"

Incoming theories on the rest of the show from my animeonly friend, based off of the OP

>There is a scene we see Rohan sitting by a table drinking some tea, then after the next door we see Rohan in a different position with a guy pressing up against another open door. I would guess he's an innocent stand user Rohan starts tracking, thinking he's Kira.
>In that same room we see the alien guy standing perpendicularly on a wall. Maybe he helps out?
>The part where Killer Queen's hands reach the little girl makes me think Kira turns her into a bomb at some point, maybe to trick Josuke?
>When they show silhouettes and then reveal the characters behind it, the background lights are moving as if something caused an eclipse and it got reverted. Maybe a Stand?
>Some things hidden in the 1999 letters like a gun, a missing puzzle piece, a fist in the middle of the black whirlpool and some medic dude with footsteps on top of him so he is probably a villain. I'd really hope the gun has something to do with Hol Horse, but I doubt it.
>Kira is also holding a cat during the bit with Shinobu. Maybe he adopts one? Maybe it gets made into a Stand user?

And yes, he does think Hayato is a girl.


At least he's on point with Stray Cat, so that's something.

Which bionicle would you have as a stand?


>hol horse coming back

Okay, that's cute.


It this some motherfucking Bionicle I'm seeing right now?

>And yes, he does think Hayato is a girl.
What is he, fucking gay?


He is by far his favourite minor villain so far. I told him he doesn't return after SC ended, but I also told him a bunch of other shit he accurately predicted doesn't happen to maintain the surprise so he doesn't trust me much on this stuff now.

>Hayato is a girl
Now the shower scene with Kira in ten times more lewd.

>le manly men
That reminds me, just you fucking WAIT for Part 6. That's gonna be a shit storm.

The backlash is gonna unbearable. Everybody who likes it is gonna be labeled an SJW.

Wasn't it confirmed that its going to be a redub?


>yfw davidpro opens it with a ten minute long segment of Jolyne jilling off before cutting to the actual start and the show forever becomes thought of as only being for perverts


GDI I have that bionicle

I think all the fags will drop out during Part 5, so it won't come near the horrific state of affairs that you're describing.

Is it fun making these up for "you" ?

Comparing clips and voices from the promo to the DVD release, it looks like it's just airing the WB dub.



That freak could never climb up a lubed pillar. Fuck off.


Don't reply you absolute nutsacks

Of course.

Fellow anons, I hope your report game is on point.

Even if it isn't, we're close to the time of Heaven anyways, so that's something.



We should all get together and bully this artist

>his face when mista

I did not need to see this

>mods did their jobs

>part 6 airs
>pucci's popularity skyrockets
>tons of fanart
i cannot wait

No, dub the same.

Did someone say Gay Priest ?

>thinking normies will be autistic enough to like the worst villain in the series

Y'all are in for a rude awakening once your meme-character gets rightfully shit on by animeonlys

I really hope that they keep the same VA from the videogames for Pucci.

So far only Joseph and Giorno have gotten happy endings, if you include happy endings that got sad later, i.e Jotaro/Johnny

Wasnt here yesterday. What were the general thoughts about the episode and OP?

I know it'll be years and years later, but I really want to see Part 7 animated, so they do shit like this justice.

He was Dio's friend, they'll love him just for association.

Also for having a cool stand.

me too user


Official trailer for Toonami JJBA

Some fags didn't like it, as always, but the majority seemed to be cool dudes who loved the OP.
Wasn't he cast as Vanilla Ice already though?

Some people with shit taste don't like it and thinks it doesn't fit.

I think it's great, best DIU OP for sure.

There was a strawpoll that placed it above the other two OPs too, by a large margin, last I checked.

Fuck, missed -

>people make memes out of him so he's a bad character
explain dio's popularity then


It's alright but just watch it backwards and it's easily enough the best OP in the entire series. Fucking DP are based for making this intentional. youtube.com/watch?v=c3J08D1h1nY

Anyone has the download link just for the OP?

They got roundabout and that Dio is pretty good

He's a bad character because he's written like shit and he's generally uninteresting after the prison escape, except for during the fight with WR - though that was mostly carried by the latter.

Him being a meme-character is an unrelated facet of his existence.

Speedreader detected

Nice try hombre but I've read the entire manga three times and deliberately spent the second one drinking in every panel since it was now coloured

Were you under MiH's effects when you were reading part 6? That's the only explanation unless you're retarded for youou missing out on his entire character.

And ? I've also read it 3 times and I can definitely tell you Pucci isn't a shit character. Maybe you should try reading it slowly

>the worst villain in the series

As a neutral party, I can confirm without a doubt that Pucci is a shit character amen

>Bite The Dust part 1
>Hayato triggers BTD in the first few minutes of the episode before the OP plays
>The next 20 minutes are just this youtube.com/watch?v=1184_mAdDWU

wow that's bad
like just... bad.

>Wasn't he cast as Vanilla Ice already though?
Wouldn't be the first time a VA voiced two characters in the same anime.

Vanilla Ice and Pucci have 3 Parts between them regardless so they can get away with it.

>worst villain

user we're talking about Pucci, not Diavolo.

I doubt they are going to cast same person twice.

>worst villain

Not really, I am pretty sure Tama was already shown

> I would guess he's an innocent stand user Rohan starts tracking, thinking he's Kira.
Well, he technically is a stand user who was innocent.

How can you be neutral if you agree with one or the other? Fuck off you idiot, Pucci is a great character but niggers like you who can't put 2 and 2 together have to have characters with really simple stories and personalities.

>tfw anasui was waifu material before he got gender swapped

That's not Kars.
>captcha: pillars

She used Diver Down to change her gender so that Jolyne would want to fuck her.


Are the part 5 scans finished? Last time I read it was 6 years ago

Kira isn't that interesting. He's just a bland and boring beta male with murder tendencies. Rohan would've made a much more interesting main villain.

There's a few more volumes left. Not that much, but it's still not finished and probably won't be for a month or two.

That's not DIO

After watching the last episode of Phantom Blood, and seemingly having convinced himself that Jonathon Joestar would survive, my brother stopped watching JoJo.

My brother is not one to show his emotions to me, so I cannot be sure, but I think that he went through a stage of denial. Despite him knowing that I have read up to Part VIII, he was not willing to believe me when I said that Jonathon was dead. While he used to watch two episodes every two days, he did not watch the next episode for a full week after the last one. Even my mother supposed he was in denial (not that she knows JoJo).

If I ever reminded him to watch JoJo, he would simply say he would and move one. Finally, earlier this week, he watched the next episode, the first episode of Battle Tendency.

He came barging into my room, excited, talking of how he was mistaken. He said he thought Jonathon was returning since Joseph Joestar looks so identical to him. Yet, he was not mad. He accepted that his hero was gone, and warmed up to the new guy.

So the whole thing ended very well. His favorite part of the episode was the Tommy gun firing, which is where the episode ends.

Never said he was bad Kira is Top tier right below Valentine

How old is he?

If he is like 10 or 12 that's pretty cute, but if he is 15 or older that it dangerously autistic.

Yes, but they are shitty.

It's up to the Doppio and Metallica fight

Pucci is shit because his plan follows no logical chain of cause and effect, leaving it to be a simple series of asspulls that make no sense and only serve to frustrate any reader with any modicum of reading comprehension or expectation of the narrative to make sense.

His relationship with DIO is extremely boring as well because both of them are uninteresting characters. The only times he was decent were very early on before his character was fleshed out and was mostly mystery and during his fight with Weather Report.

He's the worst elements of Kira, DIO, and Kars combined and is by far the least interesting or entertaining villain in the franchise.

The real estate agent that comes to his house with Cheap Trick on his back

You dare insult Gay Priest ?

Trying to do some JJL in DiU anime style.
This is harder than I thought.

>Mikitaka's VA is Valentine's in ASB and EOH
>Koichi's played Johnny
Koichi vs Mikitaka when?

Well you have shit taste. Valentine, Pucci and Kira are the worst villains in the series.

Pucci destroyed the universe to hide his gay thoughts for Dio

Looking damn good senpai!

Yasuho is cute! Cute!!!!


This is some good shit holy crap.

Why do people dislike the new OP again?
Assuming we get some visual or audio fuckery for BtD it fits perfectly

Good shit.

Valentine is a fuckin god-tier villain though, his actions are unclouded and does what's best for his country, you can't even label him a villain at times

I made that, actually.

>people are still replying to Rohanposters

Fucking stop





>series of asspulls that make no sense
welcome to jojo.

pucci has the least number of asspulls of all villains


He murders his own men out of convenience or annoyance and tries to rape a child.
>hurrr he's not a villain


can you try to do kyo and fruit dad maybe?


Dio and Kars needs to be switched


> Passable
> Kars

While Kira is my favorite Villain, his """motives""" are mid tier at best

Literally every stage of his plan is an asspull. Green Baby? C-Moon? Made in Heaven? Alll asspulls.

The closest behind him is Kira with Bites the Dust and somehow knowing about Cinderella without being aware of other stands more than a few days before his fight with Shigechi. The other villains all have maybe one at the most.

now draw her in part 3 style

>Dio is great
>Kars is passable
>Pucci is bad

Reminder to Ignore all Rohanposters.
If you catch one shitposting, make sure to report them.

Kars literally wanted to cure his race of their weakness to sunlight

New thread.

He gets the job done in an unintrusive manner and his only two fights were good.

He's not good, but he ain't bad. He just barely does enough to suffice.

Don't post there, wait till someone makes a new thread, report that one.

>implying reporting does anything

>Hur hurr Rohan Posters are bad
Its not my fault he is perfect and one of the only good characters in Jojo

this must be bait. you can't possibly have an opinion this shit

You're not looking at the bigger picture my dude, yes he's done some bad shit but when the main character themselves admit that "hey, he's not a bad guy, we're the bad ones"
Killing your own men is a villainous, but that doesn't change the fact that at the end of the day, he does what's best for his country and will do everything (even bring back Gyro) to protect it

>one of the only good characters in Jojo
Fuck you.

Autism to the max.

Wrong, they should all be above great, at least.







Truth hurt too much?
>Generic tough characters with a softer side
>Generic big bad
>Generic yandere girls
>Generic sweet girls
You even posted just a generic beta male, that trope has been done a thousand times before.
None of the characters in Jojo even have a fraction of the material Rohan does with Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe and Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci, he should just have his own manga at this point. 99% of Jojo is just plothole shit.

They made Kira learn about Stands earlier in the anime, maybe they can fix Pucci too?



I'd never thought we'd see the day when there'd be a thread celebrity worse than Naranciafag. Why are the gay people in these threads the worst?


New Thread.

It's the truth. Jojo is horrible outside of a few very good characters and Rohan happens to be the best one.
But I'm a girl.

Would Rohan be able to affect Mikitaka with his Stand?

This one is better.

Thanks user-kun

>But I'm a girl.
So you're actually a full-on annoying crazy fujoshi? That makes sense.

There is literally nothing wrong with being a Fujoshi.

>But I'm a girl.
That explains the shit taste

We are living in dark times.

I didn't say there was.

You get a (you) user

You realize putting (You) in your post doesn't automatically make you correct, right?


Have another one for the big boy

>thinking Rohan is better than Diego


i don't see why there wouldn't be
pretty sure most of us got into anime that way

>because of the situation they find themselves in
I like how you try to downplay DIO and can't find better words to describe your favorite villains like Kira lmao. Also reminder that Kira is a literal copy of Bateman and Joker.

that's pretty good

Bretty gud user