Sugu's sugus

Sugu's sugus.

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Puffy nipples.

Asuna's asunas ain't bad, either

Also overall balance is better

Both are nice

Sugu also deserves to be glopped
Its not fair


So, has kirito tapped that ass yet?

ASSuna, yes

But Asuna's ass is flatter than Earth in the middle ages.


IKR. Perfect.

Asuna's SAO avatar is based on her as a 15 year old. She still has time to fill out in the ass department

Looks weird as fuck.

She's a japanese, user.

So is Sugu. Your point?

Is Sugu really this stacked? I don't remember her being that huge in the show

I do.

I wish my mind could throw up SAO, so I can re watch it for the first time again. Messed up Sugu did not get a man of her own

She can always have Rivalz the elf



Best girl coming through.

She may be unendowed but she can sure blow you ...up.

>Kirito didn't tap that

The lord of the gays.

He canonically glopped half of 'that'.

Believe me, once you tap something on par with Asuna, you get calm, careful and protective of what you got. And it's not easy. Even low-maintenance girls absorb an ungodly amount of time... and if you don't do it right, you will quickly find out the true feeling of cuck.

Though I understand anyone here, really. Every single SAO girl has a distinctive charm to her, it's just people have different tastes. If Sugu is your pick, then here, have this.

-- sinonfag



is she a cow?

>that breast drip
Hot damn, the artist the drew this might actually have seen breasts in person once.

I don't remember her being that stacked though.

This is an edit, right?

Leafa > Sugu

horee shit

Good lord.

Spoiler for NSFW.

post sugu butt



Asuna is for anal, Sugu for titfuck.
Both for cumming in the mouth at the end.



Those awesome clothes are wasted on Liz.

Girl needs a new hairstyle, it's so ugly.

Am I the only one who's aroused by Silica.



Dies in second or third episode if I remember correclt

A character from the new game.

why does Suguha have all the raping doujinshi and Asuna the Raped doujinshi?

guess who is the alpha bitch and who is the cuck


Because it's funny when Asuna gets cucked or Kirito for that matter.

This is fucking hot.

Sugu's sugus > Shinon's shinons > > > > > > > > > > > > > shitsuna


Is this a comedy game

>that black man is harassing that girl


Are you sure

Pretty sure.

Huh, why did they shrink Sachi?

Srsly, I wish Philia at least had an ep/sidestory other than Re:HF/LS.
She's supercute.

I'm actually really looking forward to the new game.

>implying implications

>accidentally pressed the divorce button
My sides.


What is this? And where can I find more of it?

Volume 17 of SAO.
Suguha logs into Underwold with an "super account" with infinitely regenerating HP, and ends up tortured by a crazy black sorceress chick.

Thank you.

Also neat.

She'll probably eventually settle for Recon, if he's persistent enough.
She's probably already been glopped a few times in her sleep.

She won't settle for recon, with oniichan getting into a company she'll probably go to a college and the big tits naive girls don't stay virgins long

I kinda wish I could just forget the whole fairies thing in general. Like the first bit of the first season was okay but the fairies thing was just bad. I've yet to even try season 2 because of that.


Why are sexy 2d cousins the best and why aren't MCs all over them?


You are beyond retarded.
Most of S2 is GGO and Sinon's story. In other words, guns and snipers.
The remainder is AIDS story and Asuna's mom trying to whore her out to another sociopath, because Sugou was apparently not enough to convince her she's a stupid, ocd-ridden, controlling bitch who should just fuck off and die.



GGO isn't THAT much better. The best part of the show was the last few episodes of season 2 when there's no contrived plot device(s) to move the show forward. Just slice of life, MMO style. Still bad, but watchable.

She does, eventually. In the accelmeme-memory VR world.

So reading Alicization.

Can we agree that Iskahn is bad ass?

>If I can’t cross the rope bridge… then all I gotta do is fly over!

He says, right after tearing out his right eye, and just before leaping a hundred meters over a bottomless canyon.

Post the showering scene.

Asuna's got one of those perfect character designs that makes me want to watch her get brutally raped.

Sugu is pure perfection. Its a shame than this shit series could get a ending like the end of Tenchi Muyo,
Kirito is a fag.

Are ANY of the games worth playing?

its a shame than this series will never be a true Harem.
Sugu deverse be happy.

Philia doujins fucking where?

its not a fair world user.
Bad things happen to good people, Sugu deverse better.

Wait, did they add something in Re:HF?
Me too

I like the doujin where villain uses the headset to possess her body and fuck Kirito.

When did Subaru get all that swole?

>game original character

Right after the Argo doujins.

Worst part about the Sugu love subplot was how Kirito just completely blew her off and ignored it when it finally got out in the open. Shit was ICE COLD. Actually I'm not even sure he even gave her a response.

But Argo already has doujins, right?

The lack of response is one.

>"Leave me alone!"
>break down

>spin-off original character
Right after the Progressive anime.

Yeah, it was pretty much an implied "I already have another pussy to glop," followed by a "help me go save my other bitch."


Technically, Argo was in the anime.

For about 10 seconds, and gave one line.

I hate SAO but that doesn't stop me from fapping to doujinshi

She was mentioned for like one or two lines in the novel too, so she technically isn't a spin-off original character, even if that's where all her characterization is from.

So was Ashley, and no one knows who the fuck she/he/it is.

>series is centered around videogames
>all the games are horseshit

Why is this allowed?

>all the games are horseshit
I'd disagree, really.
The first game is pretty lame compared to the others, when thinking about mechanics, But I can't say that I would hate playing in any of the games in the series.

Why doesn't Asuna have any at all

Wasn't it Asuna's birthday yesterday? Happy belated birthday I guess

Not enough meat.

Especially the fairy game would be actually pretty fun, with the flying and not permadeath irl parts. Also the potential for lewdness impossible irl because fat fucks can't get anywhere near the girls.

Those are some nice breasts, and the nipples are outlined too.
If I were Kirito, I don't think I would be able to hold back with such a fine woman living with me.

Not big enough.


I caught up in the English Progressive LNs the other day. Kizmel is amazing. Love her character, noble and knowledgeable, and loves to get naked.

Ohey, didn't realize Kizmel showed up in the game.

>brown girl
how many girls are in the harem and how many has he plowed?


I guess they gotta remind fans every game that Argo's afraid of dogs huh?


>low-key SAO thread with minimal shitposting
>no Jake in it
Guess he's on call.

>Progressive LNs
Progressive has LNs?

Ready for the Kibaou spin-off manga? Scans later this month.

Progressive is originally an LN, and was (loosely) adapted into manga.

Ordinal Scale - JP release Feb 18, 2017.

S1 BD-BOX - Jan 25, 2017

Song Collection II - Feb 15, 2017

>Feb 18, 2017
Just in time to announce S3 for fall 2017, or winter 2018.

>Kibaou spin-off manga
What? That exists?

Where's Alicization chapter 2 anyway?

>What? That exists?
Yeah, the up-coming "Sword Art Online Data Magazine" (released on the 24th) will include a few SAO-based manga spin-offs, including one centered around Kibaou.

>Where's Alicization chapter 2 anyway?
That Magazine comes out on the 10th.

>Progressive is originally an LN, and was (loosely) adapted into manga
For some reason I thought it was a manga to begin with. Time to read.

Or Summer 2017 if we're lucky.

Kibaou is so popular in Japan, but I kind of understand it.

>Kibaou is so popular
He's essentially a meme, people used proxies to spam votes for him in SAO's online character popularity poll before the admins fixed the problem

Yeah, that was silly.
What's with that? Do they really like him, or is it just a joke because of how eccentric he is?

Looks like it's official.

new semen demon

Posting designs of new characters
Pic related is Yuna.



"Age" (eiji)


And the Professor, who apparently created Ordinal Scale(?)

Oh? Is this still in the rebooted SAO world?

I didn't see this thread and was busy watching edgy mahou shoujo murderer anime.

I like that slightly brighter color scheme on Argo. Good.

I can't wait for him to (poorly) explain how making a ARMMO centered around melee combat is a good idea in the middle of Tokyo.
>Truck-kun is a trash mob

Kirito actually looks kinda cool there.

>Totally not related to Kayaba. Because he somehow IS Kayaba!

>that bottom right image


New Movie PV is out. (probably blocked in most countries right now, so use a VPN?) (English, for when it's actually available)


>The "All Records of SAO Incident" book speculated to be written by Argo
>Published by Kadokawa

>138 posts
Good shit, Cred Forums. Faggots.

Looks fantastic and is a full-fledged original story unlike Infinite Burst half-recap faggotry. Fucking jewrise.

Yuuki just died and Asuna already got another girl?
Fucking slut.

Some Sugus.

What did you expect? Rich girl can't stay still; gotta get some pussy.

>Climax of movie.
>Everyone is having a big dramatic scene, shouting each-other's names and shit.
>Meanwhile, the only thing normal people are seeing are some kids in headgear acting like chuunis.
This is the main problem with VR games. From the player's perspective, cool shit is going down. From everyone else's perspective, it just looks like a group of kids screaming their heads off over nothing. Just like Pokemon Go.

>VR games
That's AR, you dumb fuck.


Meanwhile, Yuuki confirmed in Hollow Realization.
Cute as always.

Movie quality boobs right there.

>Accel World vs Sword Art Online crossover video game
Well ok then, Dengeki. Just keep pouring on the SAO news.