Danganronpa 3

Reminder that the only person in the DR universe Junko could have possibly canonically been in a proper happy non-Despair relationship with is Makoto

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This is getting out of hand.

Rest in peace, sweet princess.

>shutting off the power was always an option
Why did nobody troubleshoot their problem by turning it off and (not) turning it back on again?


She doesn't want a happy non-despair relationship. Why would you wish that on her anyway?
It was hidden behind a secret door, how were they supposed to shut it off?

This was such a shit ending and such a shit anime generally.
Anime was a mistake.

>Kirigiri went into a coma
>A nurse just happened to come by

This was the hackiest fucking episode

Shit anime for a shit series. I don't see the problem.

The episode felt like your average Naruto shit and at the end Makoto literally became hokage.

Naegi needed her for a happy ending, so his now totally confirmed SHSL lucc probably had something to do with it.

The power was located behind the Monokuma room. Unless the original building's power was also hidden behind a door hidden behind a bookcase, nobody would be able to find it. And even if they found the room and had reason to believe the power was behind the door, Ruruka would have started shit because it also could be an exit.

Anyone have any hopeman pics? I lost all mine

>no one knew Ruruka died

She doesnt want despair by default. She just wants unpredictability. Despair has been the only thing she couldnt predict. Makoto is theoretically the only thing she can love that isnt despair.

Last episode was payoff for all the hope he'd been cultivating throughout the series. He put hope in the despairs that they would recover and he was rewarded by having them come save him and his waifu.

Good thing she didn't, huh? Enoshima didn't deserve anything good for her anyway.

Just like Saionji! And every day, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

Right as his hope was starting to fade, too. Absolute pottery.

She's SHSL Waifu so you can't kill her off or I'll be sad.

She clearly preferred despair's unpredictability over his or else she wouldn't have killed herself.


>Chaos isn't predictable

Yes it is.

Out of all the DR3s Ruruka is the one who actually deserved to die.

But they DID kill off SHSL Waifu. Chiaki is dead.

That one Seiko tripfag who I suggested to hold off on crucifying himself until the end, did you see Seiko's legacy? I hope you didn't already go through with it and can comment.

She just predicted that he wouldnt stand to be around her/hate her/etc. Which was probably also wrong, since unpredictability.

they better name their firstborn either Juzo or Seiko for saving their fucking ass.

This is your headmaster tonight.

No, she deserved character development and redemption. It almost seemed like she was headed in that direction until they realized there were too many people left alive and had to kill her.

Agreed. Seiko should've survived honestly.

Explain the Chisa cinema scenes

True Chaos isn't inherently predictable

I bet that's what Kyoko calls him in bed.

How the hell did Kirigiri even know that that drug was the "save yourself from NG code poison" one? Especially considering Seiko was shit at naming drugs.named it "antagonist".

Fuck off, Kirigiri didn't deserve to die in this anime especially when Asahina and Weedman are alive while Boozeman sacrificed himself for her

Funny no one ever cared about Seiko when they knew she died. Kiri didn't even check her body


Nobody in FF deserved to be killed off, not even Chisa, who could have been reverse brainwashed.

They just shouldn't be in those positions of power and be redeemed desu.

Because it's an accurate name to its function and the SHSL Detective probably has a working knowledge of chemistry and the English language.

> forgetting about fedorabro

Not really, until the end she proven herself to be completely egoistic and revelaed that her love toward Izayoi never existed and she just wanted to have a slave.

Because the anime went full retard and made no sense at all

She must've checked the body, it's where she got the drug from.

May we all find bros as true as Juzo, romantic feelings involved or not.

4th-wall break most likely.

No one cares about Class 76, which is sad honestly.

cinema filming/animating effect

Izuru created a 4D world in his head for Junko and Chisa, a world that records things from the real world
It's complex

Considering he already said he didn't and she did it anyway, that's some hardcore wishful thinking on your part.
>albus severus juzo naegi


Juzo seemed fairly sad about her death.

Is not fucking fair.

I should probably stop it with the Chiakiposting, This is actually taking a toll on my mental health.


Ruruka, Celeste, Hifumi. Sayaka, Mukuro, Junko and real Chiaki are dead so all is good.

She literally got the antagonist bottle from checking her body though.

>Mukuro suggests killing Naegi

Holy hell, just how hard were NaegixMukuro fags BTFO by this anime?

Fuck you

I want to make Junko my sex slave and hold her in a rape dungeon against her will

I enjoy that they blew out everybody but Kyokofags, but still left them a little blueballed by the ending despite playing to them a lot. It's impressive.

She actually didn't and was just asking Junko if she was going to kill him. She did call him a loser though.

Fuck you too

Why is best girls death something good?!

mukuro is garbage

they saved themselves by realizing she seemed reluctant to the idea

>implying she wouldn't love it
If she's into despair, abusive/rapey relationship is perfect for her.

>Nice and peaceful waifus deserve to live
>Meanies and troublemakers who drive the plot deserve to die
If Cred Forums designed a DR game, it would be the most boring shit ever.


She was talking about me

Truly too pure for this world.

Also ded

This is heresy

All three...

A rape dungeon is totally predictable, its not true despair.

Ha ha ha what a great boy this Makoto Naegi is! At first I was a bit iffy about the idea of my daughter being with someone shorter than her but now it's obvious that he really is a respectable, upright man who understands that reopening my sca-, I mean, school is for the best.

>Genocider Syo will never have a crush on you
Fuck you, Togami. Fucking rich chad cunt.

>That one time she called him daddy after spanking that she herself had suggested
>That one time he called her Maizono


Seiko was nice but she wasn't peaceful.

Juzo did literally nothing wrong

It's taking a toll on mine seeing all of them.

She was as waifubait as they come.
Timid, cutesy, bullied, etc.
If every character was like that, it would honestly make for some awful plot.

To be honest, lately it feels that only the "girls with attitude" win. Sweet, homely girls keep getting bad ends

hate to break it to you but in terms of medicine, that's exactly that an antagonist does, it slows the spread of something

as said kirigiri is also no retard


>Tfw ship him with Juzo
>Tfw it all could have been prevented if Gozu was there to help shoulder his burden

I want to hug this shortcake therapist.


Well shit, the more you know

Turns out Seiko really was the perfect girl.

Sweet, homely girls are about as fun as watching paint dry so I wouldn't consider that a bad thing.

>cannibalism: the jpeg

>ywn have a cute stalker like Toko or Souda
Why live

For you. I'm personally completely bored by the opposite. I wouldn't want to have much to do with such people in life.

Kirigiri has a sweet side and Naegi is basically the only person to have ever seen it.

danganronpa villain acation apologists more like

Enraged Japanese people gave DR3 arcs a set of despair nicknames.

Zirai-hen(landmine arc) or Mikan-hen(incomplete arc) for Mirai-hen

Sitsubou-hen(disappointment arc) for Zetsubou-hen

Kyomou-hen(nihil arc) for Kibou-hen


So how should I mistreat her to always have horny Junko around?

Victor of Danganronpa 3:

Maizono Sayaka


1. Her images from previous series remained nearly intact.
2. Didn’t get a controversial character development.
3. Her death was still not forgotten.
4. Managed to get a VA and some nice lines too.
5. She didn’t appear for long, but all of her frames were animated super beautifully in high quality.
6. And she still managed to appear in the bonus voice drama too.

Is their general reaction even worse than ours?

why didn't the DR cast make chiaki a robot body, go back into the NWP, and then upload her into that

>Still holding the hairpin
But didn't Junko erase Izuru memories of class 77?
What did he think when he found a girl hairpin in his pocket?

You realize these characters aren't real? It doesn't matter which you would rather encounter in real life because you will never interact with these characters. You're just watching them, so what matters is that they're entertaining.

>Makoto is theoretically the only thing she can love that isnt despair.
This doesn't even match up with happens in DR1. She had an "I lose" route all planned out for herself, and she dies on her own terms instead of ever actually being surprised.

Hell it doesn't even match up with that one scene in DR3, saying how unpredictable Makoto is while she perfectly predicts what's going to happen in that scene.

SHSL Luck is inherantly shit and I hope V3 doesn't have it.



Izuru was never in the class. Not until DR2 at least.

I do, and I don't really differentiate unless they're gratingly bad enough that their fictitious nature becomes obvious. I still find their type to be very boring.

ew it's a sayaka fag
go away go away sayakafag go away go away!


>tengan killed hopes for nothing

>twn be an animate version of Dangan Ronpa IF

I understand why you feel the way you do about homely girls and I respect your stance on them. But I also respectfully disagree.

I know sometimes you look for characters who challenge you/the protagonist, but lately I feel these types of characters becoming too mean before they start being nicer. Honestly, both in real life and in fiction, I'm getting increasingly tired of dealing with them.

Sometimes, maybe not your case, but sometimes you just want to drown in saccharine and just want a character who is nice because they're "nice" that's their nature. They bring no conflict, no drama, they're just there to comfort the protagonist (And the viewer/reader). I know objectively observing them, these characters are no different than a doormat, that's why I said I understand where you're coming from. But sometimes you just want that, a comfy doormat

And being nice is entertaining how? If it's a unique flavor of nice like Seiko I can get it but I don't get the appeal of someone generically nice like Chiaki where you can predict everything she says before it comes out her mouth and it all feels so manufactured.

Tengan didnt believed in the power of friendship hard enough unlike our heroes Makoto and Hajime

This looks like the horror genre.

The reason it was despairing is because she didnt expect to lose at all.

Given how raw a deal Ishimaru's dad got for example, it's clear whoever left me the impression he regretted killing off most of the DR1 cast was lying.
It's very much obvious however Kodaka does regret killing off Sayaka. She's the only dead DR cast member with so much non plot relevant post game content. Only Chihiro(with AlterEgo in 2, and his father in Despair Girls) is comparable, and it's arguably necessary for the plot in his case. Of course, just -compared- to the other dead DR1s. Junko and maybe Mukuro beats them both obviously.

yeah gozu was probably gay

You can find comfort like that outside of people or characters, it's redundant and wastes what makes people's personalities interesting in the first place.


Sweet homely girls in DR tend to have some sort of fun quirk.

Eh, given how much time he had with Asahina's asahinas, he seemed more so bi to me.


-Killed the despair Chisa
-Turned Munakata into a better one
-Killed Ruruka
-Gave class 77 chance to prove that they are on the good side
-Gave Mitarai hope
-Tested a second project

I don't mind predicability and don't find it boring. Simple as that. I even consider Seiko to be the worst 'nice' girl in the series.


Is this comic about Juzo realizing he's gay for Munakata?

You're too much of a thrill seeker for your own sake.


> play dr2 after dr1
> "oh it's like dr1 but with a few changes"
> Mahiru sore wa chigaus you
> Komaeda's wild ride starts
i just hope drv3 is as good as dr2

>regret killing off Sayaka
I really doubt it since they basically built her relationship with Naegi around the premise of her dying.
>so much non plot relevant post game content
Am I missing something?

But the best nice is conditional nice. It's worthless if she's just handing it out constantly to everybody and everyone.

>didnt end on a cliffhanger that could mean trouble
>didnt end with despair
way to blew it

am i the only one who thinks hagakure is hot af

Kimura is the only one coming to mind.

the great gozu is too honourable to lust after teens

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.
Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.
Many are the woes of the wicked, but the HOPE’s unfailing love surrounds the one who trusts in him.
Rejoice in the HOPE and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart!

She's likely at least 20.

No? There's great value in being able to show everyone some niceness regardless of how they are. Given how much many people these days like to seek conflict for its own sake, it's soothing.

It's not about thrill, it's about interest. A mother struggling to keep her family together in the face of adversity while trying to overcome her own personal flaws and shortcomings isn't what I'd call thrilling but it's interesting. Watching someone be nice and perfect is just mind-numbing.


The game was set up so that she had a chance of losing, and she fully prepared for that conclusion too. For her, there was no surprise involved.

Out of curiosity, would you mind listing your favorite archetypes? We may be too incompatible to understand each other's views, but I still want to learn more about yours


still fair too dishonourable
besides he was protecting the kids, not trying to fuck them

That's a great trait in real life, I just don't get why you'd waste your time watching it in fiction when you can imagine someone being nice just as well in your head. It requires no writing skills or thought.

You have a very weird way of gauging interest. I'd find that sort of situation sad, but in no way interesting to see or hear about after the first time.

Can anyone translate?

You can want to protect and fuck something. What do you think a waifu is?

>Sonia overpronouncing words

I love it so much

>play dr2 after dr1
>oh god new characters
>now i have to be arsed to care about their retarded backstories and pretend to myself to be emotionally invested in them
>main character looks ugly
>cant self-insert into anyone
>ended up just doing it so i could start watching the anime
>start watching
>oh god what the fuck why is there a whole arc about these shitters what the holy fucking hell
>finally, no more despair episodes, finally time to watch the final battle between hope and despair. How will Junko be coming back? How will Manlet and his friends defeat her once and for all? This is the first time I've been excited for an anime since Rebuilds getting announced
>instead get 20 minutes of DR2 shittery
>doesnt even fit with the plot
>final """"""""battle""""""" between two people who have contributed nothing to the plot

Being invested into this franchise is suffering

せいこーちゃん!! It's not fair bro, she didn't know she saved a life ;_;

>she knew the possibilities - she could win or she could lose, therefore it wasnt surprising!!1



Has Hagakure's prediction levelled up with his new richly-designed crystal ball at the end?

To be fair, that's partly why Miaya is my favorite character in the series. In general, me being able to imagine such things doesn't harm my enjoyment in any way, so it's still nice to see them. Plus, I can imagine some of the 'interesting' things you mentioned just as well, having talked to many people about various conflicts in their lives and all.


I hate this the most about this series, it has this really lazy notion of karma.
Yes; it is nice to show that good things happen to good people and that all good deeds are eventually rewarded but said deeds and said rewards tend to be directly related to eachother and not just some magic seemingly predetermined shit.

Someone helping an old lady across the street and having their actions noticed by an important businessman looking to hire an honest helping dude is a lucky coincidence that was directly brought about by said person doing good.

Someone helping an old lady across the street and then it turns out their dead friend was never dead and is back and as healthy as a horse is beyond retarded and wasn't even brought about by anyone, it was just something that was seemingly predetermined.

This is slowly becoming a general you know we have to stop

It's a plot-convenient type of karma. It just got ridiculous in DR3 for the sake of generating excitement.

This has to be the first reasonably popular show you've followed while airing.

Naegi has his lucc though, that was more than likely in play. What could be luckier than your waifu not actually being dead but in a coma, then being found and revived by the ultimate nurse?

Why didnt Junko just rape Naegi?

I don't really like archetypes, it's why I never got attached to DR characters in the first place, but if I try to think about stories I like, I think I gravitate towards characters that present an image of themselves to their peers that doesn't match who they really are. Whether they are good or bad, nice or mean isn't what's important, but their circumstances that make them do it and how they go about it are interesting. I also like characters that see themselves in others and try to steer them away from making the same mistakes, like a mentor maybe. And characters that want to be good but are struggling with their own inherently nasty personality.

How much bigger can she get?

>but in no way interesting to see or hear about after the first time.
Perhaps it's also related to one's circumstances in life. Maybe that user lives in a place where those types of situations aren't common, so he finds reading about them interesting.

I come from a place where I could throw a stone and find 10 mothers in similar situations if I were to chat with them, every day I learn about someone in my vicinity having some bad shit happen to them and the whole city's general atmosphere being pretty negative. The last thing I have the stomach to read is more tragedy, so I find myself more drawn to "happier" stories and nice and cheerful characters.

Bigger than Toko could ever imagine.

So wait,
DanganRonpa 2 is just a VR simulation?

if he hadn't died we all know kirigiri would've been left behind

She thought he wouldn't like it. Why even live if he wont like you raping him? Thats why she killed herself.

I may have misjudged you. That's a legit cool preference. Just be careful since it's really easy to get burned by the type of character that matches the former description, especially in anime.

Yeah, I probably rushed that post and was looking through my own lens a little too much. I'm in a reasonably similar situation to you, just with my own peers being in their own odd or unfortunate situations as well and not just older people. It makes for a depressing environment. I couldn't even escape it by studying abroad, since my entourage during that time was barely any different thanks to the town's similar environment.


Why are they so gay

She prepared for both and died on her own terms in the end, that's the point being made

>Those subs

>falling for fake spolers
DR2 is actually an anime.

>not liking the best game

Are you dumb?

You can hug what's left after I traumatize her.

Kodaka is a hack, DR3 is not canon

Yep. It's pretty easy to guess from the first few minutes since you get a lot of hints.

I want Naegi to date Junko

Why is Cumaru a bit paler than Naegicchi? Naegi has some melanin to him but Cumaru's kinda unhealthy looking except for her bosoms.

Pale girls are hot, pale guys just look unhealthy.

No. That is not the rapeutic.

What about pale as fuck Kirigiri?

The ending she got was not surprising for, yeah.

Cumaru is a Naegi, you have to be more specific about who the other Naegi is

>best game
Shit taste detected

Fucking spergs

Only spergs can unironically like that piece of shit of a game

I think a better metaphor would be helping an old lady across the street and it turns out the old lady is the SHSL nurse and she cures your deathly sick waifu for helping her.

Shit, I meant Makoto and Komaru. Oh you get me!

I don't care, I want to drive her even further into her shell.

And with her weak, little body she can't really stop me.

When all she can do is cry and no longer acknowledges the world around her, then you can hug her.

It won't even be a bad thing at that point and you can get enjoyment out of bringing her back to reality.

Whatever helps you get through the night, buddy.

She has a crush on Komaru, blame /u/ memesters for making it relevant

Literally anyone who didn't give a shit about muh Hope vs Despair would be unpredictable for her though. Her line of thinking only even holds up within these dumb rules she sets up.

>so I find myself more drawn to "happier" stories and nice and cheerful characters.
I don't mean any offense, but have you considered that getting invested in the children murdering game anime was maybe a mistake?

She's going to be left behind anyway if Komaeda has anything to say about it.

Not him, but to be fair, it's sometimes easy to overlook that when the characterization, even if it's so heavily based on mere archetype mixing, greatly eclipses the main theme and conflict. Given AI Chiaki's extreme popularity, I'm fairly sure he wouldn't be alone on that.

>main character is ugly
Are you a girl? Why make this an actual point?

I do feel sorry for the people who rushed through 2 good games just to watch a dumb cash-in anime though

This isnt a children murder anime anymore, its a happy ending for everyone now besides the forgotten students in the first game

I don't think they'd say that if they were a girl, since Hajime's intended to be really buff and attractive for a normie. It's probably just a guy who wants to self-insert way too much.

Monokuma Theater

>Kodaka says the anime is fanservice to the fans that supported the series
>Most people say nobody from the DR1 cast was going to die in Mirai-hen
>People called the RoD waking up since Zetsubou-hen 1, because of what Chisa said at the start of the episode.
>People thought Ryota was suspicious from the start
>then people suspected Tengan too (even since episode 2 because of the sprites picture with him turned around)
>People pointed out the two towers reflecting in the water
>people called Juzo being gay (some as a joke)
>People pointed out the Antagonist (as Cure W) when Kirigiri "died"
>Some people even called the monitors making people kill themselves.

>Somehow alot of people are disappointed even though everything that happened was obvious and we got the fanservice that we were promised.

>we saw Mukuro animated
>we saw the Impostor's face and he was fleshed out the most out of the RoD's (probably because he was just Twogami before DR3)
>we saw some DR0 cameos
>we saw the Student Council Killing Game
>we saw Komaru and Monaca
>we saw more of Sato and Natsumi
>we got some interesting DR3 characters
>we saw more of Izuru.
>we saw more of Junko

>People are still mad.

stay classy DR fans.

see you at the NDRV3 threads

Why does she look up at the end of this execution? Is it regret?

Not really, I just had the most fun with these threads since a few years.

Well they brought the whole SDR2 cast back like it was nothing

>Tengan trashed Miaya's Neo World Project because he'd rather just have her killed
Fucking old man, you and Monaca will forever be on my shitlist.

In Japanese media, girls almost always have way paler skin then guys. Even in genderbender stories, the same male character turns paler when he becomes a girl. It's just a thing.

Its boredom. She got bored of waiting to die, denying her that precious despair.

It's because you can find pale skin attractive in a woman but on a guy it just makes him look like he's sick.

>he only killed hope because of Chisa and to a lesser extent, Junko

Fucking infuriating when you consider just how much you could do by tackling the realistic, healing-through-therapy side of the hope vs despair argument. Don't pin it on Tengan or Monaca - pin it on DR3's peculiar plot choices.

Hey kids wanna Hope?

So do the japanese agree Munakata killed himself the way these threads seem to?

Tengan did everything wrong

>those fags that wanted people to APOLOGIZE when Tengan "saved" Kirigiri and Ryota from Juzo

I knew he was an evil fuck.

I won't deny it might sound contradictory, but just because I have a preference for certain stories, it doesn't mean I don't dwell in different things to mix it up.

And honestly, up until Despair 10 and Chiaki's unnecessarily overly brutal execution the series' own goofy style and exaggerated characters prevent me from taking the horrific events too seriously. I think only Leon, Celeste and AI Chiaki's executions have made me wince. In contrast, Teruteru gets deep fried in freaking lava, but the whole thing is so silly is hard to look at it and be genuinely horrified as one should.

So yes, having preferences is good, watching things different from those preferences from time to time is also good and prevents boredom.

>Fucking infuriating when you consider just how much you could do by tackling the realistic, healing-through-therapy side of the hope vs despair argument.

You'd have to take the hope vs despair conflict seriously in order to do that. Which would be retarded.

Plus, Miaya's design is the way it is only because Monaka kills her. If she were going to be anything but a red herring she'd probably have a different design. Hell, they might give her therapy talent to Bandai and have him play whatever part it is you want for Miaya.

So the cute therapist as you now know her only exists to die and could only exist to die.

Well, it's pretty much heavily implied he went off to kill himself. Just so he can be with Chisa and Juzo again.

Which makes me wonder. Why bother with the DR3 cast then when all but 1 is dead? (I'm including Munakata in the dead pile now)

>End of Future arc
>Junko comes back instead of DR2
>Rambles on about m-muh undpredictable despair
>Cant predict Nagi's luck still
>Gets mindbroken into hope
>gets un-Despaired
>Realizes the full extent of what she has done
>Falls into an emotionless catatonic state
>Munakata and Naegi agree to hide her so that people wont kill her out of revenge
>Munakata because he now realizes that living with a burden like that is the harshest punishment they could server her, and Naegi just because he is always nice to everyone
>She gets exiled to a remote asshole of the world to atone for her crimes
>She is in a dark room
>Dark outside, snow everywhere, loud winds
>She is huddling around a little dying flame in her fireplace
>Really pale and sick
>Picture of Mukuro on a nightstand next to her
>She closes her eyes and tries to sleep
>Suddenly the door opens
>She stares at the door, dumbfounded
>some manlet with huge bags standing in the doorway
>Suddenly she realizes who it is
>I t-thought you could use some warm clothes
>Her face lights up

> almost everyone from class78 is dead
> everyone we know from class 76 is dead
> nobody in class 77 died
> your waifu would've lived had she been onrn 1 year earlier/later

You guys are memeing right?

>Why bother with the DR3 cast then when all but 1 is dead?

They existed as sacrificial pieces to keep the DR1 cast alive. Honestly I would've rather lost Kirigiri or Makoto to keep Seiko or Gozu or someone else like that.

Because DR3 was a complete waste of time and the DR3 cast only died so they wouldn't have to kill off any established characters.

I doubt it. Cherryblossoms falling symbolizes several different things, people are just focusing on the one that they want to. Plus nothing was overtly hinting at it and it would completely waste Sakakura's sacrifice which would make him an even bigger retard than he was before.

Gamer girl died

No, I'm not memeing. Cherry blossoms falling is a metaphor for suicide (at least in Japan anyway). Could you blame Munakata for killing himself anyway? The guy has lost everything. Hell he lost HPA to a fucking manlet.

There's still hope my man

The bodies of 78 are still in the freezer

They just need the SHSL Necromancer to enroll

Not really. The song that's playing is even by a guy who killed himself.

not really. they could've died in the despair world.

But Chisa and Juzo are in different realms. Chisa is in Hell and Juzo is in Heaven. Also suicides will never get to Heaven.

These three will never be together again, even after their deaths.

They're together in my heart

What else would he be doing with those katana searching redemption?
RoD is over,he isn't going to fight for shit

Munakata should kill himself. His life from this point would just be slowly dying anyway.

His life's work is ruined or usurped from him, his mentor is dead, his friends and family are dead, the world doesn't need him to keep rebuilding. What does the guy honestly have to live for or will ever find worth living for in the future? Keep living just so he can save Naegi's ass again some day? Actually, Hajime probably already has that covered so Munakata can safely kill himself.

Sorry fampaitachi suicide is actually extra honorabre for nips

Why would non-Despair Chisa be in hell you mong

I bet he thinks Chisa's in heaven though. Why wouldn't he?

I played DR2 in between episodes 11 and 12. That payoff was absolutely golden.

Juzo would willingly fall to Hell to be with Munakata.

Gee, where else would Junko be?

He lives for HOPE

>In Asian cultures, cherry blossom meanings usually include brave, industrious and wise. It has become both a cultural and a national symbol for various countries in Asia. The cherry blossom is fundamentally a symbol of love and joy. It is believed that the cherry blossom promotes love and spiritual awareness

>The “Sakura” trees in Japan are highly esteemed. Japan's samurai culture admired the cherry blossom due to their short-lived lives and also used them as a representation of blood drops. It is a symbol of simplicity, spring and innocence.

>The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In their country, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short. When the cherry blossom trees bloom for a short time each year in brilliant force, they serve as a visual reminder of how precious and how precarious life is.

Yeah, you guys are memers that just parrot shit.

That's why they implied he killed himself in the end. Which means all the DR3 characters died except for that cunt Ryouta.

Do you seriously think that the theater where Chisa is watching DR3 non-stop along with goddamn Junko is Heaven?

How did you understand anything that happened before that?

Mentally ill people go to heaven, user

We wouldn't need to be arguing this if they'd just let Juzo live.

I didn't watch this shit.
Who won the Naegibowl?


There are like, 3 guys who do that better than him.

And also he just found out that his hope was wrong and his whole life that he dedicated to it was a mistake. That's what I meant by his life's work being ruined. His life's other work, the Future Foundation, has been taken over by Class 78.


Who is your favorite DR3 character?

He needs to live to prove to people that a man who lost everything does not lose his HOPE

>mentally ill
Oh rly?

>Juzo in heaven

Gays doesn't go to heaven

No one. Naegiri was very vague at the end.

But honestly, I wanted Makoto to hope the hell out of Junko

We wouldn't need to be arguing if Kodaka knew how to handle DR3 better. By not outsourcing it to the people who thought it was a good idea to make Tarou a major character in GG as well as have Miki there at the start. And also letting the guy who has destroyed many series in his lifetime, including DR1 has the director.

Kodaka should've written it all, honestly.



Despair did a reasonable job of introducing characters. Also, spoilers from here.

gozu went to heaven though

Japanese Kamikaze Pilots used Falling Cherry Blossoms as a metaphor for their suicide attacks during WW2.

Munakata's imagery of falling cherry blossoms isn't really positive.

He tells Naegi to live yet he can't say those same words to himself.

Naegi won the Junkobowl though

I haven't finished playing dr2 game yet. Teach me how to beat ghundam in rebuttal senpai.

I understand that Cred Forums is a Christian imageboard, but that's not how afterlife works in nip folklore.

> Held above all other flowers by the rulers of Japan, Ohnuki-Tierney writes the cherry blossom or sakura has been a symbol of “the cycle of life, death and rebirth, on the one hand, and of productive and reproductive powers, on the other” throughout the history of Japan. The trees have been used as symbols for everything from predicting successful harvests of rice to giving the World War II kamikaze pilots courage for their one-way missions.

Hot panties

Big difference between blossoming cherry trees versus falling cherry blossoms.


No one even want to win that shit,except for the obvious Mukuro

I'm rewatching the scene and I just don't see it. I think you're reading too much between the lines.

Munakata has no life anymore and he isn't experiencing any rebirth.

Only death awaits him.

He only looks toward the past where Juzo and Chisa were still with him.

Where did Munakata get that coat

Munakata got completely fucked over in that "finale". Like holy shit, he's not even confirmed to even be the future's hope, which was why Juzo sacrificed himself. Like cause you know, Naegi's always gotta be right, and HE'S gotta be the future's hope.

Nigga you think I remember each and every solution to rebuttles? Some of those solutions were so fucking stupid I swear

No, you see, its my headcanon that he kills himself, so he did it!

You know where.

I'll take that as a "pretty damn hard" then.


>Kirigiri had anti-poison medicine
>Let the dude who sacrificed himself to save her die
What the fuck was wrong with her?

Why do you think Naegi looks sad when he leave for redemption?

The Junkobowl is the most precious thing in existence. It allows you to try and un-corrupt a cute lovable girl that likes teddy bears and cooking from the clutches of despair. Ending up with an un-Despaired Junko as your waifu is probably the best feeling in the world. It is probably also the most satisfying sexual conquest ever.

Fuck you. Comfy girls are as good a it gets in this world.

He wasnt mentioned once again aswell
This anime was a mistake

So, what do you think about the ending Cred Forums?

Wow, I can't believe they killed themselves right after this.

why u do dis user

he fell into a pit nigga.
and he didn't knew he was going to break his NG code until shit went down. You need to take the Antagonist before.

Post who you're gonna miss the most.

I'm glad he's getting an OVA focused on him but I'm really gonna miss this crazy fucker.

Pandering horseshit. I'd rather they stayed in their coma.

The only people who really like it are the people who wanted the DR2 cast to awaken.

They implied the opposite, he wouldn't be talking about bearing burdens if he was going to kill himself regardless.

How can you like her after 1-3 and that shitty motive?

It wasn't happy like Weedman promised

Poor girl didn't even get to be the mastermind in the supposed finale
That's actually pretty despair-inducing if you think about it

Money is a perfect and understandable motive

What did she mean by this

Should've just been the DR2 survivors (+maybe Nagito & Mikan, which can be bullshitted away with them knowing about DR2's nature before they died, even that's pushing it though)
Munakata should've gotten more closure
I am genuinely completely indifferent towards the DR1 cast now. Aside from Aoi I guess, like Imposter she didn't really change dramatically but benefitted from expanded screentime.

there was pegging that night

All these + Kiri. It was helluva ride.

Motive was fine
Celeste's plan being fucking awful was the issue

Can't you remember chapter 4 trial? I spent 2 hours on that shit but i still lose.

>shitty motive
She just want to get out,like anybody else

Are we witnessing a Sayakafag so BTFO that they have achieved enlightenment through suffering?

The motive is okay, the problem for me it was that she was obvious as fuck since the first moment. Some poker face for the gambler.

She finally realized the love of her life was right next to her

>Castle + Vampire Butlers


Well I wouldn't mind a mansion + vampire maids

>underestimating mikan's talent
All you guys did was call her a slut and a pig for the entire duration of the show but you never took the time the actually appreciate her talent.

So the real reason DR2 happened is because Izuru wanted to see whether hope or despair was more unpredictable?

The whole franchise happened because Izuru was bored.

You know you can cut diagonally right? It's pretty easy to pin point the blade you have to use to cut the weak point as well.

This angel. No character even comes close to how much I adore her, in any series. So glad she woke up and back to normal. Hopefully Komaeda's OVA is longer than I expect it to be.

>vampire butlers
>not literally the best motive in both games
What the fuck is wrong with you? Handsome vampire men that do your bidding isn't enough? What the fuck? I'm actually fucking angry right now, what the fuck. If someone threw a wad of cash at you, you would run in the other direction because you hate nice things.

If Munakata was going to kill himself, shouldn't he be holding a short sword?

Done that but i still missed one or two or i ran out of bullets before getting to the final statement.

>don't wanna serve the pure white raven haired gothic lolita that wants to use you for her own ends
I don't see a problem here, why wouldn't ya?


Im going to miss my blonde angel. I hope she has fun and doesnt get bored in heaven ;_;

I'll see you in V3, Jucchan

He's going to live for the sake of chisa and juzo.

>munakata gets help imitator dressed up like munakata
I got a sensible chuckle out of that scene

Quite a messy eater isn't she. Look at all that ketchup.

>yfw the most delusionalfag right now is Junkofags

Hmm, this looks familiar...

Suicide, especially with katana, is a heroic death in Japan, therefore could be tied to bearing burdens and redemption.
About afterlife: in Mishima's 'Yukoku/Patriotism" wife agrees to commit suicide right after her soldier husband's seppuku and they are both talking about going into the afterlife together that way. He also mentions that his comrades, already killed as rebels, will envy him because he'll be bringing with himself such a beautiful bride.

Shes the killer, just wait for it the anime wouldn't be so retarded and make people kill themselves over a dumb brainwash deus ex machina

>Ishimaru died for this

best mastermind

If Junko was stopped early on, what would happen to Izuru?

Would he have just remained locked up? Or he'd get so bored he'd kill himself? Or just end up meeting Chaiki and Hopeman eventually?

Also, I guess Ryota's semi-brainwash anime will show.

Why the fuck am I still coming to these threads?

Most of his statements take about 1-2 slashes at most. There are the few that take a bit more. Take it easy and save your cuts. If you do meet one of the statements that takes more than 1-2 cuts, then you can spam cuts a bit.

Her mental imprinnting created by alter ego exist in Hajimeme

Where were you when Kaede came out of the closet?

Woah man bad taste

wet panties meme

Maybe she didn't get serious until some point during the two years they spent together

"I made her play my dick like a piano."

Every time. And it doesn't even fucking make SENSE.

Don't be so mad user.

Its ok, he lives on in all of us
especially celeste

You should have seen the Chiakifag that was here a few hours ago. But yeah Junkofags are pretty cancer.

People are mostly mad at the way story went with everyone being brainwashed and that stupid Happy Ending. I did enjoyed both DR1&2, but DR3 went in really stupid direction in the story. I would prefer for Kirigiri staying dead, but it's just only my opinion.

You know why, Hinata-kun.


I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Kid corpses on fire off the door of HPA. I watched blood glitter in the dark nea rour boy's corpse. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears...in...rain. Time to die.

This man is right, this shitshow is not canon at all.
I wonder what happened to the former remnants of despair that are not in a coma right now

You know why you know nothing.

>we didn't see this face in Hope Arc


Nothing about me.

But you didn't actually know your waifu was even deathly sick at all until three weeks after you met her, when the old lady suddenly leaps out of her nursing home and sprints the 300km from her home to yours to help you out, without even knowing that she'd helped you personally or returned the favor in any way.

Celes also died for this, don't pretend he's special or something

We never saw him air guitar either

Or my dual katanas.

Any in particular?

>we will never see him do a juzo or chisa imitation to cheer up munakata

what is the most quotable thing in danganronpa?
besides sore wa chigau yo/zo


This is not ok

Hope Arc more like Disappointment Arc. Really hoped they'd show it once.

Twogami is not a faggot, he has a waifu to take care of.

Looks like it. I'm happy for them, they can finally remember their waifu as she was, a murderer that managed to fuck it up while trying to frame her stalker.
But seriously, I hope the wounds can heal now. It must be weird to have a waifu that is dead but keeps getting brought back up as maybe still being relevant. She's remembered, but she's also out of the race. I hope that they find some peace in that.

The old lady was also friends and lived with a psychic who could predict everything.
Munakata seems like the kind of sourpuss who wouldn't appreciate it.

I don't know if just meeting Chiaki would help him.
He remembered her when she died while struggling for hope. The first time he met her, he didn't r remember her

Seriously what the fuck was wrong with Tengan?

You know what


Komaeda is cute!

you hear it, you lose:
boku wa ne

But he needs to ligthen up before he gets back to inaba

If Naegi and Nagito exchanged games, how would it go?

She is cuter than Junko,and have an ahoge

Ishimaru would of made a fine guard dog
But seriously, it was a sucky situation for everyone in the group, granted celes is no saint. Im sure if they actually had their memories from the start they wouldn't plot against eachother (not so easily at least)

Maybe that's why she bothered grabbing for him as he fell.

>Ishimaru, Seiko, Chichiro and his father, Aoi's brother, Sakura, Fedoraman and Gozu will always remain dead even if they didn't do anything wrong.

>mass murderers will have a happy life and probably form families

>Weedman didn't suffer every single second and got a waifu and frinedship of Togami who buy his stuff

Life truly is unfair.

But he had interest in her so it's possible she would've changed him.

Remember when everyone laughed at the guy who came up with the theory that FF members were stuck underwater?

Its not Junko, its SoniaxSouda child. Gundam was always just a platonic friend.

I do

Liking fucks who kill cute traps during fits of impotent rage is not ok

Only Nanako can cheer him up now.
Really well for the SDR2 cast and really poorly for the DR1 cast.

>I enjoy that they blew out everybody but Kyokofags
But naegi and sayaka were together in the old school

I wonder how the Sayaka trial would go considering now they wouldn't have anyone to blame but Leon.

Stfu gayboy

>kirigiri survived
>didn't end up with a bacon face

>Had to study for an exam on friday
>stayed out of the internet for spoilers
>finally watch the episode
>Gundham is alive

>they were together before she fucking died!
>that means they're the OTP
>despite EVERYTHING that happened between him and Kirigiri afterwards and her literally calling him 'her hope' and Munataka calling her 'the one he loves'

Someone should write a paper on cognitive dissonance just about Sayakafags.

she has dis pair though

I'm sure Komaeda would have disrupted it in some way that led to someone else getting killed before Maizono could even try. Meanwhile, SDR2 cast collected all their shards almost immediately and completed the program with zero murders.


Literally all that proved was that they were friends, which we already knew from the school photos. Same with Kyoko, actually.

They'll be together again one day.

iirc when they first met in Mitarai's room he was treating her like any other person

Ahoge are touching!

>Yuta got 5 minutes of screentime but the nips like him that much

Ahoge touching, you say.

Can't really hate an Asahina.
They are miracles of the world

He died just to establish a thread. It's really not fair.

Also Aoi seems completely unaffected by his death which is weird.

Komaru has moved onto the superior Asahina.

I'm sure that would've changed if he got to know her more.
Too bad it'll never happen.

>kiri survives with no baconface after the poison
>chiaki survives too
>just kidding lol, she still doesn't exist

chiakifags btfo

great job kodaka.

Most short-lived ship I ever had. But that's okay, I'm down with yuri too.

How popular is this pairing in japan?

She shares life with Hajizuru now, Isn't it the best ending to be the only one to see your loved one?

Seiko isn't dead. She lives on inside Kirigiri.


Kirigiri has enough bacon in her life, more would just be rubbing salt into the wound.

It was pretty obvious that he was going to die as soon as he showed up.

She seems pretty upset about, but so much time has passed from when she probably found out to DR3 that having her burst into tears sobbing over it would be pretty more weird.

Chiaki is now a tulpa which is more fucked up

What's so great about Celes.

Celestia is not even her real name and her drills are fake.

If Kanon is retconned then he will still tap Asahina

Yeah, I already knew from spoilers he died, I just didn't know how long it would take.

I want to reproduce with this robot!

>her drills are fake

Thats the best thing

Kyoko was second best
Sayaka is who naegi went for pre-apocalypse

Nothing fucked up about tulpas user, although making one based off an existing person is questionable. I wonder if you circumvent the identity crisis issue because she's already dead.

She was a selfish piece of shit even before the windwipe

You will not reproduce with my robot.

I want to do the same deed with this ghost/tulpa.

I'm not actually sure. I see new art of it everyday, more than I can keep up with, but I'm not sure how it stacks up compared to the other danganronpa ships.

It's definitely the most popular new one from dr3, though.

Isn't it a bit depressing how a one-sided ship is this popular?

She was a good character design, sparked interest, personality wise could of been more sympathetic but hey not everyone is perfect

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.


I couldn't find their doujin. Do you happen to know one?

How so? People will ship anything.

Juzo's well-liked and people want him and Munakata to be happy.

>getting depressed at a fujoship
But I'm not a faggot

Why does a detective have such perfect fashion sense?

i swear if we dont get a whole lot of naegiri doujins next comiket this will all be for naught
whens enxt comiket anyway?

>no ring on that finger
A shame.

It's a pipe dream and it's disrespectful towards Munakata given that Chisa is his canon partner. It's almost as bad as komahina, but more depressing because it's entirely a result of Juzo's sacrifice, completely overlooking the other side. Fan pairings are weird.

So what's up with the DR1 characters in that NDRV3 screenshot?

There are two featuring the class 74 trio (plus one with Seiko) coming out, but I haven't seen a munasaka one just yet.

Give it time. People didn't start really shipping them until it was confirmed that Munakata was the one Juzo was in love with.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are on fire

Alpha. It's from when not all of the character portraits were finished.

It's a screenshot from 9 months ago, long before most of the new characters were revealed.

Aight, makes sense.

What if she wears it under the glove? You know, for symbolic value or something.

Yes they are

I want to make Peko feel wanted and loved.

Most of the people here have already gone and the threads are really slow, even when the Americans aren't sleeping... How long do you think until these threads completely disappear?

Fuyu takes care of that, don't worry.

This franchise has some prime job-obsessed ice queens with hearts of gold.

Munakata doesn't seem all that straight, my dude.

Not very long, if last year's similar trainwreck (Symphogear GX) threads are anything to go by.

Good things about Danganronpa 3
>Hajizuru in general
>SDR2 cast cucking Naegi out of the finale
>That opening
>Ultimate impostor more like ultimate bro
>Lewd Mikan and Mukuro
Bad things about Danganronpa 3
>SDR2 cast cucked out from their own arc
>The two most boring characters of the first game are the main focus of the future arc
>Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann's plan made no sense
>Based Monokuma basically absent
>Seiko's death
>Kirigiri's revival

I want to please this toilet clogger.

I'd like to know who thought this confusing broadcast shit was a good idea.

It may have churned out the episodes faster, but jesus fucking christ.

And after that you STILL have another equivalent of a "series" to tie it all up.

>peko in a maid outfit

>if naegi and kirigiri got a kid if would have both super luck and super detective skills
That seems to broken for a DR protag

if hopebro can get a robot hand, and FF member can be replaced with a roboslut, can't they just give Chiaki a roboslut body and transfer her over from Izuru's brain?

Balances out by being like 4'11' short

Maybe if you have the brain of a 5 year old. It wasn't that confusing at all.

>ultimate luck and detective combined
That smells like a chapter 1/2 victim if I ever knew one.

shekels deposited

Perhaps confusing was the wrong word, retarded is more suited.

Let's talk about predictions you had for any game/anime that did or did not come true.

>from the glitchy visual effects at the beginning of DR2 and fat Togami I thought everyone except Hajime was an AI
>every chapter I expected Sonia to use Soda to commit a murder

>saw everyone from 77 coming back just fine from miles away
>expected Weedman to never die

Kodaka likes to make Chiakifriends suffer.

It's okay, user. Thinking is hard.

I picked up on the whole suicide twist in the first/second ep of Future Arc because of how the vague wording of the rules tip-toed around it.

Can't say I was surprised.

The kid will be basically Conan, thanks to his luck, he will be always close to crimes to resolve them.

Yeah got to keep the Cred Forumsutists pleased, can't have something run too long!

They would have been fine shitting out under a single series at the same rate.


Because Akihiko and Ken were right in The Answer

Speaking of Conan, is it worth picking up?
Didn't see it since I was a kid.

i dropped it after a bunch of dungeons, care to explain?

It's like 800+ episodes
Are you willing to give up years of your life watching it knowing there will be basically no plot and character development at all?

Here you go, consider this: a.uguu.se/skvWVbdW480g.xhtml

First drop point should be after watching episode 129. Other breakpoints include 345 and 504.

The more you put in the more you get out of the series.

Honorable mention, Conan's bow tie appears as a present in at least the first PSP game and the fan translation kept(?) references in tact.

Enjoy trying to catch up a decade of material if you want to catch up nigger
Also this

>800+ episodes
You can finish that in a year if you watch 3 episodes per day.

You will sooner catch up to Pokemon starting from first season than to Conan

I'm in for a ride then, I just want to hear Hinata-kun voice more.

You can always read the manga, it won't take as much time.

The group discusses whether to get back in time and save MC or not

Yukari wants to bring him back but Akihiko thinks doing that would be disrespectful for his sacrifice, and that they should remember him and move on

It's not that different in this case, also Chiaki and AI Chiaki are two different people, a third Chiaki would be another third one and wouldn't bring back her, it would just be some selfish moves from them to replace her every time she dies

>tfw real Chiaki died in despair clinging for her friends while her artificial copycat created out of their memories is the one being alive inside Hajime

How the fuck did Izuru just decide to quit being a despair?

The show just basically shows him saying "fuck this, time for hope"

>hurr durr junko lied he never was a despair

>doing that would be disrespectful for his sacrifice
Just like Kirigiri right?
If you don't give a fuck then don't give a fuck at all.
It's just unfair that she didn't get any miracles.

You're in for a fucking ride then, I assure you.
Take it from somebody who has consumed all the Conan franchise has to offer.

That list will expedite it though. All movies are also worth except movie 9.

He only tried despair because junko tricked him with YOU CAN'T GUESS DESPAIR then his waifu told him that YOU CAN'T GUESS HOPE TOO YOU FAGGOT.

Kirigiri had most of her class die while all the RoDs , despite being criminals, are alive and well.

Someone had to bear that karma.

Would Hajime cuck her or will he remain virgin for life?
Also who is the most likely candidate? Mikan? Komaedafags leave

Kirigiri's was the worst part of the anime, and she should've been killed off in the first game for Makoto to grow balls
I think Kodaka didn't even want to get such a cop-out but, you know, retarded waifufags fanbase would've been very angry on this one, much more than Chiaki's

Played DR1 a couple years ago, bought 2 from sale last week so I could watch this.

What the FUCK is this video, it's like it's a new low even for Funi. I mean CR has come a long way but is this shit company even trying?

And nothing of value was lost. Real Chiaki somehow managed more artificial and one-dimensional than a fucking computer program.

>managed to be
Grammar is hard.

OST when?

Hajimezuru has never been neither Despair nor hope, and while he assisted Junko, despair seemed to bore him too
People just didn't read how much of a fuck he didn't give, he was just an event observer and decided for bringing back his memory and let his old self decide what to do after it

Funnily enough before the anime was released and we still had hope, MikanxHajime was pretty popular pre NWP RoD or in school.
Chiaki wasn't a thing in the real world yet.

Whats her name again?

Wait, Izuru was actually in full despair mode?
I thought he was just fucking bored and decided to try to taste some despair just because Junko said so.

Two people Kirigiri loved were headmasters of Hope Peak Academy.

>loving his father

When's OVA?



Yeah, real Chiaki was unbearable while AI Chiaki was my favourite character in DR2 playtrough just because of her cute snooze off and being the only one who got along with Usami

Nah, Hinanami was always the second most popular ship after Komahina.

SHSL Football

Also she always loved him, she just didn't emote it right. Her scene with his bones implied that she was crying over him.

Izuru was the personality that was created when they erased Hajime, once the new world program restored his memories he was just Hajime + SHSL Hope.

She was the worst part of her game too. Honestly, her mary sue "I already know this shit but I'll let you solve it because lol game logic" character pissed me off so goddamn much while playing DR1

Her and Togami are why I preferred DR2 over DR1.


Yeah, last case was what made me grow even more mad, she letting Makoto taking the blame for something intended to her and all, fuck you Makoto, I didn't like playing as a retard

Steam release when?

I guess his panties being wet means something else now.
>retarded waifufags fanbase would've been very angry on this one
I fucking hate the japs. They have 0 fucking critical sense and vaguely like everything that pleases them with no regard for artistic merit.

Kirigiri... had a hard life. She trusts a person a little too much once, is literally burned by it and is so traumatized by the entire experience that she resolves to never again allow herself to get attached to anybody and always sinks her emotions down deep inside. She's also abandoned by her father for his talent fetish and disowned for wanting to carry on her family's detective tradition. She becomes the absolute best at what she does mainly so she can finally force him to confront her about it. After this, she almost gets to the bottom of Hope's Peak and Junko's plot, but is forced off the case before she can do anything that may have prevented or lessened the Tragedy. Then, she's locked in a killing game with her memories wiped where the first victim is her father, who she only admits to herself she still cares for upon finding his bones in a box. She then gets to run a division of the Future Foundation, get plugged into a simulation with Junko to save the worst terrorists in human history and then gets thrown into a killing game designed by the leader of the FF to tear the organization apart, very nearly dying from something entirely out of her control.
Literally the only thing she gained from any of this was Naegi.
She also remained remarkably positive about it all for somebody considered to be an ice queen.

Rabbit Corpse

Well in DR2 most were too retarded to figure it out without Hajimeme, save for Nagito who had his own independent agenda.

"Fuck you Naegi. You told me that you understand my loss when i lost Chisa and you lost Kirigiri, but your waifu was alive for all this time!"

>restored his memories
Didn't they initiate the shutdown though?

>most were too retarded to figure it out
More like they lacked information on the cases.
In general the DR2 cast are smarter than DR1.

>"Fuck you guys I'm going back to inaba"

Must've been awkward when he was walking away and saw her going the other way towards Naegi.

user-kuns, h-how can you be s-so cruel?

Yeah and everyone who died was supposed to become braindead. :^)

He still has Nanako at least

its more likely that the junko and chisa watching the events of everything is really monokuma/aijunko and usami/monomi watching from the nwp as the theatre is the same one from dr2 izuru probably made this aijunko's prison and used his programming skills to alter usami so she'd be more like an ai chisa to keep ai junko company as an ironic sense of justice we might even have this mentioned in the nagito ova

That's why I liked it more. Throughout the entirety of DR1 I felt like Makoto was a useless background character up until the very last case. I liked that playing as Hajime actually felt like I had an impact throughout the game

She was also dragged to the place twice as a result of the headmaster.

and then he killed himself

What the ever loving fuck are you trying to say ?

I'm kidding, user.
She was too pure for this world.

It's a bit unfair that every DR game had +5 survivors, and technically DR3 did too. If you count the DR1 characters. It should have been 5 DR3 characters + 3. Ruruka staying alive would have been nice, in terms of her trying to reform and learning from this experience.

its more likely that the junko and chisa watching the events of everything is really monokuma/aijunko and usami/monomi watching from the nwp as the theatre is the same one from dr2 izuru probably made this aijunko's prison and used his programming skills to alter usami so she'd be more like an ai chisa to keep ai junko company as an ironic sense of justice we might even have this mentioned in the nagito ova

Joke's on you. Nanako's become a ganguro schoolgirl

Imposter and Mahiru seemed smart enough. Mikan, despite her demeanour, didn't really say anything dumb in trials until Case 3 happened (adding to the similarities with Celeste I guess)

It's more likely it is just a stylistic choice which broke the fourth wall by having dead character comment the series, don't you think?


"Worst social link ever."

It might be cruel but she's still a SHSL[/spoiler ]rabbit corpse

The RoDs get successfully redeemed while their "beloved" teacher (and my waifu) doesn't. They don't even mention her.


I don't even blame DR3 since it was in anime format. There really should be accompanying material though. At least the Nagito OVA might shed some light on Class 77's unbrainwashing, their feelings about their actions, their feelings about Chisa, why/how they went to the FF HQ anyways.

But that was a clear "maybe". They were never 100% sure on it.

In contrast, the memory upload situation was pretty clear - the forced shutdown would erase them.

probably is a stylistic choice but my explanation is better then lol junko's in heaven

Shit I fucked up the spoiler

>loving Jin
>loving manlet
she is incapable of this emotion

I swear, in my headcanon DR is a sequel to Persona 4
MC got in the city and through his leader skills he got in Hope's Peak Academy
He made friends with Juzo and Chisa and DR happens
I'm going to call my character Munakata next time

I really wish people would stop using the word "braindead". They were in a vegetative state, but they were not braindead.

>mfw hinata had more respect for chisa then her actual students did to the point where he went and saw her body


Says some poor fag she never showed her soft side to.

she also loved yui before the bitch burnt her hands

Ah excuse me? Who do you think you are stealing mai waifu?

>tfw my headcanon for Chisa was better than what she actually got

>Chisa always hated him because he wasn't SHSL bullshit anyway

How the fuck did that even happen? Like, how did JUST her hands get burnt?


January with the DRV3 release

We don't even know what happened with Yui yet

I know it's being "retconned", or rather refitted, but AI Chiaki being based on Class 77's memories is a nice touch. I like to think Usami was based on Chisa too, since in the end she couldn't do anything as a teacher, she couldn't protect them and was a bit of a failure.

I still remember pre-episode 6 saying Chisa would BTFO Junko. The opposite happened. ;_; Not my fault, the first episode made it seem Chisa was highly overpowered and unexpectedly combat-based.

Asahina is pure, PURE!

I think Usami was just put in by ultimate therapist

I asked a japanese friend if there was a munakata suicide debate within the japanese fandom, and this is the response I got:



I can't read japanese well enough to understand their answer, pls help

we still have killer killer to get a chisa cameo. Maybe Killer Killer will try to kill her but she uses her ultimate housekeeper talent/run to munakata to bullshit him away (though it would be good if we got a double page spread of chisa's crimes as a ROD )

>that filename
looks like you posted the wrong pic

>she couldn't do anything as a teacher, she couldn't protect them and was a bit of a failure
fucking kek


I need this, I really do. I need at least a nice montage of Chisa killing those kids in any of the director's cuts, hell anything relating to ROD Chisa doing anything will do.

I don't think she's gonna appear in Killer Killer though, they're just heading towards their climax now.

>I asked a japanese friend if there was a munakata suicide debate within the japanese fandom
>I can't read japanese

she either saved yui from something or Yui herself got kyoko's hand's burnt and thats one of the reasons why kyoko was so cold to naegi as he reminded her of Yui as during the Dr1 killing game kyoko was mentally 12 as junko erased all the memories kyoko had since she got the title of ultimate detective. Junko knew kyoko woulda figured it out as ultimate detective is comparable to ultimate analyst

Be quiet.

i know but its more then likely that Yui is the cause

>I can't read japanese well enough to understand their answer
>I can't read japanese well enough
>well enough


Yuta had a pretty explosive personality

usami and chisa both become despaired forcefully
usami becomes monomi because of monokuma/aijunko
chisa becomes despair chisa/themonokuma maid because of mukuro on junko's orders so their similar that way but I agree Usami is more then likely more of Gekko's personailty then chisa

MAAAAAAAN what a stupid ending!
I wouldn't be satisfied until everyone died and their corpses got raped multiple times!
Gee, i sure hope that V3 will have only one chapter where blackened wins and everyone dies!

chisa was still pretty powerful mukuro did have to do some effort to hold her back
and chisa did have the moral victory on junko if we still say she's the monokuma maid as she scared the shit outta junko when she was ryoko


Chisa killing those kids and her as the monokuma maid getting the RC to watch the Despair video 5000 times would be nice and i think killer killer will still have some tie ins before its ending its probably got atleast 5-10 chapters left

>yfw your beloved class unconsciously thinks of you as a big failure and a nuisance

Th-thanks, everyone.

I would think that if she appears in Killer Killer she'll be very nice & normal but MC will note how she gives off an odd, unnatural vibe.

>mfw he coulda used his SHSL Ghost seeing abilities to talk to chisa but used it to talk to his waifu at the end

Or he'll take her picture on the swing and give her 100 marks.

oh of course probably at most we'll either see her do monokuma/junko's trademark laugh or she'll have half her face shaded out and well she the monokuma eye

>we didn't even get to hear Chisa go "upupupupu"

Truly, that is despair

they have to stop anime man first,then they make robochiaki

stupid thing is that she even upupupu'd as the monokuma maid if i remember correctly shoulda had more episodes so we coulda saw it

>Kirigiri revival

Spotted buttblasted deathfag