Why are anime protagonists always so tall?

Why are anime protagonists always so tall?

Are there any male protagonist that are average-height or below so that I can feel better about myself?

fuck off manlet

Read Tende Freeze


6' is just barely above the manlet cutoff.

Arararagi is an absolute manlet.

Are you kidding? There are too many manlet characters. Someone Nozaki's height is rare in anime let alone Japan.

they're only tall in bishounen and self-insert faggotry

way to out yourself as a 12 year old

OP a shit

world average is 5'8

east asians manlet champions of globe

Since this is a garbage thread, I figured I'd ask. Would I stick out in Japan being 211 cm tall?

Every sports protagonist ever. Except maybe basketball.

What a cute little Irish boy.

For fucksake

Are you that incapable of having power fantasies?

Shit, I bet you stacked blocks autistically as a kid instead of pretending to be superman

sports anime is stealth bishounen; OP still a shit

>211 cm tall

You'd fucking stick out anywhere being that tall.


But bad enough that it'd be a problem?


Not only is he a manlet, but he's fucking brown. Imagine if Yu-Gi-Oh came out today. They'd dismiss it as SJW nu-male propaganda.

As a huge gaijin you'd definitely be the center of attention everywhere you go not to mention that nothing there is made for people that tall.


Why would you fucking care, you are 2 meters tall, just don't give a fuck.

They will ask you to take pictures with, and some people will call you godzilla behind your back and snicker

> you'd definitely be the center of attention everywhere you go
Why do westerners always think that the world exists to entertain them? Nobody gives a fuck about you, stop being so fucking entitled.


> They'd dismiss it
Who? Fedorafags? As if— Oh, wait, they're actually YGO's target demographic in the west. That makes sense.

Not true. Every foreign country I visit I get swarmed by beggars because they think I'm rich. One time some ladies got into a huge fight with each other because I chose one as my guide instead of the other. This was a popular tourist location too not a shitty 3rd world country.

>world average is 5'8
>am 6'3'
>always thought i was a slight bit taller than average not fucking Shrek

Either that or this is a world of hobbits jesus christ

When he is saying center of attention is people looking at him because how he sticks out, not girls asking for his number you fucking imbecile.

t. ameritard who's never been to Japan

kek manlets when will they learn

Accel World. Sadly, it's shit.

Lad, I see people like you swarming Shinjuku every evening. You are all the fucking same, with the same fucking expression that reads "this is my playground, and those damn gooks better not disappoint me". I don't care where you visited, but in Japan, you're fucking nobody. If I were given a penny for every one of you cunts who expect to be treated with reverence just because you have a big nose, I'd not be able to lift my wallet by now.
Nobody gives a fuck. You aren't special, not even as a foreigner.

Short stature gives you a dex bonus.

>Nobody gives a fuck. You aren't special, not even as a foreigner.
Of course they don't give a fuck, doesn't stop them for looking at him for being that fucking tall.
Attention =/= fucks they give

>Why are anime protagonists always so tall?
They aren't. Short protagonists are way more common than tall ones

but are their female love interests taller than them??

Does he count ?
Hes relatively speaking both manlet and lanklet

>tfw Nils is the only anime-MC I can identify with
>tfw no giant gf

> doesn't stop them for looking at him for being that fucking tall
Have you ever been in Japan? There's millions of tall tourists visiting the country every year, you aren't a noteworthy sight for people to care to look at.

You know how averages work right? There are still tall Japanese people, they're just shorter on average than westerners.

Go watch accel world

Accel World

>go watch self insert fantasy garbage from SAO's author
By the way Kirito is also a manlet.

Nah it's still pretty much marketed towards kids given that the dubs are still censored to shit and the new movie looks like it's going the same way.

Not all the world consumes the same amount of calories as you amerifats user.

You are seriously nitpicking because the average anime protag is a 1.75 manlet

>my heigh is exactly the average

This manlet (165cm) has the best or one of the best harems out there. If you can't self-insert because you're toor short then you might as well go for that degenerate surgery and turn into a woman (male)

i'm actually 5'9 which is IIRC an inch below US average

cock huge tho

Araragi is cute as fuck desu. I'd join his harem.

I wonder why everyone's so angry in the background.

Don't worry OP, they're only tall by Japanese standards.

It's generally the average, that's why it's the average.

>be 6'1
>go to Japan
>there are actually a lot of guys that stand eye to eye with me.

The range is shapes and sizes of the Japanese is extraordinary.

I'm 5ft 10 myself and in Wales, most of the women here hover around that height give or take an inch or two.

There's a Chinese family in town and one of the guys is about 6ft the girls 5ft nothing.

Anything below 2 meters is manlet tier
I say this as someone who's considered tall

>implying SAO isn't self insert fantasy garbage
>implying EVA isn't self insert fantasy garbage

Be a tanker, the smaller you are, the more comfortable it is.

The average protagonist is 5'8 or so

>even in my fantasies I am pathetic

You don't understand EVA, I urge you to rewatch it

Gon is p cute

fuck off conrad

I urge you to kill yourself.

We posting manlet MCs?

who skelly here?

Having been to Japan and China in the past few years, you're wrong. You sure as shit get noticed and extra attention, thankfully it was usually positive attention.

A lot of beaners are literal hobbits. The more Amerindian they are the shorter they are
>Lived in a middle-class beaner neighborhood for a year

I've never been so disgusted by an MC before I watched Accel World.

If most of the world is short, mathematically you are shrek.

Fuck off malaysia.

Most of them aren't.

The vast majority of anime protagonists are manlets. They're only tall if they happen to be love interests in shoujo manga since women like tall men.