Karen is here for the party

Karen is here for the party.

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Wan sum fuk?

She's already celebrated enough.


>not getting the hat to align with her head

I was seriously disappointed in how minor a role she plays in the show and I didn't have the endurance to watch season 2 after the last three episodes of season 1 became such a chore to watch. Like, seriously, I just wanted to be done with it already.

>TFW all you wanted was Karen
>You get yuribait instead

Best girl

Ayaya make my dick feels funny

What's wrong with her and Alice? Both are britbongs yet are shorter than normal japanese girls. Are they midgets?

Why is Karen so shit? She ruined the whole party.

I want to reclaim Karen from brit/pol/

They own her now.
Let it go and start giving Shino some love.

Shino rhymes with shit

Too bad she's dead now.

That's not true at all.

Stop this meme. It's not funny.


Rip in piece sweet princess.

She was in it plenty, it was just annoying that it took a few episodes for her to show up. And by the end of the show I actually began to like the other less amazing characters. Season 2 is definitely worth the watch but with your attitude maybe not.

Don't bully The Ayaya.

What is the meaning of this?

She is the bullyer.

That she is a 5 percenter

not with her blowjob handles

But none of the characters have dicks. If one of the characters was to be a trap who would it be? I think Shino since she is the most plain looking and has a blonde girl fetish. I could see her wearing some Victorian Era dress with her boner sticking absolutely ass raping Alice

You shall be missed

Smelly Karen for sale.

Remember when they told the smelly gaijin to go home and take a bath?

How much

So a standard Karen then?

i wish i am that tall so that i can look down to all the girls who speak with me but still, no one speak with me.

>Karen is here for the party desu

I'll take 3

because the most is foursome

I'll give you 5 bucks for it.

This is Karen not Syaro.

Blondes are all the same to me.

What party? Certainly not the ukip LFMAO