What the fuck is his problem?

What the fuck is his problem?

Nothing? He just likes strong little boys.

Pedophile, unattractive, horrid personality.

Salty he got BTFO by based Chrollo.

tfw OP didn't know that face is a hommage to Junji

You mean
>fight 5v1
>still survives (and comes out even stronger)
>literally kills two spiders 2v1
Chrollocucks are really getting desperate.

>fight 5v1
It was a 1v1 user. Unless we want to be technical in which case it was "stadium of people"v1

>muh 5v1
Hicocucks still damage controlling to this day

>It was a 1v1 user.
Read the manga.

I did. Clearly Chrollo stole his comrades abilities (with their consent) and then used them during the match. He even makes it a point to mention to Shalnark that he needed to return the phone even though he had already returned the ability.

Why don't you read it again and tell me where it's hinted or stated that anyone else intervened?

>being in this much denial Cuckrollo is a cheat

is this Junji Ito

I'm a Hisocuck and Hisoka got BTFO completely fair and square. He got too cocky against the god Quwrof

I want to think that they're not actually that delusional and they're just memeing.

>Being so buttblasted that your shitty pedoclown got rekt with complete ease that you need to make up your own fanfiction to compensate

No new chapter this year, I guess?

did togashi or jump even staten when the hiatus is over? i mean hxh returning?

>being so cucked you worship a thief who is nothing without his spider friends

No. The only noteworthy thing we've gotten is a Shueisha employee claiming that this hiatus will be a lot shorter than normal.


>Having such shit taste you worship a paedophile clown who can only beat weak scrubs and gets BTFO when he fights anyone strong

>being such a mentally challenged individual you're rooting for a cuck who literally LITERALLY begs for powers from his spider buddies

>Possible art error, this guy does make mistakes. Why would he ask Illumi to help?

>We know for a fact he stole Shalnark's ability and that Shalnark needs that phone for black voice to work

>If he stole Kortupi's ability and Shalnark's ability why is Machi out of the question? Clearly he was playing mind games

>You got me here. Weird that more than one person would wear a turban in a multi-ethnic world like this one.


>Being such a physically nauseating abomination that you self-insert into a weak clownman who needs to grind points against scrubs because he always loses to strong fighters to live out your sick pedo fantasies

I still can't fucking believe my favorite spider died like a bitch. Fucking Togashi.

Sadly, I think we have a decent chance of beating infamous Berserk boat ride duration.

>Having the audacity to think Cuckrollo, a known thief and NTR-fag who has a predilection for black cock, is even close to beating a man who can wish himself back to life by sheer force of will

>tfw there is people that think gons face wasn't well animated on this scene
I feel sorry for them

>Liking HxH ghetto thugs

Isn't Hisoka basically a less-smart and more lusted Akagi?

>he thinks generic badhouse animation is good
You should feel sorry for yourself.

But he was beaten fair and square even if it was 5vs1. It's like saying Meruem wasn't beaten fair and square by Netero only because he got a small technological help.

>Chrollo has to use fucking everything and everyone cheating like a motherfucker to beat Hisoka
>Doesn't even kill him
>Zombie Hisoka is now out for blood and probably going to train for 4 months wherever the fuck RoF Frieza trained

>Doesn't even kill him
But he does, speedreader.

>muh 6 gorillions vs 1
>muh chrollocaust
>muh killed 2 hatsuless spiders who weren't even fighters in the first place

Hisokafags need to let go, it has been like 6 months now. Getting btfo by a smarter fighter was only natural.

>Needing to make up your own headcanon to defame Chrollo's character to compensate for the fact that your pedoclown barely even has one