Tokyo Ghoul:re

Spoiler are out. Amon confirmed eternal jobber.

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Most of the characters i used to like have become unlikeable after this arc.

lucky you one of mine is dead (Arima) and one is probably fucked (Shachi)

So Kaneki is gonna need to Jesus everyone out of this fight? Also Akira becoming one of Kanou's Q's?

After this shitshow of an arc, let's see what everyone's top 3 fave characters are! Have they changed or states the same?

Fuck *stayed

Did Urine and Qshits not see that holy mother of CCG is injured? Matsuri's cumdump cannot stop being salty about muh poor trap and her injuries however he gives no fucks about anything else. ShitTier squad leader.
>muh favorite list :^)
Nobody cares about your shitposts bump-kun.

arima was my favorite character senpai.;_;.

>Furuta (used to be arima)
>the clowns
That's all.

Before this arc:

After this arc:

Furutard can go die in a fire.

>being this butthurt
Etofags are pathetic just like their one eyed jobber.


It hasn't changed

>arima, Amon and yomo

1 dead 2 jobbers.


Furuta is objectively a shitty character though. I say this as a Toukafag.

Overpowered bishonen bullshit
Literally THE Kirishima jobber

Only good one is Amon. Too bad Ishida shat all over him in TG:re.


Threesome doujin when

>is also a bishonen
>is also a jobber
Try again faggot.

When Ishida quits this shitty manga and realizes his true calling.

>mah shitty favorites

So no one is going to realize that Amon literally pull Doujima quinque out of his ass?

I swear Ishida gets shittier every week. And you guys are not any better.

He is the comic relief. don't take it seriously.

It's still Touka and Kaneki. That will never change. I can't think of a 3rd favorite after this arc. but I guess the old Eto would be it for before.

It was lying on the ground senpai ;^)


Arima, Kaneki, Roma.

Before the arc? Arima, Kaneki, Furuta.

Clownposter-kunt ruined Furuta for me.

>last minute saving: the manga
How many times will Ishida pull this shit?

Amon is not like muh super powerful, perfect and beautiful
Actually, Amon had personality and tried his best to understand Kaneki the ghoul and a strong-willed man who ACTIVELY wanted to change this wrong world.
A floppy (weakest artificial half guuru), failing to overpower a succesful artificial half ghoul who was tortured for years because of power boost, made him a complete jobber. Yeah sure.
It's not a surprise Takizawa can mop the floor with him. Mutsuki overpowering Amon is bullshit though.


I thought only tumblrinas love autisma.

>Shirazu (rip)

>noro isn't connected to the sword

maybe another retcon?

Next chapter cliffhanger will have S-Owl showing up after the Quinx finish raping Amon.


Shit chapter, but Akira is top cute


>I don't get the hate for this manga.
it's because of "style over substance". and this is ultimately the reason why bleach is a total catastrophy.
kubo fell into the same trap. bleach used to have a proper story at one point, as did TG. but now it feels like ishida is doing scenes just because they look cool. it's still not as bad as it was in bleach, but with TGre it became more and more apparent to me. ishida would even trade basic paneling/readability for style points.

i don't like it.
TG had proper pacing, proper character arcs and stuff. now things feel like they just happen.

>das it mane

Ishida is trying too much POTTERY but is losing control and the story is suffering from it.

looks like that touka page

Because amon is the 2nd mc of this manga. Arima is just a guy who appears out of nowhere to be a parental figure to kaneki and give him a chance to become a Ghoul Jesus.

The same definition of jobber.

>Amon getting cucked
I guess he'll have to settle with Gori.

Mutsuki got a reminder of being dickslapped by her father.

The only good page from this mess.

Counting down to Dumblr losing their shit.

>2nd mc of this manga
Of the original, sure. He doesn't qualify here after being gone for 90 chapters. The Quinx are the new mc's pretty much.

Either it's somehow coming out of the tip (I see the curve near the end of the sword, so we've almost seen the entire length of it) or he's supposed to have retracted it.

How did Uries mouth end up between his eyes?

Cannot unsee

They absolutely do. Do you not see those "guys" aren't even using capitalization or are also mentioning Manchild-kun somehow?

Literally Samefagging : The Posts

I don't like what Amon and Akira are doing. Takizawa was pretty much going to kill them both and while Mutsuki is a crazy slut she still saved them.



Did Amon pull that stick out of his ass? It disappears the next few pages and then suddenly appears again. Seriously what the fuck is Ishida doing.

>lying on the ground
He buried his quinque there? How could Amon know where exactly the fight between Edgezawa vs CCG would take place? I'm calling bullshit

Shit. Akira looks like Touka 2.0
I meant it really seems like Touka-and-Kaneki-on-the-bridge.jpg

betanekifags pls leave

The whole point of this is to make Amon break until we see just why Ishida drew him as a demon. His ideals and pride are meant to crumple away until he fully unravels.

Fuck off, cuck.

>Akira ruining everything for everybody
>Amon literally cannot stop getting his ass handed to him
>Mutsuki getting cuntblocked from finally fucking killing Takizawa
>Takizawa still being put on a ride to the afterlife
Just end it already.


So akira is the price he must pay. Please no

I need a akira kaneki reunion

Seems that Amon is not just a jobber but also a cuck

So what would you prefer:
1.Amon realizes how flawed his world view is and has to discard what made him the person he is to fight on
2.Amon keeps on fighting for what he believes is right and suffers the losses that come with it.
he'll job either way

Yes that's his punishment for hiding in the shadows for years out of shame.


not surprising considering that he's "floppy"

why do i even bother with this horrible mess anymore

Why the fuck does Ishida keep teasing us with Amon?

I want to kiss Kaneki.


Amon needs to realize what a big fucking faggot he is and then job his way until the very last chapter of the manga.

Fuck off Arima.

That's eto

I want to lick Kaneki.

I told you fuckers last year that the series is going to stab itself in the foot like Breaker New Waves.

Every passing chapter I'm proved correct.

He's only mine, back off.


Fuck off Gayama.

>muh parallels

So fucking tired of Ishida's shit.


Why is he always one step ahead of everyone?


Post from Cred Forums at the end of 2014:

I think the Clowns in general are conflicting.

Souta saved Kaneki from Rize indirectly but he is ok with Kaneki's fall.
Itori thinks Kaneki is magnificent but she laughed on Kaneki.
Roma likes Kaneki but she wants to see more suffering.
Nico is just being neutral about him.
Uta sees Kaneki as a special customer and he wants to help him but he thinks it's fun when it comes to Kaneki's end. But then again, this guy is so confusing to the point of saying killing was fun and wanting to have a friend.

I can understand liking Kaneki and wanting to see him suffered at the same time but I don't know how Ishida is gonna characterize them in Re.


When will imperial scans release the damn chapter?

>A small car arrives
>The door opens
>People dressed as Clowns sprint out of the car with their Kagune's and qinque baseball bats and beat up everyone in the thread except for me

Ishida doesn't know what the fuck he's doing anymore. What is it with all these manga that were massively popular and of good quality two years ago suddenly turning to shit?

Comic relief or not, it doesn't change the fact that him pulling out "le OP rize kagune xdd" and effortless oneshotting SSS-rate ghouls isn't shitty.

Hasn't changed.

Go return to being dead, Eto.


The same.

That's still pretty much accurate as of now, with Donato being yet another wild card. Just wait until next arc for more exposition.

What's the baidu link to read this chapter?

literally google "baidu tokyo ghoul"

I dislike everyone else

used to be

Did Saiko.. become smaller?

>mfw to make Touka best grill Ishida made everyone else shit
What a genius

But Touka is also shit.

Not as shit as 90% of the people involved in this arc

>rize kagune
There is no reason for him not to do the operation, especially how he is also AB type and is hinted to have connection with Rize - blood or not.
>one shot
The fight was skipped. He and Eto could hvae exchanged multiple shots seeing how he took off his shirt and his hair was messed up.
>no wound for him?
Rinkaku heals fast (see Kaneki), more than Eto.

Get over it.

Literally ishida cant even draw her anymore, she looks like a fucking loli even more smaller than Miza in that panel

Sasuga ishida

Thank you Qs for ruining a fight that was about to get interesting...

>it's Touka's fault that Amon jobs
>it's Touka's fault that Rue Island sucks
>everything because of Touka

She is smaller actually

>There is no reason for him not to do the operation, especially how he is also AB type and is hinted to have connection with Rize - blood or not.
That's not the point.
>The fight was skipped. He and Eto could hvae exchanged multiple shots seeing how he took off his shirt and his hair was messed up.
The fight being skipped is bad enough. The fact that Furuta could slice through her kakuja like butter with a recently acquired kagune is bullshit.
>Get over it.
I did. I reconciled that Tokyo Ghoul :re is going to shit.

Well, Mutsuki did plan to kill Mado after she protected Takizawa, but if the punishment for protecting a ghoul is death anyway, it's not like her actions are completely out of line. I was still surprised by Mutsuki actually trying to kill Akira, unless she was just trying to force her away from Takizawa at first, then gave up when Akira refused to do it.

Why does the UR Haise take so long to get.


Still the same.

Smaller than miza? thats impossible

Everyone is shit user

She could be pissed she got in her way after she managed to get the chance to finish a much stronger opponent.

Shirazu was a good boy

Can Takizawa and Amon kill the faggot squad by themselves or will someone help them (like Scarecrow)?

Mutsuki later said that she couldn't save Akira.

I wonder if some kind of complex is going on where Mutsuki is likening Akira to her mother, who helped protect a monster, her father. Now she resents her enough to kill her.

They'll be forced to run away, which is what Amon already planned to do after taking a bite out of Mutsuki.

Why didn't Urie's quinque bite Amon in half?

Ungrateful little shits, Amon saved Saiko back then

And now he was attacking Mutsuki.

Its not their fault Amon, Takizawa and Akira are retarded.

What is this picture trying to convey?

they don't know saiko look shocked tho she might help him

I don't want Kaneki in this manga anymore. Someone please take him out of here before Ishida makes him an unlikable retard without personality.

Did you miss the black reaper and Arima's little bitch?

So how will Amon get out of this?

Will Seidou change his mind and flee with him or will Saiko try to help him?

Akira amon and seidou will leave and start their own thing, maybe kuro will join.

So far all we have left is
>clowns and kanou
>Qs and joker squad
>One eyed king group featuring Re: and some aoigiris?
>amon seidou and akira?


Akira's career over at the CCG is finished so what is she going to do now? Go back to being Kaneki's mom? Also, how is she going to get any medical help with a felony hanging over her head?

>Amon,Takizawa,Akira and Marude.
Basically a team consist of former CCG members.

I hope Takizawa destroys Urie's quinque

She becomes ghoul to eat babies.
Nobody will give a shit.

I hope takizawa kills them

Seriously how the hell Takizawa survived that?
Noro choped him almost in half.
Takizawa is human with that wound he would bleed to death in matter of seconds.
There is no way he would survive long enough to get ghoul surgery.

Don't you fucking dare tell me amon jobs

after all that fucking build up

is he scrapping his story or something?

Ishida is a hack.


it's already in progress.

That's why, as an Etofag, I'm sort of relieved Eto is dead. No way to shit on her even more.

When will Kaneki become the first Star rated Ghoul

how can akira be so sympathetic to kaneki/takizawa and yet be such an uncompromising bitch about wanting to kill hinami?

Because Hinami deserves it.

She thought it was her fault that takizawa was turned into a ghoul. Takizawa was a human and her former comrade too but hinami is just a ghoul who killed her father.

why the heck he see Akira?

Somehow i want her to die in this arc. She has becomes this bland boring little imouto in re. Cuckyato being teased as her love interest only make it worse.

I want Hinami and Kaneki to die so they can be safe from being turned to shit by Ishida even further and be safe with Eto, Kuzen, Ryouko and Shachi.

Kaneki is with them, literally none of his anteiku friends or his don kanekipede gang is going to die.

Takizawa was so caught up in being salty that Akira was better than him, he never noticed/acknowledged that he had feelings for her until he was running off to find Amon.

Now that they've both acknowledged them, one of them is about to die.

Oh, what a tragedy...

nah, Urie's quinque is cool.

How many fingers is Amon supposed to have on his right hand? I thought it was 3, but this chapter it looks like he has 4

>There is no way he would survive long enough to get ghoul surgery.

>not the point
Then you should suck it up.
>sliced through like butter
Kaneki did it as well. Rize kagune is very sharp, just like any other rinkaku.
>recently aquired
Three years. Almost the same time with Kaneki.

Read the manga and conclude it's shit of Ishida to skip the fight. At this point, it's not the characters fault, it's his fault for messing up the story writing.

What do you guys think of the future plot
Urie is going to follow ? Is he going to save his "princess"(Mutsuki) not knowing that she has turned psycho and start a relationship with her?
And if they did start to have a relationship after this,how will you guys it will turn our(from dating all the way to
home run )

>don kanekipede gang
I hope that original party stays in tact. Kirishit cancer needs to be kept in separate container.

I LOVE TOUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOUKA!!!!

jobmon cucktarou

I hope all the retards who claimed that Amon is super powerful hybrid oek candidate are on suicide watch now.

You mean that Eyepatch tripfag?

Fucking niggerstream being incompetent again it seems.

>Urie next chapter

I love Tooru now, everyone else is whatever.

Because he always wanted Akira to look at him properly.

Stop falseflagging, nigga.

Kill yourself.


Based niggerstream.




>tfw you know the fight is going to be interrupted once more when Suzuya squad arrives

>This volume ends in 3 chapters
>Start of next volume we will STILL BE ON RUE

Shikorae backstory when

With a little bit of Cucklea on the side no doubt.

>we will STILL BE ON RUE
I wonder if even Ishida is sick of this arc?

We already know most of it from the PS Vita game that's basically his origin story.

Is it just me, or does re have shorter chapters than the first series?

I meant to say shorter chapter length.

Not soon enough

Most of TG was 18 pages, some chapters even 16.

It's the lack of dialogue. With action comes quicker chapters and we have a fuckton in :re.

No, the amount of pages is approximately the same.
The reason why the recent chapters feel so short is because we almost don't have any lengthy conversations between characters, and more action scenes instead.

You're really asking about the cutest girls right?

urie is totally gonna get manipulated by mutsuki in the next chapter

Urie is manipulated by everyone. Despite his development, he's still dumb as fuck.

Same with kekneki.

The shiritori omake shows he has feelings for Mutsuki and she probably takes notice of that, with how she's acting she'll probably use this to manipulate him, but for what reason?

>for what reason?

Does she really need one? She's a crazy ass bitch.

She doesn't need a reason.

To play the innocent victim and maybe make him cover up that she was the one that mutilated Torso beyond all reason.

>Three years. Almost the same time with Kaneki.
citation needed

>citation needed
Or you use your brain and realize it could've only happened four years ago because that was when Kanou still had Rize.

Juuzou sliced up a bunch of ghoul thugs into over 200 pieces in the first manga and got away with a slap on the wrist by Shinohara, I really doubt that they would even consider punishing Mutsuki for Torso since ghouls have no legal rights and the guy kept her for days as an onahole to be beaten adn raped whenever he pleased.

Yeah, the CCG don't seem to mind having sadists and serial killers in their ranks.

Makes them better at doing their job. We can't have decent human beings working for a company that down right murders children, women, men.
Ghouls or not, calling out to a guy to kill a kid, especially if he doesn't fight back, a very stressfull order.
That's why it's easier with sick fucks.

>The shiritori omake shows he has feelings for Mutsuki

CCG did literally nothing wrong

Urie and Mutsuki play shiritori in an omake, and Urie has an inner monologue about how he feels about Mutsuki and how he wants to do something for her and he ends up saying his inner monologue aloud about how he doesn't know what he would do if something bad happened to her, then spills his spaghetti.

>implying you also wouldn't want to dick the crazy reverse trap

And you believe that is necessary?

What are you referring to? That he should use his brain?

Re: was a mistake.

Best boy knew when to leave this shitshow.

I don't even know why I'm still anticipating this chapter.

Maybe the manga has become so unbearable that mangastream doesn't care about it anymore.

Kanou only had Rize for 6 months in TG to do the surgery.

>Reading Helvetica Scans' translation of Ishida's chapter 1 re-draw

Are there any other translations for this? Because I can't believe it.

So I am currently reading the original Tokyo Ghoul manga(I'm at volume 4 with the crazy dude who wants to eat Kaneki) but I also watched the anime. I really enjoyed season 1 but season 2 was pretty terrible, it felt like they cut alot of stuff and alot of things made little sense. Is it the same in the manga or did the anime just cut a bunch of stuff? After having read 4 volumes I notice alot of stuff they left out in the anime.

If there's still someone interested, here's the DL: Sui - art

>it felt like they cut alot of stuff and alot of things made little sense

> Is it the same in the manga

Continue reading.

Anime cut a lot of shit.

Personally beyond episode 3 of season 1 I think it's better to switch to the manga. The first 30 chapters of :re are definitely worth reading, but chapters 31-58 drag a bit and 58 onward arc has been going on for way too long and we're all sick of it.

Pierrot bruh

>2 GB
That's a lot. My folder is a lot smaller.
Thank you.

Is there any hope that the next arc will be better?

Now hang yourself Cred Forumsermin

We have to hope because if it really does get worse I will drop it. I've re-read TG 2 times and :re 3 times over the course of this fucking arc.



I forgot to mention, the translation of the root A ED card I posted isn't in the folders.

I wonder if after this current arc is over, someone should make a guide on which plot important chapters in the arc should be read and which chapters that are filler that should be skipped.

Better than that somebody should just supercut pages from multiple chapters together to remove filler and unnecessary flashbacks.

Cant believe what

What was the longest arc in Tokyo Ghoul?

>which chapters that are filler that should be skipped.
Certainly the chapter with the Yomo/Arata flashback, which explained how they are related.
This was already common knowledge ever since volume 12 of the first part was scanned and translated.

Anteiku Raid I'm pretty sure, it was about 30~ chapters.

Aogiri Arc was maybe just a few chapters shorter or a few chapters more.

So what's Niggastream doing?

Goddamn, I wish Ishida would re-draw Irimi too.

Where's the redrawn chapter?

In your ass.
Read the thread retard.

Post tulpa rize v1 and v2.0

Come on niggerstream what the fuck?

>makes thesis blog post about how streamlined are releases are

Thanks a lot, kind user.

>Amon finally using Doujima KAI
Next chapter for sure.

Where did he even pull it out from?

He didn't use it once against Seidou and now he suddenly pulls it out of his ass.

Is he fusing his own Rc cells into the quinque?
It's out.

>rem or ram

>amon having an opportunity to be badass
>ruined once again

what are you doing to him ishida


Wait for him, to pull out his Berserk Armor.

Fuck off Toyota

I'm pretty sure Amon and Takizawa are about to show the Quinx how to play ghoul before fleeing.

>He didn't use it once against Seidou and now he suddenly pulls it out of his ass.
I guess it's because he never wanted to fight Seidou to begin with.

Helvetica dropped re. Fuckin based. Niggerstream when?

The new Qs will obviously kick ass to show off their Kagune and shit for the first time.

>Helvetica dropped re.

They dropped it?


Trust me user.

No, we simply don't know if Kanou couldn't have stored some of that farmed Rize kakuhou since he was performing multiple experiments.

Probably not since he moved on to Owl kakuhou not long after Kaneki "died", though. Could've also been because he felt Owl kakuhou would offer an even stronger base, however.

Either way, I get the user's qualms. Back in the day, Rize's kagune was just an exceptional regenerative one (even by rinkaku standards), and now it seems like it's an instant winbutton, and everyone who has it is top-tier over even characters that are SSS-rate, have a kakuja and have been mastering it their entire lives.

And the thing is, for Kaneki, we were there to see him improve. He got his shit beaten in by Shachi, got destroyed by Arima, and so on. He struggled and there was a path to the point where he is at today. Furuta just struts out of nowhere and fucks with top-tier fighters just because.

I can understand how that's shitty.

>never wanted to fight Seidou to begin with.
It's not like this Doujima would be a lethal quinque against Takizawa. Or are you saying Amon is actually trying to finish trap off when we all know he doesn't kill fellow CCG comrades?
Don't overthink it. That's just Ishida's bullshit again

>mfw I'm Amon
>get cucked out of relevance at first
>turns out I was cucked out of power as well
>get cucked a third time in love
Just stop pls, I beg you Ishida

Wait so is Akira defecting now?

My prediction is that Seidou will probably sacrifice himself to let Akira and Amon escape.

I understand your sentiment, but all OEG's who have Rize's kakuhou had it now for four years.

>Either way, I get the user's qualms. Back in the day, Rize's kagune was just an exceptional regenerative one (even by rinkaku standards), and now it seems like it's an instant winbutton
Because we knew next to nothing about Rize, I mean, we still do. But now we know that her kagune is even more exceptional, since V wants her so badly.

>Tfw akira never loved Cuckmon
>she was jusy testing his dick when she tried to kiss him. she liked him as her mentor and his father's partner
>Mfw Akira really loved edgezawa so much but she never confessed because faggot was a salty bitch

>Rize bites Kaneki
>Kaneki bites Amon
>Amon bites Mutsuki
Who will she bite to continue the parallels?

>Takizawa dying

But then who will fill the suffering quota?

It's for the better if she does. CCG confirmed corrupt as fuck.



Saiko will stop Urie. She probably still recognizes Amon


But then who will Urie bite?

Washuu Gaysuri ofc

>Because we knew next to nothing about Rize, I mean, we still do. But now we know that her kagune is even more exceptional, since V wants her so badly.
True, but exactly that part is a bit of historical revisionism that doesn't fly with a lot of people, I think.

I hate Urie now. What a fucking nigger.

>implying he will listen when he is in rage "you harmed my waifu" mode
She'll have to stand between him and the Quinx to do something.

Seidou dying here would suck though.

Considering there is a flashback this chapter, that is a deathflag right there.

>is Akira defecting now?
Hopefully no. What would she do? Suck Amon, Takizawa and Kaneki's cocks on daily basis?
I think fugly trap is ditching CCG and finding more about her true nature. It will also be Qshits mission to capture her in the next arc.

>impyling it won't be akira and seidou that die together against the Qs while Amon is done, so that he can get a hate power-up.

>another rescue trap arc

No please

>>is Akira defecting now?
>Hopefully no.
Yeah, let her just not have character development.

He should have died in the original manga. Fuckin waste of time.

Get back to your own fanfiction world. If Kanou had Rize kakuhou in store, he would not have needed Yoshimura.

> it seems like it's an instant winbutton
It doesn't explain Takizawa and Mutsuki. Ishida lets people win for plot reasons so stop asking about explanation.

>Furuta just struts out of nowhere and fucks with top-tier fighters just because.
Because Ishida couldn't bother to draw?

There is no point in blaming characters lack of screentime and explanation, you should blame Ishida for not drawing it properly.

Why would the Q's harm the holy mother of the CCG?

Naki continues to be GOAT

Touka also bit Kaneki. Thinking its a parallel will only drive you crazy.

His own dick

Because helping Ghouls is against the rules

But it doesn't give you the authority to execute a superior on the spot.

Of course it does if she fights you to save the ghoul. Mutsuki killing Akira there wouldn't have been wrong in any way.

I hate Tooru now.

Jesus Amon can't catch a break.

First he jobs like crazy and then he gets cucked by the edgy psychopath that kicked his ass.

Who the fuck is Akira in love with?

Can't stand the Qs though.

I hope Amon can wipe the floor with them if he fucking stop being a moralfag. Why does he job so much?

>next chapter, Saiko tries to stop the Q's from killing Amon and then S-Owl shows up to kick the Quinx asses but he receives a knife to the eye before he can kill Urie
>next chapter after that, Juuzou squad has arrived to kick S-Owl's ass, but before they can kill him, Urie takes the hit
Fuckin Ishida




Both Amon and Seidou as she already said before.

Akira didn't raise a hand against Mutsuki in no way did she put up a fight.

Mutsuki is outright fucked if Akira dies from her wounds and fucked if she doesn't because kagunes leave traces and marks all over the body and they'll match Mutsuki and only Mutsuki.

>Akira didn't raise a hand against Mutsuki in no way did she put up a fight.
Yet she was clearly stopping Mutsuki from reaching one of the missions goals. Killing Owl.

>Mutsuki is outright fucked if Akira dies from her wounds and fucked if she doesn't because kagunes leave traces and marks all over the body and they'll match Mutsuki and only Mutsuki.
How does that matter? Mutsuki can just say what happened.


The positions and angle aren't the same at all though. Ishida has paralleled shit since fuckin forever.

>rescue trap arc
It wouldn't be a rescue arc though. As I said Matsuri would probably order Urine to capture and finish the rebelious Quinx, and Qsfaggots will have mixed feelings about it
>let this character join Jesus and "good guys" side
>Here's some "character development"
>It's very effective!
More like the cheapest character development

>not staying with CCG org (your acquaintances and friends) and trying to change their views and opinions about the organization and half ghouls/ghouls step-by-step
It's just my opinion though.

Woa. Reading TG too much certainly has side effects.

considering how much the CCG want to ethnic cleanse ghouls, if Mutsuki was able to prove Akira was protecting a ghoul, they might-ve overlooked her killing Akira, at least officially

What happened was she accidentally pierced Akira who jumped in front, and then decided to try and finish Akira.

There's a big difference between my superior idiot jumped in front and I accidentally hurt them, and my superior idiot jumped in front and I accidentally hurt them and then purposefully tried to end them.

Explain away the behavior all you like Mutsukifag but she's approaching some real Takizawa levels of fucking things up so I can never return to the CCG or a normal life.

She definitely won't be able to re-join the CCG, Ishida always forces characters to redeem themselves or somehow atone for their past before being allow any inner peace. Mutsuki has her entire fucking life of lying, killing, and deceiving herself to atone for.

>Ishida lets people win for plot reasons so stop asking about explanation.
Not really disproving the claim that Ishida is a shit writer and Tokyo Ghoul is going to shit, though.
>There is no point in blaming characters lack of screentime and explanation, you should blame Ishida for not drawing it properly.
They are his characters, so they're invariably linked.

Fuck off user. If the Touka shit was similar, Kaneki would've had his back turned.

Just accept the fact that Ishida does parallels, symbolism, and tarot shit already.

I really hope Ishida's next manga has a more contained cast. Main problem with TG is that he kept expanding and expanding to bursting point, and the result is this arc.

>What happened was she accidentally pierced Akira who jumped in front, and then decided to try and finish Akira.
Because Akira protected a Ghoul.

>There's a big difference between my superior idiot jumped in front and I accidentally hurt them, and my superior idiot jumped in front and I accidentally hurt them and then purposefully tried to end them.
Not when they are working against the CCG from that point onwards.

>Explain away the behavior all you like Mutsukifag but she's approaching some real Takizawa levels of fucking things up so I can never return to the CCG or a normal life.
I'm not a Mutsukifag and I'm not saying what she did was "good", it was right. And her being fucked up is a given, so I don't see how you can think that would be important here.

>She definitely won't be able to re-join the CCG, Ishida always forces characters to redeem themselves or somehow atone for their past before being allow any inner peace. Mutsuki has her entire fucking life of lying, killing, and deceiving herself to atone for.
I don't really care whatever happens to her, I'm only talking about what happened.

>She definitely won't be able to re-join the CCG
you really think the CCG give that much of a fuck that she attacked a traitor?

God this manga dropped the ball

Chapter wasn't as bad as spoilers made me think.

At least Amon turning on Tooru makes more sense now, as Tooru's gone full serial killer crazy.

Looks like Akira in turn has been guilt-tripped by Amon's actions into feeling responsible for Takizawa's circumstances. Have no clue how this situation will be resolved though.

Will Takizawa and Amon team up against the Qs? Will Akira get them to stand down? Will a third party need to enter to save their ass?

Maybe the Qs will steamroll Amon for a bit until Akira somehow interrupts them giving Amon and Takizawa a chance to escape.

>let this character join Jesus and "good guys" side
>Here's some "character development"
>It's very effective
Is Kaneki even a good guy at this point? He is just selfish, past any of the shit in the original.

>not staying with CCG org (your acquaintances and friends) and trying to change their views and opinions about the organization and half ghouls/ghouls step-by-step
Takizawa killed a shit ton of people there really isn't any defending him.

So did Akira loved Takizawa all along?

mata ushi nate shimau, "there will be further losses"

>Takizawa killed a shit ton of people there really isn't any defending him.
he's literally batshit insane, can't fully be held accountable for his actions.

Try getting tortured for three years and staying sane. The fact that he killed Tatara to save his friends more than redeems him.

Urie saved Mutsuki from Amon in last second.
Is it just me or this arc is full of last minute saves?

And fake outs.

How is the timeline between rue island and cochlea?. The king is going to appear for sure

fuck no, just eternal pity

Ok whatever helps you sleep at night.

stay in denial

Conflicted over whether or not to support Mutsuki for being CCG doing her job and exterminating ghoul scum. But she's a batshit insane murderer who's pretty much diliberately trying to cause pain to a superior rather than just move her the fuck out of the way. (See how Amon got wrapped in her Kagune)

Also want to see Takizawa get saved or have his suffering ended (but who will suffer if he's gone?), and the CCG trio reunited, but that's impossible. Then I want to root for Amon but all he can do is get a hilarious hit onto Mutsuki and then BTFO like a proper jobber.

Cochlea took place over the course of several hours, from late night to the dark and early hours of the morning since Arima and Kaneki's fight culminated on their birthday.

At the start of Rue Island the CCG expected the whole operation to take three weeks to finish, but it really has only felt like three days at most.

>the Nice Guy doesn't finish last for once

Thank you based Ishida.

She shouldn't be able to get up anymore.

And? How would they be able to deal with him as an insane individual?

Also would his condition justify years of murder.

It could be argued that all serial killers have a screw loose.

No it doesn't

doing her job is just a pretense, she became a full on homicidal monster that is trying to keep her job that enables her to indulge in her hobby

>Another Rue Island chapter

Ok that's all fine and all.

But the real question still is, who the fuck is the Tokyo Ghoul?


yfw Mutsuki tells the Q's Mado is a traitor and they turn on her

the chad character cant win everytime you know

I'm with Mutsuki because reverse traps are my fetish, sorry Amon!

Amon confirmed THICC.

Turn on her start kicking her injured body or turn on her detain her for betraying the CCG?

Who is going to be final endgame


This is a lot of conjecture for a character who has been out of the cave for 2 chapters.

Takizawa loved her all along. He was just being tsundere.

well if she was alone she would just kill her and blame it on random ghouls, but since there are witnesses now she will just try to detain her

Good chapter desu
Spoilers made it look like shit
>287,735 *,607,543 Tokyo Ghoul:re Vol.8
Nips don't seem to dislike this arc after all

qt buttslut amon when?

nigga she started fucking stabbing her for shits and giggles


Clowns will be a stop along the way who will reveal they know and are involved in ways that we still don't know.

nips also like touka so I'd say their taste comes into question

So she is sadistic that doesn't mean she doesn't care about her job as an investigator.

A lot of characters have been sadistic at this point you pretty much call out half the CCG and most of the ghouls.

>there are actual mutsukifags here
meine seiten

Urie doesn't have the balls to kill her.

The fujo pandering saved it.

fuck right off karren

Don't you mean Suzuya

Time enough to fuck Aura, Touka and Rize and make a big apparition on the island, please gake note Ishida

Amon jobbed fucking twice in the same chapter!!! you can't make this shit up, can amonfags even defend this shit anymore? holy shit this story is so bad.

I don't think hes done.

>arima cover
>arima dickriding
Ishida knows the way to sell his manga with shit writing.


This arc poisoned my water supply, burned my crops and delivered a plague unto my house

QUICK, post the .gif!

Is getting hit by a quinque really jobbing?

Also shouldn't Urie be a good fighter?


U-Ultimate rage mode for sure next chapter.

If Q's don't believe Mutsuki who will Mutsuki shack up with

because no way in hell is he capable of surviving on his own


People on Cred Forums like traps in all forms, reverse traps are especially popular.

Why is Mutsuki so autistic?

Why does Ishida like it so much to draw Urie without a mouth?

I-is she ok?

Because this is Ishida's story and he wanted a female Kaneki for parallels.

do you really have hope for Ishida still? don't worry i will be here next week to enjoy everyone's despair when he lets us down once again.

The bigger question is, how will it look like in the anime adaptation?

I forgot she even existed.

How long have we been in fucking Rue isle again?

Mutsuki is a fucking cunt.

>anime adaption

They first have to make a proper part1 adaptation.

Oh shit, thanks user

Nine chapters now. Two more to finish volume 9. Who's getting the cover this time? Kurona? Mutsuki? Amon?

She's dead, and I'd say she's better off for it. So you could say she's as 'ok' as she can be.

Either she died and re-united with her mother or she's alive. Win/win for her.

Rue/Cochlea Arc began at the start of March.

We've been on just Rue now since the start of August.

> "Hurry up and notice already...", "The "Ghoul" that's closest to you."

>"That girl... I bet if she took off her glasses she'd transform"

>Rize transforms into a ghoul when she takes off her glasses.


Re gets adapted as the anime, the original gets adapted as a flashback movie.

>implying she won't live to inevitable meet her father after Nishitty rescues him

>It could be argued that all serial killers have a screw loose.
insanity pleas have been used in the past to keep serial killers off death row, they usually spend the rest of their life in mental asylums.

She's probably dead. There is no need for her to stay alive. Here's some of her goals that she had at the end:

1. Working together with Arima (who is now also dead) to get Kaneki to be the One-Eyed King: Successful

2. Trying to redeem herself in Kaneki's eyes and be worth saving in his eyes, if only so it might be advantageous to her: Failed

No need for her to stick around. She succeeded at her main goal, and the secondary one is a failure, and if what she tried wasn't enough, is unlikely to ever change.

And to be honest, with how characters have been shit on lately, Etofags should probably be happy she died.

Doesn't matter, when the investigators find her she is getting turned into a quinque.

Shachi heavily insinuated that there's nothing left of Kuzen. He's basically just an insane husk now.

That won't stop Anteiku.

Why can't Kaneki have only cool guys like Hirako in his new crew. Damn Anteiku.

would he let Mutsuki join, or is he now clown fodder in the making?

Not really hope that Ishida will do something well just that Amon wasn't really jobbing as Urie is kind of an unknown at this point.

Current Qs squad is full of investigators who are supposed to be talented, Arima commented on Urie being talented, Shao took on an S ranked ghoul, Hige was compared to Ui and Saiko might be in shape with her big kagune.

Even if they ended up beating Takizawa and Amon I wouldn't call it jobbing.

Problem is the fight will be cut short so it'll be one sided and it'll make on group look bad.

Mass produced Owl kakuja quinque.

Amon not going to die, hes going to meet up with kaneki again

I don't think anyone here believes cuckmon will die before meeting the king.

So the answer would be to send Takizawa to an asylum if possible, but that doesn't take in the difficulty in detaining him or holding him.

the fucking Cochlea once they get it back under control

Let's give Urie a mouth.

If he let Tsukiyama join, sure he will.

Does cochlea provide the same services as an asylum? Also it doesn't really cover detaining him.

he's pinned and half dead right now and doesn't have a fucking friend in the world aside from also half dead traitor Mado

if he gets away from the Q's then the CCG really are fucking hacks

She's alive. If only because Cred Forums, mostly collectively wrong about fucking everything (and the fact she never visibly died) says she dead. But above all else, she's alive because Ishida is a fucking hack, and anyone who bites the bait that she's dead after the shitfest of asspulls and last minute saves this arc, is literally retarded.

He isn't half dead he just lost his balls and took a hit to the leg.

He regenerated in the past quite quickly.

Arima confirmed for alive.

Devil Ape any moment now

Not alive but he might be ressurected by kanou.

Is this bait or are you legitimately mentally challenged? Arima fucking died. On panel. Completely finality. Closure. Had a fucking "funeral." All Eto has are implications.

If you're going to shitpost, at least use that walnut sized piece of mest in your head that you call a brain.


Arima wakes up and says with his creepy smile
"Everything is going according to plan"
What would be your reaction?

He already has a mouth. It's just high up.

Because they like boring self-inserts.

Seido almost killed Akira. But Amon saved her at the last second.
Seido almost killed Amon. But Mutsuki saved him at the last second.
Mutsuki almost killed Seido. But Akira saved him at the last second.
Mutsuki almost killed Akira. But Amon saved her at the last second.
Amon almost killed Mutsuki. But Urie saved her at the last second.

This is the plot of the last 5 chapters and it`s Kuboooo tier writing. How can anybody defend THIS?

Is Mutsuki mentally retarded?

If normal organs regenerate, does that mean his balls will grow back?

No, he cut his own throat and pretended to sleep on panel.
He can still regenerate.

Nobody is defending it.

This arc is so fucking bad.

Most likely

Would fit with the rest of the Kubo-tier cliffhanger bait writing of the last few chapters.

>Kureo's fw he reads this chapter

They will come back with more RC pathways leading to them.
Basically Mega-balls fit for ravaging Mado-pussy.

Same shit happened in prison.
Except you could add it was all planned out which makes it worse.

Reddit. Dare critcize this shit and you will be downvoted into oblivion.

bluer that ever.

Can we all discuss how beautiful Akira was drawn in this chapter?

No wonder Takizawa fell for her.

Please no. I just want her to be dead so that Ishida can't further destroy her or fuck her over.

Give her the peace and rest please.

Anyone else dropping Tokyo Ghoul after this?

Use google retard.

>Chapter wasn't as bad as spoilers made me think.


Then you better pray Nishio and Tsukiyama aren't at Rueshima is save Yoshimura and that's he's a vegetable like Shachi says. Otherwise, her chances of survival skyrocket.

Dude it takes 5 minutes a week to read and you get it for free.Kys

>5 minutes

It takes me 45 seconds to read.

Remember when this was good?

i wish Ishida would improve his writing like he's improving his art.


I wish Mangastream had better quality.

Yeah we get it. You can fuck off now.


Member this?

I'm not droping it, but it's really sad that such a good manga has turned into some Tite Kubo-tier shit.

Nice """"""animation"""""

I wouldnt be surprised if Ishida sui was actually Kubo.

Kaneki obviously gonna save amon sorry ass and recruit them into his new aogiri. Also hinami is going to protect mado because of muh pottery.

I miss post-torture Kaneki. Gave no fucks and was such a refreshing contrast to how he was before.

Fuck off Lab.

>dark sclera
>tragedy and despair

Where did this meme come from?

>bottom right
So is the mustache part of his mask too?

>Working together with Arima
Wouldn't presume. More likely they aimed for the same goal, in their own peculiar ways. Arima simply waited for someone (absurdly OP like him) who could kill him off somehow, while he was polishing and honing his killing skill over years ; and Eto actively and chaotically tried to fight V organization, but failed hard so far.
Tite was good at pulling shit out of his ass so it didn't really matter. Ishida is just repeating himself with those last minute saves every single chapter. It has become too obvious.

i liked the black reaper, i mostly liked the cochlea bits

ever since Arima died i can barely remember most of the chapters. they're just a weird haze in my brain where there's not much happening, not to mention the constant "this character comes back during the last page woah isn't that cool" that's been happening for like a full month now


How do you feel knowing that he never actually hated Arima?

It wouldnt surprise me if Ishida is a big fan of Holy Trinity of shonen Jump -Nardo, Clorox and Wan Piss.
His writing has gotten so shitty and it really looks like some shonenshit

Why doesn't Touka ever do anything?

I think you meant mentally deranged but yeah

You think anybody with a sound mind would mess up Torso the way they did?

What are you talking about, user? She's fulfilling her purpose in the very picture uploaded. She's Ishida's meal ticket for shipperfag money. That's only purpose in this manga post-Aogiri. And she's not even doing a fucking convincing job of that from a writing standpoint.

because she's Kaneki's Japanese traditional waifu. His yamato nadeshiko.
She can't do shit because people might hate her if she kills somebody. So she merely let everything happen and only helps when it's needed


*kills somebody and does ambiguous things

I still believe in my boy Amon.

>people might hate her if she kills somebody
She's killed lots of people and was willing to let Kaneki be eaten by Rize.

What will Suzuya do when he arrives?

If Amon isn't actually strong, then who was the one who saved Marude?

How do you go from this

to this?

Himself of course.

Cut your hair.
Dye it.


The same way how :re has ruined almost every character.

He was using special SSS-rated q bullets derived from the Owl quinque.

Will we ever find out who the fuck she visited in the hospital?

>muh character getting saved again
Fuck off. Special class Marude could have fought against him,saved himself and BTFO shitty Washuu.

I'm going to go with Marude actually killed Yoshitoki himself with a quinque.

There's simply no other unknown powerful ghoul in the series who could've saved him.

The only ghoul not involved in either Cochlea or Rue that I can think of are Nico, Itori, and Scarecrow.

I have a feeling that regardless of who he turns out to be under the mask, it's gonna be a disappointment.

Will you ever stop asking the same question? It was Kimi or Hidefaggot. Who cares at this point?

It was Hide. He's comatose due to extreme bloodloss after Kaneki ate part of him.

I mean is there any hype behind who Scarecrow is?

I don't think anyone cares enough to be disappointed by his reveal.

>it's gonna be a disappointment
Probably a new character but Ishida will give him too much info about the plot and he might be too convenient for Jesus Kaneki's ghoul about muh bridge, muh balance.
Either way he's going to be a huge disappointment soon

Scarecrow is hide

*Kaneki's goal

Amon doesn't have Arata and juuzou is about to join the scene, if Amon DID have arata he could rip it from Juuzou because he is a more compatible host.

Who is the final boss if Arima and Eto are dead and Kaneki is miles stronger than everyone?

>muh powerlevels
Fuck off back to Wan Piss generals, cancer

>he could rip it from Juuzou because he is a more compatible host.
Do you still think Ishida cares about his plot? His manga hasn't made sense at all since this sequel started publishing.
Hell Suzuya will probably be more powerful than Amom because new Arata armor is compatible with anyone now


Are you me? Except replace Hirako with Kuramoto.

The plot beats are alright. Execution is standard shonen-tier, though. I was liking :re up to this point just fine. Hopefully Ishida regains a sense of pacing after this arc.


I hope Amonfags don't get their hopes up for next chapter. Ishida already gave Amon plenty of chances to prove himself but he always jobs in the end.

Nah they seem to dislike it too, not that I like that cancerous subreddit.

I'm a big Amonfag. I say keep the jobbing coming; I'm enjoying it

Hirako's old team was so based, the manga should be about them.

Does anyone know the artist who drew this cover? Thanks


Pretty sure it was Ishida, the style looks similar to the color pages he had for the first chapter of :re and the recent re-draw of chapter 1.

Tumblr. Go ask on that shithole

Thanks I'll look into that


Man, I remember how much people used to actually like re:. Like back when it was just starting out and we were all excited for it and all. And even later with the auction arc. Now I feel like it just lost something special. As if its not the same manga anymore, anyone feel that way?

I don't think the only official illustrations related to TG that anyone other than Ishida has done. I know he did the season 2 anime end cards but I'm pretty certain he didn't do season 1.

Outside of that he's done everything official, manga covers, calendar stuff, cards, etc

Needs more Hide.

Yup, that's him. I'm looking over his Twitter i recognized his style from his Christina Grimmie drawing from a while back

Needs more cute girls doing cute things desu

I remember how faggots complained because many didn't like Qshit, now 95 chapters after I still don't give a single fuck about them and for me they still waste manga panels.

>This garbage has 20 million copies

Please just kill me now.

Saiko will do something cute next chapter.

What UR cards are you needing? I can probably get them.

I think the first part deserves every sale it gets.

Re doesn't deserve more than 200k a volume. It's worse than Shonen JUMP manga.

Prior to Vol.7 of :re, I'd say every one of those copies were well deserved.

It doesn't deserve a damn thing since the Tsukiyama arc.

I have a huge fetish for "reverse traps" ever since I read Shakespear when I was a kid, I hope she stays for a long time. Literally perfect.

Volume 6 concluded the Tsukiyama arc. Or are you trying to say the Tsukiyama arc (probably the peak of my enjoyment and back when these threads were extremely fun) was shit? Because I have to disagree there immensely.

Tsukiyama Arc was long to read weekly but when you re-read it things go by alright.

It's just that early on with Tsukiyama trying to get in contact with Haise the pacing drags a bit. By the time we reach the point where they're investigation ghouls in different areas to learn about Rose/Aogiri and Hairu is introduced then it's well paced.

>tfw I'm only on volume 5 of the original manga
Am I in over my head? How can you guys keep track of all these characters? Also, I'm sad Mado died, he was a badass.

Tsukiyama arc is when Ishida started introducing characters for 3 chapters in order to kill them in gruesome ways.

Tsukiyama arc is Ishida whitewashing Tsukiyama and his family's actions.

Tsukiyama arc is the Mastumae power of friendship garbage.

Tsukiyama arc is the arc where we get the retarded "I wanted to die all along" thing by Kaneki.

Tsukiyama arc is the arc that lead us to edgy Harry Potter Kaneki.

So yes, Tsukiyama arc is garbage.


Really? I never found it particularly sluggish at a weekly pace. Different strokes, I suppose. But I can see why some would feel that way.
>Tsukiyama arc is when Ishida started introducing characters for 3 chapters in order to kill them in gruesome ways.
Extreme hyperbole here. The only two characters of any legitimate substance were Hairu and Kijima: the latter a blatant advertisement for Tokyo Ghoul [JAIL.]
>Tsukiyama arc is Ishida whitewashing Tsukiyama and his family's actions.
[Citation Needed]
>Tsukiyama arc is the Mastumae power of friendship garbage.
And that nakama power up got fucked when she got BTFO immediately the following chapter. Why is this an issue?
>Tsukiyama arc is the arc where we get the retarded "I wanted to die all along" thing by Kaneki.
The only thing "retarded" about this plot point was the fact Ishida sloppily resolved it so quickly during the battle with Arima, which makes the entire thing feel hollow. At the time of its introduction, it made sense with Kaneki's tragic character.

It would be a huge waste to kill Shachi like that, so much potential on that character


It's hard
but I feel you

Only the ones that feature illustrations by Ishida which can't be found outside the game.
As far as I'm aware the only one matching the criteria so far is the Seidou UR card, but if there are more I'd appreciate it if you would post them.

5 chapters to go, then we'll surely see a parallel to this.

I don't know why either of you feel relieved. This arc has literally turned :re into
>Character death fakeouts via shitty cliffhangers: the manga.
If anything, you should be increasingly worried every chapter she isn't outright confirmed dead.

Is this the Tokyo Ghoul?

Kaneki 2.0 u mad?

Am I the only Toukafag that really likes Eto? Are there any Etofags that actually like Touka? I feel that there aren't.

>the Tokyo Ghoul?
Can you fuck off already shitposter-kunt?

This manga will end with a timeskip and then cut to Kaneki and Touka's happy family with children and lots of unanswered plot points. Calling it now.

Every chapter she stays dead is a chapter she isn't forced back into life to be shat on
so we can still remember her as a character we liked

Who knows
Then fuck off back to your hugebox

You say "stays dead" and "forced back into life" as if it's a fact she actually died. I don't know why you would even default to that possibility given how this manga is playing out. But I still see your point as far as wanting her dead so that Ishida doesn't shit on her character.

Don't worry she's still alive because there's lots of lots of Arima flashbacks she needs to remember.

What the hell is going on. Is this what writing by a pothead looks like?

Akira is literally ruining bloody everything just to save a psychopathic cannibal. When did she become so shit?

Akira is literally ruining bloody everything just to save a her former comrade. She's becoming great.

>Toukafags liking Eto

>Etofags liking Touka
Absolutely not

I think it's safe to say that Mutsuki needs to die now, right?

>muh Arima flashbacks
If Ishida had really wanted to show us his sappy background, he would have drawn it when Austim-kun was still alive since TG:re manga was certainly about muh Arima-Haise's super special father-son relationship as well.
I don't see the point to shove more CCG's reaper cocksucking flashbacks down our throats if we won't see them from Captain Autism's PoV. It would be just too annoying at this point.
If anything, Ishida will most likely deliver more info about Garden's poster bitch Arima, Rize's broken kagune and other dudes thanks to Furuta and Washuu old guy.

rise is the only one who needs to die tho

Or get locked up for a while. Or get pissed and call up some hookers for a few nights of drunken shagging until she's too exhausted to be murdercrazy.

Why is this? I got the impression that it was shipping cancer that made people dislike Touka (since hate was directed at her way before this arc, and a lot of it centred around her being irrelevant/unable to win the Kanekibowl) but is it something deeper? Hinamifags tend to dislike Touka as well.

Rize isn't even relevant anymore.

Touka is so perfect she makes othergirlfags feel insecure.

She is the strongest character right now, This bullshit cannot be stopped.

it's just some samefaggots trying to start their shipfest every fucking time. It's like they only come here to spam about their shitty shipping faggotry

In TG, touka used to call Kaneki out on his bs and contribute to his character development by providing another point of view. in :RE that aspect of her kind of disappeared ("let's not interact with haise, he seems so happy")

>he seems so happy
How is she supposed to know he isn't though?


Well that's the problem: she was (storywise) left in a position where she can only assume things, while still being given a lot of relevance towards Kaneki which - as a reslut - felt weird

Toukafags and Etofags bait each other in equal increments. The moment Touka gets an iota of relevance, the anti-Eto shitposting surges like a tidal wave. The ch. 72 topics were a prime example of that. And inversely this time last November - Feb which had a fair share of Eto/Kaneki interaction, Etofags had a field day baiting Toukafags with *slurp slurp* Rio de Janeiro shitposting. Both are equally bad.
>This is what Toukafags actually believe.

>What was Serpent vs Haise fight and Nishitty seeing how fucked up Kaneki-Haise was back then?
>Implying higher ups wouldn't make him follow their orders and kill him when he tries to oppose or ditch them.
>implying an amnesic faggot like Haise wouldn't be completely ok with living a fake life if he didn't know about his real past
Haise was just a mistake. Ishida's shitty mistake

Don't stop believin'