Oh boy, which birthday is it already?

Oh boy, which birthday is it already?
How long have you been here?

Longer than most, not long enough to have bragging rights.

That's how I know you're bullshitting, user.

It's a sin to lie, you know?

Longer than most just means over two years.
Why wouldn't you believe that?

Six years, eventually forever. I'm not sure if I want to have been here earlier.

Because it's bullshit. That's why.

>somehow I've been here for ten years

That's how you know you've wasted your life


since the beginning
dear god, what have i done with my life?

I've been here about 3 hours, what are the hats for??

2008, am i an oldfag yet?

almost five.

A year. This is the first time I'm celebrating Cred Forums's birthday.

I did lurk in /r/Cred Forums for more than a year before that though.

>/r/Cred Forums
Why are you bringing this up as something positive?

Wow, an actual reddit fag.

Lurk the fuck more.

late 2009 early 2010.

Discovered Cred Forums in 2004, started using it in 2006.

here since 2014

You will never be an old fag

July-August 2015

Any 30 year old virgins here who can use magic?

I'm too lazy to learn any magic. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

you clearly should move on someplace else

5 fucking years.

>which birthday is it already?
Probably the last. Fucking Cred Forums is going to shut down this place any minute now. Even the local newspapers are talking about their stupid nazi frogs.

I've been here since 2005, just end my life already.

thanks for reassuring me

2006 when Magipookan aired.

>literally gay the post

sauce me that shit nigga

please go

yours sincerely - s4s

Feels like so long, but in the grand scheme of things I'm still relatively new

8 years, will be here forever.

some fanart of Patchouli

Since spring 2016 rolled around and I wanted to start following the seasons.

Fuck your 2 years bullshit, I'll stay if I want to.

Feeling old yet, user?

I honestly can't remember when I started coming to Cred Forums, I think it's was either late 2008 or mid 2009.

Only started lurking Cred Forums late 2013.

Decade this year.

4 years so far
i wish i would have come to Cred Forums straight away and not wasted 3 years on Cred Forums
i wish i had spent more time with you

>sailor moon

I came from Gaia :D

Did you do something to the webm?

It sanic fast.

My god, I've been here for 9 years. How did this happen. Where did my life go.

Lurking since late 2012, though I've stumbled upon Cred Forums a few times before that while searching for the PS2 sprites for Higurashi.

I miss visible sage.

8 years too long

2009 i think

was like that when i first saw it on Cred Forums i think

>it's not really aimed at older people

Did you realize that Mighty Atom came out a little over half a century ago?

I hadn't, but I didn't start watching anime until the late 1980s.

>My god, I've been here for 9 years. How did this happen.
Oh god, me too, and I wasn't even aware.

There are probably some individuals on Cred Forums I've talked to daily, even more than with my family, during this this soon-to-be decade - and I wouldn't even know about it when something happened to them.
Sometimes, thinking about that makes me wish I had /soc/ced it up on Cred Forums, like trading Steam or IRC names, or something. A decade of daily conversation is more than enough for a foundation of friendship.

Late 2006, lurker until 2010.
So I guess this roughly is my 10 year anniversary.
Let's go for another 10, anons!

I've been coming here since like 2004 or 2005. I don't remember exactly when, but I know I was still in highschool and I graduated HS in '05.

Wizard this December. I've truly wasted my life. Worthless degree and not particularly great job. Looking at a possible large promotion in not so distant future, at least.

Man, I didn't try to find a girl very hard in college and now that I'm out of school I don't even know where to meet people and am basically a working shut-in.

First time I visited Cred Forums was 2004 and was an eternal summerfag since then. I didn't become a regular on Cred Forums until 2013, I regret not watching a bunch of shows with Cred Forums over the years despite watching them at the same time ;_;

Next year. Been here 12 years now.

3 years to go.

lurking 2007

start posting in 2008 in Code Geass thread

whole 9 fucking years wasted

Been here since 2010.
Always thought I should lurk more and now I realise I've been lurking for 6 years.

>use reddit


2012? Pretty new here by oldfag standards.

>Sometimes, thinking about that makes me wish I had /soc/ced it up on Cred Forums, like trading Steam or IRC names, or something. A decade of daily conversation is more than enough for a foundation of friendship.

The venues for doing so have lessened considerably over the years. With ronery threads gone, r/a/dio moved elsewhere (and with fewer listeners), and mods deleting those types of threads on sight, it's a lot more difficult to form a friendship that goes beyond the actual board. With how Cred Forums is right now, most would prefer to keep it that way.

Found Cred Forums in 2005.
Started using Cred Forums in 2007, then stopped.
Started using Cred Forums in 2009, then stopped.
Started using /ic/ and /jp/ in 2012, then stopped.
Started using Cred Forums in 2014, then stopped.

Nowadays I just casually browse a few boards, I can't stand how the average user has become either a Cred Forumstard or a ledditor/tumblrina. Feels like I'm an astronaut constantly traveling at the speed of light and returning to Earth every 100 years, only to find out everything completely different, getting more and more outcast.

But there is still some enjoyable content here and there, I look forward to completing a decade with you!

This so much. I used to go to a lot of boards, but /k/ got taken over by stormfags, /jp/ spiraled to shit, Cred Forums hasn't been good in forever, /m/ went from one of the best boards to shithole at some point.

Thank fuck they finally purged the quests from /tg/. Cred Forums, /toy/ and /tg/ are the only boards left I visit regularly.

>Started using Cred Forums in 2014, then stopped.
just in time to see the fall and end of Cred Forums
used to be one of the best boards around

Whenever I stalk my reaction images and find them on Cred Forums (or other boards) I inevitably get disgusted.

'04. I've been secretly fearing that all the other oldfags have already outgrown this place and made something of themselves while I'm still here.

Earliest board thing I remember was upside down Cred Forums for umineko so whenever that was I guess. Its been a blur

Why haven't you just killed yourself yet?

From this spring man. Time sure fly.

your fears are valid

I started using this site on Cred Forums's 7th birthday in 2010. I was a Cred Forumsfag for about a year and I've been on Cred Forums ever since. I just realized yesterday that next year I'll have been on this site for half of its entire existence. I don't know how that makes me feel, I still feel like a newfag and probably always will, one of my biggest regrets is missing all the great stuff like Code Geass sundays, TTGL, and all that golden age stuff I heard people reminiscing about since the moment I got here. It feels like I only started using this site after it was in decline, and its only degraded further since, I've always had the weird feeling that I've only ever known the shadow of the place I love so much. I still had some great times in 2011 and 2012, and those years feel like a past golden age compared to now. Even then, I feel like I wasn't nearly as engaged with this community as I could have been. I guess its just one more year further for the place I never truly knew. Happy birthday, guys.

I doubt it.

I honestly don't know. I didnt think it important enough to mark down the year i first came to Cred Forums so i don't really have a clue.

You doubt everything.