Show By Rock!! 2

24 hours left. Are you ready to ROCK?

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Not ready

I want to have sex with Rosia.

Why? She's a dumb bitch.

I'm not really into furry shit but I'm considering picking this up for that cute purple bunny girl.

How can anyone hate this angel?

Only bad onni-chans do

I want to fug chuchu

Does anyone know if/where there will be a livestream?

Myumons aren't furry.

Will scanbro deliver today?

Nah, that's Retoree.

Perhaps there will be. We shall see tomorrow.


Let's combine pink and green to something new.


With Ogasawara as their manager, the Petals will now become the new sensation at Boodookan.

Who is Cristicrista's new manager?

I think they're actually now part of the Banded Rocking Records label.

What, really? Why do they want to join an unknown label?

Well, after Unicorn Virtual Music's president transformed himself into a giant squid-smog monster trying to conquer the world, I don't there's much of a chance to achieve stardom with a company with bad publicity. BRR on the other hand are on the rise with number 1 boyband Shingan Crimson Z, and the other hit sensation Plasmagica.
Although Plasmagica is probably not that top anymore, since their second guitarist vanished into a pink pillar of light.

They should join Judas. When did the ShinganZ become number one?

Interesting. As long as Rosia stay's away from Cyan's pussy it's fine.

Ready for best boys!

I think he delivered everything.

Will Yaiba get any focus at all this season, or will he get shafted again?

He's a bassist. They're only there to assist. Not trying to sound racist.

When does he ever get focus? In Shingan Crimsonz's game episodes and events it's always Crow and/or Rom.

Retoree has to beware of what is going on within the band.

Guess I missed this one.

Judging from the original manga Retoree wouldn't seem to mind this.

Isn't she imaging the scenario with herself and Cyan?


It most likely is. A bad example on my part. But if it leads to Retoree having lewd thoughts about Cyan, then I wouldn't mind more of it.

Are they reprinting this or what?



That would be awesome.

I don't know but I want it and the new booklet badly.

Why is Shuzo the thief? The Aracefaggots should be just richfags not police too.

Let me guess, Shu is a former cop who was partnered with Rom but he got sick of being normal good guy so he became the master thief Shuzo. Arcareafact should be plutocrats who got high positions in government bodies though connections and birth.

They're private eyes.

The richfags? How come they have cop badges and handcuffs?

What if Shuzo isn't a thief but a magician? The twins have microphones so they might be entertainers not criminals. I mean yeah, they could be both.

The description refers to him as 怪盗, which means phantom thief.

Are the twins thieves too even with microphones? Maybe he's a performer by day to hide his true identity as the phantom thief.

I've been playing video games sorry. Definitely not this week


Which what? Games?


Path of Exile and FFXIV. Don't want to derail the thread with this so let's leave it at that

No idea, it doesn't say. Your theory could very well be correct.

What's going on here?


Just Shuuzo killing himself

Oh I like this.

Nips don't know it?

What do they say?


>You do this every time! Don't disappear from my sigh-
>I...wanted to keep dreaming with you...R-
>Don't go! Shu-zo-aniki is already-
>If you use your holy crimson milk, our Shu-zo-niisama can be sav-

What did they mean by this

>>If you use your holy crimson milk, our Shu-zo-niisama can be sav-

What? Shuzo became Shu or something?

Why is Shu bad when he's the real one and Shuzo is the fake one.

>You do this every time! Don't disappear from my sigh-
>I...wanted to keep dreaming with you...R-

Holy shit, this shit is really fucking gay.

He's ambivalent.

But at least he isn't fake and wasn't a traitor till later. Shu is the result so the blond should be the "bad" one.


Take your time user. I appreciate you for willing to scan it.

I want to fuck Cyan


Is it wrong that I liked the short more than the actual show?

Not really, you get more of best boys rather than the main cast.

The shorts was how the show should be but too bad they introduced a villain and made Cyan a human/magical girl in S1.

I want Retoree to go doggy style on Cyan's pussy.

Go to sleep Retoree

Retoree is back and she's still best girl.

Weird way to spell Cyan

Best girl isn't even in the show.


Do we have a chance to see the actual Shu in S2?

Maybe in a photo unless they want to do some flashbacks.

But he did show up in S1

>Shu had to drink Crow's milk to

>captcha includes a billboard for 'Cow Palace'

Tomorrow, ninjas.

And virgins

I don't think I'll be able to get the Titan UR+, and I've been working so hard this last week leveling the event cards and playing the boring room event to get the Daru Dayu UR. I give up, I'll never try again.

I want to believe in more yueni screen time.


He's part of the main male group so screen time is guaranteed, just don't expect some major subplot for him.

Hey girls! I'm so excited for the next season of this show! Rom is sooo hot! Wanna exchange tumblr accounts so we can talk about fujoshit where it's welcome? Xoxo


Why isn't there a Full OP Cyan version?

There is on a bonus CD which wasn't ripped.

I won't be surprise if it's him again. It's quite amazing how hung up he is over some fanservice.

Thanks mods


>reporting works


There is... It will never be uploaded... It even has the Retoree, Moa, and ChuChu versions as well.

Pic related.

My quest when I go to Japan at the end of December is to find this CD. I know it only came with the Blu-Ray preorder, but I have found limited edition shit like that in stores at Akihabara before.

That was meant for



I don't care about this show anymore.

Oh shit

Chuchu is very bad at covering her ears

Chuchu's bunny ears are deaf.

deafinitely cute

That's a different CD. I'm not posivite, but that's for the song Tsubasa Melody. Which I cannot find with my half-assed google searching. Apparently it was only available at Gamers with the purchase of the last DVD/Bu-Ray

This is the correct one I am looking for, but it is not available:

Ugh, kill yourselves furfaggots


Reminder that クリティクリスタ a shit!

Bad onni-chan


Yep. First one on there. I have heard of this site before, but never used it due to the negative things I have heard. I went ahead and ordered it through that site, hopefully it turns out well. Also I hope the songs are indeed full versions.

It wouldn't piss me off so much if he weren't the only one to get ignored, but he is. Every other Shingan gets a subplot, but poor little foxy gets shafted, every time. I'm so angry.

I hate that artist so much. Why do they have to make the animal person so damn cute?


Old shit from S1

This is far superior.


A bunny girl that is a bunny girl.

Like, whoa.

Midi City really has awesome architecture.

>Crunchyroll Adds "Show by Rock!!" Season Two to Fall Simulcasts
Looks like CR will be streaming S2 because CR-Funi partnership.

I agree. They're 100% a shit and that Rosia bitch is a cuntblocker.

>no hardsub

Thank fuck

So, does this mean no more orz soon anymore?

Petals at the Grateful Rock museum.

Did you all collect the signature cards on the homepage?

Here's the other Judas band.

Why would I do that

From the Far East.


>tottemo sankyu
Miyano's was the cutest.

For the cattles.

Do-Re-Mi-Fa Party

The best forever.

The non-stop youth, rowdy boys' battle show, The Crows!! will be starting!
Tune in tomorrow for the epic conclusion.

Which will never come

>Arcareafact's new song is good too

Trichronika on suicide watch

Artists >>> Idolshits

An OVA on the BD please.

That comic confuses me. Why did the artist choose Studdo Ban Gyasshu for this comic?

Anyway, I hope StuddoBans appear in season 2, they're the OT4.

At most, I can see them as myumon background characters that are being mentioned.

But who knows. Perhaps such a thing would then lead to them having a semi-important role for an eventual third season (IF it ever comes to that), just like the ninjinriot were mentioned in season 1 and now get to be shown off in season 2 episode 1.

I'd settle with a short appearance like Shizuku Secret Mind had in season one. Staddu Ban Gyasshu's picture was featured in the background of one the short episodes, but so were numerous other bands. I shouldn't get my hopes up because of that though.

I want this piece of shit attention whore to piss in my mouth so much.

What about something like this? (NSFW):

How very lewd. Little girls shouldn't do something so indecent.

I wish it wasn't coffee but her "hot chocolate".

...Is that a pad tea?

Only a few more hours until the return of the OTP.

Cyan is made for her little sister, Rosia

Soon she will pull off what Hirano Aya could never do, and fuck the basist.


Pink a cute

Her name is Rosia, and she is a fat slut who can't compare to Retoree

8 hours until airing. Gonna get some sleep before it airs. Have a nice music everyone!

>Rosia will never go to town on you


She could go full tigress on my oniichinchin.

>4 hours

I need this.



Why is Shuzo so tall? Is he wearing heels?

Takahiro Ikezoe messed up but it's interesting he drew them.


Cutest Cyan fresh from the Ikezoe-print presses.


Anyone have an updated pack of all the music in the game?


So are we getting any codes this week?

>all this post about girls
>what Japan cares are only the guys as this is a title for fujoshi

Yes. Plus another chance at Wednesday.

For further details, see

Why is Cyan's VA so talented?

Songwriter for the ED song "My Song is You!!" and the Plasmagica insert song "PlasmaIsm" is Aiko Takase, who wrote the theme song for Yuruyuri San Hai.

> Plus another chance at Wednesday.

Please explain? I don't understand what the other chance mean? I'm still waiting for my new Phone to arrive so I'm stuck just getting the code on my old phone that has thermal throttling problems.

Wednesday is a rebroadcast, where you can watch the show on Tokyo MX again. You participate in a quiz during the broadcast, where you get the code and all the answers wrong and correct after the quiz is over.

What? So I have to be awake to get the card? I was planning to sleep and get the cards later, cause I thought it was the same as last time with a redeemable code for the whole week. How many hours left till the show?

feels like everyone who works on this show is interested in their relationship, but sanrio will forever just tease it.

Don't worry, the code will of course be available on all sites that list such thing as well as here on Cred Forums, and then you have a week or more to enter it to get the card.
That quiz-thingy mostly an interactive viewer experience.

I like Shingancrimsonz, but I honestly don't care even a little bit about that other band.

Well, the game is still on-going so they can't give out everything. Let's see if they include this in the anime.

Oh then that's good. I thought it was mandatory to answer the question thanks.

One more hour

Do we have stream yet?

I'm curious about the death mine thing the most. Wonder if they'll go into that at any point.

It might be mentioned since Titian faking stuff and not telling his bandmates the truth is kind of like how the twins don't know anything about Shuzo.

Rosia's self portrait is the most kawaii.

oppai on point

Too bad they think of lolis as so creepy, even the middle school girls are well endowed ladies instead.

10 minutes!

Been waiting for this for almost a year




What are they implying




The usual places.
I suggest


Where are you guys streaming from?

3 minutes and I'm already in love with her


Ignore this.

>voiced by Sawashiro


>nb is not streaming SB69
Now what?

Cowlet is in the right position. She has talent for the show business.


Thank you, my hero!

And thus, Sound Planet is destroyed.


Fuck. I forgot my Japanese isn't good enough to understand everything yet.

Have to wait for subs

Hope thread is still active by then.

Holy shit, Milky Holmes Plasmagicas.




Here's the code: ライトニングシュリケン

At least not Falling Roses again.

My penis. Between Rosia's breasts.







Those stupid Shinganz.


Too late,Rosia breast belong to they band



Doujin when?


Another Falling Star Dreamline ballad. Yay.




>moa episode next week

How does one use the code?

I knew the ninjas would be the one to bring Cyan back to MIDI city.

Will Moa meet her space people, pyuru?

What are you, a space invader?

Damedame purupuru.

Another miss deletion card

Who are their VAs?

Missed the stream, how was it?

Mine lagged too much to really get a sense of what was going on.

In other news: DAMN, Yaiba.

Everyone's dead or dark melodysiane'd. Bad guys won.

This future must not come to pass.

>dat Yaiba

Bassist only good for sexualizing

Browse thread on phone.
I'm so glad I left behind that fujocesspool.


She's still taller than Darudayu.

Aion's her onni-chan, right?

That we don't know for sure.
Because the Shinganz conveniently were not watching the Plasmas being literally upstaged by the BVLs, and thus don't know what was really happening.

Paste the code (key icon in the menu) to get SR bromide.

It's all but outright stated at this point

Sawashiro is 100% devil?


There is still a 0.01% chance that they will all troll us.
>one left his family
>the other remembers a brother who left her family behind
it was just pure coincidence

Machigerita wrote BVL's new song.


Let the darkness embrace you all.

And Falling Roses.

Big sisters and brothers, sorry to keep you waiting.

It seems to be out on CR.

Ah.. It's making me log in on the web page, but I forgot my login a long time ago.

As always, not available in my region, so I'll still have to rely on horriblesubs.
But this time, they ought to come with the advantage of being softsubbed instead of Funimation-hardsubs.


Based Nidy


It's being rolled out on horriblesubs now. No 1080p yet

I wanna pyuru those pyurus!

>dat Arashi
>dem Rins

>[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! S2 - 01 [720p].mkv

1080 out. Have a nice music

>Criticrista a main band now
Why. What did we do to deserve this.

/r/ caps of Arashi

Explain this to me. I hope this means FUNi trashed their shitty cancerous streaming infrastructure.

What a time to be alive.
Izetta and SB69 season 2, and Hiro is considering killing Cred Forums because it's actually not profitable anymore.

Anyway, space Invaders.

I wish they uploaded the first season

That's gorgeous.


Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain
Black hole sun
Won't you come
Won't you come

I think it's something about Funi is going to only put dubbed version for their new licenses on their site while the subbed version will be on CR instead for some reason.

Sanrio and Studio Bones proudly presents to you.

The end of the world.

The font which HS is using seems to be broke signs on the songs translation.

Who's her VA?

This shall be the last song.

I want to slurp on her bunnycunny while she sleeps.

Noguchi Ruriko

Ruriko Noguchi.

I hope Retoree schlicks to this picture every night.

No 3D?

>not Funimation
Who do I have to thank for this miracle?

Of course there was 3D. Shinganz and the ED.

When will they get screentime? I want to watch their richfaggotry.

There is one slight disadvantage with Crunchyroll. Unlike Funimation, they won't or aren't allowed to sub the song lyrics.

This shall be the finest hour for the fansub groups.


And with it, we shall lose all hope.

But what if the future refuses to change?

Angelica is as hot as ever.

What the heck is a Schlehit melody anyway?

Heh, some band rivalry inside a label.

And yes, Criticrista is now officially a BRR band.

Guess Cyan now has a way to come back whenever then

Pretty surprise by it but it makes for sense than Judas I guess.


Absolutely disgusting.

>no funi
>more clitis
This couldn't be more perfect! Aots already.



Checking out the competition.

>Chuchu filling Rosia's mouth full
This needs a doujin badly.


Curse you, you candy-colored cuties.

What a bro.

No Cyan, no custard.

Their transportation shockingly isn't as impressive as Shuzo's.

douijns when?


BVL has the best music so far.


that chest makes no sense

I know, Retoree. It sounds so unrealistic.
Why can't stuff be more grounded in reality with youkais, kaijuus, supersentai, girls from another dimension and giant sapient mountains?

Then again, aliens exist, pyuru.

Hirose Naoya's TV anime debut. He cried watching the episode.

Sian, you cute slacker. Do your job.

Huh, he really never voiced an anime character before?



Was it rape?

She's still a bud virgin.



Doggystyle huh

Pyuru pyuru pyuru pyuru pyuru pyuru pyuru pyuru pyuru.



I wonder if s2 can revive the game.

First BD comes with two voice dramas (Plasmagica and Shingans) and a Cyan solo.


They have to fix the game. The anime and merch can only do so much.


Doubt it at this point.

Cosmic ded.


Remove/genderbend all male characters, and it's saved.

Listen to the song of my people.

Are they actually bakas

Did it not occur to Sanrio that there are white skinned goats, not only blacks?

>remove the most popular characters
Such a great idea, user.

>removing half of the revenue-earning characters
ded game

A lot of the supporters are fujos, Shingan nearly won the Sanrio poll last year and there are Show by Rock events with only the male characters.
That'd be silly

This art looks familiar.

>they act like tough evil minions of Dagger
>are actually dumb lazy idiots

That will be stupid.



Sekushi daruknessu.


God, she's so hot. I want her to step on me.

Wild ride right from the start.

Laughing at Hakkun in the back.

Let's settle this once and for all. Do you like Criticrista?

I want to shag a frog.

I don't like their music but I want to deskin my dick in their pussies.

So, does Ailane believe in Hell?

>come with me if you want to live


Only Rosia, the others are pure territory.

I always knew Ali Project was the ultimate evil. Now its confirmed.

Even the frog?

Ok, this was amazing. And lion loli is 11/10.

This guy gets it.


If only the anime had this kind of fanservice.




Voice actor of the ninja dude, I presume.

Doge's VA.

Arashi's game singer.

Girl of the season.

Don't sexualize Aion's imouto.

Why are dominant catgirls so amazing?

Is it the barbed tongue? Or pussies used to barbed dicks?

Don't worry, she does that on her own.

>your little sister is 10 times better than you


Like that autist even cares abut her.

I see
so what's his main job? seiyuu or singer?

I wouldn't be surprised if she puts lipstick on her other mouth too.

Take responsibility for that boner.

incest when?

>no SDT skin of her

And best girl.

No wonder they won.

Why can't Rosia just not exist? You could almost say she ruined the entire episode.

Can't wait to see her reaction to Cyan returning.

She looks used to this. If you know what I mean.

How is it possible to hate this semen demon?


Here is Retoree's reaction.

Don't get me wrong, I'd hatefuck her so hard, but I want her to just leave.

This season is destroying my dick with those character designs.

Don't get too attached

>400 posts
>no one said it yet


>not realizing that Rosia's bitchiness is just a facade

Puruland and Midi City's destruction were a nice sequence.
Made of course more intense while having a goth loli band singing to it.

I teared up a little.

That song has that effect, yeah.

That was such great opening scene to the season

>space cannon
>Miyuki Sawashiro villain
>great OST
>Midi City being destroyed
>amazing BVL insert song
>BVL 2D animated concert
>bad end timeline
>Ninjinriot goes back to the past to fix it

I fucking loved it

Ok, I will sexualize Aion instead.

Music has the power to connect everyone.

Thanks user.

>>Ninjinriot goes back to the past to fix it
But where did they go to after the explanation?

Space. The Final Frontier.

I'm upset that Dagger's back.

Villain recycling is the worst.
The absolute worst.

now I need that megaupload link
hope it still update

This show needs more Djent

Probably back to the future to find out more about the identity of the Dark Queen.
After all, in the past, she hasn't appeared yet.

Does anyone have rips of bvl or arcareafact's singles from the game?

So much darkness.

>Cyan barely in the episode
>shingancrimsonz mass pandering already starting up
>plasmagica still feel like side characters
>introducing even more characters to take screen time away from them and Cyan

2/10. Best I can do.

I want music to connect me with Rosia.

I have BVL's first three songs and My Last Fight.

He isn't the big bad, at least. Seems to be more like a red herring for the protagonists.

Shinganz are more popular than Plasmas.

She's a robotto, it doesn't have to.

>the colony ship Macross Delta

I wanna be consumed by the Darkness.

Do we gave polls from the game or something?


Sanrio Popularity vote.

Sanrio polls

I really doubt that's accurate.


What do you have then?

There was a poll on anime characters, Darudayuu won.

Give up, user. Shinganz are the most popular characters because they are the best and funniest character. Even men love them.

I remember another poll on the anime characters where Cyan won first place.

And Animate cafe's "Who would you like to drink with" poll, Crow came first.

Because those polls are never accurate. Just look at Newtype or other magazine polls. This shit is never accurate.

GBF has pretty accurate polls because you get benefits for voting in game making every player vote.

Eh, in the end, it doesn't matter, as long as we get to listen to all their music and have all those characters in this classic band story that involves time-traveling ninjas trying to save the world from a space fleet that shoots laserbeams at little furry people.

That is of course, without the male characters?
This is still 80% female targeted franchise, and the fans are indeed females by a huge majority.

No. It was all anime characters.

With males, Crow came third.

Then it must have been very specific niché poll.
Girls are really not popular in comparison, obviously.

Fujorager, is that you?

In case you are new to mabage, almost all whales are male. Girls are generally not autistic enough to throw hundreds of $ at characters.

That's why games that started with 50/50 casts (like GBF or FGO) are adding many times more female characters now. They simply make more money. Even girls usually throw more money at female characters.

For those interested in tweet activity of SB69.

Cyan and Rosia's appearance made the most comments.

Then how do games like Yume100 and Ensemble Stars exist?

>Black Hole gun
>does less damage than a nuke
This triggered me.
Other than that it was a good ep.

I loved it, best first episode of the season so far. The shorts were fun, but it's great to have Show by Rock back for real.

I had to check to make sure I was watching the right show with that opening sequence though.

Because sometimes small revenue is enough to exist in an overcrowded market.

She wants to get their energy not kill them.

Then how did Ensemble Stars and Idolish7 get enough money to do an anime?


Who's the leftmost guy?

In my experience it's always seemed like fujos have been the ones more likely to throw money around. Not saying male otaku myself included aren't stupid enough to spend $$$ on a mobage, but I just find it hard to believe there's that much of a discrepancy.

Colonel Sanders

Enstars makes a shit load of money. Crazy, ridiculous amounts. If you follow fujos on twitter they consistently put out money to rank for their favorite characters' cards. Hell, I am unemployed and have probably spent at least 300 dollars on the game in the past six months.

>male market
>supports dozens of franchises non-stop
>despite there being a few shows aimed at the girls every season, seasons where the top seller is aimed at girls are in the minority
>this is spread beyond just anime, too; biggest releases generally pander to male audiences first

When it comes to the whole Japanese nerd subculture, there's always been more money in pandering to guys. The female crowd just looks big because your expectation is for it to lack any buying power whatsoever.

From the talk with the ninjas, it seems criticrista won't actively participate in the main plot besides some Rosia PTSD, but it's nice that they are there.

Rosia's a good girl now.

She has always been a good girl. She just worked for the bad guy.

And now she's with BRR so it's all good.

I can't wait for Rossia to try to get into Cyan's bed.

I wish to see her in casual clothes.

Too bad everyone just wears their default outfit.

Rosia is a bitch, that's what makes her so good. I want her to say demeaning things to me during sex.

Isn't she supposed to be Aion's sister? Hopefully we get doujins soon.

Why do I keep reading this? Just because she's a lion?

Don't even think.

Deep profound wisdom, Tsukino.

Lion, hair, she talks about how she had a brother that left her family, Aion talked about how he left his family

Only catgirls can really love catgirls.
I mean, doggirls loving catgirls? That just leads to mass hysteria.

Hell yeah Takeru!

Tsukino is lovely.

Tsukino is best

I want to fill Rosia with my semen.

You mean micro bikini?

No I mean comfy sweaters, pantyhose and skirt.

Rossia has some serious competition for #1 semen demon spot now.

Great opening scene. Sad to see Trichronika and Tsure sidelined, but the current cast is looking decent. This song especially was ace.

>Those triangles in the background
It's like I am really watching Gatchaman

It's not even a competition I don't think. Completely and mercilessly dethroned.

I'm starting to think he left because he was intimidated by his superior sister.

sell this show to me

Fuck off.

Lion-chan is definitely better overall. But I bet Rossia is better at sucking dicks. Shit, she can probably smoke cigarettes with her vagina.

Watch the first 4 minutes faggot.

Get back to work.


Cyan a cute!

>can't stop listening to schlehit melodie
My melodisian stone is turning dark, send halp.

>The majestic lion girl who looks down on everyone. A charismatic beauty with a strong soul of language (kotodama) who carries the aura of a king. Music and principles of being a good emperor have been taught to her since her childhood. However, this turned her into a rather unathletic person who finds everything bothersome. She's a clumsy person who falls and drops things often. She likes high places and prefers things smaller than her.

It's a nice ride overall.

Holy fuck, she's literally perfect.

>prefers things smaller than her.
Ai/Crow OTP.

as in fun or comfy?


Will lion girl eat a cat girl?

She likes small dicks!

I wish. I bet her Papillae tongue beats every dick.

The catgirl is still a little bit taller.



That is not how you do handjob.

Dagger being BVL's mascot character is kinda cute.

It's fanservice done right.

>BVL single releasing end of november
>2 full months wait for the full song

She became bad because her onni-chan doesn't love her right?

>She likes small dicks!
So clits?

This triggers my autism.

She was too much darkness even for the black monster.

>She likes small dicks!

Crow is perfect for her.

I love first eps like this one. Cheese and hype everywhere


Just like user is perfect for her, too.

I'm glad I have a small dick then.

Small Dick and Small Girl.

Katagai Fumihiro, the mechanical animation director of SB69# did the Victorious Fleet, the design for the Trichronika-spacecraft, and Kamui's anime design.

He really liked working on them.

Cute and lewd.

They looked great.


I want Rosia to take advantage of me and my wallet during a compensated date while being an utter cocktease the whole time so I can wholeheartedly rape her in a dark alley.

This checks out, I think

Fly towards the light, Cyan.

I will be very disappointed if there won't be at least one space battle with that cool space ship between Trichronika and the Victoria-armada.
Of course the Trichro-ship must be powered by music and should shoot space sound at the enemy, like in Macross-7.

Maybe it will used to get some of the characters on board and escape from Victoria's ship. They can't possibility had it designed just for that one shot.

Ensemble stars is essentially pay to win, any one denying women are spending crazy amounts on that just doesn't know how events work. I've seen people on twitter pay for insane amounts of stellastones in Idolish too because their wallet is big enough to counteract their bad drawing luck. People just aren't willing to admit that women are as stupid as men are with spending on these games.

Just your average band anime.

Titan's brothers when?


I just love the fact that their universe literally has islands, continents, clouds, even planets and astronomical phenomena in sign of music notes.

Have a nice music

I'm glad all of the staff working on SB69# seem to love it, I feel like it really shows in the final result.

iktf bro

There is nothing better than turning the tables on lolidom

Rock and Roll.


She is not a prepubescent girl.

Why is Moa so retarded?

She's just too Moa.

>Evil band shows up
>Has the best song in the entire episode
And now we play the waiting game

I hope Monday's anime will be just as great as Saturday and Sunday.

The Autumn season has been up to a great start indeed.


Natsume will probably be great, QUALITY aside.

Ayy lmoa.

Last for best girl.

Sounds interesting enough to at least certainly give it a try.

Did you watch S1-4?

Are they long?

Kotomi Deai is directing this season, so I have high hopes.

13 eps each.