Lets have another one of these threads. Who doesn't love frenda?

Lets have another one of these threads. Who doesn't love frenda?

Cmon guys. Last one was fun.

I love her non-sexually.

So you don't need her bottom half?

Cmon user. There's no reason not to use her like an ona-hole and comfort her afterwards.

Dammit. Is it all up to me then? Fine.


Shit anons. I need some sleep. Please let this thread go on.

Maybe just one more.

Frenda is hot. Frenda is cute. Frenda is sex.

>see constant posting about frenda
>read the novels
>gets like 1 line then fucking dies
the ultimate meme girl

Read Railgun, watch the anime, and read NT.

Blame Kamachi for giving best Norwegian girl too good design.

He should've just killed off a random Japanese girl instead. No one would've cared.

>muh "her design is good so she's good"

I hate all of you

>>no doujins of Misaka pounding that Norwegian ass


And for the record her design is bland and generic you shit tasted fag

Canonically the cutest railgun. It's literally in the design notes

>tiny with no tits
I like me some pettanko but that shit ain't what the vikings brought home.

Her design is boring and generic. You can find 53357897542468975588632489864368863479637984 other anime girls that look similar

She's still a cute little kid!

It's growing. Sadly.

Kuroko is the best and flat forever.

I'm split up about it.

Whats with all the Frenda and Kuroko retardation as of late

Dunno, the earlier Frenda thread was just a mildly disguised standard one after a shitposting thread. Somebody was trying to bait with sporadic Kuroko posting, I don't know what their deal is though they never even set the hook when somebody bit.

good taste. too bad half of them dont really appreciate her.

No one's forcing you to post in said threads if you don't like them. Just go wait for the cover.

I guess people know NT17 cover/detailed info soon plus the festival is tonight (EST time) Maybe the shitposters are getting warmed up and are bored with Mikoto

Info is always put in whatever thread is up no matter how garbage the OP is

That's some pretty light shitposting then. I counted two, one kuroko spammer and one kuroko hater.

I dunno maybe people are just getting prepared for tonight's festival in their own way. Who knows

In speaking of the festival, I think the first stage is in less than 12 hours. Let's speculate about what they might have in store for us

If it's not going to be connected to fall fes it probably won't be for another week since Kamachi novels always release on the 10th of the month.

My guess is nothing.


Dark side wannabes spinoff featuring Scavenger, Study, and the Freshmen.

>animated Kuroyoru
I'll take it.

It'll be around the 6th or 7th if they don't just reveal it at the festival in conjunction with some other announcement. The 8th (Japan time) is this month's release date

Is there a chance they might show us NT17's cover at the festival?

Kuroko's flat is injustice.

Mugino and I.