Would you give a loli her birthday kiss?

Would you give a loli her birthday kiss?

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You pedophiles ruin Cred Forums.

I'd give her this
*unzips dick*

Yes but not on her lips.

Why do you have a zipper on your dick?

Should've flipped the image so that she'll get the hat.

Cred Forums was always bad, and it's your own fault for letting it happen


I want to be a vampire lolis personal servant and do lewd things to her every night.

I fear that I'll contract premature balding if I kiss that loli.

Would you kiss Iori eleven (11) years old?

If you're the servant then shouldn't it be the other way around.

Round 1 polls are up!

>Taiga Aisaka vs. Astarotte Ygvar
>Kafuu Chino vs. Matsuri Sakuragi
>Sharo Kirima vs. Akechi Kokoro
>Sherlock Shellingford vs. Kuramoto Chinatsu
>Mashiro Mitsumine vs. Kokonoe Rin
>Last Order vs. Flandre Scarlet
>Akari Akaza vs. Illyasviel Von Einzbern
>Remilia Scarlet vs. Kobato Hasegawa
>Miyu Edelfelt vs. Furude Rika
>Chloe von Einzbern vs. Ika Musume
>Shinobu Oshino vs. Mari Funami
>Tsukasa Hiiragi vs. Kiki
>Miyauchi Renge vs. Kinomoto Sakura
>Hachikuji Mayoi vs. Inuzuka Tsumugi
>Koiwai Yotsuba vs. Kate Hoshimiya
>Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi vs. Miuna Shiodome


Is this related at all to the previous polls? Top 2 got through?

I'd rather she give me a birthday kissu

>Implying it's not the baneposters

11 my ass, that looks as if 5 or 6 at most. I would still kiss her though.


I'd like to see Flan vs Remi, too bad Illya is in the same group and will knock both of them out, assuming Flan even makes it past Rin/Mashiro.

Poor sisters.

she can kiss the back of my hand

Top 2 from each previous poll got through, yes.



>Snake vs Tsumugi.
Not fair, They're both perfect.

Probably, but I don't really care either way. I just want to spoil her and do lewd things with her.

I just hope Rika beats the Prismas at least.

Why is loli mad?


I think Rika has a decent chance against Miyu, but Kuro will only be stopped by Shinobu in that bracket.

If we get an Illya vs Kuro final I'm going to be very sad.
Please don't let that happen, guys.

RIP in peace, Renge, Mari, and Ika. You deserved better.

Why would Cred Forums watch 3DPD TV shows?

Sakuya won't just sit back and watch, you'll have to get through her first to lewd Remilia.
Betting it'll be: Rotte, Chino, Kokoro, Sherlock, Rin, LO, Grail, Rem, Rika, Kuro, Shinobu, Hiragi, Sakura, Mayoi, Yotsuba, and Miuna. I hope Shinobu can stop Kuro next next round.

I don't even own a television.


>Sakuya won't just sit back and watch, you'll have to get through her first to lewd Remilia.

Sakuya is like the final boss for people who want to lewd Remi. But I think it'd be okay if Remi actually wants to do lewd things with you too. Sakuya would never do anything against Remilia's wishes.

Loli sure are dangerous.

>loli park island

I wish the film was like that.

Where is the most appropriate place on a loli to plant a kiss?

The last fight got me pretty hyped in the movie. I would pay millions if I had them to see it animated with lolis instead of dinosaurs.

But then there would be three dead loli Raptor and a dead giant loli Indominus Rex. Who would want that.

But we would get more lolis at the end of the day, that's always good.

I wish there was more manga that features love between a little girl and a grown up female.

get out of here stalker

Wow, Ika is demolishing Kuro so far, I did not expect that. Not that it means anything this early into the poll, but I'm still surprised.

>Kokoro winning against Sharo

Cred Forums pls.

Hebe lolis are sexier.

Dead loli aren't good, unless they're undead or something.
Maybe people just voted Ika because there's already three loli from Fate on there.

Kuro is unsexy

Sharo isn't even a loli, she being there at all is already too much.
The lolis in Gochiusa are the ChiMaMe.

You've crossed the line now, fucker.

That's an ugly loli I will have to pass

A movie with a loli that end ups dead > a movie with no loli.
Look at Illya for example, she always dies no matter what but people still love her.

cheek or forehead

Looks like a very interesting series.

Of course, anything for her.

that movie sucked

My dick was always the hardest for her.


im aroused... oddly.

To say the least.

loli wants you to follow her

I'm not following anyone who's pick from Pink Floyd is DSotM. I trust a loli to have better taste than that.

Is that loli trying to lure me in with beer and classic rock?

how about this

I would give her a kiss on the forehead.

that taste

epic contrarian xD

Poor Kate. Matched against Yotsuba in round 1.


loli need nutrition

i'm trying to get my loli to eat right, but I'm not sure my approach is working

Like Kodomo no Jikan?


Yes, it's the only manga I can think of from the top of my head.
Kuro-chan and Shiro-chan.

>A loli succubus in training will never forsake her powers to make sure you're happy for the rest of your life, and squeeze you dry every single night
Didn't expect this one to end so fucking happily



I'm pretty sure that the teacher was the love interest there.

That doujin was lovely, vanilla romance with happy ending is the best.

Always think because of the forehead and the hairstyle it's a short granny.

And what Oracle, is the name of that doujin?


Thanks comrade. Hey, what do you think of Metro 2033?

There's also a sequel with a new doll girl, the story is just as sweet romance as the first one.
>Metro 2033?
Fun game and book series, I feel bad that most of the books in the same universe won't be translated into English, there's a lot of good one too.

>there's a lot of good one too
There's a lot of spinoff books that vary in quality. The main series is getting translated anyways.

Fucking manlets lmoa, a true man should always be 2 heads taller than his bitch.

Okay so you liked the game. I remember a lot of people didn't. I really liked it when I first played it. My mind was blown that X-Play gave it a 2. I thought it was terrific.

Chiyo was in the preliminaries I think.
We had 16 groups with 6 lolis in each and the top 2 from each group advanced.

>not using a OP image specifically aligned to wear the hat
0/10. would not kiss. would not hug. would not fug.

>I remember a lot of people didn't.
Really? I don't remember seeing anyone around here say anything bad about it, a lot of people praise it for its atmosphere and setting.

Came here to say this

Loli haetlove bully headpats and bully hugs.
personal experience. not gonna blogpost tho.

I wouldn't because you can't kiss cartoons or children

Why do they need two vibrators?

I want an anime like that the movie Hard Candy where lolis entrap pedos and kill them

Oh. I wasn't on here back then so I couldn't say anything to that. I know a lot of people I talked to didn't like the story.

One for your penis and the other for uranus.

because3 her urethra is too loose and stretched out to feel just one.

The fuck?



So what lolis would you put in the cage, Cred Forums.

That's hilarious.

Loli aren't meant to be caged up, you need to let them roam free.

All of the lolis.

be sure to keep a close eye on your lolis when they are with chickens

>New fag detected


Who is the most fashionable loli?

That uh, vampire chick from Haganai. She was always dressing fancy. Well, what do you mean by fashionable, because there's hundreds of different ways women can dress.

>an old hag got through the first round
>She is winning her poll
Goddamnit. Anyone what the hell is wrong with all of you?

Kuro, she knows how to accentuate her everything

Also Rin from KnJ, it actually surprises me how often the author changes her clothes.

>vampire chick from Haganai.

She's just a chuuni fake vampire. Ironically she's matched against a real vampire right now.

This, free range lolis have the best taste

being this new

This is what i always say.

do you feel emasculated when a girl is taller than you?

I'm not him but i'll answer this.
Part of me says no, why would I give a fuck. If she's fucking me what's the problem. But another part of me thinks- well, hold up. What do you mean by taller? I went to highschool with this couple. He was a 5"2 skin and bones ginger, while his gf was a smoking hot 5'9 chick. EVERYONE I talked to had something other than positive to say about that. People in general tend to think it's weird.Part of me thinks it's hot to have a girl like that, and the other is self conscious. This got deeply personal holy shit.

But user, that would require entirely too many cages. Wouldn't it be easier to keep them in something smaller, like duffle bags?

You don't need a bag, just princess carry them.

She's so best. I want to marry her and have hundreds of children with her.

Built for kissu

Season 2 never.

At least the manga is fully translated.

Reading is for nerds

Sure, if you want to miss out on Haga Yui's art and the conclusion to the story.

Are the Yurus actually considered loli? They've always seemed borderline to me.

The first years are lolis.

You're a loli.

Can I be a loli too?

Am I a sexy loli?

My dick doesn't really care.

Vampire loli death match
Six go in, one comes out.

Depends on the specific character.

>Futaba lost

why should I care if my daughteru isnt there? Fuck Illyafags for voting with their dicks

Yes. All lolis are.

Unsexy lolis should go away

If Sakura loses my heart will shatter.

>miuna lost the preliminaries

Miuna is not as sexy unfortunately.

But it's a contest to find the cutest loli, not the sexiest.

Isn't she still in?
She made 2nd place in her group after Remilia, didn't she?


Yes, and would give her a baguette, lolis loves breads.

Someone really ought to tell her that's going to go straight to her butt.

there's no way she will all that bread

Why would you put bread inside a loli's butt!? She poops from there!

Because she loves bread, user, big bread.

Loli on the left. What is her expression trying to convey?


She's also uncute

And fat.

>liking worst daughter
lamoing at ur life

Miuna doliForme is kinda shit, she was a complete brat and lacked any redeeming features.

Our Sea Goddess is her after the time skip. Watch over us, my Beautiful Sea.

All 3 maruis are a cute, but Hito is the cutest

Then you're ma nigga.

Super cute, would Gachi Ranger with.

I just realized I've yet to see a Mitsudomoe doujin with a foursome, despite that being such an obvious choice.

I have not seen a single Mitsudomoe doujin at all because I am not a todcon degenerate.

There has been, with Shuu-chan and his stalkers
But if you're talking about the triplets, they have 1 designated person, so a 4some would be heresy


would you follow this smug rustler

>No one posted this yet

I'd prefer if you didn't post Chie at all since she's an ugly loli

thats kinda good

you pedos have good tastes, a couple of threads ago somebody linked me to some fucking italian rock like what the fuck?




only on that fivehead of hers

Would you kiss a loli Tie-Fighter?

We had this thread less than a week ago, fuck off.



My daughteru Renge is actually pulling off quite the upset


Lolis should love other lolis.

Old and busted, First Order has upgraded TIE craft

>Jar-Jar Star Wars
No thanks

This doujin should be deleted from the universe.

Disgusting. Lolis are meant for their onii-chan, or their teacher

There can never be enough age gap /ll/, too bad it's hard to find.

Its kinda fucked when half of the music and genres you ahve been listenting to for the last two years come from shitposts on ""loli"" threads and offhanded references from manga and drawn chinese porn comics? Why am I such a fucking joke?

Because you're practically Aqualung, spending all your time watching little girls with bad intent.

As long as it's a female teacher.

No, that's illegal.

that loli looks a bit too bald for my tastes.

Cred Forums Pass user since September 2012.

is this more your style?

Goburins don't have birthdays.

Gross, no

Aslong as she doesn't explode in my face because of no shielding.
Just because they're too old to remember their birthdays doesn't mean they don't have one, they have to be born from somewhere.

I started listening to Jethro Tull because of an offhanded reference in a loli doujin.

about the right age but a bit fat

I wonder if there's a chart out there of what loli artists like and have referenced what music so far.

>on birthday
why not everyday?

Won't the entire chart just be dominated by Ichigo Mashimaro.

You could say her birthday is December 30 because that's when her game came out.


Don't do that.

The only form of love.

Loli hate harassment groups.

can someone please translate or give some context at least?

Is someone harassing Atte? Hes my favorite artist, pls dont bully him

>Is someone harassing
His twitter account got deleted by an organized group of SJWs mass falseflagging it for child porn, as did a number of other loli artists recentely.

Its just random tweets some Cred Forumsutist threw together to trigger fags who don't read nip. No where does it mention loli at all

A group of SJW twitter users called the "Twitter Ladies" has been going around and reporting lolicon artists for child pornography and getting their account banned. He just made the image to warn other artists and say that the best course of action is to just block them.

is pomfpomf fixed yet

I have gotten Shiruka bakaudon account suspended 2 times already, blocking doesn't mean shit

Whats atte's new twitter account?


They are Japanese SJWs?

Why are you bullying the Chemical Jankey?

Apparently, aye, first record I could found of them was near the end of last month. Other Japanese users said that they have ggone after Korean artists aswell.

she is a piece of shit, going for the third one
And is not hard with the shit she post

But she makes such great manga about lolis getting impromptu abortions, how can you hate her?

I bet if you look deep enough you'll find out a jewess is behind it.
Somewhere theres a foreign sociology professor at a japanese college ranting about how evil japanese society is for allowing people to fap to drawings in privacy.

I don't hate her, I like her
She is cute when she is mad

Why is she making this face? Someone help me understand.

Since there are no paved roads, there can't be any vans, right?

S-So it won't happen again, r-right?

The realization that she crashed the whole economy.


Disbelief, it comes before terror and then acceptance.

I'm surprised at how there's no Twitter alternative focused on images yet, especially given how shit like this happens in there. Artists should know better than anyone else how shit that place is for looking at pictures.

I still don't understand why they use twitter when most of them already have pixiv account.

Nah, I think I'll be pulling your adorable, soft twintails

Muh dick. What episode is this? I need to know for proper research. Also, is there more?

There IS a twitter alternative now, as a reaction to all the shit twitter has been doing to shut down people's freedom of speech / expression. It still in beta last i checked, and i doubt any nips know about it. But it would be the perfect twitter alternative for loli artists.

>lolis loves breads

They usually link to pixiv insted of posting finished images on twitter, since twitter is shit and compresses images, but they use it to talk a lot and do PMs and send out announcements.
Ideally they'd all just go back to using futaba, but with the design improvements that make it bearable, like linking to posts and autoupdating.

but why do they hate pizza?

I want to punch lolimidriff

Been looking for a clean copy of this!

NO! For kissing only!

Loli midriff is for abuse, punch, pierce, sting, tie up in barbed wire, anything that hurts loli midriff is good.

But why user?

I would just give them what they ask.

>EVERYONE I talked to had something other than positive to say about that.

They sound jelly as fuck.

>That small, budding chest
>Adorable smile
>Fingerless gloves

I haven't the slighest clue who she is, but it's cuddle time.

c*nnies are for old man sp*nk

Fear not my fair maiden! For if ever danger arises I shall sally forth atop my gallant steed to spirit thee away to safety! I shall do this, and more, for the sister I love so much!

I said this to my little sister one time after comforting her after she had a night terror. She couldn't look at me without blushing the next day.

There's a disturbing lack of lolis who would adventure into the wildness for maximum comfyness under the stars.

she probably had a dream after she went back to sleep of you saving her from a dragon and fucking her brains out in a fancy storybook castle.

how romantic.

And then you headpatted her, right?

Because lolis in pain are super sexy.

That's it, I'm calling the police.

I mean, I have before, yes.

But user, I already said "sting" in


>room lit up
Momoka is lewd.

That image just makes you wonder how cute she'd look suffering and crying, doesn't it? I want to break those little fingers.

Or cover her in a lot of painful little cuts close to the bone.

The Tachibana is delicious.

I wouldn't follow such a kid into the woods, it would most likely turn out to be a yokai of some sort

>turn out to be a youkai
Even better.


Are Youkai known for tricking or attacking humans. I thought they were more like Greek nymphs; manifestations of nature that occasionally have things to do with humans, but are not generally malicious.

I just want to massage it.
With really cold hands.

Enjoy the squeaks.

This is true!

Purest form of love.

That depend on the youkai. Youkai is more like the term for supernatural monsters instead of any specific monsters. There's youkai like Kitsune and Tanuki which are just dicks who trick human for laugh, there's Zashiki-warashi which bring good luck for the family, and etc.

Look at these thighs, Cred Forums. This is what happens when your loli eats too much bread.


I need to change my loli's diet.

Because they tweet about their everyday too

>not liking thicc loli

Loli thighs must maintain the delicate balance between thin and thicc. I hear pinching is a good strategy to promote that balance.

I find a deep tissue massage with warm coconut oil to be far more conducive to proper blood flow.

Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst

Loli loves getting spanked.