Would you date a clock?

Would you date a clock?

[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas

I would prefer my clock to tell me the date

Only time will tell.

I think you meant "marry".

God fucking dammit, season 3 when!

Are the VNs better then the anime?
Because the anime is really fucking stale but i want to clog a clock if you know what i mean

A date with FIRE please.

Not much, though the clock does get very lewd at one point.
Rinne Utopia and Ars Install handle separate arcs outside of the anime anyway.

My clock broke before even using it. Where can I ask for refund?



Ara ara~ user's got a foot fetish, how interesting ufufu

Yes, without a doubt.

I only date retards.

You mean Kurumi. And maybe.

No I wouldn't. Bitch is crazy.

who have the best ass?


No, but I would date a cock

The loli.

maybe a calendar


[√]marry a clock

I would be too scared to explode.