Shokugeki no Soma 185

Place your bets on which Polar Star Dormers are getting expelled and not.

I'm already very happy to see Tadokoro leave Tootsuki soon.


Everyone gets expelled except Souma.

He then allies with Erina, Tousuke, Kuga and Isshiki to bring down Central, reinstate Senzaemon and have his friends un-expelled.

>Polar Star Dormers are getting expelled and not.
Yeah, because that will totallly happen.

Italy is with her though, plus Rindou is still a wild card as far as I'm concerned.

>a main character
Good one, user.

The two side girls
The two side guys

I think Smoker will be used for a future arc somehow

But this will be the final arc for this manga though. Manga and anime sales have been down since this storyline went full retard

I don't see it being the final arc, but too much of the E10s have been shown off and by the end of this Azami shit arc they will have been in official shokugekis and maybe even lose one or two.

The question isn't "if" Rindou will beat the Gumis, the question is "just how badly."

I say she rekts them off-screen, given that she's very clearly satan

I wasn't here when the chapter dropped. How did Cred Forums react to them going for fucking KFC?

If anyone is ever going to be expelled, it's some irrelevant character like Marui or Smoke. Putting the expelled stake with any other character is pretty much a dead giveaway that they won't get expelled.

Nobody will get expelled.

i want tsukuda to get expelled

>the one black dude in the manga goes for fucking kfc
While he is a poo in loo it's just too funny.

I miss Erina already.

Best girl

Is Rindou baker since her hands seem to be always cold?

Glasses will get expelled, it's been hinted and played with since the start of the series. I doubt he will though, everyone in the polar storm has plot armor and won't be kicked off unless something drastic happens.

In the end Azami just needs to fuck off because he creates a walking contradiction within the story. If the story was consistent he would've just kicked everyone who doesn't agree with his teachings off campus, but instead we have to go through this "he wants to make them suffer" shit as if expelling the entire dorm wouldn't be the ultimate form of suffering. All of it makes no sense and it's a huge thorn on the side of the story. Everything else is still pretty enjoyable though.

However I will say that Rindous design is getting slightly overboard. She's looking like she belongs in Monster Musume more and more by every chapter.

It's almost like Rindou is secretly the final boss or something!

It's Rindou, anything can happen. She's not an evil person and actually seems to like the Polar Dorm, she's friendly with Souma and Megumi. However that doesn't mean she's against Central either.

She's unpredictable, calling her a final boss doesn't seem right.

Havent read SnS yet but I can tell by her design that she is best girl.

What's her specialty?

How exactly is combining 2 cooks with different cooking styles possibly going to produce better results than one master chef?

I want the Buttbros to be expelled and nobody to even care.

Is she Romanian?

Anime sales have been bad from the start. Manga sales are basically the same, which is good.

And why would the promotion exams be the end anyway?

I want your opinion, Cred Forums.

Do you think if anyone gets expelled, they'll stay expelled after azami is defeated?

That one guy who lost to Eizan's rigged match had his expulsion reversed, so probably.

I mean how. The only way is if the e10 votes him out. Unless Takumi, Souma, Alice, Ryo, and Megumi all end up in the e10 and along with Erina vote out Azami it's just not happening.

let's see

erina will get strength and vote
some of the old e10 will get back seats
rindou will go
>you're no longer omoshiroii, azami-kun
and change sides
some of souma/hayama/alice/kurokiba/etc might get a seat

I can see it.

I can see the first seat changing sides if Rindou forces him to do it (which he would). None of them seem like particularly bad people aside from Eizan.

And then Eizan realizes that Azami's plan is fucking stupid and will make him lose a lot of business opportunities, since there's a lot of money to be made in cheap food.

Why is Souma, the strongest of the rebels, facing off against the weakest of the New Elite 10?

Azami is making an example out of them. Besides, it wouldn't be fitting for him to just expel them - everytime he does something, he forces people into it, instead of blatantly doing it. For example, the way he made Hayama enter the Central. Besides, he's horny for his "true gastronomy", so it wouldn't be weird for him to actually want to see what those kids are able to do against him.

Because Azami truly believes in Akira's potential and if Souma gets beaten by him, there's a bigger chance the rest of the rebels would just quit. I mean, if, as you said, one of the leader figures ("the strongest" there) loses to the "weakest" E10, what kind of chances are there for the rest of them?

Seems like the strongest were paired solo, while the weaker ones are getting a 3 for the price of one sale on getting expelled.

She'll be back soon, she and Soma will bond over the Umis being gone

Reminder that Rindou is a better cook than autism and chose to become second seat so autism can achieve his goal.

>woman top chef

>if i win, you join central
>i win, but you can go :)

What will be the bullshit excuse this time for the jobbers to stay?

Nigga Erina's been top chef of the first years for 4 years now

Damn Tosh for drawing Rindou so pretty that I now see Erina as fucking average.

The guys yes but the girls never

>while the weaker ones are getting a 3 for the price of one sale on getting expelled
I really don't see how having 2 cooks against 1 will make any difference.

>first years
>4 years
How is this possible?


Either Rindo will go easy on Megumi/Takumi or Tosuke will show up to help them out

Tosuke vs Rindo is something I personally want to see happen

>she doesn't even try and let them win.
>they lose but she pass them anyway because "lmao fun xD"
>instead of expelled, they have to join central.
>she let them pass because their dish was heartwarming/decent/etc.

Something like that will happen.

Or it turns out when Rindou battles she's a fucking psycho and Takumi and Megumi get completely fucking destroyed like the Yamcha and Krillin they are

The many faces of former 3rd seat Tosuke Megishima

Clearly a man who is filled with very strong and expressive emotions

While the setting has always been ridiculous, ever since Azami came in the story just stopped making any sense whatsoever.

I think this exams storyline will finally define what exactly has been the elites intentions, which i doubt align completely with Azami, and will end with either Azami out or in a role much more limited.

I think the elites, especially the soon to graduate third years, are just testing the rebels to measure them as worthy successors.

If he doesn't get to help the umis he should go to help the poor souls who go against austim-kun.

This manga has run for 4 years

They're both perfect

I want a cover of the two of them with their hair up like Erina does sometimes

Either they are going to pull the most retarded bullshit to all scrape by somehow, which would be entertaining in its own right, or some people get the boot temporarily only for Souma to save the day somehow.

She absorbs other peoples specialties and skills by piercing their food with her fangs. Because of this she has always excelled at everything and is bored out of her mind with nothing to strife for, that's why she just wants to do whatever seems interesting.
After she defeats MeguHomo Souma will challenge her to a Shokugeki where she will be challenged and have fun cooking for the very first time

Why is Azami bad again? He gives all the shitters a chance to not be shitters, under the old system most of these people would've been laughed at and tossed out like trash no matter how hard they tried

I really dislike the central arc, and I wish it was over, but there's no way for it not to last forever.

>It's us e10 that choose if you pass if we win, you did a good job so you pass

While it's not what he meant they did go to middle school there.

Only ones I can see doing that are Rindou, Tsukasa and maybe Sword since he looks pretty chill.
The rest seems assholes like Nene or Eizan.

His system let's him handpick who the "goods" are rather than let them rise naturally as it is right now.

Plus if you graduated from Tootsuki in the past you were grade A hot shit, even making it through your first year would guarantee you'll be getting some attention when you're out.

If people actually get expelled here it would have to end shortly.

Lack of competition is very bad for improvement.
If he started educating people the way he does but allows shokugeki's and research clubs then I don't really see a problem with it, having top chefs teach the shitters is a good thing.

To be fair, its a member Soma hasn't beaten.