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who's ready for round 2 ?

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>mfw HAKAI'd

This episode will be remembered as the one who destroyed vegeta's fanbase and whole career.

Which jobber episode of his are you talking about? Or do you mean the one who's comming out this sunday?

This man is gonna get his W. Just trust me.

Leave zamasu to me


Gohan will never be relevant again. Timeskip never so no relevant Pan either


Do we still call Black Black? Or is it just Zamasu now?

If it were Zamasu/Black, he'll end up like that unlucky dinosaur alien.
Writers doing Gohanfags a favour not making him fight really.

Can't wait to see this guy btfo

His name is goten.


Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Z
Jaco the Galactic Patrolman
Dragon Ball Minus

>not canon

Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dragon Ball Online
Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Evolution


Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball AF
Dragon Ball Multiverse

This is the Goku Zamasu switched minds and bodies with to get Black

>he hasn't seen the spoiler

Dragon Ball Z: Abridged

>not canon
Everything else

those spoilers were either fake or deliberately misleading, every sign points to him being goten

>Dragon Ball Minus

It was fucking trash.

Except Goten was conceived just before the Cell games and in Trunk's timeline Goku died before the androids even showed up.

Lmao this shit is getting it's own manga.

with toryiama's apporval
the canonfags are coming

I think its an in-joke from the writers at this point. I mean they muse be aware of how much of a pathetic jobber Vegeta comes off as now right?


For me only the original manga is canon at this point everything else is just universe extension just like with star wars where only the original trilogy is canon.

After swapping bodies, Black imprisoned Goku in Zamasu's body somewhere in the Kaioshin world.

Who the fuck is future zamasu then?

he's also Zamasu because super has shit writing and you should know that by now.

Its probably a promotional bonus crap for those who preordered.
I dont think toyotaro got the time to draw two seperate mangas.

Reminder that Black and Zamasu is best boy.


Dragon Ball

>not canon

Dragon Ball (anime)
Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Dragon Ball Online
Dragon Ball Heroes


You forgot time patrol, minus ,super manga and the brand new xenoverse manga where my CaC is the main hero.
The other CaC are filler.

None of those things that you mentioned exist.

not to mention retcons of already confirmed to be canon content

goku didn't have saiyan armor when he was found by grandpa gohan and he sure as hell wasn't already like 3 years old.

t. Angry spic

That's my meme

this shit already got posted newfag

I don't think anyone disagrees that Toyotaro was chosen as Toriyama's successor as a MANGA artist. Toei doesn't do manga.

FYI this isn't some statement about canon, it's just Toriyama saying he's too old and lazy to draw manga now so he chose Toyotaro to be his successor as a mangaka.

Toyblefags of course will misinterpret it and start shilling their shit all over again.

Toyotaro artsyle is way too stiff but its 1million times better what the naruto successor got.

>I still contribute the basic story ideas
Read the shit

Yes, he contributes basic story ideas (read: BASIC) to Toei and Toyotaro. What's your point?

Someone should ask disney to buy dragonball off of toryiama. The guy is pulling a george lucas on us.

Super manga isn't a weekly. He's got all the time in the world. The art isn't even that good to require a month or so to make.

Super is actually good though.

that's what they said when gt first came out.

Once it ended it will be regarded as non canon.

>isn't some statement about canon
if he is the author it is canon if it was just toyotaro original it wouldn't be


you mean goku black

>This episode will be remembered as the one who destroyed vegeta's fanbase and whole career.
they still have ep 63 for that

Nobody ever said GT was good, spic. Take your revisionist garbage to Cred Forums.


first off he was talking about that xenoverse 2 manga

his involvement with the story of future trunks arc isn't basic

Chapter 5 when

shit was gud tbqh lad but Sad! he had to follow the events of GT

>Super is actually good though.

so many newfags here.

Aint spics you fucking retard go shoot a school.

oh spic

Vegeta dies in episode 63 so Trunks takes his place for a while until they find a way to resurrect him.

how about this for a theory:
beerus destroying zamasu's body is actualy the cause for him taking u10 goku's body.
his spirit some how survived and took possesion of goku's body

sure, everyone is a spic. I mean, whatever floats your boat user. you already believe super is good so it's clear you're not on the best terms with reality anyway.

We all know its gonna end up with goku saving the day.

>first off he was talking about that xenoverse 2 manga

No, he was speaking in general.

So many spics here. How's your 50th GT marathon going, Jose?

>I-I'm not a spic!

Sounds like something a spic would say.

of course super is good, toriyama is based

No I was indeed talking about the xv2 manga. But its ok tard.

Today is saturday? Oh boy

Here we go again another thread filled with insecure degenerate muricans shitposting.

Did Toriyama specify that he was talking about the Xenoverse manga? Is there even the slightest indication that Toriyama gives a shit about Xenoverse?

No? Then he was speaking in general. Learn to read, nigger.

There is a xv2 manga? Off I go to read it huzzah!

of course

He outright says "Dragon Ball", as in the franchise in general. He wasn't talking about the Xenoverse manga, Jose.

riiiiiiight. whatever floats that delusional boat of yours. whatever floats that boat.

>Learn to read, nigger.
too bad you can't.

Are you fucking retarded?

here is trunks wearing the same green sweater we see him wear currently in DBS


Doesn't toya do the manga for dragonball heroes too? Does that mean that's canon?

trunks ending up with mai not going to happen because kaioshin of time wants the booty for herself confirmed?

akira isn't credited as an author in the dbheroes manga.

Toriyama only contributed character designs to the first Xenoverse game. Nowhere is it said that he contributed story ideas.

Too bad I can. It's clear from the wording that he was speaking about the continuation of his franchise in general, hence "Dragon Ball" and "these days".

So many illiterate retards in this thread today.

Who is then?

toyotaro himself

Come to think of it, that's probably why they changed his hair in Super.

We need that boat to get to America from cuba, wait we might be able to leave?!

moving that goalpost I see

Oh so now he's the successor, can he just say his manga is canon now?

Who here wants Xicior to be canon in Super?

The design was half-retarded, so was SSj5 and other shit tier transformations, but the idea behind him was actually pretty cool.

Moving what goalpost?

You said he contributed story ideas to the Xenoverse manga, I said that there's nothing to suggest that.

>Moving what goalpost?
it's in your own post retard
> Is there even the slightest indication that Toriyama gives a shit about Xenoverse?

are you fucking dumb?
no he does not decide whats canon he is just the one drawing th dragonball manga now.
super is canon and probably same with the upcomming xv2 manga because akira does the
plot outline. If akira has no story contribution in the work then its not canon aka Gt db heroes etc.

Well they are using his idea already, instead there is an evil Kaioshin and an evil Goku that isn't Gokus son.

Are you really getting upset over my questions?

>Are you really getting upset over my questions?
no just your stupidity

So you're picking out ONE PART of my post that wasn't even relevant to my overall point (e.g. he likely didn't contribute story ideas to the XV manga) and just concentrating on that because you didn't have a counterpoint in the general argument?

Nice desperation.

i want this to happen so badly
please let mai into the current timeline

I can see people over thinking this as it's still not canon, but simple answer seems to prove other wise with Toriyamas quote, but still that quote I think was one made in a previous interview.

She or Bulma are gonna die to trigger either Trunks or Vegeta.

? It's the whole premise. You had no "overall point" until I pointed out your false statement which was
>Is there even the slightest indication that Toriyama gives a shit about Xenoverse?
So then you moved the goalposts to something else which I called you out for

why not both?

If they end up together their offspring is gonna be hella strong. Half sayian blood + god.

What if toriyama just said what ever toyo did preiviously is now canon? Would that means it's canon?

if he switches the dragonball rights to toyotaro like george lucas did with disney then yes.

>You had no "overall point"

My overall point was that Toriyama's recent statement in no way clarified that he was talking about the XV manga and that he was just referring to the DB franchise according to the structure of the sentence, which I repeated several times, and you desperately picked out one statement of me saying that Toriyama doesn't give a shit about Xenoverse (which is true by the way, character design contributions doesn't mean he cares about the story - just look at the Z movies and GT, which he also contributed character designs for) which had nothing to do with my central point that he made no contributions to the Xenoverse manga because you realized you didn't have an argument.

In other words, you're an idiot.

just wanting to see the preview showing trunks power up.

can't wait

No merchandise spoiler :/
Sry buv its gonna be a rage boost

>W-whatever floats your boat! H-heh, l-look how casual I sound!

Also sounds like something a spic would say.

why the obsession, user? Did you get lost on your way to Cred Forums or something?

man, I was expecting something more original to be honest. but as a person who likes super it's not like you have a standard of quality.

>that awful punctuation/capitalization

Learn better English, spic.

>The Dragon Ball series creator Akira Toriyama has a great deal of creative control over the project, both contributing to and supervising the story and art design, including character and location arrangements. It has been stated that Toriyama has been working on character designs for this project for the last five years before 2008.

dragonball xenoverse is essentially just dragonball online remastered.

the general plot follows the same one as in dbo with mira and towa dissorting time and with future trunks being a time patrol. Like in super the product gets expanded upon. But the original draft is from akira.

You would know all about floating boats wouldn't you Carlos?

>accuses people of changing the goalposts
>does exactly that when he shifts the goalposts to DBO instead of XV

Give up, you lost.

So Black and Zamazu are going to fuse right.

Since we're on the subject, why DO spics hate Super so much? My little brother watches Youtube all the time and he's constantly coming across these channels of random Mexican tubers ranting about how Super should've been more like GT.

I'm betting it's because Super doesn't have SS4 or something.

I am not the guy accused you of changing the goalpost. stop thinking that every user is the same person retard.
>character design contributions doesn't mean he cares about the story
which is wrong since akira came up with the overall time battle story.
what i was trying to get at is that xv is using akira's concept for their story.

But spics love Super.

You can find subbed episodes with tons of likes like instantly after they air in Japan

seriously zack go shoot a school nobody cares about your hate for spics go atleast to Cred Forums.

And I'm not the guy who was accused of changing the goalposts originally. I'm just saying that shifting the debate to DBO is changing the goalposts.

And just because XV borrows concepts from DBO doesn't mean it's the same story or that Toriyama directly worked on the plot.

Lol another murifag shitposting. What rusttled your jimmies today? Trump being exposed?

oh man you called me a spic again. sure showed me! No wonder you like super, you're pretty brain dead.

>inb4 s-spic ;.;

Not that guy, but I haven't met a single spic who hasn't complained endlessly about Super. Particularly Mexicans.

Dont provoke the muricans they cant differentiate between banter and reality.

Only spics get offended at being called a spic. :^)

probably because the consensus is that super is mediocre to bad and these fedorafag circlejerks are the only place that actually praises the shit show. inb4 s-spic.

You'll have to sell me the gun first, Jose.

I said he could only call me spic and he proved me right. The absolute mad man. lmao.

not my fault they degenerate inbred manchildren.

Why would I call you something other than what you are?

Kanzenshuu praises DBS. Reddit praises DBS. Virtually every forum praises DBS.

It's only here where spics can post freely that it's hated.

Look at him, he's still going. wait let me guess your reply
>s-spic ;.;
ha, and super is still shit.

Hey its just one autistic samefag who keeps calling everyone spics.
We aint all from the same boat.
Sry everyone I wish guys like him could stop embarrassing the usa.

Actually, I didn't even specifically say "spic" in that post and you're already getting triggered by the mere thought of the word.

I'm concerned, Carlos. You might want to try some PTSD rehabilitation, I hear it helps a lot.

you got it backwards. everywhere else makes fun of DBS, it's only here where you can call everyone who disagrees with you a spic where people praise DBS. It's actually kinda sad you have to strawman an entire race in order to make a show look good. Just telling really.

>s-spic ;.;
he did it! look at him go, I just adore him.

>We aint all from the same boat

Well of course. Some of you took the boat from Cuba, some of you are from Mexico, some of you even paddled your asses here from a shithole like Honduras.

>Not saying delet
What beta cuck made this?

>Super is actually good though.
well, super is watchable. kinda jumping the gun on the whole "good" part.

But Black is Xicor

why don't you go back where you came from faggot and stop cancering us with your shitpost

Lol rating dbshit lmao. How many animes have yoi watched 3? Dbz gt and super haha

I don't know, I don't hate hispanics but I do have one friend from Puerto Rico who seriously won't shut the fuck up about how terrible Super is. I can't even just watch it anymore because he still tunes into every episode and calls me up about it immediately.

Ooh racial slurs, did you learn that from daddy's drinking binge? You do realize to be on Cred Forums you must be 18 or older right?

I'd agree with you if it wasn't for the BoG and RoF arcs. Just completely fucking terrible.


>actually getting offended by racial slurs on Cred Forums


he really got to you didn't he. poor spicanon

>because kaioshin of time wants the booty for herself confirmed?

But she wants Bardock's full blooded Saiyan dick inside her.

>Actually thinking people can get offended on Cred Forums

Greetings newfriend.

ah yes I am wounded, wounded by the samefaggotry going on in this thread.

>Stand back, dad, I've got this.

the slut

Just ignore them and watch the movies like everyone else did

>Gine's face when

This. Super is pretty good if you ignore the beginning two arcs, and you can replace them with the movies anyway.

I'm still fucking mad that goku hasn't brought back Raditz to try and redeem him, seriously it pisses me off or at least his father/mother.

Goku doesn't care about his family enough to wish for them to live. He doesn't know them. Especially as of Super, all he wants is to train and fight.

if the guy goes down without using kaioken i call bullshit. He can use the kamehameha and instant transmission. No excuse for him not being able to use the kaioken.

I don't think Goku gives a shit about his biological family.

Like father like son.

I genuinely fucking hate Goku for this, he doesn't even care about his own goddamn family, but maybe chichi or someone would think "Hey I wonder what Goku's parents were like?"

Ssblue Kaioken was a toei idea. Goku nor black will use it.

Vegeta cared for his father at least, user. And kind of Tarble.

toei idea? The only reason goku didn't use the kaioken against black is because kaio said that if he did he would be unable to fight again.
Black using kaioken as a last resort isn't too farfetched.

I just want this to be canon, sorry for my level of autism but it just bugged me ever since I was a kid.

Raditz is weaker than a saibaman, he can't be redeemed.

I know how you feel, user. As did I.

>a ultra rare raditz fag
Known Status : extinct

Feelsbadman, maybe one day but I honestly don't ever see it happening unless the writers browse Cred Forums for filler episodes.

That usually happens in the video games only. Bless What if stories.

please help.

Read the manga faggot.
Ssblue kaioken is filler and not canon.

>he doesn't even care about his own goddamn family

He does, but in his own way. Just like Vegeta, full blooded Saiyans show their affection differently. I think Goku commented on that when Vegeta was beating the shit out of F.Trunks.

But there isn't much threat to them really these days anyway. Goten might be irrelevant but he's still one of the strongest fighters in the universe, same with Gohan. And Chi Chi is one of the strongest humans in the world. Not to mention, Goku is now friends with the God of Destruction and Zeno. Any threat towards them doesn't really mean anything now with all the back up options they have now.

a family of brilliant scientists

I guess Mai really is his last chance to get some

ah that's true I tend to forget that and project my human tendencies, still though it'd make me super happy to see a saiyan family reunion.

Did i miss something ? since when the is manga the true canon?

When Toryiama writes Goku he cares.

SSG's return is also non-canon, Toyblefag.

>that one faggot always shilling the DBS manga is back

Fuck this, I'm out. I'll see you guys tonight when the new episode airs.

Manga is canon because it doesn not contain filler characters or other inconsistent crap. Super anime is the sequel of dbkai where as super manga is the sequel to the og manga. Therefore true canon + akira and toyotaro work closer together then akira and toei.

have a good day user, gotta learn to block those losers out.

better then the degenerate murifag

But thats the whole point fucking retard we are talking aboit the anime here. So goku black being able to use the kaioken should ne a thing.

Just ignore him. It's fine if someone prefers the manga, and to be honest I kind of do too. But he's in every single thread starting arguments for no reason.

I don't understand why Toei though making Goku a literal mentally retarded man child was a good idea. He was always a child at heart, but he acted like an adult when the situation called for it. Super Goku is more immature and braindead than he was as a kid.

Yes it could happen but if it doesnt that doesnt mean its bullshit which you implied before.

it is bullshit that would mean that the villain was defeated without fighting at full power.

No it would just mean that kaioken + god ssj was not meant to be a thing.

>every sign points to him being goten

Like what? Him knowing instant transmission, a technique exclusive to Goku? Him knowing Vegeta who is dead in Trunks' timeline? Him saying he has finally mastered Son Goku's power?

Gotenfags are fucking retarded, holy shit.

They want to appeal to the kids, user. The kids who laugh at constant falling and jokes

But it was because we saw it.

I agree with the other user. Black not using the spirit bomb i can dig that since you need the positive energy of others but him not going kaioken in a losing situation would be stupid.
We don't want villains to go down without being at their peek. imagine frieza being defeated at 60 percent that wouldn't sit good,

>but him not going kaioken in a losing situation would be stupid

Until Goku uses Kaioken Black will not even know what the fuck it is.

>Until Goku uses Kaioken Black will not even know what the fuck it is.

he does know since he knows the kamehameha and instant transmission both move goku knew. Black zamasu is able to get out all information's of goku's body him not using the kaioken would be dumb.

Instant transmission was used first by Goku, not Black.

Forget about black not using kaioken. If black and zamasu dont potara fuse now thats bullshit.

the fuck you talking?
black knows all of goku's moves thats what the other user has been trying to tell you. It was even shown in the show. Kamehameha, ki sensing, instant transmission.

I meant that in the Goku/Black battle we saw Goku doing it first so the argument that Black learned it instantly after could pass.

Now that you mention it black not fusing with zamasu would be bullshit.
With an immortal body + kaioken. Now thats what I call a challenge. They better show us that. The possibilities are there to make the villain op. They better not come up with some rushed shit.

Yeah but black was using the kamehameha on trunks even before he met goku.

He got Flanderized to hell and back

Isn't this arc ending soon though? I hope they don't rush it too, but it looks like it's going to wrap up soon.

>Isn't this arc ending soon though?

We have literally no source about that.

>There are people that still think that the manga isn't the true canon.

I used to hate Chi Chi, but as I got older I genuinely felt bad for her. Especially with the current Goku as her husband. I'm surprised she hasn't tried to find a new husband from the U6 Saiyan planet. A full blooded Saiyan with a full time job would probably make her wet as fuck.

I don't think they gonna let black and zamasu do that. Imma have to bust your bubble but that won't happen because if they do end up together and immortal who is gonna stop them?

Toriyama wasn't talking about canon, he just said that Toyotaro is a successor as a mangaka. Again, Toei doesn't do manga.

>if they do end up together and immortal who is gonna stop them?

I don't think they'd be immortal.

Zamasu wished for his body to be immortal, if he fuses with Black they then have a new body which is neither Zamasu or Black, the body that he wished immortality for would be gone.

isn't time manipulation a big offense? if zeno finds out he might kill them all i don't think beerus will let goku push the button.

That would be stupid... come on give the main heroes their time to shine wothoit the help of the super gods.

>if the author writes it it's canon

Are you retarded or something? Authors write AU stories and spinoffs all the fucking time.

>or other inconsistent crap

The DBS manga has plenty of inconsistent crap. Toriyama said Goku would never need to go SSG again because he absorbed its power for his own use, which Toyotaro ignored. Toyble also changed some shit around in the BoG arc, like Beerus's entire reason for deciding not to destroy Earth, and generally rushes the story to hell because he's trying to play catch up with the anime.

The manga is garbage and is no more canon than the anime.

>Black is the new friend for Zeno
>Zeno takes Black away and forces him to be his unwilling playmate for all eternity

>Will Goku be able to transform into [Super Saiyan] God in the future?
I think you’ll understand if you watch [the movie], but Goku has already absorbed [Super Saiyan] God’s power and made it his own, so there is no need for him to transform into [Super Saiyan] God. Goku basically only thinks of fighting as a sporting match, so borrowing the power of five people isn’t fair, and he resisted doing that; however, it seems his curiosity towards the realm that lay even further beyond him won out.

true that which makes trunks being able to keep up with goku in ssj3 even more absurd. anime did it right.

also for those wondering

Is it possible that other Saiyans will be able to become [Super Saiyan] God in the future?

Of course. However, strength will vary depending on the battle power of the Saiyan who becomes [Super Saiyan] God.

And since gohan is a bitch nowadays i doubt ssjgod is gonna help.

Not only Sayians.

Everyone can get the God mode as long as he plays a bit with Whis.

referring to the sayians god ritual here.

>which makes trunks being able to keep up with goku in ssj3 even more absurd. anime did it right.

how you gonna explain trunks being able to spare with zamasu and black ssr then?
and the source is from the BOG movie interview. I am sure the movies got retconned not only in the manga but anime too.

Future Trunks is most likely getting SSJB once Vegeta jobs yet again and his son taking over to finish off black while Goku calls Zeno to erases Zamasu since he can't beat him cause immortally.

Zamasu isn't strong. He is just immortal.

>It's alright guys, leave them to me. I'll save the future for sure

trunks still parried the ki blade and fought black ssr back and not to forget he survived a kamehameha which was able to fuck up goku ssblue. you gonna tell me this two have the same durability even though goku has god in his base absorbed?

Base Yamcha is still weak as fuck so it would give shit to him.

>how you gonna explain trunks being able to spare with zamasu and black ssr then?

Black was literally toying with both Goku and Trunks and Zamasu isn't even that strong.

>and the source is from the BOG movie interview. I am sure the movies got retconned not only in the manga but anime too.

The anime never retconned the bit about Goku not needing to use SSG again. The manga did. End of discussion.

Leave everything to me

Both did retcon ssg being 70% beerus. Since ssjblue kaioken was still not as strong as beerus.

>ssjblue kaioken
not canon

I forget this little fucker even exists.

says who?

I knew you would bring that up. But I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about Toriyama's statement that Goku would never use SSG again because it doesn't make any sense for him to do so after making its power his own - the anime remained true to this rule while the manga didn't, so we can't act like the manga has the higher ground in regards to canonicity.

But since you mentioned SSB + Kaioken, I'm just gonna note that Whis made a comment about Beerus feeling nervous and Champa was visibly frightened.

and yet hit was able to survive it like it was nothing and continue to spare with goku in his kaioken form. The anime made hit way too strong.
you would think he shouldn't be scared about champa but he is.

What is the FTrunks's sword made of? what the fuck.

But still goku not being stronger with kaiokenx10 and ssblue then beerus make no sense. Since the akira said that beerus was at 70% during his fight against ssg goku. Which the anime version did not respect.

plot armor. juicy juicy plot armor.
but plot armor is weak against android arms we all know that.

Ssg 70% beerus got retconned.
Beerus is much stronger.

Hit was scared of Champa because he was weakened from his battle against Goku.

Champa on the other hand didn't even fight and got so nerved out by Hit and SSB Kaioken Goku staring at him that he yelled out while scrambling his arms around and fell back into his seat.

In the anime.
The manga still respects that and also in the manga goku in base has not god powers in him since ssg is a form which would make ssj3=ssj2 trunks more reasonable.

> manga goku in base has not god powers in him
wrong in the manga goku empowers himself with god ki in his base as well. Bringing back ssg makes no sense at all.

>Which the anime version did not respect.

Again, I'm not talking about that so I have no idea why you feel the need to keep bringing it up.

The point is that neither the anime nor the manga stays 100% true to everything Toriyama writes and says. They take basic plot outlines and then make their own expansions, sometimes at the detriment of things that Toriyama already established. There's plenty of stuff written by Toriyama that the manga didn't respect either and they were all brought up in this thread.

Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F manga = / = Dragon Ball Super manga

There's a note in the first DBS volume that outright instructs the reader to read the RoF manga chapter if they want to read about Whis' training. It's a part of DBS.

I though this shit had been cancelled already...

Also, that guy doesn't actually have pink hair, it's just photoshoped, right? I MEAN, RIGHT?

the non ants version

Guess the manga contradicts itself.

The Manga is shit.

it's a normal sword, just powered by his ki

Welcome to the dragonball thread today:
-super is shit
-autistic murican spam
-super manga vs anime

Actual discussion about episode :
-vegeta jobbing
-black + zamasu fusion

Freeza resurrection is part of DBS, but no the film Fukkatsu no F nor Fukkatsu no F one shot manga.
DBS anime have his own version of that story (showed in Golden Freeza saga), DBS manga too (not showed). There's any manga chapter of DBS with Goku "saiyan beyond god"? No.

Movies and anime series -> Goku loses the Super Saiyan God form against Beerus, but absorbs his power. His base form "is" his god form now.
Manga series -> Goku retains the Super Saiyan God form against Beerus, he loses his god form only when he runs out of power. Now he can use his Super Saiyan God form whenever he want.

It's that easy

>implying "Dragon Ball Z RoF oneshot" manga and "Dragon Ball Super" manga are the same thing

What episode is when they will reveal the true identity of Black Goku? Today or next week?

Will Goku be able to transform into [Super Saiyan] God in the future?
I think you’ll understand if you watch [the movie], but Goku has already absorbed [Super Saiyan] God’s power and made it his own, so there is no need for him to transform into [Super Saiyan] God. Goku basically only thinks of fighting as a sporting match, so borrowing the power of five people isn’t fair, and he resisted doing that; however, it seems his curiosity towards the realm that lay even further beyond him won out.

also with RoF being directly written by toryiama.

so the manga goes against what toryiama said?


hey I can add more canon stuff and maybe get a good homo shipping discussion going if you'd like
just what I'd expect from a filthy latin american

Toriyama said that Goku will not use SS2/3 forms anymore, so what? Toriyama thought rules for ONE film, not for a whole new series. There is nothing unusual in change his mind

> rustled murifag
stay salty fatboy

Oh shit the muricanfag as awokem from his slumber. You gonna give us some more of your cancerous wisdom?

>Manga series -> Goku retains the Super Saiyan God form against Beerus, he loses his god form only when he runs out of power. Now he can use his Super Saiyan God form whenever he want.

Okay but it doesn't make the manga series any less untrue to what Toriyama specifically said.

The BoG movie = Toriyama's work
The BoG anime arc in Super = Toei's work
The BoG manga arc in Super = Toyotaro's work

End. Of. Discussion.

not you again man.
stay quiet.

Are you the butthurt gohan/powerlevel/canonfag? Or is that another muricafag

Saying "end of discussion" makes you seem like a massive cunt, mate. I'd avoid saying that in future.

So are we getting episode soon or what?

>Toriyama thought rules for ONE film, not for a whole new series.

Are you retarded? The question was whether we'd see SSG again, and Toriyama said no. His movies don't have self-contained rules, they apply to the ENTIRE FRANCHISE.

Toyble contradicted it because he's a fag, the end.

holy shit look at all these latin americans. this place is fucking infested with you. it's no wonder it's a garbage place to discuss anything.

what's up with the spics today flooding this thread.
you guys got nothing to do you fucking cunts?

But he's right. You faggots keep going on and on about what's canon and you can't even keep basic facts straight.

Spics hate Super and yet they have nothing else to talk about because it's the only thing they watch, this is nothing new.

everyone who does not agree with me is spics

nice deduction sherlock you going places

Today is the day. My boy Gohan.

>hurrrr merifag

So what shithole country are you from, then?

idk who the other two fags come from but i am from asutralia

>His movies don't have self-contained rules, they apply to the ENTIRE FRANCHISE
>source: my ass



You're literally the niggers of Europe, your opinions are just as bad as spics.

Everything is canon because of alternate timelines.



BoG movie = Toei's work + Yuusuke Watanabe script changed by Toriyama
BoG anime arc = Toei's work
The BoG manga arc in Super = Toyotaro's work, page to page personally revised and approved by Toriyama

Also anime series ignores Toriyama's statements too ("Beerus 10 vs Goku 6" and "Beerus is a castle vs Goku is a tree").

chose one
holy shit being this dumb.
you have to be 18+ to post here faggot

Holy shit you're stupid. What part of the interviewer asking "WILL WE SEE SSG AGAIN?" did you not understand?

The BoG movie was even advertised as a continuation to Toriyama's manga, it was never meant to be a self-contained story.

>Today is the day

I won't suffer like that Gotenfag.

>retarded amerifat detected

>Yuusuke Watanabe script changed by Toriyama

Watanabe came up with certain concepts and details, Toriyama then revised those concepts and wrote the script entirely by himself. The films are the only versions of BoG and RoF that are almost ENTIRELY Toriyama.

Get your fucking facts straight if you're going to post.

Is it possible that other Saiyans will be able to become [Super Saiyan] God in the future?

Of course. However, strength will vary depending on the battle power of the Saiyan who becomes [Super Saiyan] God.

no amount of godhood is gonna save your sorry ass

who's ready for the return of dragon fist ?

>I don't know what a "retcon" is and I post in Cred Forums

Pretty sure they can.

>the dragon notices it's attacking beerus, yells out GOMEN, and disappears

Damn muricans arent usually this butthurt but the ones who are dragonballfags all seem to have more then the average level of autism.

>do you even read nigga?
ah fuck too many underage kids here

They're Saiyans, they can do it, sperg

No one's disputing it's a retcon, retard, the point is that it's Toyotaro's retcon and not the anime's or Toriyama's.

Nah, the butthurt is usually from spics assblasted that Super matters more than GT.

you still can't read nigga lol

When did I say they can't you illiterate inbred cunt? Tori said that their power depends on their base strength.
Even if gohan became god he still would be whack.

It doesn't make a difference, they still can do it dumbass with sufficient power.

both are trash lol
dragonball ended with the manga
super is just for the nostalgia but if i had to rate it it's maybe a bit better then gt but still nothing in comparison to the og series.

When did someone here talk about gtrash? Keep blaming it on the spics nobody cares about le burrito man but you shouldknow its you niggas that are dumb as fuck here.

>Toyotaro work have retcons
>Toei work have retcons
>so praise anime, manga is shit

again i never said they couldn't. why are you putting words in my mouth i never used you retarded faggot.

>mangafags vs. animefags
>spics vs. muricans
>Gohanfags vs. reasonable people



You make it like they can't with their battle power, you stupid fuck. They have potential to do it. Just shut the fuck up.

dragon ball thread
more like the autistic fight thread lmao
dragonballfags are fucking dumb

I never said the anime was better, faggot. That's up to personal opinion.

I think they're both shit in different ways.

no you just can't read for shit. btw calm down before you start shooting somebody pedro

Damn I could feel the butthurt in this post. Nigga you cant read for shit.
Doesnt mexico provide schools for you?

I like it, i see spics ranting about these things:
>muh animation
Acting like DBZ is the pinacle of top tier animation
>muh SSJ4
I dont mind the hair recolors, yeah SSJ4 was a great concept ape-like transformation close to the saiyans roots (ozaruu)
>muh GT
It was a clusterfuck and retarded since the beginning, again good concepts here and there but poorly executed

To them DBZ is Dragon Ball ,they dont care about the beginning of the series
>muh senseless fights
>muh seriousness

In Super we explore more of the gods lore and other universes, and there's much to come.
The retellings for BoG ans RoF were made for shekels, you got the movies if you want great animation, read the wiki for the few twikings they made and you are done.
This current arc BTFO GT in its entirely.
I dont know why the animation is pretty close to average i rate 4 or 5, if they are rushing production or slave animators or whatever, if you want answers look for it.
Chatting shit without even know what's happening behind is just bothers me alot and thats what spics do.
Im really glad to watch DB live its something i couldnt even dream of when i was a kid.

dude the butthurt spics thread is this way
stop talking about gtrash no one cares about your shit.

>this thread
don't worry guys we got this

At least I have a daddy, Pedro. Yours was deported.


What the fuck happened to this thread

The murifags started this shit cancer that is turning to Cred Forums

calling people spics because you don't share the same opinions is fucking retarded. Keep the racial slurs elsewhere. This is a dragonball thread so get your shit together or fuck off spasts.

spic detected

>Keep the racial slurs elsewhere

You must be new here, Carlos.

t. Angry spic

nah fuck spics fuck eurofags fuck chinks this is america baby. This our thread our battle.
they hate us cause they ain't us
Fuck yeah

mah niggas

Im not butthurt lad, i was quoting a guy who asked why spics hate DBS, since im on my phone i cant type faster or quote proprerly, i dun goofed.

Retcons aren't violations of canon
Originally kami, piccolo, and goku weren't aliens. Z retconned that.
Also, we never got a canon flashback to gohan finding goku until minus.
Roshi only told a story about it.
The images were filler.
The bardock special, just like the trunks special, were filler.
The trunks special was proven non canon because the manga showed us trunks was a ss before gohan died.
Minus kept the story beats, but the details are canon.
Also we know goku turned into an oozaru at least once before he killed gohan, and beat goku, so that explains where the armor went.

I'm not gay for finding this attractive, right?

Nah, goku black is just "what if ginyu had succeeded"
Very different

Muricans are pure cancer.
Oh well you'll be your own downfall.
Based eurofag here.


>calling anyone cancer

Just finished this game yesterday
I don't see where anyone's getting anything between those two.
If anything, trunks is more interested in MC, partners4life

Are you fucking retarded?
Do you know what retcon even means you fucking degenerate.

Dude just let them believe we are spics dont fall for bait faggot.

>You will never be Toriyamas successor
Why am i even living


So if F. Zamasu and Black fuck, is it masturbation?

Anyone who gets offended at getting called a spic is undeniably a spic.

you guys actually believe you are right here ?
fucking dellusional no wonder your two option for presidency are people with down syndrome.


Muricunts are hilarious with their shitposting and spics paranoia. Did a spic cuck you or fucked your mom lol.
Oh no wait I know they took yoir jobs hahahaha.

Good to see you, Ginefag

*two options
*for the presidency

Learn better English, spico.


Man, if our education is bad then yours must be abysmal.


at least something decent to post in this thread

Gine always makes things better.

>Pretty sure they can.
He's implying that he'd be weaker anyway since it depends on the battle power o the Saiyan going through the ritual..


>This is our thread our battle
Against who?
as if cancering the world wasnt enough.
Now you gonna make the internet a living shitfest too?

t. Angry spic

>goku didn't have saiyan armor when he was found by grandpa gohan
That was an anime-only flashback. In the manga, there's just text from Roshi talking about Gohan finding Goku, no images at all. So, it doesn' retcon the manga. This is just another case of the anime making a mistake.

>and he sure as hell wasn't already like 3 years old.
Then why did Raditz expect him to know his name and mission? Baby Goku from the anime never made sense.


>telling anyone who is jobless

your brain must be pretty small for you only knowing one word


The fuck is even going on in here?

t. Dumb spic thinking he took an American's job because he's a construction worker

t. Angry spic

Shitposting by angry muricans and spics.

just a fat bored virgin guy from the usa who wants to bait stupid spics.

Murifag spamming his anti spic idealogy why idk.


Schoolshooter vs pedro

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Spic spamming his anti American ideology, why idk.

Bryan vs. Jose: The Final Bout

Would the two of you kiss already.

have the second one too

Butthurt juan and autistic Arron providing us with low quality shitposting

Bless you, brother.


This guy gets it

Latin american or spanish? American vs latin american is more like
Bryan vs "Brayan"



Revenge of the spics : the murifag returns

Now that the spics and the muricuck have calmed down.
Will vegeta get his time to shine?
Imma be honest here I expect another job but who knows.

the only way Gohan does anything that matters again is if Piccolo gets killed by a baddie

You're in a club and slap this guy's wife's ass - what he do?

he will fall and trunks will step in again but with a new mode SSJB and finish Black off.

leave it to toriyama to be the last one to realize that Vegeta is the most admirable character in DB

He gonna give me a story about the legendary supa saya

Not future Goten, Present Goten.
Zamasu is going to kidnap goku kid and raise him as his own.

Today also its zamasu from another timeline that hijacked goku's body according to the preview for next weeks episode.

trunks is such a great character idea and it's just been wasted since day one

he's like the Tien of characters that actually matter


if he's goten hes present Goten, but the cell games and the android saga all happened within a couple of weeks, its not unthinkable Chichi was already pregnant before the first set of android showed up, theres absolutely zero reason to think that Goku would have waited for the cell games announcement to get her pregnant.

> Tien of characters
no trunks is not getting shitted upon like other characters in the series.trunksfag have it good. I say maybe even better then vegetafags.

Its ok if he jobs this episode. Its episode 63 which is concerning me if he falls up short there he is really getting trashed upon.

Where is he in this? Some kind of tower?


>You don't agree with me therefor you are this specific race I dislike.

Nigger please kill yourself and any offspring you have if any.

I go in with low expectation. I dont want to get hyped up only to find another job episode.

not really surprised a south american would get this wrong

Kind of wonder how Goku's mother would feel about Chichi after seeing this pic.

I think this will be the same situation as the three Cells in the Android saga.
The one who was in the present time and was only an embryo in Gero's lab, the one who was from an alternate future who became Perfect Cell, and the one who was killed by Trunks when he came back to his timeline.

We get in a fight and he jobs.

MFW Piccolo is strongest in DB if you include the power of friendship

>Getting the most inferior language in the world wrong.

Man you know how to get under my skin :^) what's it like to be apart of a dying race?

Been waiting for this question.

Vegetafags still exist?
Are you all masochists?

Still want Raditz to come back, by all technicality he and Nappa should be alive right? The way the wish was worded.

They exist to job and suffer, user.

probably a Videl/Chi Chi thing. it would be a potentially glorious 3-way brewing for a few years until the writers decide to strip them of all their interesting character traits

They died on Earth, so they can be brought back. Just like Freeza despite his mangled body.


disregard I just remembered Raditz wasn't murdered by anyone in Frieza's crew.


>Just remembered that Launch was jobbed as a character.

Someday I'm gonna get user from /m/ to translate this for me

it's funny cause when goku fights i always expect him to win and when he jobs i am like wow but he has been jobbing too much lately even for my own taste. Super is kinda trashing on goku and vegeta. I feel like instead of the powergap of vegeta/goku between beerus to get smaller it feels like it's getting bigger.

Raditz was always boring. They'd have to really be reaching to bring him back. I'd rather see more ill-conceived pokemon-looking alien gods than another Raditz arc.

This is a nice picture and it makes me happy.

Fuck you. I want uncle Raditz babysitting Pan instead of Piccolo.

launch got hakai'd not jobbed.

Wait is super on tonight or tomorrow? I never watched the live streams before.

Well technically Toriyama jobbed it, he literally forgot.


It's tonight.

mfw user hoping for a rape arc as a roundabout way to make Pa interesting later on

What's that pic from

do you want to see vegeta get BLACKED again that badly?

user please, he wouldn't do that to his niece! Right?

do you expect a different outcome user?

was Yamcha phased out in Z because his design was too similar to adult Goku?

He will KILL ZAMASU! I bet my left hand on it!

> immortal zamasu
Boi gimme that hand right now

Pan's hymen a jobber


Honestly? No.


Leaked Image of Episode 61(next weeks)

GG Vegeta?

They will give him the Garlic Jr treatment and put him in some kind of dimension he couldn't escape.


Hatchiyack remastered OVA

Could be the perfect chance to introduce the Makaioshin World, and have Zeno seal Zamasu in there.

or call zeno and he competently erase him that works too.

>kami sama explorer
oh you spics are so easy to spot

who knew beerus was so lewd?


stream link?

never let this die Cred Forums

At least Kami Sama Explorer is a useful spic, unlike all the pathetic beaners who post in this thread week after week complaining about Super.


>You have no chance, Black

How strong would a SSB Final Flash be?

I'm tired of your shitposting dude. So what if I AM from Mexico and so what if I DO hate Super, you got a problem with that? Super is fucking shit and even worst than GT.

Yeah actually, whats it to you?

is there an episode this week?

it won't happen akira is just blue balling us. There will be no more fusions.

in a few hours

A little bit yeah.

the fuck did he mean by this?

image training

I'd prefer fusion dance, less permanent and i like the fusion clothes more.

called shadow boxing but in this case wing chun shadowing

If Supreme Kai gives Goku and Vegeta a set of Potara before they head off, Vegito has to happen for sure


Goku trained for 3 years in the new Hyperbolic time chamber. Come on user, Vegeta has no problem dancing too.

they introduced the whole dragon balls to unfuse concept too so maybe one day in super. can't see them going vegito for just black plus that would make black insanely strong.

I do want Gogeta to become canon, so if it's Vegito or Gogeta I'll be happy

Whoever wins, we win.

And by this?


People actually think vegeta will job again this episode.

He will get a new form and kill black this arc


They didn't let Vegeta kill Frieza so they aren't going to let him kill Black

shame she got hakai'd from the series

>Rage boost against Beerus instead of SSJ3
>Rewind time so Goku can snipe the Freiza kill

Is there an episode today?

Sure he will.
Lets just keep F Mai and her hover bike around just in case another veggie transport is needed

stream link please


I'll hakai you.

oh shit it's starting HYPE


So there's like 5 Zamasus running around in 5 separate timelines. Well make it 4 since Beerus killed one.

Make it 3 Zamasus since 1 of them posessed Goku's body and probably killed off Goku in Zamasu's body.

So we're still missing ONE Zamasu; where the fuck is he?

vegeta black soon

>Well make it 4 since Beerus killed one
Theoretically, all should be gone. The question is why Black and Zamasu in Trunks' timeline are still there (immortality wish?)

but shouldn't beerus hakai kill all zamasu's except the immortal one ?

>people actually believe Gogeta or Vegito will be a thing in this arc

Zamasu is a complete fucking pushover save for his immortality and Black isn't that much stronger than Goku, why the fuck would they need a fusion?


live stream where

Reminder that there's a timeline in which an innocent Zamasu got deleted in front of Gowasu, right after he finally changed his mind about ningen. Now Gowasu wants to avenge his pupil's death.

see this

no one to serve me tee... filthy hakai's
will he be the one to overthrow zeno?

>Make it 3 Zamasus since 1 of them posessed Goku's body and probably killed off Goku in Zamasu's body.
>killed off Goku in Zamasu's body.

This kinda makes me sad, Cred Forums

i have stream




i will give stream when this thread hits bump limit and someone makes a new thread then i'll give it.

don't spoonfeed
if underage kids can't use google by themselves then let them be

This is probably what happened. Seeing as Gowasu put all his hopes in Zamasu, it would be a big shock to see what he turned into.

I like that minus reveala goku never forgot his mission, he just never had one.
He just forgot his vague memories as a child, like most people do.


best looking fight ? with cgi animation.

Will we ever have serious and cool villains again?

Explain this meme

Pick one.

no happy end allowed

It was a line in the first DBZ dub. Vegeta said the Artificial Moon was created by Goku's father, who was a scientist.
Of course, none of that is true.

Damn the slow motion sequences looked so sexy damn.

This looked very good. Too bad the actual game is shit lol.

Name one villain cooler than Buutenks, you can't, not to mention that particular form has one of the greatest design

>that shit talking
>would get instantly smashed by Beerus with zero effort on Beerus's part

only villain so far to not have feeled fear or despair

if only the actual show had fight scenes this intense.

Boo was far stronger than was shown. When he absorbed people, his personality changed, and with it came mental blocks that didn't let him access all the power he had. The only time we see this is when he starts to break the dimensions apart just by charging his ki, and Super Vegetto has to punch him out of it.

While Kid Boo, being far weaker, doesn't even care about fighting, he'll just destroy the planet and everyone on it.

in reality
>damn need to find a new apprentice now, time for some godtube

this was made by koreans.
to bad japanese don't like korea and will never give korean animators a job.

Stronger? Sure.
But Buutenks has Piccolo's flare and Gotenks' arrogance all the while having a cool black vest, honestly first DBZ villain I really liked, can't think of any villain that's objectively better.

>was just Vegeta that got fucked up
>Goku and Trunks didn't also get fucked in half, nope

>today is the day
yes for intense hand holding

videl actually looks awesome
i wish there were female super saiyans



timeskip with super saiyan pan after the next tournament arc

It's a running gag that Vegeta jobs and needs to be carried away by other people. The full version of that image shows all the people who carried Vegeta:
- Kuririn
- Mr.Satan
- Gohan

If Goku and Vegeta do the fusion dance and the result ISN'T Gogeta, the pure assmad would revive Buu a hundred times over.

>and with it came mental blocks that didn't let him access all the power he had.
Citation needed. Inferences you made yourself aren't facts.

Anyway, it doesn't matter if he was stronger than shown, Vegito could have still effortlessly wrecked him even if Buu was going at full strength, and Beerus would tear Vegito in half with one hand. Buu would die to Beerus in two seconds on Beerus's worst day.

Ocean Dub of DBZ had Vegeta say Goku's father was an average fighter but a brilliant scientist. Retarded dub shit that makes no sense and is not canon at all, basically

Huh, that makes me kek