Shuumatsu no Izetta

First episode airs today.

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No /u/ right? I'm here for cool plane.

NB streaming?

So 10AM EST?



how many minutes
isnt this streamed along side the subtitled one making nyaa subs come out faster

It only takes you to check the site to confirm that damedamesphere will indeed.


I don't understand. It's a show about girls riding guns?

Seems like only one girl rides a flying rifle.

Witch has to stop to blitz and save the princess

Threadly reminder that unless the two girls share an intentional kiss, it is NOT yuri.

One girl blushing and/or showing obvious signs of physical attraction towards the other girl's body will also be counted as yuri.

Either of them saying "daisuki" to the other does not count, as it can be said in a friendly non-romantic manner.

Hand-holding does not count, friends hold hand all the time.

It's yuri if I say it's yuri, pal.


How many hours until it airs?

>Haven't watched a livestream since 2014
Fuck, should have kept up with the times.

1.30 hours

during the second world war in austria

Oh cool, glad I actually woke up before 12 for once

I hope it has a lot of foot-service.

How gay is it?

/d/ pls..,stay

Nopan. Step up your game Strike Witches.

It is. At the end both the girl and the gun will blow up.

>mahou shoujo

As gay as a cute girl helping out another cute girl with a flying gun.

Anyone found any impressions from the prescreening in Japan?

Make your mind up, Anonymous. Is this yuri or not?

Why do I have a feeling that it will be another Aria / Amanchu / You're Under Arrest / etc. kind of yuribait? I can't shake this uneasiness off me.

Hopefully it is, but it's fine if it isn't.

Depends on how it handles the inevitable arranged marriage subplot.

>not yuri

Ah, nb is still around, just not in the place he used to be. Problem solved.

This is what heterofags actually believe.

yay another AU series about WW2 where they'll shove that the Nazi did everything wrong and were satan incarnated and Japan was a victim of circumstances down our throats again

I hope not.
I want it to focus on world building rather than shitty pandering until /u/ jump on the next anime.

But Japan started the war. How could they be innocent?

that the point they act like they're the victims when it their own fault for starting the war

Then don't watch Japanese stuff kimchi shit.

What is Yuki Yuna doing with blonde Sachi?

Well, desu, Japan was convinced it was only a matter of time before US invades since they were forced by them to dissolve the treaty with UK after the end of WW1. Were they allowed to keep the treaty going they would most likely never attack US.

Though, at the end of WW2, US learned from them and have kept being Japan's ally thus keeping them from being lonely and scared.

The 3dcg hurt my eyes. Dropped.

>Nazi did everything wrong
You don't like truth or something?
That's Wakaba.

Kill yourself

How the fuck are you going to tell a story about an invaded country and say "oh but the invaders are okay guys". Fuck off wehraboo

>Haven't watched anime since 2014
This show might break my manga-only policy.

It's an original work right?

You'd think they'd have learned after WW1
One thing Americans need to learn is that there was more than one world war. There was a WW1, and it was actually much more important than the second.

>Japan started the war
Americans had prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor and they let it happen to have the pretext to intervene in Europe and the Pacific.

What a retarded policy

While a scummy move and one the victims of Pearl Harbor should feel betrayed by it's not like that absolves Japan from actually attacking.


Japan was on the winning side in WW1, but got bullyed by the big nosed, shrewd whites, also know as the asian's jew.

> PTSR-41

so she's a soviet slav?

It's not my fault that every single anime the past 2 years has either been shit, uninteresting to me or had a superior manga version.

Well that was gay.

How does it feel to be wrong for so much time?

>Front page of Hawaii Tribune-Herald about a possible Japanese strike somewhere in Asia or the South Pacific
>conspiracy theory

I'm just praying it isn't yuri bait and everything will be fine.

There's not even a pseudo-Japan in the story as far as we've seen. If you want to complain about historical revisionism, complain once its actually happened, you stupid cunt.

It is your fault you have shit taste though.

You're right. It needs to be blatant yuri.

I could give numerous counter-examples to show how stupid your policy is, but:

Why would you include original anime in that policy?
And why would a 2 down years be enough to implement such a radical policy?

It's still retarded even when we give in to your logic.

Dude, let's not talk about some user's decision for why he didn't watch seasonal anime in the last two years. It's completely irrelevant.

>they said "conspiracy theory" so there's no way it could be true :^)
The conditioning is strong in this one.

Oh? I thought you weren't watching anything this season, was that just a way to sound like a cool kid in those thread?

>conspiracy = didn't happen
>governments never conspire against each other

I wish one day I become again as naive as you.

What are you even talking about.

Fuck off, /pol.


oh my yes


but those guyes were neutral/pro-german and were robbed in the end by Polish and Chezh as filthy german sympathizants

its like Dutch proudly celebaring victory in WW2, when they were the most hospital place for Germans and their only casualties were border guard that died from heart attack seeing German troops

The Ball has awoken.

It's not-Liechtenstein being invaded by not-Germany.

My dick is ready

It begins.




>bloodywhores ep 1 torrent available
welp, i am out for actual AOTS, fuck the stream

>QUALITY already

Welp, show's ruined.



How much value do you put into visual direction?



Suissujins will recognize some of those names.

She found CC

I'm triggered already.

Oh hey, it's like Code Geass' encounter.


german here
The grammar is surprisingly good.


where da livestream at? Haven't live streamed anything in years so I forgot the url


I couldnt find any mistake at all desu

It's kinda funny how they're talking about the right for women to vote in 1971 in Switzerland while this is taking place in 1930.

Newspaper from the future.

rip Tobias


They probably just took it from a newspaper of the era

Why is she inside the washing machine?


That's a small country.



It's not-Liechtenstein. Very small.


Except Hitler did nothing wrong.



First ep sure is rich in yuri, right lads?

>invading poland
>invading france
>bombing london
idk senpai

That's a nasty scar


They knew they might attack in the south pacific. They were expecting a target closer to Japan as they did not have all the auxiliaries needed yet if they did attack.


Doing the world a favor.





had girl meets girl already


>no navel in the bath scene
Fucking hell.

I'd rather a pure white Europe over the current Europe.

Though compared to European powers this is nothing.


Fine-hime has quite some spine.

You'd never separate "sch" into "s-" and "-ch", so it's a copypasta probably from a historic newspaper website or something.

german guy here again

You are fucking right hahaha

They took some parts from here

The article is one month old

>Die mehrstündige Aktion verlief ruhig und ohne Zwischenfälle. Unterstützt wurde die Zuger Polizei bei der Aktion vom Amt für Migration des Kantons Zug, vom Staatssekretariat für Migration SEM, von der Securitas und der örtlichen Unterkunftsleitung.

You would probably be dead or not exist.


I feel like these threads are gonna be filled with Cred Forumsshit like Gate threads

I'd rather be dead than live in a world overrun by refugees.


Which could be achieved if Germany hadn't invaded the whole continent


Having a golden luger pistol is kinda overkill.

You don't really mean that or you would have killed yourself by now.

Lots and lots of yuri here folks.

Oodles of it.


It's time.


>if it isn't sakura trick it isn't a story about two girls

mfw, red hair will date her

That would have happened if Germany just let Poland be.

Is she riding a fucking anti-tank rifle?

Rip Hans.



God damn does this guy need to learn how to handle firearms safely. He's going to kill someone by accident and he'll feel really dumb.


>Wolrd war 2 setting again
Nah fuck this shit.


>Wolrd war 2 with magic bullshit





I'd let her ride my rifle, if you get what I mean.


Is that 77?

That kiss tho




How is this no A1-picture?

Not too much happening in this first episode, but it sets up the plot, so that's okay.



It is not, fucking hell, just the same chara designer as SAO

That ED art is pretty gay.


That was bad, like really bad.

Next episode will be with scars and shots.

That fucking suddenly chill guitar at the end.

Fucking May'n



3/10 first ep.

Average animation
Exposition up the cock-eye
Barely any yuri
Blonde one seems like an insufferable Mary Sue cunt
Red one only know how to say Hime-sama really loudly.

I saw Slava Makarov as one of producer.

Man this episode sure is full of het isn't it

The dude sure loves his white dresses


I'm very pleased with that this first episode was.
Pretty much everything I wanted from it and Fine-sama is fucking tough.

European colonialism and warmongering was apparent, in the open. US imperialism on the other hand relies on conspiracies, coups, puppet governments and intelligence. That's why that pic shows the best examples of conspiracy theories that turned practical.

Nazi guy no.2 is obviously the harem lead.

your rifle is so tiny!


lilies route unlocked!

White can stand for purity, or death.

>fighting against the Germans and not with them

The nips won't like this one bit.


Stop typing like a retard, Mugino.

Get in wheelchair Sonoko.

But Hellsing showed both the cyber zombie Nazis and the catholic KKK crusaders getting slaughtered and losing in the end.

Izetta really looks like Yuuna.


Will there be Finns?

yay, national socialism!

also you don't give me orders

I highly doubt that.

What a fucking weeb. Izetta skins for WoT when?

Maybe her butt hurts?


Where's my Loli that flies with Lahti L-39

>memes already
that was fast

That's Nogi Wakaba

Literally oozing heterosexuality.

Don't try to bait me!

I've had enough with Hibike.

Are there any Kikes?

Are they in the process of undressing each other?

They're mountain jews.


The witch no?

When will this cunt learn to draw new faces?

What a wonderful friendship.

I can only hope.

Did anyone else find Fine with the broad-shouldered military jacket to be endearing?

I want just one fucking anime set in WWII, without magically bullshit.

Get out fag.

Eila cameo when?

then you'll get NIPPON STRONK bullshit.


I don't understand

Yeah, she was cute.

I don't mind those. They were neutral, if not enablers.

i just want WW1 trench loli warfare

Zipang, but if you're a right winger it's going to thoroughly shit on you.
And rightfully so

>Germany tries to take over Europe to purify it
>Europe is now even more impure than it was before because of Germany trying to purify it


He lost the war for the germans. You're admitting that it was right thing to do?


Watch Joker Game.

What a loser

Cred Forums had threads about this when it got announced



The only good thing about SAO, basically.

Oh god please no.



>but if you're a right winger it's going to thoroughly shit on you. And rightfully so

Hey buddy i think you got the wrong door, reddit's two blocks down.


>These threads are gonna be infested with anti-yurifags and Cred Forums
At least /u/ and /k/ can have fun together again in the strike witches threads I guess

Tell me more. I value their insight and opinions

>yurifags and naziboos going to be shitposting in the same threads

Who the fuck did the OST?

You see, when you live in a country dominated by jingoist right-wingers, you naturally end up leaning left
But that's not for this board.

I want to watch the new Witches for the threads, but truthfully it looks fucking shit.

Just ignore them or something

More than Turks but they are essentially the same now.

Someone I've never heard of before.


I thought it's the same guy who did Yuuki Yuuna

I'm surprised how many shows there are with cute girls doing military things. Wonder what that says about the nips.

Funny enough, Cred Forums is everywhere. Might be a reason for that.

It is most definitely not Monaca.

Politics is a consequence of emancipated and democraphied societies- in real monarchies and suppressive socities, such concern about politics doesn't exist within the body of the common man

>Implying Cred Forums isn't just a containment board for sentiments which have always been apparent on Cred Forums

Face it, Cred Forums is naturally contrarian so it's to be expected that nowadays when the left wing has so much power in mainstream media that right wing ideals and political incorrectness will always be apparent. Just accept that Cred Forums has always been a counter culture. Cred Forums will always be apart of Cred Forums.

Cute girls in uniforms have been considered cute by the Japanese since decades, brodudesky.

All I want is cute SOL about lolis piloting a U-Boat in WW2, torpedoing British transport ships, then watching as their happy lives turn into despair as the tide of the war changes against them, up until the point where they lose their lives painfully and horribly a mile underwater as they reflect on the futility of war and mans incessant inhumanity to man. But this will do for now.

In case you didn't know, duh jews was a joke from the beginning. Then people took the joke too far and started attracting actual cunts who would spam their nazi bullshit all over the boards.

Cred Forums isn't a right wing website, if it has an politically leaning whatsoever, it's libertarian.

>don't take pictures of them now, take them once we're at sea, they'll have grown pubes by then.


this meme again

Get a load of this goy.

Wait, are you implying that Hitler was wrong to lose the war? Is it legal to type that where you live?

Just because it's a military defeat, that doesn't mean it stems from deliberate wrongful choices. It could simply result from imbalance of powers. In all cases, morally, Hitler did nothing wrong .

>killed six million people for no reason
>hurr he did nuthin wrong
fuck off Cred Forumstard

I admit its a part of Cred Forums, so is /d/ and /mlp/

The truth is also that if Cred Forums had everything its way then most of the fucking boards on this site wouldn't exist, including Cred Forums since apparently if I don't like 3DPD I'm a race traitor or something.

Cred Forums isn't one person m8, you can find just about anyone on it ranging from Brazilian anarchists to British national socialists. Also unlike /d/ and /mlp/ they were already their own culture which didn't fit well into the rest of Cred Forums while Cred Forums sentiments as well as general offensive has always been the main point and appeal of Cred Forums. Cred Forums is a safe haven for people and ideas which aren't socially acceptable.


>apparently if I don't like 3DPD I'm a race traitor or something
I'm sick of them pushing 3DPD logic here as well.

>muh six gurion
A lot of people died, including Jews. But did you know that neither of Churchill, De Gaulle or Roosevelt, the allies' leaders that were involved in the conflict and had access to intelligence, neither have mentioned the holocaust in their memoirs?

Post arhives Alex.

Wow, we're talking about Cred Forums while in an anime thread on Cred Forums.

That is so relevant.


Who is picking this up?


Boring episode.


wow look such masterpiece she's almost naked true masterpiece this excites my lonely penis such power

Fractale of the season

Yup, Bloodiwhores is better.

So Crunchyroll will release it on 11:45 AM EST

Why does she have nipple on her chin?

Comet Lucifer of the season

Comet Lucifer was Fractale of its season.

No, thats Flip Floppers

Cunt Flaps will save anime.

Regalia of the season.

>Not watching/reading yuki yuna

>threads will be infested by Cred Forums and /u/

it is coming

I did?

>Show with politics and girl meets girl has talk about those themes

>Europeans intervene in Libya
>Oust Gaddafi from power
>Makes the already massive clusterfuck of the Middle East an even bigger clusterfuck than it already is
>Surprised when these same refugees park their boats on your shore

Episode was better than expected.
But yeah, these threads are going to be Cred Forums central.
Discussing this on /u/ will likely not be any better, for different reasons, of course.

Maybe I'll just watch this show by myself.

>[HorribleSubs] Shuumatsu no Izetta - 01 [720p].mkv

Its out faggots

>being stupid enough to buy this skewed interpretation of facts

I bet you believe 9.11 was an insider job and the moon landings were fake too, stupid retard

You could try to host a refugee thread on /m/ by pretending it counts because tanks, but /m/ is a pretty shit board as it is.

Just hang yourself, faggot

Fuck off, Mugino.

> Another WW2 anime
> Fanservicey shit


Pretty good EP1
Am I evil enough?

The eternal anglo strikes again!

I bet they won't even mention the holocaust. WW2 wasn't a normal war but the Japanese always treat it as one.

I can't wait until something makes him stop smiling.

Cant sell without pandering to these subhumans

It's an alternate history where witches are real.

>It ain't WW2 without the 6 gorillion
Also WW2 was one of the last conventional wars ever thrown on a large scale.

It was an ideological war. It wasn't a normal war to gain more territories.

All wars are ideological champ. Also one of Hitler's major reasons for going to war was regaining lost Germany territories from WW1.

Try again m8ty.

You mean resources and influence
Japan was in it to expand its empire and gain the vast resources throughout the Pacific.

USSR, US, and UK in the end did it spread their influences over Europe hence NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

Germany was a huge land grab of previously lost clay.

It was both. Lebensraum and all that. The Nazi's were real pieces of shit.

Are your ready for two cute girls to do everything in their cute power to protect their cute country from ugly nazis? Cuz you best be ready.

Why are the majority of Finn anime characters full on homo?

Because the finnish embassy are weebs, all of them

>It wasn't a normal war to gain more territories.
Nobody wages wars for ideas. The only people who give their lives up for some sort of cause are delusional, fanatical terrorists.
Ideas are always a front to rile people up for the real reasons.

The official history in the victorious side of any war will always romanticize and idealize what really happens. In reality, everything goes down to humans disputing territory and resources.

Will they even win?

>all wars are ideological
>Also one of Hitler's major reasons for going to war was regaining lost Germany territories from WW1.
More propaganda. Even Mein Kampf proves you wrong.

Basically ze Germans were wrong to wage war on the whole of europe and the French were wrong to insist on imposing such harsh sanctions on the Germans after WW1 that drove them to do what they did. GB and US are the only good guys.

So will this teen girl fly on her magic broomstick up to the Enola Gay to show her butt to the pilot to prevent him from dropping the nuke?

The goal was to liberate the German people of Poland and surrounding countries that had been mistreated since the end of WWI.

I want an anime about WW2 where MC is liberating the pacific against barbaric Nip soldiers.

The end would be the defeated Japanese emeperor whom nips worship as a literal God surrendering.

I wanna see the disappointed faces of defeated Japs.

Fuck this Nazi bullshit, they're overrated.

You have to be fucking retarded if you don't believe that wars aren't only waged over resources.

>Even Mein Kampf proves you wrong
citation needed.

>liberate a democratic country by forcing facism on it and eliminating its populance

polfags are genuinely retarded

>literally threw Austria to the metaphorical wolves along with France

Lebensraum was the goal.

>liberate the German people of Poland
>According to the 1931 census there were around 740,000 German speakers living in Poland (2.3% of the population).

I don't think you know what that means


So which country is which one in real life?

Arch duke = Austria?

Fuck, really?

Probably not, but they'll do their best.

Poland was a dictatorship, though.

you can think what you like.

>Liberate Germans in Poland by forcibly expelling over a million Poles from their homeland.

Makes a lot of sense sensei.

All asian countries would surely love to see that.

Well i think you're a fucking faggot

I am dying

'I'm mad at this show because it's saying Nazi Germany was bad'

No, she'll show him her pussy and it'll be covered by a white light

No you're objectively wrong.
Italy was fascist, Germany was nazist.
I mean, they're not that dissimilar, but still.


740,000 is enough, considering that it was rightful German territory and German people.
Germany didn't want a war, it was Churchill that forced half of the world into war against Germany for trying to free their people.
This was not the original goal, Britain forced this upon them and made it so that they had no choice but to remove them as they were now the enemy.

Nazism is a form of fascism.


Is this the designed Cred Forums shitposting anime of the season?


Omg yes.

Do you prefer o-hime sama?

Yeah, keep using that reply again so we don't have to see you again in weeks. At least use your brain, moron.

Brave Witches airs in a few days

t. liberal arts major


Could this be the best toon of the season?

>it was rightful German territory and German people
Except there weren't any German people in most territories they conquered.

So Elystadt is Liechtenstein? Or Switzerland?

t. University of life major


This show was shit and this thread is even worse.

t. university of cocksucking major

Please tell there is a thread now

That's the designed /k/ shitposting etc., Hibike is the Cred Forums one.

I-it's a valid word in my language, shush.

t. PHD Professor of womens studies

>Proxy WW2 anime
>Germany is the villain
wtf Japan were best bros with them back then, what happened?

stupid monkey

Does that anime portray Japanese imperial army as barbaric warmongers like the media portray Nazis?

Is the Japanese imperial army the villain in that anime?

t. African-American Studies (or Niggerology) major

The only way to find out is by watching it.

it´s another historical anime where Nazis invented sniper girls and other ultimate weapons

I'm confused here. What did Britain do that made it impossible for the Germans to not expel millions of innocent Poles?

>these Cred Forums tears because the nazi are shown as evil

At least it's not like SW where every country is a dindu and an alien force caused everything

Great thread


World of Tanks creator.

It's not being triggered by media if you are right wing

Fuck off to your containment threads, stupid Cred Forumstards. Truly the most degenerate scums

How is it called?

>This thread

Guess I'll have to watch this show without shitposting

Pretty good, Music was solid, I'm more interested in the germans though because they seem to be more interesting than the Hime and her powerful witch friend.

Good starting episode though.

I prefer a more diverse character script.

Despite everything posted ITT Lelouch is still the worst poster

Why do Nips always play the victim in these post-war anime scenarios?

>All these Nazi apologists and general Cred Forums shitposting
/u/-fags will be the smallest problem in these threads.

Where is Westerlia? Spain?

>I'm more interested in the germans
You're no different from that dumb /u/fag. Just another namefag with shit taste. You two must be fuck buddies.

not whilst Derp_Commander still exists

Interesting turn around, usually it's the US that's the villain in these scenarios with the axis pulling some bullshit superweapon out of their asses

I guess nips are going full SJW and succumbing to the (((media))) propaganda. Even has carpet munchers.

I fucked your mother.

/u/ fags are never a problem.

the bombs made them shit their pants

Agreed. But I don't know why this shit is happening to this anime when other shows like Gosick and other-likes came out just fine


Yes they are. Yurifags are the ones that do not pose a problem.

I loved the OST when the plane started falling.

What did she mean by this?


No need to be salty over a trap magical girl, Mugino.
>inb4 this shit again
At least try to be a smartass, dumbass.

I thought it was more the US just didn't exist or they just focus on the conflicts between Europeans.

I want to fuck Yuuna

/his/ here, the only good guys in WW2 is Japan and the commies.

Needs a more pronounced goatee

I fail to see how portraying the Nazis as bad guys is going full SJW and succumbing to the (((media))) propaganda. Completely ignoring the Jews there were millions of Poles and other Eastern Europeans expelled from their homes our outright killed by the Nazis.

The worst thing the Japanese do in WW2 settings is completely gloss over their atrocities.


>Says he will watch nothing this season except hibikek
>already bandwagoning

Why is she so smug?

>Suffered large amount of losses during the last retreat


no one gives a shit what faggot board you're from, go back to it.

Fuck you Germanian dogs!

All Hail Britannia!

only if her use it like this.

>implying Anschluss was wrong
France and Britain threw Tschekoslovakia to the wolves
Or do you mean dissolving Austro-Hungary?

Isn't that a Russian plane?

That was great. OST when?

I'm pretty excited.


>Literally mary sue magical homos vs ebil military white males
Goddamn, right when I think Japan has reached peak dogshit, they continue to surprise me

>Not a single male protagonist whatsoever

None of them were good and you are not /his/.

I don't see how would Britain even get forces to a random small country in the middle of Europe.

Given the intro, it looks like France got fucked over like reality did. So where would Britain try to make its way to West!Austria? Unless Italy is neutral in this scenario.

>Ivan goes full /k/ommando.webm

I-is he okay?

>I will pretend to be friends with this witch and burn her later

implying that Allende wasn't a KGB plan.

The only other toons I've seen recently are Death Note and South park, so I thought I'd try this one because its about WW2. Or at least thats what I thought.

This toon is fucking crazy what the hell?

His superior aryan (not the persian ones) genes should be enough to survive the fall.

He is probably being ironic without realizing he invites actual idiots.

Sound awesome. Picked up


She already saved her when they were children.

>why isn't there a cock on screen please let me suck cocks and stick them in my bum
Okay fag.

Is this /k/ enough?

>portraying the Nazis as evil is an attack on the white man

Are you fucking retarded?

I'm a /u/fag and I wanna fuck Yuuna and Tougou. What are you gonna about it, Mugishit?

Literally "need some dick in my life".

He'll come back as a cyborg in the 2nd half.

This. Anglos are the only true whites anyway.


European colonialism was both out in the open and done in secret. And doing stuff out in the open doesn't make you honorable, it just means no one gives a shit.

Weak af bro

>Ich bin tapfer und bin fromm
>saving a witch
Implying implications

Pretty nice. WoT skins when?

Leave it for about a week or two.

I'm sure these Cred Forumstards and muh dindu nuffin wrong nips will fade away.

Careful now or you'll summon a deranged yuri namefag by accident.

>colonialism is bad
t. liberal arts major

RIP Okabe

>germans try to destroy Europe 3 times
>anglos save it three times

Dahnald, hand over the animelegates if you would be so kind.

Anyone going to care about how impossible the Princess's plan is of having Britain shove troops off to essentially Austria? Especially with France getting fucked over it seems?


Male protagonists are literally wortheless. Take Ange Vierge, and make Saya a guy. The only way it could have been good that way would have been to make everyone a guy, and then no one would have watched 12 episodes of guys taking baths and saving the world(s).

>posts an azudaioh image
the irony



Hey, gramps, nobody going to pander to you except other poor losers since you don't buy, shill or support any type of creative media.

So just fuck off and die off already.

God save the queen, just please don't be such jews in east asia ever again.

I liked it.

I'm not sure whether the Stukas or the nopan witch riding a gun gave me a bigger boners


I didn't say it was bad. Heck what the US does right now isn't bad either. What Putting did with Crimea isn't bar. Rather it's a necessity for their countries. Just like colonialism.

Fucking germs/ kraut speaker going after our lolis

Didn't they say that "totally not france" already surrendered?
The map even has "totally not vichy"

He's such a magnificent cunt.


>colonialism is good
t. white privileged colonist


Westria is Switzerland right?

Lads I found best girl.

Apparently there's also a HanaKana maid, who can fuck off if I'm being honest. I've got no more patience for that shit.

Such uninspired garbage.


That just makes the negotiations even more retarded since Britian would have to throw themselves somehow through Italy to get to them.


I like it

This. It's easy to say colonialism was good when you were a colonist or one of the select few natives who were granted privilege.

>Delicious naked firey hime-sama voiced by Saori Hayami

I think this show knows it's target audience

Oh nevermind, HanaKawa is someone else.

Music is godlike. Really went well this scene.

Colonialism is a subject dealt in academic fields like sociology, history, political science, economics and etc. Your already low-level shitposting is pretty much meaningless when colonialism itself is a liberal arts subject to being with


>What Putting did with Crimea isn't bar.
No, it's absolutely awful.
That worthless landgrab destroyed our economy.

My guess would be that for some reason Greater Liechtenstein was neither part of the allies nor axis but also not Swiss-kind neutral

It's easy to say colonialism is good when you live in a prosperous country previously occupied by didgeridindus who invented two sticks in 60,000 years.

Damn right.
Why would i feel bad about some shitty savages who couldn't even put up a fight?

Para-trooper. Commandos.

It's only been episode one yet look at all these Cred Forums shits.

Even the initial airing of GATE wasn't even this bad.

Doujins when?
Nopan sitting on a gun is my fetish

So is the blonde girl going to fulfill her duty to protect Taisha? She looks a lot like Nogi Sonoko.

Ukrainian or Russian?

Will we see him?

Yeah, the OST is pretty good. I've never heard of the composer before though.

what studio?

Every time a finnish rapist shows up out of nowhere in your chinese cartoons, this appears in the credits

They tweet weeb shit sometimes too

I want to fuck Nogi Wakaba's great-grandmother.

What the fuck are you talking about?


This entire show will become worthless unless the Emperor has a Charlie Chaplin mustache.


So cringey

Mle 1987?
No, she looks like Nogi Wakaba.
Russian. The oil crash would've delivered a massive strike to our economy regardless, but it wouldn't have been as bad as it is right now.

fuck off back to Cred Forums if you're this fucking stupid that you can't even understand why you're bigoted

Studio? More like literally whodio.

Germania still has a Kaiser so I'm sure this retarded clown has to place

That wouldn't help against a concentrated assualt of multiple German Divisions. This situation would be worst than the Battle of the Bulge.

I don't know maybe it's still Willy considering they keep calling him Emperor/Kaiser

Too much merch for one original anime, no adaptation of manga or novel.

>23:00 / 25:30

This air 11:00 pm and 2:00 am?

I am just glad that the little Germanese that there has been was not godawful cringy.

Does that even matter when they both are getting crushed anyway?

You're wrong.

He nothing, but I'll stop you.

Seems like monarchies have more influence in this setting than the real WW2. Pretty interesting.

>Sieg Reich

They're a pretty old studio, but they don't make their own shows often.

I am prod of you Cred Forums. I came here to post this but anons already got it.

This image needs an Izetta/Hime-sama edit.

2300 for AT-X and 2530 for Tokyo MX

It's not like repackaging a plamo set and printing a set of decals for it requires much investment.

My bad I still get the names mixed up from time to time.

They obviously want the military otaku crowd.

Opps, my mistake

By the way, that's the way it would have been in our real world too had there been no World War One

No bra?

I got your back, my man.

UK is european crook toothed britbong.

>ywn fly over the alps on a flying gun with a cute 2D girl
why live?

She's the white witch. That makes her okay.

This wanton tramp was offering up a political marriage to a MAN.

What a whore.

Hypothetical scenario here.

Let's say aliens invade Earth, strip us of our right and remove any basically reduce us to second class citizens on our own planet. All of this under the guise of the idea that they are superior to us and that might make right.

Would you feel the same way then?

It can't be comfortable sitting on a rifle.

Was it not "Siegreich!"?
Either way they can´t go shouting SIEG HEIL in there anyway.

All I could think about during the not gun riding parts of the show. Is a new chapter of NoWaYu suppose to be out today? Where's the thread?

>willing to put the interests of her country before her own
Cut her some slack.

I want to murder the guy from Crunchy who can't into german who keeps translating stuff like "white witch" to "weiß Hexe" instead of "weiße Hexe".
I know english is a retarded language without declinations but holy fuck.

So how do you expect this show to end anyway? It's only fucking 1940 and a one-cour show has absolutely no chance to cover all the 5 years till 1945 you know

>every germanian officer have a giant "LOOK I'M EVIL" text upon his head

I hope we'll see bad characters on both sides.
Also - less fanservice please, I want serious military and political drama here.
Overall pretty good first episode. Opera scene was quite great imho.

suddenly, I like /u/. I guess we can all be friends to fight the bigger enemy.

I remember some years ago when Cred Forums wasn't infested in Cred Forums threads. Good times.

It was translated yesterday but the thread's dead now, so check the archive.

That's pretty specific

Should have gone with
>Gott strafe England!
>Er strafe es!
I'm sorry WW1 is my fetish

Yeah but Sieg Reich is too fucking cheep. They could just go with Heil unser Kaiser or some shit

If I was living in a mud-hut, and they left behind cities and schools and museums, then I would feel pretty good about it. I'd also feel pretty stupid and ashamed of my people.

It's easy to say that your country's modern prosperity is not due to the resources of the land you genocided its people to get. And it's easy to say that they just invented two sticks 400 years after you made them disappear.

>couldn't even put up a fight
Nice one

>I want serious military and political drama here

I have a pretty good feeling that there is going to be a shitton of yuribait in this anime

Just go watch Maria the Virgin Witch if those two are what you want

In general nopan doing anything is a good fetish
A simple "Sieg" would have been fine

Why did that German officer have the SAS motto on his pistol, and it was in English even?

Why are they dressed like French soldiers?

>/u/fags false flagging
kill yourself and take the Cred Forumstards with you

>I like /u/

I bet you're a fucking leaf, too.

ban anyone who posts in Cred Forums, Cred Forums and /r9k/ from every other board

To indicate they're going to lose

the biggest cuck in history

To show that they were totally unrelated to that british ambassador HIMESAMA was meeting

Hime-sama and her magical anti-tank riflu girl go and take her country back. Either WW2 keeps going on but hime-sama's country is left alone while amuricans kick ass or hime-sama's group fucks nazis so hard in the ass WW2 doesn't even happen.

Colonisation came about because Europe was properous, not the other way around.

And yes, just two types of stick. Don't try that bullshit. They left nothing here. Only barren land and extinct species.

>Expecting anything plot-wise other than yuribait and military-autismbait

Stop spamming your shitty Cred Forums Cred Forums memes. I've been here since before gorespammer started started shitting his pants, /u/ is cancer, but there was nothing in the history of this board as cancerous as Cred Forums.

i hope everyone itt has a painful death specially me

I hope you have a happy and comfortable life.

I wonder how OP feels right now
Will we ever have normal izetta threads?

Not her.
This girls will defeat you easily

Don't be a nigger.

Why the fuck would a WW2 german officer would have something written in fucking English on his gun?

We have subs now, the discussion about the show should happen now.

So, notGermany is called Germania, notFrance is Thermidor.

Your supposed knowledge is so pathetically skewed that you're completely missing a bigger picture of history, son. What about reading some of Jared Diamond's? That will be a good start

He's an angloboo.

forgot pic
Also gold guns are ghetto nigger-tier.

Where is my anime about the beginning of the war?

You know, the first episode was actually pretty good.

Wow this thread is shitty. Good thing that most of the shitposters will fuck off around third episode and we might have actually bearable threads.

Though I feel that this show could be better without yuri and magic, first 20 minutes were great. I wonder if I can even have a serious military drama with politics and shit.

RIP Tobias and Herman, true loyal soldiers.

While your first point is true, your prosperity as an Australian (I assume) is directly due to your usage of the resources of Australia.

While you are correct that Europe became prosperous and would have been prosperous without colonialism the same would no be true of Australia. It would simply not have existed to begin with.

Why the fuck would a WW2 german plane have PTRS-41s stocked up?

Westria is not!Swiss and that other name I forgot is not!Poland
Elysstadt seems to be Liechtenstein but with Tirol

Guns, Germs, and Steel?
Don't make me laugh.

Sieg Kaiser Reinhard.
Sieg Neue Reich.

Man Gold Guns and Nazi seem to go together really well.

Good thing you've heard at least one of the books, mate. Now go read, instead of shitposting here like a retard you are

>3 times

Livonia is not!Poland.
Which is funny because Livonia lies in fucking Latvia.

Why exactly does Cred Forums hate Guns, Germs and Steel?

All Jared is doing is basically trying to find socioeconomic reasons for the success of Eurasian countries.


Are you a homo

I've read it, thanks. It's a joke.
>undomesticatable animals
>climate not genetics
No surprise the author is named Diamond.

Start a thread on there if you want. I'm sure many will be willing to explain in greater detail.

>white people are just really, really, really lucky: the book
>accurate socioeconomic reasons

Would you dress your daughter like this?

Because that book single-handedly exposes why Cred Forumstards are literally morons

>use existing country name
>stick -nia on the end of it

Please be bait.

Why are they wearing such anachronistic clothings?

You mean the book which he points out differences in civilization because of development brain wise, but won't go on to say there are differences between races? It how he says Papua New Guinea is just as good add any other civilization?

>climate not genetics

Yeah and I'm the fucking master of Eugenics and can pretty much tell your genes are deformed so ugly to be a idiot you are

Now, fuck off to your containment board. Never get out of there

stole it from dead English guy

Nice argument.

But why did the english guy have a golden Luger?

wtf i love niggers now!

Hiro please permaban everyone in this thread

stole from a dead german guy

This made up nation feels like krauts cosplaying the french in not Liechtenstein.

Hope the Hime-sama don't need the political married
since she now had a magic knight of her side


Seems like Gosick could exist in the same setting.


Not really though.

Remove witches of mass destruction.

Please go die in a fire

All in all, Izetta's first episode was quite interesting and had nice production values.

Let us hope it can keep it up.

Is this the designated Cred Forums colony?


I thought Izetta was gonna be the MC. Don't know what to think about Fine as MC. She seems a little too perfect to carry the show.

HanaKana is literally playing the opposite of her typecast roles. You can fuck off with off-base assumptions, to be honest.

>People keep calling it Liechtenstein

Seems more like Tirol to me

Excellent first episode, and nice soundtrack. You know they care when the music is good.

>general thread deleted
Thank you based mod.


Doesn't have Südtirol
And Tirol isn't it's own country