Is she a meme yet?

Is she a meme yet?

Nenecchi is the meme girl in this show.


I feel blessed to live at a time where I can wake up to Aoba's adorable face each morning.



Zoiko's always been a meme.



>Remove the only reason why this show has a chance to get a second season


in /djt/

Did she fall in love with a boy but because she was unable to confess she's gifted by a deus ex machina with the boy's phone number?

My wife Aoba is not a meme.

Probably among actual game devs who got back from home, wanted to relax, watch some anime, and see some high school girl get a job people kill for without knowing how to work with 3D software.

But are YOU a meme?


>wearing a shirt printed with your surname

>memeing everything
fuck off

No, already forgotten considering this season airs a new show about yuri girls making doujinshi computer games.

>this motherfuckin baka