Time Bokan 24

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It's out.

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AOTY is out. Nice.

When will we see Yatterman gang apperance?

Chart synopsis makes it sound like it's full-on children's show. Is that the case?

Its children show for children born in the 70ths


Is this the Endride of the season?

Can anyone make Calen's stitch? Thanks inb4.

need more Doronjo

Looks like shit, I'll pass


>armpits totally undetailed


Perfect, thanks user.


>hey kid wanna /ss/

I love how the Akudarmas carry the time-honored tradition of having sucky jobs.

Just downloaded this one bros.

Kids shows, man.

>time squad

This transluscent skirt thing is really lewd.

Loved it, but I guess the threads are going to be dead after the 3th episode.


My sides just went time bokan.

HUEs on suicide watch.

Is this going to be educational like Time Travel Shoujo or is it just a silly kids show?

Too soon to tell, but it doesn't seem very educational. It's more like taking historical figures and turning them into goofy bullshit for fun.

I guess I'll pass on it for now, then. Might check it out later on if it gets better. Thanks.


Will I be missing a lot of references and things if I haven't watched any of the Time Bokan shows before?

Ikr. This show can't be for kids.


This might be on a higher level of japanese silliness and pun for me.


I did enjoy that.

It wasn't bad, but it's honestly way too boring. Maybe I'll watch two more eps to see if I actually drop it.

What's this about? Can I jump into it wihout knowledge of anything else?

You'll miss references, but you can obviously still watch it

I loved this as a kid, it feels wrong to have boners because of it.

You didn't have a crush on any of the girls when you used to watch it?

You watched the original Time Bokan as a kid? That's nice. I only watched the original Yatterman.

Is this a show for prepubescents?

Like with every Tatsunoko reboot (Yatterman night, Casshern Sins, Gatchaman Crowds) you don't need to have watched the original show to watch this.

it airs at 17:30, so what do you think?

It's nice to know that Kita Eri and the gang are repricing their roles as the new Doronjo team. It also seems fitting to have Yoru no Yatterman be about Doronjo's team rather than Yatterman's since it's a sendoff for the old VAs and a new Start for the New one. Looking back the last scene in the anime where the old Doronjo talked to the New on much more sweet.

Narrator sounds familiar.



>kids show

You've been watching the wrong kind of kids show then. It's standard fair for kids anime show. The opposite though is much more rare, with shows like Precure.

Girls' shows don't tend to do it that much, but boys' shows are full of it. Especially bi titty milfs. It's no wonder so many grow up lusting after 2D.

It's better than kids growing up around cartoons with anthropomorphic characters and becoming furries.

But then we get sometimes get pic related. It was really great we got it but too bad they had to censor the ED. My favorite there was the Mirei in a blue jeans hot pants.


>My favorite there was the Mirei in a blue jeans hot pants.
Holy shit.

Also what was censored?

>Mirei in a blue jeans hot pants.
Holy shit, no kidding.
Unfortunately I stopped watching after S1, and I doubt I could ever catch up.

At least there are plenty of doujins.

Looks like Pokemon rip off. Some random toy company shit.

it cannot get any better.
It's a Time Bokan series where the motif is explicitly "serious history is bullshit, let's find out the hilarious TRUE History"

if anything, the average Pokémon episode if a Time Bokan Series ripoff.

I wonder how many episodes until the Akudharma Trio takes its legit role as the True Main Characters.

They made that scene into pic related and only that scene. It's kinda funny seeing everyone in swimsuits and provocative cloths then suddenly you get Sophie in that fishing outfit.


Wow, that's retarded. Even Leona got a sexy shot.

Oh, I'm not saying they don't do it for girls. Just not as consistently.

The change was taking the piss, as the complaint referred specifically to her shoulder strap being off as unacceptably lewd.

Pic related was futaba's suggestion of how to make Mirei less offensive.

I wounder if Tasunoko is gonna run out of their budget by the last episode like they always do.

It's fun

Speaking of which did someone sub the BD of last episode of Yoru no Yatterman yet?

This was pretty fun.

If they ever get a meta episode, I'm half expecting them to accidentally run into the histories of the other Time Bokan series and figure out the true histories of those.



Cute and lewd.


Is it as bad a Yatterman and Komugi?

I enjoyed yatterman but not komugi. I'm not sure about this one so far.

Man, imagine lying in wait with your dick out.

Doujin when?

Time bokan!

I remember watching this during the 90's when I was ten. Fuck, the tears are real. I loved the shit out of this anime back then. AOTY of all years

>tag: ass_visible_through_thighs

That was fun.

It seems okay at best. Girls are cute though. Might give it one more episode.

I kind of wish I kept watch PriPara now and am also too daunted to try catch up at this point.

So this kids show will have a plot after all?

I liked it, it was pretty fun. That see through skirt is too lewd.

It's worth getting caught up if you know Japanese. the later half of S2 is amazing. If not, there is a guy subbing starting with S3 and you can basically jump on there, not like it's a show where the story matters too much.

This is the first time i watch a Time Bokan so i wanted to ask. Does the romance ever goes anywhere here?




Gonna watch it for his tsukkomi

Doujins when?

Based Haruyama.

No. Last episode at best.

To be hoenst, Yatterman Night had a lot of references to past Tatsunoko shows but yeah, i believe this one is not gonna be the case

The other ones had a plot to some extent, I don't see why not.

Do you think time shota will get doujins too, Satan?

Shota's arent for lewds.
He'll tsukkomi on Callen's doujin antics though.


You know, there's something really familiar about Time Bokan 24, but I can't quite put my finger on it...

I can live with that.

It had reruns here in the 90s. Yatterman never aired here though.

Not really, the original's art wasn't that appealing.




It's almost that one porn pose.


It's like she's begging for mindbreak doujins.

ahegao edit when?



double peace ahegao.




Eye can't do a time break, but eye can do a number break!

The MC is 14 and the girl 17. I think someone will get rejected


Seems like you missed


Are children anime always full of puns?

Yeah, the girl.

To be fait, this was a manzai episode, but yes, in general there's quite a fair bit, complete with people falling down after jokes and fwafwaaa style sound effects.

This anime is way too lewd for a kids show. The nips are crazy


I'd let her take care of me.

Brave Beats, was on just about a year ago or so.

entertaining enough, I'll keep an eye on it.

What happened to Time Bokans 1-23?

Cred Forums Pass user since December 2014.

1975: Time Bokan
1977: Time Bokan: Yattaman
1979: Time Bokan: Zendaman
1980: Time Bokan: Time Patrol Tai Otasukeman
1981: Time Bokan: Yattodetaman
1982: Time Bokan: Ippatsuman
1983: Time Bokan: Itadakiman
2000: Time Bokan: Kiramekiman
2008: Time Bokan: Yatterman
2015: Time Bokan: Yoru No Yatterman

11 to 23 still missing.

Do I have to watch all of them to make sense of this? I couldn't even finish Yoru no Yatterman it was so bad.

No, you don't but if you didn't like Yoru no Yatterman I don't think you'll like this one.


it's a tradition.

I want Cleopatra Bimajo to rewrite my history.

>tfw there wont be nipples this time.

>Yatterman night
>you don't need to have watched the original show to watch this

>that Cleopatra Bimajo


You should be careful with those nipples, you don't want to get ban


Why is she so perfect?

Will they fuck?


Aren't all the protagonists in every Time Bokan in love with each other? Hopefully something happens in the end

This has the same voice cast as Leopard's gang in Yatterman Night, right? I'm glad to hear them again.

Not sure about Doronjo's but the other two certainly are.

I just checked, Bimajo is voiced by Eri Kitamura who voiced Doronjo in Yatterman Night too.

>the robot turns into a Big Bang Punch

The girl's looking for her parents, who turn out to be future MC and notDoronjo. Cap this.

She was looking for her (grand?)dad in the original from what I remember.

Yes, it was her grampa, Grocky was a double agent sending him to the past.


To be honest I don't understand japanese comedy rutines. Gaki no Tsukai is funny because it's a bunch of people getting hurt.

why did they change notdoronjo's voice actor?

I'm watching a light novel

It's the same VA as the last Doronjo though?



I'm going to watch this for the green-haired semen demon. Am I a bad person?

>see this series on my updates watch
>open description page
>tons of pre animas related
>probably won't understand anything
>decide to give it a shot anyway
>mech beatle, mecha flying robot...
>the vilians appear

moral of the story: you don't know you won't like it if you don't even know what it is.
well, im an adult now nostalgia alone isn't always enough, but still.

It's for elementary school kids who think that history classes are boring.

Wait, the actual classic gang appeared in Night?
I don't recall it.

Only Doronjo and it was the final scene. The one where Loli Doronjo was sleeping and we hear the Old Doronjo speak some words to Loli Doronjo, I've forgotten what the words were.

the irony

Uhm..is not a Time Bokan show without clothing damage.

That was an absolute blast to watch.

>Big Bang Punch
Exactly what I thought as well.