Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku episode 1

Two hours until AOTY.

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Why is she brighter than the background?

Finally a thread. Too bad nobody doesn't seems to care for it.

Just remember this show had a canon yuri couple!
Don't want to this girls killing each other
danganrompa was too much.

Fucking tripfags retarded as always.

lol where?

Fuck off and delete yourself.

I'll watch this but I mean shit man I can't judge it until I watch it

Looks okay log

I'll pick this one up. Please don't disappoint me.

I can't wait for cute girls torturing cute girls

Surprised this doesn't have more interest desu. A magical girl killing game sounds a lot like a bunch of people might enjoy.

I just looked this up. I know its not fair to compare something just because 'killing game', its not exactly an original concept, but this mascot seems very familiar, with its black and white halfs, and a black and red eye.

Girls look really cute, so looking forward to it.

>tfw many mahou shoujo this season

Oh it's that!
My opinion on this was that it was a madoka clone, or least the attempt.
The problem being that you don't fucking start your show as being grimderp from the beginning, you have to trick the audience into believing it's a relatively benign show before throwing in the heavy shit.

Still gonna watch it though, hoping for a gakkou guranshi rather than maduka

>hoping for a gakkou guranshi
>I'm hoping for it to be awful

WIll they actually be killed, or will only the powers of the girls be taken away as they're defeated?

Nice ripoff.
So it's on Tokyo MX in 1hr 15 min?

Yeah, well.
Kill yourself.

No but seriously this ain't some kind of competition. I'll fukkin' watch it.
You want more?
I want physical contact with the opposite sex doesn't mean that shit gonna happen even in a hundred years

Taroumaru will live!

Wow, a mahou shoujo!? How dare they rip off madoka like that.

How new?

Grimdark baiting has become so common that it's no longer necessary to fool viewers into thinking that it's benign. The majority of viewers recognizing the cute-girls-doing-grim-things trope would assume that everything will work out in the end, and the twist would be that everything turns to shit.

36 minutes

Maybe it baits with everything being grimdark and it ends up being iyashikei as fuck

Based on the PV, all is going to be daijobu.

Shit will happen next week or episode 3.

So it's a new YuYuYu

In that one the girls weren't asked to kill each other in a battle royale.

>only LN adaptation this season

You're almost right. Occult;Nine is a LN.
2016 TV LN adaptions
Winter: 7
Spring: 5
Summer: 3
Fall: 2

And coincidentally this is one of, if not the strongest seasonal lineup this year

It wouldn't be grimderp enough if they'd only lose their powers wouldn't it?

Alright. Let's go.

>Occult;Nine is a LN.

According to Steiner who I follow on Twitter, it seems like the rest of the LNs are cancelled, so who knows where the anime will go.



Attempt at a meduka clone
Might be okay
I blame the jews

I remember this mascot's voice.

Nah, YuYuYu only goes down on episode 9, this one will be on episode 2

Look normal too me

"It's nice to be a girl, you can be a magical girl"
"Boys can only turn into magicians"
Speak my heart out for me buddy.

Pity that the magical girl transformation was so short.

I want to become a mahou shoujo through an app.
Where do I download it?



Available only in Shikoku from year 300 EG onward.


>Homura invented dark hair
>Homura invented darker counterpart to bright protagonist

Furthermore, you haven't even seen her personality you fucking fag.

so, just to removed this complaying:
so many forced drama, shift wirting, lol

But the originators use apps too.

Dawww, that was cute how she was saving kittens, helping old ladies over the street, and finding lost keys.

That is why you must become a magical girl.

Can't you even write normally, mugino?


I want to get interested, but I can't, because it's not an original, and I'll end up spoiled in maximum a week.

Is Corrector Yui fun?
What about Denpa-Gumi?



Who says it'll even go the same way as the LN?

It's either that or go to shit. It's lose-lose.

Is the witch voiced by the as VA as the senpai from yuyuyu?

Corrector Yui has some nice episodes but 90% is filler "cowboy episode, mountain episode, tropical episode, space episode, edo period episode"


That is a boy.

That's a boy.

Oh my god.
This is Tailred all over again.

he got some nice tits.

The boy is a mahou shoujo kek

First one to die RIP

That's a boy, though.

So this has genderbend mahou shoujos whose original form is being a guy?


>this boy has achieved what most Cred Forumsnons here long to
>he's both a girl AND a mahou shoujo


>Is the witch voiced by the as VA as the senpai from yuyuyu?
Yes. Cast is fucking gorgeous, it even has Satomi Arai


A little bit unspectacular for a first episode, but not unwatchable.

>no edgy in ep 1
Sasuga Lerche.

Yeah, not as good as Izetta's first ep, but firmly acceptable.

So is this guy's role the same as Mami?

What a cutie.

no even close

So what is his role then?

Being Snow White's boyfriend, obviously.

That is the twin tails witch voiced by yuki yuna's senpai.

She will die in MC's arms once shit goes serious

Rather a girlfriend.

>delusional yurifag
You can have a reverse trap and nun.

>delusional yurifag
Not really, if the girl will prefer his MG form than his male one then he will be a gf than bf.

I bet, you consider TSshit yuri as well.

>TSshit yuri as well.
Only if a guy would be transformed into a girl state pernamently like in Kashimashi.

Let's just stop this here since the boy will go maniacal later on

Hey retarded /u/fag. How does it feel that is the girl's MALE childhood friend disguised as a magical girl? I can't wait for him to win the girl and dick her while he's in that form. How do you like, /u/fag? Go on and make you new guro.

Uuuught, but this show had a canon couple
uuught, but this show also had another girls who like the mc
top kek!

It seems CR video has no subs for some reason.

Now they replaced it with hardsubbed 480p.

I can't keep track of all these Mahou Shojou shows, what's good and what isn't so I just tend to avoid them all.

He dies though, like everyone but MC and Ninja girl

More please?


>watching episode 1
>this looks mediocre
>trap character
picked the fuck up

>[HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku - 01 [720p].mkv

>[HorribleSubs] Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku - 01 [720p].mkv
Out now. Surprisingly it doesn't take a long time for CR to fix he problem.

GJM soon-ish.

>boy is the best girl
is this anime's newest trend?

Mahou Shoujo (male).



Posting actual best girl.

Has anyone saved all of the countdown pics?

The VA list is on point for this show.

My nigga.

I did. But can find them on my phone.

He survived. Ninja girl dies though.
She isn't. Because she has her own friends.

Of course it will, manga already adapted the first novel the anime will adapt.
This is older than Danganronpa however seeing its publication date.
And I recall precure doing it first.

Reposted from 2ch.

>one is pregnant

Aside of fluffy girls being fluffy there is any value in this show?

Do they actually do something?

Don't get me wrong I'm up for fluffy girls if some stuff actually hapens like Yuuki Yuusha or Regalia but I have alergy to girls doing nothing.


Critical info

I wonder what kind of end we'll get with that in mind.

Doesn't that make her "non- shoujo"?

There's no twists. Everyone dies when they're killed.

This raises many questions

Is this yuri?

>ED by nano

Only transformed.

>this is an 8th grade boy
Sasuga Japan


Fucking skirts, how do they work.

>Madoka ripoff
>Wixoss ripoff
>YuYuYU ripoff

Argh I can't stand the uguu face.

If it's tight on your butt it would still stay up. That split on the side is for a zip, some skirts have them so it is easier to get on where it will be thinner at the waist than your butt. So instead of trying to squeeze your butt through the small hole you unzip the side and pull it up and down easily.

Upside-down pear heads/10

>None of them has a male
>None of then have battle royale
>none of them are card monsters shit
Fuck off.

There is a legit couple lately
and other girl to the mc

Is Souta gonna sacrifice himself for Koyuki?

So they just start killing each other?

>Everyone dies when they're killed.
Good then.

It would be stupid for them getting killed just to get revived later or survive by some hacks.

>not battle royale

Only if you put your g/u/ggles tight enough to remove your eyes. Seriously. They're dying left and right, they won't have time for that.

>This is bait
Considering this started back in 2012, which is before two of the things you mentioned. Really shows how wrong you are.

He fights Cramberry and gets himself killed because he's weak.

So it is still
>Madoka clone
Which is even worse..

>Boys like Mages and girls like Magical girls.
>He becomes a Magical girl anyway.

Well it's not that odd that he checked that vital information. People at that age are curious.

So how do you think the anime will end if the LN is still ongoing?

And Madoka is a Genei clone.

The anime only covers the first volume of the LN.

Madoka is actually pretty close to Mahou Roma.

Different set of characters.

The point was to show you're just throwing "X clone" without knowing what you're talking about.

How many other men do you think that become mahou shoujo? How many of them are actually fat men?

>watching Ryuki clones

Oh I see. So "Restart", "Episodes", "Limited" and so forth are basically different stories with different characters?

>girls clearly say mafia
>CR translates it as triad

Triads in my Japan?

Yes, but they are connected and surviving characters appear later.

Its Lerche its obvious they`ll run out of budget by episode 2.

>La Pucelle
>It's a guy

>magical girl is actually a boy
>his special ability is that he can expand the size of his sword

come the fuck on

Why not? It's [current year] after all.

So? How was it anons?

This fucker goes around choosing 16 girls to transform. Within a week of choosing the 16th it decides they need to kill each other and halve their numbers.

They should kill it instead.

First episode doesn't have much happening, except for the very first scene showing dead girls surrounding a monster.

So 3 ep rule?


can you even kill it?

>Outlaw that does work for gangs/money

That's an incorrect usage of the word though.

Are people going to have the minimum decency of spoilering spoilers in anime threads or do I have to avoid these threads like the plague?



Dark mahou shoujo are totally unticlimatic if you know its gonna be dark.

Madoka worked because of surprise (not really), Wixoss because of Okada character drama.

This however probably just become boring soon.

Everyone dies

>mahou shoujo
Pass me that weed bro.

BRS is as well. No one cares about Mahou Shoujo trope itself unless its Sailor Moon. Its about cute girls suffering

>that ED

good to hear Nano again

Kinda funny when you faggots try so hard to brand a show as
>rip off
Cant you guys just enjoy it for what it is?

Boys can become magical girls (male).

Does the boy one keep his penis when transformed?

Did you watch the episode?

No, but I assume there will be some futa doujins.

>yet he became a mahou shoujo
The absolute madman.

Can't wait for the trap doujins hehehe.

>No one cares
No big nosed greasy westerns. Precure has always outprofited madoka even on the height years.

Hopefully he'll be the one getting fucked by big-dicked futa.

>proprietary software
Cred Forums was right again.

Yes. But still having a penis in his girl mode would be hot so I'm hoping it's not a full transformation

Why would there be trap doujins?

Yeah, and Madoka and all other cute girl suffering anime have nothing to do with PreCure.

Nanoha is a more proper magical girl than this.

>No one cares about Mahou Shoujo trope itself unless its Sailor Moon

Then what would be the point?
Getting breasts and girl's look but for some unknown reason leaving the penis?
Idiotic even for MG standards.

It would be better if he got a rape doujin where some guy first rapes him as MG in the pussy just in the middle of it the transformation wears off and it turns out he fucks him in the penis instead, imagine the possibilities.

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
>even imply that "he" has female genitalia
Why is this allowed?

his penis is now tail

I once had a dream where the penis turned itself into the vagina and at the same time the balls retracted and became ovaries.

Thin them out, strongest survive. Probably find another 16 and have them kill each other. Then repeat.


what the fuck

I've seen that happen a few times when fapping to genderswap stuff.

To be able to kill it, they probably need more magic candy.


You're gonna have that dream again tonight.


It's just a hologram, mate.

>stares down at crotch level after hearing he's "completely" a girl
What is on her mind

Disappointment about lack of dick.


So, the more magical girls they kill, the more reptilian their eyes become?

>we must kill him now he knows the mysteries of the cunny

Is this the new Genei wo Kakeru Taiyou?



>What is on her mind
"I want to check his pussy now."
Pretty normal reaction i nthat situation.

Staph? Like Staph aureus?

>ED by nano
Kill me now

>Let the bodies hit the floor

Shiki can kill it

>Lets have this magical girl system pick and choose girls to become Magical girls
>Sir, our system can't handle the amount of magical energy. Should we close the application so we have enough energy to pass to the girls?
>No, keep it open. Here's a better idea, we have the current girls kill each other so there will be enough power to go around.
>But what of the newcomers that will eventually be enlisted? Wouldn't keeping the application open allow more girls to join and we have the same large numbers as before?
>Then we'll have them kill each other as well.

Hopefully not. Genei was the very first thing that came to mind when I watched this, but I can't even remember what it was about.

What is your excuse of not watching a mahou shoujo series that is not just trying to be a Madoka-wannabe??

And what is it? Do you think there was any talent used for the creation of the plot for this?

>the program forces you to use a female OS after installation
This is a clear suppression of the user's freedoms.

The only instance when I watch mahou shoujo is when they try to be a Madoka-wannabe.

What happens if you impregnate Souta?

>Pink MC, blonde twintails, dark long hair, blue friend
Literally madoka.

I hope the trap guy is there just to die like Sayaka in Danganronpa

magic contraception

He gets stuck as a girl for nine months.s.

Those are standard anime character designs, you fucking memer.

Nice meme.

I'm in love with her (him)
does that make me gay?

That's a death flag if I've ever seen one.

Half gay.


And the "I'm gonna protect you" BS too.

Maybe the dude will be the Mami. "I'm gonna teach you all about magical girl! *dies*"

It looks like that is exactly what is going to happen.

There is still hope for us.

>there's finally another genderswapped guy with magical eyeliner after Ranma

I don't know but S2 when?

There is already the twintail witch. Not only she is a mama, but she has the same VA as Fuu from yuyuyu


Do you think he touch himself every night?

I bet she's gonna turn out to be evil.

I do

>middle school boy
>can suddenly become a cute girl at will
He'd be mad gay if he didn't.

At the age he is I imagine he would touch himself every night even if he couldn't turn into a girl.

He would be mad gay if he did.

Which of them will die first?

what makes you say that user?

How does that make any sense?

>thought it was going to be a cute show
>see this

A girl getting horny from her a girl's body is gay.

There's nothing gay in touching yourself.

He's a girl (male) though.

why would you think that, they weren't even trying to hide it in synopsis

Kano boyz

>madoka + 5
>anything original about mahou shoujo

Huge tits and a nice face. What more do you need?

garbage anime. 3/10 at best.
also they paint characters over 3d models.

Taking bets on wen the suffering starts.

I say ep 3.

>Anyone can become a mahou shoujo
That's actually a neat concept, i dont think this show will use it to it's full potential though.

He probably only downloaded it because it had mahou shoujo in the title like me.
I was also surprised.

Next ep? 'I've decided to keep 8 magical girls, not 16 lol'



Doesn't necessarily mean suffering, just competition

Next ep.
50% chance they reduce the number of girls by having them kill each other

50% chance they eliminate the 8 girls with the fewest Magical Girl points, only we later find out that the eliminated girls are dead or mindfucked.

The real question is: Does he please old men for magic candy?


What did he mean by this?

There was a huge QUALITY moment in that scene and no one mentioned it yet.
Im on mobile so i can't post it

If a mascot character came out of your cellphone and made you a magical girl, what powers and outfit would you want?

cute butt, I like the character designs.

really cute

Armor. Because armor is cool.

He's a little girl in that form! It's perfectly healthy!

A really cute one. I'd want it to be pink as well.

Regenerating hymen and micro bikini

A sukumizu,a fedora, heart shaped pupils, and a magical buttplug that turns into a katana.

I'd wish to become a very, very cute and soft girl, then I would proceed to wear tomboyish clothes and talk like an yakuza.

probably a catgirl



>depressed wageslave mahou shoujo
>lonely housewife mahou shoujo
>kind grandma mahou shoujo
>mahou shoujo writer/director/seiyuu mahou shoujo
>bored millionaire mahou shoujo
>creepy molester mahou shoujo
The possibilities are endless. Truly it will be wasted potential.

So are they going to have to fight each other or are they going to be forced to actually fight something dangerous like that shadow thing?

I want to have an army of minions. I want to swarm evildoers and magical girls alike with my horde of servants.

Clothing optional.

So this is like Hetero on the streets, Yuri in the sheets.

Is the compromise we need to bring the yuri/het shit-posting to an end?

Can the selectable magical trap save these threads?

i want her to sit on my lap and be cuddled by me already

Definitely melee focused for combat itself, either a sword or a hammer. Having a fire weapon would be sweet. Regeneration + super toughness and strength for defensive abilites.
Mainly white and gold with red as an accent color. Something vaguely medieval, maybe some armor, but still cute and magical girl-esque.

fight eachother, or by fighting monsters and whoever has the lowest score gets killed off

Might be the latter

>Yuri in the sheets
You must be delusional if you think such a traditional girl would not only fuck a woman, but even do it in a cosplay.

The yuri/anti-yuri shitposting only happens when the show is popular. Not to mention that Hibike will attract most of the idiocy.

Discussing any yuri, implied or otherwise, should be fine in these threads.

I signed in for suffering, where is all the suffering?

Just make me Saber.

cute lolis

>spoilering plot twist in first few seconds
Who thought it was a good idea? Fucking Learche.

Is this some kind of lesbian magazine?

Suffering takes time. Something has to be set up before knocking it all down.

They're starting them young these days huh

Super magical sniper. Either a rifle or a bow/crossbow is cool.

>tactless meduka clone with some danganronpa thrown in for more edge

Fastest drop of the season. Actually fastest of the year.

Ability to dual wield a gun and a sword that can transform itself in a two hand sword, also, being as fast as possible would be nice.

Would wear a stupid hat and leather clothes.

Non-shojo (処女) but not still shoujo (少女).

Cute military style clothes with a big gun that fires various types of ordinance.

Nekomimi with a cute but skimpy black and pink outfit that shows thighs, midriff and armpits. Power is dodging anything as long as my mobility is unhinged.

Is the suffering real or are they all daijobu?

YuYuYu ending was fucking shit, I just want to enjoy my edgelord anime in peace.

Now this is an idea I can get behind.

If anoonemoses becomes a wizard he can then make him self a young girl with magic, if Souta can do it so can a wizard.

Megane Martial Art Type of Magical Girl.
Taking off glasses make me stronger/faster also then tend to be more a sadist than normal.

Nemurin best girl

>being as fast as possible
Just for you. You can be best girl of restart and have a waifu voiced by Tane-chan. And actually survive to boot

It's not supposed to be a plot twist, that's how it was marketed.

I'm talking about the girl. That

The mascot's voice is killing my ears.

* That's the spoiler.

Science mage. I'd probably go mad from all the power.

Boys can be magical girls after all.

Is the LN over/about to end?
It'd be extremely disappoint if it ended halfway through the killing game.

For powers, The ability to ignore/cancel/void attacks/damage which I can't see.

And the cloths, appearing like a cowboy/cowgirl.

Reading isn't as hard as you think

From what I heard they might be avoiding the problen by adopting only the first volume

Oh, I see. Thanks.

So, was it actually good?

Turn「anything」into 「nothing」, do you really need to know what my uniform would be? A gakuran, obviously.

La Pucelle is her childhood friend, isnt?

No, it's the black haired girl from


I'd want lightning powered punches, punching magical girls are my favorite.

Also a white cape or scarf that would flow dramatically.

Nah, dead is dead for good and usually the death are gruesome.

I think they were a bit impactless, but its the most you will get until they adapt the Yuki Yuna prequel.

>this art style

no no no no


Does that mean no futa doujins?

Fucking trannies worming their way into my anime

I did like the first episode

Who will win?

They are going to adapt Washio Sumi or Nogi Wakaba? I hadn't heard about this.

Youjo Senki is getting an adaptation, and it's awesome as well.

I want to jizz on that forehead.



MC or ninja homura

Clearly the best girl.

nvm, i actually finished watching the episode now VB

Fuck man, you can't just drop boys turning into magical girls like that.
How should I kill myself now?


Well fuck.

Cut off your dick and bleed to death.

Madoka isn't even good. Just a bandwagon entry level show.

Fucking this

Do I get an erection first so it boosts the blood flow?

Good taste. She's second best girl for me. That page doesn't show her death though.

Would you play a shitty phone game if it had the qualities listed in pic related?

So i'm confused would this be considered gender bender?
is sou straight by day and lesbian by night? does this mean yurifags and hetfags are both BTFO? i can get into this

When does this happen?

I already am playing a "free to play" phone game with pretty art.

I'd be down to play one that turns me into a magical girl though, I'd buy gachas for one like that.

literally granblue

Can you pay to win in MahoIku as well?

I have the horrible feeling Sou-han will get Mami'd.

literally kancolle

I'm playing LLSIF and Starlight Stage. When will I become an idol?


No dick, he said.

I like Sleepy-chan

>party hard.webm

An original character just for you user.

All the girls are so cute!
except for boob nun

The fuck are you mumbling about? Of course it's genderbender since the guy turns into a chick.

I didn't even notice when I made it, gives a new meaning to circlejerk

I'm playing Senran Kagura New Wave, am I going to become a big titted ninja?

magical sperg cold steel

I was thinking of something along these lines, but I guess this works as well.

meant reply

Hey, those magical faggots from Boueibu are going places.


>implying madoka was original

>mahou shoujo shows are for little girls
Thanks god I'm a little girl.

magic + basilisk =

Generic mahou shoujo or something like Pleiades?

generic mahou shoujo or generic mahou shoujo?

Mahou shoujo battle royale.

delete this post

Spoil my shit, who survives?

>dead thread for one of the more promising shows this season
>full of shitposting

Well, see you guys next week.

>Calamity Mary
Who comes up with these fucking names

>expecting anything else from LN adaptations

the mascot thing

Welp, it's a shame that it's not an original show. I expected cool threads with lots of speculah but now we'll all just get spoiled.

At least the designs are cool.

Are all the girls really going to die? The first episode implies only half will.


no no no no no


The fact that it has source material was the biggest letdown of this show so far, I agree.

You're trying way too hard.

Close the phone, rip the battery, smash the screen and burn the rest. Then throw the ashes to a river and run, run very fast.

Those fucking mascots are ALWAYS bad news. No I won't sign their fucking contract, I don't want to be a meguca.

It has a manga. I know how much that affects the readability here. Lots of pictures.
Maybe we can get a translation and a thread that isn't shit for once? That's just wishful thinking, though.

>Implying I need a fucking mascot to give me magic
I'm the princess of magical land, an OG mahou shoujo, you magicless pleb

And then you'd realise you still haven't gotten rid of it, like that Sandler movie with the remote control.

MUH dick.


Cry more :^)

I hate when they put a filter on a photo and call it a background.

guys I want to fuck sister nana


>Precure has always outprofited madoka even on the height years.

earnings by franchise charts.


another Madoka knock off. mediocre. the trap is cute though.


>am I cute? uggu

Will there be awesome fights in this?



OP here
Thanks for posting in my thread everyone

Shut up

No problem dude, have another reply on the house

cool citation

Please don't jinx Ikusei Keikaku by comparing it to these terrible shows.

Yuuki Yuuna took several episodes to slowly lead into its main tweest and Haifuri was just a shitty show with dumb bait and switch marketing.

This show isn't even trying to hide its edge.

I like that

I used to call Yuki Yuna Walmart Madoka then this appeared.
Let's hope it's a good ride.

>one of the more promising shows this season
Hol up

>Let's hope it's a good ride.
It's not really Madoka, it's closer to Battle Royale.


Is this yuri?

Why is she so ugly?

Only sometimes.

can LNfags spoil the shit of this?

they do that potato face loli from seasons ago

She's cute.


>like La Pucelle right off the bat
>think it's cute how she's already blushi-
>"I'm a guy"


Yes, though I hope it covers more than the first volume. I'd be pretty disappointed since the first volumes of LN pretty much suck.

You should watch Ranpo.

Cute goth loli along the lines of pic related with a passive luck buff.

Luck builds > *


I actually like La Pucelle's design, I'd like to be something like this.

I wish more shows would do lighting and shadow effects like this. Instead, it's all regulated to grim-dark anime.

Are you sure?




Remember how many Kiritos are there out in online games.

Damn there is probably one called BallsDeep69 or xxXHomuXxXMadoXxx

>autism the post
Toei published their profit years ago. Meguka isn't even 10% Precua does per season.

The amount of Saskis and Akatsukees is farr more worrying.


Hopefully it'll be closer to Mai-HiME

Get lost dumb makiposter

Appearance is pic related. Power would be to forcibly divert the attention of those nearby to me.


I don't want to end up picking up 22 animes this season just to shitpost, so tell me, Anons: Is this worth picking up?

>episode 1
Was best girl ever decided this early before?

There's a lot of garbage to filter out if you're feeling overwhelmed. This one can be promising if you're into this stuff.

Its basically Yuki Yuna meets Indiana Jones

Yeah, I am feeling overwhelmed by the amount of animes im picking up. I also have this problem that I can't drop an anime because I keep thinking it's gonna get better next week or something.

Picked up, thanks

I'm glad it wasn't just me. She wasn't as good when she spoke but she's promising

Makiposter is cool, he didn't tell me to shut up.
I'm OP, I'm the king of this castle.

She is voiced by Kikuko Inoue, so it's all fine.

>Indiana Jones


Nope, it's Nisekoi meets Jurassic Park

This is probably going to end up being the RahXephon to Madoka's Evangelion.

By which I mean a good show but, a lot of idiots are going to get caught up in the similarities and refuse to see it as anything more than a "rip off"

I'm just wondering.
Does it count as Yuri?

I wont report you because Cred Forums normies get really triggered by you.

Dat Elfen Lied homage


It's just a hand with blood, I doubt.

Isn't this just some sort of episodic format where nothing gets resolved and the plot never moves forward between each war/battle royal? I seem to remember someone saying that each LN was more or less the same thing but with a different cast and no real overarching plot to speak of.

On the very first frame and similar shot composition in both cases. Hiroyuki Hashimoto is too smart for that to be a coincidence.

>notice a turbo slut with heavy makeup in the OP
>hey, she looks just like my MMO characters
>turns out it's a guy

I already love this anime.

It's funny because ''La pucelle'' is the nickname of Jeanne d'Arc.

King OP here.
What MMO, user? We could be friends!

>tfw you have a dick and will never be a mahou shoujo

Also, it's the same screenwriter who did Elfen yeah...

The one that lets you make the best sluts. Those change from time to time.

Best girl right here.

What are the magical candies for? I don't think they would be very useful on a battle royale.

this is stupid shit but I'll watch it anyways, I like that the boy got to be a mahou shoujo good for him

>Edgy Mahou Shoujo show with cute girls

Count me the fuck in.

>Magical Girl killing game

Ayyyyyy where my Danganronpa bros at?

I realize this is the last site I should be asking this on but, is it offensive to suggest that this show has transgender-esque themes to it?

Why does it matter?

did you just assume my gender?

Right here, friend

>it's even made by the same studio that animated DR

All coincidences seem to be intentional at this point

Tranny scum go back to tumblr.
It's too early to make any judgments like that. All we've seen so far is a guy who is interested in something that is stereotypically "for girls." Besides I think Souta will get killed off early to show how grimdark things are and will never be fully developed.

This really reminds me of Genei.

And funny how this still works:

consider the following:

>insert cum inside yourself
>you are now pregnant with yourself

>implying Hai Furi was as edgy as Madoka 2.0
It really just was a slice of life with some drama forced on for the sake of it.

So can we expect MINDHACC ruining everything?

I was really hoping Hai Furi would be edgy, but it absolutely was not.

Really disappointed.

Let's not even talk about that disappointment ITT. It might cause cross contamination.

Kohacka isn't involved so I'm sure everything will be okay

I would buy a vibrators collection if I was him.

Ha, I had forgotten that. Those cards designs were cute as fuck.

I don't think so and I'll tell you why: Magical Girls are supposed to be pure beings of kindness and light, perverted thoughts and lewd actions may drive someone to be unworthy of being a magical girl.

It's more """"""""""genderqueer"""""""""" I'd say as there's no indication that the boy magical girl wanted to be a magical girl so he could get away from his male body or anything like that

The shitstorms here if they do have a character that did to do it because the character didn't like being a boy will be wild, Sam

I wish they sold a tarot deck with those designs.

Let's hope it doesn't turn out to be a piece of trash like that. Personally it reminded me of Wixxos.

>Personally it reminded me of Wixxos.

Agreed although a lot of anons (wrongly) put Wixoss on the same level of Madoka clone as Genei.

I dunno if it's because I watched it right after Bloodivore, but this first episode was pretty good, the concept is interesting and there's so much they can do with the whole Magical Girl murder rumble. I'm really looking forward to this

The idea of the world having a secret society of territorial magical girls is good by itself.

why does one of the mahou shoujos have a boy listen as their seiyuu?

Rewatch the episode, nigger.

>Wixoss and this airing on the same season

My edge boner is satisfied.

Nigga watch the episode.

>subtle digital colour gradients prevent the relocation of the mouth to the forehead
These fuckers are onto me, I swear

No you dumb bitch that isn't how it wrosk

sasuga tripfag


Not with that attitude

It does if the boy becomes a shoujo like this.

I don't know, user. He might be right...

La Pucelle in the past, user.

Is this tacit approval of gender reassignment surgery?

It's explicit approval of MAGIC
No chromosome nature can resist the power of love and sparkles and bubbles.

And lets be honest here, if you could choose to yuri you're waifu, you'd do it too.

For a magical girl that sure is a lot of eye shadow. What the hell is she supposed to be? Dragon knight or something?

>become yuri for my waifu


I believe I speak for everyone here when I say none of us would want to become a girl just because our waifus wanted us to.

It's magic.

>she proceeds to look at his "dick"

We need a webm of this.

I'm only giving you this (You) because you got trips, so don't misunderstand me, b-baka.

>expecting a cute show with delicious y/u/ri


he dies next week. LNfag here

I have such a hardon for this kind of makeup.
Especially considering this is a male

>if you could choose to yuri you're waifu, you'd do it too.
The simple thought of that is simply disgusting.

Cranberry dindu nuffin.

>he gets bigger breasts than his friend
Awwww yeah

>I have a hardon for eyeliner/eye shadow on boys

Little gay, user.


>that Sh->S inversion
Fuck I love stuff like this.

It's like blatant tranny makeup, user.
You like a trangender boy wearing tranny makeup.
You might be beyond help. Even in 2D this is too real to escape.

I thought this was a smart move. Making the boy turn into a girl when in magic girl mode panders to both yurifags and heterofags.

It makes it easy to cherrypick details and go full pink glasses with your pairing of choice.

If it's cute, why not.

>violent fighting mahou shoujo show
>one of MC's friends is named "Sumi"
Gee, I wonder who will betray her friends and ruin everything.

My nigga. The make up only makes him sexier.

>I'd fuck a boy if he was cute and dressed like a mahou shoujo.
>Why not?

Is that a theoretical question?

What are you even on about?

meh more like everyone will backstab each other

>>one of MC's friends is named "Sumi"
But there isn't anyone called Sumi here.

You're so young, user. If it's cute, sexually attractive and has a hole i'm going in it raw.

S and SH sounds are very similar, both in english and japanese, so when they're put next to one another they give the impression of consonance where none actually is. It makes you want to read the boy's name as "Shouta" to complete the consonance, which is a subtle way of inserting a bit of wordplay into a line of writing.

Already dropped it because it reminded me of this


They didn't have to make the dude so obvious, but the fact that they did makes me laugh

Do you masturbate to letters user?

You know, I felt really stupid I didn't catch that up earlier, looking back it was pretty damn obvious the boy was gonna turn out to be a magical girl too. I guess I was enjoying the show a bit too much to think about details.

what does a boy have the biggest boobs?

I saw it coming from the moment on where he main girl asked herself whether the boy was even still interested in magical girls.

I hope there will be doujins

Because sometimes dreams really do come true.

The moment I saw the makeup and costume my first thought was "yeah, that's a guy." And when you hear his voice it's so blatant you can't miss it.

Those fucking eyes.

I don't think I've fapped to just eyes before.

Because he's a man of taste.


It seems I'm not very perceptive. The voice didn't sound that "manly", after all little boys are voiced by girls, so I found it normal the knight themed girl had a sightly deeper voice.

King OP here, thanking you all one last time for participating in my thread. It has been an honor to lord over the first MSIK discussion on Cred Forums.
Same VA (for both of them)

do you see the light ahead?

Nice taste. Those are some sexy eyes indeed. I wonder if he can magic his dick back while on mahou shoujo form


What's the point of only adapting the first volume.

To get people interested so they buy the later volumes.

Good taste, I squealed when I heard Kobayashi Yuu came in to steal the show. She'll probably end up dead though so I'll enjoy her while she lasts.

Wait, they're going down the Rokka no Yuusha route? Fuck

Other volumes are about other characters.
Yeah, half of the cast dies on the first volume.

Gathering enough interest from people to know how the story will unfold in hopes of selling more LNs.

Volume 2 is another set of characters already?
Can characters even develop in such a short time?

Then they should adapt 2-3 volumes like successful adaptations do.

Why did I fucking read the spoiler nah, that's the premise of the show anyway

This is going to make me cry in the end right

>Can characters even develop in such a short time?
Nigger, this is a LN. This won't go beyond mahou shoujo murdering each other.

This is my biggest and ultimate fetish.
I don't know how I can remain sane watching this.

Do you like husky girls, user?

Because they are filled with his hopes and dreams.

You won't have to worry about La Pucelle showing up again after the next episode or so, user.

The beginning of the show was a bunch of dead magical girls and one edgy one smiling at slaughter.

I think you'll probably end up putting on your symphogear hat and treating everything as a joke before the end.

What kind of fag wouldn't wish for big boobs when he turned into a girl?

You better not be fucking with me, user

Do you think the transformation ever fucks up and leaves him in uniform, but still male?

I thought we were already doing that.

Disgusting Fat Cucks probably.

What the fuck is a "husky" girl?

He dies protecting MC

Or leaves him female after transforming back right before gym class. So many possibilities.

You silly user, those are magical faggots, not magical girls (male).

A girl whose slightly downpitched vocal harmonies are the product of an adam's apple.

I'm not neither is Cranberry

Me too. When he said "I'm Souta" it still took me a moment to remember. At first I thought it was one of those girls on the train.

>implying magical girls aren't faggots too
The entirety of Nanoha is proof enough.

>all these edgelords posting fake spoilers even when everyone knows there's no source material to even get any spoilers from to begin with
simply ebin.

I wouldn't be surprised if skeptic-chan is revealed to be one later.

I think you aren't aware this is a LN adaptation, user. But anyway, as always, I'm taking spoilers with a grain of salt

Same here. But we could probably find the Light Novels somewhere. Or the manga. If he did die early, we'll probably be able to find that scene pretty easily since it would be in one of the early chapters.

Loved it.

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That's already better than most of last season.

what are some grimdark magical girls before madoka?

>sucking cock since 2012
I hope you're ashamed.


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>6 novels out in Japan
>only 1 available for download manga-zip dot net/archives/27868.html
>only 1 chapter translated four years ago

what is this bullshit

Are you trolling, m8?

There is now an option for pass-users to display when they bought their passes by typing something in the options field.

Now some dorks want to test it out.

I have no idea. Thanks Hiro

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What the fuck has Chinkmoot done